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Numismatics-related places to visit in the world?
Posted: 20-Mar-2020, 02:34AM in Free discussion

Go to Potosí (Bolivia) • most of the world silver coins from 1600-1800 came from there. • for some people the silver from potosi started modern capitalism..... • and I my (humble) opinion it's not far from the truth...….

Question on coin list after swap.
Posted: 20-Mar-2020, 02:23AM in Swaps and trades

(edit vp: non compliant with forum policy)

Wake up Corona!
Posted: 14-Mar-2020, 11:59PM in Free discussion

Last month I could not board a plane with a bottle of water in my hand luggage. • Put fear on the people and they will accept to lose their freedom.

Anyone found some 2019 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 15-Dec-2019, 10:07PM in Free discussion

Back from a little trip to the Canarian Islands, • Received the following • Germany • 20 eurocent J • Spain • 50 eurocent • and Berlin Wall J •

Posted: 3-Dec-2019, 01:35AM in Swaps and trades

if you make a swap with the same person every week or month... at the end it's best to sent the coins but to cancel the swap... otherwise your swap list becomes pretty awkward even without a red flag...… • I have the same.. some swaps immediately lead to another swap... but keep it low profile...

Old pound coins not accepted in UK stores anymore??!!
Posted: 18-Oct-2019, 10:20PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Idolenz"​A look at any of the coin sheets would have helped you • ​Demonetized : 10-15-2017 (whatever the 15th month of the year is )In some cultures they write the dates as "Month-Day-Year" • So it is 15 October....

Fake coin that you actually got from circulation!
Posted: 8-Oct-2019, 09:00PM in Free discussion

False coin (the right one) from Colombia. • There were so many fakes of this coin that is was taken out of circulation when the new bi-metallic came out.

Has Germany 1 euro coin 2007-2019 KM 257 ever been  released for circulation?
Posted: 4-Oct-2019, 02:39PM in Numismatic questions

And that what do we do with the Belgian euro coins.....some years are only available in sets... • make a page "circulating" coins with the years that are in circulation. • and a page "non circulating" for the years that are only available in sets • We all know that the euro coins are for circulation but subject to a quota. • If the quota for a certain year is 0.... it does not mean that the coin became "non circulating" • Some people open the sets and use them • even coin cards are opened and used.

Additions to your collection - October 2019
Posted: 2-Oct-2019, 12:22PM in Free discussion

• 2 pesos conmemorativas.... Found in circulation in a very small town in the vast province of "la pampa" in Argentina

What is the most valuable coin in common circulation, No bullion,NCLT or obselete ones.
Posted: 30-Sep-2019, 07:05PM in Free discussion

For Latin American standards the 50 pesos Uruguay is at about 1.5 USD a coin with a very high value. • It' s not used very much but it is in circulation. The 50 pesos banknote is preferred by the people. • • the second highest I can think of is Chile. • In Chile they use a 500 pesos while the lowest banknote is a 1000 pesos • (sort of 1 dollar) • Colombia, Brazil..Argentinia... highest value coin goes for about 0.25 USD

World coins chat: Venezuela
Posted: 30-Sep-2019, 01:45PM in Free discussion

Also do not underestimate the power of religion. • Was it not Chavez that claimed that God talks to all he does is "devine" • ans above discussion.

Which country has the most different types of banknotes?
Posted: 29-Sep-2019, 01:47PM in Banknotes

notgeld....refers to "emergency money"

Banknotes on Numista - questionnaire
Posted: 9-Sep-2019, 02:34PM in Banknotes

Quote: "Oklahoman"​Hi Jarek. • ​We should act on this. Serious members of IBNS are starting to develop an online catalog of notes. It is in the beginning phase. I think the ideal platform is numista. It is free. It has an amazing swap feature. it is probably more than half developed. It requires next to no recruitment as existing refs are ready to act . • ​ • ​We are ready to act. • ​ • ​Please. Do not allow another sub standard online catalog to be built. Numista needs to claim this. And own it.​a little arrogant.... • If someone else wants to make an online catalog who are we to oppose to it... • Pride comes before the fall

Foreign Coin Collection
Posted: 9-Sep-2019, 03:54AM in Free discussion

Hi Matt • very well done... • Using coloured flags for the countries makes it very nice... • And indeed you need the labels for reforms... Brazil...Argentina... Uruguay... Venezuela.... South-America is good at it. • Do you also make a separation when for example a new king shows up? • As said by some others... it is a good idea to leave some open spaces... it saves a lot of time when adding some coins, and it gives you the opportunity to start new countries on a new page. • I have my albums also organized in a similar way but I have them first sorted out by continent and then even further by "north" "south" "central" etc.... • It groups the countries with similar history/culture. • and how do you feel about the fact that easily 20% of the albums are labels ? • Somehow it bothers me that for some areas I have more labels than coins... • Very nice

[solved] Latest Colombian coins: obverse and reverse is the other way around
Posted: 6-Aug-2019, 03:10AM in Numista catalogue

For the following eigth coins the reference to the country and the value are on the same side. • The other side shows only an animal of a figure. • The side mentioning the country is the obverse • For the following six coins: Numista has the country reference as the reverse. • KM287: 200 Pesos: Quimbaya spinwheel • KM 295: 50 Pesos: Spectacled Bear • KM 296: 100 Pesos: Frailejon Fruit • KM 297: 200 Pesos: Scarlet Macaw • KM 298: 500 Pesos: Glass Frog • KM 299: 1000 Pesos: Loggerhead Turtle • The following two coins are OK • KM 286: 500 Pesos: Holy tree of Guacari • KM288: 1000 Pesos: • Kind regards

Anyone found some 2018 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 28-Jun-2019, 10:10PM in Free discussion

Colombia • 500 Pesos, 2018 •

World coins chat: United Arab Emirates and its Emirates
Posted: 22-Jun-2019, 03:43PM in Free discussion

If I remember well Qatar and Oman also were part in the original discussion to form the United Emirates but at the end they did not join. • Also for information Dubai itself does not have oil. Abu Dhabi is the one with the oil. • Before it was a small town famous for their pearls and drinking water. • Sailing ships used to stop to dive for drinking water where underground rivers merged in the sea. • These rivers start in the Oman mountains and go all the way underground. • In the Hata area there is a huge rocky area in which one if this rivers has carved it's way in a 10-15 meter deep canyon. It can be seen and enjoyed as it comes seemingly from nowhere and disappears again under the sand.

[solved] Statistics Uses
Posted: 20-Jun-2019, 04:06PM in Numista website

Rarity Index has as much to do with rarity • as Nordic gold with gold • or German silver with silver. • Why don't they change it to Database Index. • And it would be good if it would be per line.

Swapping or selling
Posted: 19-Jun-2019, 07:08PM in Swaps and trades

Hi Bram • Please can you bring back some 2 euro CC coins from Estonia ? • I can get you some UNC banknotes from the Dominican Republic if you wish. • Have a good holiday and see you around Christmas..... • Kind regards • Philip

Elongated Pennies
Posted: 19-Jun-2019, 04:20AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "joecoin2"​Oh no, so many of my American pre federation coppers were struck over other coins. • ​ • ​Now I find out they are not worthy to be listed here at the best numismatic site in the universe. • ​ • ​ • ​What should I do?​Start your site

How do you store your doubles?
Posted: 18-Jun-2019, 11:23PM in Numismatic questions

I use the "slider" pages for coin storage. • I use the pages (Numis) that are smaller than A4, • Depending on the size of the coins you can store 20 - 30 or 48 coins on each page. • For your 500 - 600 coins that would result in about 20 pages.... which can go in one album • The 2x2 flips I only use for my collection so things don't get mixed up. • Kind regards

World coins chat: Myanmar
Posted: 17-Jun-2019, 08:33PM in Free discussion

Quote: "HongKongCoinCollector"​Hello! • ​I'm in Myanmar right now but I noticed that coins are rarely, if ever, used here. Any tips for getting them? Could I exchange them in large banks or do they not have coins either?​People tend to give them away in the temples.... put a banknote in the basket and grap some coins....

Question on collection values estimate
Posted: 26-Apr-2019, 02:13AM in Numista website

• Just added a common circulating coin to the NRI is 97...... • It means nothing.......

Additions to your collection April 2019 edition
Posted: 20-Apr-2019, 03:46PM in Free discussion

Dominican Republic • Not yet in Numista catalog.... • Addition of the word "DOMINICANOS" • and 1 pesos year 2018.

Anyone found some 2017 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 20-Apr-2019, 12:14AM in Free discussion

10 Pesos Dominicanos. • Is a new KM number. • From 2017 onwards they added "DOMINICANOS" to "PESOS" • for the denomination 1, 5 and 10 Pesos. • I have not seen yet the coin 25 Pesos from the year 2017. • Request to add to the catalog made.

Fire at Notre Dame
Posted: 19-Apr-2019, 01:37AM in Free discussion

Do you think it was different in the time they built it? • Think about it.... 800 years ago... they could have used the stones to build a thousand houses ... • and with the wood for the roof probably another thousand... • also then 800 years ago the poor remained in the cold.

Opening a swap and no response at all . what are they doing ? ?
Posted: 15-Apr-2019, 07:22PM in Numista website

I do the same.... • First ask if they are interested.... • Some probably do not cancel ypur swap because they do not really understand the how all the other options work. • Most use this for the catalogue and are not to bothered to swap or to reply. • And if your collection doesn' t change much you do not log in often.

Hate, Ultranationalism and Numismatics
Posted: 14-Apr-2019, 04:03AM in Free discussion

I'm sorry to read this, • but when more and more people will join Numista more and more it will reflect society.

2019 UK Alphabet series
Posted: 24-Mar-2019, 06:20PM in Swaps and trades

• same letter was found by someone else

Coins not delivered
Posted: 20-Feb-2019, 02:23AM in Swaps and trades

It is a bit simple to say that it's bad luck for the receiver if YOUR package is lost. • When you swap coins it's YOUR responsibility that the coins get there.

World coins chat: New Zealand
Posted: 17-Jan-2019, 01:08PM in Free discussion

Thank you very much.

How accurate is the density test of gold coins?
Posted: 16-Jan-2019, 02:33PM in Numismatic questions

If he would still be alive we could ask Archimedes.

Newest issuer added to your collection (3rd edit)
Posted: 13-Jan-2019, 07:08PM in Free discussion

Today: • Congo Free State • Malaya and British Borneo • Mongolia • German Notgeld Aachen • Tajikstan

Peru currencies
Posted: 9-Jan-2019, 01:32AM in Numista catalogue

hi • Still waiting • (another month) • Kind regards

[solved] Do not show signup/signin section if user already logged in
Posted: 9-Jan-2019, 01:15AM in Numista website

I just read the topic "Curious minds want to know" in the forum "swaps and trade" • Looks like you had a second agenda on this topic.......

Irish 6 Pence James I (not in the Numista catalogue)
Posted: 8-Jan-2019, 12:50AM in Coin identifications and valuations

If the state of the coin would be very good or fine, you would not have problems identifying it. • For me the coin is poor, not even good.

[solved] Sending coins to and from Spain
Posted: 5-Jan-2019, 01:23AM in Swaps and trades

Looks like a German problem. • Nothing to do with Spain.

"Nordic Gold" Vs "German Silver"
Posted: 5-Jan-2019, 01:08AM in Free discussion

I don't understand why the name "Nordic gold" is a problem. • If you seriously think that they use gold to make a 10 eurocent coin, • you better think twice.....

Obv/Rev disparities
Posted: 21-Dec-2018, 01:11AM in Numista website

And what about the current Algerian coins • example: • • The animals are on the obverse and the reference to the Country on the reverse.

[solved] Have the topic review visible when editing a post
Posted: 8-Dec-2018, 03:18AM in Numista website

• it's good to have a millon of ideas • others are still stuck with their first....

[solved] To count different swaps with the same user as one swap in a "Swaps on the road" amount
Posted: 8-Dec-2018, 03:06AM in Numista website

It quickly happens these additional swaps during or immediately after the first swap. • One way to avoid these additional swaps is to confirm only the first swap and at the end of negotiations to cancel the additional swaps. • obviously you have to discuss this with the swap partner.

[solved] Belgium: 2 euro km302???
Posted: 6-Dec-2018, 02:04AM in Numista catalogue

I get your point.... • the 2 euro of 2008 should be a coin with it's own dedicated page but without a KM number. • (or remain with the "wrong" KM number KM281 that maybe one day will be corrected by Krause. With whatever number Kraus comes up with.)

Common planchets
Posted: 6-Dec-2018, 12:10AM in Free discussion

I'm surprised to see the coins of Uruguay and Paraguay of 1869 -1870 to be on the same planchets. • At that time Argentina, Brasil and Uruguay were in a bloody war with Paraguay and they basically destroyed the country. • 90% of the male population of Paraguay died in that war. • If you visit Paraguay it does not take long to realize that they still haven't recovered from that war.

A strange weight of a Venezuelan coin
Posted: 5-Dec-2018, 11:47AM in Numismatic questions

It is a sort of tourist token/ souvenir • Not an official coin of Venezuela. • so you have to search in that direction.

Advice for selling coins (or finding out their price)
Posted: 2-Dec-2018, 02:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The reference catalogue for the Argentinian coins is. • Monedacion de la republica argentina 1883- 2013 • From Hector Carlos Janson. • Every sunday in Parque Rivadavia (BsAs Capital) there is a coin fair. • You might have a look overthere. • Their gain comes from buying coins in bulk and selling them one by one.

is He a myth?
Posted: 2-Dec-2018, 01:49PM in Free discussion

Quote: "ard"​However, we may all be simulations in a program beyond our understanding. • ​ • ​Legend, yeah I'll vote for that. • ​ard​We also might just be the hell of another planet
Posted: 2-Dec-2018, 01:34PM in Free discussion

The grid view is very great.... • But if Numista would provide us the option of not showing "proof" and "set" coins then the old Numista viewer is super because it shows you also the quality of your coin. • The fact of seeing different denominations in the same raster is good when you new to a certain country. Once you know the country well the lack of precision is a pity and for me a reason not to switch. • Once again Numista needs a filter for proof and set coins... • kind regards

[solved] Coins from Saarland under France or Germany ?
Posted: 2-Dec-2018, 01:59AM in Numista catalogue

Saarland is put under the Country Germany. But when the coins were struck in 1954-5 Saarland was a part of France. • In my opinion Saarland should be under France. • " • The Saar is a territory on the western Rhine border of Germany, occupied by France by the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. It was leased to France for 15 years, until a 1935 plebiscite returned the region to Germany. Following the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, the Saar was once again given to France as part of reparations, this time for 10 years. In 1954-5, coins in denominations of 10, 20, 50, and 100 francs were minted for the territory, on par with the French Franc, before it was returned to the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD) in 1955 as a sign of goodwill for the creation of the EEC in 1957 • "

FAO Series
Posted: 2-Dec-2018, 01:48AM in Free discussion

Posted by druzhynets on 1-Dec-2018, 04:44PM • What I dislike about FAO coinage is lack of consistency. Issues from different countries were struck from different metals, with different shapes and sizes. • The shape, size and selection of material is consistent with similar coins of the same denomination of the country. • The denomination itself seem to be randomly choosen. • Or is there a certain reasoning behind the selection?

Oldest coin with an actual date on it.
Posted: 28-Nov-2018, 03:10AM in Free discussion

it looks like you don't get it. • the date on the coins obviously don't refer to the date Jesus was born. • they are using there own time frame. • As we are so used to "our" time frame we recalculate all the dates to correspond with our time frame. As such these refer to dates that go before our first year. • kind regards • philip

Punishment for unfulfilled member of send coins?
Posted: 28-Nov-2018, 02:50AM in Numismatic questions

hola • lo siento.... • but for me if the other party does not want to sent registered the deal is off. • This should be discussed and clear before sending your coins. • Now he has the advantage of the doubt • and you have no ground to acuse him... • again sorry for you...

[solved] Mint and Privy Marks
Posted: 12-Nov-2018, 01:31PM in Numismatic questions

privy marks refer to a person. • For example • In France, Belgium and the Netherlands it is a symbol choosen by the director of the mint. • Particularity in the Netherlands is that in a year of change of director they use the symbol of the old director and add a star. • kind regards

What attracts you to a coin?
Posted: 9-Nov-2018, 12:31PM in Numismatic questions

Around the day in eighty worlds. • I collect coins from the every place and I feel like travelling the world. • Not forgetting the time travel. A lot of the coins are from states that does not exist anymore. • All this without leaving home.

Post your latest banknotes!
Posted: 6-Nov-2018, 01:45AM in Banknotes

Reposition notes from Argentina •

Already a coin of 2019 !!
Posted: 30-Oct-2018, 04:02PM in Free discussion

In the airports I always ask " new and shiny " coins at each one of the exchange offices in exchange of old coins. • Sometimes they are willing to help you sometimes they are indifferent. • But in general it's worth the hassle.

October additions to your collection
Posted: 28-Oct-2018, 06:42PM in Free discussion

1 Balboa 2019!!! •

50th Anniversary of moon landings. Any coins being minted?
Posted: 2-Oct-2018, 09:40PM in Numismatic questions

it was on television • and now it is on a coin • but I will on believe it when it is on Netflix

All coins are checked when confirming swap, while not all are intended to be swapped
Posted: 26-Sep-2018, 01:52AM in Numista website

the error remains and is indeed very annoying. • you basically can only confirm after you and the swap partner cleared all the coins that are not a part of the swap.

Argentinian palindrome note
Posted: 14-Sep-2018, 07:23PM in Banknotes

hi. • just got this Argentinian • note from the cash machine • I guess one to keep

Your favorite bird design on any coin, or what is your favorite bird from your country?
Posted: 3-Sep-2018, 02:20AM in Free discussion

From Argentina • not many birds on the circulating coins. • 1/2 and 1 cents at the time of the austral made in 1985 • nandu • hornero

Collections other than numismatica
Posted: 1-Sep-2018, 03:19AM in Free discussion

• started with matchbox.... • Never stopped.....

Looking for animal banknotes (UNC only)
Posted: 12-Jul-2018, 03:14AM in Banknotes

Hi, • I have some UNC banknotes from Argentinia, • The new series have animals as main.. • We can make a small swap for coins during the Xmas period if you wish

[solved] Change "Ivory Coast" to "Côte d'Ivoire"?
Posted: 3-Apr-2018, 09:31PM in Numista catalogue

I repeat what I said earlier.... • the only thing that matters is how we (numista) want to call the country.....

Luster vs Cleaned
Posted: 3-Apr-2018, 09:21PM in Numismatic questions

No one cleans coins but everone knows a thousand ways.....???

[solved] Sorting swaplist by KM
Posted: 26-Mar-2018, 03:51AM in Numista website

I just noticed the same.... • The swap list is not organized as is the Collection.

Coin values vs membership statistics
Posted: 26-Mar-2018, 02:53AM in Numista website

Obviously the system needs more input. • Or by new users or by new coins from existing users. • Do you realy think that existing users will add values for coins that they already added in the catalogue?

Need French UNC euro coins
Posted: 26-Mar-2018, 02:44AM in Swaps and trades

Don't we all are in need.....

[solved] New grade/No grade?
Posted: 13-Mar-2018, 08:29PM in Numista website

It is possible to add a coin without giving it a grade, but once you did you cannot "ungrade" it anymore if you wished to.

Values and new collection management
Posted: 25-Feb-2018, 06:53PM in Numista website

I don' t see the improvement either. • It is not possible to "see" your collection. • You now have to read each word to know what you have. • Indeed please make it possible to use the old viewer again. • Kind regards

Belgium commemorative 2 Euro question
Posted: 19-Feb-2018, 02:44AM in Numismatic questions

If I remember well the coin is also a part of the blister " rio" which contains the 8 belgian euro coins. • In which number these coins are counted I don't know..... • But for sure a lot of people do open the blisters and the coin cards.

I have confirmed a swap with FCamacho...
Posted: 13-Dec-2017, 02:56AM in Swaps and trades

Other culture..... • Other habits.....

Oops it’s a mistake ... or is it
Posted: 18-Nov-2017, 02:24PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "halfdisme"​I know that this thread is about a British bimetallic, but I have heard a report of bimetallic euros, for which the centers were punched out, and the pieces were sold to China as scrap. • ​ • ​China has re-combined them--often mixing the centers and rings--and they have been appearing on the market. ​For the euros this is a true story....

US Washington 50 states quarters for swap
Posted: 7-Nov-2017, 02:31AM in Swaps and trades

Hi Serganta, • I´m quite sure I have the following in Belgium , • New Jersey • Rhode island • Ohio • illinois • maybe some more, • but you gonna have to wait for Xmas when I´m in Belgium, as I´m living in Buenos Aires. • Philip

Mint marks on euro coins?
Posted: 3-Nov-2017, 01:02AM in Numismatic questions

Don' t confuse mint mark and mintmaster marks • the mintmark from belgium ( brussels)'is indeed the archangel Michael. • the mintmaster mark is a symbol chosen by the director of the mint. Feather, catm flag etc... • The mintmark from the mint of france (paris) is the cornucopia • the mintmastermarks are the bee, hexagon, dolphin etc... • the mintmark from the dutch mint (utrecht) is The mercury's wand • the mintmastermarks are the cock, fish ,sails etc... • When there is a new director for one year they use the old minmistermark with an extra star... • germany has mintmarks A, D, F, G, J. • But no mintmastermarks • the point is one identifies the place of production the other the responsible of the production. • the letters BE, Or RI (italy) FI (finland) D (germany) or just country identifiers

How to organize my coins?
Posted: 15-Oct-2017, 11:58PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "MonaSeaclaid"​I love 2x2 flips. I get to feel the texture of the coin without rubbing away the patina (or worse!) and it makes it easy for me to record any information I have on the coin. They're also pretty cost-effective. • ​ • ​So I use 2x2 flips and binders. • ​ • ​The order in which you organise your collection is completely personal. Whatever makes sense to you is the way to go. I go by country then by year. Some people use KM numbers. I met someone who goes by metal content. I couldn't live with it but its their collection and they like it, that's all that counts.​ • My belgian (paper) catalogue does list the coins first by king and then by metal content. • The separation between kings is easy enough, the suborder by metal content is strange in the beginning, but somehow it also makes sense..... who is not separating his silver coins from the rest....

Who wants a big swap?
Posted: 27-Jun-2017, 06:57PM in Swaps and trades

Hola • if you come one day to Buenos Aires we can swap a 20-30 coins. • saludos • philip

Argentina 1 and 10 centavos 1985-1988
Posted: 6-Jun-2017, 11:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Halo • never seen in silver, always this colour. •

Argentina coin value ? 20 Centavos 1914
Posted: 31-May-2017, 07:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

halo, • you stated the condition as XF but • condition is not XF, there is no detail left of the hair and there is a blow on the other side.

Preserve Planet Earth Coins
Posted: 25-Nov-2016, 01:01AM in Numismatic questions

Series across countries. • ibero-american series, • commemorative silver coins, • already 10 series exist

What coins still circulate in your country?
Posted: 14-Sep-2016, 02:22PM in Numismatic questions

In Argentinië • The Coins that still circulate are • 2 pesos, 1 peso. But mostly instead of a 2 peso coin you will receive an old and weary 2 peso bill. • Most get rounded off to 1 peso so 50 and 25 centavos are less used but still available. • Very rare, 10 and 5 centavos. • 1 centavo is not anymore available.

2016-Dated Coins Found in Circulation
Posted: 22-Jun-2016, 02:02AM in Free discussion

News from argentina, • Un peso, latest common peso was made in 2010 •

The top 10 countrys you have coins from (edit should we start a new post as this one is long ?)
Posted: 8-Jun-2016, 03:39PM in Free discussion

Hola, • My top 10 from 162 countries : • Belgium: 330 • Argentina: 240 • United States: 147 • United Kingdom: 110 • Brazil: 108 • Uruguay: 86 • Peru: 72 • Chile: 64 • Germany: 59 • Spain: 53

British Monarchs in reverse
Posted: 7-Jun-2016, 07:42PM in Free discussion

East Africa, 1950 • Text: GEORGIVS SEXTVS REX •

1 Boliviano KM#205
Posted: 16-Feb-2016, 03:48PM in Numista catalogue

The difference can clearly be seen in the position of the word '"BOLIVIANO" • in the older coins (small 1) it is placed in the middle of the coin, and the top of "BOLIVIANO" aligns with the top of the 'U' of union • in the newer coins (large 1) the text is placed lower than halfway and the top of "BOLIVIANO"aligns with the middle of the 'U' of union • similar for the 50 Centavos, the word 'CENTAVOS" in the middle of lower than the middle

British Celtic coinage
Posted: 9-Jan-2016, 03:48PM in Numista catalogue

Thanks for the input • Roman provinces is indeed the best bet (apart from "gaul"), but I see only coins linked to the romans, The celtic coins seem to be made independent fron the romans • Gaul does only have coins from the continent

Bi Metallic coins
Posted: 21-Jan-2015, 07:09PM in Numismatic questions

they also exist in south america • eg: argentina 1 peso and the 2 peso coins

Argentina 2 pesos 2014
Posted: 21-Jan-2015, 07:06PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Andy289Show us a photo. There is a commemorative 2 pesos 2012 but nothing more new than 2012. I am curious.   • I asked to add the coin to the catalogue, but in vain ... • no worries, it sits in my real collecion • Philip

Anyone found some 2014 in circulation yet? (EDITED VERSION; with list)
Posted: 21-Jan-2015, 06:58PM in Free discussion

Quote: Lotus07Quote: PhilipBeHola, • Do not forget the argentinian 2 pesos coin of 2014 in your count. • I received it as change in a toll booth • Happy new year • PhilipSure, but which one do you mean? I can't find an Agentinian 2 Pesos from 2014 here on Numista, though.I asked to add the coin in the catalogue, but until now it has not happened, •

1 Franc - Albert II 1994 KM# 187 but larger size , Why NOT Listed as deviation?
Posted: 24-Dec-2012, 05:21PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you for the reply, • The coin is magnetic and I add a picture of the obverse • It is identical to the smaller coin, • I cannot weight the coin. • Is it a test trial? it is the first year of the Albert II coins. •