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Belgium euro coin card 2015 or older
Posted: 12-Mar-2016, 07:57PM in Swaps and trades

Hello • I have the 2 euro red cross and 2.5 waterloo both in a coincard. • I'm looking for victorian coins. • Can also look in the coinshop in my city for the 2015 one. • Regards, • Kenneth

£20 for £20 + postage! Uk + £5 Wedding Kate and William for £16 + postage
Posted: 18-Jul-2015, 03:17PM in Swaps and trades

Hello • I want to sell this £20 for £20 + postage. • Also want to sell this £5 Wedding Kate and William for £16 + postage • Send me a Pm if you are interested. • Regards, • Kenneth

600 different swap partners :)
Posted: 17-Jun-2015, 12:53PM in Swaps and trades

If you see something in my list. You may open a swap.

Looking for a swap
Posted: 21-Mar-2015, 04:08PM in Swaps and trades

Hello • I see a few coins in your list that I need so If you see coins in my list, don't hesitate to open a swap. • Best regards, • Kenneth

Searching for swap
Posted: 21-Mar-2015, 01:45PM in Swaps and trades

I'm interested in a swap with you. • (Russian and Sovjet union coins) • But you have to send first because you are new here.

I'm looking for 10 Rubles coins from Russia
Posted: 20-Mar-2015, 06:05PM in Swaps and trades

Still looking for more Russian coins.

What country are you from?
Posted: 15-Feb-2015, 10:59AM in Free discussion

I live in brave little Belgium. :)

I'm looking for British coins, who can help me???
Posted: 10-Dec-2014, 04:00PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: sekhar1993british indian coin? Before 1947Yes :)

Circulated euro coins swap
Posted: 20-Oct-2014, 11:51PM in Swaps and trades

Do you have old Irish coins for swap?

Posted: 9-Oct-2014, 12:31PM in Swaps and trades

I see 5 coins in your swaplist that I want so if you are interested, open a swap. • Do you have more irish and UK coins?

BU 2014 1 Pound Coin
Posted: 6-Oct-2014, 10:00PM in Swaps and trades

Hello • I can get a lot of euro coins for you.(circulated) I don't list euro coins on numista. • And I'm looking for British coins so you will be a perfect swap partner for me (and I for you). • Could you send me a list with the coins that you need? • Do you collect coins in circulated condition? • Regards, • Kenneth

Romanian silver coins !
Posted: 1-Sep-2014, 01:24AM in Swaps and trades


The top 10 countrys you have coins from (edit should we start a new post as this one is long ?)
Posted: 17-Aug-2014, 03:46PM in Free discussion

United Kingdom 511 coins • Canada 96 coins • Australia 92 coins • Ireland 33 coins • Bermuda 19 coins • Jersey 10 coins • New-Zealand 8 coins • Eastern Caribbean 8 coins • India-British 4 coins • Gibraltar 4 coins • I collect especially coins from the Uk, Canada and Australia. I have also a collection with €2 CC.

Could someone help me translate my Egyptian banknotes?
Posted: 9-Aug-2014, 03:21AM in Free discussion

The swapper must be very kind to swap those beautiful banknotes with you. ^^

Posted: 9-Aug-2014, 03:02AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


1 farthing 1833?????
Posted: 4-Aug-2014, 01:20PM in Numismatic questions

I see a 5 not a 3 ...

gloriovs iervis britannia
Posted: 4-Aug-2014, 12:57AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: kommodorewhat is this coin?? • found here a similar one: • a 1/2 penny or a 1 farthing from George II?

1 farthing england 1697
Posted: 3-Aug-2014, 11:26PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: kommodore • i have a coin like this but it has coin alignment. • is it rare?No it's not a rare coin because It must be coin alignment and not like numista  Medal alignment. • Catalogue Spink 2012  says: coin alignment.

Swap - British for Euros
Posted: 3-Aug-2014, 04:25AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: peapod21Hi • I'm looking to swap for euro coins of any denomination, but am trying to get 1 of each type. I have quite a few commemorative British 50p and £2 coins for swap, including 6 golden guineas and 2 Jersey 50p!! • If interested, please get in touch. • Thanks • ChrisI send you a message!

Banknotes from Eastern Carribean states
Posted: 27-Jul-2014, 12:19AM in Swaps and trades

I'm interested in these banknotes. • If you see something in my list,please open a swap.

World war currencies
Posted: 25-Jul-2014, 06:54AM in Swaps and trades

Very Nice friends of you. Pal;)

Posted: 23-Jul-2014, 06:57PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 23-Jul-2014, 06:56PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Snap of your Dashboard :) 2
Posted: 23-Jul-2014, 05:29PM in Free discussion

Not a single coin from Mexico!? Preposterous!  You can always send me a mexican coins  

1/12 Anna British India 1924 with dot
Posted: 15-Jul-2014, 05:18PM in Numista coin catalogue

Ok thanks

Newest country added to your collection
Posted: 14-Jul-2014, 03:35AM in Free discussion

I think Australia but I'm not 100% sure • and Straits Settlements, British India

2001 Canadian 25 cents
Posted: 10-Jul-2014, 02:13AM in Coin identifications and valuations • Or this •

Looking for pre-euro coins of Ireland, Spain, Luxembourg etc.
Posted: 9-Jul-2014, 01:24PM in Swaps and trades

Take a look in my swaplist maybe you see something That you need.

What do cu-ni crowns sell for?
Posted: 8-Jul-2014, 10:07PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I bought • a Winston for €0.30 (online) • a Queen Mother for €1.50 (coinshop) • a silver wedding for €0.65 (coinshop) • a silver jubilee for €1.50 (coinshop) • and a Charles for €2.50 (coinshop) • I think a coinshop is more expensive than online.

1/2 penny 1954 Australia
Posted: 8-Jul-2014, 08:42PM in Numismatic questions

Hello • I bought this coin today in the coinshop • and I think the 4 looks thicker than the 195. Can someone explain this or is this normal? • Are there coins with a small 4? Or maybe with something else (variant)? • ( this coin is not mine but it looks the same) • Thanks • Regards, • Kenneth

Posted: 24-Jun-2014, 12:31PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 24-Jun-2014, 12:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Western Sahara
Posted: 22-Jun-2014, 11:05PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: nalaberongIt's an unrecognized country occupied and controlled by Morocco. Basically, Francisco Franco signed it over to Morocco, then died, and since then everybody has ignored it because it's safely out of the way in Africa. The Saharawi people who live there (or used to live there) still claim it and control about 25% of the territory, but it's the worst 25% because it's basically all desert and it's surrounded by a giant minefield and wall put up by the Moroccans. I think all the coins made for it are more fantasy than reality (kind of like the country, unfortunately).Thanks   

Coin identification (Hungary? German States?)
Posted: 19-Jun-2014, 03:06PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hello • I think the first one (large coin) is from the Austrian Netherlands. • Take a look in the catalogue here on numista. • • • • Regards, • Kenneth

Notes of Ukraine!
Posted: 30-May-2014, 12:01PM in Swaps and trades

Really ? They are around the $11 worth.  (Face value) • I think they aren't rare.

1 shilling, 3 and 6 pence
Posted: 28-May-2014, 09:37PM in Swaps and trades

How much do you ask for the coins from king Edward VII ?

1907 India British
Posted: 24-May-2014, 06:30PM in Numismatic questions

• In my opinion it's an S •  ... or a really bad B  

Halfpenny 1886
Posted: 24-May-2014, 06:21PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Wauw, what a difference! • That's a nice upgrade :)

Posted: 20-May-2014, 10:49AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: FINNHello • this is not coin but what this is. I hope someone can help us. • It is older than 30 years.. • Maybe a token?

Robbie burns £2 & archery olympic 50p
Posted: 20-May-2014, 10:46AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: Mark240590Recently got these two coins both fairly low mintage so would be a shame to send them • Back into circulation. Anyone want a swap for them ? I only collect british empire and commonwealth coins but by all means try me.Hello • I'm interested but I don't think I have something for you... • Regards, • Kenneth

UK Coins
Posted: 19-May-2014, 11:03PM in Swaps and trades

Hello • Can you add them to your swaplist so I can choose them to complete our swap ? • I prefer UK coins above Canadian coins. • Regards, • Kenneth

Coins from Gibraltar / Mint Mark ???
Posted: 14-May-2014, 07:03PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: BizzoDoesHi Kenneth, • The mint mark is at the bottom of the reverse at 6 o'clock. • This example is AA: • • And this one is AB: • I didn't thought that this the mint mark was. • Thank you very much • The 2 pence 1988 is AA • 10 pence 1989 AA • 10 pence 1991 AB

Jersey coin found in the UK.. Who can explain this?
Posted: 12-May-2014, 08:03PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Mark240590I know Gibraltar's pound is something like 0.001 of a penny less in value to the British pound. • I've had coins from the following territories that use identical coins in circulation so that's:- • Jersey • Guernsey • Isle of Man • Gibraltar • St.helena & ascension (yeah I got it from the bank in a roll) • Falkland Islands • I assume that Gibraltar will be a mixture of military personnel and tourists bringing them back but as far as Saint Helena and the Falklands I doubt many tourists get that far. Again I would assume military personnel. I feel extremely lucky to have gotten these coins and they remain in my collection.Hello • Thanks for your reply ! • Nice that you find the coins in circulation, I also keep the 50 pence Jersey.   • Regards, • Kenneth

Tokens/Coins ??? Anyone an idea?
Posted: 7-May-2014, 07:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: BizzoDoesHi Kenneth, • It seems that all these tokens are in the catalog, or at least very similar to the ones in the catalog. • 1. British. George III Spade Half Guinea. • • 2. French. Louis XVI Jeton. • • 3. French. Louis XV Jeton. • • Hope it helps. • Andy.yes,I think these are the right tokens • thanks!

Pope/Vatican medals, info? composition? value?
Posted: 29-Apr-2014, 12:17PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have the same token (first one) • I think it's a token from Vatican city.

Closed Dutch Provincial coins for sale
Posted: 24-Apr-2014, 05:53PM in Swaps and trades

Why is it so expensive here • And cheaper in other countries?

UK Olympic 50p coins in individual sealed packs
Posted: 22-Apr-2014, 08:50PM in Swaps and trades

I am interested • I have sent a PM.

Silver price
Posted: 20-Apr-2014, 08:05PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: ClozyHello Kenneth, I use this website: they update metals' value every 5 mins and their data can be also easily added inside websites as images like these • Thanks

Sacagawea dollars!
Posted: 18-Apr-2014, 01:23AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: crruisercharlieQuote: kenneth bwhat are the sacagawea dollars ?    Hey Ken - I specialize in them!  See my swaplist  Sacagawea/Native American dollars commemorate the journey across the US for purposes of mapping and discovery in the early 1800's. Sacagawea was an Indian interpreter who was married to a French Canadian guide. Her and another Indian woman were captives of another Indian tribe and were purchased by the guide. They became his "wives"        PS - I also have the 2014'sThanks for the information • But I have none of them. Regrettably • I have not even completed my American state quarters. So first this one and than maybe the Sacagawea dollars. I also like the coins with the presidents of the United States. • There are so many coins that I really want !  

Age limit
Posted: 3-Apr-2014, 10:29PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: Ban KulinYou are right, neilithic • Unfortunately, lot of time parents are too much busy and don't know what their kids are doing on the internet. Not to mention that kids are usually smarter than their parents and know all the tricks.   • There is not only a problem with getting ripped off. There are bigger dangers on the internet, especially for kids and their parents should be aware and responsible, like you said. • But this could work other way around, too. There is a lot of space for misunderstanding, like I said before. • That is why I prefer to choose not to go in a swap with underage persons. • Thank you for your comments! • I'm now 17 years old and I started Numista when I was 16 years. • I have a rating from 10/10   • I don't think swaps go wrong by not adult persons but by bad persons. • So what's the problem ?   • There are always people who have bad intention[...]

Australian 2 cents 1966
Posted: 29-Mar-2014, 04:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hello • I have here a 2 cents 1966 from Australia and I see there are different types of these coin(s). • 1.Perth Mint • 2.Canberra Mint • 3.Melbourne Mint • • But how can I see from which Mint my coin is? • Maybe you can post some pictures from the different types. • Thanks for the help. • Regards, • Kenneth

Old coin(s) Hammered ???
Posted: 28-Mar-2014, 08:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: Richard 2I would agree with you if the coins were of a decent grade but it looks too worn and broken to be of any real worth.Yep they are in a terrible condition.

Need some help
Posted: 23-Mar-2014, 09:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Maybe this one? •

English coin Elizabeth I of England
Posted: 19-Mar-2014, 09:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: Richard 2Hi, Just checked my Spink book, there was no triangle mintmark for Elizabeth I - and I still can't make the mintmark out so I'm no use to you, sorry.thanks for your help

UK 2012 Olympics, London
Posted: 17-Mar-2014, 11:00AM in Swaps and trades

I need them too. • I have only basketball.

Nazi coins revisited
Posted: 14-Mar-2014, 11:23PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: crruisercharlieThe mintmarks on my nazi coins are:  A-B-D-E-F-G-J. Can anyone give me any imput on the missing letters? Location etc.  Thanks!  It is in Dutch but it is not so difficult to understand. • I found this on a Dutch forum • Plaats Periode Opmerking • A Berlin sinds 1750 Staatsmunt Berlijn • B Wien (A) 1938–1944 Deutsches Reich • Hannover 1866–1878 Koninkrijk Pruisen • Glatz (PL) 1813 Koninkrijk Pruisen • Breslau (PL) 1812–1826 • 1799–1803 • 1750–1768 Koninkrijk Pruisen • C Frankfurt am Main 1866–1879 Koninkrijk Pruisen • Kleve 1750–1767 Koninkrijk Pruisen • D München sinds 1871 Beierse Munt • Düsseldorf 1817–1848 Koninkrijk Pruisen • Aurich 1750–1763 Koninkrijk Pruisen • E Muldenhütten 1887–1953 Koninkrijk Sachsen • Dresden 1872–1887 Koninkrijk Sachsen • Königsberg (RUS) 1751–1803 • 1456–1728 • 1261–1309 • F Stuttg[...]

English banknotes
Posted: 12-Mar-2014, 07:30PM in Coin identifications and valuations

hello • Are this military banknotes ? • What is the condition from this notes? • And the value ? • Thanks • Kenneth •

Coin with Elizabeth II or other kings and queen from the UK
Posted: 11-Mar-2014, 08:34PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: CeruleanFiji, Gibraltar, Belize, British West Africa, British East Africa, Ceylon, British East Caribbean Territories too.Thanks

10 shilling Great-Britain
Posted: 7-Mar-2014, 12:43AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: radrick007Hello Kenneth, my catalogue says that the 10 shilling banknote with this signature was issued between 1966 and 1970. If you are interested in trading this note then please send me a PM.can you give me an exact year ? tnx

Looking for coins from Great-Britain
Posted: 1-Mar-2014, 11:04PM in Swaps and trades

Hello • I'm looking for coins from Great-Britain. • From Edward VII till now. (1900-....) • Pennys, shillings, crowns, farthings... that I don't have • Who can help me ? • Kenneth

Real, fake or a replica? 5 dollar bill
Posted: 23-Feb-2014, 01:44AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: nalaberongThe black signature means it is a fake. I have a fake CSA note as well.Thanks for That information !

Bad swappers
Posted: 22-Feb-2014, 11:34AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: yorkieHi • Not the only one -- I'm sure • phillme to 1 time • gabmar • If you see some coins in my swap list please open a swap . • I see some nice coins in your swap list .

Banknotes of 100 rubles "Olympic games in Sochi 2014" for exchange
Posted: 11-Feb-2014, 11:09PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: ShmayselSeveral banknotes available for exchange! • I can offer coins of 25 rubles Olympic games in Sochi 2014 • Can you pay with this banknote in Russia ?? • Is it a legal payment ?

Who have US2$ bills for swap?
Posted: 9-Jan-2014, 02:15PM in Swaps and trades

I am also looking for american banknotes  . • Sent me a message if you get some one for me .

Need more info
Posted: 30-Nov-2013, 10:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

hello • It looks like this coin but than older and from an other king. • But I can't find it on Numista • kenneth

More than one 2 euro CC a year?
Posted: 20-Nov-2013, 08:18PM in Numismatic questions

I thought they made max. 2 coins each year.

French coin
Posted: 17-Nov-2013, 12:21AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: monéphilHi! • Please precise weight and diameter It's not my coin.

2002 2 Euro coin ID help needed
Posted: 16-Nov-2013, 09:39AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Yes this is a German coins 2euro • You can find the mint Mark under the eagle  

US Columbian 1892 Half Dollar
Posted: 6-Nov-2013, 01:03PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Remove it from the coin .

banknotes swap for coins 1
Posted: 1-Nov-2013, 02:36PM in Swaps and trades

Not silver coins, it was 1 cents from America and Great Britian   • Not special coins • I am looking for English and American coins.

Belgian 50 centimes coin HELP
Posted: 1-Nov-2013, 11:44AM in Coin identifications and valuations

hello • What is the different between this coin • • and this coin ? I know the first one have a larger head but I don't see it. Who can help me ? • • Thanks • kenneth

Looking for people who want UK coins
Posted: 27-Oct-2013, 03:39PM in Swaps and trades

I want UK coins  

€2 commemorative
Posted: 26-Oct-2013, 09:25PM in Swaps and trades

Hello • Who wants to swap €2 commemorative coins that I need in my collection ? • Look in my collection what I need. • I have to swap banknotes, coins. • kenneth

CoInS fOr SwAp
Posted: 10-Oct-2013, 05:14PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: HippaforalkusAre you looking for 2 euro's?yes look • 2 euro Commemorative coins for my collection ?

position A or B?
Posted: 1-Oct-2013, 07:59PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I think •  position A •  (* * BELGIQUE * * BELGIE) upside down •  position B •  (* * BELGIQUE * * BELGIE )

Belgium 2 euro Albert II or Philip I?
Posted: 23-Sep-2013, 10:29PM in Numismatic questions

Oh .. Yes That coin is from Filip

1754 farthing valuation please (OK give me a lesson on this coin please)
Posted: 11-Sep-2013, 04:10PM in Coin identifications and valuations

nice coin :p

George III 1/2 crown 1817
Posted: 27-Aug-2013, 10:25PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I paid 50 euro • do you think it is too much?

Queen Anne Halfcrown 1707
Posted: 26-Aug-2013, 03:04PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Very nice coin !! • I'm jealous :)

Great Britain coins
Posted: 16-Aug-2013, 01:53AM in Swaps and trades

Hello • I am looking for coins from Great-Britian • especially Victoria but others are also welcome (not Elizabeth II). • Who can help me ? • greets • kenneth