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Contest Number 4! Open to all members! Contest run dates: March 16, 2018 to April 15, 2018 ~~~ Heads or Tales...?
Posted: 17-Mar-2018, 06:05PM in Free discussion


[solved] Contest Number 2! - Open to all members! Contest run dates: January 14, 2018 to February 14, 2018! What Hemisphere will the coins be from?!
Posted: 16-Mar-2018, 08:40AM in Free discussion


Help needed identifying coin
Posted: 9-Mar-2018, 08:52AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Year didn't match though with the coin I linked.

Denmark 10 öre 1915
Posted: 4-Mar-2018, 08:17PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Has this reverse been turned or ..? I still can see from reflection the lettering. There is no hole in the centre though it looks so on the picture. •

Estonian 1 kroon from 1990
Posted: 30-Jul-2014, 08:51PM in Coin identifications and valuations

According to some sources mintage was 50000. It was a fantasy issue which was released before second Estonian Kroon. These were sold in Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives shops as souveniers. Price back then was around 5 Soviet roubles. • Svaan

Coin shops and markets in Tallinn, Estonia
Posted: 27-Jun-2014, 09:47PM in Free discussion

Unfortunately in Tallinn there are no good antique shops or markets where you could buy coins with reasonable price. Prices in markets are seldom way overpriced and same thing is with antique shops. • If you would like to buy modern Estonian coins you should visit Estonian Bank Museum  - not far from City Centre - there you can buy commemorative coins with right price. • Only market near old town or harbour is Jaama market where you can find coins for sale. But as I mentioned - prices are from another dimension. • Sven

How do you store and manage your collection?
Posted: 5-Mar-2014, 09:00PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: nosouvenirsIs there any way to make this available to people if they want it, and promise not to reshare? I've wanted a really good way to be able to SORT my coins on a database for ages. I'd love to be able to see all the statistics that you can see with your website at a glance, for my own coins.Maybe even an exchange this program against certain number of coins could be considered as option?  

UK 1936 pennies
Posted: 17-Apr-2013, 08:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you all very much for the information. I even do not remember where did I get these. • P.S. - Tony if we should make a swap in the future I promise that I will never offer these coins to you!

coin identification
Posted: 17-Apr-2013, 12:06PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Roll down a bit, there are pictures. • Sven

Three Chinese coins
Posted: 16-Apr-2013, 04:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you.

20 Kurus - Abdul Hamid II - KM722 - counterstamped variety
Posted: 15-Apr-2013, 01:09PM in Numista catalogue

Buy now price is also available - • • Sven

Posted: 14-Apr-2013, 10:33PM in Swaps and trades

Yes. I will send you PM. • Sven

Unknown coin/token
Posted: 14-Apr-2013, 09:04PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you very much.

Postage costs
Posted: 3-Apr-2013, 08:26AM in Free discussion

From Estonia • Regular : • Weight                   -250g        - 500g       -1000g       -2000g • Europe                   2,60 EUR   4,50 EUR    8,00 EUR    12,00 EUR • Rest of the World   3,30 EUR   6,00 EUR    10,00 EUR   16,00 EUR • Registered : • Weight                   -250g        - 500g       -1000g       -2000g • Europe           &[...]

[solved] *CLOSED* Bargain finds (with pictures) **Please see the new 2014 thread**
Posted: 29-Mar-2013, 06:36PM in Free discussion

I found 1959 Danish 10 Öre (KM 841.2) and 1927 Danish 2 Öre (N,GJ Mintmark) (KM 827.2) from a bulk. • Also received Finnish 2 EUR 2004 Commemorative coin (KM 114) as a change from a supermarket on two occasions. • Unfortunately I cannot upload pictures of them right now. Will add them in the future if anyone is interested in. • Sven

Germany 1 Pfennig 1950
Posted: 8-Dec-2012, 03:43PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I found a 1950 1 pfennig coin from a bulk.  But material looks like Bronze instead of Copper-plated steel. • I do not have precise scale to weigh it but has anyone seen such a coins before? • I took one picture also. •

Are these coins?
Posted: 30-Nov-2012, 09:02AM in Numista catalogue

These weren't in catalogue. In ebay some of them were sold and marked as Medals in description. I assume that these are not commemorative coins but I'm not 100% sure. • Maybe some Danish people can tell more about these silver "coins/medals/tokens". • Sven

Belgium 1 Franc 1993 (French)
Posted: 25-Nov-2012, 09:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Is this kind of error common? Coin on the left has number 3 in date connected with border. On the right is normal coin to compare. • Thanks in advance, • Sven

Swapping etiquette
Posted: 14-Nov-2012, 10:57PM in Swaps and trades

I have a question for everyone. • Some collectors collect coins by type and some by date. And if I have certain type of coin in my exchange list and I have 5 different years of it. Let's say • 1990 1 pcs • 1991 20 pcs • 1992 20 pcs • 1993 20 pcs • 1994 2 pcs. • Then quite often so-called "type collectors"  choose 1990 or 1994. Have you guys noticed such a pattern? I find it weird. It is obvious that 1990 and 1994 should be a bit more rare that the others. not by value usually but by mintage. Is it important for type collector which year he will get? As I collect world coins by type also I will try to select most produced year or the coin that my swap partner has most. Other thing is that if he selects 1991 or 1992 or 1993 coin I could offer him coin with better quality as I have a chance to choose it. Another thing is that if I do not choose that "rare" coin then some collector who is collecting by year can s[...]

How old are you ? What's your job ? And other hobbies ?
Posted: 12-Nov-2012, 01:01PM in Free discussion

Hi Everyone, • My name is Sven and I'm Estonian. 30 years young and I've been collecting coins since i was 10 years old. Working as technical support in refrigeration business but studied logistics in university before. I'm a hobby collector - usually I'm buying some bulks or coin lots and then searching them through and discovering new coins all the time - it is an activity where i can have time with myself. My goal is to have European 20th century coins by year and World coins by type. Never expect to accomplish it but it's good to have a big dream   • I've been Numista member almost 2 years now - but now became active and started to add all my coins couple of months ago. Still in process as it takes a lot of time. • Best Regards, • Sven