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How do you usually find your coins?
Posted: 5-Nov-2019, 08:49AM in Free discussion

If you are interested in making a complete set of your own country's current set of coins, it is easier to go to the bank, buy many rolls of the different denominations and go through them. You keep the best of each year for yourself and maybe a couple more of each year for trading. Then roll up the rest again and return them to the bank where you can get most of your buy-in back! Most likely a complete set at face value price. But you have to hurry with the current coins before they get demonetized and recalled like your previous coins.. I was very successful filling my Canadian albums this way (at least, with non-silver coins).

What is your pet name for doing something related to coins?
Posted: 29-Sep-2019, 09:04AM in Free discussion

Quote: "RGormanJr"​Because I have a lot of "junk" silver, my wife thinks that is what my whole collection is. So, when I'm working on my coins she says I'm "fondling my junk" ​holy crap, literally spit out my coffee laughing at that one..

Collecting all circulating coins of your birth year?
Posted: 29-Sep-2019, 08:41AM in Free discussion

nice to see my old thread get revived.. back then I had 29 out of a possible 369.. as of today, I'm at 340, and almost all at XF grade or better.. • I'd actually have more than that if some US based eBay shippers wouldn't be using the Global Shipping Program that pushes the shipping charge to Canada up to around $12 US for a $3 coin! But I get around that by waiting till a retired client of mine heads to the US every fall to escape our winters. Having coins sent to him at a US address? Only $3.. (already have 4 more on the watch list waiting for the big day!)

Little Ebay question
Posted: 7-Aug-2019, 09:06PM in Free discussion

And I would love a way to filter things so that checked and then unwanted listings (no matter who the seller is), could be hidden from further searches that have the same saved parameters.. Filtering the listing, not the seller.

Ship Motif coins and medals
Posted: 1-Jul-2019, 06:06AM in Free discussion

a little banged up, but Canada 2004 25 cents - 400th anniversary of the French settlement of Saint Croix Island, practically on the US-Canada border • •

Anyone found some 2019 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 1-Jul-2019, 05:49AM in Free discussion

Regular Canadian loon 1 dollar •

How many coins from your birth year
Posted: 9-Apr-2019, 08:44AM in Free discussion

Quote: "XRY-478"​​​Nice Aussie 1 cent, whoever choose that must have really good taste. • ​ • ​For me, I have 32 coins for my year 2002.​Hmm, yes, I wonder who that mystery person was?? It's true, some Numista members have contributed to this collection!

Fictional animals on coins
Posted: 28-Jan-2019, 05:38AM in Free discussion

I don't get to contribute to these lists ever! But even Canada gets in the list with the unicorn in our coats of arms •

Teeran? Syno-Syrian?
Posted: 28-Jan-2019, 05:21AM in Free discussion

I was once trying to bid on a coin from Iran (listed as "Iran"), but when I tried to complete the process, a note came up that said I was not allowed to bid on that item as there were sanctions against Iran from the United States. Even though I'm Canadian, I do my business through, not - the Canadian version. It wasn't long after that I saw other coins from Iran listed as "Teeran".. since I didn't try to bid on the second auction I don't know if I would have been successful, but I just assumed the new name was a way to get around eBay's filters that trigger certain negative results. • In the same vein, I've seen coins from Cuba called "Caribbean coin", and coins from Sudan listed as "S O U D A N" with spaces and wrong spelling, again presumably to fool eBay's automatic filters and get around diplomatic sanctions..

My local coin store closes its doors - too many robberies.. List of items to avoid on eBay, etc.!
Posted: 18-Oct-2018, 11:25PM in Free discussion

I just realized - the topic title is misleading.. this is not actually MY store as in belonging to me, but my favourite local store where I get my coins and chat/learn about things from the owners.. How do I edit the title?

Local Coin Shops: The People's List (Going on a trip? Want to visit some local dealers? Check out our list!)
Posted: 18-Oct-2018, 11:00PM in Free discussion

Very sadly, we must delete Northgate Coins from the list in Edmonton, Canada.. As a result of at least three robberies this year, my favourite coin store in the city (and so accessible, only 10 minutes from my job) has shut its doors permanently. They are keeping the Southside store open (listed separately). •

What books have you been reading recently?
Posted: 28-Sep-2018, 04:09AM in Free discussion

I've been slowly getting through The Count of Monte Cristo for quite some time.. but my wife and I are just finishing up a holiday in Florida in the USA, getting down to Key West and visiting the Ernest Hemingway House and Museum - now we have a new project: tackling all of his major pieces..

[solved] Do money changers not accept coins at all?
Posted: 1-Sep-2018, 11:41PM in Free discussion

I tried out the Fourex online calculators and compared them to the true rates of conversion from - it seems it is just over 9% for a fee, comparable to the fee for the coin counting machines over here..

Anyone found some 2018 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 9-Aug-2018, 07:02AM in Free discussion

Philippines • 25 sentimo • 1 Piso • 10 Piso •

Anyone found some 2017 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 9-Aug-2018, 06:53AM in Free discussion

Philippines 5 Pisos •

Coins spreadsheet
Posted: 6-Jul-2018, 09:34AM in Free discussion

Spam - a scummy way to have this topic resurrected, but I'm actually glad.. by reading this after it popped up, I liked Neil's way of hyperlinking entries to the corresponding NGC or Numista pages to make alterations a lot easier. It just goes to show you never know from where you will find a helpful nugget of information or how it will come to you!

Canada post
Posted: 13-Mar-2018, 09:24AM in Swaps and trades

My packages always are more than 100g so it's the Small or Light packet options - NEVER registered (unless my swap partner wants to pay for that ahead of time..). And now the Light packet option has been removed. I haven't had any problems yet...

Anyone collect military medals?
Posted: 16-Feb-2018, 09:51AM in Free discussion

Hi Cass, regarding your British WWII 1939-45 medal - for everywhere except Canada, the medals are made from cupro-nickel. The Canadian ones are made of silver • (source -–1945 ) • my grandfather received one even though he never made it into active service overseas, he was in the reserves. I mounted it in a shadowbox with his war items that I gave to my grandmother for her 90th birthday. Now that she has moved to a full care facility with little room of her own, it has come back to me.. •

When did you start collecting?
Posted: 11-Feb-2018, 09:46AM in Free discussion

Humble start about 35 years ago when my mother gave me a book to collect 5 cent nickels. Off and on with going through pocket change to fill the book, then the big jump was about 7 years ago - filled up the nickel book, then toonies, pennies, dimes and quarters (up till the silver years, those are slower to fill up).

What pets do you have ?
Posted: 9-Feb-2018, 09:04AM in Free discussion

2 cats, black one is Bubbles (from a farm, named by the son who had a thing for the character from "Trailer Park Boys"), white one is Kenny (rescue cat, that was the name the shelter had for him).. I've tried to pose them as the yin yang symbol for a photo, but they won't sit still.. •

If you get my card in the mail, let me know!!!
Posted: 5-Jan-2018, 06:03AM in Free discussion

The card got lost for a bit, but I finally got your card today Michael.. thank you very much and I'm glad that you are starting to put the collection together again! • Darcy

Happy New Year, dears !
Posted: 2-Jan-2018, 01:20AM in Free discussion

Happy New Year, everyone - may you all find those coins that warm your heart and inspire your mind

Rome and Madrid numismatic shops?
Posted: 27-Dec-2017, 01:09AM in Free discussion

Forgot to mention one other place in Rome, it's a couple of blocks away from the entrance to the Vatican Museum, along the northern Vatican wall - on Via Vespasiano, 7.. another tiny door on the street, you'll miss it if you aren't careful. The store does say "Numismatica" over the door making it easy to find. Inside is tiny, I think the whole public area was maybe 4 metres x 3 metres. Cosy but still a lot of items. When I arrived, the lady was working out a deal with an Asian fellow going over some gold coins, he was paying with 200 Euros notes which was pretty impressive.. The pretty sparse website is here: • Side question: Are the Spanish Steps open now to the public? When we were there Sept 2016, they were closed for cleaning and repairs..

Anybody here into collecting other items, like instruments?
Posted: 26-Dec-2017, 10:33AM in Free discussion

I used to collect comic books for just over 30 years - gave them up when I realized it was starting to take me a few months to getting around to reading them after buying them (all based on the X-Men family of books - selling them off right now if anyone is interested! :) ) • Also Hard Rock Cafe signature guitar pins - those guitar pins that have a design/monument/structure/motif shown that is unique to that location..

[solved] Need to swap current Scandinavian money for Euros
Posted: 28-Nov-2017, 09:39AM in Swaps and trades

thank you, I have found someone to trade with..

Introducing Myself
Posted: 31-Oct-2017, 03:20AM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome! • ​(Bonus points if anyone knows where that reference is from) • ​ • ​ • ​ ​Love the Blazing Saddles reference.. ;) • Hello AndrejG, you left me behind in Edmonton.. well St.Albert, anyway.

Canadian Mint keeps pushing it way too far
Posted: 28-Oct-2017, 12:29AM in Free discussion

My wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday this weekend, and she asked if I liked the coins from the RCM that she can see when she goes to the post office. I couldn't say "no" fast enough... I told her straight out "Do not buy anything from the post office - though nice and shiny, it is overpriced, and not any kind of 'coin' that I want" ;)

[solved] Japan common coins for swap. Anyone collect Japan by year? (Available until the end of September.)
Posted: 30-Sep-2017, 04:30AM in Swaps and trades

desperately need 1 yen Showa yr 44 (1969), in XF and better quality as well. I am deep in Canada coins to trade. Thanks!

xblamecanadax vs. Hurricane Irma / goodbye for now
Posted: 30-Sep-2017, 04:25AM in Swaps and trades

I am going through my extras right now for you Michael. You have many friends here, and I enjoyed your genuine happiness coming through your words when you received the parcel from me. Thinking of you and your family - say hello to James for me.. • Darcy

Posted: 27-Sep-2017, 05:41AM in Free discussion

He was the source of a lot of information for me, I definitely was the student continually hassling the master. I hope he returns, this site does not seem the same if I don't see his participation in the forum on a regular basis.

Additions to your collection - September 2017
Posted: 16-Sep-2017, 08:00AM in Free discussion

#309 out of 370 for my birth year set (circulation coins only with no FAOs/commemoratives/proofs..) • And without hesitation, the new favourite coin in my collection.. • France 1969 10 Francs •

What is the best coin you have found in a dealer's "junk" bin?
Posted: 15-Sep-2017, 01:05AM in Free discussion

not of interesting numismatic value, but mine were financial finds - picked out a few 1 and 2 Euros coins, a few of the now obsolete UK pound coins, but the best were a couple 500 yen coins - a nice $5.50 find for a 20cent price

To help create interest in numismatics, what is an interesting coin you put BACK into circulation?
Posted: 18-Aug-2017, 06:08AM in Free discussion

I've enjoyed the thread of what we have taken out of circulation, but how about the other direction, what have we purposely put back? • I was given a bunch of coins today that included a really badly beat up Canada 1943 Tombac 5 cents.. There was enough common coins to make up a roll for the bank, so in the interest of stirring up someone's interest, I'm including that coin in the roll.. (just hoping it escapes our Mint scooping it up and melting it as part of the Alloy Recovery Program).. •

Justice for Abigail - Your Help is Urgently Needed
Posted: 12-Jul-2017, 08:20AM in Free discussion

I'm sitting here, stunned beyond words.. anger (directed at numerous targets, in the court and the troll here), grief, shock.. I am so sorry and sincerely wish your nightmare would end with a happy wakening.. • Darcy

Someone is using a page from Numista to advertise on eBay
Posted: 23-Jun-2017, 06:42PM in Free discussion

Numista is such a wonderful source for all the information listed, I can see myself doing the same thing if I were to sell something on eBay - just because it's accurate information for the seller's examination, and especially if you are selling a lot of coins. But at least credit or link Numista SOMEWHERE for using the page! As for crediting the person who took the photos on the original webpage, does it matter if you are using your own photos and name them as such, as the person did by saying "Actual Photos"? (not saying the person is correct to do so, just curious)

Language Joke- My daughter told me this (she transcribes French and Hebrew for the USN)
Posted: 13-Jun-2017, 07:24AM in Free discussion

Quotefrom Phil..<<Trust me, if the conversation was dependent on my language skills it would be a quite painful but short experience.>> • Phil, I've said that numerous times to people who said to me "sorry my English isn't very good"! My answer has always been "are you serious? We are having a conversation in English! We definitely can NOT have a conversation in (whatever is their home language)..."

Venice - engagement!
Posted: 30-May-2017, 01:14AM in Free discussion

Jarcek, it's a great place to propose as well.. I did that with my lady last September and we just tied the knot in Jamaica three weeks ago.

Anyone found any coin shops in Jamaica?
Posted: 19-Apr-2017, 07:52AM in Free discussion

I'm heading there in a couple of weeks, and I'm always on the look out for coin shops or markets while on vacation.. anyone find anything there? We will be in Ocho Rios for most of the time, but will probably drive out to Montego Bay also for a day.. Nothing on the big map on the Outings tab as of yet.

What are your other hobbies besides coin collecting?
Posted: 11-Apr-2017, 10:40PM in Free discussion

My coin collecting is really in the last 5 years or so - finishing my Canadian books and trying to complete my global birth year set. • But I collected comic books for 30 years (just starting the big job of selling them off now.. if you are interested in the X-Men from the movies, or their spinoffs, I'm your man ). • From when I developed a travel bug during my working on cruise ships for a few years, I started collecting one signature guitar pin from every past/present Hard Rock Cafe in the world (I think that one has also cooled off as well and is headed soon for the eBay listings - I think I have about 180 now..). • Lastly was collecting hockey player autographs on 8x10" glossy photos. Got most of those sold off about 5 years ago.. • Does having every Disney and Pixar animated film on DVD count? that was really for having something to watch with the grandchildren in my older age to come...

Ahhhh, it's the simple pleasures
Posted: 23-Mar-2017, 11:21PM in Free discussion

My soon-to-be-bride (5.5 weeks!) works for our city's bylaw department, she emailed me and sent a photo of a big bag of foreign coins that were going to be auctioned off. These coins are plugged into meters, transit bus/LRT boxes and the like - minor bits of fraud, really. I was interested of course, but I have talked to the mgr at a local coin store and he bought something like that before, going price was around $500 (I know that's hard to place for value without a weight, but she said it was like the bag for 10 pounds of potatoes..) $500 is too pricey for me, and I know that I was going to get a mess of Philippines, Taiwan, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic and China common and current coins (a big cross-section of our population's home and vacation spots), this isn't what I would want. Show me a big bag of UK and Euro coins though (MY favourite vacation spot), and I'd be all over that... I even considered it for the amount of trader coins I might pick up, but I'm not sure I'm [...]

Foreign finds! (2017 edition)
Posted: 25-Jan-2017, 12:49AM in Free discussion

A Denmark 20 kronor coin in the change from a coffee shop in Canada, I guess it looks close to our older/pre-security issue $1 loonie coin.. (9.3g, 27mm vs. 7g, 26.5g)

Christmas gift contest, the draw
Posted: 7-Jan-2017, 08:29AM in Free discussion

I am sorry I missed this, I hope to take part next year...

Collecting goals for 2017
Posted: 7-Jan-2017, 08:28AM in Free discussion

My goal for 2017 - to continue filling my circulation strike only, global set for my birth year 1969 - I received three more today, bringing me to 275/370 .. As well, working backwards filling the silver years in my Canadian albums. • (not a coins thing per se, but if there are any coin AND stamp collectors out there) - looking to trade stamps from an inherited collection into coins for myself. Same profile name at Colnect, the stamps are listed there.

10th Anniv. Numista Token Design Contest - My Proposal
Posted: 29-Dec-2016, 08:25AM in Free discussion

Very pretty and inspiring, it's very creative to have so much symbology and meaning but yet look very simple, smooth and elegant..

Highest KM# in your collection
Posted: 13-Dec-2016, 11:31AM in Free discussion

As my collection is only Canadian, and for my birth year of 1969, my highest is Austria's KM 2889a (and most likely not to get higher) • But like Peter said, being in Canada, we'll be at 5000 soon enough

[solved] Dutch coin to identify, please
Posted: 25-Oct-2016, 06:58PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It was a nice hope for a while, further inspection and more consultations showed it's a cast copy.

[solved] New Spain (or Colonies) coins to identify please!
Posted: 25-Oct-2016, 06:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

No they aren't, definite copies

[solved] Very old China and Malacca shape money to identify, please
Posted: 24-Oct-2016, 01:26PM in Coin identifications and valuations

ok, anything that jumps right out and helps you make that decision? Just info that I can pass back to the owner, thanks.

Near miss Edward VIII :)
Posted: 14-Oct-2016, 10:13AM in Free discussion

It was curiosity about E. VIII coins for Canada that got me seriously into coins about 6 years ago.. 35 years ago when I was 12, my mom gave me a 5 cent album to fill up. I went through pocket change here and there, setting it down for 10 years or so, then picking it up again, setting it down again... And then I watched the movie "The King's Speech" and wondered if there were Edward coins for 1936, and off it was from there. So from eBay, coin roll hunting, and the LCS, the 5 cent album got filled, then the 1 cent, 25 cent, 10 cent, and 2 dollar albums.. And now I'm building my global birth year set. • So, you didn't reign for long, Edward, but you were the big influence to me! (So disappointed you didn't have your own coins..) • (And sort of commenting on another topic - for pure coin variety, I hope Charles takes up the crown for at least a little bit of time before he possibly abdicates to pass it to William..)

World coins chat: Italian States - Venice
Posted: 9-Oct-2016, 09:08AM in Free discussion

Great piece, thank you! Venice now holds a special place in my heart as my other half and I just finished a 3 week trip through Italy, finishing in Venice where I proposed to her (she must have had too much wine as she accepted.. ) which will lead to our wedding some time next spring on the 10th anniversary of being a couple. • On a numismatic note, even though I'm the one into coins, maybe finding a Venice State coin would be an interesting gift for her to commemorate it all.. • (and being Canadian, everyone knows we're into commemoratives! )

Local coin shops: the people's list
Posted: 30-Aug-2016, 08:25AM in Free discussion

CANADA - Alberta section • National Pride Coin & Stamp • 8005 104 St NW (should have been "Edmonton" listed here, but..) • Closed up shop as of June 1st.

Additions to your collection August 2016
Posted: 6-Aug-2016, 07:10AM in Free discussion

won't add pictures because they don't match up to the beauties posted so far - but my main collection right now is my birth year set (1969), circulation only - no commems, FAO, proofs, etc.. 372 possible, just added: • #211 - Hungary 50 filler • #212 - Guatemala 10 centavos • #213 - Singapore 1 dollar • #214 - Ireland pre-decimal 6 pence • and upgraded my Hungary 10 filler • the rare Biafra and some Soviet Union coins are the Holy Grails..

Curiosity: What is your goal for collecting coins?
Posted: 30-Jul-2016, 07:01AM in Free discussion

like a couple of others noted here, I'm collecting world wide coins from a specific year - 1969, my birth year. Just circulation coins, nothing commemorative, no FAO. I counted about 370, I received number 211 in the mail yesterday.. • Also working on getting a version (then better versions) of all Canadian circulation coins..

"Legal Tender" doesn't really mean it's legal tender..... or something like that.
Posted: 25-Mar-2016, 10:11PM in Free discussion

Yes, I picked up a couple of the first $20 for $20 coins in Canada, with the full bit of convincing myself that if silver didn't go up (WAAAAYYYY up), I could cash it in and get my $40 back. Luckily I came to my senses early (ok, 2 years later), tried to cash them at a bank (a TD bank, not an RBC, mind you..). I even went to a teller that I knew was a bit of a coin collector himself but he wouldn't take them. Incredibly, I did leave the bank with $40 that day, but it was the bank manager himself who bought them, because he'd never seen them before and thought they were interesting.. • Hmm.. I wonder if he is still in the dark about them now.. (and I have never picked up a commemorative coin from the Mint since..)

Coin stores/markets in Rome/Florence/Venice?
Posted: 25-Mar-2016, 08:38PM in Free discussion

Hi, my wife and I will be having a vacation in Italy later in the year, and I was thinking of taking some Canadian coins over with me, who knows, I might find a marketplace for coin traders or coin stores or the like. To help me prepare, does anyone know of anything like that in those cities? • thanks, Darcy

What are your most wished for coins up to now?
Posted: 29-Feb-2016, 12:08PM in Free discussion

After acquiring more of my 1969 birth year circulation-only set (up to 157 out of 370'ish coins), I started looking at eBay as well as checking out members' profiles. Big shocker to find out USSR 5, 15, and 20 kopeck coins are (to me) inexplicably high.. I mean, what the (you know what)! I actually think I might get the Biafra coins before the 5 kopecks.. • Hmm, a side topic from this main one... if you use and search eBay seriously, which coin do you keep trying and fail to acquire? (I think that question could be different from the main one because we might not all be actively trying to get that special coin we wish for..) For me, I'm obsessed with any of the silver ones I need for my set (German Fed Rep 5 mark, Swiss 5 francs, French 5/10 francs.. ) - keep getting outbid! • Darcy

Speech on numismatics
Posted: 25-Feb-2016, 08:44AM in Free discussion

If you are willing and it is possible, I would love to see a transcript of the speech you present. • Just reading the comments and suggestions makes me even more interested in numismatics, even though right now my coin trading is mostly • 1) to build up a high quality, global, coins-only-for-circulation birth year set for myself (157 collected out of 375 identified) • 2) trading Canadian coins of high quality in exchange for other currencies that I would need for travel, so I don't need high quality coins in return

[solved] "Other" option for swap page
Posted: 29-Jan-2016, 11:04PM in Numista website

Has it ever been suggested to have an "other" option button, with a space for a person to write their own words, placed on the swap page? I am just completing a trade with someone where he did not have any coins that I wanted, so we agreed on him simply giving cash for the ones he chose from me. • So, the confirmed page only contains the coins he will receive, but my end will show "Coins you will receive = 0). True, but the confirmed trade isn't really accurate. If confirming is a kind of way to be the record to be examined if something goes wrong or debated, shouldn't the "complete" trade be documented? • thanks, Darcy

Need Austrian (or anyone!) to exchange old Schillings notes/coins into Euros
Posted: 27-Jan-2016, 06:50AM in Swaps and trades

Here is an overview of the items - 1195.10 Schillings = 86.85 Euros. 1x1000 (note), 1x100 (note), 5x10 (coins), 8x5 (coins), 5x1 (coins), 1x0.10 (coin). This shows how the notes have been folded, as I said they are still crisp and clean. the coins are in various grades, some are dirty, some not. I have thought about an acetone bath to clean them. Thanks again to all PMs and posts.. •

[solved] Show your emails have been read?
Posted: 30-Dec-2015, 07:38AM in Numista website

Perfect! I see it now, and I do see that the person hasn't even read any of the emails in the past three weeks. Like I said, it certainly changes things! Now, the second part, how about seeing when a person last logged in? Or is that regarded as a privacy issue?

What's in a name?
Posted: 13-Oct-2015, 08:16AM in Free discussion

I'll resurrect this one.. • My name is Darcy, the rmt is what I do - Registered Massage Therapist in a physiotherapy clinic

Swap coins for banknotes
Posted: 29-Aug-2015, 07:56AM in Swaps and trades

I have 23 world notes (all about 30 years old, all UNC), will swap them for Euro coins (good thing you're in Portugal!).. PM me for a list. Thanks, Darcy

Looking for Canadian coins
Posted: 29-Aug-2015, 07:44AM in Swaps and trades

I have many many of what you need, I'm trading them for Euro coins, so you being in Portugal helps me out! Let me know.. • thanks, Darcy

Coins from all over the world by year
Posted: 29-Aug-2015, 07:25AM in Swaps and trades

Can help you with Canada coins, in exchange for Euros (as you're in Slovakia).. Let me know, Darcy