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[solved] 3 and half leg buffalo nickel?
Posted: 21-Dec-2018, 08:37PM in Numismatic questions

no, it should look like this. •

Tristan de Cuhna £5 poppy design coins
Posted: 17-Dec-2018, 09:00PM in Numismatic questions

Also this one ebay from this year but ended • • when searching for tristan da cunha spell it as I have as it won't pick up tristan de cunha

[solved] 1984 Kennedy half
Posted: 16-Dec-2018, 06:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It's been in a vending or gaming machine, I have seen this on many different coins

1825 Sovereign Evaluation!
Posted: 16-Dec-2018, 05:29PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "loruca"​Hello all! • ​I recently acquired this sovereign from a collector who was liquidating and needed money fast, I'm also looking to sell it myself as it really isn't my collection focus, but was looking to get an idea of what grade it's in and what value it might have so as to put it on ebay. • ​P.S. I'm open to trades, but please take the time to see if you have anything matching my collection focus first! • ​Your coin is the second bust, shield reverse as there are two versions for this year. In my coin year book 2018 the prices given are F = £425 and VF is £700. I would grade your coin -VF (my opinion) ​

Which year is this?
Posted: 13-Dec-2018, 11:29PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Sven Arink"​ • Quote: "tony_k_1965"​try this page • ​​​Yes, but I can't find the date as all year include a " sign, but not on this coin. ​​It looks like your coin has the " on it, maybe try giving it a light clean with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush then rinse with clean water.

[solved] Possibly post-medieval coin w cross?
Posted: 13-Dec-2018, 10:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Medieval Sicily, 1258-1266 AD. • see link below •

Is that collectable
Posted: 13-Dec-2018, 07:55PM in Numismatic questions

I wouldn't purchase it, I would rather use the money to purchase an original masonic penny, or towards one.

[solved] What is the “treaty” in Edward III’s reign?
Posted: 13-Dec-2018, 12:39PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Cuthwellis"​Hello, • ​I see that the Edward III-era coins are divided into “pre-treaty” and “post-treaty” but which treaty does it refer to? I can only think of the Treaty of London and the Treaty of Brétigny but I don’t know if either was so influential(?) that there are such periods. And most of my search results are pages about the coins and can’t find any explanation...​it refers to the Treaty of Bretigny. When Edward claimed the French throne this was inscribed onto the coins (pre-treaty) by the time of the Treaty of Bretigny 1361 Edward temporarily gave up his claim and the reference to France was dropped from the coins, but when war was renewed in 1369 the title was resumed (post treaty), and remained on many English coins until the end of the 18th century. • This information is taken from the Coin Yearbook 2018.

[solved] USA 1827 copper 50c
Posted: 13-Dec-2018, 09:39AM in Numismatic questions

Thanks all for your help, it's very much appreciated.

Get a move on Royal Mint (Albums) 50 pence
Posted: 7-Dec-2018, 11:07AM in Numismatic questions

Try westminster they do the albums

2019 Brexit UK 50 Pence Coin
Posted: 21-Nov-2018, 10:06PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "COINMAN1"​Tony, • ​Are you able to expand the exact coins that are rarer than the Kew Gardens. I would be very interested in that information.​Yes the 2 coins in question are 1 the 2009 blue peter design a coin for the olympics winner reproduced for the 2012 (dated 2011) olympics (athletics), • 2 is the 1992 european community (large 50p)

Scottish hammered halfpenny?
Posted: 21-Nov-2018, 12:03AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Alexander III second coinage dated between 1280-1286 • Very nice find and valued between £90 - £325 depending on grading.

2012 proof £5 Queens Diamond Jubilee
Posted: 8-Jun-2016, 08:50PM in Numista catalogue

Hi Rick, yes it is that coin. • Thanks • Tony

[solved] Help with Grading a 1926 ME Penny
Posted: 22-May-2016, 09:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

obv f/f+ rev -f/f • UK prices would be around £10 mark, I have seen the same grade sell from just over £2 + £1 postage and up to £10

I bought 1937 iceland but?
Posted: 22-May-2016, 05:04PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "rexlucky"​Thanks • ​ • ​How is near 7 i can't understand.​

Cleaning coins with ultrasound cleaner?
Posted: 22-May-2016, 04:09PM in Numismatic questions

I have been using them for a couple of years now. I use a little washing up liquid (mild detergent) and works every time without causing any devaluation to your coins. After all, all you're really doing is removing the dirt and grime, which most dealers will use a soft toothbrush to remove the same residue.

Circulation status of British crowns
Posted: 14-May-2016, 02:16PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "BizzoDoes"​Tony, whilst modern crowns are "legal tender" ... • ​ • ​... "this does not mean that banks and retailers automatically have to accept them ..." • ​ • ​ • ​If I ever got a £5 or 25p coin in my change, it would go straight in my back pocket. • ​(The pocket I use to keep coins away from my beer tokens )​I must admit I do exactly the same no matter how drunk I get I still manage to check my change when I'm legless. I have gotten some of my scarcer 50p's when on a session.

[solved] 1945 Jersey 1/12th of a shilling Liberated
Posted: 10-May-2016, 10:55PM in Numismatic questions

Silver plated and probably produced by London Mint Office or similar private minting company, who have also done a partly gold plated UK 2008 undated 20p

1859 Canadian Brass 1 cent
Posted: 8-May-2016, 07:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Do you think the worn coin is brass, I have put it next to a regular 1859 cent and it certainly has that more yellowish colour. Let me know your thoughts please. Thanks in advance. •

Ottoman empire or Turkish
Posted: 8-May-2016, 03:23AM in Numismatic questions

I have several coins from Ottoman empire but to get a valuations on NGC I need to enter Turkey. • So are listing them wrong or is NGC wrong?

Can't find this one....
Posted: 8-May-2016, 03:16AM in Coin identifications and valuations

could post a better picture please as this one is very small

[solved] Gold Mini Replica of a Victorian Sovereign
Posted: 8-May-2016, 02:59AM in Coin identifications and valuations

gold plated and your both conmen

1772 prussia
Posted: 8-May-2016, 12:43AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would grade F+/-VF as for price that is up to yourself, myself I would pay what I thought was within my budget to get a coin that I want.

[solved] 1988 magnetic Irish penny
Posted: 7-May-2016, 07:09PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks to you all who have showed interest, I can now rest peacefully as I have found the rest of my Irish coins and discovered that I actually own 2 of the magnetic types.

Dirty Old Coin
Posted: 7-May-2016, 12:52AM in Numismatic questions

Definitely silver, I have a few old French 1/2 franc coins in similar condition and very difficult to improve. Tried the soda and foil which made a little difference but not enough.

Isle of Man 2002 pound coin
Posted: 2-May-2016, 03:47PM in Numista catalogue

Please add an additional line in the dates to include 2002AD as I have this coin and it is not listed. • • actual coin for proof of year 2002AD •

[solved] Spanish coin
Posted: 26-Apr-2016, 07:41PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would grade it vg maybe vg+ •

Roman coin value
Posted: 25-Apr-2016, 09:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

the info I have in my book is imperial coinage - the Illyrian emperors - AD 270-285 • your coin is Severina Ae As book price is f £35, vf £100 and ef £575. I would grade yours at fine. • hope this helps.

Canadian 1870 5 cent - Grade this for me please
Posted: 17-Apr-2016, 02:14PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I agree with Rick f+/-vf

[solved] How much
Posted: 17-Apr-2016, 02:12PM in Coin identifications and valuations

no more than £10

Grading for UK 1887 6p
Posted: 17-Apr-2016, 02:10PM in Coin identifications and valuations

no doubt about it, it's a solid vf

4 coins to id please
Posted: 17-Apr-2016, 01:50AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Any more info on coin 1 and 4 please. The guys have been very helpful so far but could do with some more interest.

[solved] Coin id
Posted: 15-Apr-2016, 11:29PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Parimal"​Its Indian Princely State - Gwalior coin​Thank you

Large silver 300 bc coin/medal
Posted: 13-Apr-2016, 10:11PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Anybody else with any info please.

Valuation and Grading
Posted: 13-Apr-2016, 06:59PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I use this site for Australian coin values. • • As we all know or are probably aware of the differences in values given by various company's especially say for instance UK pennies valued by UK books in comparison to UK pennies valued by a U.S. company. • 1926 UK penny (not modified) coin yearbook 2015, VF = £6, XF = £25, UNC = £140 • NGC VF = $7.50 (£5), XF = $35 (£23), UNC = $110 (£73) so not a great deal of difference until you get to the UNC. • You will find this is also the case for other countries like Denmark, Sweden, and many others will have a different value in there own books compared to prices from a different country.

Verdigris swaps for high grade coins
Posted: 11-Apr-2016, 08:23PM in Swaps and trades

Hi Fluke, I will probably be able to help you as I have thousands of coins that I still need to look at, I will put aside any verdigris coins I find and let you know what I come up with. • regards • Tony

[solved] Sweden 1876 5 Ore
Posted: 9-Apr-2016, 11:16AM in Numismatic questions


[solved] Help with I.D.
Posted: 9-Apr-2016, 12:12AM in Numismatic questions

Found it, it's this one. •

Best holders/containers for unslabbed coins?
Posted: 5-Apr-2016, 12:08AM in Numismatic questions

I paid 500 for both including a lot of coins. I also know a guy from Ireland who makes them from Mahogany and to your speck for the coin sizes, this is a link to his ebay page •

My wanted/swap list
Posted: 3-Apr-2016, 09:11PM in Swaps and trades

​Yes I would be interested in the 1997 £1 silver piedfort, I'm sure we can sort something out over a swap. • Tony K

Type of coins - circulation
Posted: 25-Mar-2016, 10:00AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Redcclise96"​I'm looking for list of coins that are in exactly country right now in circulation or were before the euro zone. :) ​

Australia 1913 penny
Posted: 24-Mar-2016, 09:09PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "cobra"​Hello. • ​ • ​Michel​Thank you Michel, I have the straight version so is that classed as the large or small ? • regards • Tony

[solved] UK 2007 Abolition of Slavery £2 Coin
Posted: 16-Mar-2016, 10:12PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Fluke"​ • Quote: "charliebest"​Can anyone verify that the 'DG' and smooth background appears on the Proof version? If so, then that would be confirmation enough for me =]​​DG does indeed appear on the regular proof. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​The specimen set which contains your coin does not have DG but does have a smooth proof like finish. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​So looks like yours is a proof that sadly slipped into circulation from what I can dig up.​This is actually incorrect as both the specimen and proof coin both have the initials DG on the reverse. • see link below. • [...]

'Satin Specimen' British coins
Posted: 14-Mar-2016, 06:59PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "muygrandeoso"​It is my understanding that they were used for photography by the Royal Mint​This is exactly right, they where produced with a satin finish for photography purpose this is also the reason they are very rare and expensive.

Any idea on how to organize the collection of "small 1's"?
Posted: 5-Mar-2016, 11:04AM in Numismatic questions

When it comes to the coins that you really want to keep then to me you can't beat one of these for storing and showing off your collection. •

[solved] Various problems with Numista website
Posted: 4-Mar-2016, 10:25PM in Numista website

Quote: "smoked_caramel"​Easy search issue is discussed here. Haven't noticed any inconsistencies with swap list or collection. • ​ • ​The description of your issue Tony makes me think that a database backup that was done before your changes was restored after your changes have been done.​Thank you for your reply, that sounds very feasible.

George VI ND1 two shilling (florin)
Posted: 27-Feb-2016, 02:34AM in Numismatic questions

I totally agree to get rid of this line, simply because before it was introduced I did not have it, then suddenly I do plus 2 swaps, so I have now had to go through my collection and amend all coins corresponding with this km#. • please delete it.

Italy 100 Lira 1955-1957 Reality Check
Posted: 20-Feb-2016, 04:11PM in Numismatic questions

Catalogue error more than likely, especially when you compare it with the 1958 50 lire with a mintage of less 900,000 and valued at $40 in xf.

bronze or brass?
Posted: 13-Feb-2016, 05:24PM in Numismatic questions

There is probably a slight difference in but I'm not sure what it would be.

Belgium 5 franks 1921
Posted: 2-Feb-2016, 12:05AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Essor Prof"​ • Quote: "tony_k_1965"I have found this info about the coin which is actually Austrian from the WW1 P.O.W. camp GENT see link below. • ​But your coin could be different as there is no image on the link. • ​ • ​​Hi Tony, there is no image on the link but it is the right coin we're talking about. When you put the info on Joel Anderson's page (5 francs 1921, Gent, socialist party, counterstamped) in google, the result is this coin: • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​BUT you mixed some things up and this coin has nothing to do with "Austrian WW1 POW coins". • ​When you look closely to Joel Anderson's page, you see there are three different subjects there: • ​- Austrian WW1 POW coins. • ​- B[...]

Anyone with a 2015/16 Spink or British coin price guide ?
Posted: 16-Jan-2016, 11:48AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Mark240590"​I need to update my price guides as they're quite far out of date now but I just want to make sure I'm selling my 1804 Bank of England dollar for the right price :)​If you're passing my house sometime give me a knock I have a spare coin yearbook 2014 which is only UK, Irish, Scottish, Isle of Man and Guernsey coins. I'll swap you for a coin.

Nic-a- tone saving cleaned copper/ bronze
Posted: 8-Jan-2016, 11:00PM in Free discussion

I take it the retoned coins are the second pictures.

My Absence
Posted: 8-Jan-2016, 06:59PM in Free discussion

Hello All, wishing you all a Happy New Year. I would just like to apologise for my absence from Numista for several months, this was due to work and also home improvements. Now that most of the work is done I will be catching up on my swap requests and messages. • kind regards • TONY K

[solved] 1800 Britannia/Penny?
Posted: 13-Jun-2015, 11:35AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: tony_k_1965It is genuine it is a halfpenny, it was the first official halfpenny since 1775. produced by Matthew Boulton who also produced the cartwheel penny and two penny along with the 1806/7 halfpennies. the Dies were prepared by Conrad Heinrich Kuchler. • This information is from Collectors' Coins GB pre-decimal issues 1797-1790 2014, 40th issue. • Values for the 1799 halfpenny are • 5 incuse ship gunports  f £3  vf £8  ef £60  unc £200 • 6 raised ship gunports as above except ef £70 • 9 raised ship gunports as above except ef £80 • plain ship hull as above except vf £9  ef £70 • raised line on ship as above except vf £9  ef £60Just realised I read the post wrong, it is a fake but still worth keeping as it could be worth more than the original produced around the same period.

[solved] 1864 penny type A or B?
Posted: 7-Jun-2015, 06:11PM in Coin identifications and valuations

the 2nd coin is definitely type b the 1st coin I'm not sure as you can't see the end of the horizontal bar properly.

Small gold coins
Posted: 6-Jun-2015, 02:47PM in Numismatic questions

There is also the UK half sovereigns which you can pick some up for bullion value.

Coins for sale
Posted: 4-Jun-2015, 11:25PM in Numismatic questions

Anything Queen Victoria/Edward VII British Also Pre 1900 US cents, Australia Pre decimal pennies and half pennies, Canadian pre 1920 cents and Canadian Provinces Half pennies and pennies. • Thank you.

Biggest and smallest coin
Posted: 4-Jun-2015, 10:07PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: neilithicQuote: tony_k_1965I believe the Australian 50 cent coin to be one of the largest circulating coins to date measuring in at 31.5mm although the crown size is 32mm but I'm sure they are mostly non circulating commemoratives.Crowns certainly circulated.  I've seen enough Victorian crowns worn down almost to a clean metal plateThe way I understood the question was more on coins in circulation at present, as for crowns, I know that they we're well circulated as I have many myself, but current day crowns do not circulate for instants all UK £5 coins are the replacement crowns but are not produced for circulation although they are legal tender. • If I miss read the question then the largest circulation coin I currently have is this one. • China 1913 200 cash measuring in at 42.64mm. • I do have coins that are much larger but these are not circulating coins and one measure around 115mm If I remember correctly. •

[solved] 20 Drachmai - Othon 1833 need grade
Posted: 31-May-2015, 02:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

vf with slight edge ding

Removing yellow tape residue from coins
Posted: 30-May-2015, 07:58PM in Numismatic questions

Rubbing Alcohol or pure acetone will remove it no problem but the coin will have a stripe where the residue was as this part of the coin will not have toned the same as the rest of the coin.

1780 Thaler Maria Theresia - strike or no strike
Posted: 17-May-2015, 09:30PM in Coin identifications and valuations

it's a restrike and hopefully you will be able to identify the date of the restrike from the website in the previous post.

very worn copper Swedish coin
Posted: 14-May-2015, 07:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: Heretic_Cata • • One of these maybe ? It's very worn. :( I would agree with the 1st one as there is no lettering above the 3 crowns.

2014BA Isle of Man 50 pence
Posted: 12-May-2015, 10:15PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ZacUK •  Now added - thanks.  Cheers

Please help I.D. 4 unknown silver coins
Posted: 12-May-2015, 09:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have no idea what these are so any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance. •

1967 UK Half Penny proof ?
Posted: 9-May-2015, 12:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: zookeeperzOne way to check is to look at the strike. As proof coins are struck at least twice. It should give a light doubling effect. All the design should be sharp and prominent. The subject should be in contrast to the background. The fields should be blazing mirrored surface and the bust, lettering, ship and sea should be in cameo. Almost matt looking. • Some very very early strikes sometimes appear prooflike. But true proofs will have that two tone contrast. Someone is apparently offering one for sale advertised as a 1967 proof but it clearly is not lol. The cameo effect you mentioned is not true of proof QEII UK coins until the 1980's.

China Szechuan Province year 2 1913 200 cash
Posted: 9-May-2015, 12:06PM in Numista catalogue

I would add this coin myself but I'm not sure if it should have a seperate km# or be added to an existing km#. Any advice would be appreciated rather than ignored.

Bargain finds with pictures (2015 edition)
Posted: 26-Apr-2015, 08:30PM in Free discussion

Bought a bag of 200 world coins for £7 today while down in Whitby (popular seaside result on the North East coast). This is just one of the very nice coins I found in the bag. • 1905 Austria 2 Heller. •

Help to I.D. several coins please
Posted: 14-Apr-2015, 09:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: neilithic4 and 5 • says this coin should be medal alignment but one is coin alignment and the other is almost 90% off coin or medal alignment, so is this an error or are there variations in this coin?

1992-1993 EEC 50p
Posted: 13-Apr-2015, 08:29PM in Numismatic questions

Please look at the pictures below and tell me what you think might have caused these marks on the obverse, bearing in mind this is out of a Bunc set and has not been handled other than when package at the royal mint. •

New Zealand 1968
Posted: 10-Apr-2015, 02:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Could anyone tell what sort of price for a 1968 New Zealand sealed mint set, the label on the packaging reads polished standard specimen coins, special issue for collectors, made by the royal mint. Thanks in advance Tony

Nepalese date help
Posted: 7-Apr-2015, 07:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Please help with dates on the two 1 rupee coins, thanks tony. I think the second one is 2045. •

Tunisia km#348
Posted: 7-Apr-2015, 06:37PM in Numista catalogue

Could you please adjust date line 1 where it has 1418 (1998) should be 1418 (1997) Info from my own coin and also NGC online catalogue. The coin pictured on the numista catalogue page actually shows this, although I will add a better quality coin to the catalogue.

Local coin shops: the people's list
Posted: 31-Mar-2015, 09:59PM in Free discussion

This is my nearest coin dealer, in Hartlepool about 35 miles away. •

Denmark 1891
Posted: 31-Mar-2015, 09:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would grade it xf as there is minimal wear on the high points but does show more wear on the rim. Very nice coin by the way.

Iraq 1 fils help
Posted: 29-Mar-2015, 03:09PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: SjoelundHi Tony, • here it is. I thought I had the 1938I, but after having cleaned the supposed coin with my ultra sound machine, it showed up to be just the 1938 without the mint mark, so I googled it to finish my documentation! • • OleThank you very much for the info, I have the none mint mark version.

Metal detector suggestions?
Posted: 16-Mar-2015, 07:01PM in Free discussion

If you do choose to buy one then there is always the option to join a club which gives you the benefit of going to sites where they have already gained permission but these do normally have a fixed cost involved. Also where you live there is a lot of farm land where you can simply pop in and speak to the owner and ask permission yourself, you may be surprised at how many will let you, just be honest and offer to share any proceeds or a small payment.

[solved] XF?
Posted: 16-Mar-2015, 06:52PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: kolikko99sorry for not telling the weight and diameter • Weight: 56.6g • diameter40mm • My coin can't be a 1 pennyAt that weight it is definitely the 2 pence ( you must have large finger LOL).

[solved] Grade my new coin
Posted: 14-Mar-2015, 02:25AM in Coin identifications and valuations

obv vf, rev -xf. downside it has been cleaned. Still a very nice coin

Azores km#46 vs Portugal km#664
Posted: 14-Mar-2015, 01:01AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: monete3Can someone explain the difference between these 2 coins? • Thank you in advanceLinks would help to save time searching for the coin, or even a denomination

UK pennys reverse die varietes 1992, 1993, 1994, and 2007
Posted: 12-Mar-2015, 08:40PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Walder CoinsHave you looked on coinwiki there are more and research is needed.Web page is not available

UK KM#986a - just how common is the 1999 Bronze penny?
Posted: 9-Mar-2015, 06:56PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: radrick007Quote: tony_k_1965For anybody who is interested I have a 1999 bronze proof penny spare which I will add to my swap list. I might also have it in bunc but I will have to find it first before I can add it to my swap list.Hi Tony, I'd be interested in the BUNC if you are able to track it down. Would you also be able to take photos/scans of it to add to the Numista page?No problem Rick I will reserve it for you and add pictures to Numista catalogue, I will also have the 2 pence if you need that one also. I have a full set of pennies and 2 pennies all unc from 1971 to 2014 with the 1999 being bunc. • regards • Tony

Post a crown!
Posted: 8-Mar-2015, 10:59PM in Free discussion

Here's a small selection of some of my crowns and similar sized coins. •

Britannia set to return to British coinage
Posted: 4-Mar-2015, 11:20PM in Free discussion

Quote: ALLRED1950Very niceI have one reserved for you.

What do you think about the Specimen set of 2014 Scotland coins? Collectible?
Posted: 4-Mar-2015, 09:39PM in Free discussion

One of the better known UK private mint companies is The Royal Mint Office, sounds very legitimate but like all the other private mints they just keep coming out with loads of junk coins at very high prices, or buy in legitimate coins produced by The Royal Mint at resell at very high prices like the undated 2008 20p which they bought in for £50 then part plated them in gold (they actual look very good) butthen sell them for well over £100 with a certificate of authenticity.

The big 4
Posted: 4-Mar-2015, 09:10PM in Free discussion


England / Great Britain / United Kingdom
Posted: 24-Feb-2015, 10:25PM in Numismatic questions

Let's go back to the original question from mcshilling • For coins from this country in what year do they stop and start? • England are the older coins but what year do they stop? • History lessons about the UK can be posted here: •

100+ year Old Coins - Less than 10€
Posted: 21-Feb-2015, 02:59AM in Swaps and trades

Just checked your swaps list, which is quite poor for the coins your requesting as a possible swap. However I do have many coins available from the dates your looking for at a reasonable price.

[solved] Die break?
Posted: 21-Feb-2015, 02:53AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would agree with a die break and probably the last one or very near before it was replaced, as it looks quite severe.

The 111 1 penny and 1cent club or should I say .01 and under coin club
Posted: 14-Feb-2015, 05:22PM in Free discussion

Quote: ALLRED1950Hey Rick that looks great. I only have 2 fracational shillings from Jersey. I need to expand all of Jersey. That is one thats been on the side line.But i think iam heading to make Europe my main collecting. •   Rick how to you deal with verdigris and corrosion.God Rick i really like the way you set up you collection. Looks great. Keep up the great work. •                  yours darylI will send you some in the lot that I post to you, probably at the end of the month.

[solved] is this coin UNC, AUNC or xf?
Posted: 9-Feb-2015, 07:05PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would say Aunc, it also looks as though it's been cleaned.

[solved] Canadian Bank Tokens
Posted: 8-Feb-2015, 07:07PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: jadejackalI was just reading the text listed for the obverse in each entry: • "BANK OF MONTREAL" • or • "BANQUE DU PEUPLE" • or • "CITY BANK" • So I guess it is what the text on the ribbon says that determines the variety.Well noticed, I didn't see it even though it is in the description as well.

British coin suggestion
Posted: 6-Feb-2015, 10:09PM in Free discussion

I think you should ask your mother to keep all the commemorative coins that she receives in her change as you will always get more in London as they tend to release them here first, In regards to your mother purchasing a coin or coins then I would recommend a Victorian silver coin, as these are becoming more scarce in high grade. I will try to find a suitable shop or person who can give you a good deal before your mother arrives there.

Please help testing my grading on 19th century coin. Tell me if I am right.
Posted: 1-Feb-2015, 07:01PM in Coin identifications and valuations

From my point and also the fact that the glare on the coin from the flash it's hard to give a true opinion but I would say -vf as there looks to be a little too much wear to give it the full vf.

Help request - Morocco?
Posted: 31-Jan-2015, 04:45PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Grade/value/authenticity 1795 Maundy penny
Posted: 28-Jan-2015, 07:09PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Book price for this coin is • £45 XF • £60 UNC • so I would hazzard a guess at around the £40 mark

Swaps with Russia
Posted: 28-Jan-2015, 07:01PM in Numismatic questions

I have had many very large swaps 100+ coins going to Russia and have always put them down as tokens with a value of no more than £50 to avoid customs charges, and never had any issues. I also send by International signed for.

Grade of German Empire 10 Pfennig 1905 F
Posted: 25-Jan-2015, 01:40PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would grade this as xf+/-unc

Rare coin for sale
Posted: 24-Jan-2015, 03:02AM in Swaps and trades

I would put this coin in my top list of most wanted if I collected coins from this country, but I don't. Anyways take this as a very good example of a similar coin from the UK ( the 1983 two pence only 450 approx minted and all in sets only as there was non made for circulation. quite rare and very expensive (about £700 if your lucky)

Please help me grade my Franklin Half Dollars
Posted: 24-Jan-2015, 02:54AM in Numismatic questions

Hi Ryan, in my personal opinion of pcgs and other US grading companies they have too many grades between vf+ and unc (60+) especially in today's modern manufacturing process and the output of the presses which is much more advanced and way faster than 100 years ago. I just got a sealed bagged of 2014 £1 coins today which are literally spewed into a bin causing all sorts of damage to the coin before it has even been handled or bagged by the the mint, but they are truly un-circulated. I also have many coins from the late seventies which are much better condition than modern coins. Another thing you must take into consideration is there are 3 types of production from most mints in modern coins. • 1, Circulation coins produced for circulation (high speed process) • 2, Brilliant Un-circulated coins produced for the middle collector (less expensive) • 3. Proof coins produced only for collectors/investors (expensive) • Don't get me wrong this has been going[...]

I'm really struggling to grade this 1/4 Anna..
Posted: 19-Jan-2015, 09:07PM in Numismatic questions


Numista 2016
Posted: 17-Jan-2015, 03:57AM in Free discussion

I know this is a little in the future but this domain name will be up for grabs if Xavier does not keep this domain up it could be yours, unless he has put somethimg else in hand.

Nice gift
Posted: 6-Jan-2015, 08:55PM in Free discussion

That is a very nice thing to do. • Here is another great coin you could give your girlfriend as a gift. •

Ultrasonic cleaning
Posted: 5-Jan-2015, 07:35PM in Free discussion

I notice the sonic cleaner your using does not have a plastic basket insert, which in my opinion is a must when using sonic cleaners, as this prevents any damage to the coin from the vibration against the steel base.

What do you think about this?
Posted: 3-Jan-2015, 05:27PM in Free discussion

It looks like a cast to me. So not real coins

Which coin would you keep?
Posted: 30-Dec-2014, 01:35PM in Numismatic questions

The 1st one has some slight corrosion problems but is a higher grade, personally I think I would keep the 2nd one.

Numista Rarity Index
Posted: 29-Dec-2014, 09:16PM in Free discussion

Quote: wkonijnFound this one: • Has a rating of 91. • Greetings • WimThat's Non circulating issue, the question is regarding circulation coins

Should I buy these Swiss coins?
Posted: 29-Dec-2014, 09:13PM in Free discussion

Quote: coinsnnotesUKNot worth it. • In Switzerland I can cherry pick coins in better condition for spot+ 8% tax. • Relevant: • • a link up to help him out with possible bargains where you have managed to purchase such bargains.

1777 British Guinea
Posted: 22-Dec-2014, 06:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would offer around £300 mark (book price is £400

Good buy or not?
Posted: 21-Dec-2014, 06:35PM in Free discussion

You picked them up for a very good price when you consider the 1992 proof sets contain the rarest 50p which sell for about half of what you have paid for 9 sets.

1993 irish penny wanted
Posted: 12-Dec-2014, 09:20PM in Swaps and trades

Hello all, looking for a vf or better grade 1993 Irish penny. • let me know if you have one available I'm sure we can sort out a larger scale swap.

How do you store and manage your collection?
Posted: 8-Dec-2014, 07:44PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: numismaticroyI have over 25,000 coins and store them in acid free paper wallets. The grade is on the right and can be easily changed if I find a coin of better condition without having to get a new envelope. • All my coins are on a Microsoft Access database and most of them are also on This enables me to derive whatever statistics that I need. • Roy • these are stored upright in trays by country, Krause Number and date. This enables me to locate any coin easily. • All the trays are in country order in metal cabinits • Hi Roy, I also use the same cabinets to store all my swap coins, but still a long way off being sorted. Will upload pictures when I have them a little more sorted.

Please Identify this coin
Posted: 7-Dec-2014, 05:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Maybe it's not a coin, it's not king John of England as it would have the cross on the back. try this site. •

A simple game
Posted: 5-Dec-2014, 06:46PM in Free discussion

27 but I do have a large collection

Anyone found some 2014 in circulation yet? (EDITED VERSION; with list)
Posted: 26-Nov-2014, 09:22PM in Free discussion

HI all, just got my 1st Kitchener £2 coin today, hopefully there will be more

Postage cost from UK
Posted: 18-Nov-2014, 08:29PM in Free discussion

Quote: ken6528What would the postage be on a 8 gr coin to USA?     With and without registration? Use this link it will get you the right price. •

Don't you hate it when nobody responds?
Posted: 14-Nov-2014, 10:35PM in Free discussion

I understand what your saying, but then if you read my profile you will see that I mention not to request a swap for coins of value if you have nothing suitable (or similar value) to swap. No offence to yourself but this could be part of it. Nether the less I will try and respond and say sorry but you don't have what I'm looking for or require at this time (which is only the truth).

1819 US large cent variation
Posted: 14-Nov-2014, 09:28PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: sujit_kumarI think these are varieties of Large/Small Date. Your Top coin is Large Date (With stars appearing near the date). • This site has both varieties with pictures for comparison, • • you very much for the information.

Conflicting values?
Posted: 14-Nov-2014, 09:13PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: WillowcotI've read online that this coin is worth both lots and a little - where can I find its actual value?Information on the actual coin would certainly help. Pictures would be even better.

Is this a planchet?
Posted: 12-Nov-2014, 07:26AM in Coin identifications and valuations

No, it looks like the piece you remove from an electrical socket where you feed the cable through.

Coin identification- man in plumed hat
Posted: 11-Nov-2014, 09:58PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: FrenchloverI probably could go Internet for hours and find out, but I now know someone here will know. • What's the difference between ignorance and laziness ? your remark

Forum activity - do you read the forum?
Posted: 11-Nov-2014, 08:26PM in Free discussion

Quote: Richard 2Hi , I tend too check the forum too often, too much time on my hands I suppose , especially now as I'm on holiday in the Maldives and there's only so much sun bathing I can do. • Anyway , I didn't realise Imreh had been banned.Shame, I think he made a difference to the forum, in a good way.I didn't know Imreh had been banned, that is a disgrace to ban someone for voicing there opinion.

UK 1837 Half penny
Posted: 11-Nov-2014, 08:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Roy, hopefully this is a better quality picture of a close up of the date. •

What would you do?
Posted: 10-Nov-2014, 07:25AM in Free discussion

I would agree with apuking, and if correct it is going to keep happening as he/she now knows you receive coins in the post so will be looking for them. You really need to put a complaint in to the relevant people/organisation even the police as it is theft.

Ancient rome coin
Posted: 9-Nov-2014, 09:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: eazy.dogno idea but lok maybe here, the coin nr. 6: • • Diocletian, AE Follis, 300-303, Ticinum, Officina 1 • IMP C DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG • Laureate head right • SACRA MONET AVGG-ET CAESS NOSTR • Moneta standing facing, head left, scales in right hand, cornucopiae in left • PT . in exergue • 25mm x 26mm, 9.46g • RIC VI, 43a (C2)The reverse is the same but different text on the obverse, the text is the same as coin 8 on the obverse.

All About Proof Coins
Posted: 4-Nov-2014, 08:27PM in Numismatic questions

I understand what your saying about the COA with the proof coins and also that you wouldn't split them, but truth is they do sell for more when they are split from the set as a lot of collectors do not want the full set but just certain coins. One of my good friends only collects UK half pennies, pennies and two pence's and prefers the coins to be proofs but these can not be purchased with a COA as you can only get them from original sets. • Some examples from ebay sold items. • 1975 proof set • • 1975 50 pence •[...]

Birthday gifts
Posted: 4-Nov-2014, 07:28PM in Free discussion

My wife paid £110 at our post office.

Ossie puzzle - Australia 50 Cents
Posted: 2-Nov-2014, 10:51PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Mark240590^what he said^ • Still evades me the round one !this one •

looking for help...anybody please
Posted: 2-Nov-2014, 08:20PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: kommodoreQuote: sekhar1993united kingdom, 25 new pence, queens mother's birthday, is it circulated??or uncirculated??You mean circulating or non-circulating issue. • According to wikipedia: "The coins were issued for commemorative purposes and were not intended for circulation, although they remain legal tender and must be accepted at Post Offices." • So they are a non-circulating legal tender coins. So you won't find them at supermarket, but you can go to a post office and spend them.The 25p crown can not be spent at the post office but they can be banked at most banks in the UK, as this coin and others of the same value 25p were replaced in 1990 by the £5 coin.

Why is not a coin for ???
Posted: 1-Nov-2014, 06:03PM in Free discussion

Bargain finds with pictures (2014 edition)
Posted: 30-Oct-2014, 09:43PM in Free discussion

Just picked these up today mostly silver with a few cupro-nickel proofs and one very crappy Gordon brown (medal/token). The bottom tray is complete with certificates. Cost £250 •

Switzerland 5 Franken
Posted: 25-Oct-2014, 05:59PM in Numismatic questions

KM# 40a.1 is coin alignment with edge lettering embossed (raised), KM# 40a.2 is medal alignment with edge lettering embossed, KM# 40a.3 is medal alignment with edge lettering incuse, and so on. As described to the right of each year.

Posted: 18-Oct-2014, 01:03PM in Numismatic questions

Another quite good that might interest you is the American state quarters as there's a few to get and not to difficult to complete.

Dutch Tokens/medals from Netherlands Mint
Posted: 15-Oct-2014, 10:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Can anyone give me more information on these tokens and do they have any value please. •

Dutch National Anthem
Posted: 15-Oct-2014, 10:40PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have a complete collection of 16 tokens/medals with the Dutch National Anthem on them, they are also in the proper hard backed display folder. Does anyone know if they have any value please.

1 Penny - Victoria 2nd portrait
Posted: 6-Oct-2014, 09:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Filipe, do you have a larger picture of the penny as I may be interested in a swap, from the small picture it looks like it's had a little bit of a clean with some mild abrasive.

1823I variety Farthing
Posted: 4-Oct-2014, 12:43PM in Coin identifications and valuations

That is the correct coin and in that condition (vf) is valued at £70. here's a link to an image of the same coin with the roman I. •

Tracks for Numismatists
Posted: 30-Sep-2014, 08:31PM in Free discussion

Hollywood Beyond - What's the Colour of Money • Mary Poppins - Feed the Birds (tuppence a bag) • Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar • Dire Straits - Money for Nothing • The Drifters - Money Honey • Bing Crosby - Brother can You Spare a Dime • Van Morrison - Blue Money • Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies • Steve Miller Band - Take the Money and Run • Donna Summer - She Works Hard for the Money • Simply Red - Money's too Tight to Mention • AC/CD - Money Talks • Meatloaf - Life is a Lemon & I Want my Money Back • 50 Cent - I Get Money • The Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money, Mo Problem • Ludacris - Money Maker • Killing Joke - Money is Not Our God • Nirvana - The Money Will Roll Right In • Bread - Lay Your Money Down • Billy Joel - Easy Money • Monty Python - The Money Song • Patti Smith - Free Money • Nickleback - Money Bought •[...]

Help with 3 UK hammered coins please
Posted: 15-Sep-2014, 07:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you, very much for your help.

What all do you collect?
Posted: 13-Sep-2014, 08:22PM in Free discussion

Coins, Corgi Vehicles, a large variation of collectables, I also have a large collection of Star Wars toys from the 1980's plus many others like Transformers, Thunder Cats and more and also the toys from Kinder Surprise, McDonalds and breakfast cereals.

Help a stranger go to college!
Posted: 13-Sep-2014, 08:06PM in Free discussion


Odd 1938 UK penny
Posted: 12-Sep-2014, 08:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ALLRED1950I like this one the head is though from the front. And looks like a full moon over the sea with her. • Iam a nut i knowHi Daryl, these type are better known as ghosting, there is quite a lot of them around. You can also find them in the half pennies and farthings. Hence the modified portrait in 1926 to correct this problem.

Trading coins?
Posted: 10-Sep-2014, 07:57PM in Numismatic questions

I swap all different ways. but regarding postage then to me the only to make it worth while if the postage is expensive is the make the swap for a descent amount of coins or at least a coin of descent value. I have also swapped over 100 coins to get maybe a couple of coins that I want or like. Also I had one request for around 60+ coins (one having a value of over $90), I selected a lot of 2 euro cc's which I thought was well under the value of the coins that he/she had selected but they offered only 9x 2 euro cc's. Needless to say I promptly turned this swap down after informing them of the value of just one coin. • So as you can see you will come across many variations while swapping. • My advice is simply work it out for yourself if it suits you and your swap partner then go for it, if it doesn't then simply explain why you have turned the swap down. • I'm sure you will find your way and a happy medium and lots of advice from fellow members.

What to do with 'Junk' coins?
Posted: 6-Sep-2014, 04:58AM in Free discussion

I don't they are there for anybody who does have them or they may get them as a wee little bonus.

1663 UK Crown (possible error)
Posted: 6-Sep-2014, 04:46AM in Numismatic questions


New collector
Posted: 6-Sep-2014, 04:45AM in Free discussion

I have no problem in helping new collectors in improving there collection, only problem being I can send you lots of nice coins but unless I send them international recorded you are more than likely not to receive them. • But International signed for is £5 plus normal overseas delivery charges.

georgius coin with counterstamp?
Posted: 6-Sep-2014, 04:33AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hello commodore, but without being offensive it has no value as there is nothing to determine what coin it is.

Smallest world brass coins ?
Posted: 5-Sep-2014, 05:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

They are replicas of gold coins.

Una peseta 1975 strange
Posted: 4-Sep-2014, 09:40PM in Coin identifications and valuations

possibly sliced and then stuck back together, I have seen this done to a UK half penny.

1935 crown grade please
Posted: 4-Sep-2014, 09:18PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Please give your opinion on the grade of this coin, also does anyone know or heard of a satin finish, tis you will see when looking at the pictures. Not a fake as dimensions, weight and edge inscription are all correct. •

James I Farthing Lennox? Harington? none match. help please
Posted: 4-Sep-2014, 09:13PM in Coin identifications and valuations

For me I would say it's a lennox type 3 using this link below. •

Posted: 1-Sep-2014, 07:45PM in Free discussion

Hi Marc, these are supposed to be quite good. •

Please help am a little perplexed
Posted: 1-Sep-2014, 07:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It's more than likely the virenium version or the silver but the silver one should be 4.6g

canada 100 dollars 1990
Posted: 30-Aug-2014, 05:36PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: tony.cThank you, Tony. • So I think around 10-15% above gold value is a fair price. Let's see if seller agrees... • TonyIf he gets 10%-15% above gold price he has made a profit after all it is a bullion coin. Good luck I hope you get it for a good price.

What's the smallest coin you have?
Posted: 30-Aug-2014, 03:45PM in Free discussion

Mine would be the Netherlands 10 cents from the miniature sets measuring in at 7.5mm

Posted: 30-Aug-2014, 03:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

F • -F • F • F • -xf (would like to see a better picture of the last coin if possible)

1942 Denmark 25 ore
Posted: 30-Aug-2014, 01:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: neilithicHe was asking for the 1942 so you mean the value is £5?Neil it's my mistake as I have put 1942 in the title which is correct, but in the question I have put 1943.

1924 Peru 1 Sol KM#218.1 or KM218.2
Posted: 30-Aug-2014, 03:03AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Your version is the large letters if it was the small letters the word fino would end where the two berries are which on yours (large type) the two berries are positioned roughly between the f and the I of fino.

Canadian 2006 Ribbon quarter
Posted: 29-Aug-2014, 01:52PM in Numismatic questions

This coin should be medal alignment, can you put pictures up of both coins in front of a mirror so we can see both sides of the coins.

2 German coins for grading please
Posted: 29-Aug-2014, 01:48PM in Coin identifications and valuations

1936G 1 Pfennig and 1935G 50 Pfennig. Please give your opinion on the grade of both coins please. •

Update to finished Projects
Posted: 29-Aug-2014, 11:46AM in Free discussion

Very nice idea and looks quite good although the circles could be much smoother than what they, not sure what your using to make the holes for the coins, but here's something you might consider using as it would be a much smoother cut. •

Breaking Up Proof Sets - Pros and Cons
Posted: 27-Aug-2014, 08:47PM in Free discussion

Proofs are more valuable separated than in the original set in most cases. There are sets which you wouldn't split but these are very rare and very valuable. The US sets are definitely more valuable if separated and they are the first ones of the production line before the dies start to wear.

1957 10 Kopeksy#123 with y#116 Rev?
Posted: 26-Aug-2014, 12:21AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: BarnabusThe only difference I saw between the Rev. of: •   Y#123 • Y#116 • Was the very top limb looked bent slightly on the y#116 • If that is so, then I believe mine is the Y#116 rev. But maybe someone who knows more can tell me which mine is. It's the other side of the coin (obverse) you need to count the ribbons as that's how you know which is which.

United States Proof Coins
Posted: 26-Aug-2014, 12:07AM in Numismatic questions

This is the 2 proof sets I have, sorry pictures aren't too clever due to the artificial light. •

Grade and value please
Posted: 25-Aug-2014, 10:21PM in Coin identifications and valuations

F maybe F+ value = • F        £20 • VF      £45 • XF    £220 • UNC £500 •   • Due to the scar (scratch) I would reduce the value by 1/4 to a 1/3

50 new pence 1981
Posted: 25-Aug-2014, 01:14PM in Coin identifications and valuations

tried a little experiment by cleaning with acetone and made no difference at all. here is the before and after pics. • before • after •

How far back can we go? (Slow Thread)
Posted: 25-Aug-2014, 12:51PM in Free discussion

here's another large coin of 1797 •

looking for indian heads
Posted: 23-Aug-2014, 11:47PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: ALLRED1950like these Tony •  If yes i will start putting aside for youYes very nice Daryl.

Specializing coin collection
Posted: 23-Aug-2014, 12:12PM in Free discussion

I have thousands of coins from all over the world, but I truly only collect coins from the UK and only as far back as Victoria. However I have since started to collect US, Canadian and Australian pennies, and most recently 2 Euro CC's. Also gold and silver coins from any country but these are to trade for UK silver and gold that I don't have.

What does a stamp on a banknote mean?
Posted: 19-Aug-2014, 10:04PM in Free discussion

It was to add to the value of the note, I also found this article which explains in more details. •

Is this a PROOF???
Posted: 18-Aug-2014, 05:53PM in Coin identifications and valuations

A proof coin still remains a proof regardless if it's been circulated, packaged or any other form as it is the manufacturing process that makes it a proof. Although it will loose value if been in circulation. • Both coins you have asked about are definitely circulation coins. Here's a couple of pictures of a proof coin and a Brilliant Uncirculated coin so you can see the difference. 1st coin is the proof and 2nd coin is the BU •

How to ask others for help?
Posted: 16-Aug-2014, 09:20AM in Free discussion

You could buy a couple of small coin job lots from ebay or similar, just be careful as some of them can be rubbish

Largest coins!
Posted: 16-Aug-2014, 12:18AM in Free discussion

Quote: SmartOneKgQuote: tony_k_1965Although these are non circulating coins which I don't collect but came with the last large job lot I bought, I thought I should share them with you.Really neat coins, although it seems like TDC is becoming the next Liberia, pumping out bucketloads of fantasy coinage (issued by a private mint, WC lists some as legal tender coinage).I'll be honest they are quite nice but they are still the usual crap put out by private mints and gained permission from the authorities (for a fee) to produce them, and I agree even classed as legal tender. But not for me so I will be selling them off as they will never be part of my true collection.

Swaziland. small busts VS large busts
Posted: 16-Aug-2014, 12:02AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Dato MikeladzeI  got  2003  20 c and 2 emalangeni with hope  to find  " small bust" variety, but   I cannot find any difference in bust  size.  Could you  tell me in which part this damned bust must be large or small, or maybe no all 2003 coins have  small busts, but just   some of them? • do you have  any picture  with  both types, wh ere  are vsible differences? • thanks in advance • Davidthe large bust is the earlier type from 1996-2000 small bust from 2001-2005, so your coin being 2003 will be the small bust (simples)

Coins in Berlin
Posted: 15-Aug-2014, 11:56PM in Numismatic questions

Do a search on google as you know where you are so will be able to determine which is closest. Sorry it's not more positive.

Grade and value of this Denmark coin
Posted: 15-Aug-2014, 10:35PM in Coin identifications and valuations

VF+ (very nice find especially for $3.50) •

Unknown coin
Posted: 15-Aug-2014, 10:10PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: SpookieHi Tony, • Go to, then scroll down to "Arles" in the left column. • Some good candidates are: • • Arles RIC 15 • Gratian AE3. 367-375 AD. DN GRATIANVS AVGG AVG, pearl-diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right / GLORIA NOVI SAECVLI, emperor standing facing, head left, holding labarum in right hand and resting left hand on shield, TCON dot in ex. RIC Arles 15, type x(b). 10 varieties of mint- and fieldmarks known. • • Arles RIC 15 • Gratian AE3. 367-375 AD. DN GRATIANVS AVGG AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right / GLORIA NO-VI SAECVLI, Emperor standing facing, head left, holding labarum in right hand and resting left hand on shield. N in left field. Mintmark TCON. RIC Arles 15, type xii(a). • http://www.wildwinds[...]

Updating Numista catalogue (pictures)
Posted: 15-Aug-2014, 09:11PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: EuromuntQuote: tony_k_1965Quote: EuromuntAnd the requests were they "Validated" or only "partly validated" in the change requests menu ? • For now I have no idea why your images haven't been included in the catalog.ValidatedAre you willing to try it again ? • As mentioned above I have no idea what caused this, as it hasn't ever happened before.I will retry uploading the pictures next week when I have a little more time

How far back can we go? [Currently at 1610]
Posted: 11-Aug-2014, 10:09AM in Free discussion

1708 UK Anne Shilling •

1911 Australia shilling
Posted: 9-Aug-2014, 12:06PM in Coin identifications and valuations

1901 Cyprus 3 Piastres grade
Posted: 9-Aug-2014, 12:03PM in Coin identifications and valuations


The future of coins. Is there one?
Posted: 9-Aug-2014, 11:56AM in Free discussion

It will be a long time before physical money becomes obsolete simply because there are so many people who will never trust the bar and restaurant staff when out drinking and eating, pub crawls etc. Also fairground amusements will be using coin operated machines for many years to come, vending machines in the work place etc. Although I do use my card a lot and PayPal and also always like to have cash for those bargains at your local carboot sales, markets and summer fetes and not forgetting it's always better for bartering especially at coin fairs and dealers.

Are there collectors from Ireland?
Posted: 9-Aug-2014, 08:56AM in Numismatic questions

Yes there is, I have had a couple of swaps from Ireland.

When do you plan to Cash in?
Posted: 8-Aug-2014, 10:49PM in Free discussion

I will sell my coins my house and all my other collectables when I'm about 60ish as my wife and I intend to live the rest of our lives somewhere hot and sunny most of the year round. However there will be certain coins that I will keep for longer. As far as selling now all I can say is you would need quite a bit Wonga as a lot of my coins (not listed) have a sale price of well over £200 each but they are not for sale. If you have plenty of Wonga in 10 years give me shout until then why not check out my swap list.

1970 Netherlands 1 gulden; this is a proof right? How do I value or grade it?
Posted: 8-Aug-2014, 09:00PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The 1st coin is a standard unc coin and the 2nd coin is the proof version. Hope this helps to see the difference. •

Which is real or are they both real
Posted: 8-Aug-2014, 08:31PM in Numismatic questions

After taking a closer look I have noticed a massive difference in the reverse. Take a look at where the N of Britan end on the 1st coin compared with the 2nd coin and how close the lettering is. I still don't think it is a forgery just 2 different die

Earliest use of a signature on a coin
Posted: 6-Aug-2014, 10:07PM in Free discussion

Quote: Mark240590Can't remember its name but its britains oldest floating warship.It's HMS Trincomalee and can be seen at the Hartlepool Maritime museum. • here's a link to it •

As if I don't have enough projects, let's add some more!!!
Posted: 6-Aug-2014, 09:32PM in Free discussion

Quote: kommodoreQuote: tony_k_19656, here's my suggestion: A coffee table with various coins of the world embedded into the timber then a layer of glass set over the top and sealed so no moisture get in to damaged the coins.That's a coin crimeHow is that a crime when they are preserved for all to see that use the table. Also if I had the time I would cover my bathroom floor in Britannia pennies, which I have seen a similar picture of a floor done in US 1 cent coins on a link here in Numista and it looks absolutely brilliant.

2012 UK 5 pounds
Posted: 5-Aug-2014, 10:50PM in Numista catalogue

Please add additional line for the proof version of the coin in link below. •

UK 2011 WWF 50p
Posted: 5-Aug-2014, 10:42PM in Numista catalogue

Can someone please add an additional line for the proof version of the coin.

Show what you buy (or presented)
Posted: 5-Aug-2014, 07:30PM in Free discussion

One of my most recent purchases, ( part of a job lot) •

Funny Victorian gothic crown
Posted: 4-Aug-2014, 10:57PM in Free discussion

Quote: pnightingaleQuote: ZacUKIt was a spectacular 16-coin set in a red leather-covered wooden shield-shaped box with black padding ... •                                                   Holy crap. I've seen a lot of sets over the years but that puts them all to shame. I'd sell one of my wife's kidneys to get my hands on that.The book price is £75,000 • A set sold for around £17,000 but I can't find the link anymore to show you all.

1957 Royal Mint trial die
Posted: 4-Aug-2014, 04:53PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Does anyone know the value of this trial piece from the Royal Mint please. Link below. •

Netherlands TOKEN Boordgeld 10
Posted: 4-Aug-2014, 04:41PM in Coin identifications and valuations

How can you tell which year you have with this token, any help would be appreciated. •

Most British coin ?
Posted: 1-Aug-2014, 08:19PM in Free discussion

Now this is one set I would truly love to own and is now my life ambition, with the exception of this one which probably won't happen. •

New 1 pound coin information
Posted: 1-Aug-2014, 08:15PM in Free discussion

Here's a link previous posted by waldercoins. •

2nd £20 coin
Posted: 1-Aug-2014, 06:10PM in Free discussion

Quote: ALLRED1950That is a very nice coin. Hi Daryl, I will keep one for you and post it out with the next lot of coins, let me know if you would like the 1st as well as I have about a dozen of them.

George IV shillling grade
Posted: 1-Aug-2014, 06:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

obv -vf/rev f+ value for this coin is • F    = £6 • vf   = £20 • xf   = £60 • unc = £200

1936 5 reichsmark help
Posted: 31-Jul-2014, 08:57PM in Coin identifications and valuations

look here. •

Proof coins
Posted: 30-Jul-2014, 08:58PM in Numismatic questions

Why don't you pop down to coinote in Hartlepool m8, he should be able to tell you.

Toning coins that have been cleaned
Posted: 30-Jul-2014, 08:40PM in Numismatic questions

Here's some nicely toned QEII pennies I have just found among my collection. •

Identifying old proofs is difficult
Posted: 27-Jul-2014, 09:14PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would agree with Ben on this one.

How would you do UNC coins for swap list?
Posted: 26-Jul-2014, 08:18PM in Free discussion

Quote: ALLRED1950Tony you should collect US 50 cent coins. I just got some extra UNC 06-D, 07-D, 08-D, 09-D, 10-D, 11-P, 12-D, 13-D. •  I can get most of them for you.I probably should as I have quite few in the house they just need sorting. Thanks for keeping those coins for myself and Mark, who is popping round here shortly.

Maintaining interest in uploading
Posted: 26-Jul-2014, 07:50PM in Free discussion

Quote: bam777I set myself a challenge once...I promised myself that I couldn't buy any coins until I had catalogued all if the coins that I had. • I did it!I couldn't do that, I'd buy a coin for a couple years.

1970 France 5 francs doubling
Posted: 26-Jul-2014, 02:06PM in Coin identifications and valuations

To be honest I think you will be lucky to sell it due to the fact that they produced over 57million of this date.

1961 UK 1 shilling Mintage discrepancy
Posted: 26-Jul-2014, 01:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: marc scott clarkeQuote: tony_k_1965Quote: ZacUK •  I have two books for UK coins, by Rotographic - the shillings are from the pre-decimal 'Collectors' Coins GB' 36th annual edition 2009. The decimal coins are in 'Check Your Change' 2008.   •  Both written by Chris Henry Perkins, and the company runs the forum predecimal.comJust bought the 2014 version of the 2009 for £6.95 + free post • Hi Tony could I ask you where you got this book please? Here's the link •

[solved] 1681 French Coin or Token?
Posted: 26-Jul-2014, 04:11AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Nice find Zac, dedication is all yours and you deserve a reward my friend.

Need banknotes in UNC
Posted: 25-Jul-2014, 11:38PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: ShubhrajyotiHello to all, • I am searching for banknotes of your countries. Please what you want for this. AS you're a newbie on here how do you intend on paying or swapping as you have nothing in your swap list and no feedback ???????????????

Don't you hate it when you forget about an auction
Posted: 25-Jul-2014, 11:33PM in Free discussion

Yes, also hate to be reminder.LOL

Grade these two coins please, Australia, and Prussia
Posted: 25-Jul-2014, 11:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Difficult to see properly but I would say VF and F+/-vf

Do you ever clean your coins ?
Posted: 25-Jul-2014, 11:05PM in Numismatic questions

Just tried an experiment to remove finger prints from a silver proof coin, here are the before and after results after using acetone and a cotton bud. Please excuse the last pic as it's not too good due to the lighting and mirror effect unlike the first pic where the finger prints enable easy focus in auto focus mode. •

My German States coins .....
Posted: 25-Jul-2014, 05:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Yes they have been cleaned, as for value I wouldn't like to say.

Great Britain & British Empire stamps question
Posted: 25-Jul-2014, 12:06PM in Free discussion

Hi Phil, I have quite few stamps that will be of interest to you, I will sort them out over the weekend and post pics of what I have. • regards • Tony

Help grade and valuate
Posted: 24-Jul-2014, 09:17PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would most definitely grade this as VF, possibly VF+

Platinum coins
Posted: 24-Jul-2014, 09:03PM in Free discussion

Do you own or have intentions of buying a platinum coin? Reason I'm asking is I could be the owner of my 1st platinum coin from the Isle of Man. It is this coin but the platinum version is not yet listed. •

Which member lives the nearest to you?
Posted: 23-Jul-2014, 09:58PM in Free discussion

mark240590 was 1 mile but since moving probably about 3 or 4 mile.

Is anybody updating the United Kingdom
Posted: 23-Jul-2014, 09:40PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: SmartOneKgIt is hard to send in referee requests, so most requests for UK that I handle are creation requests.The last few coin listings I have created in UK have been updated but the pictures have not been loaded - is there any particular reason for this, or is there a problem with the system? The reason I'm asking is after creating them it gives you the option to view which I did and the pictures had uploaded, but are now no longer there???????

Is this even a coin?
Posted: 23-Jul-2014, 07:17PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have search the internet for hours using token/coin/medal/medallion and mermaid also sea nymph but can't find anything that resembles this coin/token/medal.

Do you overpay for coins?
Posted: 21-Jul-2014, 07:56PM in Free discussion

I over spend but never over pay.

York Coin Stamp and Coin Fair
Posted: 20-Jul-2014, 08:39PM in Free discussion

No didn't get there the mrs had other plans for me.  

1998 Silver proof 1 pound coin
Posted: 20-Jul-2014, 12:09AM in Numista catalogue

Could please add an additional line for the 1998 silver proof edition of this coin. • thanks • Tony k

Can you get any more English than this?
Posted: 19-Jul-2014, 11:30AM in Free discussion

Quote: BarnabusAmerican, I am. But maybe the English have this there too? • I can't find a picture of guys truck, but the Ice Cream man around town sells hotdogs too...... • Terrible combination in my opinion. The Ice cream has a distinct...... Chili sauce taste.WE have one these around the South Shields area, next time I see it I will take a picture and upload it.

[solved] Please help me: a symbol on coin
Posted: 18-Jul-2014, 11:13PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: Heretic_CataCan someone explain the meaning of the symbol in regards to Spain ? • Like the classic dutch 7 arrows represent the 7 provinces of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. • Do the 5 arrows represent Castille, Leon, Aragon, Navarre, Granada ?That is exactly what they represent.

The numismatic McGyver
Posted: 18-Jul-2014, 09:01PM in Free discussion

Bought a small joblot recently and this is what they arrived in. •

[solved] [Closed] 100 Euro coin
Posted: 18-Jul-2014, 06:02PM in Free discussion

If it was me it would be Victorian silver, sorry no pics as there are too many to choose from and all varying quality. But most likely a high quality gothic florin.

Help with unknown coin
Posted: 17-Jul-2014, 09:47PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Please help to id this coin which I believe to be from one of the Chinese provinces. Thanks in advance. •

Xf or Aunc
Posted: 10-Jul-2014, 10:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

XF at best but I would say -XF due to the wear on the leaves and around the shield.

Falling Silver prices?
Posted: 9-Jul-2014, 11:20PM in Numismatic questions

It looks like Silver price is on it's way up.

1862 British India rupee
Posted: 9-Jul-2014, 09:41PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Can any one please inform me which obv and which rev this is as there are quite a few variations and I'm not entirely sure which is which. Thanks in advance Tony. •

What do cu-ni crowns sell for?
Posted: 8-Jul-2014, 07:18PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have seen many sell on ebay for 99p + p&p but I've also seen them sell for up to £3. As Rick has already said it depends on the demand at the time. I have a box full of them and sell them in groups of 3 or 4 (different ones) and normally get around the £5 mark + p&p they are usually in XF condition as I try to keep the better grades for swaps.

How do you photograph your coins?
Posted: 6-Jul-2014, 05:34PM in Free discussion

I use a Fuji Z20 for most pictures set on macro, no tripod but white paper underneath the coin, I also try to take most pictures in natural daylight, for close up pictures of parts of coins rather than the whole coin I use a Fuji S9000 set on supermacro with +2 or +4 add on lens, with this setup I have to use a tripod and again in natural daylight whenever possible. • Pic from Z20. •

2 coins/tokens from the Netherlands mint (solved)
Posted: 6-Jul-2014, 05:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks Eddie.

2 ancients to id
Posted: 6-Jul-2014, 12:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Please see pics below the 1st coin is approx. 11mm and weighs 1g the second is approx. 17mm and weighs 1.95g • Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Tony. •

One penny Model
Posted: 6-Jul-2014, 12:40AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: monéphilYes I've seen it, it's a thing that can happen, these "coins" weren't minted with the same precision as the regular coins.That's not truly correct as the precision was definitely there, it was the automatic and speed that wasn't available as it is today. • You have good knowledge of coins and seen many intricate designs that are truly way better than todays coins. • However I will look into the variation of this particular coin and see what I can find out. Will let you know either way.

[solved] Five unknown coins tokens to id please
Posted: 5-Jul-2014, 10:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ZacUKQuote: tony_k_1965no. 5 is also a Netherlands East Indies Palembang Sumatra Buntu tin pitis 1768. • I only need to find out no.1 now No.1 is a 16 Maravedis coin which is the 16 number on the right of the shield. • •  In Spanish: • Obverse: PHILIPPVS IIII D G alrededor de un círculo que contiene un busto del rey. • Reverse: HISPANIARVM REX AÑO alrededor de un escudo de armas coronado , valor 16 a la derecha y ceca y ensayador a la izquierda. • Moneda de cobre 24 mm. • Nació en Valladolid en el 1605 y muere en Madrid en el 1665. monedas | espaÑa - epoca medieval al estado espaÑol.... •  Translated: • Obverse: PHILIPPVS IIII D G around a circle containing a bust of King. • Reverse: HISPANIARVM REX AÑO around a crowned shield of arms, value 16 to the right, mint and assayer on the [...]

VII.Edward Crown 1902
Posted: 4-Jul-2014, 09:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

My apologies also, as I misinterpreted the website. I wish you luck on a good deal.

[solved] Grade for Straits Settlements 1920 1 Dollar KM#33
Posted: 2-Jul-2014, 09:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would agree with a solid VF, also noticeable is the edge/border is inconsistent, which gives me doubts to it's authenticity.

Gathering data for bulk lots
Posted: 27-Jun-2014, 11:55PM in Numismatic questions

1. yes, I have only lost out on 1 bulk buy and not by much. • 2. My 1st job lot which I bought for £50 contained an Indian head Gold cent (big bonus ) • 3. more than 20

Letzeburg 1F 1959
Posted: 27-Jun-2014, 05:14PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It's definitely a 1952.

What do you want but aren't going to get?
Posted: 25-Jun-2014, 07:21PM in Free discussion

1933 United Kingdom penny, Gold Double Leopard, and Kate Beckinsale.

Coin valuations from past to present
Posted: 25-Jun-2014, 12:38AM in Free discussion

Quote: ZuluRaptorSpaceQuote: tony_k_19652. There are a lot more collectors today than there was in 1982. approx. 4.6 billion in 1982, approx. 7 billion in 2014.That's more like people, not collectors!If there's more people then there'll certainly be more collectors, I also believe that the percentage of Numismatists has risen over the last 5 years.

What would you pay for this 1816 George III shilling?
Posted: 25-Jun-2014, 12:33AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: neilithicright, so about NZ$30 then.  Thanks for that, would you grade it at F or VF?  To me it looks like a VF obverse and F reverseI would agree with vf for obverse and f+/-vf for reverse

Your oldest non-copper non-silver coin?
Posted: 24-Jun-2014, 11:49PM in Free discussion

China empire cash coin (brass) not sure of the actual year. •

[solved] Spain 1 Peseta 1975, 78 question
Posted: 24-Jun-2014, 09:18PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ZacUKFinally, I made this from those images of mine also. Hope I got it right ... • I think the one on the bottom is the long date as if I remember rightly it's has a larger gap between the 7 & 8 . I'm sure this has been posted before but can't find it at the moment.

Half farthing coin price
Posted: 24-Jun-2014, 07:27AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: prabothQuote: tony_k_1965prices for this coin in Coin Yearbook 2014 are • F=     £20 • VF=    £55 • EF=   £140 • UNC= £250 • What do you say about this????? I feel like you are trying to cheat me?????I will send you picture of actual page tonight, also I'm sure other people have the same book that I do and will verify what I have put. Also these prices from Tony Claytons website. •

Isle of Man Crown 1976 weight - fake
Posted: 22-Jun-2014, 09:46PM in Numismatic questions

I have found mine which is cased just as ZacUK is, it's non magnetic and weighs 29.2g (out of the case).

So.. Doc Brown rolls up in the DeLorean. Where & when do you go ?
Posted: 22-Jun-2014, 08:24PM in Free discussion

1. England January 1344, pick up a few Edward III Gold double leopards and find out how many where actually produced. • 2. London mint 1933 and pick up a 1933 penny. • 3. Back to a few month before Margy Thatcher got voted in and post loads of pictures and notes about how she will ruin the British industry. • 4. November 2030, to find out what coins are going to be the most collectable, come back and collect as many as possible and retire very rich.

AA AB etc.
Posted: 22-Jun-2014, 12:09AM in Numismatic questions

It would depend on which country you're talking about, as for the Isle Of Man these initials indicate that a different die has been used, so they would start of with AA then when the dies become worn they will change over to AB etc.......

FIFA World Cup
Posted: 21-Jun-2014, 11:14PM in Free discussion

As already mentioned I don't really care for the world cup but I think I will pop into my local bookies tomorrow and stick a £5 on Holland to win.

Finland 1953 1 and 5 markkaa nickel plated iron?
Posted: 21-Jun-2014, 10:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Please view these two coins and let me know if you think they are the nickel plated iron version or just the iron. • To me they look nickel plated. •

Posted: 18-Jun-2014, 10:24PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Your opinion on grade please, It's a shame about the KGIIII being holed though. Note the error on the pense on the second coin, any idea what it is or is it just doubled on the S as it looks to me like it could have been a C •

QV pennies grade please
Posted: 18-Jun-2014, 10:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: pnightingaleYet another good find Tony, you must have a pretty decent collection by now. Thanks Phil for the information and everyone else. • My collection is improving quite well, I also picked up several crowns today which I will add photos shortly - asking opinions on grade again, as it's always nice to have other peoples' opinions.

Unknown Token from Bishop Auckland
Posted: 17-Jun-2014, 07:28PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks all for your info and links, I will leave this open for now as this could be a very rare token.

China coin id x 3
Posted: 15-Jun-2014, 03:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: eazy.dog1. Av: Dao Guang Tong Bao  Rv: Boo Guwang • • 2. Av: Qian Long Tong Bao Rv: Boo Jin • • 3. Av: Kang Xi Tong Bao Rv: Boo Chiowan • very much for your help, do you know if they have any value at all.

Unknown coin
Posted: 15-Jun-2014, 03:45PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Please i.d. this unknown coin. Thanks in advance. •

Help with 3 shilling bank token
Posted: 15-Jun-2014, 03:36PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have this bank token and could do with some help in id please, it weighs 11.97g, measures approx. 34mm. thanks in advance •

1995 Kuwait 100 fils
Posted: 15-Jun-2014, 11:38AM in Numismatic questions

Does anyone know what the varieties are for the Kuwait 1995 100 fils please.

Wanted Coin Monthly Feb 1979
Posted: 13-Jun-2014, 11:34PM in Free discussion

Hi, sorry this is not about the 10p, but rather your outcome on the QEI 1/2 penny, please if possible let me know your findings.

US 1865 3 cent
Posted: 13-Jun-2014, 07:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Could you please give your opinion on grade and value please (but not NGC value). thanks in advance. •

Need opinions
Posted: 10-Jun-2014, 11:15PM in Free discussion

Quote: neilithicOn e-bay you sometimes get expensive coins sold for a song which would drag down the average.This is very true as I myself have had the great advantage of buying (bidding) a set of two 2005  £5 silver piedfort Napoleon & Travalgar set for £13 including postage, book price for this set is £135, ebay buy it now price from around £200+

1/4 farthing VF/XF 1839 free
Posted: 10-Jun-2014, 07:08PM in Free discussion

space filler

My British coins collection on the up !
Posted: 9-Jun-2014, 07:58PM in Free discussion

And of course, should you have THE coin filling a gap in my series, thanks for telling me • Best regards • Pot' • I have all the commemorative crowns (25p) of QEII if you need those in xf or better.

[Gone] What to do with coins?
Posted: 9-Jun-2014, 06:50PM in Numismatic questions

I would do them as random lots, that way you will no doubt get rid of them all.

Wanted, your opinion on this collection (job lot)
Posted: 8-Jun-2014, 01:03PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: tony_k_1965it's gone and sold for £1750, I was just busy getting some book prices for all the proof coins, don't think I'll bother nowI couldn't resist, so I worked out the proof sets and unc sets value which comes in at £1745+ depending on which type for some of them, bear in mind that is the book price. I reckon if the proof sets where split up and sold separately then there is a good chance of making some decent profit if you could be bothered, plus the 1.3 kg of silver and whatever else could be found among the 29kg of world coins. Would love to have a good rummage through that silver and world coin mix. Also the 25 half crowns + the 2.5 kg of current world currency.

D-Day 70 years
Posted: 8-Jun-2014, 12:51PM in Free discussion

Here's a coin commemorating the 70 years. •

A new goal for collecting; What do you think?
Posted: 7-Jun-2014, 10:30PM in Free discussion

Have you won the lottery ?

Colombia 2½ Centavos 1881 KM# 180 smooth edge
Posted: 7-Jun-2014, 11:48AM in Coin identifications and valuations

It's probably this one which was produced at Heaton mint •

Soon to be a good time for bargain hunting on the web
Posted: 6-Jun-2014, 11:22PM in Free discussion

I love this period of time when the world cup football is about to begin, there is so much opportunity for a bargain on the likes of eBay and similar sites as so many people forget what they have on their watch lists while they are lost in this football tournament.  :D  :D  :D :D

Your last swap
Posted: 6-Jun-2014, 11:15PM in Free discussion

Have a look through my swap list see if there is anything that you're interested in.

Culion Island Leper colony Philippines
Posted: 6-Jun-2014, 10:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Here's some info here Daryl. •

Grade and valuation on this Portuguese India NOW CLEANED WD-40 two days
Posted: 6-Jun-2014, 10:51PM in Coin identifications and valuations

VF value $60

China Japanese puppet state Manchoukuo
Posted: 6-Jun-2014, 10:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

yes that is correct Daryl

Canada Silver Dollar 1967 Small/Large Beads Reverse
Posted: 6-Jun-2014, 10:37PM in Numismatic questions

here's a very good link for Canadian coins giving there value and variations. •

Which is your favorite coin?
Posted: 6-Jun-2014, 10:28PM in Free discussion

Some additional favourites I have acquired this year. •

ship coins
Posted: 6-Jun-2014, 08:32PM in Swaps and trades

I still have plenty of coins with ships on.

Nettoyage de francs
Posted: 6-Jun-2014, 08:14PM in Informations numismatiques

nettoyer vos pièces dans l'eau savonneuse à l'aide de votre doigt et le pouce pour frotter doucement, puis rincer à l'eau claire. Utilisez une serviette douce ou tissu pour sécher pièce off mais ne pas frotter la pièce sèche.

Silver or Gold? This is what you could have!
Posted: 5-Jun-2014, 09:24PM in Numismatic questions

I'd be happy with just one of those coins rather than the silver bullion

Adding British coins?
Posted: 2-Jun-2014, 08:19PM in Numista catalogue

Isn't it about time Xavier gave someone else the authority to make change to who and who can't be accepted as referee's instead of being selfish.

Belgium 1999 5 euro cent
Posted: 2-Jun-2014, 07:49PM in Numista catalogue

Thank you for the reply.

GB - 1 penny 1720
Posted: 2-Jun-2014, 07:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: maudryHi Tony, • Thank you for your answer. • I had seen the clashed dies on the reverse but wasn't aware that such errors were cataloguised. • I'm not really knowledgeable about british coins and would have given it a good VF grade.It's the text that is incorrect as it should be HIREX where yours is HIPEX

Old coin from Poland
Posted: 1-Jun-2014, 10:03AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would say yes it is the same as the one in the link. There is also a similar one on Numista, see link • • and here's the link to the same as yours, •

What would you pay for a proof piedfort Commonwealth Games 2002 £2 silver collection
Posted: 30-May-2014, 09:09PM in Numismatic questions

My mistake about eurogames but now corrected. wish I had seen that link earlier as I've just paid £200 for my set which is valued at £250 in the coin yearbook 2014. I have also added them to the Numista catalogue as they we're on.

Silver stash - Show what you have
Posted: 30-May-2014, 03:08AM in Numismatic questions

I wish I wasn't tipsy then I could explain better. Anyway this is what I mean, what silver coins do you have not listed on Numista that you have simply put to one side. I will try and upload pics of the other coins I have later.

Godthic florin
Posted: 30-May-2014, 02:56AM in Numismatic questions

In other words GOTHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[solved] Edward longcross penny?
Posted: 28-May-2014, 07:28PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Roy, this link will help you identify your sister's penny.

1942 India British 1/2 anna
Posted: 25-May-2014, 10:55PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: KunaI assume it should be 2,5 and 3,5 and not 25 and 35. • Regards • KunaI think you should take note of the mintage as sujit and I have done my friend

Calm before the storm
Posted: 25-May-2014, 09:22PM in Free discussion

Yes, I'm doing that just now, most of the coins I require are £25+ in the grade I would like.

Shilling 1915 + 1911
Posted: 25-May-2014, 09:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would grade this as vf+/-xf, very nice coin Antione

1907 India British
Posted: 25-May-2014, 11:10AM in Numismatic questions

You mean the zinc one that is supposed to be a fake, but why zinc to fake a coin?

Gold & Silver coins from my collection
Posted: 25-May-2014, 10:47AM in Coin identifications and valuations

In the bottom picture the QEII pre decimal coins are gold & silver plated

See coins in 3D (without special equipment)
Posted: 24-May-2014, 11:09PM in Free discussion

It's the same as looking at 3d images, to see the image you need to look beyond the physical picture which then brings the 3d picture in to focus.

Double die on 2 Pounds 2012?
Posted: 24-May-2014, 11:03AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Here are the pics of the 2 that I have. •

Possibly Indian coin??
Posted: 23-May-2014, 11:26PM in Coin identifications and valuations

try Maldives

Can anyone help me identify this coin?
Posted: 23-May-2014, 10:03PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: DutchCanuckWow, that was incredibly fast. Thanks so very, very much. RemiYou're welcome Remi

1 maundy penny 1824
Posted: 23-May-2014, 10:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

definitely not xf, vf at best but no value for that grade in my book but xf is valued @ £35

What happened to happycustard?
Posted: 23-May-2014, 09:59PM in Free discussion

Quote: ZuluRaptorSpaceDid you know he has a pet black widow?Quite a few of us do they are better known as the

England's most valuable coin
Posted: 23-May-2014, 07:59PM in Free discussion

Although this coin maybe the highest price paid to date, I would imagine an Edward III double leopard would sell for more as it sold for £460,000 in 2006

Morgan 1891 CC fake or real?
Posted: 23-May-2014, 07:45PM in Coin identifications and valuations

my guess is fake when comparing to this one. •

Grading help in hand pics added
Posted: 23-May-2014, 06:06PM in Coin identifications and valuations

vf+ as there is just a little too much wear for xf.

1904 EDWARD VII King and Emperor - Straits Settlements - One Cent coin
Posted: 23-May-2014, 05:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Totally agree with Neil silver plated.

1909 British India half pice grading
Posted: 17-May-2014, 02:12PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Some new pics after 90 seconds in the sonic cleaner. •

Tiny Ottoman 1 Para ? 1223 21
Posted: 16-May-2014, 09:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

is this the one your looking for ? •

Posted: 16-May-2014, 07:30PM in Free discussion

Truly magnificent, I would have bought it myself if I hadn't just bought a new Honda Civic Tourer.

1913 One Penny
Posted: 14-May-2014, 11:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It's more than likely silver plated, I have seen several of these in the past.

1919 British India 8 annas
Posted: 14-May-2014, 10:36PM in Coin identifications and valuations

weight is 6.44g •

Illuminated magnifier recommendations?
Posted: 14-May-2014, 07:46PM in Numismatic questions

Hi Rick, not sure if you have a Lidl store near you, but I have picked up a L.E.D. magnifying lamp and also USB microscope with light settings for around £30 each.

Jersey coin found in the UK.. Who can explain this?
Posted: 11-May-2014, 07:36PM in Numismatic questions

If you check the exchange rates of the above mentioned Islands there is also a slight difference in value to UK, although the denomination are the same.

Show me your error coins! :)
Posted: 11-May-2014, 07:24PM in Free discussion

Pakistan 2002 1 rupee double error coin. • Obverse with broken die error. • Reverse with die clash error. •

You have GOT to see this!
Posted: 10-May-2014, 01:12PM in Free discussion

Quote: neilithicMaybe we should form up to fight these kinds of listings.  When someone spots it, they report it here and we all jump on and report it. • THE NUMISTA JUSTICE SQUAD!!! •  Sounds like a good plan to me.

Snap of your Dashboard (new thread)
Posted: 7-May-2014, 08:44PM in Free discussion

• Your online collection contains 13018 coins: 2043 different types from 169 countries. •  You currently have 12597 coins to exchange.

Help - German Ingolstadt Silver Coin / Medal / Token ?
Posted: 3-May-2014, 12:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I believe this to be a token/medal representing the cross gate which is a city gate in Ingolstadt.

Shell Tokens
Posted: 1-May-2014, 10:11PM in Numismatic questions

I'll have a look through them and put a list up of what there is.

1821 GB Crown - Grading and Value
Posted: 1-May-2014, 07:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations

F+ value around £40/£50 if it has secundo on the edge, if it has tertio on the edge then it's a circulated proof and would have a higher value.

Help grade
Posted: 6-Apr-2014, 07:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

avf I would say

United Kingdom 1950 penny to swap
Posted: 30-Mar-2014, 07:29PM in Swaps and trades

I have a 1950 penny to swap, looking for any Victoria UK coin of similar value. •

1887 Victoria Half Crown possible proof
Posted: 30-Mar-2014, 05:18PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have taken some new pictures of the 1887 half crown as it does look like a proof that has ended up in circulation. • Let me know what you think. Thanks Tony •

1922 UK penny with 1927 rev ?
Posted: 29-Mar-2014, 03:31AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Please view the attached pics and let me know your thoughts. Is it or not. •

1932 UK penny
Posted: 29-Mar-2014, 03:21AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ALLRED1950I like to look and try my hand at grading .Iam alway lower But learning. Tony you have been showing VERY nice coins and i enjoy looking at them thank youDaryl don't under estimate yourself - you're doing a great job, and you know a good coin when you see it.

The top 10 countrys you have coins from (edit should we start a new post as this one is long ?)
Posted: 29-Mar-2014, 03:04AM in Free discussion

Don't have a top 10 just 4, UK, Canada (1 cents only), USA (1 cents or lower only) & Australia Penny & 1/2 Penny

old coins?
Posted: 29-Mar-2014, 12:54AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ArnhemcoinHi, • It's from Thailand, check there :-)Howay lad you tired, you forgot to add the link. lol

"silver" one cent
Posted: 28-Mar-2014, 11:14PM in Coin identifications and valuations

looks plated after they have engraved/stamped a few extras on the obv.

Coins worth keeping that were minted after 1940
Posted: 28-Mar-2014, 11:06PM in Numismatic questions

1950 & 1951 UK penny, 1946 & 1949 3 pence (12 sided).

Goals for 2014
Posted: 27-Mar-2014, 11:53PM in Free discussion

Quote: tony_k_1965Quote: tony_k_1965My goals this year are to collect as many of the gothic florins as possible as at present I have only 3, I really will be trying to get my hands on the 1848 one being my main goal. I would also like to get a 1937 & 1950 UK proof sets. I will also be concentrating on the missing QEII proof sets (missing about 6), I will also be looking for Maundy from QV, EVII, GV & GVI. I will keep you posted as the year goes. Spending so far this year on coins is over £2k.just acquired these from my goal. • 1879 gothic florin (no die number) vg • 1873 gothic florin vfJust acquire a 1937 GVI 15 coin specimen set, which I've been after for a couple of years now. Can't wait till they arrive.  

Anyone knows some good coinshops in Edinburgh?
Posted: 27-Mar-2014, 11:32PM in Free discussion

Quote: Mark240590Coin shops aren't everywhere here. In Newcastle, the last major city in England before Edinburgh/ Glasgow only has 2 and both are average.Try Hartlepool m8 there's a good one there, this is his website. •

1880 Victoria Florin
Posted: 27-Mar-2014, 11:08PM in Numismatic questions

here's the actual coin, at the top of the crown there is a double arc but not sure if this is classed as 2 or 1 arcs. In the link below pictures from castle coins they have advertised it as 33 arcs (picture 23) •

1814 John Elliott Tobacconist token
Posted: 26-Mar-2014, 12:08AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: bam777That is a very nice piece...shame about the attempted hole. • More information... for the link Ben, also it is a shame about the attempted hole.

1887 UK sixpence grade
Posted: 25-Mar-2014, 11:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Could you please give your opinion on the grade of this sixpence please, thanks in advance. •

1887 QV half crown & 1935 GV Florin
Posted: 24-Mar-2014, 09:57PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have just purchased these 2 coins and would like your opinion on the grade please. •

Dutch 10ct 1948 mule: rarity and identification?
Posted: 18-Mar-2014, 11:21PM in Numismatic questions

What I mean is I would be interested in knowing what the variations are as to see if I have any in the coins that I already have.

1879 gothic florin
Posted: 18-Mar-2014, 09:16PM in Numismatic questions

It doesn't give a value for the no die number versions just states that extremely rare, I only know this as I've just bought the coin yearbook 2014.

Rarer 50 pence than the Kew gardens
Posted: 15-Mar-2014, 04:08AM in Free discussion

These are now selling at double the price + in just short of 2 weeks of the original post.

Numismatics as investment
Posted: 15-Mar-2014, 04:03AM in Free discussion

My true collection is an investment for my pension, as I don't wish to lose any more money in private pensions as I have done. I will find it very hard to let go of quite few of my coins when the time comes so maybe a little at a time, or as and when needed. There are a few special ones which will go to my son and granddaughter.

Specimen - Bermuda - 100 dollars (gold)
Posted: 14-Mar-2014, 05:59PM in Numismatic questions

I wouldn't like to say it is fake but I have not seen one with the same stamp mark under the ship.

Worst commemorative coins
Posted: 12-Mar-2014, 07:22PM in Free discussion

This is crap and although non circulating it is legal tender. •

1953 5 Cent Canadian Coin- Is this an error?
Posted: 11-Mar-2014, 09:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

That does not look like a clipped planchet error, it would be more rounded where it's been clipped and your coin also has a little more clipped from it to the left of the main one. •

1939 French Indochina 10 cent
Posted: 11-Mar-2014, 08:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks Antoine.

UK 2 pence George III 1797
Posted: 10-Mar-2014, 09:54PM in Numismatic questions

My 1797 cartwheel 2 pence, the weight of these things they must of had re-enforced •

The St George and the Dragon 2013 UK £20 - Should I buy this coin?
Posted: 8-Mar-2014, 02:19PM in Numismatic questions

To me it's a nice piece of history being the 1st ever UK £20 coin, however I will not purchase any future issues.

1 ore 1639 Sweden
Posted: 7-Mar-2014, 07:56PM in Numismatic questions

check the Swedish coin shops, sorry don't have a link for any.

Australian florin value
Posted: 7-Mar-2014, 05:43PM in Coin identifications and valuations

yes £13 for all 4 coins in a presentation packet.

United Kingdom 1992 proof set
Posted: 4-Mar-2014, 11:36PM in Numismatic questions

KM# 935 or KM# 935a ?

Looking for coins from Great-Britain
Posted: 2-Mar-2014, 11:41AM in Swaps and trades

I have thousands, but not listed. I also have a few QEII proofs available.

Metal detecting
Posted: 1-Mar-2014, 03:35AM in Free discussion

Quote: nalaberongSandy playgrounds have worked for me in the past, but in the USA it's not much fun when the largest coin you're likely to find is $0.25. The UK is much better... not only do you have the chance to find Roman, medieval and classic buried coins, but you can also find high-value modern coins of up to 2 pounds. Go where people have been - public parks, abandoned houses and foundations, beaches (if your detector is waterproof, dig around in the swimming area!), schoolyards (assuming you don't look like a pedophile and you're not visiting during school hours). • I know for a fact that my father tossed his first wedding ring into an unnamed swimming area somewhere in Vancouver (luckily the second marriage is still going and it's what produced me), so there's usually something out there to be found - just not what you were expecting (like, I was expecting that .925 bangle up there to be made out of Chinese lead). My relatives in B.C. live on a be[...]

Coin cabinets
Posted: 1-Mar-2014, 02:56AM in Free discussion

Here's a very nice link to a guy in Ireland doing a good deal on Mahogany coin cabinets. •

Coin Show & Tell
Posted: 1-Mar-2014, 02:49AM in Free discussion

Quote: nosouvenirsQuote: foolishfoolControversial coins from a period many would rather forget but they're an interesting piece of history from a part of the world that has suffered more than its fair share of violence. • INLA: Irish National Liberation Army (Republican paramilitary group) • IRA: Irish Republican Army (Republican paramilitary group) • UDA: Ulster Defence Association (Loyalist paramilitary group) • UVF: Ulster Volunteer Force (Loyalist paramilitary group) • Paramilitary groups in Ulster (such is the tension that even the choice of name you use to describe the area can be controversial, "Ulster" is the closest one can get to a neutral term) used to stamp their names on coins for whatever reason, a combination of defiance and a show of power/influence I imagine. Between them these organisations were responsible for many of the 3,530 deaths and ~50,000 injuries during the period of conflict known as "the Troubles".[...]

German coin for sale : Strassburg 1817 klippe
Posted: 1-Mar-2014, 12:52AM in Swaps and trades

This is the same coin at almost half the price are you prepared to sell for 100 euro? •

George II Hibernia Half Penny oddity
Posted: 1-Mar-2014, 12:31AM in Coin identifications and valuations

possibly a fake my friend looking at my book, as the txt looks totally irregular especially looking the II as these should be the same size and distance from the rim. here's the image from my book •

Opinion of grade - Ioan Casimir 1 Solidus 1664
Posted: 1-Mar-2014, 12:06AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Although I don't have much experience with hammered coins I would grade it as vf

The curious case of the UK Kew Gardens 50p
Posted: 28-Feb-2014, 10:19PM in Free discussion

Anyway, back to my original question. Any explanation as to the relative lack of rarity (51) on the Numista index??? Or does Kommodore predict the answer by suggesting that despite the rarity of the coin, it is so sought after by Numista members that it is not that rare *among Numista members*, even though it may be rare in the wider world? • Mattthis is exactly the reason

Mail opened by customs?
Posted: 28-Feb-2014, 09:54PM in Swaps and trades

I have received one package that has been checked by customs which was duly repackaged and stamped by customs. No problem with packaging or coins.

Catalogue value needed 2
Posted: 28-Feb-2014, 09:38PM in Coin identifications and valuations

In my coin yearbook 2014 there is no value given for the titanic £5 but it is listed.

Help grade
Posted: 28-Feb-2014, 09:35PM in Coin identifications and valuations

about fine

1 Noble - 1 oz Silver 2011 - Isle of Man
Posted: 28-Feb-2014, 06:05PM in Numismatic questions

I have found this which states that it's a mintmark. •

Oh baby, it's a wide world. What countries did you visit ?
Posted: 27-Feb-2014, 09:57PM in Free discussion

Australia, south Africa (twice), Greece, spain, Netherlands, Lanzarote, and several Greek Islands, France, over the border to Scotland and sailing around the Caribbean Island hopping.

Little help needed please
Posted: 27-Feb-2014, 09:40PM in Free discussion

The nearest place is Newcastle and then Hartlepool. If you wish send me a pm I might be able to you out.

1909 UK half sovereign grade
Posted: 26-Feb-2014, 10:07PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It is an unusual rim dent and the reverse I believe is a little worn due to possibly being in a pendant hence the look of being cleaned on the reverse. It will now being going into my collection, my first UK gold coin.  

Gold(isch) 1 pfennig?
Posted: 26-Feb-2014, 09:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I asked the very same question some time ago, and they are gold plated and given as good luck coins.

Your own picture
Posted: 25-Feb-2014, 11:16PM in Free discussion

Mine is my profile pic but here's one from a few year ago (quite a few lol) •

Bitcoins disappears
Posted: 25-Feb-2014, 10:05PM in Free discussion

If it ain't hard cash it ain't worth having.

Coin Storage and Display
Posted: 25-Feb-2014, 08:38PM in Free discussion

here's the link to how do you store & manage your collection. •

A 50p that I've never seen!!!
Posted: 25-Feb-2014, 07:23PM in Free discussion

Pleased to say I also have 2 of these 1 in vf/xf and 1 in proof (possibly silver).    

Struck on wrong planchet
Posted: 8-Feb-2014, 05:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: antetony2 cents is aluminum and square shape while 10 cents is round and copper nickel...It all depends on the date as the later one is round see link •

UK 1937 penny grade
Posted: 7-Feb-2014, 08:25PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Please give your opinion on the grade of this coin please, although it doesn't show in the picture there is quite a bit of lustre. • Pictures to follow as there seems to be a problem with them loading. •

Netherlands 1849 10 cents grading help required.
Posted: 1-Feb-2014, 11:32PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would say vf although the obv looks vf+ the rev looks -vf. If possible a better picture would help.

Song from your country
Posted: 31-Jan-2014, 08:30PM in Free discussion

A couple of classics here from the UK •

Help with value please
Posted: 29-Jan-2014, 09:51PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have just acquired one of these coins/tokens the quality is pretty much the same as in the link below, could anyone tell if there is any value to these. Thanks in advance. •

Gibraltar coins
Posted: 26-Jan-2014, 07:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

vg • g • -f • -vf

Medieval coin?
Posted: 26-Jan-2014, 07:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Try Brittany it sounds very similar to a double denier

My new toy
Posted: 19-Jan-2014, 05:40PM in Free discussion

They're on eBay from $34.99

French 20 Centimes Coin - Both Sides the Same
Posted: 19-Jan-2014, 02:26PM in Coin identifications and valuations

How about a good picture of the edge, then it would be possible to say if it's truly an error coin or not.

Collecting Ancients?
Posted: 17-Jan-2014, 11:38PM in Numismatic questions

Here's a couple of links that may help you identify some roman coins. • • • • • •

What coins should I specialize in?
Posted: 16-Jan-2014, 11:59PM in Free discussion

Quote: dptashnyQuote: tony_k_1965... and already set up in Brazilian Mahogany Cabinets,...How much do these cost?Not sure as you can only get them made from plantation grown Honduras mahogany. This is a link to the manufacturers. •

Peter Nichols coin cabinets
Posted: 9-Jan-2014, 08:44PM in Numismatic questions

I would like your opinion on purchasing 2 Brazilian Mahogany coin cabinets made by Peter Nichols, please tell me what you know about the quality and craftsmanship, and also what sort of price to expect to pay. Please note these are the Brazilian Mahogany and not the Plantation grown Honduras Mahogany. They have 28 trays in each and have been made to house the old halfpennies and pennies, also the new pennies and two pence's. • Thanks in advance for any advice you give.

Your thoughts on this coin please
Posted: 6-Jan-2014, 08:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I do think it's been cleaned but certainly not polished, below I have added some pictures of before and after cleaning. Picture 1 & 2 are uncleaned, pictures 3 & 4 are cleaned using a sonic cleaner, pictures 5 & 6 are after being cleaned using a soft toothbrush with warm soapy water. As you will see there is no damage or patina been removed from any of the coins, just dirt. Sorry about the pictures as they have been taken in artificial light. •

France 1978 5 Francs 1970-2001
Posted: 5-Jan-2014, 01:50AM in Numismatic questions

UK Decimal Half Pennies Wanted
Posted: 4-Jan-2014, 07:18PM in Swaps and trades

I also have a 1975 & 1976 proofs in my swap list (consider them reserved), let me know if your interested in these 2 as well as what ever quantity you would like from circulated ones.

[solved] United Nations 1985 Medal?
Posted: 4-Jan-2014, 05:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I've had a quick look around the net and can't find anything like it. Ask the seller for more information and where it came from.

1974 Seychelles 5 rupee
Posted: 4-Jan-2014, 03:23PM in Numismatic questions

Hi Rick cheers for your reply, I have just ordered a set from 1974 up to 5 rupee so was wondering if it's silver or cupro especially as the set was only £7. will let you know when it arrives as I was a little suspect at all the coins being from 1974.

Unknown Arabic silver coin
Posted: 3-Jan-2014, 06:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It's a multiple dirham but not sure of date and probably ancient Persia.

Posted: 3-Jan-2014, 02:05PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would say cleaned possibly with a sonic cleaner and/or tooth brush.

Another Irish question
Posted: 1-Jan-2014, 10:00PM in Numismatic questions

It's actually Irish Punts, so Pingin is correct and not pence, the punt was slightly higher value than the pound when they were in circulation.

Irish 10 pingin 1992 and 20 pingin 1985
Posted: 1-Jan-2014, 07:20PM in Numismatic questions

in my opinion they should be entered as trial strikes.

Possibly a Roman groat uncovered in 1960 - with photos.
Posted: 1-Jan-2014, 05:36PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Links are not working

Medieval coin - possibly Richard 1st ? with photos.
Posted: 1-Jan-2014, 05:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It's definitely Henry, look here this should help you identify which type and possibly year. •

Post pics of coins with allegory!
Posted: 30-Dec-2013, 11:35PM in Free discussion

[solved] Netherlands coin
Posted: 30-Dec-2013, 10:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Was just about to put the same link as Antoine has to the miniature set that I enquired about a while ago. At least now you know what it is and where it came from.

Who's Correct Numista or NGC ? re 1892 penny
Posted: 30-Dec-2013, 04:36AM in Free discussion

Quote: fourmackpnightingale • That would be interesting but could not find it. • Sorry Tony I don't collect silver or gold (too volatile) plus I  cannot afford it. • I only specialise in Farthings and Victoria cents • cheers DonLet me know what farthings you're after - I have a lot of GV spare maybe a couple EVII and lots of GVI, QEII, also a few Vic.

Does anyone recognise this?
Posted: 30-Dec-2013, 04:01AM in Coin identifications and valuations

How they really worked was that fact that you/your family could buy credit from these companies, and use their vouchers to buy what you wanted, but receive their coins/money in exchange, giving you no alternative but to spend it within their company. Jobling's used the same system as did many other companies within the UK and probably overseas.

Fake coins
Posted: 30-Dec-2013, 03:53AM in Swaps and trades

Apply for a refund regardless of how they were advertised. I sold an old X-box as non-working order; the buyer clearly had not read the description properly, so my funds had been withheld until item had been returned. Fortunately for me he never returned the item so the funds were given in my favour. It's a choice but if you complain you lose anyway.

Original? $50 U.S Mint Proof Liberty Eagle Ebay listing
Posted: 30-Dec-2013, 03:34AM in Coin identifications and valuations

The advertiser has given you the option to ask questions to clear your doubt so you should ask them, as you do have a guarantee through ebay as a buyer, we can advise good or bad but no guarantee. I hope this helps you make your choice.

[solved] Difference between 5 Centimes of Belgium
Posted: 24-Dec-2013, 02:31PM in Numismatic questions

The difference is French txt and Dutch txt (look under the 5, one spells cen the other ces)

Tibet Tangka ?
Posted: 23-Dec-2013, 08:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I think it could be the last coin in the row on this link, another link below might help with more info. • • at the bottom of the page in this link (some of my spare Tibetan coins) is where I found the picture. •

Anyone found some 2013 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 20-Dec-2013, 10:54AM in Free discussion

My 1st Benjamin Britten 50p •

2 coins requiring I.D. please
Posted: 19-Dec-2013, 06:12PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: Mark240590Haha aye tony I am !I'll send you some pics of others that I have just come across then let me know what you're interested in. Tony

Denmark 1943 5 ore
Posted: 19-Dec-2013, 10:24AM in Numismatic questions

I have the coin below and was wondering if anyone can tell me why these lumps have occurred on the both obv and rev without ant indentations. •

Netherlands KM# 160
Posted: 18-Dec-2013, 09:59PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have now discovered that I have both versions.

1884 Silver Japanese Yen?
Posted: 11-Dec-2013, 09:33PM in Numismatic questions

Have you tried weighing it, as personally I wouldn't trust a silver testing magnet.

Refonte des doubles tournois Notice email I received
Posted: 11-Dec-2013, 09:30PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Translated using bing • Following the reorganization of sheets of Double-tournaments of the site it appears that you are owner of one or several Double-tournaments of Louis XIII. • Double-tournaments will be now classified by sovereign / workshop monetary / Type on the basis of the classification made by the work of reference in the field: the CGKL. (For more info, see here: • You should therefore check what type is your currency. To do this, check well depending on the new cards I created (type 'Double-tournaments Louis XIII (the workshop name)' in the search). • It is possible that you will not find the corresponding card because some rare coins have not yet their record. In this case, just post pictures of your currency here: and I'd be a joy to identify you it • Similarly, if you experience any difficulty in many classify your currency this topic[...]

Italy 1939 2 lire question
Posted: 7-Dec-2013, 01:18AM in Coin identifications and valuations

pictures of actual coin •

Maria Theresia 1765 coin with secret compartment
Posted: 6-Dec-2013, 11:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: lidianbYes, those are 2 coins actually, and are from Hungary, or better Austro-Hungarian empire. Popular in XVIII century, used to put inside tobacco, or I don't know what is the name of that ingredient, a kind of powder, that you sniff and than sneeze.Snuff

Grade for Russia 1908 15 Kopeks
Posted: 6-Dec-2013, 10:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

easier to pick up in vf grade

How I can import my swap list
Posted: 6-Dec-2013, 10:08PM in Swaps and trades

Unfortunately this feature is not available, so you need to input manually.

How can you tell if a set of coins is proof set?
Posted: 1-Dec-2013, 12:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

pictures would help to i.d properly

Proposal: Split this forum
Posted: 25-Nov-2013, 08:36PM in Coin identifications and valuations

That's a very good idea, hope it happens.

1956 Guernsey 4 doubles differences
Posted: 20-Nov-2013, 10:19PM in Numismatic questions

Hi all, would like to know if anyone can see the differences between these two coins please, and also comment on them. •

[solved] Please help to identify
Posted: 20-Nov-2013, 08:47PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks all for your help.

Numista token trial strikes just arrived!
Posted: 18-Nov-2013, 09:25PM in Free discussion

I take it postage to the UK comes under EU, if so it's very expensive for the set which I would really like to get. Would it be possible to get a more realistic quote for UK postage please.

What causes coins to wear more on one side than the other?
Posted: 16-Nov-2013, 01:37PM in Numismatic questions

The wearing of coins on one side more than the other could also be down to game play like arcade machines and also card games like poker etc.

France bans sending coins via mail
Posted: 7-Nov-2013, 07:09PM in Free discussion

I have been sending coins and receiving coins from both France & Ireland and have not had any problems either end. I do not disguise them, I simply package them in small plastic zippy bags then taped to paper or card which is then wrapped around and taped again then popped into a bubble bag and posted.

Any clue on this one?
Posted: 6-Nov-2013, 09:38PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Here is some useful info and a few pics to help you out. •

What's a VG 1887 gothic florin worth?
Posted: 6-Nov-2013, 09:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

A little more than silver value, as you will see in your book how much they drop in value as the grade gets lower.

Canada pennies value? 1937-1959?
Posted: 6-Nov-2013, 05:40PM in Coin identifications and valuations

This will help you with all your Canadian coins •

1 pound 2005 UK
Posted: 4-Nov-2013, 05:48PM in Numismatic questions

Also the Gold one is twice the weight.

Mysore, difference between KM193.1 and 193.2
Posted: 3-Nov-2013, 04:47PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It looks like a 4 to me

1839 Farthing variations
Posted: 24-Oct-2013, 11:15PM in Numismatic questions

Can you add these variations to the catalogue please

ID and value, 1697 William III silver coin
Posted: 24-Oct-2013, 09:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: neilithicWhat grade would you put on this one?  G? VG?  There's a flat spot on the coat of arms side but most of the details are legible.VG+/-F

1880 UK Florin differences
Posted: 24-Oct-2013, 06:08PM in Numismatic questions

Does any have or can direct me to info/pictures on an 1880 UK Gothic florin young head and old head please

[solved] *CLOSED* Bargain finds (with pictures) **Please see the new 2014 thread**
Posted: 23-Oct-2013, 10:54PM in Free discussion

Just bought this Denmark joblot for £22 (will post better pictures when they arrive) • 1936/1938/1952/1954 2 Kroner, • 1930/34/36/37/41/42/43 25 Ore, • 1921/29/37/43 10 Ore, • 1874/1884 5 Ore. • 1874/1889/1914 2 Ore. •

Need help with identification - probably Indian
Posted: 22-Oct-2013, 10:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

no.3 very similar to this one. •

[Closed] Coin 100 roubles Spitsbergen for swap !
Posted: 22-Oct-2013, 08:55PM in Swaps and trades

So you want a good silver coin for this token!!!!!!!!!!!! •

Selling coins on eBay - new UK listings
Posted: 22-Oct-2013, 12:02AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: squash70I looked at the eBay listings.  Did not see anything that was of interest to me.  Are there additional coins?  I am looking for coins from Spain.I'm in Spain next week let me know what your looking for and I'll try and pick some up.

Is coin cleaning a big no?
Posted: 21-Oct-2013, 11:56PM in Numismatic questions

I think it depends if the muck/dirt is pitted into the coin or not, if it's pretty loose then you get a much better result. I will try a few more with different variants of metal and whether the dirt is pitted or not. Will post more pictures over this next week or so.

1982 New Zealand 7 coin proof set
Posted: 21-Oct-2013, 10:00PM in Coin identifications and valuations

So 34 NZ$ is a good price then, as I have just bought them for.

1849 godless florin grade
Posted: 19-Oct-2013, 11:41PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: bam777Is this a joke, Tony?No what makes you think it's a joke ?

1839 I.O.M. 1/2 penny grade & value
Posted: 19-Oct-2013, 11:21PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Please give your opinion on the grade of this coin and value, (not NGC as their figures are not true). Thanks in advance. •

Help a newbie out?
Posted: 19-Oct-2013, 01:40AM in Free discussion

Quote: ZuluRaptorSpaceBump?you will b on these request. sorry

1853 gothic florin (better pictures)
Posted: 17-Oct-2013, 10:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: radrick007It's an absolutely gorgeous coin Tony, it's just a shame about the rubbish cleaning job  Originally from a coin dealer (the ones that DON'T CLEAN coins), also the picture doesn't do it justice due to artificial lighting, as it doesn't look shiny in real life as it does in the pictures.

Proof or not and valuation please
Posted: 17-Oct-2013, 09:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have just received this 1936 UK penny, I think it looks like a proof coin that has somehow ended up in circulation for a short while. Please tell me what you think. •

Help me to identify this coin
Posted: 16-Oct-2013, 08:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Could also be Austrian

What Australian coins could have looked like
Posted: 12-Oct-2013, 02:04AM in Numismatic questions

Not being funny, but thankfully they don't

A couple of songs from a wee young South Shields lass
Posted: 12-Oct-2013, 01:48AM in Free discussion

Let me know what you think of these songs; young Brooke also wrote them. • •

Coat of arms.. Show them here...
Posted: 11-Oct-2013, 06:38PM in Free discussion

One of my favourites. •

$10 Canada
Posted: 11-Oct-2013, 06:26PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: marc scott clarkeThanks Tony, • yes there is quite a difference, does anyone know how the colours  are applied in the real version?If they use the same process as Australia they use a method called hyper metallic printing.

grade help
Posted: 10-Oct-2013, 09:51PM in Numismatic questions

1+2 f • 3 xf/aunc • 4 xf

£2 coins
Posted: 10-Oct-2013, 08:31PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: monéphilYes I know that they sell them. • I have seen it on their facebook page, they made albums for 50p, £1 and £2, but sadly for the circulating coins, they didn't made one place for each effigy. • I will buy them later maybe, they aren't all disponible for the moment, just 1/3. • For swapping £2 coins, I had seen a ZacUK's message but it was deleted I think I have quite a few £2 commemoratives but need to get them sorted, I know I have a spare Dickens one unc and expecting more soon, probably at the weekend.

What coin do you want?
Posted: 10-Oct-2013, 12:06AM in Free discussion

This one, and hopefully within 1 year. •

Gothic florin alignment
Posted: 9-Oct-2013, 05:30PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: jimpopQuote: tony_k_1965Quote: jimpopHey, nothing wrong with the coin, something wrong with the description!!!You may note I said "could be" not is. By the way there are plenty out there as it mentions in my book "beware of recent fakes". Book is Coin Yearbook 2009, all about UK, Irish, Scottish, Channel Islands, and I.O.M.Hey Tony, I only saw your reply after mine was posted, I definately meant no offence!None taken, have a good day.

Coins with lions
Posted: 8-Oct-2013, 08:50PM in Free discussion

This one which I'm surprised hasn't been posted already, 1st is the larger version, 2nd is the smaller version. •

1904 Denmark 5 Ore
Posted: 7-Oct-2013, 08:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Please give your opinions on the grade of this coin. Thanks in advance. •

United Kingdom numismatic literature
Posted: 6-Oct-2013, 09:40PM in Free discussion

There is also Coin yearbook 2014 from the publishers of Coin News for just under a tenner on Ebay

1967 UK penny normal, wide rim or not centered
Posted: 6-Oct-2013, 05:59PM in Numismatic questions

Slightly off centre

I need help idenifying several coins
Posted: 5-Oct-2013, 10:51PM in Coin identifications and valuations

1st coin in row is Algeria

2 euro coins
Posted: 5-Oct-2013, 10:04PM in Free discussion

Not sure but looks like its an after market product just like the Canadian 25 cents.

Posted: 5-Oct-2013, 09:53PM in Coin identifications and valuations

KM#1118 has a larger circle around dragon

Posted: 5-Oct-2013, 03:21PM in Free discussion

They are novelty pennies which have been stamped after production by some individuals and are valued at around $2

George IV 1830
Posted: 5-Oct-2013, 03:13PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would ask your friend to measure it again as a 28mm would make it a half penny but there was not any made in that year, so I'm guessing your friend has possibly missed typed the size and it is actually 18mm

Queen Victoria shillings (better pictures)
Posted: 5-Oct-2013, 12:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The name of the original coin purchased is goodoldvintagestuff on ebay, if you do purchase please ask him/her not to clean coins before they post them out to you.

Gibraltar 2001 20 Pence - AA or AB?
Posted: 5-Oct-2013, 12:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It is next to the A of lady

What the heck is a COUNTRY?
Posted: 5-Oct-2013, 12:29AM in Free discussion

The problem with this discussion is simply Numistic matters have a MEGA variation over the years, so take it or leave it you are part of your country whatever you agree with or disagree with, and be prepared for changes. Truthfully you will NEVER get what we used to have, so all we can do is our best.

Penny floor
Posted: 4-Oct-2013, 08:04PM in Free discussion

Love it, think I have enough UK pennies to do my kitchen floor which is 18'x15' anyone up for the challenge ????

Netherlands 1969 2 1/2 gulden
Posted: 4-Oct-2013, 05:57PM in Numismatic questions

Could someone please explain why a 1969 Netherlands 2 1/2 gulden (fish privy mark) with a mintage of 1.2 million is less valuable than a 2 1/2 gulden (cock privy mark) with a mintage over 15 million please.

QV 1890 crown (better pictures)
Posted: 4-Oct-2013, 04:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

higher quality pictures now that I have the coin. •

1887 QV shilling
Posted: 4-Oct-2013, 04:53PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I paid 18 euros for this one m8. •

Silver for sale
Posted: 3-Oct-2013, 10:29PM in Swaps and trades

Due to the drop in silver prices it has had a dramatic effect on silver coins, unless they are very rare or well sort after. If I was you I would hang on to them, or put them up for swap and get something else that your really looking for.

British India half rupee 1947
Posted: 3-Oct-2013, 09:21PM in Numismatic questions

you can just make it out, but I would say an error due to the rest being pretty clear.

Number of countries
Posted: 3-Oct-2013, 06:03PM in Free discussion

This question will/should receive varying answer as it depends on how you depict what is a country. This is what I found a one website. •

Egypt 10 milliemes KM#316
Posted: 2-Oct-2013, 10:35PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: ZacUKThanks - I changed it now. Yes we want better pictures, but people forget to change the lettering descriptions to match the new images.   •

Israel coin difference
Posted: 2-Oct-2013, 07:31PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: glorkarOn the value side there is that little bar on the bottom.  The "pearl" is a tiny dot directly below it.Thank you, I have the one with the pearl.

1780 Austria thaler?
Posted: 2-Oct-2013, 07:12PM in Coin identifications and valuations

This should help you out. •

Another QV coin to grade 1887 half crown
Posted: 1-Oct-2013, 10:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Your opinion on grade of this 1887 QV half crown •

position A or B?
Posted: 1-Oct-2013, 07:23PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: marc scott clarkeHi is this coin position A or B? • thankyou in advanceYou have to look at the coin with the obv face up and see whether the edge lettering is facing up or down (* * BELGIQUE * * BELGIE) to say if either A or B

Why it's so hard?
Posted: 1-Oct-2013, 05:54PM in Free discussion

I have had several swaps with French Numismatics and have never encountered any problems.

Is this a genuine Chinese Cash?
Posted: 30-Sep-2013, 11:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Qianlong Boo-ciowan •

Italy 1913 5 cent grade please
Posted: 30-Sep-2013, 10:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations

please give your opinions on the grade of this coin. thanks in advance. •

Do you think it's been cleaned?
Posted: 30-Sep-2013, 08:24PM in Numismatic questions

This is one of many that I have. Although it looks dark in the picture due to artificial light it is almost full lustre. •

Pachinko Tokens
Posted: 29-Sep-2013, 11:06PM in Swaps and trades

Can you post a picture kenny

[solved] Panama 1/10th balboa
Posted: 29-Sep-2013, 05:10PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: monéphilHi! • From the WC : The KM#87 is only a proof coin with medal axis, and also minted by the Franklin Mint so it have "FM" mark under the shield. The illustration in Numista is wrong.That explains why I couldn't tell the difference. Thanks

[solved] Unknown coin
Posted: 29-Sep-2013, 01:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks for your Antoine

Edwardian Penny [I, II or III]
Posted: 28-Sep-2013, 04:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

This link should help you Antoine. •

Is this a coin?
Posted: 28-Sep-2013, 04:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have had another look and agree with apuking

1785 Zeeland duit grade & value please
Posted: 28-Sep-2013, 04:17PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Could you please give your opinion of grade and value please. •

Request grading my coin
Posted: 28-Sep-2013, 12:22AM in Coin identifications and valuations

take note of the different light angle of obv to rev

What coin are you saving up for?
Posted: 27-Sep-2013, 07:58PM in Free discussion

Quote: christianjaztynHi Tony! • How much is that beauty?£3k+

Exchange Spain and worldwide banknotes and coins for pocket calendars
Posted: 27-Sep-2013, 07:56PM in Swaps and trades

I have quite a selection dating back to 1930's, let me know what pre 1940 coins & notes you have available. I will try and list what pc I have. • Tony

Rare note!!!
Posted: 27-Sep-2013, 05:30PM in Swaps and trades

It's not in the rare and unusual bank notes book 2012

On average (how many hours of coin collecting a day)
Posted: 26-Sep-2013, 11:03PM in Free discussion

work days about 5hrs, weekends 10+ at the moment

If you were to make a coin...
Posted: 26-Sep-2013, 10:59PM in Free discussion

Like this, only problem being it doesn't put the full picture in if it's not square/equal sides •

India coins
Posted: 26-Sep-2013, 07:59PM in Swaps and trades

I will send you some with your parcel, just have a look through my swap list & let me know which ones you want, I have just put a couple of commemoratives on the other night. • regards • Tony

1911-c Sovereign grade?
Posted: 26-Sep-2013, 05:58PM in Coin identifications and valuations

xf because of all the small nicks on it and it has been polished/cleaned. Look at the txt and how dull it looks compared to the rest of the coin, it's a sure sign that's it's been cleaned.

How to set grade and value for holed coins
Posted: 26-Sep-2013, 05:51PM in Coin identifications and valuations

personally I would grade no: 5 as vf (holed)

Cayenne & Hannover coins to grade
Posted: 25-Sep-2013, 06:28AM in Coin identifications and valuations

-vf • f

Guess the Grade Game part 2
Posted: 24-Sep-2013, 10:03PM in Free discussion

1, AU • 2, VF • 3, XF • 4, UNC

Help ID two old ones?
Posted: 24-Sep-2013, 06:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

1st one could be another version of this, or an original that the jeton derived from •

Help with a grading and value
Posted: 24-Sep-2013, 06:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Specimens and trial strikes
Posted: 24-Sep-2013, 06:25PM in Numismatic questions

Forget that, just type in trial, there is loads. Just tried the other method and found nothing.

Let's talk mini's (the car)
Posted: 23-Sep-2013, 09:33PM in Free discussion

I drove a classic mini quite some years ago and to be honest it was horrible, there is just no room and the windscreen feels like it's stuck on your face. I would advise you try one before you buy m8.

Aussie Crown
Posted: 23-Sep-2013, 09:24PM in Numismatic questions

If it's a copy it will be 38.5mm diameter and not 38mm also thickness of a copy is 4mm where as the genuine one should be 2.9mm. • see this link •

Numista token
Posted: 23-Sep-2013, 07:51PM in Free discussion

Excellent Idea, I would prefer Silver. I also agree with Imreh's idea, it would give users the incentive to contribute to the site.

Guess the Grade Game part 1
Posted: 23-Sep-2013, 07:44PM in Free discussion

1, xf • 2, vf • 3, xf • 4, f

Help I.D. unknown coin
Posted: 22-Sep-2013, 10:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ZacUKKM# 158 • on NGC now looking at the same coin. lol

What coin is the thickest you own?
Posted: 22-Sep-2013, 08:38PM in Free discussion

2005 nelson £5 silver piedfort @ 5.78mm

1854 Victoria model mille
Posted: 22-Sep-2013, 07:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Does anyone have more information on this coin/token so I can add it to the catalogue please. •

How sad is this..
Posted: 22-Sep-2013, 07:12PM in Free discussion

Quote: Mark240590Not too bothered about segedunum not really sure what the hell that thing is supposed to be there ha ! I like our fort I keep meaning to go to the one in shields as they have been working on it, trying to rebuild small parts to give a better idea on the way it used to be.

Odd use for coins
Posted: 22-Sep-2013, 07:10PM in Free discussion

Quote: mic-w-nlQuote: tony_k_1965A Danish 1 Gulden Wokkel • After the start of the Euro in the Netherlands, all dutch money(gulden coins) is destroyed this way, so I couldn't come into circulation again. Some wokkels are sold for collectors and memories.Thank you for the info, it was something I never knew about.

help with I.D. please
Posted: 22-Sep-2013, 04:12PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks Antoine

What are you guys having for dinner?
Posted: 22-Sep-2013, 04:10PM in Free discussion

I've just a large helping of toad in the hole with fresh veg and gravy. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Egypt 1327/3 5/10 Qirsh grade help
Posted: 22-Sep-2013, 10:47AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would like your opinion on the grade of this coin please. •

picture updates
Posted: 21-Sep-2013, 07:33PM in Numista catalogue

Why does it take so long for better quality pictures to be updated for the UKcolonies in comparison to other countries. • If the pictures are not needed let me know and I won't waste my time trying to improve things.

Netherlands Value please
Posted: 21-Sep-2013, 06:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

cheers zac

Nitro powered RC cars/trucks
Posted: 21-Sep-2013, 05:42PM in Free discussion

Does anyone have any interest in Nitro powered rc cars if so let me know as I have a large selection of parts and complete vehicles available to purchase or swap for coins

Netherlands Investiture of new Queen sets 1980 (no longer available)
Posted: 21-Sep-2013, 05:32PM in Swaps and trades

I have 9 sets of these to trade/swap if anyone is interested please send me P.M. me. • Please there is one set that is not boxed. If you wish to purchase they are 6 euro's per set + postage •

What to do with bulk coins?
Posted: 21-Sep-2013, 04:17PM in Swaps and trades

If you do plan on weighing them in for their metal value I would advise sorting them in the various types as they will be worth more as supposed to mixed metals. However it's not something I would as they will become more valuable because people do scrap them and use them for various other things which can only make them more collectable. As previously mentioned they are great for upcoming collectors as a starting point being so easily to get hold of.

7 Chinese coins to ID please
Posted: 21-Sep-2013, 03:11PM in Coin identifications and valuations

also which type might they be please

A riddle
Posted: 21-Sep-2013, 11:12AM in Free discussion

TTC Token • 1954 • Canada •

Coin identification
Posted: 21-Sep-2013, 12:17AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I'm not sure but it looks very much like it's from Nepal.

Microscopic letters
Posted: 20-Sep-2013, 10:23PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It's the engravers names

Netherlands Investiture of new Queen sets 1980
Posted: 20-Sep-2013, 06:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks Antoine, I have another set I'm enquiring about if you have any idea please.

Netherlands silver reproduction mini set value
Posted: 20-Sep-2013, 06:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Can anyone tell me the value of this set please, only 1k produced •

Why are there so many badly worn British pennies?
Posted: 20-Sep-2013, 12:12AM in Free discussion

I'm pleased too - I'm back on normal 39 hour week after 70+ hours since 1st of May.                  

Newfoundland 1888 Cent - Grading
Posted: 18-Sep-2013, 09:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations


Damaged circulating pennies and pounds
Posted: 18-Sep-2013, 08:35PM in Numismatic questions

You won't have any problem as long as you're just exchanging them and not requesting coin for coin as in dates & type.

1932 Belguim 5 francs error
Posted: 17-Sep-2013, 07:03PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: JedsadaHello, • What is the weight of your coin? (it should be 14g) • Is it magnetic? (it should be because 100% nickel) • Do you have a pic of the edge? • I would say it's casting: the big relief is nice sharp but the small one, like the signature, is blurred (fuzzy?) • J.The coin is magnetic weighs 13.4g and this is a picture of the edge. •

UK commemoratives
Posted: 16-Sep-2013, 06:27AM in Swaps and trades

check my swap list

Bahrain - 100 Fils
Posted: 14-Sep-2013, 02:53PM in Numismatic questions

no they are slightly different design, take a look at the text in the centre of the rev.

Singapore Uncirculated Coin Sets
Posted: 14-Sep-2013, 01:50PM in Swaps and trades

I have a UK Bunc set in the Heinz folder spare if you're interested

Your fav drink while numsting
Posted: 14-Sep-2013, 02:46AM in Free discussion

Here's mine •

What has happened to Numista
Posted: 14-Sep-2013, 02:42AM in Free discussion

How can you get rid of good members because some ______ plays the racist card, I thought we we're all on the same level (Numismatics) it's about coin collecting isn't it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want!!!!!!!!
Posted: 14-Sep-2013, 01:24AM in Numismatic questions

Just a little advice for Numista members. •  You're looking for a particular coin, you request it, BUT hold on - nobody know's what you already own; so why not let members see what you have. So the way I see it if you want something, let your future swap potentials see what you already have, and let our members view your collection (if you have them listed on Numista). In other words don't request if you expect members to guess. I understand the need for privacy, if that being the case then date what you're looking for.

Help ID the German states and French one
Posted: 13-Sep-2013, 11:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: SmartOneKgFirst one is a Munster 2 Pfennige. Do you not read before you answer ?????????????????????????????/  

I.D. help please, I have uploaded pics before but a long time ago.
Posted: 12-Sep-2013, 07:59PM in Coin identifications and valuations

weight is 7.24g dia is from 18mm-19mm

Events that kill the value of your collection...
Posted: 12-Sep-2013, 07:34PM in Free discussion

One such event that has annoyed me is the Olympic 50p's as the royal mint have produced more than they originally quoted, as I went out of my way to buy the complete set before they where introduced into the local post offices.              

How do you prioritize your swapping?
Posted: 12-Sep-2013, 07:30PM in Swaps and trades

I always do them in the order they are received, 1st come gets 1st choice. If you don't have anything I'm interested then I will let you know and ask you to try again at a later date. If I have several swaps requesting the same coin it goes to the 1st person who has requested it, as long as they have something of interest to myself. I will also swap for coins I do not collect but this is always because there will be one of my regular swap partners who collects such coins. As for value, it isn't the most important but it is nice to get a balanced swap.

British Monarch Coins
Posted: 10-Sep-2013, 10:53PM in Numismatic questions

This might help you •

opinions & grading please
Posted: 9-Sep-2013, 06:12PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: jimpopis it on ebay? send a link so I can snipe it last minute please!It was on Ebay but not any more.

£20 for £20
Posted: 8-Sep-2013, 04:57PM in Swaps and trades

I have managed to get another 3 ordered. I have 1 left to swap/trade. Please note delivery from the Royal Mint is not until 31st October 2013.

Spanish 2 Reals Coin 1777 FA
Posted: 8-Sep-2013, 12:45PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Decimal Half Penny Varieties
Posted: 8-Sep-2013, 12:27PM in Numismatic questions

here's another one about the 1953 variations •'s_Elizabeth_II

British evasion coinage
Posted: 7-Sep-2013, 02:37AM in Swaps and trades

I found some info myself and here's a link here. •

What movies do you want to see?
Posted: 6-Sep-2013, 10:13PM in Free discussion

would like to see the new film Riddick just at the cinema now.

I need a grading.
Posted: 6-Sep-2013, 09:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

vf+ as you can see all the fingers holding the trident

1992 Netherlands 2 1/2 silver Ecu Value
Posted: 6-Sep-2013, 08:38PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: 15turtlesOK, thanks, • I have the cupronickel one, not silver. Price please? • Thanks,

Netherlands 2001 last Gulden
Posted: 6-Sep-2013, 04:41PM in Numismatic questions

Thank you for the confirmation, also my coin is exactly as yours are.

1863/2 Belgium 5 centimes
Posted: 6-Sep-2013, 06:27AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I will try to put a better picture of the date this evening.

[solved] Help with ID please
Posted: 5-Sep-2013, 07:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Many thanks Glorkar for your help

Anyone else wax zinc coins?
Posted: 3-Sep-2013, 06:01PM in Numismatic questions

Well thats why I'm a bit hesitant about the idea of waxing. lacquering coins does alter the way they look and hide flaws so I would advise against it. • I prefer the idea of waxing as its much easier to remove, and on a metal like zinc it will be partly absorbed by the coins surface making it less noticable. • I think its interesting that museums use wax to preserve exhibits I wonder whats in their special wax. My guess is its based on bees wax.  Those pots of bee's wax furniture polish might work well? they normally have a solvent with the wax to help it get absorbed by the woodIn the advertisement on ebay it gives some good information why it's preferred by museums and collector's but I'll let you read it rather than me copy it to here.

Denmark 1951 5 ore
Posted: 2-Sep-2013, 06:28PM in Numismatic questions

It mentions in the catalogue about straight 5 or slanted 5, would this be the denomination 5 or the date 5 ?

Spotted on Ebay, etc
Posted: 2-Sep-2013, 06:02PM in Free discussion

I have one of those coin cases they are from Lidl cost £20 each.

Looking for coins from IRELAND
Posted: 2-Sep-2013, 05:37PM in Swaps and trades

view my swap list I have quite a few and more to add.

Your favourite passtime while sorting your coin collection
Posted: 1-Sep-2013, 02:29AM in Free discussion

What do you enjoy doing while you sort out your coin collecting, I love listening to music with my favourite drink (Irish coffees) as I find very relaxing, well until I've had too many but by that time I can't even see the coins properly never mind sort

I need a valuation.
Posted: 1-Sep-2013, 02:16AM in Coin identifications and valuations

vg/f at best to be honest

Phil leaving - Do not let it happen!
Posted: 1-Sep-2013, 01:49AM in Free discussion

No doubt p is reading these messages and all I can say is he will be missed. • PHIL WE MISS YOU MAN  

My Ebay shop
Posted: 1-Sep-2013, 01:46AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: apukingThank you Tony two very pretty coins you bought, I'm happy that they will go to a good collectors home and to a member of Numista. Because you bought 2 I will throw in a surprise extra coin  I usually only do that when someone spends at least 100€ but because you are a Numista member you´ll get the extra gift. • Cheers, • PaulThank you apuking that is very much appreciated, just pleased you advertised on Numista otherwise I would have probably missed out. • many thanks TK

Queen Anne Halfcrown 1707
Posted: 31-Aug-2013, 09:14PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Just a small point about adjustment marks, although this is the first I have heard of them. I would imagine any adjustment marks on silver/gold coins would not be on the face of the Monarch as defacing the monarchs head is regarded as a crime in itself so this would certainly not be the case from any minting company producing coins for the UK/England. • So my point of view surface marks are from general circulation. • It is still a very nice coin, not one I would purchase myself as I only go back as far as Victoria, as for price I think you paid a fair price.

Great Britain coins
Posted: 31-Aug-2013, 08:16PM in Swaps and trades

I have hundreds of pre decimal coins available but I don't have them listed but If you would like to send me a list of what you need I may be able to help. • regards • Tony K

Help to I.D. some Roman? coins please
Posted: 28-Aug-2013, 08:00PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Currently actively searching for...................
Posted: 24-Aug-2013, 10:30PM in Free discussion

I could help you out with most of the coins you're after with the exception of the Edward florin

Genuine Proof?
Posted: 29-Jul-2013, 08:36AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ZuluRaptorSpaceQuote: SmartOneKgThe words that Monephil has are perfect. • In English we call the mirror part "cameo" but we also use "mirror-y". To me, your coin looks cleaned, but it's really hard to tell. "Cameo" refers to the mirror. "Deep Mirror" and "Cameo" are the same.This is incorrect as cameo refers to the image being frosted or matt finish and NOT the MIRROR finish. See link for more info •

7 Mace 2 Candareens - Guangxu... just picked this up
Posted: 15-Jul-2013, 07:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: BSmithiyep, husband just weighed it.  It's suppose to be 27.4 it was 26.6 • Left my son in tears, it was for him.  That sucks.  I was worried when I couldn't find it anywhere online lol.That is not a great deal weight difference especially a coin of that age, it's only .8g out, wear and tear could make that difference easily. Have it checked properly or if possibly put separate pictures of obv & rev

Chinese brass coin
Posted: 13-May-2013, 08:51PM in Coin identifications and valuations

value up to $700

Any idea what this one is??
Posted: 10-May-2013, 09:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Here's one of my replica ones. •

Canada 2012 1 Cent Coins
Posted: 10-May-2013, 08:46PM in Swaps and trades

Let me know what you want for a roll please.

Questions about change in UK
Posted: 10-May-2013, 08:09PM in Numismatic questions

Another example of how precise the vending machines are would be when they changed the 5p metal in 2011 which is now magnetic and ever so slightly thicker than it's early version but exactly the same weight, but would not work in the vending machines and caused quite an uproar as the manufactures had to recalibrate the machines to suit the coins. • This is the said coin mentioned above. •

50p basketball...
Posted: 5-May-2013, 07:19PM in Free discussion

It might have been 1 of the special offers they have/had on

East Africa old coins
Posted: 1-May-2013, 06:56PM in Swaps and trades

Could put some pictures up of the actual coins please

What's your favorite "rare" coin?
Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 10:48PM in Free discussion

This one is so rare it's ULTRA RARE. •

Queen Beatrix Medal
Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 06:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have this large Beatrix medal/medallion dated 1938-1998 measures 50mm and weighs 64g could anyone tell me anything about it, why it was made, what occasion and possibly who made it. •

Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 06:32PM in Numismatic questions

If it's not removed or some preventative measures aren't taken then you might as well bin it, as it will only get worse. Even very serious collectors clean coins, yes I know it's says you shouldn't but lets be honest I bet the majority do even if it's only a very gentle wash with warm mild soapy water, but it's still cleaning.

British West Africa two shilling 1938 grained edge
Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:25PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ovwighoHello, •     I have 2 shilling of British West Africa Coin of King George Dated 1920, 1922 and 1927 to sell now. If any person interested, they can get back to immediately with their offer soon. • you can email me for discussion about the coin and transaction. • Jomets53@yahoo.comGood luck with that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Error message when I click on "Get more coins"
Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:23PM in Swaps and trades

You can still add to swap by selecting the persons profile then select swap list then choose the coins you wish and add them as normal.

Problem in adding coins
Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:21PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It's been happening for a couple of days now, what you need to do is click on person profile view coins in swap list then select and add, just as if you were starting a new swap but they do add to existing swap if you have one already started.

MPCC II: Voting F 14
Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:57AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:41AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:40AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:40AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:39AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:38AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


MPCC II: Voting C 15
Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:38AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:37AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


MPCC II: Voting D 16
Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:35AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


MPCC II: Voting C FINALS (16)
Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:33AM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#1 obv for both

MPCC II: Voting A 16
Posted: 30-Apr-2013, 12:32AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


New Coin Collector
Posted: 29-Apr-2013, 10:27PM in Free discussion

Hello David, welcome to the site. If you do decide to use eBay make sure you check their feedback, and see if they have been selling individual coins, if you're planning on buying job lots. If they have then you know you're getting the leftovers from a well-picked lot.

Looking for British shillings
Posted: 28-Apr-2013, 11:02PM in Swaps and trades

got loads of GVI & QEII

Zincy goodness
Posted: 27-Apr-2013, 11:18PM in Free discussion

I'm busy sorting this lot out. •

UK 2007 Act of Union £2 error coin
Posted: 27-Apr-2013, 10:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Are you on about it being slightly off-centre - if so it's very common with bi-metal coins.

1921 German zinc 10 pfennig grading
Posted: 27-Apr-2013, 10:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Another picture but this time not in direct sunlight but still natural light, also slightly out of focus (didn't use tripod) •

Posted: 27-Apr-2013, 02:36PM in Free discussion

I think I'm going the opposite way to you Ben, I was only collecting UK but I'm now finding myself veering off into other countries especially pennies. I do think this is mainly because of the huge joblots I have purchased over the last few years has giving me more options, but I have also found that I'm neglecting my main purpose of UK coins.

European map from 1000AD to today
Posted: 26-Apr-2013, 05:32PM in Free discussion

That's quite amazing the amount of changes through the time, very interesting.

security edge
Posted: 26-Apr-2013, 10:40AM in Numismatic questions

Cheers Ben, That answers why some have it and some don't.

Huge coin
Posted: 26-Apr-2013, 10:37AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: redsmithstudiosTony do you have a link to that? •   I have seen some really large bullion stuff usually in a case. Never seen a coin like that, but its really just bullion too. None the less, very cool.Here's a link, but I think you need to be registered to see the availability. •

Anyone have an oxidized copper coin?
Posted: 25-Apr-2013, 11:13PM in Coin identifications and valuations

test one: look darker but most things do when wet. • test two: no • test three: no • I hope this helps you, but you could always put a picture up and ask peoples opinions of the coin.

¼ Penny - Elizabeth II
Posted: 25-Apr-2013, 12:34AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Looks like it been nickel plated

Most amusing coin
Posted: 24-Apr-2013, 07:49PM in Free discussion

Quote: ZacUKWhat were the mint thinking? I was going to get this coin as it is an error - it is dated 900 years too early (1086 instead of 1986) so that is first mistake, and then I saw the portraits ... • It's a Chinese fake which probably answers why the date is wrong and the portrait is damned ugly, I don't even think Uganda actually produced one of these at all.

[solved] Three unknown coins (all now solved) !
Posted: 23-Apr-2013, 11:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ZacUKYes !! Thanks you two - now all three solved (and in less than an hour). Thanks to all who found the information - I would have no idea where to look. Much appreciated.   • So number 3 is > Jorvik Coin  -  Pewter replica of a coin minted at Coppergate in Viking Age York.No but No.1 is  

1997 Netherlands 10 Euro
Posted: 23-Apr-2013, 11:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: eazy.dogNederland 10 Euro 1997 "P.C. Hooft" - Phantasiemarke/Fantasy tokens • you

Members of Numista; what is your age?
Posted: 23-Apr-2013, 11:46AM in Free discussion

Found this very appropriate as it's both my initials and age •

Picture updating
Posted: 22-Apr-2013, 06:30PM in Numista catalogue

Is anyone taking care of the requests for picture updates (better quality) as I have uploaded several myself but nothing has changed yet, or is this another job that only the boss is allowing himself to do?

1901 Netherlands 1 cent
Posted: 22-Apr-2013, 09:20AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ZacUK • •   On the KM# 130 page it was pointing out that KM# 131 has the correct spelling with G • So KM# 130 is an error coin as it has KONINK (and if someone has KONING they have KM# 131)   • From what I can gather the difference between the 2 is the amount of shields and not the spelling error.

5 Rupees Nepal - 2038 (1981) Commemorative issue Nepal Rastra bank Silver Jubilee
Posted: 21-Apr-2013, 05:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

you mean this one •

Queen Mary ship medal
Posted: 20-Apr-2013, 08:01PM in Coin identifications and valuations

This is an original •

1/2 franc with privy marks missing
Posted: 20-Apr-2013, 03:40AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: CeruleanStill no answer?  I figured I'd got a fast response what with the high level of French users on Numista.Funny you should say that, but I find  the majority of French users are not interested in their own coins  simply because they are so easy to get.

Letters after dates in coin lists
Posted: 19-Apr-2013, 09:20AM in Coin identifications and valuations

this one is on the obverse at the top of the coin • • this one is on the reverse below the 5 • • this one is the same as above • • and also this one is the same • • this last one is to the left of the date •

Aruba Columnar Cactus Token
Posted: 18-Apr-2013, 01:09PM in Coin identifications and valuations

They are casino tokens

Independent Irish coins before 1949
Posted: 18-Apr-2013, 09:05AM in Swaps and trades

You should check my swaps m8 I got a canny selection of pre 1949 Irish coins

Brass or Bronze
Posted: 18-Apr-2013, 12:22AM in Numismatic questions

Thanks all got a bit confused as sometimes they do look very similar, but then remembered I've got loads of brass 3 pence's so just compared with those. Main reason I asked was because I have a 1943P Suriname 1 cent which I now know to be brass rather than bronze.

Help to I.D. 2 coins please
Posted: 17-Apr-2013, 11:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: manxcat12I'd also be interested in some of the less damaged coins there.  Hi Manx, you can see which ones arnhemcoin has chosen so whatever you want from what's left just let me know, I'll put to one side for you.

Suriname 1943P 1 cent
Posted: 17-Apr-2013, 09:33PM in Numista catalogue

cheers zac

Posted: 17-Apr-2013, 09:01PM in Swaps and trades

Are swapping coins from your collection, if so you need to select them fro exchange.

UK 1936 pennies
Posted: 17-Apr-2013, 05:30PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Still wouldn't have them they are horrible

China cash coin & Netherlands 1981 5 cent silver
Posted: 17-Apr-2013, 09:18AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you for all the info, the coins/tokens/restrikes listed, I think I have most them. I will sort them out and put up some pictures.

Personal classifications of coins
Posted: 17-Apr-2013, 01:22AM in Free discussion

Quote: neilithicI have hesitations about that because then you get items like proofs and sets that are made for collectors and all go straight into collections.  Although most of them have mintages of only a few thousand, they are pretty easy to get hold of.  On the other hand, a circulating coin with a mintage of only a few thousand is much harder to come across. • That's one of the reasons why proof coins should have a separate listing.

1992 UK 10 pence
Posted: 17-Apr-2013, 12:46AM in Numismatic questions

most scrap yards won't buy it without proof of I.D now, so I think that has stopped a lot of it being thieved.

1990 1 pfennig question
Posted: 16-Apr-2013, 10:55AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you Lidian

[solved] A riddle (SOLVED!)
Posted: 16-Apr-2013, 09:21AM in Free discussion

Well done Elvis and cheers manx for the quiz

Popular swap list coins.
Posted: 16-Apr-2013, 01:06AM in Free discussion

almost anything silver

Show us your coin sets
Posted: 16-Apr-2013, 12:38AM in Free discussion

A few sets I had close to hand. •

4 Unknown coins help
Posted: 15-Apr-2013, 07:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Has any got any idea what the 4th coin is please

Your most beautiful silver coin(s)?
Posted: 14-Apr-2013, 11:05PM in Free discussion

Just got this in a job lot •

Israel Coin and Medal
Posted: 12-Apr-2013, 09:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would say medal as there is no value on.

Scarce coin double whammy grading advice!
Posted: 12-Apr-2013, 08:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

1st coin f 2nd coin vf

2009 Kew Gardens UK 50 pence
Posted: 12-Apr-2013, 04:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Just remembered the ice cube test, thanks for your replies it help my memory recall.

Looking for Cape Verde Coin Set 1994 "NAVOS"
Posted: 12-Apr-2013, 04:31PM in Swaps and trades

There's several 100 madalan available here. •

1982 Falklands set is it proof or bunc ?
Posted: 12-Apr-2013, 12:26AM in Coin identifications and valuations

28.28 grams for the silver one m8, call in if you can't get it weighed and use my scales

1974S dollar grading
Posted: 11-Apr-2013, 10:43PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hi All, I would like some opinions on the grade of this coin please, preferably in US standards. •

Posted: 10-Apr-2013, 08:52AM in Free discussion

They certainly are  

Make a humorous numismatic Story!
Posted: 9-Apr-2013, 10:59PM in Free discussion

That I had found in some rubble

Tristan da Cunha - Pope John Paul II
Posted: 9-Apr-2013, 10:49PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Mark240590Is this a London mint office special ?No don't think it is m8 as it probably wouldn't be on NGC. I know the Royal Mint have some as well, one of them being the Napoleon £5

"Hobby supplies"
Posted: 9-Apr-2013, 08:52PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: kierandoran67My local post office is very good - they always smile when I say hobby supplies, but today the new girl thought I said hobbit.LOL, she must have just got the film as it's just been released on blue ray and dvd.

Is my 1900 Liberty nickel a proof or business strike?
Posted: 9-Apr-2013, 07:05PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: happycustardAlso, I was wondering, does black mean fake?I wouldn't have said so, it's probably just down to how it's been stored or where it's been.

Bulk Lot recommendations
Posted: 9-Apr-2013, 08:49AM in Numismatic questions

I look for larger job lots that don't sell on ebay then make them an offer, been quite successful up to now.

Coins with tape glue
Posted: 6-Apr-2013, 11:59PM in Swaps and trades

A small example of one method I use for smaller quantities. Cut the card to approximately the size of the envelope being used to reduce movement with the envelope then follow steps below. Notice how the serrated cardboard is removed before placing coins in position. • • •

Posted: 5-Apr-2013, 07:01PM in Free discussion

Hello Jello welcome back

Remove double coins after a trade
Posted: 5-Apr-2013, 03:03PM in Numista website

The easiest way of doing this is to go back to the actual swap, click on coin you have exchanged then remove. This does need to be done manually unfortunately.

stumped please help
Posted: 5-Apr-2013, 02:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

oops sorry my mistake read the text without taking note of the design

.1's, .2's... a's, b's ... mint marks... are they really different?
Posted: 5-Apr-2013, 02:54PM in Numismatic questions

Yes I would try and get all variations otherwise I would always feel that that particular collection would be incomplete.

If you were a coin where would you hide ?
Posted: 4-Apr-2013, 11:18PM in Free discussion

shoes, slippers, under a piece of furniture, behind furniture leg, inside a bag, the hem of a pair of trousers, a pocket. Good luck find it m8

1973 Barbados One Cent-FM, Matte...value?
Posted: 4-Apr-2013, 01:20AM in Coin identifications and valuations

this is NGC value your coin is the highlighted one •

California Gold 1884 round
Posted: 3-Apr-2013, 09:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The 1st link is about the coins/tokens themselves, the 2nd link is apparently a genuine one sold on ebay last month (not that I'm saying yours isn't). • •

Oldest coin you've found in your change?
Posted: 3-Apr-2013, 07:26PM in Free discussion

Unfortunately in the UK we won't find anything older than 1971 due to decimalisation, unless it's a foreign coin of very similar size slipped in there by mistake or purposely to fraud someone of their correct change.

is there a way
Posted: 3-Apr-2013, 07:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

If a coin has been minted in proof there would normally be a record of it in Krause or similar coin books.

Uganda 1 Shilling 1976 km#5a - What value???
Posted: 3-Apr-2013, 07:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have no idea why they sell for that price other than demand as at 10,000,000 it's certainly not rare, plus I can't see any mention of them being melted down. The 1st advertisement I would take with a pinch of salt as I have checked ebay finished auction and the highest is £56 in Aunc condition, vf or -vf would reduce this value considerably.

Posted: 2-Apr-2013, 09:35AM in Most Popular Coin Contest

both very nice coins but would have to side with #1 for the design

Posted: 2-Apr-2013, 09:34AM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#2 I prefer the design

Posted: 2-Apr-2013, 09:33AM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#2 for the dragon

Posted: 2-Apr-2013, 09:32AM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#1 for the big cat

Posted: 2-Apr-2013, 09:31AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 2-Apr-2013, 09:31AM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#2 far better design

Posted: 2-Apr-2013, 09:29AM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#1 regardless of condition & quality because it's a coin

Isle of Man and Gibraltar coins value
Posted: 2-Apr-2013, 09:22AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Around the £10 mark if selling on ebay

1963 Franklin half dollar question
Posted: 2-Apr-2013, 01:34AM in Coin identifications and valuations

here's some very good information on the Franklin half dollar. •

'Pattern?' 1915 Austria 4 Ducat
Posted: 1-Apr-2013, 08:19PM in Numismatic questions

Hi Dan, I personally collect both proof coins and circulation coins mainly from the UK, I would also like to get my hands on pattern coins but most come at a rather high cost, so I need to save up a lot and hopefully manage to get some at some point before I retire. Here's a site that sells pattern coins, but looks like the majority are US coins. If I come across anymore I will send you the links. •

Looking for these coins - please help
Posted: 1-Apr-2013, 11:30AM in Swaps and trades

You could try Listia or Ebay

Condition of Norway 1888 1 Krone
Posted: 1-Apr-2013, 11:28AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would agree with Ben on this fine

como subir mi coleccion a la lista
Posted: 1-Apr-2013, 12:53AM in Numista website

it's probably off a long time ago when Portugal was under Spanish rule, or could simply be a commemorative coin your looking at like the Lisbon expo or similar. At one time Portugal had a very large Colony across the globe until England Spain & the Dutch wanted to share in it's economy. I could go on about many other things like the many battles and so on. But it's History and Lisbon now is Portuguese.

value and grade please
Posted: 31-Mar-2013, 10:18PM in Coin identifications and valuations

If you're upset about a swap going sour I don't think you should be bitter with fellow collectors who are simply trying to help you with your queries.

2012 diamond jubilee 50p IOM
Posted: 31-Mar-2013, 10:14PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: monéphilAh, it's possible! • Maybe in royal mint or canadian mint...The London Mint Office is the one Mark is on about who do not make coins officially for any country but produce coins very similar to regular and rare coins with the hope of collectors buying them. They also purchase coins that have been made by the Royal Mint and re-package them and sell at ridiculous price. If any of you can remember the error 20p with no date; the above-mentioned company put out advertisements offering £50 per coin, then later offered £100. Now several years on they are now selling them at ridiculous prices (not sure how much as I can't find the advert anymore).

German state of Hannover
Posted: 31-Mar-2013, 09:54PM in Numismatic questions

Hi Mark, if you look into the history which no doubt you have, our Royal family from many years ago and to date are truly not British but mostly European. I know this didn't answer your question but simply on the scale of it that's probably why.

Looking for
Posted: 31-Mar-2013, 05:48PM in Coin identifications and valuations

look under Benin, they are available on Ebay but not cheap

Tri-metallic coins
Posted: 31-Mar-2013, 05:33PM in Numismatic questions

just type tri metallic into the search there should be quite a few

Hadrian coin (Roman) wanted
Posted: 31-Mar-2013, 03:45PM in Swaps and trades

Have a look here, it's a shop in Carlisle •

SA coins grading
Posted: 31-Mar-2013, 01:05PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: Mark240590South African ? • If so I need GV 1penny1 lolEnglish pennies m8

Honing grading skills
Posted: 31-Mar-2013, 03:03AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: bam777Grading is something we all need to learn and work on. Phil would love this thread. I hope he returns soon. • I have recently got my hands on a lot of 20s - 40s Irish coins. Their catalogue values are very high but grading them is tough. I always have to think lower. Interestingly a note on my book says for a coin of these dates to be UNC they would expect some mint lustre on the coin.I also have a lot of these Ben, I will post some pictures up of the better quality ones. Mind saying that a lot of the earlier ones have already gone to previous swaps but I do have some with almost full lustre.

1986 silver 2 pound coin.
Posted: 31-Mar-2013, 01:59AM in Numismatic questions

I have myself, if I can rake it out tomorrow (Sunday) I'll post a picture then you'll know for sure.

Coins with animals
Posted: 30-Mar-2013, 09:12PM in Free discussion

Isle of Man crown •

Best way to photo a proof coin?
Posted: 30-Mar-2013, 08:15PM in Numismatic questions

Have a look at this it may help you out. •

Royal Mint to remove cupro-nickel coins from circulation.
Posted: 30-Mar-2013, 01:06AM in Numismatic questions

I've still got about 50kg of the pre decimal cupro nickel stuff m8.

Websites for error coins
Posted: 29-Mar-2013, 04:25PM in Numismatic questions

Does anyone know of any really good sites for error coins, as I have accumulated quite few and would like to get more information on them.

Yugoslav currencies of World War II
Posted: 29-Mar-2013, 03:07PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: manxcat12Also, what was the currency of Montenegro and Albania during these years, the lire?Albania was still the Lek, although under Italian occupation.

5 Pesetas 1888 Spain
Posted: 29-Mar-2013, 12:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Postage costs
Posted: 28-Mar-2013, 07:17PM in Free discussion

UK postage costs from April 2nd 2013. •

[solved] Somerset - Bath token
Posted: 28-Mar-2013, 06:09PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hello Imre, It is an entry token to the Baths within the Somerset Botanical Gardens, I had this one until I sold it on Ebay and got just over £17 + P&P •

5 yen coins need dates please
Posted: 28-Mar-2013, 05:51PM in Coin identifications and valuations

4x Showa and 2x Heisei this should help you a little more, all you need to do is work out the year

Identification help is needed
Posted: 28-Mar-2013, 09:30AM in Coin identifications and valuations

It certainly looks Afghanistan but maybe not a circulation coin as the coin/token/medal looks to have a small piece removed possibly a loop.

Egypt 1938 different coin types
Posted: 28-Mar-2013, 02:45AM in Numismatic questions

There is one very slight difference in the letter on the obverse   و the other   ؤ  as I can't read Arabic I don't know how much of a difference it is between the two letters (symbols)

Removing glue from coins?
Posted: 27-Mar-2013, 10:09PM in Numismatic questions

acetone is the best thing for removing glue

New to coin collecting & to forum..question
Posted: 27-Mar-2013, 08:01PM in Coin identifications and valuations

NGC valuation •

UK 2013 2 pounds Guinea
Posted: 27-Mar-2013, 05:14PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: Mark240590Ef that ! I just want a proof set lolFor the commemorative proof set with out the basic coins is £60

Proof or Not
Posted: 27-Mar-2013, 09:31AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would like some advise as to whether this is proof quality or not please. •

Weight??? 1881 Portuguese-India GOA 1/8 Oitavo De Rupia KM# 309
Posted: 26-Mar-2013, 09:52PM in Numismatic questions

That is some great history and family memories for you to treasure.

Belgium 1901 5 centimes
Posted: 26-Mar-2013, 06:44PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: cobraHello. • No! it is the French version! • It is available with both engraving lion is the difference between 44 and 45 KM • MichelThank you for the help - the one I do have is the KM# 45

US 5 Dollars
Posted: 26-Mar-2013, 09:09AM in Numismatic questions

Now that I think about it Torontokuba's answer sounds about right. Apologies to those I disagreed with.

Mystery 10? Coin
Posted: 26-Mar-2013, 01:44AM in Coin identifications and valuations

To me it looks like it's been turned into some kind of tool or to fit a piece of missing machine part.

Help I.D. 4 cast coins
Posted: 24-Mar-2013, 07:38PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Kenny, I certainly would be - just let me know what you're offering please. PM me

[solved] Arabic, possible Egypt 1327 YR6 ????
Posted: 24-Mar-2013, 04:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

look under ottoman empire

Post your favorite picture you took
Posted: 24-Mar-2013, 02:44PM in Free discussion

Yes I did notice it. • This picture was taken down in Scarborough last year. •

Where is spring?
Posted: 24-Mar-2013, 01:09PM in Free discussion

Quote: manxcat12Quote: manxcat12It's actually quite nice (on and off of course) here in London. It promises to turn out nice and sunny over summer.  It's snowing outside. Wish we could get some, it keeps bypassing us here.  

☻♥ Happy Birthday to Numista !!
Posted: 24-Mar-2013, 12:10PM in Free discussion

Maybe you could just simply commemorate Numista's birthday + amount of years and actual amount of members on that day on the rev of the coin

Pentref Llechwedd village
Posted: 24-Mar-2013, 11:34AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: AndreyProbably this one • does mention that the coin he has is a penny so it probably won't be that one, the half penny also exists from the same mining village. I will add the half penny to the catalogue a little later.

Long live coin collecting
Posted: 23-Mar-2013, 10:48PM in Free discussion

I'll give away two 1965 Churchill Crowns to the first two that PM me their postal address regardless of which country you're in.

50 years of Doctor Who
Posted: 23-Mar-2013, 10:29PM in Free discussion

available on ebay •

Earth Hour
Posted: 23-Mar-2013, 09:02PM in Free discussion

I won't be either as mark has said it's a load of b****cks, and I have reduce my electric usage by using low voltage/energy bulbs and so on, but not to reduce my carbon footprint, but simply to reduce my household bills.

NGC question Please HELP!!
Posted: 23-Mar-2013, 07:36PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: EdgarfiveSorry - I'm in an auction and don't know what to have as my maximum bid.Sorry - that's one thing that is certainly your choice, but I would advise have your max bid at the ready if your on eBay and wait until the last 4/5 seconds and then confirm bid, that way if it goes above what you're willing to pay then you can't make another bid and over budget.

I can't decide... melt or not
Posted: 23-Mar-2013, 05:59PM in Coin identifications and valuations

What must also be taken into consideration here is the fact that it is not pure gold .999 so therefore is possible to corrode.

1867 US 5 cent
Posted: 23-Mar-2013, 05:35PM in Numismatic questions

Solved I now know the difference thanks to Daryl.

US 1 cent 1982
Posted: 23-Mar-2013, 05:33PM in Numismatic questions

Try this, you don't really need a paint stick a simple ruler will do which most us have readily at home. •

Switzerland 1850AB 5 rappen
Posted: 23-Mar-2013, 12:03PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: bam777A very beautiful coin. Did I mention I collect Swiss coins, Tony? Hi Ben, yes I'm aware you collect these coins; I will send you some pictures later today as I have just been getting several decent ones.

Follow the lead (Country, denomination, year, or profile on the obverse)
Posted: 22-Mar-2013, 11:45PM in Free discussion

Help ID this coin? Italian states?
Posted: 22-Mar-2013, 01:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I'm not sure but it looks like it would come from Venetia, I've look in my books but can't find it, I can only see similar coins which are from Venetia

Longest running design for coinage. What gets close to Switzerland?
Posted: 22-Mar-2013, 12:11PM in Free discussion

What about Britannia on the reverse of UK coins, it was on coins for over 300 years

Operation: Red Paperclip (Coin Edition)
Posted: 22-Mar-2013, 10:31AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: manxcat12Some better images: • Now that looks far better and real

2006 Canada 1 cent mule
Posted: 22-Mar-2013, 02:59AM in Coin identifications and valuations

This is the actual coin •

What is your most ugly/boring coin you own..
Posted: 22-Mar-2013, 01:50AM in Free discussion

Quote: kommodore • Ugly.It's only ugly because of the poor quality of the picture, it should look like this • earlier version

German states - Baden (calling all heralds)
Posted: 22-Mar-2013, 12:35AM in Numismatic questions

Sorry can't answer why it is, but here is a very similar one but the lion is facing the other way. •

Authenticity of Japanese Silver Yen
Posted: 21-Mar-2013, 07:40PM in Coin identifications and valuations

you could ask the seller what the weight is if it's not already mentioned

1922 G German 50 pfennig. Grading and value please.
Posted: 20-Mar-2013, 11:48PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: rvineham@yahoo.caQuote: tony_k_1965Quote: rvineham@yahoo.caReally nice coin but according to the NGC book value you over-paid.   • It's still a nice find.  He only $0.60, I don't think you noticed the point before the 60 he actually got it very cheap.  WHOOPS    I thought he paid 60 dollars!Got to be honest, so did I at first and was going to say the same thing, then I noticed the point before the 60 lol

1965 error Canadian 5 cent
Posted: 20-Mar-2013, 07:15PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: torontokubaI don't know what you have there, here is an image of the extra claw... • know about that one but haven't seen one like this

Letter kept at the customs
Posted: 20-Mar-2013, 02:14PM in Swaps and trades

They will already know what's in it as the open them anyway. Just go along and be honest, you could also print off the swap sheet and take that along.

How to take a clear picture of a coin ?
Posted: 19-Mar-2013, 11:32PM in Numismatic questions

I wouldn't care I don't even use it, it's just what some coins have arrived in before, in fact there's still coins in them.

Monarch heads
Posted: 19-Mar-2013, 09:07PM in Free discussion

Quote: manxcat12Euww, I don't think there's an original of that.   • They didn't they only produce 3 coins with George VI portrait the farthing and 2 versions of the half penny

Swap offer
Posted: 19-Mar-2013, 07:14PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: minorQuote: tony_k_1965Ask me, if you can find anything of interest. Tony KHi Tony • I'm not sure I can meet your areas of your collection • (Uk, Canada and Us) right? • but you have some coins from Norway I can use • TorbenNo harm in trying, as I do look for other coins for my friends too.

1901 straits 1/4c Edward VII ?
Posted: 19-Mar-2013, 12:05PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Just found this: •

A coin worthy of colouring?
Posted: 18-Mar-2013, 10:56PM in Free discussion

Mine is most definitely the Aussie 50 cent it's one of the best I have seen. I also have two in my collection. • • The picture has also reminded me that I need to upload a better quality pictures.

Australian Coin/Medal Help!
Posted: 18-Mar-2013, 10:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Think you will like this link •

How much weight can a coin lose before you start questioning its authenticity?
Posted: 18-Mar-2013, 01:31PM in Numismatic questions

Very good question, but this would depend on quite a few aspects of the actual coin, material, amount of wear,  original size & weight and not forgetting not all planchets are of exact weight before being processed. • I have a 1922 UK florin which is worn but all details are visible and is under weight by approximately 3.6%, I would probably grade the coin around fine. Hope this helps you

Difference 1962 D penny what's up
Posted: 16-Mar-2013, 09:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Daryl, possibly a faulty planchet, maybe under weight (not thick enough) have you weighed it

Help with I.D. please
Posted: 16-Mar-2013, 08:58PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Due to the weight, material and diameter I would say this one. •

Is this the world's most masculine coin?
Posted: 16-Mar-2013, 08:30PM in Free discussion

Quote: tony_k_1965what is masculine about shooting ?If you're looking for a masculine coin regarding sport then I think this would certainly be one of them. •

Coin Grading Differences
Posted: 16-Mar-2013, 11:12AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Mark240590I almost always do this anyway had a poor experience tony ?No m8 just a suggestion as we have had several feeds about grading but no matter how many times it's discussed we will always have a difference of opinions.

Greek token
Posted: 15-Mar-2013, 07:56PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: kommodoreNo problem, how much is this token worth? do you know?it looks as though it's been sprayed or something, it should look like the one on the ebay link

Beware new members, read warning. Don't get ripped off!
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Hi Phil, I checked when I've posted as long as they are described as collectable coins and not just coins. Fortunately I have never had to for coins, but have done for bank notes just recently but that was also through Ebay so they have to refund the sale value. Thank you for your concern. • tony

KM # s
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Quote: georgeda1Thanks Tony! You are right on top of this. • If you found them in your KM Catalog mine must be outdated, even though it is 2001 to 2012. • Truly appreciate you help. • George • I got two from the Krause catalogue 1901-2000 the other two from here. You just type in the country and date then look down the list that appears then select the correct coin. •

Help regarding coin collection - urgent
Posted: 15-Mar-2013, 09:10AM in Numismatic questions

I agree with Ben, and maybe try gently rubbing between finger and thumb while in mild soapy water.

Voc X Stuiver?
Posted: 14-Mar-2013, 05:26PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks Andrey, I have just found it, would be dated 1786 which would be found above the crown, KM#52 • vg 25, f 40 vf 65 xf 100

Need help with Japanese date
Posted: 14-Mar-2013, 04:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations

type I has the characters not connected type II are connected

Danish West Indies 12 Skilling question
Posted: 14-Mar-2013, 04:03PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Don't think the one on Numista is an original. take a look at this one there is a considerable amount of difference with the legends and looks as though the mint mark is in the legend above the ship. •

Cook Islands 1 Dollar 1985 KM# 30a
Posted: 14-Mar-2013, 03:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The one advertised says copper nickel but is available in silver and gold. The silver and gold versions are proof coins

Coin Puns
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The blonde reported for her University final examination, which consists of "yes/no" type questions. • She takes her seat in the examination hall, stares at the question paper for five minutes, and then in a fit of inspiration takes her purse out, removes a coin and starts tossing the coin and marking the answer sheet - Yes for Heads and No for Tails. • Within half an hour she is all done whereas the rest of the class is sweating it out. • During the last few minutes, she is seen desperately throwing the coin, swearing and sweating. • The moderator, alarmed, approaches her and asks what is going on. • "I finished the exam in half and hour. But, she says, I am rechecking my answers."

'PROOF' 1979 0nza silver?
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This is true what Andrey says, however if it is damaged in any way it still remains a proof coin. They are manufactured with highly polished dies and also use a higher pressure to produce the perfect coin. Well almost, because you then get what is called a piedfort proof, which again is produced very similar but they a higher pressure again with a normally double thickness planchet.

Is it worth it ???
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If these are from the London mint office then I will say most definitely NOOOOOOOOOOO.

German coin/token help
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Quote: donmartIt's a German notgeld coin of  burg auf fehmarn (Schleswig Holstein) • If it is the zinc variation it has a mintage of 10,000 • - there's also an iron one.Thank you - that is the one.

Straits Settlement Dollars.. 'raised' or 'incuse'
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Quote: dandelatorreGood morning all... • Andrey... You have acute ability deciphering content between lines. I must applaud you. That is the coin of my interest. I brought the information you provided to the Seller's attention, and am now waiting for his response. • I visited your coin store, first time, very impressive. I understand the use for all the knowledge you have. • The sites pages are much wider than my monitor's screen. I don't know how to adjust that. • Regards, • DanGo to control panel, then you will see appearance and personalization and under that heading you will see adjust screen resolution. Then adjust screen to suit.

Nepal 1 Paisa 2039?
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Quote: @josephjkthis one? • • Not in Numista yet...Was just about to paste the same link. Nice one

Unidentified coins
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Quote: happycustardQuote: tony_k_19652nd and 5th coin Edwardian pennies I'd say all except the last one are Edwardian pennies.This is a very good link for Edwardian pennies • • This for half pennies • • This one for long cross pennies •

1990 UK proof set
Posted: 11-Mar-2013, 12:41AM in Swaps and trades

soz m8 only got 1 set

USA holed 1875s 20 cents
Posted: 11-Mar-2013, 12:39AM in Coin identifications and valuations

ngc prices •

East Africa 1952 10 cents - H? -> no H!
Posted: 11-Mar-2013, 12:35AM in Numismatic questions

It would have directly under the n in cents

What is your favorite part of coin collecting?
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My favourite part is when I have just purchased a bulk lot and sorting through, I can sit and do this for hours on end, which I have a many times. It's such a buzz when you find something special amongst them. • I also love the history you find out about some of the lesser known coins, it's so fascinating.

Posted: 10-Mar-2013, 06:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

view here I asked the very same question this is the results •

Spitzbergen - need more info
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Quote: ALLRED1950Thank you Tony; sometimes I need more help. I look on the search and did find it.It will only search in the categories that are ticked and usually the token box isn't ticked so you have to tick it manually.

1968 S U.S. penny - is it offcenter?
Posted: 9-Mar-2013, 04:35PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Daryl, I do believe that coins struck off centre are now getting a percentage rating, I have seen ratings from 5% up to 35% on Ebay, which also varies the value on percentage of off struck.

Difference between two words
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Why has this turned so trivial over something so basic ??????????????????

Posted: 9-Mar-2013, 01:03AM in Most Popular Coin Contest

Quote: tony_k_1965Thumbs up for #1#2 is giving a thumbs up for #1  

What's it like living in the States / NZ or Oz ?
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Quote: EnlilninlilQuote: Mark240590If I move to Oz, I am definitely getting a pet croc !Sorry to burst your bubble, crocks are illegal to own unless you have a special permit. Actually most native animals you need a permit, and some like the orange bellied parrot you will never be able to own.It's the same here m8 - the natives need a special permit.

Can you grade Sweden 5 Ore 1693
Posted: 8-Mar-2013, 06:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Personally I would grade it at least f+ for the detail although there is a lot of wear on part of the edge, but saying that it is 320 years old. Have a read of this link it will give some guidance to variance between UK & US grading. •

Value please
Posted: 8-Mar-2013, 03:10PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: Mark240590What got you going with this bee in your bonnet ? LolJust gots loads of Canadian coins that I really need to sort m8, they have been sitting there for too long.

Ancent Iranian coin
Posted: 8-Mar-2013, 02:14PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It looks more like ancient India very similar to a 1 tanka, but not sure.

ID help please!
Posted: 8-Mar-2013, 11:37AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: holgrafisCoin 7 • Thanks • I am looking to sell or swap all of the coins, if anyone is interested please PM me.Possibly a tea token, could you upload a better quality picture if possible (scanner).

value please
Posted: 7-Mar-2013, 03:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

1946 Canada 5 cent 6/6 variety, could any tell what these are selling for please. Thanks in advance. •

What's your lowest mintage coin?
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My new lowest mintage coin is this 2010 Zambia 1000 kwacha mintage of only 1000 •

Which coin got you started ?
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I can't say it was one particular coin, but a small collection given to many years (about 36 years) that belonged to my grandfather. Among the small collection was as I recall in them days a very large coin with very little detail left on it but I could make the date out of 1797. I decided I would go to the library (no alternatives at the time) and look this coin up. Anyway it was a 1797 George III penny and at that time there wasn't many about and they had a very good value then, close to £100 in vg condition, now the same coin today can be had for a lot less as many have been unearthed since then. The rest of the coins could be identified pretty easily. This was my starting point to which I made very slow progress in improving my collection until more recent years. I now invest most of my spare cash & a lot of time sorting, collecting and of course swapping coins with other members. My best times are going to flee markets and car boot sales looking and rummaging around fo[...]

To all the British members: What is it like to live in Britain?
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Quote: pnightingaleAny truth in the rumour that the new Brittania will wear a burkha and hold an AK47 instead of a trident?and the shield will be replaced with a backpack

Unminted 1GBP Pound Coins
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Could you supply pictures and post here please. •

Georgia imprinted war with Russia on coins
Posted: 5-Mar-2013, 05:29PM in Numismatic questions

I think this could be incorrect as I have viewed many sites to try and find any coin that has been released by Georgia, with no success, however I have notice on most sites that refer to this war all mention counter-insurgency (coin) tactics, so maybe this isn't an actual coin but a mistake by a not very successful reporter. There is a commemorative coin released in 2008 which can been seen here: •

My first silver this year
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That's a very nice Daryl, congrats

Tony did you want this
Posted: 4-Mar-2013, 07:10PM in Free discussion

That would be nice.

Token - anyone know anything about?
Posted: 4-Mar-2013, 06:30PM in Coin identifications and valuations

have a look on this site of some of the most expensive coins in the world. Scroll down and you will see an original of your coin in gold. •

1963F German 5 mark grade
Posted: 3-Mar-2013, 08:53PM in Coin identifications and valuations

-XF due to the quantity of small nicks on the obverse, (that's just my opinion).

Item posted icon
Posted: 3-Mar-2013, 06:15PM in Numista website

To all the Numista team, would it be possible to add Item Posted facility/icon to our swaps as this would be helpful in knowing approximately when your coins will arrive. • Moved by ZacUK from Numismatic questions to Numista website

Surely this must be a replica?
Posted: 3-Mar-2013, 05:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Rick, found this website that you may find useful. •

Publix Token
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Quote: dptashnyQuote: manxcat12Another example is swap being spelled with an O... Perhaps that's how you write it in the UK? Makes sense, you never pronounce your a's right!

Golden kreutzer Ferdinand
Posted: 3-Mar-2013, 01:56AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: EdgarfiveAlmost the only time are reprint is more valuable then the original is when: • A. The original is fairly common and both are bullion but the original is worn down so much that the reprint has a higher bullion value. • B. The reprint or reprinter is incredibly well know and likedThis is also true, but you will find that a great deal of restrikes are still very valuable and not just gold, take for instance the P/L restrike of British India coins (copper) many are valued around the $600 mark.

Dumb question ... How do I add coins from my collection to swap
Posted: 3-Mar-2013, 01:42AM in Numista website

If I'm right in thinking what your asking (you want to add to the other person's swop request) this can't be done. What you need to do is make the coin from your collection available for swop so that the other person may then add it to their selected swop requests. I hope this is helpful to you.

Your most beautiful copper/bronze coins?
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Quote: Potator IITwo foreign coins I can provide to "feed" the thread. Hope you'll enjoy : • Nice Indian Head

Problems leaving feedback
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I am trying to leave feedback for a recent swop, but Numista won't let say I can only leave one feedback at a time. Is this due to the fact of the swop being very close on their completion date, if so what can be done about it.

Posted: 1-Mar-2013, 10:18PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#1 although my preference would normally be Victoria but #1 is a nice obv

Posted: 1-Mar-2013, 10:15PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 1-Mar-2013, 10:14PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#2 not many French coins appeal to myself

Posted: 1-Mar-2013, 10:13PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 1-Mar-2013, 10:12PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 1-Mar-2013, 10:11PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

most definitely #2 far superior design

1 Shilling William Bros. Token?
Posted: 1-Mar-2013, 08:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Some information I have just found on the internet, looks very interesting and informative but not sure as I haven't had time to read it yet, however your token is pictured there. •

Rolls of coins from bank
Posted: 1-Mar-2013, 07:34PM in Free discussion

Quote: ALLRED1950I found something I am not sure of - it's a 2002 P Louisiana where on the front I think you can see some copper - like the top is gone but the silver colour is still on the letters not very big. It is used though.I have seen this before - it simply hasn't been plated correctly, and neither picked up by inspection. • I would keep coins in this condition as it is an error in the production. There are also ones where they have an eggshell effect due to the coin not being cleaned properly before plating.

Spanish 1 Pesetas 1975?
Posted: 1-Mar-2013, 10:33AM in Coin identifications and valuations

This is the variations you're looking for the 1st picture is the 78 variation, 2nd picture is the tilde variation. • I have however noticed that the spaced 78 and the small tilde are from the same coin, but that doesn't mean that there aren't 3 variations. This should still help you understand the differences. •

Pobjoy mint
Posted: 1-Mar-2013, 09:20AM in Numismatic questions

Hi Mark, Pobjoy Mint do have a very good record for producing high quality and although it is a private Mint they have a very good reputation. They also produce fraud proof tokens for gaming facilities. Type in pobjoy under coins on ebay, you can normally get some very nice coins with amazing designs.

Posted: 28-Feb-2013, 09:10PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: enricoI refer to coin type reported in Numista struck in silver!!!! • Thanks Bam as usual you are very kind. • Now understand because after 2 months my change requests are still pending. • EnricoThis may answer your query •

Gold and Silver Banknote
Posted: 28-Feb-2013, 09:09AM in Free discussion

20 pounds Shakespeare banknote
Posted: 27-Feb-2013, 11:11PM in Banknotes

Quote: monéphilYes, it make 45e approx, it's money too • They are on a too bad condition to go in my collection I think.It might have been 45 Euro but not any more, well since the UK lost it's AAA trading standard, according to today's paper it's now £1 to 1 Euro

Eesti (Estonian) post
Posted: 27-Feb-2013, 06:42PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: 15turtlesHello everyone, • I'm trying to buy an item off eBay that ships from Estonia, and I'm worried it would get lost in mail... • Is Estonian Post reliable? Anyone had problems with it yet?I think it's more of a problem sending rather than receiving, and as Phil has mention you have a buyer's guarantee up to 30 days.

Holed/pierced coins
Posted: 27-Feb-2013, 04:06PM in Numismatic questions

Depending on the coin itself some do not lose much value as this is regarded as being acceptable especially in early Victorian small value coins like farthings and part farthings, although there will be some slight deduction. My personal opinion is to avoid them where possible but I do have some in my collection as space fillers until the day I can replace it.

Swapping etiquette question?
Posted: 27-Feb-2013, 09:09AM in Swaps and trades

A small example of one method I use for smaller quantities. Cut the card to approximately the size of the envelope being used to reduce movement with the envelope then follow steps below. Notice how the serrated cardboard is removed before placing coins in position. •

Are you drooling yet?: Show off your most-presentable coins!
Posted: 26-Feb-2013, 11:01PM in Free discussion

New addition to my collection •

Posted: 26-Feb-2013, 10:42PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

wouldn't thank you for either but if I had to choose it would be #2

Posted: 26-Feb-2013, 10:39PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#1 I do like that shield it look great in mint condition

Posted: 26-Feb-2013, 10:36PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#2 many recovered from famous ship wreck

Posted: 26-Feb-2013, 10:34PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#2 better design

Posted: 26-Feb-2013, 10:33PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#2 its the only year of issue

Posted: 26-Feb-2013, 10:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#2 its a far superior design

Posted: 26-Feb-2013, 10:29PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

#2 because I have one

wheat cents (pennies)
Posted: 26-Feb-2013, 09:54PM in Numista catalogue

Forget what I said just noticed it's listed separately

2 Pound UK coin
Posted: 26-Feb-2013, 05:37PM in Numista catalogue

If you read the legends on both coins, one is the Bill of Rights, the other is the Claim of Rights.

1983 I.O.M. TT races 50p
Posted: 25-Feb-2013, 10:56PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: SmartOneKgGot it, the changes were made.Thank you, much appreciated

Help to identify these Chinese coin
Posted: 23-Feb-2013, 11:13PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Most coin collectors dead?
Posted: 23-Feb-2013, 02:38AM in Free discussion

Quote: tony_k_1965Quote: eminemQuote: elvis123Hello, • I also have to agree with this. Most coin collectors here are older and if I go to a coin show around here I am usually one of the youngest people there. I am 19 and I have been collecting coins for 4 years and banknotes for 7. • RegardsI win-- I'm 16! • I usually see like 1-2 people younger than me at coin shows, but mostly they're with their fathers who are the  ones with interestMe too ( young a t heart anyway)

Looking for Jefferson nickels
Posted: 23-Feb-2013, 02:01AM in Swaps and trades

Please help, I'm looking for Jefferson nickels dated • 1962D • 1963D • 1965 • 1966 • 1968D • to complete my Whitman folder 1962-1995
Posted: 22-Feb-2013, 10:13PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: kierandoran67The londomintoffice the name makes it sound very official .the trouble I had trying to return a coin they sent me , that I never ordered ...That's the main reason I have put this on the forum, I have had an absolute nightmare with them after cancelling order then they start again after a couple of months to just start sending again. I refused to pay then received letters from debt collecting agency, paid bill then received bill for the same things again even after providing proof of payment. I told them to take me to court as I have the receipt. So far I haven't heard anything back. No doubt they will be in touch again but I have nothing to worry about.

Serbian 1 Dinar question
Posted: 21-Feb-2013, 11:40PM in Coin identifications and valuations

yes a magnet would tell you the difference.

1935 crown - real or fake?
Posted: 21-Feb-2013, 11:18PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: SmartOneKgThat coin is real, I can guarantee it. I can see tarnish on the edges.fake coin also tarnish so that is no guarantee.

Impatient coin collectors
Posted: 21-Feb-2013, 08:02PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: Mark240590Whats NASCAR Phil ? A soft version of the BTCC ? In the same way "football" is soft rugby !It's boring m8, our very Nigel Mansell showed them just how easy it is after retiring from F1. Don't think he stayed there for long because of dizzy spells.  

Unknown coins
Posted: 21-Feb-2013, 01:41AM in Coin identifications and valuations

3rd pic last coin is from Russia

Stadt Grafrath 50 Pfennig
Posted: 20-Feb-2013, 04:29PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: manxcat12Different type.Just noticed m8, but still not listed on Numista yet.

Belgium 1 franc
Posted: 20-Feb-2013, 01:45PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: tony_k_1965Belgium 1 franc French text (zinc) 1944 and 1945 dates missing from Numista Catalogue, could you correct this pleaseMy mistake - it is the Belgie text.

Help to id two tokens from UK
Posted: 19-Feb-2013, 10:12PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The other one a simply an advertising token. You can see it a little further than half way down the page. •

Looking for Buffalo Nickels
Posted: 19-Feb-2013, 01:26PM in Swaps and trades

Please help me complete my collection of Buffalo Nickels.

Hey everybody from England!
Posted: 19-Feb-2013, 12:55PM in Swaps and trades

Hello Matt, welcome to the site, I would just like to point out one basic rule for new members wanting to swop, which is that you would need to post your coins first especially with an established member. I hope you enjoy many swops and enjoy the various forums available. • regards. • tony

Canadian coins
Posted: 18-Feb-2013, 11:36PM in Numismatic questions

I'm not sure but probably Canadian provinces which you can find under the country list

Numista Rarity index on Ebay!
Posted: 18-Feb-2013, 11:15PM in Free discussion

Think it's just someone using the site for reference as I can't see anyone from Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada. There is one or two members close by but not there.

Bank Notes for exchange or sale [closed]
Posted: 18-Feb-2013, 09:49PM in Swaps and trades

Notes are no longer available. Thank you for any interest.

What's a good price for 1982 Vatican City coins?
Posted: 18-Feb-2013, 08:09PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: neilithicI've seen a set of 20, 50 and 100 lira Vatican City coins from 1982 (Pope John Paul II)  I see the mintages are relatively low, avout 500,000 for each, but what would be a good price for the set? • The coins look in really good condition, about XFI've just paid £12 including postage for a 1975 proof set if that helps

Fake £1 Coins
Posted: 17-Feb-2013, 07:17PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Mark240590There's a big spate of fake £20 notes in the north east at the moment they all coming from Darlington apparently !They have been around for months m8, got offered £200 worth for £100 but I have no interest in being caught, the police freeze your bank accounts, search your house and allsorts. Fake pound coins been out there for years - if I get any in my change I spend them straight away.

20 Rappen 1887, help me grade it please :)
Posted: 17-Feb-2013, 06:23PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: kommodoreThere's no such thing as F+, must be F or VF. • is certainly F+ and -F with most if not all UK coin dealers. Unlike the US, the UK grades would have two gradings between VG, F, VF, XF, and UNC instead of using number as done so in the US for instance VG12 or VF20 etc.

Identification of seven old Indian coins
Posted: 17-Feb-2013, 03:11PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Start here: •

Euro '96 £2 is it spendable ?
Posted: 17-Feb-2013, 03:04PM in Numismatic questions

I'm sure I've got a spare one in BUNC in sealed packaging from the Royal Mint.

Edwardian pennies
Posted: 17-Feb-2013, 12:10PM in Coin identifications and valuations

here is a link to my discovery • groups

Real or not? Russia
Posted: 17-Feb-2013, 12:49AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Personally I would say it's real, as your coin in comparison to the one on Numista has a lot of wear around the borders, which would certainly account for the differential in weight.

1 cent Barbados 1990
Posted: 16-Feb-2013, 03:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It is this coin, the Numista team nead to update the catalogue to include 1990 date as this was the year that the changes were made so there is actual 2 versions for 1990, the lighter version which you have, and also the heavier version. •

How much would you pay for this 1890 Victoria Newfoundland cent ?
Posted: 16-Feb-2013, 12:42AM in Coin identifications and valuations

$25 was spot on including postage.

Your oldest coin?
Posted: 15-Feb-2013, 09:43PM in Free discussion

Quote: Mark240590Quote: tony_k_1965This is now my oldest coin Edward III 1356-1361 Penny compliments to my very good friend in Russia. • I bet the value of those are up at the moment !I do believe they are m8 especially in this condition

Any recourse for getting stiffed on a swap?
Posted: 15-Feb-2013, 07:50PM in Free discussion

Quote: mbol8Numista failed to send coin after I mailed mine. Is there a way to blacklist or otherwise report this individual?look here. •

Numista Team
Posted: 15-Feb-2013, 07:48PM in Numista website

Quote: bam777No, only Xavier has that information which he doesn't throw about. It is in safe hands. The majority of the team are catalogue correctors...a number have been 'employed' to handle French Numisdocs and to take over from the French forum moderator. The English side is in need of some extra help. I wonder if someone could take on the American time zone. ?.Thanks Ben that is a lot more reassuring.

Beer Token
Posted: 15-Feb-2013, 01:53AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: fourmack  saw this 1 but thats all i have seen ..--- • Now as you live in GB would you be interested in a swap or buy/sell etc, as i collect 1/3 farthings and have 2x 1884s and 1 1868 so far and Ionian Islands ( i have 1x 1819 2 lepta) •   • cheers DonIf you wish to make a swop I am open to all options, but as you are new to the site I will request that you post first if we come to an agreement.

United Arab Emirates
Posted: 15-Feb-2013, 01:50AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: redsmithstudiosOK, so I have a question regarding Sale of coins, •   Because I never expected to sale a coin, I never thought of this. However someone asked me to sale a coins to them and now I wonder, how can I "rate" this person to let everyone know I had a good experience? •  It was not a swap so I think it would be a misrepresentation to rate someone with stars, but I considered that you can select no rating and still make a comment on someones wall. •  What do you think, I could do this so I could rite a good report but not put any stars?I like this question and have the experience to tell. I made a request for a swop but the person in question was more interested in sales (no problem if using PayPal or similar). Anyway we made arrangement for the sale to which I requested we also made it contributable to the swop option available through Numista which we agreed, thus increasing your credibility and theirs. There was no [...]

Collector new to the forum
Posted: 15-Feb-2013, 01:40AM in Free discussion

Hello Diego and welcome to the site. If you require any info just ask on the forum, I'm sure there'll be someone with the knowledge to help you. Have good look round and enjoy.

Coin grading tutorial multiple coins at one time.
Posted: 15-Feb-2013, 01:11AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: fourmackHi • I have just added this token to the site, so what would you say to this one • • and does rarity come into the factor or just the composition of the coin itself? • I think I have said that correctly.    Hello; welcome. •  This token and questions concerning the said item should be posted here • • however it's a beer token, not one I have seen before and very nice I must say. I'm sure you will get more guidance if posted in the mentioned group above.

Vatican Proof mint set for sale
Posted: 15-Feb-2013, 12:32AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: fadaQuote: tony_k_1965Quote: fadaok, you are looking for vatican BU mint sets ? the prices of BU sets are accessible .What is the price for the BU?Price depends on the year, Vatican BU set 2011 for 50 Euro, availables other years .This one not sure of year •

Anyone know any good coin supply sites with reasonable international postal charges
Posted: 14-Feb-2013, 10:14PM in Numismatic questions

You could try this site, it is UK but I'm sure he'll do you a good deal. I will contact my family out in Australia see if they know anywhere but will take couple of days. •

1807 George III half penny - grade please
Posted: 13-Feb-2013, 07:51PM in Coin identifications and valuations

1806 and 1807 George III half penny's •

Coin identification - Hindi coin
Posted: 13-Feb-2013, 07:30PM in Coin identifications and valuations

or maybe the 1/4 anna •

1927R 2 lire
Posted: 11-Feb-2013, 06:12PM in Free discussion

one on ebay. • • one sold on ebay •

What pets do you have ?
Posted: 10-Feb-2013, 09:12PM in Free discussion

We have had several pets over the years mostly cats, this one we have now was a stray. We put notices in shop windows, vets and cat protection but nobody ever contacted us so I suppose he's our now. His name is Pirate due to having only one eye. He hates dogs and attacks them if they get anywhere near the house no matter what size they are. •

Finding out if the coin is silver?
Posted: 10-Feb-2013, 08:03PM in Free discussion

picture ? date on coin/medal/token ?

Large zinc coin/token id help please
Posted: 10-Feb-2013, 04:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: monéphilHi! • A bad copy of a Roman as os sesterce.Could you possibly point me in the direction of a picture of an original please?

William the 4th retro crown - how do I know what it's made of?
Posted: 9-Feb-2013, 02:30AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Jay, we are still waiting for pictures, so we may help you out.

Flag on Avatar
Posted: 9-Feb-2013, 02:27AM in Free discussion

I would love to put the UK flag up the government a******e, for as far as I'm concerned I'm a bloody foreigner in my own country. Can I display the Australian Flag instead as they will & do stand up for themselves & their country? Sorry if this seems offensive. But it's TRUE.

Weight of coin does not match with Numista
Posted: 8-Feb-2013, 07:30PM in Numismatic questions

I have a good search through various sites and forums but can't find anything that mentions about the weight being different. sorry

Egypt coin error ?
Posted: 8-Feb-2013, 07:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have this Egypt coin which I believe to be a major broken die error. Please look at the pictures and tell me what you think. The obverse is rather badly broken, looks like its been hit with a chisel or something but when you look at the reverse there is no evident damage to represent it being hit with something. •

What's your favorite coin from...
Posted: 8-Feb-2013, 06:36PM in Free discussion

• Israel

What is the facial value of your collection?
Posted: 8-Feb-2013, 02:07AM in Free discussion

Quote: SmartOneKgIt's very simple. • Add up the value indicated on the coins, then find the exchange rate of the final value to USD (or CAD or GBP or EUR, your choice). • I'm excited to see what values you guys have.How much time do you think some of us have, I don't even have half of my collection on here yet. But you're more than welcome to work it out for me as my listed coins are open to view. Good luck.

Name a Song or Band where either has something to do with Money
Posted: 7-Feb-2013, 11:34PM in Free discussion

Patti Smith - Free Money • The Smiths - Money Changes everything • AD/DC - Money Talks • The Who - Did You Steal My Money • Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities (let's make lots of money) • Killing Joke - Money is Not our God • Babylon Zoo - All The Money's Gone • Nirvana - The Money Will Roll Right In

Help with Asian coin please
Posted: 7-Feb-2013, 01:48AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: bam777It is as in Money Phile - I believe rather than his name.cheers I get it now. • thanks Ben

Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants name after money (that you have visited) - add pics if possible and location
Posted: 6-Feb-2013, 10:36PM in Free discussion

The Soggy Dollar Bar in the Caribbean (Windward Isles) originally got its name due to people swimming from their boats to the bar. •

Your help matters
Posted: 6-Feb-2013, 04:59PM in Numista catalogue

Thankyou for the link, just downloaded it and works a treat.

Looking for UK KM# 1112
Posted: 6-Feb-2013, 10:43AM in Swaps and trades

Sorry about delay in reply. I have been in contact with the royal mint and KM# 1112 was not released into general circulation in 2009, 2010 or 2011. The 50 pences that were released are the 2009 Kew Gardens, 2010 Girl Guiding, and 2011 was the WWF. I hope this is helpful to you.

Holland coin fair
Posted: 5-Feb-2013, 11:06PM in Free discussion

Quote: Mark240590I would love to hit somewhere like that on holiday, however I don't intend on going to den Haag although it could be an option if Newcastle end up playing them in a friendly since its krul's first team !talking of Newcastle here's a coin that might interest you mark •

Decimal coins/sets values?
Posted: 5-Feb-2013, 09:43PM in Free discussion

Quote: tony_k_1965Quote: Mark240590Yes please mate ! • I am considering getting the decimal proofs now actually since I received this one I now know what I've been missing !pop sometime m8 you can borrow my bookthis is the first 10 from 1971 • 1971 = £12 • 1972 = £15 • 1973 = £14 • 1974 + £16 • 1975 = £16 • 1976 = £16 • 1977 = £15 • 1978 = £15 • 1979 = £16 • 1980 = £15 • 1981 = £18

Your favorite song or band?
Posted: 5-Feb-2013, 09:17AM in Free discussion

Pink Floyd is the best for me, Money being one of my favs

2013 £5 coin
Posted: 5-Feb-2013, 12:51AM in Free discussion

You want to be careful with London Mint Office m8, they are a proper rip-off. I have a lot of bad experience with them. Cancelled orders then months down the line they start sending coins again. Do a search on Google m8 - they have a lot of complaints about them, there is even a section about them on

Canadian coins questions
Posted: 4-Feb-2013, 11:01PM in Coin identifications and valuations

got a msg shortly after posting about reporting him to the authorities

Blind exchange
Posted: 4-Feb-2013, 10:59PM in Swaps and trades

Got a guide dog  

small stamp collection
Posted: 4-Feb-2013, 10:44PM in Swaps and trades

Thanks all for the interest album is no longer available.

Looking for tokens medals with ships on them
Posted: 4-Feb-2013, 10:02PM in Swaps and trades

I do have this set if you're interested. •

1984 5 Yuan silver proof Terracotta Warrior - value?
Posted: 4-Feb-2013, 09:43PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: jbird01Thank you Tony_K. That gives me what I needed, a good place to start but, I don't personally rely on their price guide very much. Some coins seem to be inflated and many are listed at half of their realized value, that's just my personal experience with them though.  My thought exactly. I only use it myself for I.D. purposes; as you say their pricing is just wrong. I have a lot of coins with low mintages and sell quite well, but their prices are nowhere near.

Canada to retire the penny!
Posted: 4-Feb-2013, 09:16PM in Numismatic questions

Read about this a few month ago supposed to be stopping production later in the year.

New coin collectors
Posted: 4-Feb-2013, 08:42PM in Free discussion

Shouldn't he be reported to the Authorities such as the police or fraud squad, I'm sure that would put an end to him.

Coin/Token I.D.
Posted: 4-Feb-2013, 08:07PM in Coin identifications and valuations

pics are of obv and rev

Info need on N. Korea 100 won
Posted: 4-Feb-2013, 06:48PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Don't think this coin is on Numista. • KM# 518 • NGC link •

Posted: 4-Feb-2013, 05:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

weight & size are different

Are Mints exploiting the gullible?
Posted: 4-Feb-2013, 10:36AM in Free discussion

Quote: radrick007Nice touch of patriotism, Matt - like it! • As an update to my last post on this topic, the design of the UK Diamond Jubilee £5 coin (interestingly, they're not calling it a crown anymore!) has been released and the coin is on sale: • • And wouldn't you believe it - whereas £5 Cu-Ni BUNC coins in presentation folders have always previously retailed for £9.99, this new one is on sale for £12.99 plus p+p! I am now torn - I feel I must buy this coin to add to my collection of the other 26 (yes, 26) £5 coins that have been issued so far, but I just hate being ripped off! Perhaps I will wait and see if later on they will issue it in the basic laminated card for a reduced price - yeah, right!I, like yourself Rick, receive regular emails and offers from the Royal Mint. However I have found over the last two years that I can get a better deal at the local post office i.e. the [...]

Snap of your Dashboard :) [Closed - see new thread]
Posted: 3-Feb-2013, 08:20PM in Free discussion

Quote: tony_k_1965I'm pretty new to this site. this is my collection so far. • looking forward to seeing it when i'm close to listing all my coins.This was almost a 1 year ago, this is mine now •

What was the latest coin you bought?
Posted: 3-Feb-2013, 06:00PM in Free discussion

5 Pfennig - Bonn-Siegkreis - 1917
Posted: 3-Feb-2013, 02:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

this one •

Canadian 10 cents - Ottawa or Philadelphia?
Posted: 2-Feb-2013, 09:12PM in Coin identifications and valuations

try this link it has all variations of Canadian coins and valuations. •

Canadian Bare Belly Beaver error coins
Posted: 2-Feb-2013, 08:06PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: mycoinman1990 bb bare belly beaver canada error coin. Does anyone know anything about the 1990 bare belly beaver canada error coin?this link is about all Canada coins & variations including price guide •

How old are you ? What's your job ? And other hobbies ?
Posted: 2-Feb-2013, 12:19PM in Free discussion

I'm 47 - I work as an industrial painter mainly on seafaring vessels fitted with cable laying equipment, I also get involved with the fitting side. I first started collecting coins when I was given a small collection from my late grandfather. Other hobbies include collecting diecast model cars, building and repairing Nitro RC cars & trucks. I did use to repair TV's video and other electronic goods but don't bother anymore due to the fact it's just as cheap to replace nowadays. I also love visiting charity shops and flea markets, enjoy cycling, walking and camping when the weather's suitable ( not very often in the UK ). I will also be updating my painting certificate to the new ICATS standard very shortly ( new requirements ). When there is a shortage of painting contracts I fit  bathrooms and kitchens.

South-bound !
Posted: 2-Feb-2013, 03:58AM in Free discussion

Quote: Mark240590Haha yeah - I got asked if I was Scottish earlier; silly southerner ha:DAre they still that ignorant down there, it was the same nearly 30 years ago, you would think they would know the difference by now. Bloody foreigners m8. LOL

1704 10 sols
Posted: 2-Feb-2013, 03:46AM in Coin identifications and valuations

is there any mint mark on the coin (letter from alphabet) if so you will get some idea from here. • • would like to help out more but without pictures or more info this is the best I can do for now as there are so many variations.

German states/cities of WW1
Posted: 2-Feb-2013, 03:36AM in Numismatic questions

Lets say I had "tokens from Munster could these have been used to purchase items from say Cassel or other cities within the Germany states?

I discovered a fast sure way to test silver coins!
Posted: 2-Feb-2013, 12:38AM in Numismatic questions

It's not new - it's been known for a long time, and I do believe there is another post about this, however it is a good test.

Better joblot - how much should I pay?
Posted: 1-Feb-2013, 07:00PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: jasondoyQuote: tony_k_1965The bulk lot in question sold for £82 + £5 p&p, too much if you ask me. Did you win it Jay? Nah - didn't win. I would only go £35.00 - won some other interesting coins for £6.30 (31 in total). Will put some up for I.D. when I get them. jayJust got one myself today coins & note for £10.50, got no interest in the notes but will probably get my money back off the notes.

Valuations and what you think
Posted: 1-Feb-2013, 01:57AM in Coin identifications and valuations

1771 farthing defo not vf maybe f+ at best, too many flat areas. I wouldn't be happy with a purchase of vf then receive it the way it is. Still a nice coin though.

Totally off the subject of coin (David Beckham)
Posted: 1-Feb-2013, 12:54AM in Free discussion

£5.5 Million is nothing compared to what he will make from this new publicity stunt. Yeah it's very good for the charity but I bet he wouldn't have done any of this had he not been successful. I have very little money in comparison, but I bet I have give more to charity as a percentage. Any way point being he is still thick as a plank, and will be retired before he learns how to speak French.

Jersey 1954 liberation 1/12th shilling
Posted: 31-Jan-2013, 11:58PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: radrick007Hi Tony, your post raises several interesting issues. I think it is generally understood that the coin you refer to, the Jersey KM#20 Queen Elizabeth 1/12 shilling, was not struck in 1945 (obviously) and the date is commemorating the liberation of the island by the Allies at the end of WWII. This is backed up by the fact the strike is (correctly) identified in the Numista catalogue as ND (no date) with the mintage date shown afterwards in brackets because it doesn't appear on the coin. • However, when I searched the interweb to look for info on these coins, I actually stumbled across the previous issue, namely the KM#19 George VI 1/12 shilling which has the same reverse. When I looked further, I found that these coins weren't struck in 1945 either but in fact were struck over 3 years - first in 1949 then again in 1950 and 1952. This is where the Numista catalogue (and possibly Krause as well) appear to be incorrect. • After the king died in 1952 a[...]

If you were part of Numista Team...
Posted: 31-Jan-2013, 07:58PM in Free discussion

I would also create a section dedicated to mule coins as there are a few out there, one I have tried to get for a while is the UK 1983 two new pence.

Post pics of coins with ships
Posted: 31-Jan-2013, 07:53PM in Free discussion

• This one's for Mark •

Numista system problem with exchanges
Posted: 31-Jan-2013, 06:55PM in Numista website

I have noticed with my last 2/3 swops that the swop profile page does not seem to be holding the memory of what has and has not been selected. The problem being I have selected the coins in which I have available or suitable for the exchange, yet when the swop has been confirmed all coins have been selected. Any idea what the problem could be? • Moved by ZacUK from Numismatic questions to Numista website

US $ note to be replaced
Posted: 31-Jan-2013, 06:48PM in Free discussion

So unlike the UK when the government decided it was time to change it did and as a result there are a lot of variations in the pound coin to collect, don't get me wrong the people did not want this, where as with the US many people don't want this change even though it says 60+% would like it to happen it won't. Power to the people. (citizen smith) The UK bank note has a life expectancy of 3 month so I would imagine its pretty much the there, but as you say the cost saving is never seen by joe public as this is just spent elsewhere. Imagine how much the UK must have saved by now 30 years on from the pound note.

Wanted - Second World War (WW2) coins [CLOSED]
Posted: 31-Jan-2013, 04:45PM in Swaps and trades

If Matt is no longer a member can this thread be deleted ?

The single, most grading worthy circulation coin in your collection
Posted: 31-Jan-2013, 01:08AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: dptashnyQuote: torontokubaYours appears to be silver. Bad lighting?Looks like a scan (he should have selected reflective).

24 Mariengroschen Error?
Posted: 30-Jan-2013, 06:41PM in Numismatic questions

I think I would be asking the shop/website that you bought it from.

Your most asked-for swap item?
Posted: 30-Jan-2013, 04:46PM in Free discussion

Mine would be British territories and anything silver.

Book on Chinese Coins: Anyone got one?
Posted: 30-Jan-2013, 10:18AM in Free discussion

Quote: SmartOneKgHey guys, • Ever since finals have been over, I've been getting really deep into the research of Chinese coins before the 20th century. I'm wondering if any of you guys have either the book published by Hartill or Kann that I could borrow to improve the listings on Numista (by a lot) or one that I could exchange for coins/stamps/banknotes. • I'd like to thank a certain member for giving me a publication by Hartill of Japanese coins before milled coins in the Meiji era. Thanks to the book, I was able to improve information on many pages and I might be able to expand the number of varieties of Mon coins that are listed. • Let me know if you guys got one of those books!Sorry I don't have any but you may find this useful. •

Unidentified coin/token help please.
Posted: 30-Jan-2013, 09:25AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: monéphilWriting please?your guess will be as good as mine.

Modified dies
Posted: 29-Jan-2013, 10:22PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: torontokubaDie Polishing. • QuoteTherefore every coin struck by that die would increasingly lose even more detail as the die wore down. ... Defects in dies or planchets can produce varying quality coins. Polishing of all or part of a die also effects the outcome of the coins struck. This explains the difference in strike on coins. • To prolong the life of the dies some mints used less striking pressure, varying from 50 tons per square inch (!) up 150 tons per square inch depending upon a myriad of production concerns. The less pressure used, the more soft or mushy the coin appears. for that Jakub it explains a lot.

Iceland 2 aurar error
Posted: 29-Jan-2013, 03:59PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I was wondering if anybody knew if this is an error or not, look at the number 8 on the date in the picture. •

Looking for coins that have motif with ship from all countries
Posted: 29-Jan-2013, 10:12AM in Swaps and trades

I have a proof $5 in silver from Niue with the ship The Bounty.

Token/coin help
Posted: 28-Jan-2013, 10:47PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have 3 of these coins all different sizes but can't find any information about them, please help if you can. • Only 2 coins in pic noticed the other after pics taken. •

Heaviest circulation coin
Posted: 28-Jan-2013, 08:18PM in Free discussion

The Australian 50c is the heaviest true circulating (15.55g 31.65mm) but not the largest which is two different coins, French Polynesia 50 francs (33mm) & the Costa Rica 500 colones (33mm).

nine coins for id please :)
Posted: 28-Jan-2013, 07:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

no:5 is a gaming token

Australian set valuation
Posted: 26-Jan-2013, 07:28PM in Coin identifications and valuations

These are often on ebay for around £20 but it now.

1 soldo worth anything??
Posted: 26-Jan-2013, 03:21PM in Coin identifications and valuations

here is a similar one sold on ebay •

1984 French 5 francs
Posted: 26-Jan-2013, 01:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: torontokubaThese? ... •ècesFrancs&hash=item35c39b88e3#ht_926wt_1156 •ècesFrancs&hash=item3a7d8d8931 •ècesFrancs&hash=item2a14bacd95Thankyou

Best series for new collectors
Posted: 25-Jan-2013, 09:34PM in Numismatic questions

I would recommend UK QEII got plenty of options whichever is your preference be it by date or type, but what makes it interesting once you start is how far you wonder from your original destination whichever way or country you choose.

Military Tokens
Posted: 25-Jan-2013, 07:01PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: tony_k_1965Does any one have any info or a good website for military token.One of a few tokens I have. •

Why do some countries have odd mintage numbers?
Posted: 24-Jan-2013, 11:17AM in Numismatic questions

or the end of a batch of planchets, could also be making for any scrapped off previously. But don't know exactly why.

What's a good price for a Charles I silver halfpenny
Posted: 23-Jan-2013, 10:25PM in Coin identifications and valuations

book price F = £20 vf = £50 ef = £125 • hope this helps

Cartagena coins
Posted: 23-Jan-2013, 09:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

here's a start for you. •

1925 1/2d KGV how to tell modified or not ?
Posted: 23-Jan-2013, 09:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

modified from 1926 m8

Is this a 1790 Austrian Thaler
Posted: 23-Jan-2013, 02:47PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: tony_k_1965this is. • I think your coin should be here • • •

Gronebane 1/2 penny mule ?
Posted: 23-Jan-2013, 01:10PM in Coin identifications and valuations

here's one on ebay m8 •

USA 1 cent - smooth side
Posted: 23-Jan-2013, 12:12AM in Coin identifications and valuations

have you checked the weight and thickness?

1967 UK Penny
Posted: 22-Jan-2013, 05:58PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Is there a proof-like version of this penny, I have several with this date and have noticed a considerable difference in quality. see pics. •  

Iran 50 dinar year help
Posted: 22-Jan-2013, 03:13PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Could some one please help with dating this coin please. Note how the last digit on date is extended and swoops back over itself. • numista listing of this coin •

1895 Belgium 5 cent
Posted: 22-Jan-2013, 08:18AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: pnightingaleAre these coins from the collection you bought recently? • If so, congratulations on a great buy!Yes they are, more than likely there will be more queries.

What is your dream coin?
Posted: 21-Jan-2013, 09:41PM in Free discussion

This is one coin I would put at the top of my dream coins. • This is my copy. • A picture of an original • Any one not sure what it is, its a Gold Double Leopard King Edward III 1344 only 3 known

Denmark 1943 5 ore query
Posted: 21-Jan-2013, 09:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The other side of coin, the weight is 6.38g. Numista link below. •

1919 50 pfennig stadt buer
Posted: 21-Jan-2013, 04:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I also have this coin but in zinc rather than iron is this rare •

Notgeld 1922 50 pfg help
Posted: 20-Jan-2013, 11:00PM in Coin identifications and valuations

some more notes

Help to I.D. French coin
Posted: 20-Jan-2013, 07:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Can't find in Numista catalogue, please help I.D. 10 cent 1.6g dia 25mm •

Looking for quarter dollar
Posted: 20-Jan-2013, 04:42PM in Swaps and trades

I have lots but quite a few are not listed.

coin collection
Posted: 19-Jan-2013, 03:39AM in Coin identifications and valuations

this should have been here. •

I.D. on several coins plz.
Posted: 19-Jan-2013, 03:29AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: eminemThe last one is a token from New Brunswick, valued at a little under $10 in VG.I can't see it listed on the site, there is later dates but not this early, or at least I can't find it!

Do you value die errors or varieties?
Posted: 19-Jan-2013, 03:24AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: torontokubaQuote: neilithicwhen you get a big lot in go over it with an ultra powerful magnet, all those coins picked up go in a separate container...simple.No thanks, I do not wish to handle my coins that way. When I test, it's a small magnet and the coin is usually in a plastic baggie or holder, when the magnet picks it up.Exactly, I use small pen magnet just a little bit of drag is enough to show it's magnetic.

Tokens or what
Posted: 18-Jan-2013, 12:28AM in Coin identifications and valuations

That would depend on if that pattern was used and in the year it was proposed. This one wasn't the accepted design so is in token. •

Can UK "New Pence" coins still be spent/exchanged there?
Posted: 17-Jan-2013, 11:39PM in Numismatic questions

It's the same with old bank notes especially as it says I promise to pay the bearer on the demand the sum of (to with ever the amount). This stands for very old notes too, but that would be wrong.

How not to buy coins
Posted: 17-Jan-2013, 02:24PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Mark240590Just bashed up Matchbox cars lol - maybe I should take a trip down Yorkshire and see then lolI'm away down York on Fri m8, to pick a collection up.

Chance to buy bulk coins
Posted: 16-Jan-2013, 08:06PM in Swaps and trades

I have bought about 10 large lots max being about 55kg (120lb) still got thousands to sort. What I will tell you is I have roughly £500 in bankable old sterling & pre decimal (florins and shilling) 10p & 5p etc. As for the world coins I have sold some, swopped loads but most importantly I have improve by collection 4 fold within 2 years and I also have lots of decent coins to sell or swop.

Looking for sellers
Posted: 16-Jan-2013, 07:32PM in Swaps and trades

How do I enrol ?

Unknown coin...
Posted: 16-Jan-2013, 02:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Try ancient India.

2011 United Kingdom 5p
Posted: 16-Jan-2013, 01:29PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: Mark240590Tony do you actually collect new coins too ?Yes - got a lot of QE2 proofs from 1953

Want rid of all of my world coins
Posted: 16-Jan-2013, 12:54AM in Swaps and trades

You know where I live, plus there's always the coins you have selected on my swop list, not to mention 1950 and 1951 GVI pennies.

How do you organise your coins
Posted: 13-Jan-2013, 10:37PM in Free discussion

Quote: dptashnyQuote: bam777Country and denomination.My too.and me

Coins from England
Posted: 13-Jan-2013, 10:36PM in Swaps and trades

I would also be interest plz msg me with what you have available

Counterfeit 1921 florin
Posted: 13-Jan-2013, 10:43AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: manxcat12Thanks. • Quote: SmartOneKgWhen you see fakes with a lot of wear and / or have crude lettering, it's more likely a fake than a real. I thought that all fakes are fake!It's very true what SmartOne says; for instance the fake French 20 franc coin is more valuable than the original.

Looking for these coins!
Posted: 11-Jan-2013, 11:41PM in Swaps and trades

look through my swop list you may be pleasantly surprised. • tk

1942 South Africa penny
Posted: 10-Jan-2013, 07:21PM in Coin identifications and valuations

When it says no star after date, does the "star" also mean a diamond or dot? • thanks tk

1987 spanish 1 peseta
Posted: 10-Jan-2013, 12:45AM in Coin identifications and valuations

what is the difference in the 1987 Spanish 1 peseta and the E87 type ?

Unable to contact other member
Posted: 7-Jan-2013, 07:37PM in Numista website

My question is regarding a recent swop from a member in Aus to which I have received my coins as it this member had no feedback so posted 1st (very kindly so) I have sent messages regarding postal address but have yet to receive a reply, prior to the swop contact was no problem possibly 2 days wait being a maximum. If a site moderator could PM me so I could discuss this further would be appreciated. • Regards • tony k • Moved by ZacUK from Numismatic questions to Numista website

Pesetas and Euros
Posted: 6-Jan-2013, 01:35AM in Numismatic questions

This can also be done with old English shillings and 2 shillings 25p crowns old large 5 & 10 pences, although you cannot exchange them you can still bank them if you have an account.

Help with error 20 centesimi coin
Posted: 5-Jan-2013, 08:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: lidianbHello, • this one: I have heard that this is very common error, as the same planchets, and often the same minted coins were used as blanks!Thanks - that is the one.

In 2012...
Posted: 5-Jan-2013, 07:25PM in Free discussion

I have been a member for 14 month now and catalogued over 4,000 coins and still have a few thousand to go.

Does anyone know what this coin is ?
Posted: 5-Jan-2013, 07:13PM in Coin identifications and valuations

China Republic - 2 Jiao Pu-Yi's Wedding - 1926
Posted: 4-Jan-2013, 04:00PM in Coin identifications and valuations

If you have a set of scales try weighing it, as copies are usual under weight.

Spain and others
Posted: 4-Jan-2013, 03:29PM in Numismatic questions

try this link •

Czech Republic 10 korun
Posted: 30-Dec-2012, 01:14PM in Numismatic questions

Could anyone help with either the actual size of the 2 different sized 10 on this coin dated 1993 •

Gibraltan coins...
Posted: 30-Dec-2012, 11:24AM in Numismatic questions

so not so easy to collect after all !!!!!!!!!

2013 milestones
Posted: 27-Dec-2012, 12:38PM in Free discussion

I would like to get any UK proof sets from 1950 and earlier. This did include the 1951 set which I now have, which my wife so kindly got me for Christmas.

Photography question
Posted: 24-Dec-2012, 10:59PM in Numismatic questions

try scanning before you decide.

Can anyone identify this coin?
Posted: 23-Dec-2012, 07:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

looks like this one •

True brockage George V penny?
Posted: 22-Dec-2012, 10:26AM in Numismatic questions

ask the seller for a picture of the edge as its more than likely two coins split and joined together.

Help to idenify two Chinese/Japanese coins please
Posted: 21-Dec-2012, 11:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you for all your feedback; I have since sold this coin on eBay for £288 minus 10% for charity. Much to my delight (and the missus) and of course the charity. Anyway my point is it makes you feel better. • Cheers everyone and have a Merry Xmas and defo the best New Year as it's a new beginning for all - instead of the END. • MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL

kwang tung silver coin help please
Posted: 21-Dec-2012, 11:35PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: SmartOneKgWeight doesn't matter. • It's a fake, and I'm 100% sure.Thank you smart1. Not that it's going for a lot, its only £8 - but if it had been original then different kettle o

Silver Chinese coin dated 1723-1735
Posted: 21-Dec-2012, 04:03PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you for your help, I thought it was unusual having Christian dates.

Seaman token ?
Posted: 21-Dec-2012, 08:27AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Alreet Mark, if you can't find out from someone on here, get yourself down to the seaman's mission next to the steamboat - there might be someone there can help you.

Denier->Netherland ?
Posted: 20-Dec-2012, 11:59AM in Coin identifications and valuations

the nearest coin I can find is this 1, hope this helps in the right direction. •

William IV penny
Posted: 19-Dec-2012, 01:21AM in Numismatic questions

Where & when please. • thanks

Help with Chinese coin please
Posted: 19-Dec-2012, 01:18AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you, you know your stuff SmartOneKg. • Cheers

Posted: 19-Dec-2012, 12:47AM in Free discussion

Hope you all have a great one. Merry Xmas all. If you don't believe it'll never happen. • tony xmas

Which country has it the best for commemoratives?
Posted: 19-Dec-2012, 12:42AM in Free discussion

Truth is it depends on your upbringing and parenthood. • Me UK rubbish for commemoratives, in my opinion, apart from odd one. • Merry Christmas to you all, & definitely Happy New Year.

1857 Victoria penny
Posted: 18-Dec-2012, 04:52PM in Numismatic questions

Better pictures. •

token/medal ?
Posted: 17-Dec-2012, 06:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have just got hold of these tokens/medals today and was wondering if anyone could help with the i.d. • thanks in advance •

Posted: 16-Dec-2012, 07:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The date looks like 1849 as for the size could you take a picture along a ruler please.

1968 German 5 mark
Posted: 12-Dec-2012, 10:31PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: ctuckerCan anyone tell me how to tell the difference between the 123.1 and 123.2? • This coin: obverse of the KM# 123.2 has a stylized eagle with the denomination above.

Irish bank tokens
Posted: 12-Dec-2012, 03:44AM in Numismatic questions

hi mark I've got a 10 pence dated 1805 and also there is another variant 1805 over the 6 but where out ruled  and only coins dated 1805 could be used. they are bank of Ireland tokens. I will try and find the site and add the link.

eBay rant
Posted: 11-Dec-2012, 01:12PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: say_frostI buy some bulk lots of ebay, in a recent purchase was an Australian year 2000 20 Cent piece. The first thing I noticed when I picked it up was, its stamped slightly off center; the rim of the coin was ever so slightly wider on one side of the coin. My first thought was "Hey, I gota mis-strike here.   " But on looking at photos of other Australian coins I find that quite a number of them appear to be struck slightly off center; going back as far as 1937 and maybe before that. • Is this a design feature of the Australian coins, or is it just sloppy minting?Considering it was 1 of 1000 UK colonial royal mints until 1970 when authority was given western Australia. It does make you wonder especially when the royal mint are so particular in quality.

Canada 1 cent 2008
Posted: 11-Dec-2012, 11:57AM in Numismatic questions

try here see if there's something similar •

Canada 5c 1941
Posted: 11-Dec-2012, 11:53AM in Numismatic questions

nothing mentioned here: •

littlewoods lotto token
Posted: 11-Dec-2012, 01:32AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have this lotto token which I have done a little research but can't find any info, if any has more info it would be very helpful. • thanks in advance • pics: •

Unknown coin/token please help
Posted: 10-Dec-2012, 11:32PM in Coin identifications and valuations

thanks very much phil, very helpful

1901 Belgium 1 cent overdate
Posted: 10-Dec-2012, 09:58PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thankyou very much everyone. I will be adding this one to my swop list and the other possibly on ebay towards my uk funds.

Please help identify these two coins, I have absolutely no idea what they are
Posted: 9-Dec-2012, 01:05PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Forgot this coin/token, I have found a very similar coin here. • • If anyone has any more information I would be very grateful.

The Mary Rose £2
Posted: 8-Dec-2012, 11:12AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Mark240590Tell me about it ! This year is the first year I have had coins of the right year in my change there nearly always a year late ! I just can't understand why I've had 2012 • 1,2,5,10,20 & 50's but the £1 & 2 are '11 :SAlreet m8, I keep using notes to purchase from the post office at laygate, they seem to get quite a few.

Huge coin job lot
Posted: 6-Dec-2012, 01:01PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Mark240590Then let me know of any British colonial stuff...Will do once I receive them.

Model Quarter Farthing
Posted: 5-Dec-2012, 10:26PM in Coin identifications and valuations

They were made by a medalist to try and impove on the weight of the big copper pennies. • see link. for the model penny. •

Old English silver coin help
Posted: 5-Dec-2012, 08:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you for your help so far monéphil.

East India Company coin
Posted: 5-Dec-2012, 03:52AM in Coin identifications and valuations

This is the half anna I have only main difference is size. •

Help with coin i.d. please
Posted: 4-Dec-2012, 11:27AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Unknown coin possibly Arabic. • Thanks in advance. • Tony

1966 Australia 5 cent
Posted: 4-Dec-2012, 12:42AM in Numismatic questions

Cheers for that ZacUK

Charles I shilling help
Posted: 29-Nov-2012, 11:38PM in Coin identifications and valuations

hopefully better pictures. •

Who has military medals ?
Posted: 22-Nov-2012, 01:07AM in Coin identifications and valuations

got these haven't got a clue what they are but would appreciate any help. • sorry about the light (artificial).

1671 Estonia 2 Rundstuck... auction records?
Posted: 21-Nov-2012, 10:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: dandelatorreTony, • The coin is listed under 'Reval' KM#40 in that catalog. Do you happen to know title, author, pub. date of catalog? • Thanks, • DanI'll try and find out for you.

1989 Canada trade dollar
Posted: 6-Nov-2012, 05:25PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Is this a coin or token as I can't find it on Numista. •

1971 Yugoslavia 5 Dinara type A or type B
Posted: 5-Nov-2012, 05:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: monéphilHi! • It's this one: is it type A or B ?

1945 Jersey 1/12th of a shilling error!
Posted: 4-Nov-2012, 12:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

just viewed coin properly and it is a liberation coin dated 1945 but produced in 1954.

Commemorative Morgan Mint coin, or fake?
Posted: 7-May-2012, 12:53AM in Coin identifications and valuations

if you have a scanner it may be better

3 coins I am not sure about
Posted: 2-May-2012, 02:10PM in Coin identifications and valuations

1st coin is • • 2nd coin is •

50 pence Olympic Games coins cost
Posted: 2-May-2012, 08:33AM in Swaps and trades

If you require the full set in bu then your looking at approx £65+

help need with USSR, China, and an unknown.
Posted: 2-May-2012, 08:27AM in Coin identifications and valuations

#2 could be this one or the penny • • last one is i believe •

1931B Swiss 5 franc
Posted: 29-Apr-2012, 07:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I thought the difference would have been that the txt reads with obv facing up & txt reads rev facing up.

Value of coins
Posted: 27-Apr-2012, 03:04AM in Coin identifications and valuations

My nearest local dealers website. •

Sales turn offs.....
Posted: 27-Apr-2012, 01:57AM in Free discussion

I've gotta be honest, if it's RARE put it on here you'll get a better deal (for something YOU want) instead of waiting in anticipation 'ooh pooh(politeness) will it sell/end auction/hope for the best. • NUMISTA BEST SITE FOR ME  

value of error 1926 farthing
Posted: 26-Apr-2012, 11:04PM in Coin identifications and valuations

just found out what it is, maunfacturing problem causing ghosting on the reverse. •

1986U Sweden 5 kronor
Posted: 26-Apr-2012, 10:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks Lads for all the help, one to hang on to ( only normally keep English coins ) for the future. • tony k

U.K. Royal Mint to abolish the penny?
Posted: 26-Apr-2012, 11:14AM in Free discussion

Let's be honest do we really need a penny! how many times have you walked away and said put it in the charity box. As for 99p shops, where are they because in the northeast uk they are all £1 shops.(not every shop)lol.

Chinese coin
Posted: 24-Apr-2012, 12:11AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks bam777, but there is a little variation in my coin and the km#389.

halfpenny counterstamp?
Posted: 23-Apr-2012, 09:59PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Nothing on reverse just regular.

2010 £1 UK cities - Belfast
Posted: 20-Apr-2012, 01:54AM in Numismatic questions

Now that would be a fair swop bam777 1 pound for 1 pound. I'll reserve one for you.

1982/83/84 set
Posted: 11-Apr-2012, 10:09PM in Swaps and trades

are you looking for proof or uncirculated sets or either ?

Tristan da Cunha 2011
Posted: 6-Apr-2012, 03:23AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: tewsJust for the information, total population of St.Helena/Ascention/TristanDaCunha is around 5-6 thousands. • And considering the fact that real Nightingale islands are uninhabited, I think these pieces (from Nightingale) should rather be called "tokens", but not "coins".why?

1943 French 1 franc aluminium
Posted: 30-Mar-2012, 03:32PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: tony_k_1965Hello everyone, was just wondering about the value of the 1943 aluminium 1 franc (4400 minted) according to the stats on here. • Made a mistake scanned 2 different coins, shame though.

Old English coins
Posted: 28-Mar-2012, 03:03AM in Coin identifications and valuations

very much appreciated cheis, i will rescan later today along side a ruler. • regards tk

How can I see the difference
Posted: 27-Mar-2012, 08:57PM in Coin identifications and valuations

This may help. •

Dating Japanese coins
Posted: 27-Mar-2012, 12:29PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thankyou very much for the help. Converters will come in very handy. • thanks tk

1946-B Switzerland 1/2 franc
Posted: 24-Mar-2012, 11:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

does any one have a picture of the medal/coin alignment error on this coin please.

Trista Da Cunha 2008 five pound coin not on numista catalogue.
Posted: 21-Mar-2012, 11:05PM in Numista catalogue

Yes i know what you mean, I'm purchasing several but not many from 2012 as there are far too many released this year.

Kwangtung Province
Posted: 21-Mar-2012, 10:07PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thankyou for the help, it is a shame about the attached ring.

Blacksmith coins?
Posted: 21-Mar-2012, 07:47PM in Numismatic questions

There's also this one. • •

South African 5 shilling coin
Posted: 14-Mar-2012, 10:35PM in Coin identifications and valuations

it have the reverse of QEII 5 s and the obverse of George VI 5 shilling !!!

1945 V.E. day medal
Posted: 13-Mar-2012, 05:10PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have this V E Day medal and was hoping someone had any information about, where minted ? what or whom they where minted for, and value if any. • Thanks in advance for any help.

does this coin look like proof ?
Posted: 11-Mar-2012, 12:01PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thankyou my thoughts exactly. thanks for the reassurance.

Indo Chine Piastre De Commerce
Posted: 10-Mar-2012, 07:01PM in Coin identifications and valuations • french indochina silver 10 cents

Turkish silver coin
Posted: 4-Mar-2012, 07:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thankyou all the help is much appreciated. • Found in a bulk buy lot of ebay.

is this the same coin ?
Posted: 4-Mar-2012, 04:19AM in Coin identifications and valuations

is it quite valuable as i would like to exchange it for an equivalant british coin.

1899 French coin value
Posted: 4-Mar-2012, 04:12AM in Coin identifications and valuations

can anyone help with the value of this 1899 silver french 10 cents please. • thanks in advance. • tk

How poor is to poor, when should you melt a dismal state coin?
Posted: 4-Mar-2012, 03:40AM in Numismatic questions

and more so when like this ! •

US inbound mail delays
Posted: 4-Mar-2012, 03:08AM in Numismatic questions

hope delays aren't to bad just posted 2 gold coins to US midday yesterday

Taking photos of coins.
Posted: 4-Mar-2012, 02:49AM in Numismatic questions

I'm using a fuji finepix S9600 with super macro and can add macro lenses x1, x2, x4, and times x10. • The problem I seem to be having is lack of light, what would you suggest as an altenative to natural light ?

1983 Isle of Man (Peel) UNC pound coin
Posted: 4-Mar-2012, 02:44AM in Numista catalogue

ok thanks for info will import images once i get  some nice daylight. i also have the trafalgar and nelson £5 piedfort coins i can upload will add all description details and what not next week.

What coin is this
Posted: 3-Mar-2012, 11:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: SmartOneKgI think a photo of the coin itself would be better. • It looks like year 38 to me (三十八年). • If you ever come across a "Chinese" (or Japanese) coin, send me a PM and I'll answer it quickly for you.hi smartone could you help me out with a couple of japanese coins please.

Looking for German States coins
Posted: 3-Mar-2012, 07:48PM in Swaps and trades

I have several german coins in my swop list and will be getting updated over the next couple of days. • Tony K

Charles I
Posted: 3-Mar-2012, 12:26AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ZacUKNot many pictures about - tried to find one of KM# 175 but nothing found. Not sure what a double rose looks like (KM# 175) but KM# 176 has a single rose. Still may be KM# 177 though. • [/quote • from the catalogue, • KM# 173 FARTHING • Copper Ruler: Charles I Obv: Crown above crossed scepters in • inner circle Rev: Crowned harp in inner circle Note: Maltravers Issue • (1634-36). Contract passed to Lord Maltravers. Round shape. • KM# 172 FARTHING • Copper Ruler: Charles I Obv: Apostrophe punctuation Rev: • Apostrophe punctuation Note: Transitional issue (ca.1634) • KM# 177 FARTHING • Copper Ruler: Charles I Obv: Crown above crossed scepters • in inner circle Note: Rose Farthing. Varieties exist. • KM# 175 FARTHING • Copper Ruler: Charles I Rev: Crown above double rose in inner • circle Note: Rose Farthing. Varieties exist. Many specimens • found with a wedge of b[...]

Identification ?
Posted: 29-Feb-2012, 12:25AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: tewcdI believe this is your token: • that is the one, which sure helps as i've found more.

French coins
Posted: 26-Feb-2012, 09:37PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: ZacUKEssai means trial. It is stamped on test coins - like between the antlers in the left picture below ... • Many thanks for that zac. • cheers