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Duit Utrecht 1785 or 1786
Posted: 3-Jan-2020, 12:35PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you! I will register it as a 1785.

Duit voc Zeeland 1794/3
Posted: 4-Dec-2019, 11:33AM in Catalogue Numista

Hi Didi, • Thank you/Merci. I have added the year line and the references. • Nice coin! • Gr, • Michael

Old Dutch and Dutch Republic coins
Posted: 3-Nov-2019, 06:41PM in Swaps and trades

Hi! • Last few weeks I traded a lot of my double Dutch and Dutch Republic coins. A few are still on the road. • I have some left, so if you are interested please look at my swaplist now you still have the chance. I would like to trade them for coins older than 1900. • Thanks!

Swapping old 1600-1800 Dutch Republic coins
Posted: 15-Oct-2019, 09:46PM in Swaps and trades

Some of my coins have been swapped.! Still many more to go. Some examples. •

Looking for 1966 World Coins
Posted: 10-Oct-2019, 11:40PM in Swaps and trades

Do you have the Netherlands 1 (2 varieties), 5, 10 and 25 cent of 1966?

I'm ready to swap (German states)
Posted: 10-Oct-2019, 07:30PM in Swaps and trades

Hi Numizz, • I might be interested in some German States coins. Please check my swap list. • Gr. Michael

[solved] 1 Cash China Guangzu
Posted: 9-Oct-2019, 03:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you! You helped alot!

[solved] 1 Cash China Tongzhi 1862-74
Posted: 9-Oct-2019, 10:49AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Frenchlover"​Not yet in the database • ​Emperor Mu Zong (1862-74) • ​Obv: Tong Zhi tong bao • ​Chengdu, Sichuan. Rev: Boo chuwan • ​DH# 22.1155. Protuding head boo​The catalog is saying Tong Zhi, wat is difference with Emperor Mu Zong (1862-74)?

[solved] 1 Cash Shunzhi 1644-61
Posted: 9-Oct-2019, 10:42AM in Coin identifications and valuations • When accepted by the referee, this link will work

Chinese cash coins lot
Posted: 7-Oct-2019, 06:30AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks for helping, found it! Also found the below. •

[solved] Authenticity of a Brazilian rare coin.
Posted: 2-Oct-2019, 09:37PM in Numismatic questions

Wow, very nice! Dutch Brazil coin. West India Company

How to identify the low countries issuing authority?
Posted: 26-Sep-2019, 10:04PM in Numista catalogue

That would be great! • The list also shows county's etc. that did not mint any coins. But it's sure possible that some of this country's minted coins and aren't on Numista yet. • Gr. Michael

Has Germany 1 euro coin 2007-2019 KM 257 ever been  released for circulation?
Posted: 19-Sep-2019, 11:52PM in Numismatic questions

I live in Holland and have never seen any (and we see many German Euro's) . So probably sets only.

Lead coins or tokens?
Posted: 17-Sep-2019, 07:13PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks! Funny things. Had no idea they exist. The came in a lot of detector founds. • Don't know what to do with them yet

[solved] Unkbon possible Spanish Netherlands duit/Liard
Posted: 14-Sep-2019, 03:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks for helping me in the right direction! It is from Liege and not yet in the catalog. It is a Gigot (1/2 Liard). I'm almost certain it is the below coin. • I created this coin:

The top 10 countrys you have coins from (2)
Posted: 11-Sep-2019, 07:25PM in Free discussion

Amount - Country • 728 - Netherlands • 709 - Germany Federal Republic • 452 - Belgium • 428 - Dutch Republic • 424 - France - Modern • 330 - United Kingdom • 330 - United States • 241 - Spain • 233 - Austria • 197 - South Africa • Extra proud of my Dutch Republic collection!

Dutch East Indian coin maybe?
Posted: 8-Sep-2019, 07:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Picture is not clear enough to identify infortunately.

[solved] 1 Duit Gelria 16??
Posted: 8-Sep-2019, 01:24AM in Coin identifications and valuations

It is 1634 probably with an error 4

First Roman coins!
Posted: 6-Sep-2019, 09:31AM in Coin identifications and valuations

• Hopefully this helps!

Show me your error coins! :)
Posted: 3-Sep-2019, 09:17PM in Free discussion

• Hybrid 1 duit 1723/1722 Utrecht, Dutch Republic

[solved] 1 cent 1955 pladtic and error cent? Netherlands
Posted: 1-Sep-2019, 10:35PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I recieved an answer. It was used as learning money on elementary schools in the Netherlands.

Modifications submitted several weeks ago still not handled?
Posted: 28-Aug-2019, 03:31PM in Numista website

Hello lpm, • Please send the referee of the specific countries a message. It is holiday season, it could be that the referee is not available at this time. • Gr. Michael

Banknotes on Numista - questionnaire
Posted: 26-Aug-2019, 10:55PM in Banknotes

1 - Yes • 2- Would be great if you could select my banknotes on this site. • 3- Yes, but spreaded over a longer period

[solved] France Denier Tournois to identify
Posted: 26-Aug-2019, 10:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks all!

[solved] Unknown 29mm coin or token
Posted: 26-Aug-2019, 08:58PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks! I will add the coin!

[solved] Unknown silver coin identificafion
Posted: 24-Aug-2019, 10:41PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you! I will add the coin to the catalog!

[solved] Chinese 1 cash to identify
Posted: 24-Aug-2019, 05:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Oke thanks!

Coin to identify
Posted: 18-Aug-2019, 02:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I can't ID it right now as a Spanish Netherlands coin, indeed really need a better picture. • Thanks!

[solved] EURO-2017-Netherlands with changing the mintcode from-on Oct-2017 (like previous in 1969).
Posted: 6-Jan-2019, 08:05PM in Numista catalogue

The changes has been made.

Duplicate Listings
Posted: 25-Nov-2018, 12:00AM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "halfdisme"​Are these duplicates, or what is the difference? • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Mine is slightly larger than 22mm.​Hi Halfdisme, • There is a difference, see the reverse lettering. On it is saved as a different entry. I will try to find the catalog numbers. • Gr. Michael

[solved] Comté de Namur et Pays-bas Bourguignons
Posted: 12-Sep-2018, 05:38PM in Catalogue Numista

I have asked a administrator to add the country in the referee section. • J'ai demandé à un administrateur d'ajouter le pays dans la section des arbitres.

[solved] Guilder v.s. Gulden
Posted: 30-Apr-2018, 11:14PM in Numista catalogue

I suggest using the Dutch name. The Dutch name is also used for example for the Netherlands East Indies.

[solved] Collection history
Posted: 17-Mar-2018, 08:46AM in Numista website

My history is stuck on april 2017 and I certainly have added coins, even yesterday.

World coins chat: Low Countries - Feudal
Posted: 12-Mar-2018, 01:00PM in Free discussion

Quote: "jokinen"​Well done Michael bringing law and order to this part of the catalogue!​Thanks! It is no problem offcourse!

Spanish Netherlands coin
Posted: 11-Mar-2018, 01:21AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Please add to the catalog. • Value 1 Maille = • 4 Mites (tiers de liard) (1/240)

World coins chat: Liège
Posted: 4-Mar-2018, 01:40PM in Free discussion

Hopefully the last info so we can close the Liege section:) • • By 1465 1 Aidant Liege = 1 Patard Brabant • By 1490 1 Aidant Liege = 1/2 Patard Brabant • By 1547 1 Aidant Liege = 1/3 Patard Brabant • By 1585 1 Aidant Liege = 1/4 Patard Brabant • So my Proposal : • -1456-1465 1 Aidant = 1 Patard • -1465-1490 1 Aidant = 1/2 Patard • -1490-1545 1 Aidant = 1/3 Patard • -1545-1795 1 Aidant = 1/4 Patard • From 1545 the Florin Brabant-Liege was used and had a value of 1/4 Florin Brabant/Spanish Netherlands. • It kept this value even though the Florin Liege kept devaluating. • For Numista • Prince-bishopric of Liege - Florin Liege (1456-1545) • 1 Florin Liege = 20 Patards/Aidant = 480 Sols • 1 Brûlé = 2 to 16 Sols • • 1 Escalin = 6 Patards • 1 Patagon = 48 Patards • 1 Ducaton = 60 Patards • • 1 Aidant Liege = 1 Patard Bra[...]

[solved] Total collection value
Posted: 28-Feb-2018, 10:01PM in Numista website

I would like to see those 2 statistics to!

Values and new collection management
Posted: 25-Feb-2018, 11:50AM in Numista website

I do like the new functions. Finally I can keep track of my values and I don't mind the new overview. I am wondering though if it would be possible to see a overview on my coins with only the buying values I entered.

Brandenburg vs. Kingdom of Prussia 1787
Posted: 21-Feb-2018, 06:55AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would say Kingdom of Prussia, because of the tekst "King of Prussia". Fron 1701 to 1806 Brandenburg was seen as a part of Prussia. I would chose Kingdom Prussia.

World coins chat: Dutch Republic
Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 09:31PM in Free discussion

The gold rider of 7 Gulden is actually a 1/2 Gouden Rijder" (gold rider) The 14 Gulden coin is called a "Gouden Rijder"

World coins chat: Spanish Netherlands
Posted: 16-Feb-2018, 05:45AM in Free discussion

Nice! And great if you look in to the catalog! I have the 1695 of this type! Nice coins.

How far back can we go? The Sequel continuation (currently at 1497)
Posted: 14-Feb-2018, 07:57PM in Free discussion

1 Oord/Liard 1577 Holland, Spanish Netherlands. •

Dutch or related Gold Ducat 1701?
Posted: 11-Feb-2018, 08:43PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Maybe Eastern European or Russian imitation? Really strange coin, but also very nice.

Philip le Beau (second coin)
Posted: 11-Feb-2018, 05:11PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It sure looks like it! I can't compare the full text, but I think you are right. • Very nice coin!

[solved] Philip le Beau (first coin)
Posted: 10-Feb-2018, 11:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

There are different names for the same coin, because they were used in an area were different languages were spoken. • -Patard (French), Stuiver (Dutch), Sol(Spanish). But I agree also many other names were given! • Nice Burgundian Netherlands Brabant coin you got there!

3 patards 1621 Brabant how to identify city mint
Posted: 4-Feb-2018, 10:12PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I think I found it. On the cross side you find a mintmark after DEI GRATIA. In this case I believe you see the hand (main) mark of Antwerp. The head of Bruxelles and the tree of Den Bosch are different.

Additions to your collection - February 2018
Posted: 4-Feb-2018, 01:12AM in Free discussion

I just received this 1 oord coin from the city Huissen. Although Huissen was part of the German States Kleve and not of the Dutch Republic, the coins from 1609/1611 were imported in to the Republic and the Spanish Netherlands. These coins from Huissen are registered in the Dutch Republic catalog. Huissen is part of the Netherlands since 1816. •

1/2 Stuiver Netherlands East Indies. Variety or fake?
Posted: 30-Jan-2018, 09:47PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Yes I have contacted him some times before. I don't want to bother him with every question I have. I also commented on that other post. • I thought maybe some Numista members could help me out this time identifying this specific coin. • If I can't get an reaction on this forum I will contact Arie.

[solved] Roermond duit. Is it a fake?
Posted: 29-Jan-2018, 09:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Great news! Congratulations with your coin! Your coin is from Carlos II. Almost the same exist with Phillips II! I am trying to get that one right now.

[solved] How far back can we go? The Sequel (currently at 1595) [GO TO THE CONTINUATION THREAD]
Posted: 27-Jan-2018, 06:57PM in Free discussion

1 Liard 1607 Roermond, Spanish Netherlands. •

[solved] Silver and gold replicas
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 06:56AM in Numista catalogue

Ok, thank you for reacting.

Canada 1 Dollar KM#718
Posted: 13-Jan-2018, 07:12PM in Numista catalogue

You can add coins yourself. • • A referee will confirm if all fields are filled in correctly.

Netherlands versus Dutch
Posted: 7-Jan-2018, 10:36PM in Numista catalogue

You're welcome. I don't really understand the problem in that case. • The current country names are correct.

Authentic 3 Gulden Netherlands West Indies
Posted: 20-Dec-2017, 10:17AM in Coin identifications and valuations

That is a really good replica.. I have asked the seller to send a picture of the edge. It should be readed. The replica on alieExpress has a smooth edge.

Coins minted in name of the city you live
Posted: 24-Nov-2017, 11:10AM in Free discussion

Nice coins!

The 2017 Numista holiday gift exchange
Posted: 22-Nov-2017, 04:49PM in Free discussion

You can count me in for a silver coin exchange.

Netherlands Half Cent and Cent with big W: what's the difference between the types?
Posted: 16-Oct-2017, 06:48AM in Numismatic questions

Except for the privy marks there is no difference between them. • In all my catalogs they have seperate entries. It is confusing though that the Willem III/Wilhelmina cent is not separated.

[solved] Netherlands East Indies Japanese gold Koban VOC
Posted: 14-Oct-2017, 09:37AM in Numista catalogue

Thank you Amer! I will look in to it.

[solved] please add years - Netherland - 1 Ducat
Posted: 27-Sep-2017, 02:18PM in Numista catalogue

Thanks Amer! • 83.1 & 83.2 as KM# 83 - Willem III • • 83.1a Wilhelmina • • Gr. Michael

[solved] 1/2 gulden 1929 the Netherlands extra line?
Posted: 26-Sep-2017, 09:29PM in Numista catalogue

I just got my referee rights for the Netherlands. • I have looked into it and I will use the below varieties. • 1. 1929 - 3 pearls under diadem under GI • 2. 1929 - 3 pearls under diadem under G. • This is also the way it is described in different catalogs. • Problem: • There are 3 lines registered and all are used. I will contact Jarcek about this and discuss the options. • Gr. Michael

Deventer Rijderschelling mintmark variety
Posted: 15-Sep-2017, 09:07AM in Numista catalogue

Thanks! Now I can add my variety! Only 2 years away from a complete set (unless I find more varieties hehe)

[solved] Kampen duit KM#51 extra years
Posted: 15-Sep-2017, 08:35AM in Numista catalogue


[solved] Nepal 5 Paisa, but what year?
Posted: 13-Sep-2017, 12:00PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks for helping! It is solved.

[solved] 1901 Netherlands 25 cents "wide truncation" variety.
Posted: 8-Sep-2017, 02:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Nice coin! Thanks for the tip.

Overview of Country list changes
Posted: 1-Sep-2017, 02:49PM in Numista website

Quote: "Jarcek"​I do not, that is why I asked whether there is a better name. Renaming of country is easy. I often thought about renaming something to Mordor, kingdom of Tyrion Lannister, land of Giants or something similar. And then wait how long it would take anyone to notice. ​That would be awesome!

1 Liard Spanish Netherlands (Flanders) Carlos II 1695
Posted: 31-Aug-2017, 08:47PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Carlos II is Spanish for Charles 2. Thank you for the answer

Printed albums template
Posted: 24-Aug-2017, 09:02PM in Numismatic questions

Do you want to share that template?:)

How to organize coin collection. Help needed!
Posted: 24-Aug-2017, 08:06AM in Numismatic questions

I've managed to do this in a Excel spreadsheet for a while. Manually adding the missing years. It would be great of jou could export complete records f4om Numista, including missing ones in your collection. Meanwhile my collection is to big (8.000+) to manage it in Excel and I'm not a sql/database hero. • So if there are any ideas, they are welcome!

[solved] Coin identification
Posted: 20-Aug-2017, 09:40PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Tip! If you are searching for Arabic lettered coins, Google an Arabic clock and identify the Arabic year and the coin value. Then just use those 2 numbers and search in Numista.

6 Stuivers Deventer Dutch Republic 1683 or 1685?
Posted: 20-Aug-2017, 09:17PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have been looking for Deventer type "2" rijderschelling with years 1686, 1688, 1688, 1690 and 1691, but I cant find them. • I think Verkade 156.1(date on Riderside) is 1683, 1684, 1685 and verkade 156.2(date on armsside) is 1686, 1688, 1689, 1690 and 1691 or the other way around. But I can 't find closing info.

[solved] I can see Stuber but not much else...............
Posted: 19-Aug-2017, 04:32PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The date is not possible to discover.

[solved] Imperial abbey of Stavelot-Malmedy (651-1795)
Posted: 16-Aug-2017, 09:06AM in Numista catalogue

Super! Thank you.

[solved] 6 Stuiver 1686 (Rijderschelling) Deventer, Dutch Republic
Posted: 4-Aug-2017, 10:06AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I found a simular coin on a thrustworthy site. So it might just be a variaty or all 1686 are like this.. •

Missing period during the Habsburg empire in The Netherlands
Posted: 2-Aug-2017, 09:08PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Jarcek"​Looks great. Takes some knowledge to read correctly, but I am sure concerned referees will gladly have a look!​Yes it does. You need to have some knowledge about the different houses and era's. But It is really interesting to read about it.

Aruba listed wrong
Posted: 28-Jul-2017, 10:40AM in Numista catalogue

I think the option Jokinen has given, is a good one. • 'Dutch Caribbean' • Netherlands Antilles • Aruba • BES Islands • Curaçao • Saint Eustatius • Netherlands West Indies --> Now added below the Netherlands Antilles. The Netherlands west indies wasn't only the Caribbean, but also: • -Dutch colony's in western Africa • -Suriname • -Guyana • -The Antilles • -Dutch Brazil • -Even New Holland (New York) • -Some others... • The coins from the West Indies in this Catalog are from 1794. Some of the colony's/tradeposts outside the Caribbean were still under Dutch rule in that year. I'm not sure were those coins were used though. I'm not sure if Netherlands West Indies should be added to Dutch Caribbean.

[solved] Dutch Republic city's Huissen and Batenburg and others
Posted: 28-Jul-2017, 09:31AM in Numista catalogue

Gronsveld was a Graafschap within the Holy Roman Empire. It should be a part of the Spanish Netherlands during its mintage.

[solved] 2 stuiver Deventer 1683-1708 Different mintmark
Posted: 25-Jul-2017, 06:52PM in Numista catalogue

Thank you!

[solved] 2 Stuiver Dutch Republic West Frisia KM#106 1768/7
Posted: 25-Jul-2017, 02:23PM in Numista catalogue

Yes, and also in name of Mattias I as emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. It was a mistake to say German emperor.

1 Duit (VOC) Zeeland KM#159 1794/?
Posted: 24-Jul-2017, 11:38PM in Numista catalogue

Thank you for looking! I will just register of as 1794 then. Maybe later I will try to figure it out.

Nepal 5 Paisa, but can't identify exact year
Posted: 7-Mar-2017, 12:03PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you! Very helpful!

[solved] Unknown coin
Posted: 20-Dec-2016, 08:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks! I found it:)

Missing 1 Duit Groningen & Ommelanden 1676 in Catalog
Posted: 16-Nov-2016, 07:31PM in Numista catalogue

The referee is also not able to add a year. Who is able to add the year(s) tot the catolog?

Dutch cities to add to the country list?
Posted: 13-Nov-2016, 08:46AM in Numista catalogue

These are no coins, but tokens as you said. Only a few kind of "duiten" were minted in name of the city Delft middle 16th century. No duiten were minted in the decimalized Guilder period (1817-date) • G. Michael

1 Liard Spanish Netherlands or 2 duit Dutch Republic?
Posted: 9-Nov-2016, 06:54PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "DAZAYA"​Hello, • ​The Dutch Republic, also known as the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands (Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden),Republic of the United Netherlands or Republic of the Seven United Provinces (Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Provinciën), was arepublic in Europe existing from 1581. • ​ • ​The correct is Spanish Netherlands (insurgency) , the coin is still coined in the name of Felipe II. • ​Regards​You are right, it is 1581. Can you remove the wrong one?

Burgundian Netherlands and Habsburg Netherlands
Posted: 8-Nov-2016, 08:15PM in Numista catalogue

Thank you for the answers! It was pretty complicated in that period.

2 Stuivers 1788 Holland overdate?
Posted: 5-Nov-2016, 11:25PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thats the one. I know its normal value, but didn't knew If a double strike had a positive or negative influence on the value. • Thank you for the info.

Authentic or counterfeit?
Posted: 6-Jan-2013, 08:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you!

Australian 1 cent 1966
Posted: 15-Nov-2012, 10:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you!

Old Vietnam coin identification
Posted: 15-Nov-2012, 08:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations


What is your favourite country coin series ?
Posted: 12-Nov-2012, 08:49PM in Free discussion

I'm collecting coins from all around the world, but mostly concentrating on Dutch (Former Colony) Coins: • Dutch Republic • Netherlands • Netherlands East Indies • Netherlands Antilles • Aruba • Greetings from Holland

Duit Netherlands East Indies
Posted: 12-Nov-2012, 06:21PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It looks similar, but a different date and mintmark. If you look at the link above you can see it is a different kind from 1814/1816. I have added it, but can't add the picture.