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Coins value
Posted: 16-Oct-2019, 05:39PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Idolenz"​For me it is an identification request that would just need one word and the year from the coin they are asking about (here I mean easily readable coins). Put those in the search bar hit enter and scroll for a bit ... et voila. • ​ • ​With the request you are talking about the problem are more our members that jump and deliver everything on the spot thinking this is a newbie in dire need of for help ... strangely never to be seen again after a couple of further requests they got answered for free (yes, there are real new collectors that could come off like this type of new "member" but they are still discernable). • ​ • ​P.S.: something cheesed me on your profile too you could change Duetschmark --> Deutsche Mark or German Mark​There I fixed it. Consider yourself de cheesed. Lol ?

Looking to swap
Posted: 5-Oct-2019, 10:47PM in Swaps and trades

Hi. I'm looking to do a swap or two. I'm interested in the UK shield coins.

Canadian pennies needed
Posted: 25-Jun-2015, 02:40PM in Swaps and trades

Hi. I am looking for Canadian pennies from 2000-2014. I'm  mostly interested in P marks. Can swap in US pennies or other coins.

Looking to swap
Posted: 21-Jan-2013, 12:05AM in Swaps and trades

I don't have any sorry • Quote: neilithicDo you have the steel cent?  What are you looking for in return?

Anyone found some 2013 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 17-Jan-2013, 03:39AM in Free discussion

I rarely see them in my area. I usually end up ordering them from my coin dealer.

Copper bullion
Posted: 24-Nov-2012, 04:45AM in Free discussion

Quote: Mark240590I weigh all my scrap in at Xmas - normally usually I get about £500, however this year I won't be weighing anything in as it's been extremely tight !Over here in my neck of the woods thieves are stealing the pipes out of summer homes. Scrap is big here because of all the folks struggling.

Irish or English coins
Posted: 7-Nov-2012, 12:45PM in Swaps and trades

Im looking to swap for Pre euro/euro coins from england and ireland. I have mostly american coins especially wheat pennies.

Cleaning coins
Posted: 7-Nov-2012, 12:40PM in Numismatic questions

well electolisis is an option but more times than not washing up liquid and some baking soda works well.