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Mint state 1913 *replica* Liberty Nickel For Sale: $5
Posted: 28-Oct-2019, 04:57AM in Swaps and trades

Mint state 1913 *replica* U. S. Liberty Nickel (it's a copy!). For Sale: $5. • (There's only 5 of the real one, but this is a copy!). • It can fill an empty hole in an album or you can pretend you own a million dollar coin for fun. • Will mail to U.S. addresses for free, international buyers must also pay exact postage to their locale.

Looking for new swaps?
Posted: 13-Jun-2019, 05:24PM in Swaps and trades

See PM. Thanks!

Canada’s Wonderland coins
Posted: 13-Jun-2019, 05:07PM in Swaps and trades

Did you ever get a reply? If not, I'll take them off your hands. I can paypal you the postage cost to expedite things. • Bill

2019 and/or 2017 Canada - US pocket change swap
Posted: 14-Mar-2019, 10:27PM in Swaps and trades

Any Canada friends want to send a 2017 nickel and dime to the U.S. for same? Can expand to one or more quarters if you want. Can look into doing the same with 2019s once they start showing up in pocket change! (I'll go to my local bank if need be) • (I'm up to date on Canada 2018s, but can hook you up with 2018 US cents through quarters if you need them while doing the the 2017 or '19 swap...) • Bill

[solved] 2017 Canada - US Swap
Posted: 24-Feb-2019, 08:31PM in Swaps and trades

Any Canada friends want to send a 2017 nickel and dime to the U.S. for same? Can expand to one or more quarters if you want. Can look into doing the same with 2019s once they start showing up in pocket change! (I'm up to date on 2018s, but can hook you up with those if you need them while doing the the 2017 swap...) • Bill

Coins not delivered
Posted: 24-Feb-2019, 08:26PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "JRo69"I wrap the coins so they are flat and don't rattle, and then tape them to the inside of the envelope so they don't fall out if the envelope rips. I suggest this for all senders. • ​ ​I think that's a great idea. I think I wrap well, but that's a great way to complete the package.

[solved] Gently Used, some new, blue Whitman folders for North American swap
Posted: 16-Jun-2017, 05:06PM in Swaps and trades

Do you want blue Whitman folders for your U.S. coins? • Will trade the following empty coin folders for any 6 different world coins *of your choice* for each folder. • The coins (everyday, low-value world coins) are simply to cover the cost of postage (to North American addresses only, please): • Jefferson Nickel #2 1962-1995 (average used condition) • Roosevelt Dime 1946-1973, with ten unlabeled spaces left (average used condition) • Washington Quarter 1960-1974 plus hand written dates for 1975/76-1978, plus two more blank spots (almost like new) • Washington Quarter 1965-1987 (like new condition) • Washington Quarter 1988-1994, plus computer printed labels for 1995-1998, plus computer printed labels for all varieties of 1999 and 2000 Statehood Quarters (like new condition) • National Parks Quarters 2010-15 (like new condition, lightly used) • National Parks Quarters 2016-21 (this one folder is made by H.E. Harris) (brand[...]

USA Quarter wanted - Help!
Posted: 31-Jan-2017, 04:39PM in Swaps and trades

Type 1 would only be 1916 and 1917, with 1916 being prohibitively expensive. • Type 2s were also minted in 1917 and continued through 1930, much more affordable. • There was also a sub-type of the type 2 from 1925-1930 which had the date recessed so the dates would not get rubbed off.

Anyone have an extra 2006-D U.S. Sacagawea Dollar
Posted: 17-Jan-2017, 05:32PM in Swaps and trades

Any U.S. or Canada Numisters have an extra 2006 SAC dollar needing a good home? • Need 2006-D Sacagawea Dollar in BU-from-the-roll condition. (NOT the "satin" one that came in the mint sets). • Would trade world or U.S. coins for it. • Thanks

[solved] 300 countries club, the blog (outdated)
Posted: 3-Jun-2016, 05:58PM in Free discussion

Thanks, Frenchlover, and yes, we love Niagara falls. We have not been been in a barrel to go over the falls, though!

Satin finish Sacagawea
Posted: 14-Mar-2016, 05:18PM in Swaps and trades

Charlie's got a point: the satin coins were only in mint sets (not proof sets) from 2005-2010. There are no s-mint satin coins.

'Nickel and dime' me! '13-'16 Canada five and ten cents wanted for '13-'16 U.S. five and ten cents
Posted: 14-Mar-2016, 05:14PM in Swaps and trades

Can any of my Canadian friends help me out? I'd like to get 2013, 14, 15, and 16 Canada 5 and 10 cents and will send you the same in U.S. coins. (If one or another year can't be easily put together, we'd just skip it.) • Your cross-border pal, • Bill

Newest issuer added to your collection (2nd edit)
Posted: 28-Jan-2016, 08:59PM in Free discussion

Poland-Lithuania silver to bring me to 288. 300 still looks far away, though. Visiting Puerto Rico at the end of the year, maybe a LCS can set me up with a pre-U.S. PR coin!

Acquiring South Sudan Coins
Posted: 18-Jan-2016, 05:02PM in Numismatic questions

Well, that explains it on the 1 and 2 pound coins!

Rio Olympic Games
Posted: 17-Jan-2016, 08:34PM in Numismatic questions

Is there a way to order the bimetal Olympic coins for the Rio games from the Olympic organizers or from the mint?

1970 FAO $4 Caribbean coins trade
Posted: 16-Jan-2016, 01:41PM in Swaps and trades

• Will trade a UNC 1970 Montserrat $4 FAO for the similar FAO $4 coin from Grenada S.Lucia S.Vincent Dominica Anguilla S.Christopher or Nevis. Montserrat coin is in OGP plastic holder with blue plastic insert commemorating the Caribbean Development Bank. •

World coins chat: Oman
Posted: 11-Oct-2015, 08:16PM in Free discussion

OK, it's exactly two months later, but I'll chime in with support for a separate listing for Muscat and Oman for coins up to 1970. Also, with Dhofar-denominated coins, it seems as if a decent case could be made for it's own listing as well.

Swap please!
Posted: 9-Oct-2015, 05:49PM in Swaps and trades

numista does carry Azores and Madeira as distinct entries for some older coins, although Portugal has issued commemoratives that have these regions on them.

2013 BU ATB Quarters for 2015 BU ATB Quarters (10 for 10)
Posted: 1-Oct-2015, 05:32PM in Swaps and trades

Will trade blue and red US Mint-packaged 2013 uncirculated ATB quarters (10) for the same from 2015. 10 for 10, cut straight from the mint's uncirculated coin set packaging. • That's both the P and D mint 2013 America the Beautiful ("Parks") quarters in their original government packaging for your 2015 BU quarters set.

Bulk coins
Posted: 21-Aug-2015, 04:15AM in Free discussion

I don't think you should ever expect to get something valuable, as you should expect that it has been cherry-picked ahead of time, but you never know. Always fun to do a bulk purchase!

Welcome back Numista
Posted: 4-Jun-2015, 06:11PM in Numista website

I think I was going through a bit of withdrawal.  

2010-D BU Native American U.S. Dollar for 2008-D, 2009 P or D, or 2010-P BU Native American Dollar
Posted: 29-May-2015, 02:14PM in Swaps and trades

Also, 2005-P and 2006-D I am looking for. If not another Native American Dollar, what would you want for one or more of these BU dollars. Would much rather trade for these than buy them on eBay or at my LCS z) !

U.S. Proof singles to trade for U.S. Proof singles (1:1)
Posted: 14-Mar-2015, 08:10PM in Swaps and trades

Roosevelt dimes: • Have: 1973, 79, 80, 2011 • Want your: 1968, 69, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 01, or 02 • Washington Quarter: • Have: 1972, 79, 80 • Want your: 1968, 69, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 96, 97, or 98

Looking for some Popes on coins
Posted: 15-Feb-2015, 08:12PM in Swaps and trades

Anyone with some Vatican City coins looking to trade from my non-Vatican list? • Looking for Vatican City coins: one example each of coins from the reigns of Popes Leo XIII, Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI, John XXIII, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis on them; with their images on the coin. • If there is any U.S. or other world coin in my trade list you like, I would be happy to trade with you. • (Vatican City coins only, not other states honoring a Pope on their coins)

2010-D BU Native American U.S. Dollar for 2010-P BU Native American Dollar
Posted: 15-Feb-2015, 04:44PM in Swaps and trades

Looking to trade 2010-D BU Native American U.S. Dollar for a 2010-P BU Native American Dollar. Please message me directly if you'd like to swap.

Vietnam/South Vietnam on dashboard map
Posted: 20-Dec-2013, 04:22PM in Numista website

South Vietnam doesn't seem to be associated with Vietnam on the dashboard map. (Coin I entered for South Vietnam doesn't color in Vietnam (or any other area that I can tell...). Just a notification.

Can Dashboard show current countries vs. former countries?
Posted: 18-Dec-2013, 08:43PM in Numista coin catalogue

I'm sure it is very difficult. I was just making a suggestion.