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Happy Birthday Jarek!
Posted: 9-Oct-2016, 02:09PM in Free discussion

Oh, i missed that too!! • Happy birthday Jarek, i wish you to be always healthy and happy, and ... of course... keep doing this wonderful job on this site.

(CCIP) Co-operative catalogue improvement project - Image cropping
Posted: 1-Sep-2016, 05:10PM in Numista coin catalogue

Egypt (ancient) and India - Danish • DONE

World coins chat: Ionian Islands
Posted: 23-Aug-2016, 01:39PM in Free discussion

I had a positive answer from the administrator of the site: • He agreed to give us photo usage permission with the reference link "". • Here is a part of our conversation through facebook • and the translation is: • John Baibakis • You can use the photos. The link that will have as a source, as in the example that you sent me, i would like to be this please:

Odour of paint
Posted: 30-Jul-2016, 09:07PM in Free discussion

Thanks for the information Oggy! I know that mahogany cabinets are the best choice for coin storage but they are too expensive for me at this period. So, I found this solution (the metal cabinet), as already have presented in this topic: • • • Thanks for the advices, I will follow them!

A nice idea for coin holders storage
Posted: 25-Jul-2016, 02:40PM in Free discussion

Hi all! • I have another question. A recently (2 months ago) painted metal box can affect the coins? The coins will not come directly in contact with the box. • Thanks

Free world/British coins in 500g packs
Posted: 20-Jul-2016, 02:44PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "oggy"​ • Quote: "MariaK"​The package (2 kg of coins) that I received from Oggy was really great! I didn't expect to find such a generous collector. I added 3 new countries and two hundred coins that I didn't have in my collection. Thanks Oggy!!​​ • ​You're welcome! Always feels good to help others too, so thanks • ​ • ​Now you just need to make your husband start collecting too, so I can send another package!​Ha ha! I will, I promise! He actually likes coin collecting but I always do the dirty job (by organizing them)

Looking for some additional referees
Posted: 20-Jul-2016, 01:56PM in Free discussion

Hi, I could help being additional referee for Greece. Thanks

New catalog administrators
Posted: 22-Jun-2016, 01:36PM in Numista website

Great news!!!

Ottoman Empire coin
Posted: 20-Jun-2016, 09:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you very much for the info!

Asian 2
Posted: 20-Jun-2016, 09:32PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "JanGroen"​​2543 (2000)

[solved] 1971 Arabian coin
Posted: 20-Jun-2016, 08:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "JanGroen"​Good Evening • ​Bought this coin today. Any idea what it may be? • ​ • ​Jannie • ​​Hi, • Is Pakistan 10 Paisa •

[solved] Still Cleaning House.....24+ Pounds of Mexican Coins for sale
Posted: 27-Apr-2016, 11:29AM in Swaps and trades

I am very interested of these coins, but I live in Greece! So, I guess that it is impossible!!

[solved] Subcategories in the catalogue
Posted: 18-Apr-2016, 09:49AM in Numista website

Quote: "oggy"​I think this is a good time to discuss this. It could be implemented in a variety of different ways. • ​ • ​Instead of having separate countries for things like 'German States' and 'South Africa - Boer Republics' we could enter the parent of Germany/South Africa, and then allow them to have children. This was will make the catalogue a lot easier to search, and cut down on the number of countries in that big long list. • ​ • ​So for example, the parent Germany could include the children: • ​ • ​- Weimar Republic • ​- Prussia 1800-1869 • ​- Nazi Germany • ​- Germany (1950+Present) • ​ • ​Russia could have: • ​ • ​USSR (Soviet union • ​Russian Empire • ​Modern Russia • ​etc etc etc • ​ • ​And Tokens could include • ​ • ​- Medals • ​- Bullion rounds • ​- Old grocery tokens • ​ • ​Exonumia could includ[...]

[solved] I was unable to identify Oriental coin
Posted: 15-Apr-2016, 04:06PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Check this one: •

[solved] Free coins - over 3kg available.
Posted: 14-Apr-2016, 12:13AM in Swaps and trades

Thank you very much!!

[solved] Anyone knows something about this coins
Posted: 13-Apr-2016, 10:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The 4th coin is probably 1 Ort - Zygmunt III from Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth: •

What country are you from?
Posted: 4-Apr-2016, 10:43PM in Free discussion

I live in Xanthi, a small city in Thrace, northeastern Greece. I grew up in a village 20 km from Xanthi, and close enough to Abdera, the birth place of philosopher Democritus.

[solved] MPCC V: F3
Posted: 2-Apr-2016, 12:15PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC V: E3
Posted: 2-Apr-2016, 12:14PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC V: G3
Posted: 2-Apr-2016, 12:14PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC V: C2
Posted: 2-Apr-2016, 12:13PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC V: D2 (reset round)
Posted: 2-Apr-2016, 12:07PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC V: B3
Posted: 2-Apr-2016, 12:06PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC V: A3
Posted: 2-Apr-2016, 12:05PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


List of members who wish to become referee
Posted: 15-Feb-2016, 06:32PM in Numista website

I would like to be a support referee for Greece. Thank you!!

1 euro Error or Fake?
Posted: 15-Feb-2014, 06:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you all for your fast responses. I appreciate it. My first thought when I saw the coin was that had been forcibly separated. However, after a careful examination of the coin's surface I noticed continuous abrasions on both materials of the same side. Another thought is that if anyone had forcibly extracted the ring of the coin, the re-positioning process would have not led to such tight fit between the two coin parts. Additionally, I would like to know how much the current state of the coin (abrasion, strikes) affects its collectible value.

Unidentified Coin or Token
Posted: 11-Oct-2013, 09:46AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you very much for the response!!