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Looking for people to swap with
Posted: 29-Jul-2019, 12:27PM in Swaps and trades

Hello, • Is there anyone interested in swapping coins with me? As of now, I don't have so many doubles yet, but I hope to increase that number. • I'm a bit frustrated with the large number of inactive members who never reply, but who didn't bother to check any of the "don't want to swap" boxes either. Therefore, I'd really appreciate it if people interested in some of my coins just got in touch with me. • I'm collecting circulating coins from all over the world, past and present. At the moment I'm particularly looking for the US quarter dollar 50 states commemorative coins, 2 Euro commemorative coins, and any other commemorative coins for particular cities/sites/buildings of the issuing country. But as I said, I'm collecting all circulating coins, so if you don't have any of the above mentioned, it doesn't necessarily mean I'm not interested. • If you're looking for a particular coin you can't find in my doubles but that you do find in my colle[...]

[solved] Mint year of Chinese coin
Posted: 27-Jul-2019, 11:08AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you for the quick reply, CassTaylor. • No worries, I wasn't trying to find something valuable, so I'm not disappointed or something. I don't collect coins for their value and spotted the ebay suggestions at the bottom of the coin's site just by chance. When I saw the price those coins sell for, I already suspected that my coin wasn't genuine. I would have been very surprised if it had been. Just out of curiosity, how can you tell it's not real? What's the difference? • The only pity is that the coin is pretty and I would have liked it in my collection. Even though to me collecting coins isn't about the coins' values, I don't want fakes in my collection though. So, that's one coin less... • Anyway, thanks a lot again.