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Nepal coins
Posted: 17-Nov-2019, 09:53PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I am stumped. 2098 is the year 2041 isn't it? so what is the date of these two coins and the value?

Least purchasing power coin in the world?
Posted: 10-Oct-2019, 07:39PM in Numismatic questions

The coin has been demonitzed in 2006 by a factor of 1 million

least valuable coin in the world
Posted: 10-Oct-2019, 01:29AM in Free discussion

I just posted a 1965 1 lira coin from Turkey with a valuation of .00000003760 USD . Read an article from a few years back saying the 1 tiyin from Uzbekistan was the least valuable . It is listed here as .0000011 USD.. Do I own the least valuable coin in the world?

Pakistan coin ?
Posted: 21-Sep-2019, 06:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

thank you

United Kingdom coins
Posted: 28-Aug-2019, 04:18PM in Numismatic questions

I have just accumulated from over 50 lbs of world coins 430 different Uk coins. I am looking for an article or website that can explain the differences between ,in some cases , BU and proof coins. A prime example is the 1972 1/2 new penny. It was only made as a proof, but does not have a frosted face on it and looks like BU. I also have a 1973 and 78 1/2 penny that looks BU, but is it a proof? My 1980 proof 1/2 penny has a frosted face. Was the UK making proof coins without the frosting only before 1980?

Israel 5 Agorot KM# 25 1964
Posted: 3-Aug-2019, 01:42PM in Numismatic questions

The ngc site shows my coin to be exactly the same. I believe they posted the wrong image. On the t the NGC site shows the stem centered in reality the 4 has the stem of the t offset to the right. Gee thanks for pointing that out to me. After all I am just a beginner and also do not know Hebrew

identify 1911 Canada one cent
Posted: 30-Jul-2019, 12:36AM in Numismatic questions

Tried to find a 1911 canada one cent that is not made out of bronze. It weighs the same 5.6 grams is the same size and is worn. So if it was coated it would have worn out in spots.. Is there a fake one going around? Found it in a big batch of world coins.As you can see it is silver in color. Not saying it is silver. It is non-magnetic

UK 5 pence got me stumped
Posted: 28-Jul-2019, 07:23PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have looked for info on this coin and found only coins that weigh 3.25 grams. Even the silver is 3.25 grams. • The coin pictured is silver in color, non-magnetic, weighs 3.14 grams and was found in a 38 lb box of world coins. I think it is a proof coin (photo does not do it justice) and is a little marred.

sorting 40 pounds of world coins
Posted: 27-Jul-2019, 08:37PM in Swaps and trades

I have 40 pounds of world coins I picked up and need to know what to look for and if anyone needs anything in particular. There is no silver. • I am going to separate out these: • 1- United Kingdom- (I collect them) • 2- My birthyear 1942 • 3- Proof coins • 4- All types of coins ( 1 only) from each country • 5- All birds flowers and animals • 6- Largest and smallest • 7 Odd shapes and coins with holes. • 8- very old • Anybody want to add anything

Shipping advice
Posted: 23-Jul-2019, 01:14PM in Swaps and trades

you have been very helpful. Thank you. Sorry about the guy from Tunisia.

New to swapping
Posted: 21-Jul-2019, 12:43AM in Swaps and trades

I have been very fortunate to acquire in the year I have been collecting a great deal of US coins to swap. My primary goal is to expand my Canadian collection. I would be willing to trade for UK as well.

Damn good coins for swap or sale
Posted: 21-Jul-2019, 12:17AM in Swaps and trades

Just realized the green dot means I do'nt own the coin

Posted: 20-Jul-2019, 11:52PM in Swaps and trades

Have been trying for just a shorttime to do some swapping. This would be my first. You would have to help me. Love to start a United kingdom collection. As you will see I have agreat deal of circulated USA and Canada.