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[solved] Fake Swedish Coin? [1 daler 1718, Saturn, 97% tin]
Posted: 31-Mar-2020, 02:19AM in Numismatic questions

This case is closed

Looking For Someone to Ship eBay Wins from The USA
Posted: 9-Aug-2019, 04:05PM in Swaps and trades

Based in Australia, it is difficult to get good shipping prices for individual coins that I want to buy on eBay, particularly from the USA. • I am looking for a trustworthy swapper with a good number of ratings who will be happy in receiving my eBay purchases to their address (it will only be coins) that I will pay for in full. They will then, after they arrive over a period of time, put all the coins into a parcel for me and eventually ship them to me in Australia. • I will be willing to either send the swapper coins of his/her interest for their effort and I will either add coins which make up the shipping cost or as a last resort to PayPal them the postage cost in USD. We can discuss this. • I've got my eye on a few listings ending soon, so hopefully I can arrange something fairly quickly. • Cheers • William, Australia

Australian Commemoratives for Swap ~ Many available
Posted: 27-Jul-2019, 05:37AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "jahid123"​Hello from Bangladesh • ​by any chance will you be interested to make a swap with me ? • ​i would love to make a swap for some aussie commemorative coins • ​let me know • ​Thank you • ​Jahid​Hi Jahid, • Thanks for the offer, but unfortunately I couldn't find any coins of interest in your swap list. • Perhaps another time. • Cheers

Have Old Bronze/Copper Coins, Common Coins - Looking for World Silver
Posted: 23-Jun-2019, 01:39AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "redsmithstudios"​What do you value this lot at? The UK coin is not silver? ​I've edited the main post because I swapped some of the coins. The UK coin is no longer available. It was "Silver Jubilee" commemorative, which I can imagine might trick a few people. • Apart from that French coin, the rest of the coins are probably worth $20-25 all together. However, I'm open to offers, and I'm happy to negotiate. • Cheers