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Russian 2016 Zubtsov Edge
Posted: 29-Jan-2017, 08:19PM in Numista coin catalogue

Good day • Today I found 2 types of coins: • Position A - Edge lettering with Obverse on top • Position B - Edge lettering with Reverse on top • Let's add them to catalog •

Russia 1788 5 kopeek - official restrike variety from 10 kopeek 1762 C# 44
Posted: 11-Sep-2016, 03:52PM in Numista coin catalogue

Good day • Due to high mintage, I suggest to add variety to 1788 • Thank you

Coins shop in Torrevieja, Spain
Posted: 16-Aug-2016, 12:30PM in Free discussion

Good day • Does anyone know coins shop in Torrevieja, Spain • Thank you in advance

[solved] 5 reichmark 1935, with Adolf Hitler face
Posted: 17-Jan-2016, 12:03PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Roublizer"​ • Quote: "ngdawa"​Hitler was never illustrated on coins, only stamps. • ​​So, all coins with the bust of Hitler are either tokens or fakes.​​There are some pattern pieces, one of which was looted from his estate shortly before the war ended, but these are far beyond what anyone on Numista can afford.​Look's like a fairytale... only such coin, I've ever know - The Constantine ruble

[solved] 240 reis fake?
Posted: 17-Jan-2016, 11:58AM in Numismatic questions

Fake, this is not a silver coin... just plated something, looks like silver)

Numista map
Posted: 2-Aug-2015, 01:13PM in Numista website

Good day • Crimea is a Russian territory right now, so please make an update, cause I get bullion price in UAH here in Crimea and don't know current exchange rate ;-)

Swaps with Russia
Posted: 3-Feb-2015, 08:23AM in Numismatic questions

Andrey right! • I have several times had trouble getting coins from abroad. Once I was questioned for a long time at customs about the value of coins 18-19 century, even had to take a certificate in the department of culture, that the coins are not of great historical and cultural value, however coins anyway were sent to the sender because the law on the inadmissibility of sending objects cultural value (more 50 years old) by postal services. • Yes, envelopes and can reveal if the packaging or declaration creates suspicions. • It depends on the customs officer, will he find fault with the content, declarations, etc. • BUT .... always something that opened at a customs revenues in the integrity and completeness!!! • All arrests and problems are always notified and never loses nothing in Russia!!!

Members of Numista; what is your age?
Posted: 25-Jul-2014, 09:38AM in Free discussion


Numista improvement suggestions
Posted: 17-Mar-2013, 08:03PM in Numista website

Good day • 1. Could you do when you export to Excel file of your collection to display a column with data on the size of coin in mm? It will be convenient to plan the purchase of sheets for albums, and even when a lot of coins hard to figure. • 2. Well, if it were POSSIBLE to be able to adjust to if you have a common coin, it would be possible to hide / remove proof quality coins or coins with slight variations of the same year (thick / thin) so that when previewing the collection is not misleading one mark to the right of the coin, instead of two. • Thanks

Numista down
Posted: 13-Jan-2013, 09:52PM in News

Good day • May it will help to track a problem... I was updating 500 Lire of Italy in my list - accidentaly entered -1 value and it brings not only a common "An error occurred. Please try again", but it shows me error (on russian language, because of russian Windows) - it means - "transaction error", I can't close a message and have to close browser (chrome) via ctrl+alt+del. On next opening it shows me SQL error at site...

Need advice
Posted: 11-Oct-2011, 09:15PM in Free discussion

Good day • I want to know where I can find a site like this for stamp collectioners? (my wife collect stamp) • Thank you

Collaborate to the catalogue!
Posted: 21-Sep-2011, 03:49PM in News

Good day • I can help you to update Russian coins 1924-2011, because you have a wrong list of it

To Admin: You have wrong information about Russian coins 1997-2011
Posted: 21-Sep-2011, 03:00PM in Numista coin catalogue

Good day • You have a wrong information about Russian coins 1997-2011... If you interested please send me a message, so I can give you a detailed table... • Thank you

Russian memorabilia 10-rubles coins (bimetallic)
Posted: 20-Sep-2011, 03:11PM in Swaps and trades

Good day • I have a plenty of Russian memorabilia 10-rubles bimetallic coins and I want to swap them to memorabilia euros and other coins... • If someone interested, please send me your offer • Thank you