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API for Numista
Posted: 26-Jan-2019, 05:29PM in Numista website

Quote: "vulcaryn"​Hello, • ​ • ​I've tested your API and before asking something, I would say to you : "Thank you for what you've done". • ​ • ​Did you put something like "search coin API" in your road map ? • ​Because actually searching for a coin, without the id, is a little bit complicated throughout your API. • ​ • ​I don't really know what's the main purpose of you API but searching at least on name and date could be really helpful for any API consumer. • ​ • ​What do you thing ? • ​ • ​Thanks.​Yes, searching coins is definitely in my roadmap. However I can't give estimation when it will be available.

[solved] Wrong date - Incorrect islamic date conversion
Posted: 18-Jun-2018, 01:33PM in Numista catalog

Coin: • It looks that this coin use two different calendar types, one "Iranian - persian" 1338-1354 • And second calendar year 2536 (or it's just wrong year). • Anyway when these dates converted to Gregorian dates it becomes 1959-3157.

[solved] Swap status
Posted: 22-Oct-2017, 05:06PM in Numista website

Recently one of my swaps was denied, however I did not received any notification about that. • First, in "Swap history" log there is no mention about that swap was turned down. Second, when I entered Numista the "Exchanges" tab wasn't marked by bold as usually when there are any new changes in swaps. • I guess it's a bug. And by the way, it's not a first time that it happens to me.

Duplicate Listings
Posted: 1-Sep-2017, 11:59AM in Numista catalog

#105 • It looks to me that these are same coin, just the first one have mistake in KM number. • •

[solved] New Mauritanian flag
Posted: 10-Aug-2017, 05:13PM in Numista website

Quote: "ngdawa"​​There no change here yet. • ​ • ​​Clean your browser's cache.

Duplicate Listings
Posted: 17-Jul-2017, 04:15PM in Numista catalog

#102 • Fixed • P.S. • By the way, why nobody clean solved problems in that thread (it have 496 posts already)? It become too long and load slowly.

Search a coin by image
Posted: 8-Mar-2017, 05:49PM in Numista website

That may be just awesome feature, however like Houseofham, I'm very skeptical if Xavier will succeed to implement that feature well enough to be able provide results better then Google images search. We all know that Xavier is a good web-master, however image processing is completely different study field. • Previously I worked on similar coin recognition application and received quite poor results. • First, you need to ask user to make quality photo of the coin on white background, otherwise simple edge detection algorithm may return you something that you can hardly continue to work with. Few examples: • Second, you need to have in your database set of good quality pictures of same coin (in different quality, illumination etc.) in order to have as much markers as possible. You never know what kind of photo user will provide you, even if you able to stabilize illumination, angle of the photo and other parameters, the coin may be shabby, oxidized, damaged. Small e[...]

Design contest for the 2017 Numista token
Posted: 17-Jan-2017, 09:42PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Cerulean"​​​...who has been totally inactive for ten years. • ​ • ​What about the oldest account that has logged in within the last 90 days?​

Coin date problem
Posted: 29-Nov-2016, 10:24AM in Numista catalog

#10 • Why that coin have date 2001? • It should be 2007.

[solved] Mistake in profile or 'your coins'?
Posted: 9-Aug-2016, 08:16AM in Numista website

Quote: "Jarcek"​Hi, • ​ • ​maybe you had forgot to delete some comment on your coin that you removed from your collection. This way it may created the mistake. • ​ • ​Regards, • ​Jarek​In my opinion that is a bug. It shouldn't work that way. • I saw many times in user's profile something like: "Collection 23 coins / 120 countries" - How can 23 coins be from 120 countries? That is very confusing.

[solved] Is there a referee for British Virgin Islands?
Posted: 27-Jul-2016, 10:26AM in Numista website

Quote: "Jarcek"​Either picture or description and lettering. I am reluctant to add blank pages.​Done. • Thanks.

Numista banknotes
Posted: 9-Jul-2016, 01:01PM in Banknotes

Agree with Andy289. • By the way, if Xavier don't want implement API for the Numista, he can just provide an user authorization interface for third-party developers, which will allow significantly increase site's functionality, that is particularly helpful because Xavier have no time to implement many of requested features. • For example, If authorization interface was available, I can easily add highly requested feature of coins value into my userscript. That feature will take me about 1-2 weeks to develop, but the original topic is already 9 months old and was accepted by 68 users (including Xavier himself which told that it will be probably integrated into the site "after one Christmas or two").

[solved] Numista API
Posted: 7-Jun-2016, 11:40PM in Numista website

Quote: "Spookie"​Please correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that if an API was created, anyone could use that maliciously to download the entire Numista catalog. • ​You are wrong, nothing prevent to download entire Numista catalog without API.

[solved] Visual Problem (Bug) on Numista
Posted: 24-Apr-2016, 01:43PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​I applied a temporary workaround which should improve mostly the experience, but still some images should be missing for those affected by the issue, especially on the forum and private messages.​Xavier, something strange happens with static content server. It looks like firewall is not configured well. It works fine on my home computer, however it rejects any connection requests from work computer. • At the same time it respond on pings. •

[solved] ID Verification
Posted: 10-Apr-2016, 09:59AM in Numista website

In my opinion the idea to verify users is good, but ID verification is too excessive. • I'll never give any third-party service my photo and ID scan. • I think that credit card verification is much simpler way to do that.

[solved] Arabic/Indian old coin?
Posted: 28-Mar-2016, 05:58PM in Coin identifications and valuations

sujit_kumar, thanks!

Cuban coin: Che Guevara Special Coin
Posted: 27-Mar-2016, 12:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Value of the coin by Krause catalog:

[solved] New message - email notification
Posted: 16-Mar-2016, 09:38AM in Numista website

Hello, • Currently I have a swap with a Numista member that uses French version of the site. Each time he write me a message I receive an email notification with a link to messages panel. But that link brings me to French version of the site: • I think it's a bug and it shouldn't work that way. The link should bring a recipient to version of the site that he use, but not the one that use a sender.

Adding new filter in coin selection
Posted: 29-Feb-2016, 11:05AM in Numista website

Quote: "gebikimame"​Thank you so much!!! Superb!!! You've made my day • ​ • ​Is it possible to tweak the script so that the total is also updated accordingly? • ​ • ​​Unfortunately it's not possible. • Announce! • New version 0.4 of my userscript released. • Added functionality to see quick coin info on exchange page without need to open coin's page. Near each coin added "i" link, when you click on it script tries to receive rarety index of the coin and metal type in case of precious metal (gold or silver). •

Search by name / commemorative?
Posted: 28-Dec-2015, 07:45PM in Numista website


[solved] Adding Zebra striping to coin listings for improved usability
Posted: 23-Dec-2015, 10:53AM in Numista website

For anyone who want that feature, but don't want to wait for Xavier's implementation, then i've add it into my userscript. Currently it's working on coin's page and on user's exchange list. Enjoy :)

[solved] Some Asian coin
Posted: 21-Dec-2015, 10:59AM in Coin identifications and valuations


New version of Numista - update?
Posted: 31-Mar-2015, 06:38PM in Numista website

Quote: XavierI could not see or reproduce bug 1.1. Are you sure you never checked those coins for your wish list?I have never checked those coins for a wish list. I checked two of my swaps (both of them in "confirmed" mode) , all coins on my side ("Coins you give in exchange") are marked as in wish list.

External interface to Numista database?
Posted: 30-Mar-2015, 07:09PM in Numista website

Quote: CavalerNew Numista interface => external interface based on HTML parsing is borked.Yep, i know. It will take a time to fix that.

Additional filters in coin search?
Posted: 27-Mar-2015, 08:25AM in Numista website

Cavaler, yet again you are asking for something that was already implemented by me: •

Posted: 30-Jan-2015, 08:45PM in Numista website

Quote: IdolenzTry the "Mark this topic as not read" at the bottom left I don't know if it works but it's worth a tryUnfortunately it doesn't work.

Kazakhstan without moderator?
Posted: 4-Jan-2015, 07:30PM in Numista website

Since 25.11?    • I have change request for Russia since last August.  

A suggested improvement
Posted: 2-Jan-2015, 09:28AM in Numista website

Quote: polisciprofIt would be really nice to have 2 "personal comment" sections. One for notes about ones own collection and the other for coins offered for exchange. • Any thoughts or comments?Is that comment (of own collection) should be visible to everyone or it's for your private use?

Request for a new Israel coin ... KM# 354
Posted: 15-Nov-2014, 09:47AM in Numista catalog

You can send me the pictures, i'll add it to catalog.

Don't you hate it when nobody responds?
Posted: 15-Nov-2014, 12:19AM in Free discussion

Known problem in Numista. • I also asked that question before (, but unfortunately didn't found any suitable explanation for that effect.

What % of your collection is silver?
Posted: 6-Aug-2014, 01:58PM in Free discussion

Quote: pcarey2003I only currently have about 4 silver coins over .500 - so about 0.003%!4 coins out of 1537 is 0.26%  

Unsubscribe from topic notifications
Posted: 8-Jun-2014, 03:37PM in Numista website

Is there a way to unsubscribe from notifications of specific topic? • I don not want to disable all forum notifications, only for specific topic(s).

[solved] Yemen 1rial - is fake?
Posted: 27-May-2014, 09:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: bam777Coin looks round to me? Are my eyes deceiving me?No, it's really have henicosagonal shape. If you look closely at second picture you may see the ribs.

Euro-Coin filter
Posted: 19-May-2014, 08:36PM in Numista website

You can view your (only) euro coins by that method: • 1) Go to search page • 2) In keywords field type "euro" • 3) Check "in" radio button in "Your collection" line • 4) Make sure "including euros" checkbox is marked • 5) Click "Search" button

Why people not answer to swap requests?
Posted: 4-May-2014, 02:26PM in Free discussion

Quote: Tom Wolf1. These people may not find anything that they like in your swap list/do not collect these coins. Instead of politely replying they would rather ignore your request as if nothing had happened. I've never been ignored , but this is somewhat common throughout the community.I agree that sometimes people just ignore the message instead of replying it with rejection. But ignorance of 80% rate, looks to me out of standard deviation. • Quote: Tom Wolf2. They might be away/on vacation/ left numista a long time ago. If the person was an active swapper, you can check out his last swap, which should tell you the approximate date when he/she left.Reply to redsmithstudios's message too: • As i told, i see that they do read my message, that means they do visit the site. • Quote: Tom Wolf3. Sometimes it is a personal reason between swappers and therefore one might ignore the other one. However I do not believe that is your case.Yep, quite sure it's no[...]

Please help to identify
Posted: 22-Apr-2014, 04:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks kommodore. • Anyone can identify the first coin?

Religious Russian jeton?
Posted: 6-Mar-2014, 10:59AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: asv915It is from Russian monastery in Finland, Valaam archipelago. • have misread the article. It placed in Russia, Karelia. At archipelago called Valaam. It also have a link to their official site: • But I didn't found any information about that coin too.

Chinese coin or token?
Posted: 4-Mar-2014, 06:18PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks to all. :)

Numista API?
Posted: 2-Mar-2014, 11:06AM in Numista website

In my opinion, lack of an answer means only lack of an answer. :) • You can reply on topic that I created few months earlier: • Maybe if administration will see, that people interesting in API, they will create it.

[solved] Unidentified coin (from Asia?)
Posted: 1-Feb-2014, 04:07PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Israeli 10 cent piece
Posted: 22-Jan-2014, 10:48AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: dptashnyI see what you are saying, but it is spelled with a 'וּ' I think, no?I'm from Israel, and Agora is correct one, not Agura.

Help define some Arabic coin
Posted: 16-Nov-2013, 05:38PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks :)