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Wrong swaplist
Posted: 18-Mar-2020, 03:02PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "Sjoelund"​ • ​​I must admit I was surprised to see you starting this topic, since in none of our swaps your coins were wrongly indicated, even the Indian ones were the proper mints I think we both understand what the other says? I just got carried away in the beauty of the moment being able to simplify everything down to the strict minimum.... Sorry, but it wasn't meant any other way. • ​ • ​Can we still have another beer next time you come to Paris? • ​ • ​OleI try to update the swap list from time to time, but invariably after a few exchanges, it’s out of whack again and it will be months before I ever get back to updating it properly. • I totally understand the frustration of course for a date/mintmark collector, but I was merely offering a different perspective from the OP. • Going by something you mentioned in the previous posts, it might worth putting a suggesting to the admins if they can introduce a field in th[...]

Additions to your collection - March 2020
Posted: 18-Mar-2020, 01:19PM in Free discussion

Quote: "gypsypkd"​I got this set today. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​​the strike looks good. Did it come in a box or booklet ?

Local Coin Shops: The People's List (Going on a trip? Want to visit some local dealers? Check out our list!)
Posted: 5-Mar-2020, 08:07PM in Free discussion

As the Outings Admin, I request members from now on to desist from posting Shops in this thread or in the forum and instead use the Form in the Outings tab to add new Shops. • In the meanwhile, I'm going to update shops that are in this thread but not in the outings section as yet and will add below countries that have been completed. I'm starting with North America • --- • In Progress • USA • France • Italy • Germany • Done As of 3 March 2020 • Canada • Mexico • Done as of 5 Mar 2020 • Belgium • Netherlands • Luxembourg • Singapore • Done as of 6 Mar 2020 • Monaco • Switzerland • Portugal • Spain • Andorra • Ireland • Malta • Vatican City • Norway • Iceland • Done as of 12 Mar 2020 • Slovakia • Hungary • Slovenia • Croatia • Serbia • Bulgaria • Roma[...]

Snap of your Dashboard (new thread)
Posted: 19-Feb-2020, 04:21PM in Free discussion

I must have posted in the old thread, here's my updated dashboard •

Collections other than numismatica
Posted: 14-Feb-2020, 03:26PM in Free discussion

Since 2016, I started collecting fridge magnets of places/cities I’ve been to. Recently made space on the wall to display my collection once it became too much for the fridge lol •

Debate needs professional answer please
Posted: 14-Feb-2020, 01:06AM in Free discussion

that’s some great detail! • Correction for Ceylon; there was one coin that indeed portrayed QE2 until 1957 • • As for India, I believe the British east India company or the princely states issued hammered coinage under mughal firman in the 1700s and may have even sneakily inserted a crown or “G” for George on some coinage. However AFAIK, no coins bearing English Monarch portraits before Vicki well into the early mid 1800s exist. Of course, it’s entirely possible I overlooked something?

New Canadian circulation Commemoratives 2020
Posted: 13-Feb-2020, 05:25PM in Free discussion

Found some gazette notices about 3 thematic circulation strikes in colour and non-colour that should come out of Canada this year (i.e. 6 coins in total) • $1 75th anniversary of the United Nations Charter • (i) the obverse impression of which is to depict the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt, with the initials “SB” on the bottom left-hand corner of the neckline, the inscriptions “ELIZABETH II” and “D∙G∙REGINA” to the left and right of the effigy, respectively, the inscription “DOLLAR” beneath the effigy, and beading around the circumference of the coin, and • (ii) the reverse impression of which is to depict a globe, with a red maple leaf covering the lower part of the globe, surrounded by two blue olive branches, a security mark consisting of a maple leaf within a maple leaf within a circle covering the top part of the globe, the artist’s initials "JK" to the right of the design, and, along the perimeter of the coin, at the top,[...]

The top 10 countrys you have coins from (2)
Posted: 11-Feb-2020, 10:48PM in Free discussion

Quote: "ashlobo 3 Dec 2019"​​2: Poland 346 (+1) • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​3: ​Thailand 310 • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​4: UK 304 • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​5: ​Portugal 301 (+2) • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​6: Canada 282 (+1) • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​7: Russia 274 (+1) • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​8: USA 249 • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​9: Fed Germany 239 (+1) • ​​10: Australia 202 • ​ • ​My overall collection has moved 9279 --> 9715 over this year (+436). I'd call that a very productive 2019!​​​​1: ​Rep India 394 • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2: Poland 346 • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​3: ​Thailand 314 (+4) • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​4: UK [...]

How old are you ? What's your job ? And other hobbies ?
Posted: 28-Jan-2020, 08:18PM in Free discussion

Nice thread! I'm 25yrs old since the last nine years thereabouts ;). I've collected coins consistently and without breaks since I was 7. A torontonian since the last few years, but I grew up in Bombay, so I'm still learning to be polite like my fellow compatriots. • I observed that the bulk of our members seem to have non-numismatic activities (if any) that don't require getting out of the house. I suppose that makes sense with the archetypal numismatist. As for me, I'm a desk jockey doing some fu-fu work for my company and they pay me a sh*T load; so i can't complain lol • However, a few years ago I let my health slide and something clicked inside me to never hit those depths again. I've gone from strength to strength since and these days I'm at various points of doing advanced street calisthenics like Muscleups, Handstands, pistol squats etc as well as lifting heavy (130-150% of my bodyweight) and advanced jumprope skills like double unders, criss-cross, mic release, r[...]

Zero star rating
Posted: 3-Dec-2019, 04:44PM in Swaps and trades

I recently had a swap where my package did not reach the other person while i received his. However, as a habit I take pictures of the coins and even the prepared letter with his address and all the stamps as a reassurance that I have sent the package out (since it is without tracking). I've rated him as usual, however, we agreed that he would give me a zero rating and write a comment to the effect that everything was fine but for the fact that the letter went missing and that happens in life. It has not affected my 10/10 rating. To me it is an effective way to close a swap completely (though I've made known to him that still intend to send him a letter again with some if not all the coins)

Question to the moderators of Numista
Posted: 2-Dec-2019, 10:17PM in Swaps and trades

his profile page looks normal to me • Edit: Oh wait, I do see it now when I hit on coins to exchange

Additions to your collection - November 2019
Posted: 30-Nov-2019, 01:54AM in Free discussion

This is the first time I’ve bought a collector coin deliberately for my collection from the RCM. I saw the flyer email last week and the coin instantly captivated me that I just pulled the trigger on placing the order without much thought. It’s even more attractive in hand •

Suggestion for change to sales policy
Posted: 26-Nov-2019, 01:24PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "jacemcdonald"​​From what's been happening here with @andy, I wouldn't consider it a flame war. • ​ • ​Also that gives me another suggestion idea: Mods shouldn't be allowed to unlock posts & post their own reasons about the certain topic, the posts are locked for a reason you know.The reasons for Niels suggestions to amend sales policy may not stem from Flame wars, but whatever new changes made would have to take that into consideration • i totally agree on the other point though. Moderators should not be posting in topics that are locked. But the way the back end functionality of the forum is set up, I don’t think it’s possible to give moderators the power to lock/unlock threads but not post in there. However it’s a good guideline that should be in there

2019 Alphabet 10 pence coins. (Aimed at UK collectors in reality)
Posted: 22-Nov-2019, 10:58PM in Free discussion

Quote: "muzz0000"​hi yes i think Canada-- they already have several series of quarters-- they will most likely be coloured as well • ​How about a set of CANADIAN wildlife • ​ M for Moose • ​W for Wapiti- • ​C for Coyote - • ​P for Polar bear • ​G for Goose • ​W for Wolf • ​ • ​ • ​anyone help out with the restL for Loon • R for Racoon • S for Skunk/ Squirrel • B for Bear • thats actually a pretty nice idea, I’d definitely buy something like that ;) • ​

Posted: 22-Nov-2019, 05:39PM in Free discussion

Would have been able to do this even without the country options given. Though I'll admit I would have had to think about a few of them, for instance.. Georgia vs Armenia and Tajikistan vs Kyrgystan

Coins Seized!!!
Posted: 13-Nov-2019, 02:21AM in Free discussion

First off, you’re not suppose to send indian or foreign currencies through the post as per the postal rules. So you have no recourse to that extent unless you have a special licence to do so. • however, in the past, I have received notice from customs to come to the customs house in south Bombay and pay the duty for a package from the UK. They opened it in front of me and made their own assessment of the value of the coins (mix of foreign coins) for which I paid the duty they asked. • it would probably be a similar case and you can await the notice. But if not, then that was the risk you took when you agreed to swap. • Hopefully you’ll have good luck on your side and it will resolve itself, else something to bear in mind for the future

[solved] Great Aussie Coin Hunt (Alphabet $1 coins)
Posted: 2-Nov-2019, 11:47PM in Swaps and trades

Hi, • would any of our Aussie members be able to buy the $1 series of 26 coins (AUD49) from on my behalf and then ship to me in Canada? • unfortunately it seems they do no ship internationally. I can send money across with PayPal.

Additions to your collection - October 2019
Posted: 27-Oct-2019, 04:42PM in Free discussion

Small packet received on Friday. I think this will probably be the last of my acquisitions for the year •

Geography question
Posted: 25-Oct-2019, 03:09PM in Free discussion

Quote: "OldCurrencyExchange"​ • Quote: "SRV5490"​I'm pretty sure you know exactly what I meant by "normal". ​​Yes, I do. • ​ • ​But my point is that some countries are spread across several continents, e.g. France. • ​ • ​Even the USA is not all within North America, e.g. Hawaii, Marshal Islands, Diego Garcia and the Aleutian Islands​diego Garcia is a “british” owned island that has been leased out to the US for military purposes. It’s claimed by Mauritius and if I recall, the country recently won a case against the British govt to have it ceded back. Eitherways, it’s easy to get bogged down by very pedantic arguments. I’m happy enough whichever way the admins eventually decide as long as there is some kind of certainty, Logic and structure.

Old pound coins not accepted in UK stores anymore??!!
Posted: 22-Oct-2019, 05:12AM in Free discussion

Lol, good observations TCon & Grinya

World coins chat: Myanmar
Posted: 10-Oct-2019, 03:02PM in Free discussion

Quote: "swimmingly"​jokinen wrote in the top post on 22-Nov-2015: • ​"It shares borders with Bangladesh, India, China and Thailand." • ​ • ​Myanmar shares a border on its west with Laos, also.​I had to reference google maps, did not realize it! Learn something new everyday, though technically Myanmar/Burma shares a small stretch of its Eastern border with Laos (I guess you meant Laos shares a border on its west with Myanmar)

Fake coin that you actually got from circulation!
Posted: 9-Oct-2019, 03:38AM in Free discussion

No it won’t be a game token. It’s simply a counterfeit made to deceive people. It’s coming either from local mafia in some notorious areas of Uttar Pradesh or from Nepal • Here’s mine. Apart from the obvious cast look of the coin, if you look closely you will see that there are small mistakes. Besides that, it weighs much less than the real 5Rs coin • left is real coin; right is fake •

2€ commemorative coins to swap
Posted: 3-Oct-2019, 01:59PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "Mikeien"​Thanks for the advice ashlobo, • ​ • ​I have started including all the commemorative coins I have and the ones I wish to get in order to start swaps, but it is going to take me a while, haha. • ​ • ​By the way, I have selected the option "the coins which I'm missing and which are in my wish list, but not in the list of coins I don't wish" • ​ • ​In this way I will be offered euro commemorative coins (as those are the only ones I will select). If I am understating it well, if I choose the first option (missing or wish list) I would be offered any type of coins from everywhere, right? • ​ • ​PD: I have found how to do it with a criterion so I don't have to add the individually. ​ • you're on the right track with that wish list criteria. However, even still you maybe get offers for swap which are not euro related. Similarly, you might approach someone where it seems they would be interest[...]

Additions to your collection - September 2019
Posted: 29-Sep-2019, 04:52AM in Free discussion

Quote: "gypsypkd"​I received this national archives proof set of ₹ 125 & ₹ 10 today. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Very nice, I also recently received these as well as the Mysore university set a couple weeks ago ​

What is your pet name for doing something related to coins?
Posted: 24-Sep-2019, 02:36PM in Free discussion

When I was young, my dad would call me “Bikari” which translates into Beggar in Hindi . Couple reasons for that... I’d be constantly looking at everyone’s coins and asking spare change. Also I would very gingerly spreadout and sort coins every now and then and tell everyone not to come near or touch anything. I didn’t particularly like being called that, but now that I think about it, it was pretty apt

Help me to review Numismatic Auction Houses
Posted: 26-Aug-2019, 01:37AM in Free discussion

I’ve only ever bought from auction once, and that was Spink. It had a 20% buyers premium, but I found the website very easy to use and the employees were helpful. However, I was very surprised that there wasn’t a direct page where I could simply make a credit card payment, rather I had to provide all my credit card details over email to the employee assigned to me. It made me feel very uncomfortable, but I said ok because I was due to get a new credit card in a couple months as that one was expiring. I’m not sure if this was standard practice, but the other option of bank transfer would have worked out unnecessarily expensive. needless to say I had to keep an eye on my credit card statement • however, they were very flexible when I requested them to check if mailing charges within Europe was cheaper and then change the destination address • i would consider buying from them again if I spot something interesting.

Additions to your collection - August 2019
Posted: 22-Aug-2019, 08:37PM in Free discussion

Quote: "KLiao"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​Yes, I put both characters in there because HK and Taiwan use traditional characters. But wikipedia says that in Chinese the NT$ is called Yuan (or a variation of it). Is that indeed the case? What do ordinary citizens in Taiwan call the currency in the local language? • ​​ ​​Its dollar not Yuan for the whole country. You shouldn’t believe what Wikipedia says it must have mean simplified not traditional mandarin ​That is far as writing is concerned, I wanted to know how do people pronounce the word. I agree wikipedia has to always be treated cautiously. From this website, it seems it is locally called "Kuai" • The New Taiwan dollar is the official currency of Taiwan (Republic of China). The currency code is TWD and is commonly abbreviated as NT$ or simply $ in front of the amount, or a Chinese character 元 (pronounced yuán) following the amount. • For example, prices could either be displayed [...]

World coins chat: India - British
Posted: 13-Aug-2019, 01:31PM in Free discussion

Quote: "raju mal"​thanks friends,i still feel there is soo less known about british india coins which is just 200 years old and when the presentation of literature and dialect were the same as today, and see how authentically we talk about coins thousands of years old. • ​ this is a grand hobby but was/has been invaded by investors. any coin which is different and is being held by big investor the books authenticate with no scientific or logical reasoning. i have been offered these oms in gold but couldnot gather the courage to buy after thinking rationally. • ​ GOD BLESS US ALL​depending on what price it was offered for, you could have dodged a bullet; it may simply have been a jewellers imitation

Two bad swaps
Posted: 9-Aug-2019, 01:23PM in Swaps and trades

Yeah these things happen sometimes and we have to roll with the punches. As someone who has lived in India as well as Canada, I’ve experienced the perspective from both sides :)

The Numismatist - a reader's review
Posted: 7-Aug-2019, 10:11PM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​I always thought Canada had 5 QEII portraits.... gotta remember that 5th portrait is only a British thing for now. • ​ • ​Back on topic though, I've discovered some of the (much) older issues available here: • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Some of the advertisments from a January 1916 issue.... on the third, under "Something Unique" you can see the commemorative halves, dollars and 2.5 dollars minted last year for the San Francisco Panama-Pacific Exposition (1915) being sold; those were the cash-grabbing, tacky modern commemoratives of their day. • ​Interesting to see how numismatists operated in a time when the coins we love today were still in circulation, or not even produced yet. • ​ Canada has 4 portraits and no plans for a 5th. Australia on the other hand does have 5 portraits like the UK, though the 5th portrait differs ​

Mexico City Mint Store Heist
Posted: 6-Aug-2019, 10:00PM in Free discussion

Oh wow, I had just visited that store in early July during my vacation in CDMX. Will have to watch that YouTube story later. • Nothing much that I could afford, but definitely appealing to thieves. I’m surprised though because there are two armed guards right at the entrance. If I’m not mistaken, it’s also the central bank headquarters

Additions to your collection - July 2019
Posted: 24-Jul-2019, 04:36AM in Free discussion

Some new stuff come in. The oz coins are nice in that they are my first coins with the new portrait •

Posted: 23-Jul-2019, 04:06AM in Free discussion

I met peter at our local club meetings a couple of times. He may have completed his penny collection and lost interest in coins after me thinks. He was also coming out of some stuff going on the personal front too, but I hope that’s not the reason he’s not on Numista anymore

Adding my collection to Numista, the journey
Posted: 23-Jul-2019, 04:04AM in Free discussion

I hear you, it took me nearly 3yrs between 2013-2016 to upload my entire collection + want list on Numista. I tackled it by country and often it got so monotonous, I’d stop for weeks before I pushed myself to do it again. But ever since, it’s now a breeze to evaluate swap proposals and updates take just a few mins every other week. So I can definitely say it’s worth it

Quebec City
Posted: 22-Jul-2019, 01:38PM in Free discussion

I can’t particularly recall coin shops, but staying in old town Quebec is definitely a treat. I would strongly suggest doing a tour of the Citadelle; it’s the only place you can see a British military ceremony done in French. You might also get to pose with Sgt Baptiste! • There are the montmorency falls nearby as well as whale watching if you go further east.

Austrian collector
Posted: 12-Jul-2019, 03:36AM in Free discussion

I’m truly shocked that a dealer can straight faced steal from a kid; that person is just begging for bad juju. If it was an adult who didn’t know better than to do some basic research, that’s a different story, but this... • anyways, I was also 10 yrs old back in 1993 when my neighbour gave me a special Indian collector coin to encourage me. He died long ago, but that coin he gave me is still very much with me and I will never sell it even if I do so with the rest of my collection (it’s worth about 150$ now too). Honour your grandpa and hold on to those coins, everything else is fair game • that said, take your time and do some research before you buy any coins. Not only should you go to a dealer with an idea what the fair price is, but you may réalisé you like some kinds of coins more than others, and it’s a good idea to focus on something relatively small. You’ll thank me later when you find that it isn’t pinching as much as it could have on your wallet down the road [...]

Coin Shops Mexico City
Posted: 27-Jun-2019, 06:18PM in Free discussion

Any one has recommendations of coin shops in Mexico city ?

Affordable coin shop in London
Posted: 26-Jun-2019, 03:31AM in Free discussion

Charing Cross is the best choice for you. You won’t end up spending a bomb there and there are a dozen or so dealer tables to give you enough opportunity to pick up coins/banknotes/small antiques for decent prices. I believe it’s open on Sunday’s in the afternoon-morning; but better check

World coins chat: United Kingdom
Posted: 21-Jun-2019, 08:18PM in Free discussion

Quote: "jokinen"... • ​ • ​ • ​Queen Victoria reigned from 1834 until 1901. Her reign is often referred to as the Victorian Age, an era of relative peace during which British influence reached new highs. She died at the age of 97. • ​ • ​Considering she was born in 1819 and died in 1901; that'd make her around 82yrs or so when she passed away

World coins chat: United Arab Emirates and its Emirates
Posted: 21-Jun-2019, 07:18PM in Free discussion

Quote: "nalaberong"​..... • ​ • ​The modern UAE is renowned for its huge non-Emirati population. Only about 16.6% of the nation's 9.3 million people hold Emirati citizenship. Another 23% of the population are citizens of other Arab nations, 42.3% come from South Asia (many of whom have had their passports scammed away from them and cannot leave the country - the Gulf nations are seeing a big increase of this form of modern-day slavery), 12.1% come from elsewhere in Asia, and 6% are "expatriates" - the distinction between an "expatriate" and an "immigrant" is unclear, but I believe an expatriate is born in a wealthier nation and moves to a poorer nation. However, considering how much oil is produced in the UAE, it is getting pretty difficult to find nations wealthier than the Emirates - the "global city" of Dubai, now famous around the world, grew from a population of 58,971 in 1968 to 2,250,000 in 2014! Because of the UAE'[...]

Posted: 21-Jun-2019, 05:23AM in Free discussion

Well that sucks, but don’t be discouraged, for every prick, there are atleast Ten friendly members. • Some points to keep in mind; there’s no hard and fast rules though... • - use the start a swap tab to glance through members who have coins you are looking for in their swap list or who would be interested in coins from your list. This is not accurate at all however, but it’s a good starting point • -read the profile of the member and see whether his interests match what you have to offer. Don’t open a swap with someone who is obviously not interested in your coins • - I think it’s better etiquette to message the member before actually opening the swap. Do not open a swap Without leaving any message • - before going ahead with a swap, agree to the basis of how you both would value the coins whether it’s a 1:1 swap, km catalogue value, silver for silver etc. . I personally avoid any swap where grading and catalogue value is involved because it is v[...]

Additions to your collection - June 2019
Posted: 20-Jun-2019, 01:26PM in Free discussion

Here’s my addition for the month •

Ice hockey themed coins
Posted: 4-Jun-2019, 01:57AM in Free discussion

Quote: "smoked_caramel"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​There are loonies dedicated to canadian NHL teams such as Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs and Saskatchewan Roughriders. ​​Roughriders? It is a football (American football) team playing in CFL (Canadian Football League). ​uhm...... (looks left then looks right).... oops . Obviously I’m a dead tell that I’m no NHL follower lol

Portugal €5.00 coloured issue
Posted: 3-Jun-2019, 05:28AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Merv"​Why are the uncoloured coins listed as circulating coins if there are none in circulation?​indeed, only the standard circulation coins from 1cent to 2euro circulate, while the other denominations are collector coins which you could potentially get at face value from some bank branches. However, the 5euro for instance is never used in circulation, if you do find it, it’s an absolute exception. The Numista catalogue is built out of contributions from members here. So if you saw that they are marked as circulation, it’s a mistake and you could fill the form to make that known to the moderator of the Portuguese section of the catalogue. Hope that helps clear things for you

Toronto face-to-face swap
Posted: 25-May-2019, 03:20PM in Swaps and trades

I could possibly meet on July 19. However I did check your swap list and didn’t really see anything from my want list. • As for Canada day activities, there’ll be fireworks along the harbour front. You can check out under the events calendar section. It’ll have all kinds of activities and events for the long weekend

What are your Queen Victoria favourites?
Posted: 24-May-2019, 10:24PM in Free discussion

The RCM has issued a couple coins to commemorate her 200th anniversary •

Personalities & Events on Rep. India Coins
Posted: 15-May-2019, 04:43PM in Free discussion


Coins with conjoined busts on them
Posted: 5-May-2019, 04:35AM in Free discussion

Here’s a unique conjoined bust of the same person - Mahatma Gandhi •

Additions to your collection - May 2019
Posted: 5-May-2019, 02:32AM in Free discussion

I picked up these 3 pieces at the Toronto coin expo today. I had the currency coins on my want list but didn’t realise there were token versions previously. Does anyone know why New Brunswick changed it from token to currency in 1854 vs 1843? •

Fire at Notre Dame
Posted: 19-Apr-2019, 03:55AM in Free discussion

Quote: "KLiao"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​​I don't know if they really need more than a billion euros to put a roof back on Notre Dame, but with that sort of money, I imagine they could easily make it of solid gold! • ​​ ​​I don’t know about solid gold. Maybe gold filled?​could be, could be! We already got a billion in a matter of hours, so who knows!

Additions to your collection April 2019 edition
Posted: 7-Apr-2019, 04:57PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Moneytane"​​Believe me if you keep showing us pictures of beauties like this, no one is going to complain about you posting! • ​ • ​These are all stunning, I can see you like your coins in beautiful condition. • ​ • ​I don't really collect most of those countries, but if I saw coins like this reasonably priced I would add them in a heartbeat! • ​ • ​Love your two types of the Papuan 50 Toea! That is a country I do collect.​much appreciate the kind words! I try to get new coins in unc condition and especially if I’m getting them off eBay. Else, my preference is always for better quality, but I’ll even swap for VF coins in general. I’ve busted my monthly budget with the US mint coins, so no more coin purchases for a couple months lol

2019 UK Alphabet series
Posted: 24-Mar-2019, 04:21PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "radrick007"Quote​​​What other catalogue is there?!! We can each have our own opinion about what the RM figures mean but is there any evidence to suggest that the mintage would be so low?I don’t know, maybe Krause . However, you’ve pushed me to come off my armchair and actually search for some official source. So here’s the RM website. Note that they say “2.1M circulating versions of the coins will be...” and not “...circulating versions OF EACH coin..” • I’m 95% sure I’m reading this right • • ​

Krause has filed for §11, a chance for Numista?
Posted: 24-Mar-2019, 03:41AM in Numista website

@ngdawa • if you really want to test your system, see how it would work on Indian coins, especially the Rs 5 commemoratives issued between 2003-2005. • For instance Rs5 dandi March • • • The second coin was released a few years after the original cupro nickel. Moreover, the mule version of the cupro nickel and ferritic steel coin are as common as the main version in each metal. Numista doesn’t even seem to record the mule versions. • how would your numbering system work for coins of this one theme issued years apart and in two different metals with a couple mule thrown in just for fun

Additions to your collection March 2019 edition
Posted: 20-Mar-2019, 04:20PM in Free discussion

Quote: "gypsypkd"​I received these proof coins of India. My first 1000 rupees coin. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​​Very nice!

The Great Weimar Commemorative 3 Mark Hunt! (11/19 down!)
Posted: 10-Mar-2019, 12:07AM in Free discussion

Another excellent coin

UK Alphabet 10pence coins. Anyone have any spare?
Posted: 1-Mar-2019, 03:17PM in Swaps and trades

I was wondering if i'd have buyer's remorse when i bought the 2018 set from the mint, but given that in general putting a set together through circulation for locals seems near impossible, let alone people outside the UK, I feel I made a good bet

Monarchs whom you can observe ageing on coins
Posted: 28-Feb-2019, 07:07PM in Free discussion

Thailands Previous Monarch King Rama IX •

Additions to your collection - February 2019 edition
Posted: 28-Feb-2019, 03:20AM in Free discussion

Got my latest tranche of 2euro commemoratives •

Where have you visited in the world?
Posted: 9-Feb-2019, 05:32PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Jokinen"​Further destinations on my wish list are Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and India.​Korea and Vietnam are on my wish list too. I’m thinking maybe next year. However, later this year I’ll visit family in Bombay and I plan on going to Sikkim too which I’ve never seen before. Besides that, I plan to make a side trip to Singapore and perhaps a couple places in Indonesia (no, not Bali haha)

[solved] Let's see if we can post coins by the catalog country list. For the countries N-Q (Currently at: Qatar and Dubai)
Posted: 8-Feb-2019, 04:58AM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​7th February: Spitsbergen​ • i had got this beautiful set through an exchange years ago. At that point, I didn’t know such a place existed, but once I googled it, I was very interested. It’s funny, it was the first time I broke my rule of not taking tokens, however it opened my eyes to realizing things are not black and white; tokens at time were synonymous with money as was the case In pre-confederation Canada •

Qatar and Dubai coin
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Really cool, I really want to get one myself. Though technically it’s Abu Dhabi that hates Qatar. Dubai just meekly follows whatever Abu Dhabi does

Additions to your collection - January 2019 edition
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Got these yesterday, so I’ll put them under January. Nice mix of coins from Bolivia, Ukraine, Peru, Phillipines, Australia, Yugoslavia, Uruguay, USA and Eastern Carib. States •

Iranian Coins For Jewlery
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Quote: "apuking"​They where most certainly attached to a robe worn for a wedding ceremony, this is a typical tradition from many places bust most commonly known from North Africa, Turkey, the middle east, Central Asia at least up to India. • ​ • ​Even near my hometown in the Black Forest it used to be a tradition which was somehow lost 100 years or so ago.​Yes that exactly is the case through all throughout the Indian subcontinent especially with silver coins. Infact, I have a family heirloom with a 1921 George V worked into the bottom of a small silver bowl. Adorning it on dresses, as necklaces, bracelets or even as part of religious offerings were highly common practice for the last few centuries until silver was removed from general circulation by the 1950s

Is rarity/value or condition more important to you?
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Quote: "neilithicman"​Hypothetical situation.... • ​ • ​You are offered a choice of two coins for free. The coins are both the same type. One is a common date coin in a nice XF condition. The other coin is a rare date in VG-F condition. Even though the rare date coin is in worse condition it has a book value well above the XF common date coin. • ​ • ​Which would you select? The one where all the details are nice and crisp but it's not worth much, or the slightly worn rare coin that has a decent book value? • ​ • ​and please no lame replies like "I would take the more expensive coin, sell it and buy the cheaper one and have some money left over" This is just seeing which coin you would rather keep in your collection.​Lol, by no means is that a lame answer, quite contraire, it simply tells you that the person prefers quality. If I were in such a hypothetical situation, this would exactly be what I'd do

Fictional animals on coins
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The Egyptians have plenty of mythical creatures ( not necessarily including Ancient deities) • The sphinx for one •

Brexit coin!
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Here's what the real coin looks like •

[solved] 2018 Numista holiday exchange - GENERAL EXCHANGE LIST
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Got my second gift of the Christmas Swap, this one from Manik! •

Oldest Christmas coin
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Quote: "Bartweegie"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​Well the crowns of George V were nicknamed Christmas crowns because of the wreath which reminded people of The festive season. Not quite what you are looking for, but a little factoid nonetheless​​According to the Spink's Catalogue of British Coins, they indeed were struck about Christmas time with the purpose of being given as presents. So, arguably, they were "Christmas coins".​thanks for the additional insight. I suspected as much, but I couldn’t find any reliable resource on a quick google search to write it down here!

Acknowledgement Post
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Good stuff, I'm glad for you!

Interesting stories, facts and other information about coins and bank notes
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Quote: "CassTaylor"​The one about the Gulag was interesting, I had no idea about it. • ​ • ​It reminds me about the Seychelles 50 Rupees note, issued between 1968 and 1973, which had the word "SEX" in the palm trees behind the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II: • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Historians believe it was done by pro-independence activists, and it wasn't noticed publicly until after Seychellois independence in 1976.​couldn't really see the word written. talk about subliminal messages missing the point lol

[solved] Censorship on numista
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It’s sad that there is so much controversy considering people are going through a lot of effort to organise this. Here’s an annual contest organised on another forum and it seems all very good natured when you go through the threads and posts over the last 10 years! • We should get to this level here on Numista. •,44386.15.html

I'm Back
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glad things are looking up!

Additions to your collection - December 2018
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A few hours more to new year and I have just returned home • I had the pleasure of visiting the US Mint Store a couple days ago and bought some nice coins, went a bit overboard too • Here’s my picks from the store. Wish Everyone a prosperous 2019! •

Creating an index table within a thread
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ah thanks, I think the quote way is the easiest probably

India stops issuing commemorative coins
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Quote: "worth"​Ash, great lesson on Indian commemorative coinage. Have enjoyed reading it and will pay more attention to Indian coins I come across in the future.​ • Glad you liked it. I had done a write up on each commemorative theme. However, I haven't updated it in a while. I'll eventually get back to it. Besides a little history, there is also some trivia about each coin which you may find interesting •

[solved] Exchanging foreign coins - the sequel
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Quote: "ashlobo"​Hmm, I could take the US, Canadian, Singapore and Indian currencies as I’m always in one of these countries. I’ll pay you face, but you foot the postage ​I would take the UAE Dirhams as well

What language is this? Help
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I can see some Greek characters, if not, I’d guess one of the caucuses like Armenia or Georgia

A little rant about USPS
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Quote: "Hello There"​ • Quote: "CassTaylor"​Just out of curiosity what did she mean by "merchandise"? • ​​ • ​​As in is it one of those laws against mailing "antiques" that's in your way or what?​​I’m not totally sure. She would not explain anything. I just figured she means that I am sending something that is for sale or something. ​ Over here with Canada post, if it’s more than a couple millimetres thick, it’s technically not a letter. Yet that’s not a problem because they just slap on a declaration form and I’ll write down tokens and put a nominal value to it. I imagine it should have been the same process in the US. Though I’ve never mailed out coins from the US myself.

India cheater
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Quote: "Kasinathan"​ • Quote: "raric"​ See. It my friend sent to him form Portugal my coins 328$. He dont sent me nothing. He is cheater. • ​ • ​ ​​The letter he sent with coins are seized by Mumbai customs and they are not releasing it because it contains coins. They are not releasing any letter with coins which are sending out of India and from outside as well so I have stopped swap outside of India. Please check the tracking detaiils​There is no reason why customs will not eventually release the coins to you once you pay the duty. I think this can easily be easily resolved with time and patience. • It is true that one isn't supposed to send coins through the post. However, if you pack the coins well, it should not usually be an issue. Afterall, you've swapped several times before already.

Additions to your collection - November 2018
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Quote: "CassTaylor"​ • ​Nevermind then, I thought you meant that the entire picture was a blur for you. • ​ • ​Here's a closeup of the top one (figuratively) of the lot, a Livonian coin I posted yesterday on the ID forum: • ​ • ​It's very offstruck, as well as being actually a contemporary forgery made in Suceava, hence the coppery appereance and the inverted letter "N". That makes it my first confirmed faux d'époque! ​Now this is a good pic

[solved] 2018 Numista holiday exchange - FINAL LIST
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Once the list is finalized and we know who are gift givers and receivers are, it will be a good idea to recap the rules for the gift swap

US dollar coins in circulation
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Each time I’ve visited the US this year, I carried a bag of golden dollar coins with me which I use to fill up my metropass/ subway tickets... I’ve done it in Seattle, New York, Washington DC .... and Boston! • So you can thank Canucks like me from Toronto for your good fortune • as to how i had more than 200$ worth of Sacajawea dollars to get rid of, that’s another story all together

Hamstergame:Unlocking Tier 3 Part 2
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Beyond my detective skills. Maybe I might invoke Mr.Seahorse enough number of times to remove all the prizes if I feel like throwing a tantrum because I can’t understand how to solve these lol

[solved] Let's see if we can post coins by the catalog country list. For the countries G-I (Currently at: Ivory Coast)
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Quote: "CassTaylor"​Fair enough, I'll have to defer to your greater knowledge about the subject. That's my TIL for today. • ​ • ​I assumed it was Muslim because of the use of the Islamic calendar (AH) on their coins and the "92" reference to Muhammad, but I guess the ruling dynasty got to decide what went the coins.​my intention some day is to start writing up a world country coin chat series of the 550+ Indian princely states that were amalgamated into the republic of India (a few did go to Pakistan). So basically all the states that existed between 1945-48) • the indian union also also invaded goa in 1961 after it became clear the Salazar regime had no intention of ceding goa to the republic. A couple of Portuguese gun boat and the airport was bombed, but other than that the Portuguese could not put up any resistance. The Portuguese viceroy (or whatever his designation) was instructed to burn down panjim and mapusa rather than hand it over t[...]

2018 Numista holiday exchange - LAST CALL
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I would strongly suggest to delay the last call until next week ie 16th nov Friday so that we have everyone from both the England and French side who wish to participate

Echange de Cadeau Avec Papa Noël 2018
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Quote: "szmata"​C'est gentil à toi d'avoir eu la gentillesse de nous prévenir et j'ai de mon côté envoyé une réponse à ce sujet sur le forum anglais. • ​ • ​L'année dernière, l'organisateur avait saisi les deux forums.... • ​ • ​Jean​L'annee derniere, l'organisateur a demande a qulqu'un de tener compte le cote francais, et je m'ai laisse a la disposition pour le faire. Cette fois ci, meme sur le forum anglais, il y avait un poste bref en sept je pense et apres ca rien. j'ai recu un PM hier et puiseque c'etait le Last call, ca m'a frappe que les francais n'a pas eu l'occasion d'exprimer l'interet • Je pense a demander a druzyhnets d'etendre le deadline a la semaine prochaine pourque nos membres ici peuvent avoir plus de temps de voir ce poste

Hamstergame: Unlocking tier 3
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Hmm, taking not so veiled jabs and creative at the same time. I’m so torn. Anyways, let’s all stay with a fun spirit! • 27 because I’m happy with the answers above lol

Anyone going to the COINS exhibition in Moscow?
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Quote: "January First-of-May"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​Its useful if you submitted it to the outings sections for me to approve. I've updated a new session here • ​​ • ​​ ​​It should presumably be 9th, it starts at 10:00, and admission is 300 rubles. But the rest seems correct. • ​ • ​I didn't really know this was an option - would try to add the 2019 edition if/when I find out when it would be held!Edit: on, the official site, it is indeed 2-3nov at the Radisson. However, I cannot find the entry fee

Hamstergame: Unlocking tier 2
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Quote: "Muenzenhamster"​Last Hint: The correct numbers where mentioned already. I will unlock the next game next week. • ​ • ​@ashlobo off course, you can always edit your input. even when the contest is over!! As i mentioned above, cheating is always allowed with hamster games • ​​ • In that case, since the examiner doesn't care, I'll copy off someone who looks like he/she knows what this is all about ... my new better thought out answer is now 52

October additions to your collection
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Opened up a few more... mostly euro related •

A visit of the Winnipeg Mint, Canada
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I was last at the ottawa mint in 2016. However I don’t recall seeing any of these old presses. On the tour, everything was state of the art producing all those garish coins we’ve all come to love to hate ;)

Slaughtering the pig!!!!
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Quote: "neilithicman"​To be a Numista contest it has to last at least 9 months, have multiple winners but prizes for only 2 of them and then have the organizer take out the grand prize.​still, full marks for his very creative opening post!

Pretty hard to concentrate on coins at the moment
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Nothing makes me more happier than reading Outdoor activities and Vindaloo in one post (my community’s culinary patrimoine!) - i have been sightseeing in Belgium, working out .. and yes a little bit of coins!

Lazy Numista weekend
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Oddly enough, my weekends are very active. On Saturday, it was a group bodyweight workout in the park (pullups, burpees, push-ups, sprints etc). Then the evening was all about archery games with my uni friends and finally ended up walking around the downtown core till around 2am for Nuit Blanche • today was admittedly lazy till the evening. But I got a half hour jumprope session in; nothing quite as therapeutic as turning on Spotify on full blast and matching the tempo of whatever song plays •

What was your first WOW! coin?
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Quote: "neilithicman"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​ • ​ • Quote: "neilithicman"​Mine was a 1900 British penny that I found in the rubble of an old building that had just been demolished when I was about 10. Finding a coin that was over 80 years old blew my 10 year-old mind. • ​​​ • ​​​Even though it had a little bit of verdigris in some spots and it was holed, the rest of it was a beautiful chocolate brown colour and the details were brilliant. I got a leather thong and wore it around my neck until I lost it on my summer job picking fruit in Roxburgh in my early 20s. I hope someone else found it and got as much pleasure out of it as I did.​​​Very nice story, but let me get this straight... you wore a THONG around your neck at your summer job ??! And a leather one no less! Please tell me a thong in NZ Is actually a necklace of some sort ​​ • ​ • ​What you're thinking about is just called a G-string here ​You've ob[...]

The latest from Canada mint - a Superman sculpture-coin
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Quote: "CassTaylor"​I never knew Superman had an unfortunate encounter with King Midas. • ​ • ​Seriously though, it looks like it should be a statuette- which is maybe what the makers intended it to be for fans? Either way I don't collect modern, so Starship Enterprise, Superman, Glow in the dark- they're all just a meh from me. • ​ • ​I'm thinking we should have a new term for things like these; "legal tender non-coins" (assuming the definition of "coin" is a small round disc with monetary value). There's always going to be a grey area as to the cutoff point (like this concave coin) but ambiguity is part of what gives life its flavour. ​technically, a coin doesn’t need to be a round disc. Else give me all your UK 50p and sundry “non coins” and let’s call it day • the Canadian mint has been through a rough patch lately with its CEO Quitting not too long ago. They had a disastrous experience with the 20 for 20 series when[...]

Do you have other passions besides collecting coins/other stuff?
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Quote: "worth"​Wow, at this point in the thread there is really a lot of different things to cover. It appears many of us have similar passions. Like several have said before me I am an avid traveler and love experiencing different places and cultures. I try to travel as much as I can with my profession, but do sometimes travel on my own dime so to speak. Just this summer I took my teenage son to Costa Rica and it was a wonderful time. • ​I am also a very big sports fan and love live events. Counting local games I attend 30+ live events a year easily. When traveling there is no better way to observe a local culture than attend local sporting events. The smaller it is the more local it will be. Go to a minor league baseball game in the US/Canada or a low division soccer game in Europe or other parts of the world and you will truly experience that areas local culture. (And usually their beer as well) • ​Which brings me to my next passion. I love beer [...]

Becoming familiar with a foreign language via coins
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When I was cataloguing my Russian and Greek collection, I did learn how to recognize the alphabets so that I could make out what the coins were commemorating. Alas, that was a long time ago and I don’t recognise alot of the alphabets in either language anymore

Fire at National Museum in Rio de Janeiro
Posted: 4-Sep-2018, 05:05AM in Free discussion

I would have expected this to happen to some relatively unimportant museum where there is a resource crunch and general apathy to preserving its history, but not THE main museum which was also the Royal Palace at one point. I did know Brazil has been on the down slide in recent years; just did not réalisé things were this bad in the country

Additions to your collection - August 2018
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Got this one along with a couple of coppers from Austria •

Unusual transaction involving coins
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Quote: "Coinman48"​Ashlobo, • ​ • ​The popular soda brands seemed to be Lemu and Orange Spot, if I remember right. And they were sealed with marbles in a rubber washer. You pushed the marble through the washer into the bottle to open it. Or else I was so prejudiced against these sodas that I just made it up. Anyway it was cheaper and safer to drink chai, as well as tastier. • ​ • ​Edit: • ​I was mostly right about the bottles. • ​ • ​Will​Lol, I've never seen those kinds of bottles. We just had the regular bottle caps (though no cans) growing up in the 90s and 2000s. And those brands are Limca and Gold Spot haha

Coins tend to be cheaper to obtain in their country of origin; to what extent is this theory true?
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Quote: "neilithicman"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​When I was in India, I would stay up at night to bid on Republic India proof sets of the 70s which sold for a few dollars on Ebay versus 10times the value in Bombay. I was very lucky to get the 1970-1979 sets for $15 on average versus shelling out $60-75 on average from Indian dealers. Of course, these sets are now anywhere between $200-400 and there’s very little arbitrage opportunity as Indians started buying on (albeit later than me). It’s a similar case with older Indian coins. I still think better deals can be had outside of India than in India itself, especially if you are concerned about coin grades. However, if you’re lucky enough to find people in small towns who have no idea of value, you can offer them something decent which as far as they are concerned is “big money”. But I would not count on that as likely. • ​​ • ​​regular Indian commemorative coins which should be in circulation a[...]

Did you hear about Mc Coins ?
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Got this here in Missisauga just now at the RCNA show free with the entrance ticket. Apparently only 50,000 have been released in Canada, but you can’t get them at the MacD stores; you’d have to call in to radio shows or at events like these. • There is a raffle draw for the 5 piece set, so let’s see if I’m lucky enough to win it ;) •

Propaganda motives on coins
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Quote: "CassTaylor"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​​on another note of propaganda which fed into the colonial mindset of the British and I’m order to make the Indians feel even more subjugated, take a gander at the apparent scandal of Edward VII’s portrait. The poor man’s bald head was engraved in millions of coins for all the “subcontinent’s natives” to see and be completely distressed that their apparent emperor has no crown (maybe even no clothes?). So they had to quickly introduce a crowned effigy on the 1 Anna (and other denominations perhaps?). The British of course learnt their lesson; the natives cannot be burdened with the same portrait as the motherland. They had to be treated differently henceforth - uncrowned for British Citizens, crowned effigy for the colonies. Of course, to add to this, this was further cemented with the distinction of first among colonies viz those that were mostly white which could handle the privilege of an uncrowned effigy. One might [...]

[solved] Cowry Currency
Posted: 7-Aug-2018, 10:30PM in Free discussion

Cowry Shells were indeed used as currency in many parts of the world including the Indian subcontinent millennia ago. Perhaps some islands in the pacific may have used them until recently. But otherwise, those cowry shells are nice souvenir pieces you can pick at the beach rather than buy from a shop (unless they have some nice carving on them!)

Additions to your collection - July 2018
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Some Finnish euros. I’ve stopped collecting these when they started the president series. I have a few Older ones to get, but happy with these in the meanwhile •

One Pound Charles
Posted: 27-Jul-2018, 09:45PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Camerinvs"​Interesting... • ​ • ​Yet, if we respect tradition, the profile should be to the left, so here's a slightly revised version: • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​I read somewhere that Canada would do away with the monarch's portrait after the passing of Elizabeth -- if that ever happens...​That would be interesting. It'd give a fresh lease of life on numismatics in Canada in terms of having creative liberty to do something nice with the obverse. I think retaining a crown &/or insignia like some of the scandi countries would open up a lot of real estate on the coin

World coins chat: German States - Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt & Sondershausen
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I love reading these German states articles. Made me so interested, I went on youtube and found some DW TV documentaries about "The Germans" all the way from where they originated, to the founding of the HRE to the establishment of the Empire.

World Coins Chat: Czechoslovakia, and Czech Republic/Czechia
Posted: 26-Jul-2018, 09:28PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Jarcek"​No its not. We just approved that Czechia can be used internationally, there was no renaming.​lol, i think he was talking about it's vs. its (following on the trail of posts that preceded it) rather than what to call the country.

Most aesthetically pleasing designs
Posted: 22-Jul-2018, 01:44AM in Free discussion

Speaking of coat of arms, here’s a new one out of Gibraltar that was posted in by someone called eurocoin there •

World Coins Chat: Austria - Habsburg
Posted: 14-Jul-2018, 11:40PM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​ • Quote: "jokinen"​ • ​​​There's not many things more mindful than watching maps with moving borders, until you start thinking about the bloodshed that was associated with many of those changes. Oh well, in the Habsburg case it was often by marriage, but then this image of a monstrous chin comes to haunt me. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ ​​Bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria nube - Ferdinand III von Habsburg • ​(Translated from Latin; Let others wage wars, but you, happy Austria, shall marry) • ​ • ​The transliteration thing is interesting in that I've seen many examples of it in German that don't seem to have consistent answers; for example, I've seen Austria written in German as both Österreich and Oesterreich. I get that the Ö/Oe are the same phonetic sound, but which form is more popular in writing? The first one seems more formal, being used on Austrian coins and whatnot. I also kn[...]

Most inhospitable place you have visited
Posted: 13-Jul-2018, 04:14AM in Free discussion

Quote: "pnightingale"​Toronto. • ​ • ​Been twice, been detained twice. That's pretty damned inhospitable. Nuff said​haha, considering this is where I live, I guess I’m downright gangsta

Entering coins into Collection/exchange
Posted: 12-Jul-2018, 09:13PM in Numista catalogue

I changed back to the old version of the catalogue as I found the new format terrible. I could not make out if I was adding/removing coins from my swap list or my collection. Later on, I realised I made some big errors and removed coins from my collection. It's so annoying, because I can't trace back which were the ones I erroneously deleted. • Now I notice this strange thing in the catalogue; it shows that the coin is in my collection, but as you can see, none of the boxes have been filled. If I enter "1" into one of the boxes, it double counts. How do we fix this? •

Anyone found some 2018 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 25-Jun-2018, 09:03PM in Free discussion

I got a shiny Canada twoonie 2018 in change on Friday

World coins chat: Singapore
Posted: 24-Jun-2018, 05:24PM in Free discussion

Another bit of historical trivia, Singapore literally means “Lion City” (Sanskrit Singha for Lion and -Pur to denote city). It’s easily understood in Hindi/Urdu to mean just that. Apparently a monk thought he heard the roar of a lion coming from behind the shrubbery as he walked through a jungle. Now of course, lions did not exist in Singapore at that time. In all likelihood, he probably heard a tiger, or perhaps a leopard :)

Most owned token?
Posted: 21-Jun-2018, 06:11PM in Free discussion

Hmm, not sure which one you are talking about. I've probably seen it, but if it doesn't strike me immediately, then I guess its nowhere as common as the 1967 one

[solved] Do money changers not accept coins at all?
Posted: 15-Jun-2018, 05:43AM in Free discussion

No worries, I’d have you send them to Germany or Belgium and could have sent you the money via PayPal. I travel enough to the US and UK to be able to use the loose change or use it for my swapping purposes. • in anycase, I’d have given you the current market rate, I imagine that website will cut a commission besides giving a very bad rate

[solved] Additions to your collection - June 2018
Posted: 9-Jun-2018, 05:52PM in Free discussion

Quote: "ngdawa"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​ • ​ • Quote: "ngdawa"​Saint Barthélemy, 500 francs/500 riksdaler, 1988 • ​​​ • ​​​​​​is this a fantasy coin? ​​They were released to commemorate the Swedish rule of the island, and were legal tender in south Swedish towns and on the island of Saint Barthélemy. On Numista they are listed as tokens.​ah, I know this island as St.Barts. Just reading about it, does seem like a token because back then the official currency would have been the French franc. If they were used in southern Swedish towns, i can only imagine as some sort of gimmick or trade token. Definitely not legal tender by any stretch but nonetheless interesting as a token with some history

[solved] State/Region Sets
Posted: 17-May-2018, 03:59PM in Free discussion

Off the top of my head • Sri Lanka with a Rs10 series. • The UK has also done it with 1pound coins. • Japan has the 500yen prefecture series

The 2017 Numista holiday gift exchange
Posted: 2-May-2018, 05:18AM in Free discussion

We are well into the new year, but I just wanted to report a nice little surprise in the mail today. Many thanks to my Numista Santa for going the extra mile to get this across to me! •

[solved] Open letter to Xavier and membership in general ...
Posted: 6-Apr-2018, 08:15PM in Free discussion

I read through the thread and personally think it’s a very trivial matter to get flustered about. But my gut feeling tells me, it’s simply the straw that broke the camels back. Eitherways, time off, whether temporarily or permanently from the forum may be good for both sides. I said this when Neil left as well and I think he’s much happier for it. In the meanwhile Numista moves on and is still very much providing a valuable service to its ongoing members • In all instances, I wish you all the success with your collecting and good health in general!

[solved] Change "Ivory Coast" to "Côte d'Ivoire"?
Posted: 6-Apr-2018, 08:09PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "CassTaylor"​Absolutely, consider these ones to be a start. • ​ • ​Ivory Coast -> Côte d'Ivoire • ​Cape Verde -> Cabo Verde • ​United States -> United States of America • ​etc.... • ​ • ​See, the world didn't end, did it?Since we are on it, and i had made this request before.... can we have the Subsection say “Republic of India” under the broad “India” category. It simply says India for the country that was formed post 1947 which on a technical and indeed practical basis isn’t helpful​

Additions to your collection - April 2018
Posted: 6-Apr-2018, 03:17PM in Free discussion

Some more Canadian collector coins at my local club auction •

Tossing coins into places (previously 'Hiroshima Great Torii - loads of coins!')
Posted: 6-Apr-2018, 03:13PM in Free discussion

I visited the Martin Luther King historic district in Atlanta last week. The pools surrounding his tomb were full of pennies and quarters. I’m quite sure fishing for them is a strict no-no; both legally and morally :) •

Additions to your collection - March 2018
Posted: 28-Mar-2018, 08:40PM in Free discussion

Quote: "oggy"​I'm so excited about today that screw waiting until the end of the month. • ​ • ​After an absolutely awful Kunker auction and first day at Spink, today I struck gold with the first 2! [There was a medal here too, but seems I was actually outbid on that one] • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​​If prices for Mohur coins are anything like those I’ve seen at the todywala/Oswal auctions in Bombay a few years ago, then all I can say is - Hey Mr. Big Spender! hehe. • Congratulations! Those are indeed beautiful

Coin Dealers/ Markets in Atlanta, Georgia?
Posted: 27-Mar-2018, 05:55PM in Free discussion

Hi All, • I'm heading to Atlanta for a few days and wondering if anyone has tips on some good coin shops I can visit. I'm not looking for anything expensive/specialised. Maybe just some old US non-precious metal coins, the presidential and native American dollar coins, proof sets post 1982 and perhaps world coins on the cheap.

Game: where did my letter go?
Posted: 21-Mar-2018, 09:29PM in Free discussion

Quote: "BramVB"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​I’m going to take an even wilder guess and say East Timor or eastern Caribbean stages • ​​ • ​​eitherways, im keen to know what the answer is!​​Nope ... • ​ • ​In fact I'm not really sure myself ... the only thing I understand on the stamp is the date (15-2-2018). The rest is in Arabic, so I'll need some assistance to confirm my own guess ... extra clue! The official language is Arabic.​plot twist! ... Tunisia

Is anyone else coming?
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Can you message me the details of this event • - name • - day and time • - address location • - description (what can you find there, number of dealers, parking fees, entrance fees etc) • or alternately, you can go to the outings tab and submit the event for me to approve it. • If you know of other numismatic events in NZ, please do share. I’m more than happy to update the Numista calendar so that all out members benefit and it helps co-ordinate as well !

What's your coin with the highest Numista rarity index?
Posted: 15-Mar-2018, 08:04PM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​How do I search to find out the highest NRI in my own collection??​​As far as I know there isn't a way to do that.... • ​You have to do it the old fashioned way I’d be curious know which of my coins are ranked the highest, but the effort isn’t worth the curiosity ​

Looking for some royal portraits
Posted: 14-Mar-2018, 06:55PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "alfonz"​Well it will become quite big but yes I already put some different busts of the monarchs into the collection. Sometimes they change very much like Queen Elizabeth during her endless long rule, or Queen Victoria, or kings who become king in child age like Mihai I of romania. • ​Right now I got 78 different monarchs/popes/dukes in my collection + 13 coins with different types of busts/age of the ruler. Most of them are quite common and some are not in a very good condition but I don't have a big budget. • ​My 2 rules are not to put commemoratives made after the death of the ruler or dictators/presidents into this collection. Beside that I even look for coins showing the kings of Swaziland or other African, Asian or Polynesian monarchs.​If the denomination is not very important to you, then you can still save a lot of money as long as the portrait is the same. Of course, many times, portraits are only on the highest denomination or collector coins s[...]

India 10 rupee coin - ''money is the greatest confidence trick in the history of humanity''
Posted: 13-Mar-2018, 04:17PM in Free discussion

Its odd to think that although the Rs10 coin has been minted since 2005, it's only in the last 3 years that the everyday person sees it in change more regularly. These coins were initially just sitting in currency chests with the RBI as the preference for bank notes is still very strong (think of the golden/presidential dollars vs a $1 bill in the US). To top it off, very few people have ever seen a bimetallic coin before, so the suspicion increases exponentially. • I recall a funny moment maybe 6 or so years ago when I noticed that a Rickshaw driver had a Rs10 coin in his pocket. I specifically asked him to include the coin in the change for the fare. He smilingly refused, telling me that the coins was "ultra rare" and it was probably worth a lot. Most people those days were doing the same thing hording any Rs10 coin they got. However, one shopkeeper happily gave me an unopened bag of 100x Rs10 RBI platinum jubilee coins after I noticed it sitting next to the cash cou[...]

What's the story behind your Numista profile picture?
Posted: 11-Mar-2018, 05:55AM in Free discussion

Mine was an entry for the last Numista token. I wrote the description here •

International Women's Day
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Quote: "Camerinvs"​I'll post this here in case you don't go to the Banknotes forum within the next hour: • ​ • ​In about an hour (11:30 ET) the new Canadian $10 bill will be unveiled by the Bank of Canada, featuring Viola Desmond: • ​ • ​Bank of Canada website • ​ • ​Bank of Canada on YouTube ​ • ooh, I completely forgot about this

Canada post
Posted: 7-Mar-2018, 02:44AM in Swaps and trades

Some of my mail is taking longer than usual to come in. • However, when I send out, I usually say hobby supplies and let them slap on that declaration form. I never send with tracking.

India - Tatya Tope & Biju Patnaik Proof and/or UNC sets wanted
Posted: 5-Mar-2018, 04:47PM in Swaps and trades

Hi all, • Does anybody have for sale spare proof &/or UNC sets of Tatya Tope 2015 (Rs200,10) and Biju Patnaik 2016 (Rs100,5) issued by Calcutta mint? • Please PM me if you'd consider selling.

Is coin collecting really a dying hobby? (No, it isn't!)
Posted: 23-Feb-2018, 09:54PM in Free discussion

While it is true that in general, coin collectors tend to be much older (say 50yrs+), consider that a lot of people only start collecting later in life when they have time and money to spare. I personally think finding a young coin collector has always been a relatively less common thing since decades (but definitely not a rare phenomenon). • At my local coin club meetings, I constantly see a couple guest attendees every month who have just started collecting. However, they are invariably 40years+ • I don't think the hobby is dying. At the same time I don't think its thriving (though that depends on the country). I think its just paddling along. However, its definitely morphing from picking-out-of-circulation to more buy-from-the-mint collector types

Numista Échange de cadeaux de Noël 2017
Posted: 25-Dec-2017, 04:48PM in Salon

Un joyeux Noël à toute le monde! • Mon cadeau grâce à Viorel :) •

Do you think this is OK?
Posted: 18-Dec-2017, 02:59AM in Free discussion

I do think it’s odd. But at the same time, it doesn’t seem to disadvantage other members in any material way. So I’d also say why bother. In any case, he does do a lot of work, so if someone thinks it’s worth becoming a patron, I don’t see an issue personally. I think if anyone should care, it should be the site founder, Xavier.

The confessions of a coin-roller
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I do coin roll hunting every couple weeks. Order C$200 worth of Twoonies, loonies and quarters. I look for commemoratives to fill my swap list. I've occasionally found a silver quarter too. From my POV, US coins are absolutely banal. You do have the commemorative quarters now, but otherwise, its really boring stuff. But that's just my opinion. Happy to stay north of the border numismatic wise :)

Snapshot of your NEW dashboard!
Posted: 4-Dec-2017, 10:52PM in Free discussion

Quote: "ashlobo 12 Sep 2016"​Here's mine • ​ • ​​As of today 4 Dec 2017 •

2017 holiday gift exchange - general coin exchange list
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Quote: "worth"​Not that it really matters but I am from the United States. In this listing you have me from Japan. • ​ • ​Worth​Haha, it would have been role reversals. I'm pretty sure i sent to you last time round!

2017 holiday gift exchange - silver coin exchange list
Posted: 2-Dec-2017, 10:36PM in Free discussion

Posted in the french forum •

Where to buy plastic cases for Canadian coin sets?
Posted: 20-Nov-2017, 04:31AM in Free discussion

I was at the TOREX on Saturday and saw Lighthouse selling those plastic holders. Didn’t check if they’d fit a 1959 Canadian set though

Additions to your collection - October 2017
Posted: 17-Oct-2017, 07:59PM in Free discussion

I bought these 100schilling Coins for 15c per coin above melt value during the recent Toronto coin expo. Very happy with them as I always like Austrian Coins •

Are mints killing coin collecting?
Posted: 13-Oct-2017, 03:43AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Camerinvs"​ • Quote: "MonaSeaclaid"​Any coins labelled as such from the Canadian Mint are legal tender, usable at face value in any transaction. You may have paid $150.00 for it but if you want to use it for the $3 face value you're more than welcome.​​Mona, actually, the banks refuse such coins. We had a post I started a few months back about that. When the price of silver went down over the past couple of years, people went to the banks to cash their "$20 for $20" RCM coins. The banks refused them. Those coins are legal tender but, strangely, non-circulating legal tender, so you're not legally required to accept them in payment.​yes it is indeed an odd situation.. legal but not legal. However, the Mint had to take them back as they had guaranteed. That’s why the guy changed the denomination to $3

[solved] Globalists' War on Cash Includes Coins
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Quote: "alex2037"​I am just expressing an opinion here. We can all agree that the goverment doesn't create money, they don't own it. Money should equal the amount of value or goods a society has. If I am a member of that society, how can anyone say it is ilegal for me to keep a whatever portion I decide to keep underground in my backyard? It would be my choice, and ultimately my risk as well. Because by the way, not that I would do it myself, not paper money anyways. • ​ • ​Goverments should stop prosecuting cash, that's not the solution. Make people want to spend it instead, stop adding more complexity to the already ridiculously intrincated tax code, make laws that will make people want to declare exactly how much they made. • ​ • ​Come on, there are other ways.​Well, I don't have much more to add regarding how I described the situation in India. However, on another note, I'm not convinced the major threat comes from govt actually. I think it'll [...]

Guess what Xavier just added?!
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Quote: "nthn"​LOL! I think I can tell you now. • ​ • ​​Lol, wasn't that always there?! I guess I have an excuse that I don't look at banknotes and so its mostly defendable I never noticed the new forum at all ;)

What are we going to do without Neil?
Posted: 28-Sep-2017, 03:39PM in Free discussion

Its certainly not great that he unsubscribed and hopefully he'll come back someday. That said, it is perhaps a good change for him. I have a feeling he probably subconsciously realised he's spending an unhealthy amount of time on this site. Its great to contribute to numista, but it has its place in the greater scheme of things and shouldn't come at the expense of one's family, social life, exercise, enjoying the outdoors and other things that make life worth living. Once he's found a good balance, I do hope he'll return to help enrich our numismatic knowledge. I only say this, because I did go through my own spell of an unhealthy obsession with forums and i needed to be kicked off one to realise where I need to draw the line ;-)

Does anyone have these Euro Commems for Sale?
Posted: 26-Sep-2017, 06:03PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "amaf1976"​Hello, • ​ • ​Regarding the 2 coins from Portugal, they have not been issued to circulation yet. • ​Maybe next month. • ​ ​Ah thanks! good to know

COINS show in Moscow - is it any good?
Posted: 25-Sep-2017, 04:34PM in Free discussion

Quote: "January First-of-May"​Ultimately, I did end up going there, and spending all the money. • ​ • ​Unfortunately, by the time I actually went, there was only about two hours left of the show... I can hardly imagine which goodies I must have missed out on by not showing up earlier. • ​ • ​EDIT: also got totally swindled on that Cameroon franc... I paid $4 for it because of the quality, and didn't notice the corroded spot!​Good on you! Seems like you enjoyed it after all. on the Cameroon franc, you live and learn

Do good leaders rule with an iron fist, or do they listen to the will of the people?
Posted: 25-Sep-2017, 03:21AM in Free discussion

Hmm, tough one indeed. My first thought is to say you overstepped your mandate and you should be have been ready for a situation like this. • However, I take it at face value that your changes are indeed improvements and they would be more helpful than the status quo. You've obviously invested time and good intention. • Perhaps, can the numista team save your information at the back end till they finally do (if ever) come out with that update? • i can see how this will leave a bitter taste in the mouth., but I don't know how useful it is to put this frustration out here in the discussion forum. Eitherways, I hope it gets resolved in a way that acknowledges your valuable work. The last thing we should do is just delete it all as if it were a nuisance

Outings Calendar Updates
Posted: 23-Sep-2017, 07:33PM in Free discussion

Those are very useful links! I don't know if we can have a page with links. But i will put it out there to Xavier if we can find some more links .

Canada 150 competition by the RCM
Posted: 22-Sep-2017, 06:10PM in Free discussion

I've already played this before on another email. Just sharing it out there if anyone else wants to take a whack at it :) •

L'actualisation du Calendrier
Posted: 21-Sep-2017, 04:05PM in Salon

Salut à tous, • J'ai posté dans la section du site web numista du forum, mais j'aimerais attirer autant d'attetion que possible lol! J'ai été mis en charge depuis les derniers deux mois pour mettre à jour le calendrier des Sorties. Je suis agréablement surpris que beaucoup de gens soient véritablement intéressés à partager des informations pour le bénéfice des autres! J'ai accepté presque toutes les soumissions sauf une (car elle avait trop peu d'informations et je ne pouvais pas la corroborer après la googling). Veuillez continuer de les partager! Je vise à les approuver si rapidement que possible, et surtout à ceux qui approchent rapidement. Je vais ajouter des événements du Canada et de l'Inde moi-même, et j'espère que nous pouvons augmenter le calendrier avec des événements provenant de pays où nous avons actuellement peu d'informations. • Merci et bonne journee!

Outings Calendar Updated
Posted: 21-Sep-2017, 03:47PM in Numista website

Thanks guys! • @nthn, I'll have a look at that and do the update shortly

Registered mail
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Quote: "David52"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"ashlobo​​This is actually the answer I was waiting for. What the post office said. I was wondering why other people was doing it. Just to keep honest people honest. The swap I mention, he said it was OK that I send it regular mail, now haven't heard from him from awhile and so far no coins. Can't give him a bad comment, he's got 400+ to my 9, so I'll just it as a lost and only deal with the countries within the EC. Never had a problem within the EC. And I'll have to put that in my profile too.​If the other person is reasonable, he/she should not withhold their end using registered mail as an excuse (if it was not a criteria before the swap was agreed to). However, there is a "no grade" option which technically should not affect either of your ratings. I've not used it myself, so perhaps someone else can chime in. • Else, if this particular swap was small value-wise, I'd probably do the same thing and writ[...]

It begins - apology beforehand/ Country list reorganization
Posted: 23-Aug-2017, 05:59PM in Free discussion

I wouldn't be so anal about these things. As someone not from the US, I didn't even know that at one point Hawaii was a kingdom and it issued its own coins. But seeing it under the US as a sub-section, that's really easy to explore. I can say that Indian princely states and Ancient India coins should not grouped under "India", because as far as Indians are concerned, the concept of India did not start until 1857.

Today is Eclipse day!
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Quote: "smoked_caramel"​We were lucky to have a pretty clear sky and even getting about 75% coverage was pretty cool. No compare to totality though. ​Gotta wait till April 2024 for that one! But its cool we had some really great luck with a cloudless sky :-)

RCM has a lucky draw game!
Posted: 19-Aug-2017, 04:26PM in Free discussion

Well i sent that form in and sent it into launhfire... they'll send me a free collector card some 6-8 weeks after the close of the promo.

What is the best bargain you ever got when buying coins?
Posted: 18-Aug-2017, 07:55PM in Free discussion

Now that I recall, there was the time when I picked out an Edward VII 1/4 anna only to discover later it was of Sailana State. It was in vf+ condition which at the time I believe Krause listed at about $28 though I paid Rs9 (c.14c US) for it . I still have it as a very prized specimen in my collection.

Carrying non-valuable coins over customs
Posted: 15-Aug-2017, 08:28PM in Free discussion

I've carried around 12lbs of coins from Germany to Canada and I was asked to show the contents of my bag at Gatwick airport since I was flying via London. I made a mistake of letting all the coins bunch up in one corner of my suitcase, so it naturally triggered a search - since all they can see is a large clump of metal which is suspicious in general. • A similar situation happened when I carried over 800 circulation type commemorative coins from India to Canada and again was stopped at New York airport. • They normally waive you through without too much issue, but you have to go through the process nonetheless.

I'm in a bit of a funk at the moment
Posted: 14-Aug-2017, 07:56PM in Free discussion

Well I've been collecting since I was a little kid and that makes me a 25+year veteran at this lol. I've gone through ebbs and flows with coin collecting. Whenever my enthusiasm waned, I'd simply do the book keeping and administrative kinda stuff, plus reading and researching until I got the bug again to put money down on buying or effort in arranging swaps. • I went through my peak interest earlier this year and spent quite a bit on exchanging and purchasing. Now I really dont feel like doing anything coin related. But that is because I'm pre-occupied with a lot of outdoor activities including 5K runs, working out in the park, hanging out with my friends and going to summer festivals. I'm also kinda cash strapped since I've been on a sartorial shopping spree and I've been doing a lot of hotel/flight bookings for upcoming travel plans • In a nutshell, just put your coins away and do other things till the interest comes back.

Coins & Currency Replaced by Smartphone Apps in Chinese Cities Dramatically Quick
Posted: 9-Aug-2017, 08:10PM in Free discussion

Quote: "BryanJ"​ • Quote: "MonaSeaclaid"​There are already people out there who are totally committed to paying for things by just waving their phone in the general direction of a cash register, so I can't imagine there's much that can be done to prevent anyone from paying for something with a stolen phone at this point. I'm sure we'll invent something at some point but I don't think we're there yet are we?​ When I think how easy it could be to wander around in buses and metros with a portable payment terminal and discreetly swipe it near peoples' phones ​I use the wallet app with carefree abandon lol. However, I'm not worried that someone can just randomly hold a card reader to my backside and swipe money away from me electronically. • If the phone is locked, you cannot enable the wallet app without fingerprint recognition. In case your phone is stolen, that's the thing most people will realise they're missing almost instantly (at least the type wh[...]

Kremnica Mint-Experience
Posted: 28-Jul-2017, 03:55PM in Free discussion

Thats very cool indeed!

Additions to your collection - July 2017
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Quote: "ZacUK"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​I won this in a recent coin club auction • ​​ • ​​​ That is nice - well done. And thanks again Frenchlover. Many thanks. This is how it looks in the cassette • I also picked up this dime since the guy was was selling it at a pretty good discount compared to the normal price • ​

Numista Versions ?
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Quote: "Hoppo"​ I'm very new to this site ,The amount of data fields available for download is very basic ,is their a paid version available ?​What kind of information are you looking for?

Posted: 1-Jul-2017, 05:36PM in Free discussion

Quote: "MonaSeaclaid"​ • Quote: "Jarcek"​ • ​ • Quote: "xblamecanadax"​HAPPY ¢ANADA DAY!!! • ​​​BE¢AU$E ¢ANADA KI¢K$ A$$ • ​​​​​​​If Canada is so great, why dishonor the flag? • ​​ ​​Because in Canada you're free to do as you wish with the flag as a protected form of expression. • ​ • ​Happy 150th Canada!​2 thumbs up from Toronto! Happy Canada Day. I'm off to the Ontario parliament to see what's up there and if nothing interesting, I'll mosey my way along to the St. Lawrence market or maybe the harbour front

[solved] Epic Coin Roll Hunt, 4 Krugerrand purchased at spot and a Cuban 25 Centavo found in Coinstar
Posted: 1-Jul-2017, 02:53PM in Free discussion

It's not a big deal, the most people lose are a few seconds watching the video. Congratulations on your finds. I did get a 25cent Bahamas coin myself at a coinstarcmachine. Nothing special, but it's a nice feeling;)

Coins not received
Posted: 29-Jun-2017, 01:29AM in Free discussion

I think I would do what SVR suggested. There's an ongoing exchange with someone I've dealt with before and both of us haven't received yet from each other though it's been over a month. I'm just going to propose we don't rate each other because anything other than a 5 star rating ruins both our perfect 10/10 rating so far

World Coins Chat: Index
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Quote: "ashlobo"​ • Quote: "CassTaylor"​Just thought I'd join my old intro buddy jokinen and do some of the WCC articles • ​​ • ​​Any colonies/countries that don't exist anymore that need a WCC I could do?​​I'd like to see Portuguese India and Tranquebar​Never mind, it was covered by an article under European Influences in India

Additions to your collection - the June 2017 edition
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Quote: "Camerinvs"​I don't know whether Warren went out of business or moved to another location, but so far as my coin is concerned, the case is closed. • ​ • ​EDIT: And guess what: It's still in business: • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​I should contact them: they are in business not "since 1930" as they claim, but since 1928 at the latest. • ​ • ​EDIT 2: I just left a comment on their home page. • ​ • ​EDIT 3: The business has been at its current location since at least 1935: • ​ • ​ • ​ ​Thats some amazing detective work indeed! I wonder why would Warren have counterstamped a NFLD coin? Was there a general reason to do such things in those days. The shop itself on google maps looks pretty shady lol. I notice its just east of the Distillery district after the don river but before woodbine

What do You think about this swap?
Posted: 19-Jun-2017, 02:52AM in Free discussion

if i were in Flo's place, I would not have sent you a third letter either. 2 letters have already disappeared and I would have very little hope for a third letter ever reaching you. • I perhaps may have offered to send a third letter to a third country of your choosing. But if you believe he has not deceived you, you should have written a simple explanation that you believe he sent but for whatever reason, it did not reach you. There is no reason to write such a long explanation. • on another note, Flo has also spent money to send to you twice with 2 sets of coins , so it's a little one sided to say you have spent money and not received anything. • Of course you are free to put a zero star rating, though my personal opinion is that it does not acknowledge the effort taken by Flo

Can proof coins be cleaned?
Posted: 16-Jun-2017, 04:09PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "druzhynets"​I have some proof coins with fingerprints. Is it possible to clean them somehow without harming the surface?​I imagine putting them in acetone should get rid of the finger prints. But I've never tried this before and I'm not sure how the procedure works

If you could only collect from 1 country?
Posted: 14-Jun-2017, 07:33PM in Free discussion

That's a little tricky. So Burmese could either collect coins of Burma or coins of Myanmar? Or similarly Ceylon vs Sri Lanka? • How about "India" ...whether pre/post 1947, the coins only say "India". However technically there are three entities - under British Empire, under Dominion and the Republic. Or can we include the East "India" company. • OK, I'm just being needlessly complicated about this. If I had to collect coins, it would probably be from India (assuming I can collect both British and Rep India). • So how far back are you allowed to go with "Poland"; I imagine you have barred yourself from the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth.

Anyone found some 2017 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 12-Jun-2017, 10:00PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Beekeeper"​Finally got the colored glowing northern lights $2. • ​ • ​ • ​​Nice, you can actually see the glow. I've not been handling coins lately in my everyday transactions, so not found anything since that 25 cent coloured coin. • However, I did get 10 of the new $10 notes from the bank on friday!

Language Joke- My daughter told me this (she transcribes French and Hebrew for the USN)
Posted: 12-Jun-2017, 02:42AM in Free discussion

Quote: "redsmithstudios"​ • Quote: "neilithic"​It's harder for people on island countries like New Zealand, Australia, UK, etc to speak a second language because we're just not immersed in foreign languages. You need to make a conscious decision to learn a language, and they're not usually taught until secondary school, and we all know the best time to learn a second language is when you're a young child.​​it's the same problem in the us, and most of Canada too actually. I would love to speak Spanish but there is no one to learn from or practice with. My wife majored in Spanish but is far out of practice because there just no one to speak with. But you must realize that you can drive 1000 miles and still talk to anyone in your own language, you can't really do that anywhere else. ​ • I'm not sure I would totally agree with that. It depends on the demographic. A fairly significant proportion of the white population not including Quebec (and especially [...]

Will any coins be minted anywhere in 2030?
Posted: 8-Jun-2017, 06:17PM in Free discussion

Quote: "MonaSeaclaid"​​Meaning you tap your card on that little device? If you don't mind my asking, is that really what it looks like? Just slap a machine with your card and money comes off it? How do you then track your spending? Also does it work through pants?​Yep, you can tap on the card reader up to $100; after that you have to insert and enter the pin. RBC has a nifty expenditure dashboard for debit/credit transactions. I go through all my transactions once a week. Usually the system automatically puts the right tag to the item, but I check it nonetheless. Besides, it links to my other accounts and credit cards, so I have one comprehensive view • I've heard that in the clubs people were going around slyly holding a card reader and patting down against peoples front or back sides. When you're in crowded space like the dance floor of a disco, you expect to bump and grind with people lol. The amounts would usually be preset for something like 5-10 bucks. Small[...]

Request for feedback/suggestions on MPCC
Posted: 6-Jun-2017, 02:41PM in Free discussion

I just kinda voted without understanding the categories. Simply which of the coins I liked the most regardless. Often I felt I was voting for the same coin which made me check if I had already cast a vote. • Its easier Ier to make a vote button so that at the top I could have seen whether I already voted (it would be greyed out for me) • i have disabled notifications from numista, so I couldn't make out just have glancing through the threads whether I'm in time to vote. Perhaps ad the deadline in the heading? • shoildnt there be some sort of rule to disallow the same coin from multiple categories. At some point I kinda got bored looking at the same thing • otherwise, it was a marvellous organizational feat you did there !

MPCC Grand final up now for voting...5 day poll
Posted: 31-May-2017, 08:40PM in Free discussion

BUt he looks so innocent!

A question for Canadian members
Posted: 31-May-2017, 08:39PM in Free discussion

The RCM sent me a confirmation that they shipped out the coins, so unless they made a mistake in the address or something and then just refunded me the money; its all been very weird just the same ;)

[solved] GRAND FINAL!! (Closed)
Posted: 30-May-2017, 01:20PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] swap problem with member marco santos
Posted: 26-May-2017, 08:37PM in Swaps and trades

Just so that you know, even if he didn't cheat you, ever since before the Olympics, Brazil has very strictly enforced a no coins in outward bound mail. A swap partner of mine received my coins and tried sending me 3 times only for the coins to be returned to him each time. He eventually sent the coins when he was visiting Mozambique! • So just as a general tip, be careful of swapping with anyone in Brazil at the moment. That said, the fact that this marcos guy hasn't replied to you is very bad indeed

Looking to Swap for/Buy Danish Coins
Posted: 26-May-2017, 04:36PM in Swaps and trades

Hi, • Anyone out there looking to swap Canadian for Danish coins. Or alternately looking to sell Danish coins - especially the 20Kroner commems? • Even if people know of somebody and can point me their way or of good coin shops for Danish coins that are not as pricey as ebay, that would be highly appreciated! • Thnx!

[solved] Semi-final 2 - CLOSED
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[solved] Semi-final 1 - CLOSED
Posted: 26-May-2017, 01:59PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Royal Canadian Mint silver miscalculations
Posted: 24-May-2017, 04:39PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Camerinvs"​ • Quote: "druzhynets"​Maybe they all should be separated as bullion coinage?​​Bullion is yet another category and non-circulating nickel coins are not bullion. In addition, the gold and silver thematic coins are not sold as bullion either since their price is fixed by the Mint, not by the market value of those metals, unlike the Maple Leaf series (with a .9999 guarantee of purity inscribed on the coins). • ​ • ​Interestingly, the bullion gold and silver Maple Leafs are not in the catalogue. I suppose they are just metal bars in the shape of coins. • ​ • ​It would be interesting to know how many of us collectors of Canadian coins happen to have some 1997-2000 caribou proof-likes lurking among our regular (circulating) quarters!​I dont collect by date, so I've been completely unaware about this. I do coin roll hunting every other week. So something to keep my eye out for!

[solved] Raffle for Abby - Gold & Silver
Posted: 23-May-2017, 06:18PM in Free discussion

I'll take a spot if there is anything remaining. Cheers

[solved] Categories A vs H (Australasia/Pacific vs Exonumia/Ancients) CLOSED
Posted: 23-May-2017, 03:49PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Categories B vs G (Asia vs Europe) CLOSED
Posted: 23-May-2017, 03:49PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Categories C vs F (North America vs Middle East) CLOSED
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[solved] Categories D vs E (South America vs Africa) CLOSED
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My first graded Coin Akbar 1 Rupee Mughal Empire
Posted: 15-May-2017, 08:11PM in Free discussion

Dilip Rajgor has been building up his reputation. I'd still keep the NGS slab. It'll gain more traction later on whether one likes it or not. However, that said, you shouldn't really bother with grading for hammered coinage

[solved] Exonumia/Ancients - Final - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Final - CLOSED
Posted: 15-May-2017, 06:18PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Problem with a trade
Posted: 12-May-2017, 07:23PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "David52"​Thank you everyone with your help and suggestions. Did a second swap went prefect. Today I got my first swap only took about five weeks to get here. But it all worked out. Now just started my third swap. ​That's good news indeed!

Justice for Abigail - Your Help is Urgently Needed
Posted: 12-May-2017, 04:55AM in Free discussion

It's terrible when people use kids as blackmail, and it's heartbreaking though not surprising when parents do this to their own flesh and blood. I suppose such long term substance abuse warps the mind to a point where one is not human anymore. • i hope you will succeed and put this all behind you soon

[solved] Exonumia/Ancients (Exonumia) - Round 3A - CLOSED
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[solved] Exonumia/Ancients (Ancients) - Round 3B - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 3A - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 3B - CLOSED
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Additions to your collection - the May 2017 edition
Posted: 5-May-2017, 07:42PM in Free discussion

Someone gifted this coin among other coins to me at our recent coin club meet. I am particularly in love with the strike and the motif! •

Last team member wanted!
Posted: 4-May-2017, 10:28PM in Free discussion

Sure, I would be happy to help out. Je suis bilingue!

[solved] Europe - Round 2C - CLOSED
Posted: 1-May-2017, 04:07PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Europe - Round 2A - CLOSED
Posted: 1-May-2017, 04:06PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Europe - Round 2B - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 2D - CLOSED
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[solved] Exonumia/Ancients (Exonumia) - Round 2A - CLOSED
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[solved] Exonumia/Ancients (Exonumia) - Round 2B - CLOSED
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[solved] Exonumia/Ancients (Ancients) - Round 2C - CLOSED
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[solved] Exonumia/Ancients (Ancients) - Round 2D - CLOSED
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What country are you from?
Posted: 28-Apr-2017, 08:45PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Subha Barua"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​ • ​ • Quote: "Subha Barua"​I live in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. I was first supposed to have been born in France, but I will relocate to Canada this year.​​​Canada eh ? where to in Canada?​​Vancouver, British Coulmbia.​Well, if you are truly migrating to Van City, I hope you conduct yourself better there than you do here. So far, there's nothing in your posts that signals to me you would fit well in Canada.

[solved] Europe - Round 1C - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Apr-2017, 09:58PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Additions to your collection - April 2017
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Quote: "Peter M. Graham"​My budget for the next 2 months (maybe 3). • ​ • ​A gentleman, whom I purchased a coin from eBay, sent me a list of about 200 Colonials he was selling (getting around those fees). I spent 2 days calculating what I liked and could afford. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​I figured, once in a lifetime. I absolutely love them. • ​ • ​ ​Outside my collecting scope, but the detail on these two look particularly nice!

Hello! Introduction story and fun question!
Posted: 26-Apr-2017, 09:40PM in Free discussion

I have been lazy to update this; but I soon will! However, I thought you might like this thread I had written on Modern Indian Coins •

10,000 Different Coins
Posted: 25-Apr-2017, 06:44PM in Free discussion

Quote: "worth"​51.1 kg so about 113 lbs • ​I will take a picture this evening and post it. Most are in 14 inch double row boxes in 2x2s. • ​I hit it a little earlier than I had planned. I think 93 of them are actually tokens, but I have probably another 1000 or so tokens to catalog/enter. (one of the many projects I have waiting)​Interesting. I tried to project out based on my own collection lol. I'm at a little over 8300, but the coins still way around 62kgs.

[solved] Europe - Round 1A - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 1B - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 1D - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 1E - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 1F - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 1G - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 1H - CLOSED
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[solved] Ancients/Exonumia (Exonumia) - Round 1B - CLOSED
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[solved] Ancients/Exonumia (Ancients) - Round 1H - CLOSED
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[solved] Ancients/Exonumia (Ancients) - Round 1G - CLOSED
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[solved] Ancients/Exonumia (Ancients) - Round 1F - CLOSED
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[solved] Ancients/Exonumia (Ancients) - Round 1E - CLOSED
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Design contest for the 2017 Numista token
Posted: 20-Apr-2017, 04:52AM in Free discussion

Quote: "War axe"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​ • ​ • Quote ​ • ​​​I saw some people are speaking about Indian time... But Indian time is earlier than CET... The only isssue is it was 1 day late. • ​​ ​​​lol, it's a running joke among Indians ... it's very common for people to be late for appointments... "Indian standard time" is a a euphemism for lateness or being slow ​​in this "running joke" The Indians they are referring to are the native American Indians because we tend to do things in our own sweet time...... • ​ • ​my two favorite quotes; • ​"good thing about going by Indian time is the fact that I'm never late!" • ​"if an Indian says he's going to do something, there is no need to remind him every 6 months" • ​ • ​(notice the date of original post to which I'm replying)​hmm... I was referring to Indians from India, i cannot speak for native Americans (t[...]

Collecting Syrian coins as an historical and financial investment
Posted: 19-Apr-2017, 05:35AM in Free discussion

With so many millions of Syrian coins minted and especially the older colonial ones being so widely available in Europe and elsewhere, I think this line of thought is a non-starter • the few instances instances I can think of in which coins became scarce were caused by the sudden change over from silver to base metal in the 40s, coins melted to fund the war effort to make munitions and possibly the cultural revolution in china • I've not seen anything so far on that scale in Syria, and if anything , ISIS's position on the ground is even less tenable these days to make a concerted effort to melt down a significant portion of that countries "monetary" history. ... destroying historical monuments and edifices; that's another story of course • that said, no harm in building up your Syrian collection.

[solved] Middle East - Final - CLOSED
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[solved] Africa - Final - CLOSED
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What are your other hobbies besides coin collecting?
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Quote: "darcyrmt"​ • ...​Does having every Disney and Pixar animated film on DVD count? that was really for having something to watch with the grandchildren in my older age to come...​Lol, make sure you keep a working DVD player to go along with it. No point in having a collection of DVDs with nothing to play it on. My dad learnt that the hard way with VHS haha

Vote for 2 euro design (Baltics 2018)
Posted: 11-Apr-2017, 03:38PM in Free discussion

Quote: "gdrsb"​2th coin won​Yay! Our choice won. I entered into the lucky draw my chances are 1 in 4000+ hehe

2017 Canadian Coins
Posted: 10-Apr-2017, 10:00PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "smoked_caramel"​ • Quote: "SolarPenny"​How is it like paying double face value? You pay $2.50 and receive 10 quarters which is equal to $2.50.​​No free shipping anymore. $2.99 is what I had to pay to order these.Not to forget a 39c tax !​

India Proof & UNC set for sale
Posted: 10-Apr-2017, 07:49PM in Swaps and trades


Croatia 25 Kuna Commems Wanted (buy/swap)
Posted: 10-Apr-2017, 07:00PM in Swaps and trades

Any of our members who have some or the entire set of commemorative 25Kuna coins for sale/swap ? • Can pay by paypal

[solved] Africa - Round 3B CLOSED
Posted: 10-Apr-2017, 03:40PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Africa - Round 3A CLOSED
Posted: 10-Apr-2017, 03:40PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 3A - CLOSED
Posted: 10-Apr-2017, 03:39PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 3B - CLOSED
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ISIS coins
Posted: 8-Apr-2017, 11:55PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Jarcek"​Some of them are already in Exonumia (added long time ago). I just wanted to give you this info as I deemed it interesting. • ​ • ​They can be added - to Exonumia, with proper disclaimer. (Maybe we should update existing ones, to include info that by buying one, people can actually commit a crime of funding terror group)​yes I think it's pertinent too. • On the disclaimer, More information is almost always better than less.

Numista 2017 Tokens just arrived
Posted: 6-Apr-2017, 03:10PM in News

I finally got mine .. the copper and silver for 2017 and a copper from 2013... the strike is excellent and I was very happy to see the rupee symbol make an appearance. I'm pretty sure it wasn't in the initial draft of the design !

Do collectors here value their coins pedigree?
Posted: 5-Apr-2017, 06:08PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Jarcek"​By having sentimental coins, you inevitably value them. I also have sentimental ones, usually those gifted by now deceased family members.​ • Very much so! I remember the first "coin" of my collection which i saw when i was 7 years old in the purse of my aunt and she gave me this funny money (an Italian 500lire standard circulation coin). • I also have a Rs20 Indira Gandhi 1985 which was given to me by my neighbour Jehangir Khambatta (or rather uncle Junggu as I knew him) when I was 11years. He had found out that I collect coins and he was very keen to help me learn more about numismatics (i was just randomly collecting coins till then). He gifted me this coin and probably was amused at my stunned face because I never knew they made anything more than a Rs5 coin. Of course, I went back home and showed my dad. He obviously knew it was probably worth alot and insisted I give something back. So I took whatever I had with me and Uncle Jun[...]

[solved] Middle East - Round 2A - CLOSED
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[solved] Middle East - Round 2B - CLOSED
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[solved] Middle East - Round 2C - CLOSED
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[solved] Middle East - Round 2D CLOSED
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[solved] Africa - Round 2A - CLOSED
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[solved] Africa - Round 2B - CLOSED
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[solved] Africa - Round 2C - CLOSED
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[solved] Africa - Round 2D - CLOSED
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300 Countries club - the 2017 blog
Posted: 1-Apr-2017, 03:43PM in Free discussion

Quote: "chomp-master"​Another difference concerning Ecuador and Zimbabwe: they still mint their own coins, which are mostly matching US coins in dimensions, for a local use. The only difference I know is about the specific 1 centavo coin in Ecuador, which color doesn't match with the US cent. • ​ • ​It is the same also for Panama except they decided to maintain their currency name and only to peg to the dollar at par, in the same way as are pegged to the defunct Deutsche Mark (at par too) the Bosnian Convertible Mark and the Bulgarian Lev. But to precise, I won't say "dollarized" for such currencies which are not pegged to the Mark.​just to be clear, pegging a currency is different from a dollarised economy. The GCC countries for instance, peg their local currencies to the US dollar (but not at par). Whereas a dollarised economy literally means that economies start widely using US dollars in their local transactions (whether or not their local currency[...]

Collecting and financial constraints/downturn.
Posted: 31-Mar-2017, 03:47PM in Free discussion

Quote: "oggy"​I'll admit I've struggled to post this, partly due to pride or whatever perhaps, but it's really getting to me. I've probably started the post 5+ times but never got around to hitting send. • ​ • ​When I first started collecting it was new and exciting, the history of the coins and learning everything was amazing, but more importantly I had MONEY, and could actually acquire some super beautiful coins luckily. • ​ • ​But life has its twists and turns, and illness + brexit has meant some nasty financial downturn meaning I don't actually have the money to buy anything good. I may even need to sell some stuff. • ​ • ​The result.... collecting is somehow much more stressful and less fun, I don't have the joy of receiving that new coin from auction and sorting it out, or machining new drawers for my collection. I just have the current collection collecting dust, whilst I wistfully glare at it some days.... • ​ • [...]

The excitement of new coin shipment
Posted: 31-Mar-2017, 12:32AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Trp"​I won an internet auction and got these. I got the coins a way below face value (Swiss francs etc.) so this is just fun for me. I think the seller was a one time coin seller so I won't ruin his day with negative feedback.​Nonetheless, let him know he shouldn't do that in case he has some more coins to sell in future

Largest ever gold "coin" stolen in Berlin
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 06:54PM in Free discussion

Quote: "smoked_caramel"​Am I reading the article wrong? The very first original coin was made at RCM. • ​ • ​“So then it became a product that was made on demand and customers who made a non-refundable deposit on the coin had one manufactured for them,” Reeves said. A total of five coins were produced and sold that way, he said. The one stolen in Germany is one of those five. • ​ • ​Does not this statement mean that there are 6 in total?​The way I understood it is that now 4 remain. Apparently the RCM has a mandate to mint up to 10. However, 4 were sold so far (not including the original one). Atleast that is what i recall from the tour a couple years ago at he Ottawa mint

[solved] Middle East - Round 1A - CLOSED
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[solved] Africa - Round 1E - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:31PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1B - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1C - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Africa - Round 1F - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1D - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Africa - Round 1G - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:29PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1E - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:29PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1F - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:29PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Africa - Round 1H - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:29PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1G - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:29PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1H - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:28PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Africa -Round 1A - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:28PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Africa - Round 1B - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:28PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Africa - Round 1C - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:27PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Africa - Round 1D - CLOSED
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 09:27PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


All the silver in my collection....
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 04:52AM in Free discussion

Quote: "pnightingale"​Third from left, top row.... what's that? • ​ • ​A swastika and the Star of David seem strange bedfellows, although they appeared together on the Transfer Agreement medals.​both are actually Hindu Symbols inferring peace. I don't have to explain the nazi corruption of that ancient symbol used in India and elsewhere for millennia. However a six pointed star also finds a lot of references going back thousands of years in India. • The coin itself self is a jewellers issue depicting usually goddess Saraswati or Goddess laxmi. Both goddesses are often deities associated with wealth, prosperity and knowledge

Best ways of packaging coins
Posted: 26-Mar-2017, 07:11PM in Free discussion

My mantra for coin packing is to recycle as much as possible letters I get from other swaps ... so mainly reusing the card board where possible and if the coins come in any hard plastic squares that I can reuse. • if i have to pack a large swap (say 30+ coins) I usually use half or a whole plastic sheet with the 20 coin pockets. I have some old coin sheets which are in a less than stellar state and others from previous swaps that I can recycle. • If its a small swap I simply wrap up a couple coins at a time in papaer and d tape it to the cardad board and then make sure to sandwich them nicely into a bubble wrap envelope

Found a couple of 80 year old coins in change
Posted: 24-Mar-2017, 02:29PM in Free discussion

It's actually a convenience store in my office building, but indeed I will check today if his till has any more of these!

Additions to your collection - March 2017
Posted: 24-Mar-2017, 04:07AM in Free discussion

• i got my order from the US mint. The coin is stunning imo, but also very sentimental for me as it was 10 years ago that I first went abroad and that too on a cultural exchange programme for 2 months in the south of France sponsored by the lions club ! • it was one of those experiences you carry with you for life !

What's your oldest commemorative coin?
Posted: 23-Mar-2017, 04:29PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Jesse11"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​Is there an easy way on Numista to figure out the "oldest commem coin" in my collection ? • ​ • ​ ​​I did an advanced search for commemorative coins in my collection with a date range of 1-1950 and then eyeballed it from there to find the earliest date.​Ah ! I never noticed the "in" collection option. Looks like I was spot on...the 1000 reis coin was the only one that pulled up

What kind of TV shows are you into?
Posted: 22-Mar-2017, 04:56PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Jarcek"​I try to avoid tv shows, because I usually cannot stop watching all episodes after it catches me. • ​ • ​So I watched all Stargate, all Starwars and Game of thrones. Besides that, only Band of Brothers and Pacific caught me. • ​ • ​Did I mentioned I like when it has a story? :D • ​ • ​And I hate commercials too, so I do not watch then on TV, why should I waste twice the time for same fun?​I just finished watching Deep Space 9; so that caps off all the Star Trek series lol (star trek original, star trek enterprise, star trek voyager, enterprise). I'm mostly into netflix because I'm too cheap to pay for TV. I like detective/murder series....Murdoch Mysteries, Mrs Fischers Murder Mysteries, Poirot, White Collar, Bones, Castle and now i'm watching BlackListed. Else I like comedies too...How I met your mother, simpsons, futurama, raising hope, modern family, frazier etc. I watched GoT up to season 5, but I'm still tak[...]

[solved] South America - FINAL CLOSED
Posted: 20-Mar-2017, 06:58PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - FINAL CLOSED
Posted: 20-Mar-2017, 06:58PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Your country needs you! Writers, ethusiasts, report here! (CCIP-Country Introductions)
Posted: 17-Mar-2017, 04:14AM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​Just small edits to an otherwise fairly objective introduction on Colonial influence in India • ​​ • ​​-warlords denote these people are some sort of tribal temporary chieftains rather than Royal Dynasties. • ​​-Sepoy mutiny is a very British account of the events of 1857-58. Many, especially in India would argue it was the first stirrings of a Pan-Indian subcontinental identity • ​​- The partition may have got the backing of the UN, however, it was a result of direct negotiations between the British govt (led by Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy and first Governor General of India), the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League • ​​- The French intended to hold on to their colonies if they could and the plebicites gave an explicit option to people to either join the Indian Union or become part of France (as DOMTOM) • ​​- Portugal did not peacefully give up Goa and by 196[...]

Posted: 16-Mar-2017, 01:21PM in Free discussion

That's very nice of you... add me in !

End of the UK round pound
Posted: 14-Mar-2017, 03:27PM in Free discussion

I think invariably there will be people, especially new collectors who will find the round pound, especially commems, worth swapping for. I myself carried back some 25 quid worth of 1 pound coins on my recent visit to London. I know people here in north America will definitely want one if they don't already have it.

[solved] North America - Round 3A SOLVED
Posted: 13-Mar-2017, 08:49PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 3B CLOSED
Posted: 13-Mar-2017, 08:49PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America - Round 3A CLOSED
Posted: 13-Mar-2017, 08:48PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America - Round 3B CLOSED
Posted: 13-Mar-2017, 08:48PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Two coins that commemorate the same thing!
Posted: 13-Mar-2017, 03:34PM in Free discussion

Quote: "MonaSeaclaid"​ • Quote: "nalaberong"​Here's a pair from the same year... • ​​ • ​​Canada, 25 cents, 1604-2004 • ​​ • ​​France, 1/4 euro, 1604-2004 • ​​ • ​​They both commemorate the first French settlement in modern Canada by Samuel de Champlain. I have always had a hard time finding the 25 cent coin despite its high mintage - perhaps it was only issued in Quebec...​​I've seen the Canadian one but only rarely. If I have a spare I'll let you know. • ​ • ​I was actually wondering how many countries had/have commemorative coins for WWI, which has a lot of 100th anniversaries this decade.​I have quite a few of these and lately I've been putting them back in change. They are pretty common in the toronto area atleast ;-)

2 euro coins
Posted: 7-Mar-2017, 08:23PM in Free discussion

Quote: "muzz0000"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​As someone who collected euro coins from outside the EU (India & Canada), I traded for half the coins and probably bought the other half because it may have been more economical to do so. • ​​ • ​​I just checked and I have 259x 2euro coins in total; 223 of which are commemoratives. I miss the commems and standard types of Monaco, Vatican, San Marino and Andorra; territories of which I have consciously decided to ignore. • ​​ • ​​I think when all told, I have a fairly large collection of Euro coins for someone outside the EU ;-) ​​wow - I am very much jealous- i have just turned over 210​Thanks, just moved it to 260 with the latest Latvian Commem. For me, its been a very long road going back to 2002. Can't believe its already 15 years since I've been chasing euros. My total euro collection stands at a little over 800 on last count (includes the standard circulation type and collector coins [...]

[solved] North America - Round 2A CLOSED
Posted: 6-Mar-2017, 07:56PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 2B CLOSED
Posted: 6-Mar-2017, 07:55PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 2C CLOSED
Posted: 6-Mar-2017, 07:52PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 2D CLOSED
Posted: 6-Mar-2017, 07:51PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America - Round 2A CLOSED
Posted: 6-Mar-2017, 07:51PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America - Round 2B CLOSED
Posted: 6-Mar-2017, 07:51PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America - Round 2C CLOSED
Posted: 6-Mar-2017, 07:51PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America - Round 2D CLOSED
Posted: 6-Mar-2017, 07:50PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 1B CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:32PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America Round 1E CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:31PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

1 without doubt

[solved] South America Round 1D CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:31PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 1C CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:31PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 1F CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America Round 1F CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 1A CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America Round 1G CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 1G CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:29PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America Round 1B CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:29PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 1D CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:29PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 1E CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:28PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America Round 1A CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:28PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America Round 1C CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:28PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America Round 1H CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:27PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - Round 1H CLOSED
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 03:27PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

2 without doubt

I'm bored...
Posted: 26-Feb-2017, 02:22AM in Free discussion

Ah that's too, I'm a bit north of you and it's been pretty good weather here ;)

World Coins Chat: Hungary and Hungarian States (i.e. Hungarian related territories)
Posted: 24-Feb-2017, 04:45PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Peter M. Graham"​ • Quote: "Jarcek"​No suggestion, just simple: Good work! ​​I agree. Really good work. • ​ • ​I'm going to browse the catalogue now and maybe pick something up this weekend at the Torex coin show this weekend. • ​​Hey Peter, I'll be there on sunday as I'm going to the auto show tomorrow. Let me know and atleast we can say hi to each other :-)

Wants vs. Wants
Posted: 22-Feb-2017, 09:50PM in Swaps and trades

I have this problem too. I'm not 100% sure, but I think "coins that might interest him/her" does a couple things here... • 1) If you have put eg 25 coins in your swap list of a single KM#, then it may show that he is interested in 25 coins from your swap list, when infact he is just interested in a single coin • 2) Although his wish list and your swap list may overlap with certain coins, maybe these are not his/her priority collecting interest or finds that your coins are not interesting enough to swap with his own. So rather than tell you that, he/she will simply say there is nothing of interest • 3) I wonder if the "coins that might interest him/her" counts just the coins in the "wish list" or does it also aggregate other coins eg "I have this KM#, but not this year" • So as you can see, it is a result of several things, but imo, its still the best way to go about it! You'll find more hits than misses this way

[solved] FINAL - Asia CLOSED
Posted: 20-Feb-2017, 08:11PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Additions to your collection - February 2017
Posted: 18-Feb-2017, 06:07PM in Free discussion

Quote: "BSmith"​I want to finish Socialist Mongolia this year, got some missing coins last week. • ​ • ​​really nice ! I'm missing a few like these too.. I'm just building up the nerve to spend mucho dinero for what I need ;(

Is there an issue with Canada?
Posted: 16-Feb-2017, 10:06PM in Swaps and trades

Well, I've been doing a fair bit of swapping and therein making regular visits to the post office ...or rather the postal counter in a rexall or shoppers. Usually, no issues in sending out... people receive pretty quickly within canada and the US or elsewhere. However, the receiving bit has been problematic lately. A couple of recent US letters took a little over 2 weeks. One got the once over at customers because the declared value was over C$20 which means I had to pay duties to receive it. • Else, even if it is slow, it is very safe and I've not had any concerns that I or my swap partner would not receive the package (eventually!). • On the other hand, I was in the UK recently and supposed to receive a tracked letter from Poland did apparently arrive according to tracking at the neighbourhood post office, but my brother who lives there didn't receive it in his mailbox.. still sorting out that mystery!

Need help with payments....
Posted: 16-Feb-2017, 08:21PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Sayan"​Well I am from India and does it needs to take a permission from the bank to allow the debit card use overseas? • ​I have passed a lot of days trying but cant figure it out • ​ • ​Help me too also how to link a card with paypal? • ​Thanking you • ​Sayan ​You do not need to ask permission from your bank. Simply enter the details and see if it works. However, your bank will charge you foreign conversion fees (usually ~3.5% of transaction amount)

Numista vs. other coin sites I have been a part of
Posted: 14-Feb-2017, 09:31PM in Free discussion

Quote: "neilithic"​I've had quite a few swaps where both sides think they have the better deal, because some coins that are readily available in this part of the world are not so easy to come by in other parts of the world, and visa versa. • ​ • ​I haven't been on any other sites, but I have heard that older member from other sites tend to be pretty arrogant towards new collectors or members that only collect modern coins • ​ • ​This site is generally pretty good. Of course on a site with this many members there's always a couple who ruin it for everyone, but they moderators usually do a pretty good job of cracking down on them pretty quickly​I tend to agree with that. I was on another forum which was less about swapping, more about coin related information. It was all jolly at first before you started noticing a large clique with a very arrogant my way or the high way attitude. For instance...anything which did not fit into their "pure circu[...]

Q & A - Ask admins a question
Posted: 13-Feb-2017, 08:47PM in Free discussion

Can't think of any questions as such, but bravo on trying to be transparent. With so much that goes into managing this site and fire fighting on the forums, it's amazing that you are setting time aside to answer questions!

[solved] Asia Round 3A - CLOSED
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[solved] Asia Round 3B - CLOSED
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[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 3A - CLOSED
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[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 3B - CLOSED
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How does the package looks now? CAN I SEND IT TO GREECE NOW?
Posted: 11-Feb-2017, 05:27PM in Free discussion

Much better ... just write hobby supplies/stationery. Should be OK. • However you might have to send this as a registered surface parcel which can take up to 2 months to reach. • You won't be be able to send this as a registered airmail letter most likely • ...but definitely better than the last packaging.

Results of the Numista 2017 token contest
Posted: 10-Feb-2017, 07:25PM in News

Congratulations Croft89coffey. While it wasn't my first choicest, its very well deserved nonetheless! I'll look forward to ordering one for myself!

Shipping Coins from India to Greece. Need Help Please
Posted: 10-Feb-2017, 06:14PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Sayan"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​My suggestion would be to avoid writing "hobby supplies" because it will only attract attention as most postal workers are going to wonder what that is (a package to me from the UK got stuck at customs House in Bombay because it was declared as "Numismatic supplies". If you pack your letter well and it feels like there is a book or photos in there, then you can simply write "book" or "photo album". In a nutshell, think of something that doesn't seem valuable enough to steal and that any person would automatically know what it is • ​​ • ​​ • ​​ ​​It has weight.... So can I write photo album? See the package by yourself • ​​lol, photo album is not going to work in this case. I am very skeptical this package will reach its final destination. I'm afraid the packing does not look very good. It looks as if there is some cloth material stuffed in there. But it'll [...]

Question for Numismatic Omnivores
Posted: 10-Feb-2017, 03:36PM in Free discussion

Quote: "chaosharvard"​Confession of an omnivore. • ​ • ​My name in chaosharvard, and I am an omnivore. • ​It was always a case with me, growing up in a former Soviet Union you couldn't be too picky. Coins were a window to the outside word. And now, to a some extend, collecting coins brings memories of a small boy 30 years ago. • ​ • ​So why do I still collect everything? Several reasons, in no particular order. • ​1. For me coins are like a puzzle, but with a twist - you just try to make a picture, without having all the pieces when you start. Rather, you have almost none. And the 3-D world map (with the third axis being time, I am not into mining) is your ultimate goal. • ​ • ​2. For me, any activity is dull if I can't tell a story. And the coins provide a wealth of the seeding for them. A coin from Belgian Congo leads to a fascinating tale on how the Belgium got that land in the first place. A coin from Ottoman Empire [...]

[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 2C CLOSED
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[solved] Asia round 2D CLOSED
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[solved] Asia round 2C CLOSED
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[solved] Asia round 2B CLOSED
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[solved] Asia round 2A CLOSED
Posted: 9-Feb-2017, 10:45PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 2D CLOSED
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[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 2A CLOSED
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[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 2B CLOSED
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Posted: 3-Feb-2017, 12:32PM in Free discussion

Ann interesting, i didn't know about the show... but yeah , you gotta add it in yourself if you don't see it; i did that for the TOREX... still Montréal is cheaper with the $3 admission fee... TOREX charged 6$

Under aged swappers
Posted: 31-Jan-2017, 01:55AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Steve27"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​ • ​ • Quote: "Steve27"​ • ​​ • ​ • Quote: "Ragnarr"​ • ​​​ • ​​ • ​ • Quote: "Steve27"​Here in the US we have a series of regulations called the Uniform Commercial Code or UCC. It specifies that people under the age of 18 cannot enter into binding contracts for items other than necessities. And while coins may be a necessity for some of us, the US courts wouldn't see it that way.​​​​​The US being one of two hundred countries. Most places don't have such strict laws.​​​​All the more reason why a simple "Young Numismatist" indication on a profile, would be an unobtrusive way of providing the necessary information for those who need it.​​​I'm ok with putting "young numismat". I assume that will be until 18 years? • ​​So long as we can see the age range of everyone else... I'd like to know if I'm dealing wi[...]

[solved] Asia round 1g CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:21PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

2. Japan 1957 100 yen

[solved] Asia round 1d CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:21PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

2. Ceylon 1957 5 Rupees

[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 1g CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:20PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

2. New Zealand 1965 Shilling

[solved] Asia round 1a CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:20PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

2. Thailand 1929 50 Satang

[solved] Asia round 1c CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:20PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

2. Japan 1897 10 yen

[solved] Asia round 1b CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:20PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

1. India travancore 4 cash

[solved] Asia round 1h CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:19PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

1. Tibet 1935-1946 3 srang

[solved] Asia round 1f CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:19PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

1. North Borneo 1887 Cent

[solved] Asia round 1e CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:19PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

1. Japan 1916 10 sen

[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 1a CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:18PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

1. fiji 2013 2 dollars

[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 1d CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:18PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

3. Samoa 2002 50 Sene

[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 1f CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:17PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

1. New Zealand 1952 sixpence

[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 1h CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:17PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

2. New Caledonia 1952 5 francs

[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 1b CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:17PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

3 German New Guinea 1894 10 pfennig

[solved] Australasia/Pacific Round 1c CLOSED
Posted: 30-Jan-2017, 08:16PM in Most Popular Coin Contest

2 Australia 1934-5 florin

Help from India
Posted: 29-Jan-2017, 09:42PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Sayan"​Well how can I send or arrange the coins in a such way so that it is considered as a book?​There are several ways, but its too complicated for me to write it all down.. essentially, pack the coins between two pieces of cardboard tightly so that you cannot feel the coins move around or hear the jingling if you shake the package. Then put it in a bubble wrap envelope. Don't glue or tape the coins directly to the cardboard. If the guy at the post office asks you whats inside, just say it's a book. If he asks you to open the letter, tell him you've already sealed the envelope and you refuse to rip it open. If he still doesn't accept it, just leave and try again when someone else is manning the counter, or try at another post office.

Concours pour le jeton Numista 2017
Posted: 28-Jan-2017, 04:19PM in Salon

Quote: "framb"​Merci Jean, cjenial et franche92 pour vos gentils retours! • ​ • ​Indi-K, je vois que l'avers vous intrigue: • ​ • ​Les 10 pièces placées en extérieur représentent les 10 ans de numista (une à 1 bord, puis à 2 bords, puis 3,4,5,..., jusqu'à 10!). Il existe au moins une pièce présentant ces contours (jeton pour celle à 9 côtés), témoignant ainsi de la diversité des pièces et jetons échangés ici. • ​Quant aux figures géométriques, ce sont les contours imbriqués de pièces des 4 coins du mondes, aux contours que j'ai trouvé particulièrement graphiques (par exemple : 10 pause d'Inde ; 10 pesos du Mexique; 1 dalasi de Gambie ; 25 puas de Birmanie ; 5 prisa du Pakistan ; etc ...). Le propos est d'illustrer la variété des provenances des pièces du catalogue et des échanges, autrement qu'avec une mappemonde. • ​Puis figurent évidemment le nom du site et les dates anniversaires (dans un style manuscrit pour rappeler le côté[...]

When will Canadian Banks no longer accept Cents?
Posted: 26-Jan-2017, 08:08PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Peter M. Graham"​I just did a little cleanup. 61 rolls (3,050) of thoroughly examined Canadian Cents which my local branch exchanged readily. • ​ • ​It's been 4+ years since it was no longer produced. • ​ • ​Any idea on when they will say no more? • ​ • ​PS. My bowling coach's father has several jars of Cents he has been hoarding for over 30 years. Can't seem to pry them from him. ​This page should answer your one word "Indefinitely" •

10th Anniv. Numista Token Design Contest - My Proposal
Posted: 26-Jan-2017, 04:27PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Cyrillius"​A good promotion. • ​​I try my best

My Numista 2017 Token Design
Posted: 22-Jan-2017, 05:45PM in Free discussion

Ah I didn't notice a couple things that you pointed out ! • i already gave some of my thoughts, so will leave to others to share what they think • here's my design and thought process • • cheers!

Canadian Colonial Tokens - Update
Posted: 16-Jan-2017, 12:40AM in Free discussion

Great Stuff! Just in time for me to focus more on colonial tokens. We should commend you at the next meeting in person !

Christmas gift contest, the draw
Posted: 15-Jan-2017, 02:41AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Indi-K"​Oh yes, sorry Ashlobo ... thank you again for my gift. Beautiful coins, I love!: 8D • ​ The few words on the map were also nice ... thanks a lot !! • ​ • ​​I'm so glad you liked them Indi-k!

Tirage au sort du Cadeau de Noël 2016
Posted: 14-Jan-2017, 06:57PM in Salon

Salut ! • desolée pour le délai en remerciant mes gift givers... je viens de postée dans la section anglaise • • bon weekend a toute le monde !

UK-Canada Swap
Posted: 11-Jan-2017, 04:14AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "Myeackle"​Feel free to bring back a surplus of those commemoratives so we can have something swap in the future. • ​ • ​Matt​I'm usually a credit card person ... but I'll try to use as much cash as possible to get some change back... from the last few times I was there, one can get a good amount of commems in change

Bored, so I counted my Euro collection of Commemoratives
Posted: 9-Jan-2017, 06:24PM in Free discussion

Quote: "COINMAN1"​I do not actually collect any specific country when it comes to the Euro coins. As I collect by type, I am always interested in getting those I do not have.​I think I have OCD lol, once I start a series, I must complete it or I drive myself up the wall! So I drew the baseline for euro collector coins as what's technically available at "Face". Else I'd be broke by now! • The 25 euro austrian coins caught my eye and since I've been getting them at issue price (~52euros I beleive), I bit the bullet. I have all except the very first one. Now when I see the prices on ebay, I feel I've not made such as bad decision ;)

Ma Conception pour un Jeton de Numista 2007-2017
Posted: 8-Jan-2017, 07:45PM in Salon

Merci à tous ceux qui m'ont répondu! C'est l'itération finale de mon dessin et je suis personnellement très heureux avec ce résultat. • Juste pour réitérer mon processus et le symbolisme des éléments • - En général, j'ai gardé une esthétique simple en consideration des questions liées à la frappe du jeton. • - le dessin is mon propre travail original en utilisant Powerpoint • - J'ai également évité tout texte sauf "NUMISTA" car j'ai senti les éléments expliqués ci-dessous bien montrent les idéaux de Numista. • - La conception est grosso modo inspirée par la fluidité et la géométrie de la Nature • - Les régions grises devraient etre depolies sur le jeton • L'obverse: • 1) Les vagues représentent les océans qui séparent les membres numista qui habitent partout dans le monde tandis que le cercle intérieur avec le boussole du soleil et "NUMISTA" relie ces deux océans, c'est-à-dire Numista a rassemblé des membre[...]

300 different types from one country club
Posted: 7-Jan-2017, 03:33PM in Free discussion

Quote: "sujit_kumar"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​ • ​ • ​​​Is that Republic of India 810 ? If so I'm guessing you've included by date and Mintmark ?​​That looks like to be the case. I tried the count from the excel export of my coins. ​if you go to the tab "your coins" Where you see the heat coloured world map, you have an option just below the map to click on "by type" as well as "by coins". And then hover your mouse pointer over India to see accordingly

Can anyone identify the language written on this sword?
Posted: 23-Dec-2016, 04:12PM in Free discussion

It's not a very clear pic... but I think that is Gurmukhi script (Punjabi) ... it might be a ceremonial Sikh sword (used by nihangs) • unfortunately I can only read bits and pieces of gurmukhi

Polymer £5 flaw already
Posted: 22-Dec-2016, 03:26AM in Banknotes

Quote: "Essor Prof"​ • ​​Wow, more than 31.796 Numista members are idiots. I wonder if I am one of them.​Yes... but I can only say that because it takes one to know one hehe

Fake coin in change...?
Posted: 19-Dec-2016, 03:40PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Peter M. Graham"​.... • ​Lastly, the Toronto Transit Commission is ending its Token programme in mid 2017 (started in 1954) due to counterfeiting.​Really ? I didn't hear about this before. Will have to save a token or two for keepsake. I finally got presto last month lol

Highest KM# in your collection
Posted: 16-Dec-2016, 05:34PM in Free discussion

Quote: "muzz0000"​mine is austria km3205, maybe should be circulating coins only-not nclt rubbish​ • I guess if I exclude my NCLT "rubbish" ( ) from this list, then I have KM#3205 too from austria

A little hello to warm up colleagues of Northern Tier
Posted: 15-Dec-2016, 04:34AM in Free discussion

Was -15C today in Toronto. The squirrels are finally gone . And yes, coins donprovide warm comfort

Favorite (and least favorite) Coin Metal
Posted: 14-Dec-2016, 01:39AM in Free discussion

Quote: "January First-of-May"​ • Quote: "Idolenz"​Japanese war time coins are out of a zinc-tin alloy and probably contain not very much tin (but I don't know the actual composition). But this mixture has to play a roll that those coins aren't as affected as one might think. • ​​ • ​​I haven't written the second quote but I also have seen the light green hue on these russian coins. So I would think it's the specific alloy that has this reflection property and it's not copper corrosion or leaching plasticizer.​​I didn't realize that would affect it. That makes sense. • ​And, I actually agree about the light green hue (though I don't dislike it, as such); it's a different thing... • ​ • ​You see, the type you mentioned was, for the most part, produced in the late 1990s (1997-99, though the 1999 is scarce), and the next type in the late 2000s (2006-09). • ​The latter was also made in 2002 and 2003 - for sets only, and th[...]

Coin values and the death of a monarch
Posted: 13-Dec-2016, 09:43PM in Free discussion

Quote: "philwrr"​I agree, ashlobo, but this is someone who has sent millions to their deaths.​Now you have me intrigued! How has a ceremonial head of state sent millions to their deaths? Or if you mean she gives her assent to use her image on millions of coins across the Realm and we all die a million deaths when we see products from the RCM, alderney and the like

Shipping to Canada....
Posted: 12-Dec-2016, 10:40PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "Peter M. Graham"​Puzzles me as well. • ​ • ​My swaps to and from the US have been flawless so far, always under 10 days with the "snail" mail. • ​ • ​Recently won an Ebay auction (from a Canadian dealer), the colonial token was mailed on Tuesday and in my hot little hands on Friday. That's fast.​Missed you at the last coin club meet. Yeah, no idea why its taking so long.

[solved] 300 countries club, the blog (outdated)
Posted: 11-Dec-2016, 10:45PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Frenchlover"​Hey ! • ​Nice ! welcome • ​When we see the Jacques Cartier bridge from your Harbour beach, we might think you're living in the tropics, uh .. maybe in other seasons. • ​ • ​Ah ... if there were not all these damned squirrels all around ... • ​ ​lol, that's a very nice picture of somethjng that doesn't look so nice , even in summer. I was in Montreal this August and my friend and I were wondering who's ever use something that looked so industrial. Sure enough , no one was even there lol

John Glenn
Posted: 11-Dec-2016, 05:52PM in Free discussion

Quote: "redsmithstudios"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​Does no one think at least one of my ludicrous guesses might be slightly plausible ... my final guess is that the French lover is the love child of John Glenn and the Beatles (we don't know which one !)​​I am not sure about slightly plausible but it did give me a good read.....and laugh.​well then, mission Accomplished!

Personal Designs for India Coins (Unrealised themes)
Posted: 10-Dec-2016, 11:23PM in Free discussion

Quote: "pietr"​Very interesting sketches! • ​I hope that you get recognized by the drawings and inspirationmotivation for the coins. • ​Keep up the good work! • ​ ​thanks for the kind words !

Canadian polymer currency contains ...
Posted: 2-Dec-2016, 04:37PM in Banknotes

I feel a smidge bad that no one is talking about the ozzie bills. Weren't they the ones who invented and market out this technological recipes. Lets not forget the land down under please, after all we are one family ;-)

I just found in my change a 59 year old nickel in XF. Of all the things
Posted: 30-Nov-2016, 03:41PM in Free discussion

I was lucky to find a nickel in change too earlier in the year... 1944 in a xf- or so condition. What's more, I live in Toronto!! •

How many different countries have you swapped with?
Posted: 26-Nov-2016, 04:58AM in Free discussion

It looks like I have 44 countries under my belt. I've swapped with 168 different people since 1999 (including numista members). This does not include people who may be collectors, but I've simply bought coins from. I have swapped several times with many of these 168 people and in 4 cases I've been swapping constantly with them since 1999! • Country No. of swappers • Argentina 4 • Armenia 1 • Australia 1 • Austria 4 • Belgium 8 • Brazil 3 • Canada 13 • Chile 2 • Costa Rica 1 • Croatia 2 • Czech Rep. 2 • Denmark 1 • Egypt 1 • Finland 2 • France 14 • Germany 8 • Greece 1 • Hungary 1 • India 2 • Indonesia 1 • Israel 1 • Isreal 3 • Italy 11 • Jamaica 1 • Latvia 3 • Lithuania 2 • Luxembourg 1 • Mexico 2 &[...]

Anyone found some 2016 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 24-Nov-2016, 03:12PM in Free discussion

I found a canada $1 in change yesterday

Most popular coin competition - update and call for entries
Posted: 24-Nov-2016, 03:20AM in Free discussion

Quote: "neilithic"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​I have the coin, but I suck at taking photos, can we use a stock photo that I pinch from the numista catalogue?​​No excuses. Click on the Bolivia coin I posted and have a look at the quality of that image. It doesn't really matter what your photograph skills are like. The coin needs to be a coin you own.​ok, I'll try my best... now to find that coin

You can choose your friends.....
Posted: 19-Nov-2016, 03:40AM in Free discussion

Uff! Guess when you are doped up on crack, frankly nothing is sacred.

The top 10 countrys you have coins from (edit should we start a new post as this one is long ?)
Posted: 16-Nov-2016, 09:17PM in Free discussion

Quote: "ashlobo"​COUNTRY CURRENT COUNT ADDED SINCE 24 AUG • ​India Rep 339 (+16) • ​​​​Poland 326 (+0) • ​​​​​Thailand 292 (+5) • ​​​Portugal 247 (+5) • ​​​Russia 246 (+61) • ​​​UK 227 (+1) • ​​​Canada 223 (+4) • ​​​USA 207 (+2) • ​​​Fed. Germany 198 (+1) • ​​​Spain [...]

Hong Kong Coin Shop?
Posted: 16-Nov-2016, 08:34PM in Free discussion

I'm trying to recollect the place I went to a couple years ago.... it was definitely not kowloon though...maybe mong kok? a fairly ramshackle building with a half dozen shops in it. I bought the handover set there. Unfortunately, I did not carry my wantlist and I couldn't decide what I wanted...hmmm it's eating away at me now where it was!

What countries coins do you think are the easiest and hardest to look up?
Posted: 16-Nov-2016, 04:16PM in Free discussion

Quote: "nthn"​​I am talking about the drop down list beside the simple search that displays foreign language's characters that you can click to input into the search bar in Numista.​D'oh, i figured you must have been talking about something else ;)

The difference between buying coins and finding them yourself
Posted: 15-Nov-2016, 04:32PM in Free discussion

Quote: "SwissCoinRollHunting"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​I can count on my fingers the number of times I have "found" coins for my collection these past 25 years. Sure, its definitely memorable, but very rare indeed. On the other hand, I always prefer to exchange coins over buying them. The coins I get from exchange are of course more memorable when I actually meet the person and I exchange with him/her face-to-face. Alas, however there are some coins I am very unlikely to find or be able to swap for, and I have no option but to buy them in a fairly sterile buy-sell transaction. But such is life ;)​​I agree, even I have to buy the rare coins just to fill the gaps, but collecting swiss coins has the advantage that you can find the coins yourself with a little luck, of coure ;) • ​If I am buying coins, I mostly buy them from my friends so I can remember that day when looking at the coin. But the 10 Rappen 1918 made out of brass was only avaiable chea[...]

Would you buy an ISIS gold, silver or copper coin?
Posted: 15-Nov-2016, 01:49PM in Free discussion

Quote: "MonaSeaclaid"​ • .....​As a historical artefact I'd be very interested, but as a contemporary item I'll be steering clear.​my sentiments exactly. I respect other people's viewpoints. God knows some other coins in my collection can serve as a moral dilemma. So it's not my place to judge others

How did you start collecting coins?
Posted: 10-Nov-2016, 03:49PM in Free discussion

I was around 7 years old when my much-traveled aunt was going through her purse and removed some funny looking "gold" and "silver" and "two-coloured" coins. I was fascinated and she just handed to me. From then on I was collecting just for the different pictures and sizes. It wasn't too long before I realised even Indian coins had different "pictures". In the next few years, my interests morphed towards learning more about history and window to the world! By the time I was 10, my neighbour found out about my "methodical collecting" and introduced me to Indian collector sets and we went to the mint and bought my first set back in 1993, probably the only kid standing in line over there among all those grey heads! 1999 was another milestone year, because I did my first exchange thanks to the internet. I have never stopped collecting since receiving those first coins as a kid and its been more than 25 years already! • [...]

New country list structure - 1st Phase
Posted: 9-Nov-2016, 08:22PM in Free discussion

Just saw the page and must say two thumbs up for taking up this effort!

India: PM addresses the nation; declares Rs1000 & Rs500 notes invalid from midnight Nov 8
Posted: 8-Nov-2016, 05:03PM in Free discussion

Wow, getting news out of India from family of something pretty dramatic! • Without any forewarning, the govt. has decided to strip the Rs1000 (~$15)and Rs500 ($7.5) of their legal tender. I think this is unprecedented in modern India's history. While the Rs500 has long suffered from widespread counterfeiting over the last couple decades, this move indeed can seem quite abrupt and harsh. • However, notwithstanding the disruption to business, I think this is also an extremely smart move. Citizens have from Nov10-Dec11 i.e. one month to deposit their notes to the banks. This leaves hoarders of undeclared cash and counterfeit money (and both in many cases) in an absolute quandary. Deposit this illicit cash in the bank and get caught ? or suffer the loss ? • Leaving my political persuasions aside, I think this is a good move by the govt. to seriously tackle the black market economy •[...]

World Coins Chat: Ukraine & Crimea
Posted: 7-Nov-2016, 09:38PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Houseofham"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​I found it interesting that this word "maidan" exists in Ukrainian (or is it also in russian?). In Hindi, the word means "open ground" Bombay you have several of them ....Azad Maidan, Oval Maidan, August Kranti Maidan and a few others, all that were assembly areas for political activism against the British in the late 19th and early half of the 20th century. These days they are used for run-of-the-mill political rallies or just to play cricket/football • ​​ ​​I've never heard it in Russian until the events that took place in Ukraine. The word itself is borrowed from Persian میدان (field/plaza). • ​ ​Makes sense, I guess that Ukrainian has some influence from the Crimean Khaganate (and therefore persian?). Hindi is heavily influenced by Persian (as is also Urdu of course)

[solved] Huge lot of British Imperial & Commonwealth
Posted: 3-Nov-2016, 05:46PM in Swaps and trades

Never bought bulk lots before. Would you ship to Toronto ? And any idea how much shipping would be ? • Thnx! • Edit: On second thought, I could give you an address in MD to send it to since I'll be heading there for Christmas.

Anyone Attending the World Money fair, Berlin 2017 ?
Posted: 1-Nov-2016, 02:57PM in Free discussion

Thats nice to know that it should be worth only if someone will say they're coming too :-)

The "penny" is gone ─ next the "nickel"?
Posted: 28-Oct-2016, 06:43PM in Free discussion

Quote: "pnightingale"​I simply can't grasp the concept of "profit" when applied to a department of government. I was under the apparently mistaken impression that the only role of government was to serve the public, not make money off them. It's a very greasy slope, especially for departments with a fiscal role. Can you imagine how much misery we would see if the IRS decided it was time to join in the fun and start making profits? National Mints are a part of the Exchequer or Treasury and they should start acting like it. Am I the only person who finds this trend of Government departments pumping out cheap meaningless "commemorative" gimcracks, and marketing them with all the class of a ShamWow commercial, to be abhorrent? • ​ • ​The Royal Mint still brings up images of Una and the Lion, Britannia, Saint George, Petition Crowns and the beauty of our pre decimal coinage but they are not too far behind the Canadians in the rush to become t[...]

Christmas Gift Contest 2016 - already 96 nominees
Posted: 26-Oct-2016, 09:55PM in Free discussion

Sounds interesting. Put me in for 2 ?

A dark topic...¿What will happen?
Posted: 24-Oct-2016, 05:47PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Steve27"​IMO this is a question which all numismatists should consider regardless of age. I suggest the following: • ​1) Make a list of your more valuable items, the 80/20 rule probably applies here (80 percent of the value of your collection is probably in less than 20 percent of your coins), and keep it with your collection. That way your relatives will have an idea of its worth if/when you pass away. • ​2) Start looking at ways of selling your collection, by offering a few coins for sale. Is the best way through a trusted dealer, ebay, or another venue? Having an established way of disposing coins will be very helpful to both you and your heirs. • ​3) Start grooming your relatives now to take over your collection, if no one has any interest, see numbers 1 and 2. • ​ • ​ • ​ ​I'm onboard with this idea. I started my collection when I was 7 (no inheritance here!) and its around 25 years of continued collecting since. I will s[...]

Newest issuer added to your collection (2nd edit)
Posted: 10-Oct-2016, 02:03AM in Free discussion

Quote: "chomp-master"​Usually this is not a different country but we had to split German Notgelds in a separate country listing for a better readability, as well as other German separate listings.​Yes, I saw the postings on that. Very much appreciated all the work you guys do to keep the catalogue updated and user friendly

Redesign the dime
Posted: 7-Oct-2016, 04:41PM in Free discussion

Well, sacagawea graces the $1 coin. Granted, the coin failed to circulate much. Though I don't buy the argument that only founding fathers and dead presidents make for good non-controversial designs on regular circulating coinage. • However, not updating a design for 70 years is being just plain lazy lol. Atleast redesign FDRs' portrait. Why not include something about space on the other side. However, the US to me is falling behind the space race - either to other countries, or eventually to private enterprise. Just anything less abstract than a liberty torch which really is quite staid as a symbol form centuries gone by.

Your top three decades for the most coins in a decade
Posted: 23-Sep-2016, 06:01PM in Free discussion

I didn't know we could do that! Interesting functionality. Mine is no surprise; considering i always give priority to new coins and work my way backwards in time. Two reasons that come to mind why my older years will be as numerous is my limited capacity to spend more $ per older coin and the fact that there weren't as many commemorative or constant change in coin designs as there are now •

Do you have an issue with coins from the Third Reich?
Posted: 23-Sep-2016, 04:08PM in Free discussion

I collect third reich coins purely from the perspective that I collect any country's coinage from 1900 to date. If I went about taking the moral high ground, not to collect so and so coins, where does it end? Canadian and US coins can be seen as oppressing native american/inuit/african etc and british/french coinage until the 1970's as a reminder of all the brutal aspects of imperialism. And yet all these coins come from countries which are supposedly beacons of democracy, freedom and enlightened thinking (which in itself i think is self-aggrandizement). • What about not collecting certain of your own country's coins? There are definitely coins from certain eastern european countries which commemorate alleged collaborators. So would people from those countries start picking and choosing what is acceptable? I imagine that's possible, but it would probably also be a constant mess and or dilemma!

Coins as Gifts
Posted: 13-Sep-2016, 08:04PM in Free discussion

I gifted this one to a fellow collector friend • and this one to my friend on the occassion of his son's christening (and who happens to share my Birthday!) •

What is your country's last circulating silver coin?
Posted: 2-Sep-2016, 04:09PM in Free discussion

India I believe would have been the 1972 Rs10 25th anniversary of Independence. While that coin did circulate, it was not very widely used. It was massive and for a lot of people too much money in a coin. It was one of the reasons why it took so long for the Rs10 coin to resurface again as late as 2008

Local coin shops: the people's list
Posted: 31-Aug-2016, 10:08PM in Free discussion

Bay Coin & Stamps • Atrium, 595 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5G 2C2 (the path exit from Dundas Station) • - I've never ended up buying coins over here, however he's my go to guy for albums, sheets and coin flips. I'd say he has a nice selection of new Canadian coins, but I don't really look for those • Niagara Coins & Collectibles • 4936 Victoria Ave, Niagara Falls ON • - The guy at the store was so full of himself. The store looked like one of those old timer's antique hoarding garage. Off the bat, this young guy asks what exactly my friend and I were looking for and what our budget was. And then he proceeded to boast how big his coin business operation was (basically implying he didn't have time for small fry like us). And all that with a smile! • Ancient Numismatic Enterprise • 2219 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1E8 • - I've met Svetolik Kovacevic twice at the TOREX but haven't been to his shop yet. He's a really nice guy and ha[...]

Excessive coin roll hunting
Posted: 31-Aug-2016, 09:26PM in Free discussion

To tell you the truth, I would be very unhappy doing coinroll hunting in Switzerland. But that's because I collect only by type. • I go every Friday to my bank in the office building and take $190 worth of coins....2 rolls of twoonies and loonies each and 4 rolls of quarters. No point in taking rolls of dimes or nickels because there are only a couple of commemoratives I'd find there. I usually find atleast a couple of commemoratives in each rolls (though quarters usually yield a lot more), and often US quarters too. I've only once come across a silver canadian quarter, but I hear it is still possible. • There isn't any fee on getting rolls and I can do it with any bank branch so long as I have an account with the bank. The only thing is that I have to roll up the coins again to deposit them. Doing it since the beginning of this year, I have become a pro at getting the coins out of the rolls and then refilling them without tearing the paper. TD bank has coin counting &am[...]

[solved] Embedding picture link in posts
Posted: 30-Aug-2016, 08:24PM in Numista website

Quote: "Idolenz"​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​- the fastest way is to upload a picture and than double-click on it --> change the link to a Numista coin page • ​- in the case of videos, I only tried youtube ... but I don't know if we are allowed to use embedding, many site admins don't like it ... so maybe don't overuse it • ​ ​Thanks! • I'm thinking for my purpose, I'm just going to hyperlink words rather than copy a picture and then hyperlink it. Seems too much work for what I plan to do. • Good to know about embedding videos • Cheers!

Which nations don't allow visitors to take their currency out of the nation?
Posted: 28-Aug-2016, 05:11AM in Free discussion

Quote: "ciscoins"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​​​As far as India is concerned, the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) states one can take upto USD5000 out of the country in cash while travelling else you have to declare it • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ ​​I just wrote down an information from a Russian tourist database about customs rules in different countries. For India it says that foreign currency up to USD 5000 is allowed to be exported without declaring. But also it says that national currency is prohibited to import or export in any amounts.​Hmm, I haven't checked the rules in a while and you are probably right. Indian currency isn't valued elsewhere except in Nepal & Bhutan (maybe Myanmar & Sri Lanka too). So it never ever came up carrying Indian rupees in large quantities whenever i travelled :-)

In your opinion, how good a job does Krause (SCoWC) do representing the coins from your country?
Posted: 25-Aug-2016, 06:59PM in Free discussion

I haven't updated my krause books in the last few years. However, as far as India is concerned, I think it's fairly good overall provided you ignore the mintage and the market value. The issues mainly stem from the lack of official information. Mintage numbers and the selection and design process for coins are very opaque and often covered under certain national securities acts. As a result, many private sources are unreliable, speculative, incompetent or blatantly have vested interests. Neither does it help that when you have understaffed and under resourced mints churning out hundreds of millions of coins to meet an ever insatiable demand, quality checks are not always adhered to and you have a plethora of mules, clogged dies, edge varieties etc etc • To give an example, there are a spate of people (collectors and dealers alike) trying to peddle mules as varieties or poor quality coins as errors/varieties etc. There is in all probability a nexus as well when you see so many &q[...]

2016-Dated Coins Found in Circulation
Posted: 24-Aug-2016, 03:18AM in Free discussion

Quote: "January First-of-May"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​ • ​ • Quote: "January First-of-May"​ • ​​ • ​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​ • ​​​ • ​​ • ​ • Quote: "January First-of-May"​​​​ It was even funnier than that - I tried to give 5 rubles for it (it looked more like 5 ruble size to me anyway; Numista says the diameter is 25 mm, as compared to 23 mm for 2 rubles and 25 mm for 5 rubles), the cashier insisted on 2.​​​​​I did end up giving the 5, then it turned out that we needed an extra plastic bag anyway, and the bag cost 3 rubles, and the cashier said she would give it for free to account to the "extra" 3 rubles I gave just before :-) • ​​​It might have been a matter of balancing the ledger - I've heard of a few cases of passing out SBA dollars as quarters under similar grounds (an almost direct quote: "it came in as a quarter, so it's coming out as a qua[...]

Coin Shops in Chicago
Posted: 19-Aug-2016, 03:34AM in Free discussion

Thanks for the reply. Didn't end up visiting the store or any other dealer. There were too many other things to do in the city ;)

World coins chat: Turkey
Posted: 27-Jul-2016, 09:36PM in Free discussion

Very interesting about the population exchange. Never knew about it. • Wikipedia says "The Lausanne treaty stipulated a population exchange between Greece and Turkey, whereby 1.1 million Greeks left Turkey for Greece in exchange for 380,000 Muslims transferred from Greece to Turkey." • • When I think of the largest movement of population as a result of the formation of countries, the partition of India springs to mind "UNHCR estimates 14 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were displaced during the partition; it was the largest mass migration in human history." • • However, while both situations displaced people (often against their will), one was a legally mandated forced movement of people, while the latter was basically people fleeing for their lives lest they be caught on the wrong side of the border (albeit neither did India[...]

[solved] Online courses recommendation
Posted: 25-Jul-2016, 09:17PM in Free discussion

The RCNA offers a 2 part course if you want to bring yourself up on Canadian numismatics • • PNG apparently as well • • If you simply google and try different combinations of key word searches, you'll see a lot of options. I just scanned through the first couple pages and these readily popped up

Advice on putting my coins into binders
Posted: 13-Jul-2016, 10:20PM in Free discussion

Quote: "oggy"​ • Quote: "boldreporter"​ • ​ • Quote: "BryanJ"​ • ​​​ I have a binder for each continent, except Europe which has 2. Whenever I have too many coins from a continent to hold in 1 binder I'll just add another. I order the countries geographically (north to south and west to east). • ​​​I have roughly half regular binders and half big ones (Optima gigant) and so far haven't had any ripped page (I use leuchtturm sheets for HB flips).​​​That's more or less what I do now. Do you get any problems keeping the order when you get new coins? That's something I'm having trouble with; I have a binder for each continent in alphabetical order, and its super annoying when I get a new Algerian coin and have to put it at the end of my African binder nowhere near the other Algerian coins. It all ends up really messy after a while.​​ • ​Why not get a little coin box which you can use for the new intakes, and then sor[...]

Have you got a photograph AND coin commemorating a famous building ?
Posted: 7-Jul-2016, 10:05PM in Free discussion

Quote: "babichjob"​Parliament Bulding in Ottawa, Canada. Me and my family :) • ​​ah you beat me to it. Though i was thinking about this coin which I recently bought at TOREX •

Shipping: a swappers worst enemy
Posted: 4-Jul-2016, 07:01PM in Free discussion

I'm based in Toronto and the easiest solution to that is not to send by registered airmail. But then of course, you are limited to those countries that it is safe enough to send by regular mail. In my case, it means I can only really swap confidently with people in Canada, US and most western european countries except Italy and maybe portugal. Note that, sending around 20 coins by regular mail to say UK can still set me back $10-15. So that too isn't exactly cheap! • I tend to swap relatively cheap coins and go to ebay to buy more expensive stuff. Its just less stressful that way and imho you probably end up shelling out the same instead of swapping more expensive stuff and using tracking. • In swap 4, you seemed to have spent $82 (coin value+post) to get $26 in value  !!! Really that should have been an ebay transaction • The final option is to time your swaps whenever you have someone crossing the pond (assuming you swap mostly with European countries)

Members of Numista; what is your age?
Posted: 27-Jun-2016, 10:46PM in Free discussion

I haven't aged at all since I hit 25 and that was 8 years ago!

What are the biggest Numista problems?
Posted: 24-Jun-2016, 03:50AM in Free discussion

Here's an issue I often face these days. • If i initially select a coin from someone's swap list, but later on don't want it for any reason, there's no way I can remove it from the swap page completely. All I can do is uncheck the coin. This has become especially problematic for large swaps that my counterpart and I are negotiating which often can go on over weeks with several iterations. In the meanwhile, I may have got the coin elsewhere and now I want to remove it, but unfortunately can't do it. So I have to constantly remember that I have that coin (can be especially hard if its a series-type coin eg. the current Brazilian olympic R1 coins) • In a nutshell, it would be great if we had the option to remove coins from the swap we no longer want!

Foreign finds! (2016 edition)
Posted: 10-Jun-2016, 04:02AM in Free discussion

Banks here are very trusting... I could walk in to a Scotia and deposit a roll that's even missing a couple of twoonies and they'd not check... It just goes into the drawer and that's it. I did once almost give a roll short of a toonie... But then I remembered at the last minute and insisted that they break a fiver I had to get the change and add in the toonie. My impression was that they were happy to just take the roll short of the twoonie lol

Stop The Drama (Rant)
Posted: 3-Jun-2016, 04:02PM in Free discussion

I try to be very careful when I post on forums these days; i've been part of others before, and I surprise myself on how I acted sometimes and how I got dragged and then continued very trivial debates bordering on flame wars. • It strikes me though what's happening on numista mirrors a little bit of what's happening in the EU. One group of people who favour more integration while another that has drawn a line in the sand and said this is adequate :-)... its fascinating! • However, I've found this site absolutely wonderful as it is and in my own view, its better to keep the status quo in terms of functionality than go deeper into something that then becomes more onerous to handle. As I understand, all efforts put into maintaining this website is voluntary and gratis; I would be very hesitant to demand anything or to criticize people who are doing so much good work of their own accord. I certainly wouldn't! I've seen a couple of topics where the language was deeply neg[...]

Cash-free in Sweden?
Posted: 13-May-2016, 03:39PM in Free discussion

Wow, I guess I'm the one on here who had anything nice to say about a cashless society lol. Very curious to know what the average age group of this topics posters is. • I'm using a simple logic that the older one is, the more likely (s)he would stick with cash. But maybe I'm wrong and I'm the small minority that actually prefers electronic transactions. • There were some good points raised on why cash is good/ electronic evil. But frankly speaking, those are quite easily solvable with appropriate independent authorities and checks & balances. And I'm pretty sure the swedish govt might be already coming up with solutions to a lot of these concerns before they do make a decision to extinguish the legal tender status of banknotes and coins. Of course, one can point out the nexus between govt-banks-business etc etc. But then nothing can change the mind of a conspiracy-nut :-) • Anyways, if anything, this topic has made me think more about how I go about shari[...]

Most unpopular country?
Posted: 12-May-2016, 09:00PM in Free discussion

I do agree that the perception of minting quality of indian is overall bad. But if you get the uncirculated pouches from the Mumbai mint (especially Rs5 coins), you won't be disappointed. I think it's fair to ask anyone who i've swapped with here of the quality of the indian coins they get from me and the answer will be overwhelming positive. Hopefully in my own little way, I've helped changed some perceptions with every swap I make. • Now if we talk about motifs and designs; yes, there are alot of portraits. Earlier it was much easier for me to defend that because those people were worth commemorating on a coin. But its getting harder with each theme to justify that line much longer. • Else in general, I'm not at all enthused by romanian coins, both the communist and post 1991 (except a few commems). The standard circulation coins are quite banal design wise. Ukraine is another country. I collect costa rica like a drone. I'm completely unemotional about it, but i must [...]

Bad news/ Good news/ sad news? - don't know...
Posted: 9-May-2016, 01:48AM in Free discussion

I try to think of it in terms of whether you control your hobby or the other way around. If its the latter, its time to re-assess. • In an ideal situation, you shouldn't have any hesitation changing course to the georgian coins and dumping your african coins, or concentrating on georgia going forward and just sitting on the african coins...or even selling off your collection in total and starting a new hobby altogether. • Of course we are human and there are so many factors that make us reluctant to make decisions. But when it comes down to it, remember that its supposed to be a hobby and it should not shape the decisions you make, especially in terms of the money you put into it. If money becomes a issue, its really mutated into something beyond a hobby (not necessarily a bad thing) and then all the more to be cautious you don't fall down a rabbit hole. • On a side note, it doesn't really matter if you have the best "african" or an "ordinary" [...]

IRAN - anyone around?
Posted: 7-May-2016, 01:56AM in Free discussion

Always looking for some iranian coins or the other. Planning to do a trip to Iran myself maybe next year. Keep us updated if you find anything interesting! • Beautiful country and would be especially interesting to visit the old zoarashtrian-parsi sites

New Feature Idea
Posted: 29-Apr-2016, 04:26PM in Free discussion

I took the time to add coins and countries to my wish list, in fact that was the first thing I did! I only recently started adding my collection to Numista. • However, when I am looking to start a new swap, I usually go to the "start a swap page" and even before contacting anyone, I eyeball potential swap partners who are interested in a significant enough number of coins from my swap list to do an exchange. • But here's the thing; after contacting someone who may be "interested" in say 50 of my coins, I often get a reply that he/she doesn't find anything in my list that they need. • I'm wondering is it a bug in the Numista system? Or maybe they are just not interested in coins from my swap list at the moment because it's not a focus area (although they mark it in Numista under their wish list). • Any thoughts?

STORIES - what is your numismatic moment?
Posted: 23-Apr-2016, 03:24AM in Free discussion

Quote: "@josephjk"​About 20 years ago, I was visiting my folks back home and bought a rusted biscuit tin full of old worn British India copper coins from a kid selling knlck knacks on the sidewalk . I don't know what made me do it... they looked old and cool and were spread out on a sheet among old flashlights, plastic combs and plastic wallets. • ​I returned home after the vacation, stuck the tin on a shelf and never looked at it again. About 15 years later, I was bored one day, spotted the tin and proceeded to scrub and clean the coins. The ones that were still dark I threw into a cup full of vinegar and scrubbed till they were bright . • ​I identified some of the coins using google/Numista, joined a couple of other coin forums ..... and I was thoroughly hooked. • ​Fast forward a couple of years and I was home again visiting my folks... I met with this kid who told me a story about going to a coin exhibition with his Dad and buying a gunny sack ful[...]

The New £1 Coin - What do you think?
Posted: 22-Apr-2016, 07:40PM in Free discussion

Ironically, what I love most of the coin is the very fact that the motif traverses the gold-silver sections. It represents for me a certain fluidity that seems to be lacking in many toonies (though that has been changing!) and most 2 euros. • I do like the shape...overall much better than the regular old one point coins which feel like lumps of metal

I found silver in circulation!
Posted: 21-Apr-2016, 10:16PM in Free discussion

Quote: "DixieKen"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​I got a 1944 Jefferson nickel as change from the coffee shop; and I'm in Toronto! ​​Hey, I think I spent that when I visited Toronto last year, lol!!! Beautiful city.​Why thank you for spreading the joy! and I'm glad you enjoyed our fair city!

400 silver coins club
Posted: 24-Mar-2016, 08:34PM in Free discussion

499 by type (= 5.9Kgs)

My first US dollar and other goodies
Posted: 24-Mar-2016, 08:29PM in Free discussion

I saw some morgan dollars with very good lustre back in Feb at the Toronto coin expo. But at between $25-35 a piece, I was not sure if that price is oddly low for such nice looking coins, or maybe the dates are common and its overpriced lol. In anycase, I was focusing on some canadian silvers and was already a few hunded dollars down. There's another show coming up in April, so I'll probably acquire more US silvers then!

Proposal to Depict Lady Liberty as a Black Woman Meets Widespread Resistance
Posted: 23-Mar-2016, 01:04AM in Free discussion

Quote: "neilithic"​ • Quote: "Mark240590"​I get you but at the same time you wouldn't alter a historical figure to depict them you would create a whole new figure. It's always going to be a contentious issue when people want to modernise these things. I've seen some pictures of Britannia that are poor like some of the helmets are terrible !​Lady liberty is a symbol, not a depiction of an actual historical person, why does it matter what the face looks like? It's not like the guys who came up with the lady of liberty said "Oh by the way guys, this symbol of freedom, it can never be a black chick, that would just be wrong" Look at all the different ways she's been depicted • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​None of them look the same, so what's the problem with • ​ • ​​Some of the comments make me cringe, but this one... bravo! I couldn't put it better myself. It makes me feel hopeful when people think logically, backed with hi[...]

Shanghai - need translation help
Posted: 4-Mar-2016, 08:55PM in Free discussion

Quote: "gyoschak"​Thanks! Is it in the station there or will I need to go outside and look for a nearby place/name?I can't find the exact address. I found an email that the shopping arcade is on Fanbang Road next to Yuyuan Gardens. On the ground floor you'll see a lot of small shops selling jade artwork, you have to take the escalator to the basement and you'll see all the coin dealers to your right. I can't remember the building number, but there is a McDonalds close by. • There are also some shops on Dongtai Road in and around the street market; but I never ended up going there.

World coins chat: China
Posted: 22-Feb-2016, 10:30PM in Free discussion

I've been collecting the chinese commems for a few years now through some contacts in shanghai and last year I finally went there. I would have loved to get some coins on my own; but when I did find a whole bunch of dealers, language was a huge barrier and negotiating on each coin was too painful a process that I gave up. • However, PRC Chinese commemoratives (not including special collector editions) are not that many actually - maybe under 90 - especially if you compare with Canada or India.

[solved] Canada 25c O Canada 2007 in circulation?
Posted: 12-Feb-2016, 08:14PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "cncote10"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​A friend of mine just helped me identify the coin • ​​ • ​​5 cents 2007 "Canada Day", KM#640. • ​​Mintage: • ​​23,582 pieces • ​​ • ​​yay ! I feel lucky:-)​​It is always nice to have a find like that...they are few and far between. Enjoy!​many thanks !

Silver percentage in your collection?
Posted: 8-Feb-2016, 05:03AM in Free discussion

so far, its 47.2Kg total weight with silver at 5.7Kg. But this does not include some euro collector coins that my friends have purchased on my behalf but not in my hands physically just ye

World coins chat: India - Republic
Posted: 8-Feb-2016, 04:56AM in Free discussion

Quote: "sujit_kumar"​ • Quote: "ashlobo"​Of course, 1996 marked the year of honouring personalities as a consistent policy with Vallabbhai Patel(before that was Nehru 1964/89, Gandhi 1969, Indira 1985, Ambedkar 1990, Rajiv 1991). This was in recognition of the fact that the indian independence movement was more than just Gandhi and Nehru. • ​​ • ​​ ​​That's the same year India had 3 different prime ministers from 3 different political parties. PV Narasimha Rao (Congress) resigned, 16 May 1996, A.B. Vajpayee (BJP) was PM between 16 May 1996 - 1 June 1996, and then Deve Gowda from Janata Dal. • ​ • ​ ​Absolutely right...not to forget I K Gujral too (though probably not in that particular year)!

Moderators please moderate your moderation
Posted: 22-Jan-2016, 08:12PM in Free discussion

I'm "relatively" new to numista. In the first phase, I uploaded my want list and collection to the site; in the second phase, it was about swapping. Now I am slowly warming up to commenting as well. However, with past experience, I am very hesitant to get too involved. I've found forum discussions can get very heated and its silly that it should be so given that sitting thousands of kms away, we don't really know each other and the issues are more often than not, very trivial. • I think what makes numista such a great experience for me is that its got so many moving parts to it, that every member can find that little part which he loves the most be it swapping, commenting, updating the catalogue etc. And I think as collectors, we have to accept that even with diligence,there'll always be those days when we get screwed in a deal. That's just a part of normal life in any case isn't it ? However, I'm sure most will agree with me that gett[...]

Goals for 2016
Posted: 19-Jan-2016, 08:45PM in Free discussion

I like this thread. • My goals for 2016 • - Exhaust my swap list in as many exchanges as possible here on numista • - Increase my collection to 7000 (currently ~6200) by KM type • - Complete my Pre-euro want list (1950-2001) as much as I can • - Get all the Euro collector coins & 2 euro commems I am missing according to my want list • - Complete QEII canada collection by KM type (circulation coins only) • - Complete USA circulation series by KM type 1900-present

India: 10 rupee 2013, kmnew, 50 years of coir board
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Hey Ole, • I kinda agree with you, I'd list coir board as 2013 as well even though it was indeed released a year later. In the case of the Nowrojee coin (ND), I just put 2003 as I know that is the year it was released. I don't think putting ND in a search will help anybody, neither from an IT backend perspective nor for the end-user. • It can get even more confusing as there were a few Rs5 coins OMS put into circulation well after their original CuNi counterparts were issued. Yet i go by the date engraved on the coins just for the sake of convenience. I usually make a note eg. Dandi March 2005 Ferritic Steel (issued 2007) • The Rs5 Bhagat Singh coin is even more interesting, because we had to wait a full 5 years before it was actually released into circulation!

Your country collection (Opinions, share and recommendations)
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@JustForFun , I hope you enjoyed your stay in Gujarat. Must have been hard on you in India's only prohibition state and the lack of non-vegetarian options there. Though of course, you could always get around it by going to Daman for booze and any parsi establishment for meat :-) • Mind if I ask what your native country is?

World coins chat: Bangladesh
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Very nice concise writeup. Just to add that in 1905, Lord Curzon who was the Viceroy at the time partitioned bengal along Hindu-Muslim lines and forced mass migrations of the populations in a bid to quell the nationalist movement. However, it had to be reversed a couple years later due to law and order issues, but the damage had been done to the pluralistic fabric of the Bengal region. • This historically explains the anomalous formation of East Pakistan due to this artificial creation of the muslim dominated area within the Bengal presidency even before the official declaration of the Muslim league to create a homeland for muslim indians and decades before the partition of 1947

Worst mail services
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Portugal and italy have often been problematic for me. There was also this one occasion a few years ago when that icelandic volcano erupted that a package got stuck in luxembourg for nearly 21 days en route from germany. It arrived resealed with nothing in it

How to get circulating commemorative coins in India?
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I will add a disclaimer here that whatever I have said is based on my own experience as a coin collector hoarder in Bombay :) • kolkata min coins are by far the worse strikes. Moreover, you may find spotty oxidation marks on otherwise UNC coins even in unopened mint pouches. I suppose this is due to the haphazard washing process at the mint. But the most common problems relate to a combination of faded legend, missing details on motif, off centre strike, uneven edging and so on • Hyderabad mint coins used to be terrible, but these days my opinion has some what changed. • Noida mint coins are actually very good along with the Bombay mint • price wise, Mumbai coins are the cheapest followed by Kolkata mint . Noida and Hyderabad mint tend to be the most expensive

Countries with the most coins
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As far as canada is concerned (and I suppose this also applies to Australia), It was quite hard to understand the difference between a circulation commemorative and a "special" mint coin because the dimensions are exactly the same and in Krause, it isn't well classified as such(ie the loonies & Twoonies). • In India, which area I also have a special interest, recent years have seen an increased churn out of commem issues. These last 12 months have seen some 12-13 coins, all destined for circulation as well. This is in contrast to on average 2 coins a year till about 2004. Politics plays heavily into this though as every party wants to have its day in the sun. The SPMCIL (the company in charge of minting coins) has recently been privatised and I believe its only a matter of time before they follow the canadian example in their quest for higher profits. They already started issuing uncommon denominations for the special mint sets (Rs25,75,125,150,1000)

How do you organize your coin collection?
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Really Nice FrenchLover ! Great learning tool or for kids to take to a "show-n-tell" !

Foreign Finds >> 2015 edition
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These last two days I received US Beautiful states quarters (New Hampshire & Mount rushmore). Pretty common to receive US dimes here in Toronto too. However, when I lived in bombay I came across 50 pfennigs (FDR) a few times passing off as 50 paise coins. And only once did I come across a $1 singapore passing off as a Rs5 coin (oddly enough, this was before the Ni-Bs Rs5 was issued)

Numista map
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It was great to hear what others think! yeah, I can imagine many people will have ideas on how they would like the map to be interactive. The base is already there, maybe over time, there will be some updates. I already like theis new numista interface (which got updated a few months ago)

Post your coin map
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still work in progress, Ive probably been able to list about 60% of my collection so far.

Beijing coin shops
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I tried looking for these shops but in vain. I did find shops in shanghai at the yuyuan gardens. However, it was very difficult to actually buy anything, because I had a long list and I had to bargain with a language barrier on every coin. And in general they aren't cheap. I suppose it would have bee the same case in Beijing.

Personalities & Events Commemorated on Republic of India Coins
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Hello All, • I've just joined here after a few friends of mine recommended this site as a good place to swap. I'm active on another forum and have been working long on a project to give background information on commemorative coins of the Republic of India along with a bit of trivia wherever I can think of it. • It's too much to reproduce it again on this website. So here is the link. Hope you like it and helps you identify on a more personal basis with your Indian coin collection. • Personalities and events on Indian coins:,9865.0.html • List of Commem coins:,5759.msg38475.html#msg38475