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Cuba: 5 centavos 2016-17-19
Posted: 8-Apr-2020, 03:22PM in Numista catalogue

That was what I heard, but I found this announce a few days ago: • 2020 Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date (Inglés) Fourteenth Edición • 2020 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 • And loads more, so maybe they could have a comeback.

Denomination on both Obverse and reverse of a coin
Posted: 8-Apr-2020, 05:06AM in Free discussion

Maybe those count, even denomination is expressed in different way: • Cuba •

Who else wants a Numista for banknotes - Notista?
Posted: 5-Mar-2020, 11:53PM in Banknotes

I want notes. • No Notista site is the only reason why I have a very small banknotes collection. Will be a lot of work, but not hard to build a good notes database.

Are old banknotes from your country still valid legal tender?
Posted: 5-Mar-2020, 11:45PM in Banknotes

At Uruguay there were 2 major coinage reforms some years ago, so all old currencies are now demonetized. • On July 1st, 1975, older currency "$ - Peso, Moneda Nacional" ($ - Peso, National Currency) was reformed to "N$ - Nuevo Peso" (N$ - New Peso), at a rate of 1/1,000; each New Peso was equal to 1,000 old Pesos. • Then again, 18 years later, on March 1st., 1993, New Peso was reformed to $U - Peso Uruguayo" ($U - Uruguayan Peso), again at a rate of 1/1,000. Uruguayan Peso is worth as 100 New Pesos, and 1,000,000 Old Pesos. • From the first Uruguayan Peso banknotes, there were 2 that kept the same design of old currency, 5 Pesos, and 10 Pesos (like N$ 5,000 and N$ 10,000). New designs were made for the new banknote series, with values $ 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000 and 2,000. • On 2004 was designed a new value of $ 5,000, but never was released. • On 2017 Was issued a 10,000,000 issue of $ 50 banknotes, commemorating t[...]

Some one please explain KM# in simple terms
Posted: 1-Mar-2020, 09:38PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "pramodambady"​Hi All, • ​ • ​I am pretty new to coin collection. I have seen many people talking about KM# in numismatic forums. I did some google to understand what it really means to a coin. Based on the results i got a high level idea is that KM# is kind of a cataloging number by which a coin can be referred. But to be honest as i said i do not have much experience i am still not clear. For example still did not get like • ​ • 4) How important is KM# for a coin collector • ​ • ​such many doubts still left. Could any one please help me understanding this in simple terms or can you tell me which website explains this better. • ​ • ​Looking forward for your kind suggestions and thanks in advance • ​ • ​Regards, • ​Pramod • ​Hello Pramod • Welcome to Numismatics and Numista!!! • KM# (Krause) is a good reference if you want to collect world coins, SCWC are very extensiv[...]

[solved] Bolivia 1/2 Sol (KM# 118)
Posted: 28-Feb-2020, 01:36PM in Numista catalogue

1857/58 is added; the one with no comment (out of KM#) already was in list. • Please mark as solved.

[solved] Addition to survey 2020
Posted: 20-Feb-2020, 12:40PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​Hello, • ​Thanks for sharing your feedback. Let me remove the "idea" tag from this topic. We can continue the discussion here, but the ideas will be tracked there: • ​ • for translation to Spanish • ​ • for banknotes • ​ • ​​Sure, I think is better to have a place with all the opinions and comments together.

Slabing/grading - why bother?
Posted: 10-Feb-2020, 06:13PM in Numismatic questions

I don't like slabbed coins, I like to be able to look directly and touch them, measure, weigh, as much in capsules, if is a valuable or proof coin, so it is protected and well presented. • For me a slabbed coin is like to have a Hi-res 3D picture of the coin. • On the other hand, slabbed coins have much higher price than free ones, specially in my country, cause is needed to send it, pay slabbing and round post service. If is a valuable coin, you would want to send and receive back certified; all this would add at least USD 40/50 to coin cost (not necessarily to value). • As said above, is better a honest and serious coin dealer (that usually became a friend), than a grading service.

[solved] Some Latin-American mints to add to mint list.
Posted: 7-Feb-2020, 04:59PM in Numista catalogue

So far I found this article, but they don't give an exact location. • I'm asking to former president of Brazilian Numismatic Society, who is friend of mine, I hope he can give us hints.

UK circulating commemorative or just commemorative?
Posted: 7-Feb-2020, 02:31AM in Numismatic questions

This post is not about UK coins, just wanted to explain what happens in my country: • Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) is the official issuer, but needs approval of the government to order the coins (we have no minthouse in our country, so from 1857 to date, coins are minted outside Uruguay. • From several years ago, when government write the law granting permission to mint coins, all coins are created as circulating, even silver and gold ones. The laws always say something like: "coins will be valid and mandatory for payments, etc. etc.", and also give some description about how coins must be, in the law is stated composition, size and general design, allowing BCU to decide the final images, lettering, etc., while they be within the limits given by each law. Also BCU is granted the right to decide demonetization of coins when they think is the correct time, and to sell the demonetized coins. • Usually BCU demonetize the coins on the moment they are issued t[...]

Auction sites
Posted: 28-Jan-2020, 08:30PM in Free discussion

I use Ebay for for fairly common coins, but sometimes I find good deals on silver coins. • I have made a few purchases on Katz Auctions, they use to have good coins, some prices don't raise excessively, for non US coins, and shipping cost is very accessible. • I have also bought on Invaluable and Proxibid, but they only are a collection of links to auction houses. • On the other hand, I had a very bad experience with Heritage Auctions, I bought a 1897 silver coin to a decent price (about 100 dollars), but then they wanted to charge 70 dollars for shipment, I claimed was excessive, delayed answer for weeks, and when I asked to send it to another US city, they said had to charge a fee over 30 dollars, and then owing to time from auction, they wanted to charge me 5% for the time they delayed it. Is strange, since I know people who buy to them and are very happy with them; maybe I was not lucky and got the wrong representative on charge of my purchase. They threatened [...]

Reserved coins in swaps
Posted: 28-Jan-2020, 02:59PM in Numista website

Quote: "Ciin"​Is it possible that people who are ready to swap can disable people from picking coins that are reserved? People keep picking coins that I reserve for other people, and then complain.This happens to me very often, and indeed is annoying. • Now I'm changing my way on managing swaps. When I reserve a coin, I just change swap mark from yes to "NO", so no one can select it again. In the event the swap would not happen, I just remove the comment and change again to make it available for other swap. Also, I'm adding one line for each coin I have to swap, if I have more than 1, to avoid several partners select the same coin. • Hope tip is useful for you.

Banknotes on Numista - questionnaire
Posted: 21-Jan-2020, 11:45PM in Banknotes

I saw this thread just now, six months after started, but will give my thoughts. • Yes, I am interested on banknotes on Numista, they are an important part of numismatics, and most of coin lovers also collect notes. In my case, my notes collection is not big, mostly for the lack of information; I still not found a site I like for notes. • Second, I think structure should be the same as on coins, but with possibility to list all together or separate, mostly not to complicate things to members who are not interested on them. • Third, yes, I'm interested on helping to build it, at least on my main countries (those I'm the only referee) I think referees don't need to be the same as for coins, mostly cause not everyone collects both, like not everybody collects tokens or exonumia, but I would give preference to referee of a country to take notes place; if not accepted, then can be given to other. Same thing would be for tokens and exonumia, if at any moment is decided [...]

the dawn of a new millennium
Posted: 21-Jan-2020, 11:01PM in Coin identifications and valuations

So, Feb. 2nd., 2000 was the first time in our lifetime there was no odd digit in date (if we agree "0" is not odd, cause some support "0" is not even nor odd).

[solved] Request to fix ND dates.
Posted: 21-Jan-2020, 05:20PM in Numista catalogue

Finally I was able to solve it by myself... I'm learning.

Adding a coin?
Posted: 20-Jan-2020, 01:11AM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "mikimaus"​​Hi • ​Just go and add by yourself in first empty line at the bottom. When referee accepts it, it will automatically sort itself between. • ​LP​Coin may be marked as completer year list, since is over 200 years old; in such case, only referee can add the year line or enable to be added.

Catalogue errors - Silver and non-silver coin versions
Posted: 19-Jan-2020, 07:09PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "bmnobbs"​I'll apologise and withdraw that. Wrong wording. • ​I realise that the vast majority of referees do actually check up on exact specifics, and most will realise that a Silver coin could not possibly have the exact same dimensions as a Cu-Ni, or Aluminium-Bronze or any other metallic / bi-mettalic combo. • ​BUT, this having been said, I am disappointed that this occurs so frequently throughout the catalogue and will, in future, point out the possible errors to the referees when I observe them. • ​It took less than 10 minutes getting the 7 examples I listed in post one. • ​I will make a point later of pointing these out to whichever referees regulate their specific entries.​Thank you for being brave enough to accept and posting your answer. • Please keep in mind catalog is huge, so far there are registered 169,586 coins (types) at Numista, for 299 countries, it makes an average of 567 coins for each country; but most coins hav[...]

[solved] Modern US Errors and Varieties in the Catalog - False/Misleading Info, Recommended Additions and Deletions
Posted: 19-Jan-2020, 04:06PM in Numista catalogue

I think we should start separating errors, variants and PMD, not only to US, but for all the countries: • As I see, variants are different versions of same coin, mostly caused for being used different dies. In past years dies were made by hand separately, if a die turned wore or broke, minthouses would make a new die, copied by hand from the previous one, so was usual to find differences, like different typography, missing or added details in the design, smaller or bigger images, and even the use of inverted letters, like inverted "V" for "A", and a lot of details. Similar thing can happen when same coin is minted by different minthouses, being different years or the same, we can have variants on the design, only different mintmark, or even just owing to different material, dimensions or other differences, that allow to determine the minthouse where they were produced. • What I call "Design Errors" are those that have a mistake, produced by [...]

[solved] Members with swap on Road
Posted: 14-Jan-2020, 05:30PM in Numista website

Quote: "arvin11"​To stop scammers and make Numista a more safer Place for swap I propose this idea - • ​This can be easily avoided by active participate ......... • ​A simple modification on Numista can save many people,In the profile page were we can see the number of swaps on Road should have a hovering effect where we can see the IDS of member who have confirmed the swap. • ​Why Wait for ratings to clear up the things its like who will bell the cat first! people are afraid to rate negative first knowingly they have been cheated and wait for someone first to write rating so the cheater will spoil there ratings also if they rate negative and the crook take advantage of this silence and cheat more people..reporting a member doesn't work instantly , it take time . • ​ • ​If the IDs appear as swap on road, members can discuss among themselves if there is any suspicion and the issue can be handle at very initial level. I hope this would be po[...]

Swap page change suggestion
Posted: 14-Jan-2020, 05:00PM in Numista website

Hello Randy: • I also want to change some coins to better grade, my trick is to mark them as wished coins, I add "search better grade" in private comments, and when I'm satisfied on the grade of coins I change mark as "not wished". • When I look others swap list, I hide "x" coins (not wished). • Anyways, I have seen somewhere other thread suggesting to mark as "wish"/"no wish" on each year line, and I think would be much more useful, cause would show exactly what I'm searching, being better grade, missing variants or missing years. Not sure if is easy to implement for programmer.

Mint marks on the Caribbean coins
Posted: 12-Jan-2020, 03:07AM in Numismatic questions

The first thread of this section is about mintmarks, you can find there what you need • Check it.

[solved] Cayman Islands Marlin
Posted: 10-Jan-2020, 07:56PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "owatchman"​Numista: • ​ • ​Can you please add a line for 2019 for the Cayman Islands 1 Dollar (Marlin) coin. The mintage according to APMEX is 50,000. Thanks!​Year line is available now, please enter needed data, with source detail, so we can accept it.

[solved] Fake denomination in Cuban coinage
Posted: 10-Jan-2020, 02:30PM in Numista catalogue

Thank you Jarcek for your explanation. • I would add centavos, centésimos, céntimos are not currencies but divisions of the main currency (peso in this case), same as are quarters, halves and 1/32, so they should be translated; on the other hand currencies names should stay as original, or expressed in Arabic letters, if they are expressed on other alphabet. • And about Greek numbers, nowadays few countries use them, mostly for scientist purposes, or to make it different to normal numbering (like on preface or appendix of books, so numbering is not repeated with the main part of the book). Many people can understand Greek notation, but not always is easy and fast, so I prefer to add Greek number in translation, and Arabic conversion in brackets, same as sometimes I add words in brackets as explanation of others. Please consider this coin: • Lettering means • "N$5 Artigas • Sesquicentennial • of MDCCCXXV • Uruguay" • Inst[...]

[solved] Please add new engraver link
Posted: 6-Jan-2020, 03:38PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Jarcek"​ Done!​Thank you very much!!!

1 coin and 2 Medals to identify
Posted: 5-Jan-2020, 11:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Frenchlover"​The first is a token/medal related to : • ​Louis of Piedmont (1364–1418) was the Lord of Piedmont and titular Prince of Achaea from 1402. • ​In french : "Louis de Savoie-Achaïe", in italian : Ludovico di Savoia-Acaia. • ​You can find exemples of his coinage here. • ​Only one coin in Numista​Thank you very much for info!!! will help too much.

[solved] Jackpot? US Indian head cent 1877
Posted: 5-Jan-2020, 03:23PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "yvon"​ • Quote: "adanieluy"​ • ​ • Quote: "Merv"​Hi • ​​​Even if it is a fake, at least you have one (1877). Many of us out here will probably never have even one of those. • ​​​Merv​​​ • ​​This is my cent. Any clue on how to find if it is fake? ?​​This is not a fake, but ca piece of art... Do you like to sell or swap it?​Didn't think of sell it, but if you offer same value as original one, maybe you can convince me.

Really error coins ! Post pictures please !
Posted: 1-Jan-2020, 08:19PM in Free discussion

Here are 2 more examples of design errors: • Coin is Cuban 1 Peso 1898 , and "Peso Souvenir" 1897, that were issued by "Cuban Republic In Arms", the revolutionary movement trying to conquer independence from Spain. The coins were minted to finance the movement. • Error is that in the coat of arms, is showing a coconut tree, but the correct tree must be a Royal Palm, as it shows on all the other Cuban coins that bear the coat of arms. • Coin was designed by Philip Martiny, American sculptor born in France, who obviously did not know the difference between a coconut tree and a palm, specifically a Royal palm • Royal Palm • Coconut tree • The second example is the current 1 Peso Uruguayan coin, part of the Uruguayan fauna series • Error is on the design of the animal: it shows 11 bands on its shield, on the flexible part, and there is no animal with this amount of band[...]

Numismatic articles needed.
Posted: 21-Dec-2019, 11:06PM in Free discussion

Hello to all: • Out of being Numista referee, I am part of the Directive Staff of our national numismatics association (IUN - Instituto Uruguayo de Numismática). • At IUN we edit a quarterly electronic magazine, named "El Sitio". Name comes from the Montevideo Siege, and to the most important coin in our country, 1 Peso 1844, known as "Peso del Sitio" (Siege Peso), as it was minted during Montevideo Siege (1843-1851); also is the last siege coin minted in Latin America. • We are looking for articles to include in the next editions (magazine is issued on March, June, September and December each year). We think will be interesting to have articles out of the local writers, so we will be able to have different themes. • We require articles be about numismatic themes (coins, banknotes, medals, tokens), unedited, and size about 2 to 6 pages, including images. Whenever possible written in Spanish, but if they are in English, we can translate th[...]

Adding more reference lines - attn.: Xavier
Posted: 11-Dec-2019, 03:08PM in Numista website

Quote: "zegeri"​Five reference books looks enough for near all the countries. Do you know any example that needs 6 books? • ​ • ​The example you provide only needs four: EH, H, Dav and KM. • ​ • ​ • ​The "user's guide" of the multi-reference feature says to write one reference number per book in References, and all the numbers in Comments in year lines. • ​ ​At Uruguay Marcos Silvera Antunez (SA reference) uses 1 number for each year of the coin, and adds sub levels for variants and alignment data, I can use the same reference for variations/alignments, but not for the years. • His structure is ##.#.#, where first is coin identification, starting with 0 (as said 1 per year), middle is variant, starting with 1, and last is alignment: 1 for coin alignment, 2 for medal, 3 for 90º/270º, and 4 for all the rest in between. • Here is a sample of one of the coins (there [...]

Not sure if errors
Posted: 11-Dec-2019, 01:23AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "uruman"​they're all PMD (post mint damage) as stated before. ​Hello, welcome to Numista!!! Hope site will be useful for you and you enjoy browsing pages!!

Monetary and minting organizations: correction and additions
Posted: 4-Dec-2019, 08:32PM in Numista website

Hello: • Not sure if this is the correct place to post the thread. If not, please move to right section. • About Numisdoc Monetary and minting organizations, I found it needs some modifications and additions: • Modifications: • Argentina - Central Bank of ARgentina should be Argentina - Central Bank of Argentina (just a letter capitalized on the wrong place). • Dominican Republic - Central Bank of the Republic of Dominica should be Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (Dominica is a different country). • Additions: • Antigua and Barbuda: Issuer is Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, website is • Bahamas • Central Bank is The Central Bank of the Bahamas, website: • Bolivia shows: • Bolivia - National Mint (Museum) • Bolivia - Casa Nacional de Moneda (Potosi) • Central Bank of Bolivia es the issuer, their website is[...]

Explanation for Algeria 10 Dinars KM# 124 "date letters on reverse"?
Posted: 4-Dec-2019, 03:11PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Sjoelund"​But no documention to show it, just words!!! • ​ • ​Ole​On swap details it shows user hasimresvi, from India has one to swap, also maybe referee of the country can ask names of the members who have it registered as owned. It is possible to send PM to them asking for pictures of the coin.

Haiti: 1970 10 Gourdes - 3 variants not listed, how to add properly
Posted: 2-Dec-2019, 11:31PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "oddpour"​Hi, thank you for trying to help. :) • ​ • ​I have 2 of these coins physically - they are scratched up and not very good specimens, I took a small video of them after posting this forum message, you can see them here: • ​ • ​This weekend after a lot of searching for information I happened upon a another shop in Italy which had all three variations in very good shape which I have made an order and they are now in the mail. The website listed the KM# from the 1971 variations, but they are 1970 (same as what PCGS shows) reverse. • ​ • ​I have the same problem as you found - these coins do exist, they are real - they are just very undocumented. My next steps will be to try and email people from PCGS, NGC etc. and maybe the IC mint to find out more information if I can - PCGS has apparently graded a few of them, so they might know the most... I think these 3 coins are possibl[...]

[solved] Cuba 1998
Posted: 23-Nov-2019, 07:59PM in Numista catalogue

If both requested date change at same moment and I accept both, year would become 3996? • Don't fight, ladies, or I will give a razor blade to each and close both in a room till you cut your differences. • Thank you very much for your FAST requests.

[solved] Wrong link at authorized image sources list
Posted: 23-Nov-2019, 02:18PM in Numista catalogue

Please fix link on Katz Coins Notes & Supplies Corp. it must be linked to "" instead of "" • Thank you

How many different countries have you had trades with?
Posted: 22-Nov-2019, 07:41PM in Free discussion

My swaps: • Argentina • Austria • Belgium • Brazil • Chile • Colombia • Costa Rica • Cuba • France • Germany • Greece • Hungary • India • Israel • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Netherlands • Paraguay • Peru • Poland • Portugal • Russia • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • Ukraine • United Kingdom • United States • Uruguay • Venezuela • On the way: Romania • 31 countries and 1 more on the way. • Thank you for the thread, now I see I'm missing some countries from my region. And recalled some I have forgot.

[solved] Dominican Republic: 1 Peso 2008-16, kmnew, versus 1 peso 2017-18, kmnew
Posted: 21-Nov-2019, 01:30PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Sjoelund"​ • Quote: "adanieluy"​Just a spelling detail: • ​​ • ​​On Spanish language, adjectives can be male or female, most common difference is to end on "o" for male and on "a" for female. • ​​ • ​​Term "REPÚBLICA" is female, so female adjective is "DOMINICANA" (curved legend near right edge), but "PESO" is male, so male adjective is "DOMINICANO" (below "PESO" on 2017 coin); also text in box should be corrected.​​Fijate, yo sabia! Estaba 8 anos en Mexico en mi joventud Pero un lengaje se pierda con el tiempo.... • ​ • ​Aqui esta corrigida (la documentacion). • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Ole • ¡​Fíjate, yo sabía! Estuve 8 años en México en mi juventud Pero un lenguaje se pierde con el tiempo... • Aquí está corregida (la documentación). (<==translated from SpOlenian to Spanish ) • Docume[...]

The top 10 countrys you have coins from (2)
Posted: 20-Nov-2019, 01:51AM in Free discussion

Here are my stats: • By types: • 01 Cuba 248 • 02 USA 219 • 03 Brazil 195 • 04 Mexico 162 • 05 Peru 149 • 06 Argentina 144 • 07 Uruguay 123 (my country) • 08 Colombia 83 • 09 Chile 82 • 10 Costa Rica 80 • 13 Spain (1st outside Americas) • By coins • 01 Argentina 935 • 02 Brazil 530 • 03 USA 681 • 04 Chile 482 • 05 Cuba 463 • 06 Mexico 348 • 07 Peru 347 • 08 Colombia 244 • 09 Uruguay 224 • 10 Spain 173 • For me is more important the amount of types than the quantity of coins.

Anyone found some 2019 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 15-Nov-2019, 04:59PM in Free discussion

Found 5 Pesos 2019 KM# 137 on circulation.

[solved] Coin without a KM number
Posted: 30-Oct-2019, 11:58PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "majidarif"​Hello everyone, • ​ • ​I'm new here and new to coin collecting. I recently got my hand on a coin listed on this website with a schon number but no km number. • ​ • ​What could be the explanation for this? And how to have it added with a km number? • ​ • ​Thank you • ​ • ​Schon#122 Philippines 1996 US PH friendship coin​Welcome to Numista and to coin collecting!!! • Yes, it is possible a coin don't have a KM number. Taking into account the huge amount of different coins, sometimes Krause can have missed to list some. • In fact Venezuelan and Russian coins do not have KM numbers, the most usual to refer to them is Y# (Yeoman's numbers). • And, of course maybe still a few coins which KM# is still not added.

Information on medal (Yugoslavia?)
Posted: 30-Oct-2019, 10:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "ArnoV"​Your medal seems to commemorate Andrey Fyodorovich Deryabin (1770-1820), (re)founder of the Arms Factory in the Russian city of Izhevsk. • ​ • ​obverse: • ​А.Ф. Дерябин 1770-1820 • ​Основатель ижевского оружейного завода • ​A.F. Deryabin 1770-1820 • ​Founder of the Izh' Arms Factory • ​ • ​reverse: • ​Городъ Ижа • ​City of Izh • ​ • ​The spelling is post 1917, in spite of the ъ in городъ, so you medal is younger than that. The reverse has the monogram of the Moscow Mint and the number 79: so perhaps it's from 1979.​Thank you very much for the info, it's very useful for me.

[solved] Uruguay: 1 peso 1994, km103.1, bold and fine writing
Posted: 19-Oct-2019, 02:34PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Sjoelund"​1st 0 or 1 • ​2nd finger 0 or 2 • ​3rd finger 0 or 4 • ​Etc • ​10th finger 0 or 512! • ​ • ​All fingers up is then?​U mean all fingers up= 1111111111 on binary? that means 1023 in dec. base. • You can find it by adding all potences of 2 from 1st. to 10th. ( 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 + 128 + 256 + 512), or the short way is the 11th potence minus 1 (1024-1). (I love maths)

Little musical game: find a title
Posted: 19-Oct-2019, 02:20PM in Free discussion

Earth, Wind & Fire - Shining Star • • Next: Guy

Finally done!
Posted: 13-Sep-2019, 01:59AM in Free discussion

Congrats Jarek!!! Well done!

[solved] Uruguay 2003 XVIII World Soccer Championship (2006) 1000 Pesos mintage 50,000
Posted: 9-Sep-2019, 10:25PM in Numista catalogue

Perfectly explained, and I agree with that from before this started. • All this is based on Mr. Bears statements: • He says real mintage was 50,000, not 900, as two local catalogues show (I must say both catalogues are from two numismatists that are part of the Advisor Commission about coins and banknotes to Central Bank of Uruguay). Never showed where he got that data • He says that Numista Rarity Index (77= 24 owners) is a clear sign of coins minted are several thousands and not less than 1,000 • He says prices on eBay are a clear sign of this is a very common coin ; he showed one announce for nearly 20USD (all we found up to now were from 35USD and over) • He says FNMT, the minthouse has a license to mint and sell these coins (not stated in the law allowing to create the coins); he never showed where he got that information. • He says FIFA have sold several thousands of sets including this coins, but only picture he showed is a set including[...]

Interesting shaped coins
Posted: 6-Sep-2019, 12:34AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Gwyde"​ • Quote: "TrashBoye"​I just got the five cent coin from the East Caribbean states. • ​​ • ​​Not to crazy but still looks interesting, Kind of reminds me of a flower.​​There are a few common coins shaped like that one, among which the 2 HK dollar (still used) • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​One Anna (1/16 rupee) in British India. For example King George VI : • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Republic India still went on using this type scalloped coin type: • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​until the currency reform of the mid 1950's. • ​ • ​ ​Paraguay also had their series of scalloped coins on 1953: • Paraguay 10 Cents, 1953 • Paraguay 15 Cents, 1953 • Paraguay 25 Cents, [...]

[solved] need pro opinions. massive error Kennedy Half..?
Posted: 4-Sep-2019, 06:31PM in Numismatic questions

I think mystery is solved. • I just received a trick coin I have bought, and seems to be same thing. • The hollow around is to place a rubber band, so both parts stay together, and when free, coin will seem to be complete. • In your coin, I think the cut between both parts followed the wings line to hide the cut. • I can't explain why on side was machined in lathe, but it shows that the coin was original; mine is not, as is all white metal (no copper inside).

[solved] Misaligned text on new technical info
Posted: 30-Aug-2019, 05:27AM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​Hello, • ​I fixed the alignment and I simplified the wording. • ​Since all these fields are below the label "Composition", I guess that "Centre core" will be explicit enough instead of "Metal of the core of the centre". • ​ ​Now it's perfect!!! thank you very much!!

Date of demonetization
Posted: 27-Aug-2019, 10:25PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Sakrificed"​Quick question for editing the catalog - which date should I input to the catalog as date of demonetization? • ​ • Quote: "Law of demonetization - 16th May RS128 (AD1909)"​- All pre-decimal Fueang, Sik, Siao, Att, Solot coins of Siam, as well as decimal coins dated RS116, will be illegal money from 17th May RS128 (AD1909). • ​- In one yer, until 16th May RS129 (AD1910), the Treasury Ministry shall accept the old coins, replace with the new coins to people. • ​- After one year, 17th May RS129 (AD1910), the Treasury Ministry shall cease to accept all old coins • ​ • ​announced 7th May RS128/XLII (AD1909) • ​(Name of Minister)​ • ​Thank you.​My point of view is demonetization is the date when coin cease to be valid for general commerce, I mean when the seller or the one to be paid has no more the obligation to receive them. • Then, the Ministry (or banks, etc.), will keep receiving them [...]

What is the famous...
Posted: 2-Aug-2019, 10:43PM in Free discussion

Kremlin? Red Square?

[solved] Franklin Mint coins
Posted: 31-Jul-2019, 11:21PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Sjoelund"​Hi, • ​ • ​as I said, don't believe everything found in numista, but this is a topic, where I'll do absolutely no research.... • ​ • ​Ole​We sarcastically say "I saw it on Internet, so it's true!!!" • I believe a bit more on what's in Numista than in other places, but still can be wrong or any of us can do a mistake (included myself, of course). At least I think we try to do things better than average.

[solved] MPCC 2019 - EXONUMIA - 1/2 FINAL - 1
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[solved] MPCC 2019 - EXONUMIA - 1/2 FINAL - 2
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[solved] Numista Currencies List
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Quote: "trvrhldr"​Let's do it country by country then. • ​ • ​Thank youGo to create coin page (add new coin), click arrow on Currency box, and you can see all the currencies by country. Sadly, you will need to copy by hand, I don't think there is a was to copy/paste it. • Other trick is to show the list, and capture portion of screen showing country/currency, then browse next "page" and capture again, repeat till end. • Or you can put all captures together as images and print them, so you have your copy of list. • At last, you can use a OCR program to recover the data. • Have fun!

Is coin collecting really a dying hobby? (No, it isn't!)
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I always have collected things, coins, banknotes, and everything I liked to keep, but I just started coin collecting at age of 57, when I got a box of old coins of my country (my father passed thru, and he collected them as small cash for his store, but never changed them at bank when were demonetized. • It was about 30 kg. of old coins, mostly circulated, and of course loads of each type. I checked them to find one of each year, and searched to find out what years were minted, then I realized is a full time hobby, that could be not extremely expensive. • Soon I decided to expand to collect all coins of the world, but found it was a too high target, so I narrowed to Latin America and Caribs. • I think sellers can feel hobby is dying cause of may be harder to sell, but in fact, now is easier to buy on other countries, and other sellers, and maybe there are more people selling coins, so market is shared by more. • On our country, prices of coins heave raised [...]

[solved] MPCC 2019 - EXONUMIA - 1/4 FINAL - 4
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[solved] MPCC 2019 - EXONUMIA - 1/4 FINAL - 3
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[solved] MPCC 2019 - EXONUMIA - 1/4 FINAL - 2
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[solved] MPCC 2019 - EXONUMIA - 1/4 FINAL - 1
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Need help on identification
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A friend asked me to identify his coin, don't know weight, but he said is very light, maybe about 3g. Diameter is about 26-27mm. • I searched and found some Tunisian coins look similar, but I think date on reverse is missing. • Here are the pictures he sent me: • Thanks in advance for info.

[solved] MPCC 2019 - ANCIENTS - FINAL
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Tips for cleaning coins
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Quote: "neilithicman"​All I do to mine is to soak them in a little Isopropyl alcohol and then gently rubbing them clean with a soft cotton pad. That will remove most grime and grease but leave the toning of the coin intact.​Yeah, that is the best for all metals, but rub them only if needed. Isopropylic alcohol eliminates grease and softens grime, and also takes off humidity. For valuable coins is advisable to put in capsule or 2x2 cardboard frames once all alcohol have evaporated.

GB Coins - Difference between 'specimen' and 'proof' ?
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Hmmmm, I'm getting confused. • So far, I had in my mind Specimen was related to banknotes, that was a "sample", usually with serial # "000000" or very low number, generally overprinted "Specimen". Something like on coins are trials (trial, prova, proba, essai, prueba,) • And as I knew proof was only for coins, that is related to "special" editions to enhance details of design (of course both on trials and definitive issues).

coin with proof classification
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Please look at this video, you will understand the minting procedures, so will be easier to identify proofs. • Have fun.

[solved] MPCC 2019 - EUROPE - FINAL
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Quote: "druzhynets"​ • ​ • ​YOU CAN VOTE UNTIL SUNDAY (26.06.2019 11:59 AM CET) • ​My calendar came damaged, it shows Sunday 23th and 30th. • If I knew before, today I would stay 2 more hours in bed, as I do on Sundays

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Let's see if I qualify... • I have the age, 3 1/2 times. • I live in the UE (Uruguay Eastern Republic). • I started collecting only 7 years ago, when I got a box with 25 kg. of old coins (my dad collected them as spare change, so they were old, but only circulating coins. • Ok, ok., I quit, I just had to try it. • But I would do similar thing, I have loads of doubles from Uruguay, and I would give some to newbies in my region, South America, up to 75g. of old circulating coins. • Please let me know who you are, and what circulating coins of my country are you missing. If you convince me, I will make a draw, of those I choose and send PM asking for address to send. I will send using regular post, that is very safe in my country, so there is no warranty you receive it if there is a problem in your country. • Offer expires July 15th.

Elongated Pennies
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Quote: "blue-m"​I thought the arguments on this thread were interesting. A thought occurred to me that no one brought up at all. A better question to ask about “tokens” could be after purchasing a token could it be redeemed for a good or service? As such you could separate tokens into “private currency” or “souvenirs”. As an example Chuck E. Cheese tokens can be used to pay for games. On the other hand elongated pennies may be interesting souvenirs but you can’t use them to pay for anything. Is this train of thought used at all for deciding what is listed? • ​ ​Hehehe, that is a good point, but commemorative, non circulating coins fit in this definition too, since you can buy nothing with them, as coin (not taking into account their value as collectibles). • And if we want to use our efforts to make something be included in Numista Catalog, I would go for banknotes, at least they are currencies, or lost it value by demonetized, not by damaged.

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That's a good question. • IMO, if the coins you will sell are valuable, I think would be more profitable to sell them separate, but is a lot more work to do. • I mean, Think of a lot of 5 expensive coins. The people who would buy them should be who collect from some time ago, as newbies usually start buying cheap coins. • Now, it is very possible the buyer already has one or more coins, and would buy the lot, and would be happy to pay higher prices only for the coin(s) they need. The rest, they would only buy them cause come in a lot, and would calculate a lower price, so later they can sell them easier (keep in mind they may have to pay auction and post fee, even when buying and selling). • For very cheap coins, lots work better than individually, and when there is a big lot of cheap coins, many collectors will be happy to buy them, expecting they can find something they are missing (or just for the fun of sort and find what they are). Some also buy them to[...]

How do you store your doubles?
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Storage of doubles always have been a pain for me. • As I still don't have all my collection coins stores, the countries to be stored are together with my doubles. • Anyways, my "system" is this: • For some countries I have some hundreds of doubles on each, so I put them in small ZL bags (Ziplock bags), by denomination, and then all those in a bigger (or two) bags. • For the rest of countries, from which I don't have so much doubles, I put my coins in a ZL bag, with a sticker showing the country name, and then all in a bigger ZL, for initial of country name, then into a plastic basket, so I can handle them easily. So far I have 5 baskets of doubles. • When a country grows too much to be included in them, I turn it to one of the other system (one country, separated by denomination). • For my country, that is the one with most doubles, I have them in ZL small bags, by "families". I call families, different coins of some years [...]

[solved] MPCC 2019 - EUROPE - 1/2 FINAL - 2
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[solved] MPCC 2019 - EUROPE - 1/2 FINAL - 1
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Cuba KM579 2001 1 Peso
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I just started procedure to determine if coin was issued on 2001. It shows on Krause but not on Menchaca's catalog, nor on Havana's Numismatic Museum catalog. • On the other hand, too few Numista members have checked it as owned. • So far, I think there is no 2001 issue, but will wait for results of investigation, and will post it here.

Tips for newbies
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Welcome to Numista!!! • As said before, yours is the decision on what or how to collect and sort. • If you want to collect all coins on the world, I would suggest to slow down, and make a more wise choice, you can see Numista is reaching 150,000 different coins (and still growing), on those coins you also have different years and variants, mintmarks, privy marks.... that would be too much, I guess. At least I started on that way, and soon I narrowed my target to make it more realistic. • A classic start is own country, depending on where you live, you can find many coins in spare change, and then find older ones in coin shops, or via swaps. If you know people who travel, ask them to keep spare change to you, there will be many new coins, and also many doubles to swap. • When you have many coins in your first choice, and is turning harder to find new ones, you can expand your target. Say, you started with your country, then maybe is time to add some neighbor [...]

[solved] MPCC 2019 - SOUTH AMERICA - FINAL
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[solved] MPCC 2019 - SOUTH AMERICA - 1/2 FINAL - 2
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[solved] MPCC 2019 - SOUTH AMERICA - 1/2 FINAL - 1
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[solved] Engraver Name to be added
Posted: 13-May-2019, 09:31PM in Numista catalogue

Hello Mike: • I think engravers tags are for people that have a page on Wiki. • If the engraver has its page created, you can ask to add the tag giving the address of the page to be linked. • If not you can just type the complete name in the box at modification request page and hit enter, then the name will be showing. • Hope this helps you.

[solved] MPCC 2019 - SOUTH AMERICA - 1/4 FINAL - 3
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Curaçao or Suriname
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So many opinions!!! • On my point of view, I think like neithlic, coins should be listed under each country they circulated as legal tender, something like as happened to this coin at Argentina and Uruguay. • Is a bit different, but at end the fact is the same coin circulated on both countries. • The coin was originally minted by Buenos Ayres province; at the time it was one of the provinces of the Argentine Confederation, that later turned to be Argentina. At that time, each province issued their own coins, and they were accepted on the other provinces. • The coin was minted on 1822 and 1823, showing Buenos Ayres as issuer, and demonetized on 1827. • On 1831, Uruguay still had not its own currency, so same coins were used (on half its value) as legal tender on the new country. There is a law issuing the coin, see the comments in page listing on Uruguay side, and since they were already demonetized at Buenos Ayres, there was no need to countermark the[...]

cuba coins
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Quote: "merciermikey"​Thanks for the information. How would I tell if these are from the 150 mintage quantity or from the 12 mintage quantity. If you need more photos, let me know what yopu want. Thanks, Mike • ​The 12 mintage are piedforts, they are double thick, and also double weight. Your pictures show they are 1/2 oz., so they are the normal issues. • Yes, I would need pictures taken without the flips, and the coin image use as much space as possible.

[solved] Coin no.18 identify.
Posted: 5-May-2019, 07:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Design corresponds to Mexico 8 Reales, but weight and diameter are not matching, edge is not correct too, design of eagle and nopal are ugly, I would say it's fake.

Coin no.24 identify.
Posted: 5-May-2019, 06:45PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Design corresponds to 8 Reales Mexico (2nd image is rotated 180º), but edge is different and size and weight are not the same as originals, I have 2 replicas of this coin, also color is not correct, should be silver.

[solved] Great Britain: 6 pence 1964, km903, 2 obverses
Posted: 30-Apr-2019, 11:41PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Sjoelund"​Hi, • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​CR made • ​ • ​Ole • ​ ​Text says "2nd A", but picture detail shows "I"

New to collecting - Getting started
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Quote: "Camperdown9"​Hi All • ​ • ​I have been a stamp collector for a few years. I don’t collect anything special. I buy bags of used stamps mainly via ebay. Then using a website, a few catalogues and a notebook I sort though the bags of stamps and file them under date and country. (I only collect stamps from a few countries). • ​ • ​I am now kind of interested in doing something similar with coins. Thing is I really don’t know how to start. So I really could do with some advise. I was thinking at starting small with maybe just 20 euro cent coins or maybe euro coins in general. However how do you source coins? I have had a look on ebay and it seams that they sell for way more than face value. There also don’t seam to be bags of mixed coins to sort. It seams with coins in more about buying exactly what you want? I am a collector on a budget is it possible to collect coins cheaply? • ​ • ​Are there catalogues for coins in the same[...]

Cuban Convertible Pesos
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Quote: "AshsCollectablesStore"​ • Quote: "adanieluy"​ • ​ • Quote: "AshsCollectablesStore"​Hey guys, trying to sell some Cuban Pesos, shameless advert maybe, but I genuinely want to sell them but I have no idea how to do it properly on sites like ebay that don't exactly allow much Cuban stuff. • ​​​ • ​​​Would love some feedback/advice on selling them. • ​​​ • ​​​​​​I collect Cuban coins, and buy several of each to look for variants. • ​​ • ​​Please send me list of what you offer and post value • ​​ • ​​Daniel, • ​​Uruguay.​​Take a look at the listing, it's all I have that i'm willing to sell right now. I wouldn't mind offers.​Is that all you have? I thought you had more coins. I was thinking of about 50 coins. Maybe post cost is much higher than the coins value. • Thank you.

Missing KM#'s
Posted: 26-Apr-2019, 04:18AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "COINMAN1"​adanieluy, • ​I mean that there is no KM# attributed to a specific coin, therefore, it is not in the Krause catalogue, and also, cannot be listed on Numista. • ​Numista as far as I am aware, cannot attribute these KM numbers, but wait for Krause. • ​Before some members start shouting, I think you don't mean what you wrote? • You mean if no KM, then Numista (or anybody) can't give a KM#, right? Not that can't be in Numista? • If a coin is not in Krause cannot be listed on Numista? ... YES a coin can be listed on Numista (and must be), even if is not in Krause, Yeoman, Schonn or anyother catalog. • Numista cannot attribute KM numbers? ... NO, Numista can´t and no other organization out of Krause can do it, specially keeping in mind they don't show consistency on assigning numbers; coins of later issues sometimes have lower numbers, sometimes for a small difference they assign a new number, and in other cases, coins wi[...]

Rarity Index
Posted: 23-Apr-2019, 06:18PM in Numismatic questions

Rarity index is not easy to calculate, and of course nearly impossible to define parameters to make it automatic. • Not only mintage is to be taken into account, but also how many coins were destroyed (broken, worn, melted), that usually is not easy to determine. • Some examples: • At Cuba, the "ABC Peso" 1934-1939 were minted with 7 to 16 millions each year, 67 million adding the 6 issues; this should make them not really scarce. • But, those coins were struck as circulating, but kept at bank's treasury as currency warranty, and nearly none was set to circulation; now this makes them very scarce. • Later bank decided to melt most of them, and keep a certain amount of each year, for numismatic purposes. this turned them into scarce, but not very. Maybe 1,000 to 5,000 of each, not sure. • Coins were sent by ship to minthouse, but mistakenly, 1937 year were sent all of them, and forgot to keep them for collectors. this would make them r[...]

[solved] 1989 Cuba peso identification
Posted: 17-Apr-2019, 06:23PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "gcl4715"​These are 10 peso do you want me to submit as a new coin?​Yes, please submit pages, but I will ask you to read guide to publish before, so you know how to get better and "standardized" results

Values and new collection management
Posted: 6-Apr-2019, 04:32AM in Numista website

Quote: "trvrhldr"​I need an advice, some of my coins I get from swaps, so I use the average value of shipping as the value of each coin. • ​ • ​For example, I sent 10 coins and it cost to me $10 bucks, so each coin I received in that swap get $1 as value. • ​ • ​It's alright ? • ​ • ​ ​I don't think your line is correct, I would add shipping cost and the value of the coins I sent (you don't send empty envelopes, right?), cause when you got the coins you sent, they costed you something; either you bought them, or you received them in a swap, where you sent coins and paid for shipping. • Anyways, I would put this value as private comment, not as buying cost, cause it is your real cost, but not the market value.

Need help on identifying a Roman coin
Posted: 4-Apr-2019, 10:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hello all. • About the mysterious coin, a friend from Argentina asked his specialized colleagues, and they gave a fairly good identification. • Coin is and is not roman, as I thought, it´s from Hispania. They said is a AS from Castulo Kastilo, they gave me this picture, and from start of 2nd century BC. • Coin is not listed on Numista, I will get better pictures and create page.

[solved] Error coin
Posted: 4-Apr-2019, 10:24PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "brussels1969"​ • Quote: "Steve27"​Sorry, but this appears to be post-mint manipulation. I believe the blank bi-metallic planchet is assembled and then struck. Thus, someone took a normal coin, popped out the center, inverted it, and then placed it back in the rim. That's why the "O" in EURO is on the side opposite the "EUR."​​Thats a lot of work for a coin that i've just found-I mean i didn't pay for it.Thanks​There are people who do that, I can grant, as I did it once. • I have heard a bimetallic coin of my country was for real only 1 piece, with 2 different plated simulating bimetallic. • So I got a coin, put it in a press with a ring on one side and a flat on the other, and the core popped up. Solved question. • Now I joined the parts, and put in the press again and assembled it back; then I noticed I have rotated the core. • Well, I just left it as was, cause if I separate and join again the coin wou[...]

Coin Nicknames
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Quote: "eitan190"​In Argentina there is just one that I am aware of: • ​1 peso= Mango. (Or "un mango") • ​ • ​How that tradition started, I have no idea. • ​ • ​​Mango is shared on the River Plate region (so named Uruguay + Buenos Aires province). • Seems it comes from start of 19th. century, when mango was a way to refer to dirty money (stolen, frauds, etc.), as it was earned in an "easy way", now word seems to be shortened from marengo, that also was used for dirty money, and marengo referred to the Marengo battle, that Napoleon won easily. That's the most accepted theory. • On the other hand, there are and were many nicknames for money, at Argentina, they used to call "Fragata" to 5 pesos banknote, cause it had a vessel of this kind on it. • Also 5 cent coins were called "Cinquiño" (little five), and 20 cent were called "Vintén" (20th.), both modified Brazilian words &[...]

[solved] Managing separate collections on the same profile
Posted: 2-Apr-2019, 11:32PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​Thank you for your positive comments :) • ​ • ​Definition of collection by batch could be useful, especially at the beginning when we all have to initialize our collection, but not so easy to implement. • ​ • ​If I understood well your idea for collection wantlist, it is very similar to the idea listed here: • ​It could be useful as well, but not easy either. • ​Hi Xavier: • I think the collections thing would be a great thing when doing swaps. • I collect coins from Latin America and Caribs, so to have marked the coins I want, I should go to each coin and mark it as wanted, or go to each country I'm not interested on, and mark each coin as not wanted. That would be a long work, but then when new coins are created, they will not be marked as wanted or not. I would need to search for latest coins often and mark them as wanted/not wanted; again extra wor[...]

[solved] Which countries were the last to use Silver in their GENERAL coinage issues
Posted: 1-Apr-2019, 05:06AM in Numismatic questions

At Uruguay still there is a circulating commemorative coin: 500 Pesos Uruguayos 2006 • Not only is circulating, but also is still not demonetized. • Many would say that being a small mintage (10,000 coins) does not count as circulating, but the real thing is if you go to Central bank, and ask for the coin, they give it for its face value, without any procedure; if you want to pay with it, they will accept as if it were a banknote or other regular coins. • The other commemorative coins, that are issued as circulating commemorative, are demonetized at the same moment they release them, and if you want one, they "sell" you by its face value (and they also give you an invoice, and most of times a COA), but will not accept them as legal tender.

Women in coins and banknotes
Posted: 28-Feb-2019, 03:59AM in Numismatic questions

There is an Argentine woman working on a three books series about women on currency, but only circulating issues. • She already have published 2 books, first about Americas, second is about Africa, Asia and Oceania , and she is working on the third and last one, covering Europe. • She only details real women, that can be identified, and classified in groups: by related to rulers (princesses, queens, presidents, etc. and for their contribution to science, art, politics, etc. • Please see this link, as you talk Portuguese, Spanish should not be too hard to understand. • You can contact her via her Facebook page. • Hope this can help you.

Does your post office allow you to send coins?
Posted: 20-Feb-2019, 06:45PM in Numismatic questions

Usually I don't have problems to send my parcels. Some workers want to be in-the-rules, that they only complicate things. So I just switched to other post office. • Yes, the general rule worldwide is you can't send real money by mail, being coins or banknotes. (also it makes more profit for the money sending companies (PayPal, Moneygram, Western Union, ans so much more). • Some countries want to avoid their heritage be not taken out, like antiques or artworks. At Brazil you need to make a procedure before sending, and get the authorization to send. • Anyways, I don't like that PO people know what I'm sending, so I pack them to prevent they touch others and make noise, and I place them between two EPS sheets, and aluminum foil. so can't be seen thru. is more effective than bubble wrap, more rigid and less volume.

[solved] Slow Response
Posted: 1-Feb-2019, 06:21PM in Numista website

Quote: "SRV5490"​Is anyone else experiencing slow or no response time over the last several days on Numista.​I got it a few times 2 days ago, when trying to add a post, half hour later returned to normal.

Limit currency list when adding new coin
Posted: 29-Jan-2019, 08:52PM in Numista website

Quote: "CassTaylor"​ • ​But a work around might be that in such a case, we select the currency first, from the list of all currencies; then we select the country. • ​Correct, this is the current way to do things. • What I meant is IF limitation of currencies by country is implemented, then you will need to select country first, then you would be able to select from limited list of currencies for the selected country. • Unless program erase the selected currency when you change the country, it should work to mix countries and currencies.

[solved] Too good to be true
Posted: 28-Jan-2019, 11:53PM in Free discussion

It shows only 1 selling feedback, the rest are as buyer.

Double names/better country search
Posted: 22-Jan-2019, 02:11AM in Numista catalogue

Nice feature, for sure will ease things on searches, specially for those not used to the country names showing at Numista. • Official name of Uruguay is "Republica Oriental del Uruguay", which shows in many Uruguayan coins, specially the oldest ones. • Bolivia modified their name to "Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia" • By the way, old Bolivian coins are often named as "Potosi", since that was the most important minthouse during colonial period; at that time Bolivia was not separated form the Virreinato del Peru (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador). • And Vieques Island (subregion of Puerto Rico, who issued coins via countermark) is known also as Crabs Island.

how do you store your trade stock, and coins for pending trades?
Posted: 20-Jan-2019, 08:49PM in Swaps and trades

I started collecting a few years ago, so I still don't have all my collection ordered. • I have several ring folders to put them, that I got in 2 sale offs, so they are brand new, but still don't have as much plastic pages as I need for them. • For the countries I already have ordered, I print a grid with same dimensions as pockets in the pages, and I put the description of the coins (having them or still not), so when I get a new coin I just put it in the correct place. • The coins for swap, and those still not organized, I have a ziplock bag for each country, with the coins in it, then all bags in a bigger one, by first letter of the country. • When starting a swap, I will look the coins, if the coin is from an "organized country", I know those in the bag are all doubles; if not, I see what I have marked to swap and for collection and I take off the correct coin. • All coins for a swap go to a bag with partner name, so I don't mess them,[...]

"Board" on coin page
Posted: 20-Dec-2018, 11:32PM in Numista website

Quote: "caesar1990"​Hey, • ​I just want to share an idea with you I just had. I personally collect coins to get the story behind. I want to know, who the person on the coin in my hand is or why this or that building/animal is on that coin. Maybe there is even another story about that coin or the time when it was issued. • ​Wouldn't it be nice to create a kind of board on the coin page (on the bottom, where people who are not interested in it are not bothered) where stories like this can be shared by users? I assume lots of people gather knowledge about their collection and this would be a nice way to collect it... what do you think? • ​ ​I'm referee for coins from Uruguay, Cuba, Bolivia and Puerto Rico, and I`m trying to add as much "history" of each coin in comments section. So far, my country with more comments is Cuba, you can take a watch to some, specially the commemoratives. • The problems I see to add the "board", are: &b[...]

World coins chat: Guadeloupe, Martinique and Windward Islands
Posted: 19-Dec-2018, 12:39PM in Free discussion

Quote: "jokinen"​Guadeloupe was discovered by Christopher Columbus who named the island Santa Maria de Guadelupe de Extremadura, but the Spanish never settled there. But it was the place where Columbus discovered the pineapple, which was unknown in the old world. • ​ • ​The French settled in 1635 and French currency was used since. Briefly occupied by the British during the Napoleon wars, the French retook control in 1816 and a separate Guadeloupe Franc was introduced with banknotes only. In 1903 and 1921, 50 centimes and 1 franc coins were introduced, which are the only coins from this place and pretty hard to find. The 1921 coin could be classified as emergency currency, comparable to the local coins in Metropolitan France after the collapse of the gold Franc in 1920. • ​ • ​Since 2002 Guadeloupe is using euro. • FYI ​Spanish is Guadalupe, so Columbus named it as "Santa Maria de Guadalupe de Extremadura"

Decimalisation around the world
Posted: 16-Dec-2018, 06:45PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "CassTaylor"​​​Yes, divided into 100 subunits is exactly what I was looking for as a qualifier. • ​This will complicate things.... • On 19th. century, at Uruguay, and some other countries, like Argentina and Paraguay, the unit was "Peso" (or "Peso Fuerte" = Strong Peso). • Also there was the "Real"(=Royal), 8 Reals were equal to 1 Peso Fuerte, and the coins were of "Centésimos" (hundredths) of Reals with values of 1, 2, 4, 5, 20, 40. This made 1 Peso= 800 hundredths (of Real). • My point is: Decimal means tenth, therefore hundredths (1/100) are tenths of tenths (1/10/10). • Then, we call decimal when subunits used a currency divided into 100 or into 10? Should be centesimal, as I see. • The definition I found is: "Decimal fraction, a fraction whose denominator is a power of ten" • Also found an explanation telling is a positional notation, where each digit is worth 10 ti[...]

Siege coins from Latin America
Posted: 13-Dec-2018, 02:11PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "halfdisme"​Do a little studying about this type, and decide whether it belongs on your list. They may or may not have been "beseiged", but they were definitely on the run! • ​ • ​​Very interesting coin. • I did a little research, coin is dated 1822; seems Pasto was attacked at very end of 1822, and was on a short siege during 1823, the following year. Out of the question whether the coin was really minted at Pasto, if this is correct, means was minted before the siege time. So far, this coin does not belong to my list. • Thank you for your contribution; it was close enough to be taken into account.

Countries showing wrong on My Coins map
Posted: 2-Dec-2018, 06:33PM in Numista catalogue

There are mistakes on the map at My Coins section, some islands are showing wrong: • Top one is a current map, and below is showing a screenshot of Numista map. size of islands is not proportional, but is OK to show their relative position • -On left (yellow on Numista) is showing part of Dominican Republic, they share La Española Island with Haiti, and it's correct; • -Next is Puerto Rico Island (blue on Numista); on My Coins map is showing as Danish West Indies, and must be corrected to show Puerto Rico and Vieques (as sub-region - Vieques is the small island to right, and is not showing at My Coins map cause is too small). • -Next to right are U.S. Virgin Islands (green on Numista); on Numista is showing as Eastern Caribbean Stares and British Virgin Islands they are several small islands and is OK to show on Numista map as one bigger one. Must be corrected to show as U.S. Virgin Islands, as current country , and Western Danish Indies as former region &bu[...]

Replying directly to referee from coins "Modification request" page
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As referee if I find something confusing or questionable, I use to PM the member who requests the modification/creation to clarify data or fill gaps of information before accepting or rejecting request. Therefore, the member would receive a PM and they can just reply from there. • Anyways, I think is a good idea, and I would add a button to send PM to requester, so referee also can avoid going to profile page, and then to PM page. This way we don't need to go back to request page if need check something, or open an additional tab (we would not need to jump from one to other tab).

Common planchets
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As per documentation different engraver and year, but there was not copyright at that time? (specially on reverses) • Uruguay coins were minted at Paris and Birmingham, Paraguay coins at Birmingham and other unknown mint. •

(CSIP) Co-operative site improvement project - map + related issuers links
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On map • - Puerto Rico Island is showing as Danish West Indies, • - West Danish Indies are currently the U. S. Virgin Islands. • Viques Island is a small island placed to east from Puerto Rico, too small to show on Numista map, so if is showing together with Puerto Rico will be OK. • Lines between islands show limits of countries: • From left to right: • - part of Dominican Republic (that shares the island with Haiti to west), • - Puerto Rico, Vieques and Culebra are currently Puerto Rico country, • - U. S. Virgin islands, formerly Danish West Indies, formed by St. Thomas and St. John on north, and St. Croix to south, • - British Virgin Islands: formed by Tortola, Gorda, Anegada and some more small islands, also known as Eastern Caribbean States •

[solved] New year on Colombian coin
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Quote: "Sulfur"​Pictures! Perfect! • ​ • ​While I do not see many major differences in the heads, the stars are definitely different, which means one is KM#161.1, and the other is KM#161.2. And if both those were minted in Medellin, I think that means no new year-lines need to be added, but rather, all that say "Bogota" need to be changed to "Medellin" (so it is just an error with Numista's page).​Is your choice, but just in case, I would first ask the owners (if they are not too much) to check mint before switching, if any of them have Bogota, then we should add the line. Better to ask first than fix later.

[solved] How do you deal with tape marks on coins?
Posted: 9-Aug-2018, 03:57AM in Numismatic questions

I use Isopropyl alcohol. • This kind of alcohol is used to clean delicate surfaces, I used it before to clean camera lenses. Usually lenses have an anti-reflectant coating, that is easy to scratch, but Isopropyl alcohol would soften tape remains, same as any kind of grease, like fingerprints or other similar marks, but not affecting the coating. • Of course, you need to use a very soft cloth or cotton swabs, not to scratch the surface, but this alcohol is like magic, fresh tape remains are dissolved or softened in less 1 minute, if tape remains are too old, so they got hard, would need some minutes or maybe 1 hour to soften it, and then you will be able to remove without problem. • Sometimes, the soft remains can be removed using fresh tape, just put on it, and remove a few times, and you will see tape takes out the dirt. (homeopathic treatment, maybe? ). the most important is no to rub the surface, just try to place vertically and remove in the same way.

Have you seen fantasy coins in movies?
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Quote: "Monninen1"​No, but I have seen a stamp in the tv series "new tricks". • ​​Well, not interested so far in stamps, but in future, who knows?

[solved] Countermark on 2 Reales
Posted: 26-Jul-2018, 10:48PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "zegeri"​You can see the letters JB right to the shield. They are the initials of the officials Joaquín Delgado Diaz and Benito de Rojas. They worked in the mint of Seville, then it's KM#460.3.​Well done, Zegeri, that was a great clue, will keep in mind for future identifications.

Your wish list
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My wish list starts with all the coins I'm still missing on my collecting scope, but for economic reasons will not buy gold coins (gifts are welcome ). • My targets are: • 1) Uruguayan and Cuban coins: all coins, including variants, years, minthouses, etc. • 2) Rest of South American coins: • 2.1) 2001-date: All coins, by variants, years and minthouses, • 2.2) 20th. century: All coins by variants and minthouses, would keep from different years, but not searching actively for them. • 3) Central American (and Mexican) and rest of Caribbean coins: all coins by variants and minthouses, not looking for different years, but would keep them if I get them, maybe when buying lots, sets, etc. • 4) USA Coins: All coins by types, but not variants, minthouses and years. • 5) Rest of the world: 1 coin per country, region or issuer. • Other topics: • Silver coins, from all the world, by type (more as investment, and to balanc[...]

Which country .. ?
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Correct those tokens were not from Uruguay. • First telephone service started at Uruguay on 1878, but first public centrals started working only on 1933, and they were manually operated, so tokens were not used at that time. Tokens shown have much earlier years on them.

New short game: Plain or Smooth ?
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Nice new game; it's a genius idea to combine game and poll. • I would suggest that the answers could have an explanation or argument about the choice taken. • Sadly, sometimes number does not make quality, nor most votes makes the truth. Most votes mean more people voted for one option, but not always means it's true or the best one. • Think this way: if we ask "common people" what is better, to clean coins or not, most non-collectors would answer to clean; but if you explain why collectors prefer not to clean coins, then results would be very different.

Hey can everyone with an Argentina 10 centavos 1956 KM 51. On the side with 10 on it, do you have a thin or thick rim?
Posted: 9-Jul-2018, 02:28AM in Numismatic questions

Hello Daryl: • I have several of those coins, from all years. • I checked them and found: • There are 4 types of coins very similar between them as each is based on the prior one. • KM# 44: On 1950 is the original issue, it was minted to commemorate 100 years of San Martin death. it has some more legend, owing to the event commemorated. I have 2 thick rim and 1 thin. • KM# 47: 1951 & 1952: Same design, but deleted the legend related to the Centenary, they have reeded edge, and I found very few difference on rim, but out of 11 of 1951, 2 of them had a "double" rim, most possibly a defect of fabrication, as is only on about half of circumference. None of 1952 coins had this detail. • KM# 47a: 1952 & 1953: Same as previous, but smooth edge. 1 out of 7 1952 I have, showed the "double" rim, but not so clear, 1953 all thin rim. • KM# 51: 1954, 1955 & 1956: Same design as the previous, but head on reverse is a bi[...]

Krause catalog 20th century new editions
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I think there are 2 reasons for the new editions: • 1) Mistakes should be corrected, prices updates, and in general upgrade and add new known data, but don't see many of those, • 2) KM and their dealers make more money on selling new editions, for new owners or for those who want a newer one. • Probably the 2nd is the main reason for new editions.

[solved] CSIP - Links to the engravers
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List of engravers on Uruguayan coins: • Albert-Désiré Barre • Agustín Jouve • Agustín Rivero • Begoña Castellanos • Bernabé Michelena • Carlos Carrizo • Carlos Saavedra • Dalibor Schmidt • Dieter Busse • Enrique Ramán • Ernest Tasset • Ernesto Leborgne • Francisco Matto • Francisco Orellana • Garbiñe López • Garcilaso Rollán • Henri-Auguste Patey • Jorge Nicastro • José Carasola • José Grau • Juan Habegger • Lucien Bazor • Lucien Mège • Luis José Díaz Salas • Luis Marchan • Manuel Espínola Gómez • Mária Poldaufová • Michael Rizzello • Miguel Angel Bía • Miguel Battegazzore • Moriyasu Kohakura • Pedro Urzúa • Pierre Turin • Pierre-Alexandre Morlon • René Thénot • Robert Evans • Roman Lugár • Stefan Novotny • Stuart Dev[...]

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I think Panamagirl was exploring the site and clicked post button not meaning it, or just wanted to post something but didn't know how. Welcome to Numista Panamagirl!!! • About mrmidnight, Bienvenidos=welcome, I bet he was bragging for the new 3 coins. They are great, congrats!!!

Let's see if we can post coins by the catalog country list. For the countries A
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Quote: "ZacUK"​ Buenos Ayres 1827 / Banco - unknown coin • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​EDIT: Always curious why on the reverse there was just BANCO then half a wreath, • ​and now looking at this page ... • ​ • ​ that has similar, with the wreath being partially overstamped with lettering. • ​Then if my second image is rotated then 5/10 can be partially seen, so is a 5/10 Real coin. • ​Yes Zak, that is a 5/10 Real coin from Buenos Ayres, province of Argentina. In your picture reverse is shown rotated 180º, and the full lettering should be "BANCO NACIONAL". • I don't remember exact details, but the wreath was not part of the design of this side of coin, is a remain of the design of the planchet used, from an older coin. At that time was usual to re-use coins, due to lack of material. On Numista pictures, you can see both sides have remains of the previous[...]

Thanks for participating - Win your pass for Museum of Monnaie de Paris
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I know the contest is already started, and rules are published and clear, but sometimes things can have a variation to improve it. • First of all, I'm participating just for fun, cause if I ever get a pass, I will not be able to use it (does not include air ticket, correct? ); therefore, don't pool my correct answers, or if you do and I get choose, take one more name to replace me. • My suggestion, for this or for a future contest is to make only 9 games, picking a winner on each, but for the last pass give it to the one with the most correct answers in the games, or draw from all top scored if more than one. • Just my mind.

Fake/Replica/Copy Coins
Posted: 30-Apr-2018, 01:03AM in Numismatic questions

Hello: • Do you still have the Cuban one? if so, how much would you sell it for?

[solved] Messages not sent on swaps
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Quote: "Xavier"​Hello, • ​The same bug is reported there: • ​Do you still experience this problem?​Hello Xavier: • I did not send messages again, on the way the problem happened, When I had to send a message I just wrote it in separate window, and it went fine. • I just recreated the conditions of the problem and message went fine. • At least for me is working fine now.

Contest Number 4! Open to all members! Contest run dates: March 16, 2018 to April 15, 2018 ~~~ Heads or Tales...?
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Tails (or tales, as the tittle of the thread )

Using comments to make notes
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I feel with the last update we left the possibility to have comments on coins not owned. • I explain: • Before update, I used comments to have notes on coins I didn't own. It was very useful when having some swaps in negotiation. • I used to add comment "Asked to XXX 18-02-09" on the coins I have asked to a member in a swap, so when I browsed coins of other member to start swap/add coins, I was able to see if I had already asked them to other. The date I included was to know when it was asked, so if I found I have asked it long ago, maybe was not sent on that swap, for member did not have it available or missed adding it, and maybe I missed to delete comment; or maybe was a swap that got abandoned or turned down; then I could go to that swap and fix it. • I also used it to mark the variants I was missing. For some countries I don't collect all years, but do the variants (KM# 10.1, KM 10.2, etc.), on coins where coins were issued for several years [...]

hello to everyone what do you think of the new version?
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At first moment new version was a shock to me, but after browsing and understanding it was not bad, I still like the old grid, that seems more intuitive. • But the variation that I think is a great loss is the need to add a coin to put comments. • I explain: I used to add a comment when I was negotiating a swap, like "asked to Jarcek 18-03-05", and then deleted it when receiving and registering the coins. This way, when I looked for coins in another swap, I would know if I have already asked other member for it; no reason to ask for same coin to 2 or more swap partners, specially if they are scarce or valuable coins. The date helped me to know if was recent or not, if was some months old, I could say would not receive it, and I could just delete the comment, and also helped me to manage swaps, if cancelled swaps I would delete the comments, or find missing coins in swaps. Also useful when I buy coins, from local dealers, auctions, etc. I would avoid to buy coins[...]

2000 Pesos Uruguayos: "released as circulating type, and was demonetized at same moment"
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Quote: "anarchisto"​Is this coin a circulation coin or not? (currently it's "circulating") • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Since it could have never been actually used as legal tender (since the demonetization occurred before the coins were sold, according to the law), I'd argue it's not a circulation coin. • ​ ​First we need define what is circulating or not. • If we agree a circulating coin is one issued to have legal tender value, then the date of demonetization is irrelevant. • From a few years ago, coins at Uruguay are issued as having legal value, and most are demonetized on the same day or prior to they be available to public. I consider them commemorative circulating coins. • Now, please note this coin is still not demonetized, you can go to Central bank cash and ask for it, exchanging for a UYU$ 500 banknote. No receipt, [...]

Recruitment of new Referees, Master Referees, Translators, Moderator!
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Hello Jarek: • I can help on Bolivia (same language and near to my country) if still none have volunteered. • Best regards, • Daniel, • Uruguay.

Unidentified variants
Posted: 19-Dec-2017, 04:07AM in Numista catalogue

Thank you for answers, Jarek and Indolenz, I see you both are right. • Now the only reason to add the extra line is for correct registration for swaps, but in this case if they mark variants we still can't be totally sure the marking is correct. • Maybe is not worth to insist on this great idea. (Seems every time I have a brilliant idea, either is not so good, or other thought it before )

[solved] 25 centavos Argentina 1996
Posted: 13-Dec-2017, 01:43PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Indomini16"​​​Thanks a lot for this clear explanation ! So, does it mean that there is more CJ# 4.4.2 minted than the CJ# 4.4.1? • ​I don't really know, Janson (the author of the catalog, and who created the #s) only shows a total mintage of 95,000,000 for both variants, but does not detail how many of each. • I think if there were few coins of the 1st version, they would have discarded them, and if already were minted a huge amount, would not have done the 2nd version, so I think there must be several millions of each, but can't say what are more. Will ask to Argentina referee, who is a friend of mine about this. When I get something I will let you know, or maybe he post something here.

Apothecaries weights
Posted: 12-Dec-2017, 09:24PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "MonaSeaclaid"​Very cool piece adanieluy. How many do you have? • ​Hello Mona: • My daughter is medicine doctor so I "collect" (means buy) for her items related to medicine, like medals, tokens, coins. These weights were used on preparing medicines recipes, so I include them in the range. • I don't have them at home, she has all the stuff at her home so I don't really know what she has. My idea was add them, with medals, etc. into exonumia section, so I could keep track of items, and not buy repeated ones. I think we must have 4 or 5 more.

I need help to identify cob
Posted: 10-Dec-2017, 08:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "PetrusAscanus"​Beware for replica's • ​ • ​ ​Thank you for warning, but I don't think it be a fake; I got from an auction in our national numismatics association, and as cheap as 4 USD, too cheap for a fake, I feel.

Quality of postal services for countries
Posted: 8-Dec-2017, 01:45AM in Swaps and trades

Uruguay: • Regular Post service is very safe, they never lost an untracked sending of mine, and maybe 2 or 3 haven't reached me, but I can't say if they were lost in my country, or outside. So far, I have sent more than 20 untracked parcels, and have received 100+ • Certified service is absolutely safe, on Numista I have sent over 50 and received same amount, and never had problems out of some delays (specially to and from countries with no high volume of mail). • Only problem is that sending from Uruguay to countries outside Mercosur is very expensive. 500g would cost USD 15 within Mercosur, and jumps to USD 35 for rest of countries.

Searching for Medicine related coins
Posted: 4-Dec-2017, 10:02PM in Free discussion

Quote: "pnightingale"​Apothecary weights. They are often thought to be coins. It's a very interesting area to collect and it's supported by quite a bit of specialized literature freely available on the internet.​Yeah! She already has a few of them, they are nice, and while we wouldn't figure what they are, was something strange.

How many different kinds of metals for coins?
Posted: 4-Dec-2017, 03:09PM in Numismatic questions

Now I remember, in ancient America was used as coins cacao seeds and cacao fruit too

[solved] What do you think about this banknotes?
Posted: 31-Aug-2017, 12:13AM in Banknotes

Fantasy issues are created to sell them, they may be beautiful, but they don't have history, and for sure will not raise their value along the years. If you want to do a serious collection, and have it as investment, I don't think they are a good option. • On the other side, as Mona said, what you collect is your choice. • On my side, I collect for myself, and I like to show them to my family and friends, people who are not in numismatic hobby, only like them if they are pretty, no matter the age or history they have. Therefore, I occasionally buy something attractive to have in my show. I have the Harry Potter coins, Zamunda pounds (Coming to America movie), some very big Russian banknotes, some tiny German notgelds, the "geometrical" series from Somalia, the bike-shaped and guitar-shaped from Somalia, and of course colorized coins, bone-made, wooden, bamboo, ceramic and Transnitrian plastic coins. • I don't expect they are genuine, since I paid low pric[...]

Patterns and trial strikes, demonetized by default?
Posted: 24-Aug-2017, 04:41PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "AmerSalmeh"​According to this • ​ • ​ • ​What would be the correct demonetization date to use in coin sheets? • ​30-9-2013 (discontinued from the office from this date) • ​30-09-2014 (last day to accept coins for exchange in banks) • ​1-10-2014 (1st day after the above date)​Seems I love to argue • On my opinion demonetization date is the first on, since is the date the issuer decrees the coins lose their monetary value, the extra year is the time they give to change the coins at bank, but in fact everybody could refuse to accept them. The most usual is people use them till they are finally not accepted. • Again: in this case 01/10/2013 to 30/09/2014 is the time when banks will accept the coins, but will not give them. Is just a more-than-enough lapse of time to change the coins. Nowhere in the article says someone out of banks must accept the coins. •[...]

Uruguay 1981
Posted: 24-Aug-2017, 01:27PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "tecnopublic"​ 20 Centésimos (Pattern) • ​1981 • ​Aluminium – 1.67 g – ø 22 mm • ​KM# PnD108 • ​te doy esta especificciones ya queyo tengo esta moneda con este año​Esta moneda ya está publicada en pero con año 1976. No tengo registro que se haya acuñado en 1981. Por favor me envías fotos de ambos lados? • Saludos, • Daniel, • adanielu - Referee for Uruguay and Cuba coins

Can Anyone help to establish if my coin is a fake?
Posted: 14-Jul-2017, 09:59PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Subha Barua"​​​No aggressive way..... no misunderstand..... my question marks came numerously becuase my SHIFT key had been a problem since this week... • ​Doesanyoneknowhowtofixmyspacebarthatisnotworking?? • Same problem on keyboards made in Typoland D)

Wonder Women
Posted: 14-Jul-2017, 02:49PM in Free discussion

• "Souvenir Peso" first coin issued by Cuba, to fund the revolution for Independence from Spain. • 1897 coins show "Souvenir" instead of "1 Peso" cause provisional government, in the US didn't want to have problems with the US government, who could refuse to mint coins from a revolution movement against a country they have diplomatic relations (Spain). • 1898 coins show "1 Peso" owing to the change in the relations between the US and Spain. • The image represents the Cuban Republic and is based on a pictue of Leonor Molina, cousin of one of the main revolution leaders, and active participating in the movement. Leonor is the only woman who represented Cuban Republic in coins.

How many coins with the images of a coin(s) do you know?
Posted: 27-Jun-2017, 04:56AM in Numismatic questions

From Uruguay: • • • From Cuba: • • • (some modifications included)

Varieties of Colombian 200 pesos 2016
Posted: 23-Jun-2017, 03:25AM in Numismatic questions

I found this site about taking pics of peripheral of objects, looks interesting, now the problem I see is this app is for mobiles, and they usually doesn't have a good macro function, may be must be bought a lens to allow focusing correctly. • • Anyways, I like your Ole's trick, and will try it, but I think would be a good idea take pics from both sides of coin, so would be easier to understand pics, by the deformation.

Spain coin with engraver not listed
Posted: 30-May-2017, 09:17PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I need help about this coin: • I think host coin is but engraver (JC) is not listed in variants. • Other difference is coin weighs 4.92g. • Thank you in advance

What is the world's last silver circulation coin?
Posted: 22-May-2017, 02:08PM in Numismatic questions

This coin is currently a circulating issue. • See numismatic site, full page: • and the section with circulation and demonetization dates: • Yeah! I know mintage is small, and since they come in plastic capsule, you can ask for them as cash, for its face value at Banco Central del Uruguay, and must be accepted as legal tender everywhere. • Now, this coin was set as circulating issue, and was demonetized the day before they started distribution. • See numismatic site: • and the section with circulation and demonetization dates: • Again, they come in plastic capsule (and with box on demand, with extra charge), and mintage is low, but still you can "buy" them for its face value at Banco Central del Uruguay. • Sounds strange, and is st[...]

A couple more newbie questions about coin collecting
Posted: 15-May-2017, 03:23AM in Numismatic questions

Hi! Welcome to Numista!!! • I agree with every thing said above, specially that you need to decide your target, so you will enjoy your new hobby. • On my side, when I started collecting, I thought of collecting worldwide coins, but very soon I realized there are really too much coins and many really expensive that were (and still are) out of muy reach. • So I decided to limit to a region. I live at South America, so I decided to collect only coins from my continent, is easier to me that all countries have the same language (and Brasil, that portuguese language is simmilar to Spanish, and can be understood with few effort); immediately I decided to add Central America countries , and also caribbean, as English is not a problem for me too (some caribbean countries), so my limits ended on Latin America and Caribe. At start I focused on 3 countries: Uruguay, mine, of course, Paraguay and Panamá, I choosed those 2 cause I was told they don't have a very wide range of co[...]

Numista 2017 Tokens just arrived
Posted: 2-Apr-2017, 05:15PM in News

Quote: "Cyrillius"​And they already are in the catalog • ​ • ​​The links to other coins in pages are correct? they showing both 2017 and one 2013 only.

Question for those Album Lovers
Posted: 8-Feb-2017, 02:13AM in Numismatic questions

For me, the second best thing is to show my collections. • So if I order them by KM, value or size, then it would be a bit boring for those who are not in the stuff. • Therefore, I order them by country, 1, 2 or 3 each album, depending of the amount of the coins I have. • Then, in each country, I would separate common circulating coins from commemoratives, and try to make series; like XX anniversary of the independence, fauna, historical events, themes. I feel in this way, "general" people would enjoy it more. I also put a white paper sheet between pages, and I print in them the details of the coins, so people can understand why they were minted. • I also have an album with fun things, like coins of wood, bone, ceramic, bamboo, old chinese with odd shapes, Zamunda, lord of the Rings and Harry Potter coins, double face peace dollar, guitar, motorcycle and country shaped coins, and all that stuff (even if they are not real coins), that can attract t[...]

my collection
Posted: 7-Jan-2017, 02:29AM in Swaps and trades

Hello: • I could be interested on Latin American and Caribbean coins, specially Cuban conmemoratives. • If you want sell something in this range, please let me know. • Regards, • Daniel, • Uruguay.

Odd 1999 Connecticut quarter. Strange scratch that looks pre-circulation. Or made before pressing. What do you think ?
Posted: 4-Dec-2016, 04:32PM in Numismatic questions

Looking at the pics, looks to me as if something round have touch the die leaving some material; something like when you put a wet glass on a surface and leaves some water; of course in this case something harder than water. The letters would not be affected since they are incuse in the die, so no material adhered to them.

Questions about measuring coins
Posted: 18-Oct-2016, 07:20PM in Numismatic questions

Measurement of coins are in the description to help us to determine which coin is it in certain cases (sometimes variants are only for weight or dimensions); and also to let us know about how the coin should be like. • For my country, I am lucky from several years ago, every one have a law nr. to be issued, and there is the description of the coin, as it should be; they also stats a (very small) tolerance on the final dimensions and weight of the coins; if they are out of the range, they are rejected. Therefore, there is an oficial size and weight for them. • On the other hand, the rim is intended to give stability when you stack coins, but of course there are exceptions as mentioned, usually the rim thickness is the maximum of the coin, so should be the one to give. If you don't have official measures, would be a good idea to stack several coins in the best conditions possible, like 5 to 10 coins, measure them altogether and calculate average of each. Same with weight, [...]

What coins still circulate in your country?
Posted: 22-Sep-2016, 02:58AM in Numismatic questions

At Cuba there are 2 currencies circulating at same time. • Peso Cubano (CUP) is the original currency, with a change rate of 25 CUP=1USD , and there are coins of 1, 2, 5, 20 cents, 1 and 3 Pesos. 1, 2 and 5 cents are the same from 1915, 20 cents is minted from 1962, 1 Peso from 1983 and 3 Pesos from 1990. None of these coins have been demonetized, but 1 and 2 cents are not seen often, owing to their low value (about 0.0004 and 0.0008 USD). • Peso Convertible (CUC) was created on 1994, as "tourist" money, with a rate change of 1CUC=1 USD, and at first times, only non cuban people could use them, there were CUP and CUC stores separated, and same with other services. Later, cuban people was allowed to use CUC, and now there are "mixed" stores, but tourist usually only use CUC money. • For CUC there are coins of 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents, and 1 Peso from 1994; on 2000 was added 1 cent coin, and on 2004 bimetallic 5 Pesos (minted on 1999, but issued to[...]

Demonetized coins, what happens to them in various countries?
Posted: 7-Sep-2016, 04:12PM in Numismatic questions

At Uruguay, time to time, government demonetizes some series of coins (mainly when currency changes, or devaluation makes lower values useless), they put a dealine for they being legal tender, and another time, usually 6 months more, where they are changed at banks. • I'm not sure what happens to old common coins, most possible they are stored for long time, and then sent to melt, but I will ask to the man must know it, the boss of numismatic section of Central Bank of Uruguay. • About silver and gold coins, they are not melted, Central Bank of Uruguay has a numismatic section, where they sell to customers, with prices that daily varies accordingly to silver/gold prices, and dollar exchange rates. • Most of $ 5.00 gold coins from 1930 stay at Bank's treasure, as part of the gold reserve of the country, but they are not on sale. Anyways I have seen a couple times they accepted exchange for certain important collectio[...]

informe sobre emision
Posted: 6-Sep-2016, 05:15AM in Numismatic questions

Jaime: • Por lo que yo se, la leyenda en el canto, en dos posiciones, es algo bastante común, ya que en general esa inscripción es un paso posterior al estampado (acuñación). • Como ejemplo, las monedas presidenciales nuevas de 1 dolar, de EEUU tienen esa característica, y en el caso de, hay un error en que no tiene inscripción. • En mi país también hay esa diferencia en, aunque en general no se describe como variante. • En el tema de distintos tamaños de letra, entonces pienso que sí se debería considerar como variantes. • Saludos desde Uruguay.

Which contributor are you?
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Quote: "Dato Mikeladze"​just for fun: today i received change request: • ​current: " Brass center, copper-nickel ring" • ​changed to: " Bimetallic. brass center. Copper-Nickel ring" • ​ • ​+2 points !  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)​Exactly what I was thinking would happen, 2 points for nothing, or the contributor will go mad if you deny the modification. What a problem, nah?

[solved] new set from Honduras
Posted: 6-Jul-2015, 03:47PM in Numismatic questions

Hi. • On Banco Central de Honduras I found they have pics of currently circulating coins; seems they are only one issue, but they don't show the dates . • Pictures: • Description: • If you need translation from Spanish let me know. • Greetings, • Daniel.

Argentina 2 pesos 2014
Posted: 23-Jan-2015, 02:06PM in Numismatic questions

Maybe is this coin? • years are updated.

Argentina missing variant.
Posted: 28-Dec-2014, 03:18AM in Numista catalogue

I got some Argentina coins, and found a variant is missing: • 25 Centavos • 1993 KM# 110a.1 fine lettering, • 1994 KM# 110a.1 fine lettering, • 1994 KM# 110a.2 bold lettering,  <=== missing variant. • 1996 KM# 110a.2 bold lettering. • Thanks for help.

---> Adding coins for countries with inactive referees <--- [UPDATE!]
Posted: 1-Oct-2014, 05:48AM in Numista website

Quote: zegeriQuote: saupalWhere I can see that countries with innactive refereesThere is a thread in the referees' forum in order to check if they are still alive. These are the countries with active referees in that thread. The rest is silence. • Country Referee • Albania Euromunt • Australia elvis123 • Austria donmart • Austrian states imreh • Brazil Aixois • Brittany Al Louarn • Canada eminem • Canadian provinces elvis123 • Croatia Kuna • Crusader states asspearin • Dutch Republic Hippaforalkus • Estonia eminem • France Pimousse124 • France - Feudal pfouque, SanglierFSE • France - Kingdom pfouque, SanglierFSE • French cities Pimousse124 • French colonies Pimousse124 • Frisia Hippaforalkus • German states apuking • Germany - 1871-1948 donmart • Greece (ancient) KAISERKILLERfr08 &bu[...]

Newest country added to your collection
Posted: 31-Jul-2014, 05:14AM in Free discussion

My last additions are: • South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, I finally received it: •, but is year 2012, which is still not listed on page. • Last Saturday I bought 2 more: • Benin: • • and Togo: • • Now I'm only missing 7 countries of those that issued coins during this century (as listed on Krause Catalog). As Numista say I have 282 countries so far; and most of the missing as Numista shows are exctincted countries, dependences or regions. • For my target to collect all "present" countries Missing countries are: Ivory Coast, Liechstenstein, Nauru and Palau; dependences are: Alderney, Shawnee Tribal Nation and Stoltenhoff Island (last one I already have located a guy selling coins from there).

South Georgia&Sandwich Islands missing date
Posted: 22-Jul-2014, 03:37AM in Numista catalogue

Today I received this coin, that is showing on catalog, but year is missing; it is showing 2011 only, but mine shows date 2012: • Here are the pics: • Thanks, • Daniel.

Structural suggestions
Posted: 20-Feb-2014, 09:37PM in Numista website

Quote: KunaI have better idea. On the coin page, someone should create a special column for pictures of variants or for explaining something. For example: • For this coin, I added a picture where variant is explained (year with and without dot). Also, now I can't add a picture for edge if I want to add. Also I wrote all the comments about the coin in "edge" section. It would be better if I put those comments in special section. It could also be for variants (usually it will be for variants) but You could also put there special comments. • Please, tell me what do You think. • Regards • KunaGreat Kuna, you got the idea, and I agree, I think this could be 4 sections now, Obverse, Reverse and Edge, the current secions, and adding one more for variants, notes, etc. Anyway, I think would be good to have the chance to add more than 1 pic in this new section, cause some of the coins have several variants[...]

Decision about Shamikb, Pnightingale and Torontokuba
Posted: 28-Aug-2013, 07:10AM in Numista website

Hello Xavier: • I am glad you paid attention to my thoughts, and you replied to my posting. • So far, I can see I can't "teach" you things, but maybe a point of view from outside moderators could give a new perspective, more than what happened, is what happened after. • Arguments after resolution was taken would not do any better to things, cause usually are based on subjective thinkings, and a great lack of details. I agree sometimes it rises something that was not considered, but is too few possible. • Managers and moderators should discuss and study all the details they have before taking a decision, and I never thought it happened in other way, for sure I was not able to express myself correctly (and I have the excuse that I don't speak English). But the point is after a decision is taken, there should not be changed, since it should be taken only after it seems to be the best one, specially because of people taking part for one or othe[...]

Referees - status report
Posted: 22-Aug-2013, 03:18AM in Numista website

Quote: SmartOneKgOh, so it was you, Daniel. Now that I got your attention, please help me fixing two things: • 1) I need you to erase year 2008 from 2 Pesos Uruguayos coin, KM# 104:, since was not minted on that year. (see Krause, it does not mention this year, and Monedas Uruguay, official site of our country; there is not showing either). • You also can see coins to exchange This KM type is very common, but none has a single coin to swap. • I bet if you can see the coins in collections you should not find anyone having it; and if there is someone, for sure is a mistake, I would ask them to confirm if they really have it • 2) On 5 Pesos Uruguayos KM# 120 shows variant KM# 120.2 on year 2003: • The difference to KM# 120.1 is the direction of neck of portrait. [...]

Numista in Spanish
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Hi Kenny: • Maybe I was not clear on my words; I haven't requested to include Spanish now; I said Spanish is a natural and strong option for future; at least on the direction Numista have right now. I completely agree with you that now is not the moment, but at the right time it will became a need, maybe in a few months or some years; I don't know when, and I don't even want to bet about it. Just like when you walk, you not only look where is your next step, but also the track ahead, sooner or later is very possible you reach there, or maybe at any point you decide to turn to side. If you have a target, you will need to pass for certain points at a time, if you decide to change your target, then those points could change. • I insist, I'm not asking for a third language; I just would like to have it, cause it would make things easier for me, and for a lot more people. Anything that could be changed in the site will have advantages and problems, the wise is [...]

Snap of your Dashboard :) [Closed - see new thread]
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Duh!    I meant 64.5% of the countries.. I knew I must not buy this keyboard made in Typoland • Thank you for heads up.

Members of Numista; what is your age?
Posted: 5-Jul-2013, 07:10PM in Free discussion

We can save everything for old age, except youth, which is what we will need more

New User Stats >> May 2013
Posted: 30-Jun-2013, 05:50PM in Numista website

I was on other group not related to coins (a games site), where activity of members was important. I feel not only activity is important here, but also being up-to-date. I have requested a couple of swaps for which I got a "my collection is not updated" answer, and also some never replied, so I guess they haven't paid attention to this group for a while. • I have nothing against people who stop collecting, they may get bored (I doubt it happens), or could have work, family, or health issues that makes them suspend for a time, but my point is that is important for active members not to waste time chasing swaps. We always can look the feedback list so we can know how long time from last swaps, and that would be a proof or activity, but anyway some kind of mark would be a good help for who are looking for swaps. • On the other hand, it is a good thing to know location of users, as this can help to calculate posting costs, and also trip time. If I need a few ch[...]

Search tool for coins
Posted: 30-Jun-2013, 05:02PM in Numista website

Hello, I use a lil trick to find silver coins of a single user- I set in wish preferences "silver" as metal' and when I look swap list it shows the heart in list. Of course if you have several coins marked in to wish them, it will show them too, but will help.

Your favorite song or band?
Posted: 1-Jun-2013, 01:45AM in Free discussion

My favorite theme is "Song for Guy", from Elton John; my favorite band is Creedence Clearwater Revival, I like almost all of their themes. • I like too much Agarrate Catalina, is a group of my country, their style is the "Carnaval", something like Mardi Gras, that in my country lasts over 2 months every year. The lyrics are about actual facts, local and worldwide, but is very hard people from other countries can understand and like it.

Missing year for German coin
Posted: 28-Feb-2013, 11:16AM in Numista catalogue

I was surprised I could have found a new coin, now history will not mention me ...   Thanks for let me know.

What's the smallest coin you have?
Posted: 21-Feb-2013, 06:37PM in Free discussion

Mine is Uruguay N$ 1.00, 1989, 12 mm • Well, now let's see if anyone have one of these coins • • • I can't believe there is such a small coin???? less than 1 mm??? please someone let us know the real size.

How old are you ? What's your job ? And other hobbies ?
Posted: 27-Jan-2013, 10:50PM in Free discussion

Hi all. I'm 58, work as tire seller, family shop that was founded by my dad, who died last year. Also my brother and my son works there, so I used to say "they have me surrounded". • Formerly I started several collections, stamps, pens, matchboxes, beer cans, and so others. My hobby for years is computers; together with my son, and a few with my daughter; at home and store, about 50 computers passed by our hands. • I also like motorcycles, I was president of our National Motorcycling Federation, for 7 years, and later president of our National tire deales Association, for 5 years. Also I was director of tourneys on internet (Yahoo Games and Pogo), directing tournaments of dominoes, cribbage, gin, and a few more games; I was head TD (something like a manager) of a games league, for a couple years. • I started collecting coins, because when my dad died, he left lots of coins; not a collection, just an amount of them; mostly from our country, so I order[...]

Variant for Uruguayan coin
Posted: 23-Jan-2013, 02:52AM in Numista catalogue

There is a variant on coin 5 Centésimos 1901-1941. • On year 1941 the "common" mintage was 5,000.000 pcs. (in catalog shows as 2,400.000) . And the "Vitureira" variant mintage was 2,400.000. (Is named Vitureira after the last name of who first informed the differences). • Reverse is nearly the same, no appreciable differences; but on obverse, we can see body of letters are bolder than the common mint. The most evident difference is the date, where also top of "1" on both ends is more flat. • This variant is valued about 10x the price of common mint, and is a must for Uruguayan coins collectors. • I add pictures of my "Vitureira" specimen. • and the common mintage • also details of the date • and typography • on Vitureira • and date • and typography • on common . • Hope you can add the variant and correct the quantity of common mintage. • Best regard[...]

Bearded Jefferson nickel
Posted: 31-Dec-2012, 02:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have took some coins pics using my mobile, thru the magnifying glass, and they are better than not using the glass. The lens of the mobile on center of the glass, then search up and down till having a good definition. • Other feature I use is to scan the coins, most times they look good too. • Try it, could work for you too. • Daniel

Two coins, maybe British?
Posted: 26-Dec-2012, 01:59AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Still not convinced, my coins have no lettering on reverse; if anyone have other opinion, I would like to hear.

Japanese coin
Posted: 25-Dec-2012, 03:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Well, thanks, I will go on searching what is that, but I think is not real, maybe just an ornament, or some kind of "fantasy".

Italian coin?
Posted: 25-Dec-2012, 03:24PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Well, thank you very much. I searched and found is very common, seems to be a replica for tourist, of 50's.

Fiji 10 Cents - Elizabeth II 3rd portrait - Add year.
Posted: 12-Dec-2012, 01:20AM in Numista catalogue

 I just got a new coin, but when I tried to register, found year is not listed, and on trying to add, got message "year list is complete". • I think it is 10 Cents - Elizabeth II 3rd portrait KM# 52a Fiji 2006. • Below are enclosed pics taken of my coin. • Please check it and add to year list, or please tell me where I can find it. • Best regards, • Daniel • (Uruguay) •

1000 Pesos (FAO) Uruguay variants KM#55
Posted: 8-Dec-2012, 03:14AM in Numista catalogue

The pic shown is a variant called "Lagrima" (teardrop), in obverse, there is a line from the left eye to nose, which is not present in most of the coins; there is not an explanation of this variant, that is fairly common (estimated about 30%). • You can see explanation in the page of "Monedas Uruguay", site created and maintained by Fundación MonRou (Foundation Moneda=coin ROU - Initials of Republica Oriental del Uruguay, official name of our Country) • You can see the details of difference in pics and • Other variants are the legend on the edge in some coins is with obverse up and others with obverse down. • These variants usually are not listed in catalogues, but is very usual to be mentioned in sale sites. • Hope this details can be included in the catalogue, and please forgive me if any mist[...]