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What do you think about European Union / Covid-19 ?
Posted: 8-Apr-2020, 08:44AM in Free discussion

I am reading that the last eurogroup didnt bring something. The countries of the South have totaly different ideas about how to help their economies from the countries of the North. I am thinking that until now there was neither one serius problem (war in Syria, immigration problem, South economic crisis, and so many other) that Europe could make something. We cant neither defend our borders. • The question is how long time you give to € ? And if you believe that we are going to return to our nation economies. • My opinion is that the end of Euro is not so far and here in Greece i see Drachmas to return. I can not say if it will be better or not. I am not specialist on the theme but my opinion is that. • Sorry for my poor English. And have a nice day

Local Coin Shops: The People's List (Going on a trip? Want to visit some local dealers? Check out our list!)
Posted: 4-Apr-2020, 08:27AM in Free discussion

Quote: "ashlobo"​These are the details on the outings list • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​you can perhaps call/email him through his website details and if you find these have changed, I encourage you to submit an update through the outings form ​They answered me that they are closed only for covid-19 and they hope to open again soon. So we dont change anything in the outings. • have anice day • Zaxarias

What was it like before the euro?
Posted: 3-Apr-2020, 05:36PM in Free discussion

Some small examples in Greece with Drachmas in 2000 and Euros in 2020. You should know that 1 Euro was 340 Drachmas. • bread 100 Drachmas / 1 Euro • small bottle of water 50 Drachmas / 0,5 Euro • coffee siting in the cafe 500-600 Drachmas / 2,5 - 3,5 Euros • ticket from Kos to Pireaus with the ship 3200 Drachmas / 50 Euros • I understand that after 20 years the prices will go up but here we talk for 3-4 times or more......!!!!!!!

Numismatics-related places to visit in the world?
Posted: 1-Apr-2020, 11:26PM in Free discussion

I have visited Athens numismatic museum and it has a very nice collection. Also very rare items. The building is unbelievable and you can drink a coffee in their garden in the middle of the city.

Stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic
Posted: 1-Apr-2020, 11:22PM in Free discussion

In Greece we have lockdown very early and thanks God until now we have 50 dies. We hope that it will get better soon for Italy and Spain that they have the biggest problem now.

[solved] GREECE presentation in Numista
Posted: 31-Mar-2020, 09:14PM in Numista coin catalogue

Countries and territories › Greece • Greece is a country in South East Europe bordering Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. It has a population of 11 million. • Greece has borders with North Macedonia. Should be corrected in the presentation of the country. • thank you

KM #868 25 Dollars Elizabeth II (the sovereign)
Posted: 8-Mar-2020, 11:14PM in Numista coin catalogue

If i am right i should get 1 point in the "coins added"