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Posted: 22-Dec-2019, 07:31PM in Banknotes

I have bank notes from the Philippine japanese occupation for sale or trade. Notes are crisp and uncirculated.

Big Swap List - Bulk Lots (Updated 29 Dec)
Posted: 22-Dec-2019, 06:18PM in Swaps and trades

What do you have from canada? We already have a trade going.???

Posted: 22-Dec-2019, 05:53PM in Swaps and trades

I have complete US state quarter sets in uncirculated condition in folders for sale or trade. Anyone interested message me?

Looking for a big lot of coins to buy
Posted: 21-Dec-2019, 08:05AM in Swaps and trades

Check out my swap list

Japanese 10 centavo occupation notes
Posted: 30-Oct-2019, 06:47PM in Banknotes

I have Japanese occupation notes for sale or trade. PM me or start a trade

US state quarters
Posted: 30-Oct-2019, 06:41PM in Swaps and trades

I have series 1 US state quarters for sale or trade. Available in Individual coins year sets or complete sets in albums. PM me if you 're interested

Canada province coins
Posted: 29-Oct-2019, 05:13PM in Swaps and trades

Looking for canada province coins - especially early cent and 1/2 cent bank and commerce tokens. Also newfoundland nickels. Whatya got???

[solved] Identify
Posted: 29-Oct-2019, 05:04PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks oggy.??

Canada 2019 unc set $2 polar bear.
Posted: 10-Oct-2019, 06:35AM in Numismatic questions

Has the 2019 uncirculated set $2 polar bear been added to the catalog?

Looking for Swap Partners
Posted: 22-Sep-2019, 07:53AM in Swaps and trades

Looked at your list and you only had 1 coin I need.

Thematic threads
Posted: 20-Sep-2019, 04:55AM in Free discussion

Is there a thread for "dead' countries - countries that no longer exist like the Soviet union and south arabia?

1995 Dime. 1977 Lincoln Penny.
Posted: 19-Sep-2019, 10:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Put it on ebay for $2.

3rd party grader certified coins
Posted: 19-Sep-2019, 10:16PM in Numismatic questions

I don't know how many people on here are I to certified coins but I wondered if there could be a section for people who are interested in trading third party grades certified coins

[solved] Identify
Posted: 18-Sep-2019, 05:08AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Copper coin - 1/2 cent. One side says 1845 at the bottom.East India company around the rim with wreath just inside the lettering and half cent in the center. The other side has a female bust left facing with Queen Victoria around the rim

Looking for any of the Japanese Occupation Money for world war II.
Posted: 13-Sep-2019, 06:43AM in Banknotes

I have a bunch of pristine 10 centavo notes issued by the japs in the phillipines

[solved] [ over ] Sorry US only. Postage is high. But got a Canadian 5 cent 1970 free from gas station. And want to pass it on. Free. Run till 9/13/19
Posted: 12-Sep-2019, 07:28AM in Free discussion

I'm in. Thanks!

Posted: 12-Sep-2019, 07:26AM in Swaps and trades

Looking for trades in the US

[solved] 1941 Italy km#75
Posted: 8-Sep-2019, 04:07AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I asked for help earlier helping to identify this coin. The coin is magnetic and smooth edges. It is dated 1941. The catalog shows a b c and d varieties but this one doesn't seem to fit any of the des criptions. Anyone shed a little light on this?

[solved] HELP!
Posted: 7-Sep-2019, 08:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks Allred- looks like you nailed it!?

Best e-bay stores
Posted: 18-Aug-2019, 09:27AM in Free discussion

I also sell coins on ebay. crruisercharlie 1947. Just started listing again so I still have many US and world coins to post

Trading Nazi Era 5 and 10 pfennig
Posted: 18-Aug-2019, 09:06AM in Swaps and trades

Take a look at my coins and see if there anything you want

[solved] Coin ID
Posted: 18-Aug-2019, 09:01AM in Coin identifications and valuations

One side has a guy riding a horse.Republik Osterreich around the edge. The other side says 5 Schilling with a shield center and leaves on both sides of the shield at the bottom. Coin is about US quarter size. Any help IDing this coin is appreciated. Thanks.

Mint ID
Posted: 2-Aug-2019, 05:10AM in Numismatic questions

How do you determine the mint on canadian km#65

Canadian provinces bank tokens
Posted: 19-Jul-2019, 10:31PM in Swaps and trades

Who's got canadian provinces bank token they want to trade? Also Newfoundland cents

Canadian maritime tokens.
Posted: 19-Jul-2019, 02:20AM in Swaps and trades

Looking for canadian maritime provinces bank tokens. Whatcha got??

Posted: 16-Jul-2019, 09:30PM in Swaps and trades

Anybody got any canadian or us ngc coins for trade or sale?

[solved] Identification
Posted: 16-Jul-2019, 01:43AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Pulled the coin out of the 2x2 and it is new brunswick.

Ngc coins
Posted: 2-Jul-2019, 05:29PM in Swaps and trades

Anybody got and US or Canadian Ngc coins to trade?

Posted: 12-Jun-2018, 09:41PM in Swaps and trades

Looking for an ngc certified MS 67 or • better susan b anthony dollar Trade or buy.

New to swaps
Posted: 7-Jan-2018, 05:51PM in Swaps and trades

Got tons of series 1 and 2 state quarters. Check out my list and if you don't see what you want messafe me with info. Have many nit listed.

Set - states of America
Posted: 7-Jan-2018, 05:46PM in Swaps and trades

Are you looking for state quarters?

Looking for a couple of Canadian and USA cents to fill some gaps!
Posted: 24-Nov-2017, 05:07AM in Swaps and trades

check out my trade list.

Coin dealers
Posted: 25-Jan-2017, 03:50PM in Free discussion

Anybody know any good coin dealers in the Jacksonville fl. area?

1-5-10-25 cents US from mint sets
Posted: 19-Dec-2016, 08:04PM in Swaps and trades

Interested in some of the nickels. Take a look at my swap list and see what you like. Thanks Charlie

Newfoundland 2 Dollars 1870, authentic?
Posted: 25-Sep-2016, 11:06PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "muygrandeoso"​ • Quote: "aaronmgd"​I wonder whats going on on the reverse.... There are areas that look like gold plating is coming off? Does anyone else see that or is it just bad lighting?​​I think you might be correct, and is there a casting pit near the lower dot to the left of "Dollars?"Looks more like water scale or alkali to me.

[solved] km#
Posted: 25-Sep-2016, 11:01PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks again!

Grade with your head, not with your heart
Posted: 24-Sep-2016, 02:40AM in Free discussion

This is why in 2006 I started going with 3rd party graded/certified coins. Grading seems to be way too subjective for the average collector.

Do you have an issue with coins from the Third Reich?
Posted: 24-Sep-2016, 02:25AM in Free discussion

None. Being of Dutch-German-Jew descent I heard many stories of WW2 while growing up. Now at 70 I find they sparked a love of history for that time. I collect mainly from 2 areas-modern US coins and WW2 world coins. I have many "Nazi" coins as well as coins from occupied countries. I don't concern myself with any of the political Iidiocy- as was stated in an earlier comment- it belongs in the past. I LIKE the 3rd Reich coins. I LIKE the coins from Vichy France. I think about how fortunate I am that I've never had war on my doorstep.. So, my answer is none. No problems with any collectable from the WW2 era.

Are you interested in US Statehood and/or National Park quarters ?
Posted: 6-Jul-2016, 10:15PM in Swaps and trades

Need the s circulation coins. If you have any let's trade. IThanksgiving  also need the 2016 coins (all). Thanks.

Jefferson Nickels
Posted: 6-Jul-2016, 10:06PM in Swaps and trades

Looking for Jefferson nickels to complete my set. • Need: 38d 38s 39d 39s 42 42 p war issue 42s wi 43d wi 44d wi 44s wi 45d wi 49s 50 50d 51 56 60 62 66 69d 71 71d 72 73 73d 74d 75d 79d 82 87 91 93 93d 98 06 09 10 16. • Whatcha got? (:

Looking for 4 state quarters
Posted: 20-May-2016, 01:47AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: Sim420​ Thanks for the clarification brain stall. I meant National Park quarters not state quarters.​Actually they are series 2 state quarters.

Need Chaco Culture 2012d National Park Quarter
Posted: 11-May-2016, 07:07AM in Swaps and trades

I havw it.  Wanna work on another trade?

Members of Numista; what is your age?
Posted: 20-Apr-2016, 10:37AM in Free discussion


[solved] Netherlands 25 Cents 1943 Narrow Rim or No Rim
Posted: 21-Mar-2016, 06:56PM in Numismatic questions

Find a penny pick it up...etc.- especially if it's a 1909SVDB Lincoln.

New and Looking for Trades (US for now)
Posted: 21-Mar-2016, 06:48PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "HoosierCTX"​Got 2 trades in. A few more in the works. Looking for more, small or bigger. • ​ • ​THANKS • ​ • ​(US for now)​Swap #2 offered.

Looking for swaps!
Posted: 21-Mar-2016, 06:44PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "EMS911"​I am looking for some swaps! I am interested in anything that catches my eye. If a swap is made internationally, I prefer an exchange of >25 in the swap for shipping to be worth the cost of the coins. • ​Thanks!​So why haven't you responded to my swap offer?

Do you find your coin collection is running you. Or you running your coin collection.
Posted: 17-Mar-2016, 05:04AM in Free discussion

DEFINITELY RUNNING MY LIFE. I've been collecting for over 60 years and now that I'm retired I don't have all the other "distractions". I can jump into my addiction with both feet. Beside... it keeps me off the streets. (:

Satin finish Sacagawea
Posted: 17-Mar-2016, 04:52AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "billymac11"​Charlie's got a point: the satin coins were only in mint sets (not proof sets) from 2005-2010. There are no s-mint satin coins.​BTW: I'm looking for 2010 to 2016 proof sacs.(:

Additions to your collection March 2016
Posted: 12-Mar-2016, 01:09AM in Free discussion

Latest addition to my collection is a PCGS SP67 Glenacre prototype Sacagawea dollar.

What are your most wished for coins up to now?
Posted: 12-Mar-2016, 01:02AM in Free discussion

My most wished for coins are all key coins. They would complete my circulation issue Lincoln cents set 1909-date. I need the 1909S and SVDB, the 1914 D and the 1922 no mint mark. The other set I have a wish coin for is my Sacagawea/native American dollar set To complete this set I need some variety coins. I need the "wounded eagle" and cheerios varieties and the 2016S proof coin.

State quarters
Posted: 11-Mar-2016, 11:39PM in Swaps and trades

If anyone is interested I have a couple of complete 2000-2008 unc state quarter PD sets in folders available for sale or trade. PM me if you are interested.

Superficial Grading - You do it, yes you do!
Posted: 11-Mar-2016, 07:56PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Koin72"​Happy Birthday ol man • ​ • ​ Phil • HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL! (from an even older guy).... Being TOTALLY enamored with the Sheldon scale and TOTALLY involved with TPG coins (NGC Registry) I think that TPG coins are the best way to go for grading because they are graded by experienced group concensus and likely to be more accurate because of this.

How old are you ? What's your job ? And other hobbies ?
Posted: 6-Mar-2016, 12:15AM in Free discussion

Quote: "pnightingale"​I'm 56 and I dominate coin shows. ....but I'm 69 and have dominated longer than you. (: • ​

Goals for 2016
Posted: 6-Mar-2016, 12:06AM in Free discussion

Quote: "pcarey2003"​ • Quote: "pcarey2003"​Complete my American State Quarters Map with both mints PM me a list. (: • ​​ • ​ • ​ • ​​Only 14 coins needed to complete both mints now...​

What pets do you have ?
Posted: 5-Mar-2016, 10:35PM in Free discussion

I run a small cat rescue so right now I have 16 cats(:

Collection techniques
Posted: 5-Mar-2016, 10:15PM in Numismatic questions

I usually get the "key" coins last. I just picked up the prototype Sacagawea and now all I need is the cheerios coin. I still need the 09s and 09svdb to complete my Wheaties-oh yeah I also need the 22 plain.

Looking for common, circulated, undesired, unwanted Canadian Coins to fill my coin books - Just for fun / Something to do...
Posted: 5-Mar-2016, 09:49PM in Swaps and trades

First of all check my swap list. I read the comment about buying presidential dollars. I found the best way to get them is to go to the bank and ask for rolls of dollar coins. You get them at face value. Sometimes there are also sacagaweas and the occasional sba,

New 2016 US Dollars and quarters
Posted: 5-Mar-2016, 09:35PM in Swaps and trades

Just started a swap and then read this post. add them all!(:

I just learned why the US made its peace dollar 1921-1935
Posted: 15-Oct-2015, 07:01AM in Free discussion

Quote: "redsmithstudios"​I didn't know that ether, thanks for sharing. I knew it was spelled with a v but l didnt know why. But I never noticed that the eagle has no arrows!​Well, I DID know that. Also the 1921 was minted in high relief which made them wear more and impossible to stack. The design was changed in 1922 to eliminate these problems. This is why quality 1921 coins are hard to find.

World coins chat: USA
Posted: 6-Sep-2015, 09:37AM in Free discussion

Jokinen- Because the govt. has been printing so much currency with nothing to back it, the dollar has less value year after year. There is some talk that it will be replaced as that "worlds" currency in the next five years. It has been suggested that since we have so much debt to other countries-particularly China and that they have bought so much gold-that they will replace the US as the world money standard and perhaps go back on the gold standard.

New American coinage (what would you want to see?)
Posted: 6-Sep-2015, 09:14AM in Free discussion

The problem is the public doesn't like the dollar and 1/2 dollar coins. They don't want to carry that weight around in their pockets. That's why you generally don't see them in circulation-they're all sitting in bank vaults. A $2 coin would have the same problem.

Most American coin?
Posted: 20-Aug-2015, 01:11AM in Free discussion

I'm for the Walking Liberty Half. Beautiful coin with all the right symbols...

Great news for US collectors
Posted: 20-Aug-2015, 12:37AM in Free discussion

The problem with the tracking being on you receipt is that the ink the receipt is printed with fades to nothing in 3 weeks. By the time things have gone missing you have no proof of what you sent.

Anyone know songs/shows featuring coins?
Posted: 4-Jul-2015, 12:30AM in Free discussion

3 coins in a fountain from the three penny opera. The song was popular in the US in the early 60's

Canadian pennies needed
Posted: 27-Jun-2015, 03:47AM in Swaps and trades

Check my list.

Posted: 26-Jun-2015, 01:26AM in Free discussion


US Sets
Posted: 23-Jun-2015, 07:01PM in Swaps and trades

Anyone interested in US mint sets, proof sets or coin subsets (westward journey nickels, yearly PDS sets, etc.)? Also have  PD state quarter sets in folder

Olympic coins
Posted: 23-Jun-2015, 06:53PM in Swaps and trades

Who's got Olympic coins to trade or sell?

Coin folders
Posted: 23-Jun-2015, 07:58AM in Numismatic questions

There are actually 3 mints-dont forget San Francisco.

Sell or trade
Posted: 21-Jun-2015, 11:35PM in Swaps and trades

...also a complete PD set of unc state quarters in a folder.  Thanks, Charlie

[solved] 1 more...
Posted: 21-Jun-2015, 05:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Now if I can just figure out the date...

[solved] How about this one..
Posted: 21-Jun-2015, 05:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

20 santimat km#98. Had the coin up side down. Thanks for all your help guys.

What coin started your collection
Posted: 20-Jun-2015, 05:06PM in Free discussion

1900 Liberty Head (V) Nickel. My mom gave it to me 60 years ago. Still have it! (:

[solved] Another one... Please
Posted: 20-Jun-2015, 04:15PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Again-thanks ZacUK - found it in the search. (:

[solved] Identify this??
Posted: 20-Jun-2015, 03:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

(: ZacUK you are the man! Thanks!

Anybody else notice?
Posted: 20-Jun-2015, 12:19AM in Free discussion

Has anybody else noticed what a crappie job the mint is doing on the union shield lincoln cents? I picked up 3 rolls and they are ALL spotted or nicked. I looked at graded coins on ebay and it looks like anything over ms66 is rare.

Stabbed coins
Posted: 19-Jun-2015, 04:47AM in Swaps and trades

Anybody know a website where stabbed coins are traded?

'Buy the coin, not the slab'
Posted: 18-Jun-2015, 04:04PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: dandelatorreHello, • Need some guidance. I have concerns about offering high-end 'pricey' coins without providing the minimum proof concerning authenticity.   • Can anyone suggest reputable authenticators that provides slabs solely for 'Authentication' purposes? • Thanks..  DanAny of the big 3- ngc, pcgs or anacs

[solved] How much do scratches affect the grading of a coin?
Posted: 18-Jun-2015, 03:59PM in Numismatic questions

Again, it's part of what determines the condition rating of the coin-just like toning or other types of marks.

Additions to your collection - June 2015
Posted: 16-Jun-2015, 06:42AM in Free discussion

I wasn't aware of that olympic shooting coin. What Olympics is it from ?

NGC coins
Posted: 15-Jun-2015, 07:15AM in Swaps and trades

I'm looking for people who want to trade ngc certified coins. My profile says North America only but I will open this to worldwide. What cha got?

5$ 1885 USA - Liberty head - graded NGC AU53
Posted: 15-Jun-2015, 07:08AM in Swaps and trades

Do you have any other ngc coins to trade?

Coins for sale
Posted: 14-Jun-2015, 07:41AM in Numismatic questions

What kind of old pennies?

[solved] How do you tell?
Posted: 14-Jun-2015, 07:37AM in Numismatic questions appears the only way to tell is by weight.  Thanks guys!

2010-D BU Native American U.S. Dollar for 2008-D, 2009 P or D, or 2010-P BU Native American Dollar
Posted: 12-Jun-2015, 07:12AM in Swaps and trades

Check my list.

Looking for...
Posted: 12-Jun-2015, 06:51AM in Swaps and trades

I have a couple. These were my main collection area a couple of years ago.

[solved] Settings on mobile version
Posted: 2-Apr-2015, 04:49AM in Numista website


[solved] Stamps
Posted: 8-Mar-2015, 10:23PM in Free discussion

Stamps sent. Thread closed.

[solved] State quarters, dimes, nickels and presidential dollars needed
Posted: 24-Feb-2015, 02:27AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: DutchgalegoI do still look for the quarters from Michigan, Missouri, Arizona and Samoa in order to complete my state quarters collection. I'm interested in 2 Jefferson dimes too (Ocean view and Louisiana purchase). • Further on I'm loocking for dimes and presidential dollars. • Someone?  I HAVE THEM ALL.  WHAT MINTMARK?

Most appealing US silver coins for collectors around the world?
Posted: 24-Feb-2015, 02:26AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: neilithicI like the walking liberty half dollar...beautiful coin.  I picked one up a while ago •    Which is of course the original design for the American coin that HAS become the favorite around the world- the American Silver Eagle.

Ship Coins!
Posted: 22-Feb-2015, 04:26PM in Swaps and trades

I recently opened my world coins to my trade list. I was collecting ship coins so there's probably a few on there.

What country are you from?
Posted: 17-Feb-2015, 01:10AM in Free discussion

Quote: neilithicMy address: • My house • Cockerell Street • Brockville • Dunedin • Otago • South Island • New Zealand • Australasia • Southern Hemisphere • The world • The Solar System • The Milky Way • The Universe                                                           So... What planet are you from?? • I would get into more specifics but for security reasons I think that will be specific enough

Steel coinage
Posted: 16-Feb-2015, 02:43AM in Free discussion

Quote: lidianbI read some, and as far as I recall, with all the tests, they decided that there is no cheaper to make coins than the actual alloys. So the metal alloys of the US coins will not change.This was last year, did you hear any later news?   That's kinda what prompted the question. I read a feed on my phone about legislation that was just introduced.

Does anyone collect anything other than coins?
Posted: 16-Feb-2015, 02:39AM in Free discussion

Baseball cards and cast metal cars/trucks.

The 111 1 penny and 1cent club or should I say .01 and under coin club
Posted: 16-Feb-2015, 02:33AM in Free discussion

Quote: neilithicPerhaps this might be an avenue to develop in the future for the site.  Establish formal groups people can join so you can have discussions among like-minded collectors.  E.g. people who collect by country, people who collect silver, people who collect pennies, people who collect UK coins etc.    Been wondering why we don't have groups since I came to this site .I started several groups on another site.

Am I the only one left, who does not buy from E-bay.???
Posted: 16-Feb-2015, 02:26AM in Free discussion


[solved] Identification
Posted: 12-Feb-2015, 03:55AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: neilithicIt's likely not to be 1966 because it was minted between 1955 and 1965 •   Thanks- you are correct-coin is 1965

Ultrasonic cleaning
Posted: 11-Feb-2015, 03:41AM in Free discussion

Probably caused by electrolysis. Having 2 different metals-the coin and the machine turns it into a small battery with electrical current flowing between the 2 poles, It strips  copper from the coins and causes a sulfate which causes the color change.

Who is the youngest collector in Numista
Posted: 11-Feb-2015, 03:11AM in Free discussion

...and I'm very young at heart  

Quarter coin game : Find a country
Posted: 31-Jan-2015, 06:06PM in Free discussion

Quote: CeruleanSpookie, this is your coin: •      I haven't looked.     Is it Canadian?

liquidating world coins
Posted: 31-Jan-2015, 06:01PM in Swaps and trades

I've decided to liquidate most of my world coins. Sell or trade. I want to concentrate on my NGC Registry sets. They're becoming quite valuable (almost $10,000) and I want to upgrade and complete some of them. I'll probably keep the stuff listed in my profile-so please check. Any interest please pm me or email at        Thanks,  Charlie

Anyone found some 2014 in circulation yet? (EDITED VERSION; with list)
Posted: 28-Jan-2015, 07:08PM in Free discussion

Quote: dptashnyQuote: sujit_kumarYes all are Philly mint. Here in NJ we get 80% of coins from Philly as it's the closest to us.I would say even more! D's are almost hard to come by, certainly with the ATB quarters.                Here in California it's just the opposite-Denver is all we get... and of course the proofs from San Francisco.

@bam777 & florino28
Posted: 28-Jan-2015, 06:59PM in Numista coin catalogue

When I was young ({'m old now) I was told "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". Seems like sound advice to me  

2000D Millennium Sacagawea Dollar
Posted: 28-Jan-2015, 06:48PM in Numista coin catalogue

Wondered if you could add a slot for the 2000D millennium Sacagawea dollar? Many have been TPG certified and even raw coins are sold on eBay. Coin deserves a slot

Dimes I am looking for to complete my collection.
Posted: 28-Jan-2015, 06:30PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: paulstg1946-S, 1947-D, 1948-D, 1948-S, 1949, 1950-D, 1950-S, 1951-D, 1952, 1952-S, 1953-S, 1957, 1957-D, 1958, 1959, 1959-D, 1961, 1963. • I also require all the San Francisco mint ones besides 1979.           Take a look at my swap list.

Snap of your Dashboard :) 2
Posted: 25-Jan-2015, 11:37PM in Free discussion

I noticed almost everyone-including me- is missing Greenland. Congrats to those that have it!

Numista 2016
Posted: 25-Jan-2015, 11:29PM in Free discussion

Quote: redsmithstudiosQuote: XavierQuote: tony_k_1965I know this is a little in the future but this domain name will be up for grabs if Xavier does not keep this domain up it could be yours, unless he has put somethimg else in hand.Numista is not dead. The domain and the server have been renewed every month since 2007 and it will not stop soon. Outages are also fixed pretty quickly. Management and time are things I've been missing lately, but hopefully this will change in 2015. Thank you Xavier, I am very thankful for Numista, and I have always enjoyed it. I am sad that we pretty much lost the entire team a while back. But going forward I am glad to hear from you that you will be working on getting a team again. •  Bam, I am glad to hear you true words after such a long time of hints. I know that you catch a lot of crap for doing a good job. I appreciate your hard work, I for one hope you will keep working. I've only been here a year or so, but have en[...]

Thinking of slimming my collection, thoughts ?
Posted: 25-Jan-2015, 11:12PM in Free discussion

I've been collecting for 60 years and until the end of 2013 it was strictly US coins. In 2013 I found numista-hoping to trade some of the "foreign" coins that I had come by over the years. Reading the forum I came across a comment about collecting Nazi coins-Nazi coins hmmm. This led me into occupation coinage which brought me into Vichy and other coinage and eventually into " one (at least) from every country". I'm involved heavily with the NGC Registry and getting all the raw world coins has caused a lot of cataloging headaches. I find myself trading for coins that I already have...  Thinking about downsizing and sticking to my original interests. I'm not sure how much I want to keep. Maybe all. I just seem to be spread out too much trying to find all the coins that catch my interest. Besides several of my Registry sets are top 10 and I need to concentrate on upgrading them.  

How much do you spend buying coins?
Posted: 25-Jan-2015, 10:42PM in Free discussion

My budget is $50-100 a month, but occasionally I get the fever and spend as much as $300. I spend WAAAY too much time on ebay.   So far $250 for Feb.

Ebay (other stores) items
Posted: 25-Jan-2015, 10:34PM in Free discussion

I sold coins on ebay for about 10 years, until their fees and policies became to restrictive. I sold primarily TPG coins from NGC and PCGS as well as sets that I had put together in custom plastic cases. I found I usually always did better on Buy it now items. I still have MANY coins and sets for sale (or trade) and am thinking of selling there again.

Happy Robert E Lee Day!
Posted: 25-Jan-2015, 10:16PM in Free discussion

Yeah, but in the end the guy was still a LOSER!

Posted: 25-Jan-2015, 10:03PM in Swaps and trades

I'm interested. Check my swaplist and let me know.

New to collecting, are my coins worth swapping?
Posted: 13-Jan-2015, 06:47PM in Swaps and trades

Phil has a very good point at the end of his post about people looking for silver and trying to rip you off. I disagree with his point about buying for melt though. All coins have a numismatic value and there are several websites that can give you current market values. Try Numismedia or the NGC price guide. There are also grading guides available like photograde or the ANA Grading Standards.  

US Wheat Pennies and more for Trade/Sale
Posted: 10-Jan-2015, 08:28PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: azucca14I have decided to start trading and selling all of my extra wheat pennies, jefferson nickels, and buffalo nickels. I have prices listed but I am open to any reasonable offers. I only bothered cataloging my wheat pennies from 1930 and before, if you need ones from the 40's and 50's I have a few hundred in bulk I will sell for 3-5 cents a piece. Message me with any questions or offers. I'm looking for a lot of the key dates before 1930. PM me a list of what you have-if you have one. Thanks,  Charlie

Posted: 10-Jan-2015, 08:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Found this coin. Obv has portrait of Elizabeth with lettering around the rim-DEI GRATIA REGINA +ELIZABETH.  The rev says FID DEF and six pence 1965 Design looks like "thorny flowers" Can anyone ID this for me?  Thanks!

I'm back!!
Posted: 4-Jan-2015, 12:38AM in Free discussion

Back today. Thank you for all the good wishes and prayers during my medical problems. I have about 50 messages and offers to take care of so please continue to be patient with me. Sorry for any inconvenience for the delay. Thanks, Charlie

States quarters
Posted: 6-Aug-2014, 01:38AM in Swaps and trades

My friend, take a look at my list. If it's not there I  will get it for you!   Charlie

Looking for ½ Dollar "Kennedy Half Dollar"
Posted: 6-Aug-2014, 01:20AM in Swaps and trades

I have all the state quarters and some of the ATBs. I have many Kennedy's also. Check my exchange list.

Oh God I feel dumb, swap coins grade. How do you show swap coins grade
Posted: 2-Jul-2014, 07:13AM in Free discussion

I make my collection viewable and list all of a particular coin.I have a lot of slabbed coins in my collection that are not  to swap but also have the same raw coins to swap. In the exchange column I list the number I have to trade and then comment on if traders are raw or slabbed and condition/grade. I also research my coins values and include those in the comments as well.

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Posted: 2-Jul-2014, 06:45AM in Free discussion

New Zealand or Israel.

Identifying circulating Proofs
Posted: 2-Jul-2014, 06:34AM in Free discussion

...also, most PL coins occur when new dies are being used and the dies are still fresh.

Slabbed coins question
Posted: 2-Jul-2014, 05:54AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: Walder CoinsIts about provenance. The fact that a coin once belonged in a famous collection means it is held in higher regard than others. It is less likely to be fake doctored or mistreated. At least in theory. Also there is the snob factor, a collector can say that they have a coin that was in the great collection of Joe Blocks expert and connoisseur etc...     And yes... generally they do go higher on the auction sites and shows.

Small Canadian cents
Posted: 28-Jun-2014, 08:13PM in Swaps and trades

...also looking for large cents from Newfoundland-VF or better

Jeskidmore-still around??
Posted: 13-Jun-2014, 08:36PM in Free discussion

Joined Jan. 2011 No posts No ratings Anybody know if they're still around?

Need to find USA notes
Posted: 7-Jun-2014, 12:23AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: demeykellyAt any commercial bank you can buy USD, problem solved.      It's hard to buy them from Sri Lanka though...

Canadian quarter
Posted: 31-May-2014, 04:55AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: til561n 1992 Canada double dated all of our circulation coins 1867 - 1992 • for our 125 year of confederation • Each month there was a special 25 cent piece released 1 for each province or territory • The standard Caribou 25 cent was not issued that year except in sets • Just as an aside something you might want to check • If you have this coin • • Variations in die axis exist though they are not noted in the catalog here • in some cases the dies are rotated 180 degrees in even fewer cases only 90 degrees To me it looks like km#203a-but I don't believe it's silver.  Could it be a variety coin?

WANTED ancient judean coins
Posted: 20-May-2014, 03:37PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: crruisercharlieQuote: uchihadesendentI did and no one had anything!  Try ebay Also

Why do people do these things to coins?!
Posted: 19-May-2014, 08:17PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: erdvillaQuote: nalaberongI still live in the middle of the Albertan boreal forest, so train tracks are a long walk away... but once I did try to flatten a nickel on the LRT tracks in town. • It went flying into the sunset! I never saw it again. There must be some technique to it, because my first attempt didn't get crushed at all as I had put it on the wrong part of the tracks. • In Canada we have yet to experience much inflation (my biggest annoyance: $1 candy bars are now $1.25 in some vending machines and $1.50 in others!), and I'm still young so the coins I used as a kid are still around today. However, the Mint is taking out the old nickel coins from the 1960s to about 2000, so looking through your change is now much more boring. Soon, they will be rare enough that we will set them aside when we find them - I remember assembling a set of 1992 Provincial commemorative quarters a few years ago (1992 was the 125th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, bu[...]

NGC grading
Posted: 19-May-2014, 07:56PM in Numismatic questions

Are you asking for the weight of a shipping box for one coin or how much the plastic encapsulation weights?

Rings from coins
Posted: 19-May-2014, 07:46PM in Numismatic questions

Why would you want to use a state quarter?? Why not use an earlier silver quarter? I'm sure the silver is easier to work and the metal value is higher.

Coins for Sale
Posted: 12-May-2014, 08:30PM in Swaps and trades

How can we view your swap list??

UK 2012 Olympics, London
Posted: 11-May-2014, 03:15AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: kenneth bI need them too. • I have only basketball.   I'm right behind him... I don't have any

Lots of US Proof and Mint Sets For Sale
Posted: 9-May-2014, 05:51PM in Swaps and trades

Do you have the 2002 state quarter proof set?

D Mintmark State Quarter Set
Posted: 9-May-2014, 05:40PM in Swaps and trades

Looking to trade 1999-2008 D mintmark state quarter set in nice folder for ??? Valued at $30 All coins are AU-BU.

Proof cents
Posted: 9-May-2014, 12:25AM in Swaps and trades

 Lookings for proof issue small cents from Canada. Anyone have any they want to part with?

China, empire, cast cash wanted in swap
Posted: 8-May-2014, 11:50PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: HippaforalkusI still have some state quarters.  Got lotsa state quarters!

Swindlers on Numista
Posted: 6-May-2014, 08:12PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: nalaberongQuoteEveryone knows where the fake accounts are being created and where a disproportionate number of thieves operate from. It's the big white elephant in the room which everyone has to pretend isn't there....Thailand?! • My friends never believe me when I say "there are arguments on my coin websites"! "What can you argue about?!" Well... I guess I am new to all this, but one day I look forward to being just as angry as the next person on Numista.    LMAO!  I like it!  I realize nobody likes getting ripped off, but use some common sene. The risks inherent in these trades is there for trades anywhere-not just on Numista. All the name calling and anger is JUST PLAIN STUPID. If you don't want to take the chances inherent with the trades - don't trade. If you don't like the website - find another. Some of us are just plain tired of the stupidity.  Please keep your anger and paranoia to yourselves.

Snap of your Dashboard (new thread)
Posted: 23-Apr-2014, 05:05PM in Free discussion

Just decided at the beginning of the year to actually collect World coins. I've been collecting nazi and occupation coins for a while, coins from Israel and France, but finally decided to get one from every country. Here's what I have so far. 2685 coins  371 different types  82 countries    

Nothing like Wisconsin weather in March [April]
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Quote: ALLRED1950God is this winter ever going to end.  Yeah.. It's been pretty tough here too. 90-95 F and clear with the SoCal sun shining

Football/Soccer Fan?
Posted: 23-Apr-2014, 02:09AM in Free discussion

Quote: ramonmexHi everyone! Just got me thinking about the Numista soccer/football fans, so here I am asking about your favorite club or national team. • My football club: León F. C. the current Mexican champion playing the Libertadores Cup! • Obviously my national team, just waiting for Brazil 2014 (beware Cameroon, Croatia and Brazil) !!!   • P. S. If you could add some pics would be great!     My favorite FOOTBALL team is the Denver Broncos      

WTB >> Curacao coin
Posted: 23-Apr-2014, 02:03AM in Swaps and trades

Try ebay

Sacagawea dollars!
Posted: 18-Apr-2014, 12:48AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: kenneth bwhat are the sacagawea dollars ?    Hey Ken - I specialize in them!  See my swaplist  Sacagawea/Native American dollars commemorate the journey across the US for purposes of mapping and discovery in the early 1800's. Sacagawea was an Indian interpreter who was married to a French Canadian guide. Her and another Indian woman were captives of another Indian tribe and were purchased by the guide. They became his "wives"        PS - I also have the 2014's

May I urge you - Don't Limit Yourself
Posted: 18-Apr-2014, 12:34AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: radrick007Quote: pnightingaleIf you want a particular silver coin for your collection, we can talk. Hell, I might even give it to you. But if your intention is to make a profit at my expense you can **** off, and when you have finished ****ing off, you can come back again and **** off some more.My dear Phil, I never tire of reading your forum contributions - informative and entertaining in equal measures. Keep 'em coming           What he said...    

FAO Coins
Posted: 18-Apr-2014, 12:20AM in Swaps and trades

Looking for FAO coins. If you have some, let's trade!

Age limit
Posted: 14-Apr-2014, 08:17PM in Swaps and trades

You also have to remember that as a parent you are LIABLE for any misdeeds of your teen.  And the thing is that unless you have reliable contact info you are helpless anyway.

Silver coins with ships for swap
Posted: 14-Apr-2014, 07:57PM in Swaps and trades

 Would you be interested in ASE's or Morgans?

Looking for Quarters dollars of 50 states (USA)
Posted: 14-Apr-2014, 07:53PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: PajaSkotI have all of them for swap. I sent you a message.   I also have them all. View my swap list.         ( Hi Goran! How's your baby girl?   )

Annoying thing when accepting swaps
Posted: 14-Apr-2014, 07:23PM in Numista website

Quote: pikaI've experienced the same bug. • Sure, non-checked coins (not confirmed) should not be magically checked by the system. • Maybe also the good extra feature would be to have a button to remove the coin from the swap: since I know I don't have the coin, there is no reason to keep this unchecked coin in the swap.    THANK YOU! This is something I've wanted since I joined Numista.  If the coin is unavailable or no longer part of the swap it shouldn't be on the list.

Finding Canadian pennys
Posted: 11-Apr-2014, 05:50AM in Free discussion

Quote: fourmackI am always looking for large Canadian pennies  pre 1920                                       Check my swap list.

What do you buy at coinfairs
Posted: 6-Apr-2014, 04:59PM in Free discussion

For those of you who don't know-the 1960  large/small date comparison photo that I double posted in the previous thread is not a wheat cent.

Odd US quarters from food machine at work
Posted: 6-Apr-2014, 04:39PM in Free discussion

Quote: KunaQuote: ALLRED1950I got these from the food machine at work. Nothing big just colored state quarters. But different •  Not sure what to do with them. Anyone collect?  Not done by US mint. •          yours darylHi! • I want them! • Regards • Kuna These are on Ebay almost all the time. I've seen them in my local coin shop and on HSN. The plated ones are cheap. You can buy the yearly quarter sets for around $6.

2014 Native American Dollar
Posted: 5-Apr-2014, 05:40AM in Numista coin catalogue


[solved] Free coins [closed]
Posted: 2-Apr-2014, 10:26PM in Free discussion

Quote: neilithicQuote: neilithicI actually do have some coins to give away though.  It's not silver bullion, but I've got a few New Zealand, Australian and world coins to give away.  They were given to me by my Dad but I don't collect modern coins.  The New Zealand ones are the old large type coins, not the new reduced sized coins.  First come first servedAll these coins are gone now.          Bummer!

Proof Canadian cents
Posted: 2-Apr-2014, 12:21AM in Swaps and trades

I am looking for proof Canadian cents. Anyone have any to trade?

Why does the States not have the facial value on their coins?
Posted: 1-Apr-2014, 04:11AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: CeruleanIt's a tradition that goes back to the first US coins in the 1790s. • Five cent coins used to known as half dimes, so there is hope for reform.         " Nickel" is the metal not the value. Back when the value of the coin was in the metal the composition of the 5 cent coin was almost pure nickel. Hence the nickname "nickel"

Anyone found some 2014 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 1-Apr-2014, 12:43AM in Free discussion

Quote: housebg1US one cent 2014 P  Billy                                                                            I got the D!

Is anybody else having this problem??
Posted: 1-Apr-2014, 12:36AM in Free discussion

Quote: lidianbHello, • to France usually from Albania reaches in 3 days, actually from all the countries worldwide I have swapped/sold coins. France, Switzerland and Belgium has the fastest post services. I use only registered mail. • If you mailed coins on January and didn't arrive yet, I am sorry to say, but they are definitely lost. Usually the time frame to deliver a letter or package shouldn't take more than 30 days...      •                                                                                       [...]

The top 10 countrys you have coins from (edit should we start a new post as this one is long ?)
Posted: 31-Mar-2014, 02:02AM in Free discussion

Quote: erdvillaTo you guys, which is the easiest Country/Territory to have a complete coin type set? I mean, a country maybe with few coin types and all currency and common ones, or a country with a little more coin types but cheap and easy to find. • I ask this because there are some countries that for an amateur, and even a professional collector are impossible to complete even by types only, example of this Mexico, as it has over 1000 types to date, one third are gold coins or bi-metal coins with gold in them, so that is quite expensive (up to 1kg gold "coins"). Then, the remaining 2/3rds nearly 5/9ths are pure or partially silver, many of them not so expensive, but a lot of colonial and proof expensive ones. And that leaves only a 1/9th of common types of cheap currency to be collected.       South Arabia- counting the proof coins a total of 8 coins.

Coin preservation - will dipping in alcohol affect the coin's surface?
Posted: 28-Mar-2014, 03:07AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: neilithicYeah that was my thinking.  I've got some iron coins and one copper with a spot of oxidation.  Anyone know if it's safe to use on zinc coins?  I do it all the time on my nazi coins and it doesn't seem to have any effect apart from cleaning some of the grime off.

wanted Half dollar kennedy
Posted: 26-Mar-2014, 06:40PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: corsicanaHello everyone, • In order to complete my collection of Kennedy Half dollar, it only needs me some coins. • Could you help me get the following years: • 1987 - D • 1987 - P • 1982 - D • 1970 - D (silver) • 1964 - D (silver) • thank you in advance for your help.     Take a look at my swap list

Presidential $1 Coin Program
Posted: 26-Mar-2014, 06:32PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: dylan26Hi, • I have just completed my collection of US State Quarters, and I am now thinking of collecting the Presidential $1 Coins. • Does anyone have a quantity of Presidential dollars they would be interested in swapping with me to help me kick start my collection? • Thanks     I've actually traded all of mine (twice) already, but wanted to suggest that you just go to the bank and buy a roll of dollar coins (in the US).  I usually buy a roll every month. I should have more soon-check my list.

Old coin
Posted: 15-Mar-2014, 04:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

• Anyone know about this coin? It's for sale for $6K. Is it worth the buy?

Best series for new collectors
Posted: 13-Mar-2014, 06:00PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: pnightingaleI was asked recently to recommend a series of coins suitable for a young feller new to collecting. He was already collecting such US coins as he was able to pick up in change or scrounge from relatives, so the usual answer "Lincoln cents or Jefferson nickels" wasn't going to work. • So, I paused to think of a series which was: • 1. relatively short • 2. easy to acquire • 3. inexpensive • 4. easy to identify • 5. interesting design • Historical interest, curiosity value, images of famous people, would all be an interesting bonus. I guess the potential to appreciate in value should be in there but it's never been high on my list of priorities. It's nice when it happens but my investments are in the hands of JP Morgan and ING, this is my hobby. • I opted for the Vichy France 1/2, 1, 2 Franc issues. They fit the five main criteria admirably and are certainly historically significant and interes[...]

2000-2003 Jefferson nickel
Posted: 10-Mar-2014, 02:48AM in Swaps and trades

I'm looking for an NGC 2000-2003 Jefferson nickel in MS67 or better. Anyone out there have one they wanna part with? Swap or buy. PM me.   Thanks,  Charlie

Half dollar Kennedy
Posted: 4-Mar-2014, 10:51PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: PatGavHello •  Just the once will not hurt, I am going to appeal has you. •  To finish my series of the Half dollar Kennedy, I am lacking next years: • 1985 D • 1986 D • 1992 D • 1994 D • 1997 D • 1998 P • 2000 P • 2002 D-P • 2003 D-P • 2004 D-P • 2005 D • 2008 D-P • I am open to any proposals (exchange, purchase) • Thank you •  Patrice  Check my swap list. I think I have them all.

Mail opened by customs?
Posted: 4-Mar-2014, 10:45PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: PajaSkotI really believe it was opened by customs. My swap partner told me to make sure that my coins are not loose and he doesn't want it to be obvious that coins are inside of the envelope. So I assumed he will do the same thing, but when I opened his letter I was shocked. Can you imagine if he really packed coins like that - empty small plastic coin bags (just to show me that he could put coins in bags, but he didn't) and loose coins jingling and scratching each other  Comon customs, if you opened a mail, put it back nicely how it was... • Also, 6 of 21 coins were missing. I didn't receive 3x 1 Dollar and 3x 20 Cents • This is the first time this happened to me after more than 100 swaps.            Goran, sorry to hear about your problem. Some time the POST OFFICE mishandles the mail. Many time letters and packages that should be hand stamped are sent through the machines and are mangled. O[...]

NGC Coins
Posted: 4-Mar-2014, 10:29PM in Swaps and trades

Looking for a couple of NGC coins.  2000-2003 Jefferson nickel-MS67 or better   Territory quarter MS67 or better. Trade or buy.  Thanks, Charlie

(fr) BE (fr) BU
Posted: 4-Mar-2014, 02:52AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: tjedscoinsdear friends • what means: • (fr) BE  or (fr) BU? • regards • erie dias • holland          I was gonna say BE-Belgium   BU-Brilliant Uncirculated

Finally a #1
Posted: 18-Feb-2014, 05:39PM in Free discussion

Quote: ZuluRaptorSpace • How much did that cost you!?!? Anyway, I want to finish every year and mint of Sacagawea in PF/MS-70 (if pf, then UC) NGC. Does NGC have a think like FIRSTSTRIKE? • Edit: • MS-69*, no MS-70's have been graded!   NGC has a series called "early release". These coins have to be certified in the first 30 days after the mint releases the coin. When I started collecting these you could get them for $8-$10 bucks on eBay. Now they're way more. Prices for any coin on eBay have become ridiculous (I also sell on eBay). Forunately I only have to get 3 more coins to finish the set. I used to submit coins but found it's easier and usually cheaper to buy already certified.   P.S. I have a complete (2000-2013) set of PF69's for sale or trade valued at $355.

2014 Lincoln cents
Posted: 17-Feb-2014, 06:53AM in Numista coin catalogue

Quote: SmartOneKgAdded for you.     Thanks!

Olympics 2016
Posted: 16-Feb-2014, 06:24PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: rferrarimQuote: EddievBYou're not going to find that commemorative coin in circulation. I do have it but I bought it in a shop in Rio. I don't know anything about new coins that will be released this yearMy wife got one as change last year.       Just got 1 off ebay

Funniest coin I have ever seen
Posted: 7-Feb-2014, 08:04PM in Free discussion

Quote: nosouvenirsSpeaking of "funny" coins... is someone out there REALLY going to pay 2.99 for this bit of garbage?? • And with a ridiculous shipping charge outside of the US, no less!!! • Some people...       Guess it was well said...."One man's junk...

How do you lookup a member
Posted: 7-Feb-2014, 07:35PM in Numista website

Just wondering how to look up a member by screen name and is it possible to see other members collections? How?

What's the difference?
Posted: 29-Jan-2014, 06:39PM in Numismatic questions

So who's got 'em to trade??

Posted: 27-Jan-2014, 09:38PM in Numista website

Quote: derf • On a new "add Coin" page, in "Issuing Authority" choose " * Tokens * ". • In " Currency ", the different categories of tokens are all the way at the bottom.  I've never seen this page.  Is this to add to the catalog?

New Dutch euros coming up!
Posted: 26-Jan-2014, 05:46AM in Free discussion

So how many countries use the euros now? I've picked up a few in some swaps lately, but really don't know anything about them (as evidenced by my posts on the identification forum). I haven't quite decided whether to collect them or not. They don't show up here in the US so I would have to swap or buy them.

Collecting Ancients?
Posted: 24-Jan-2014, 06:10PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: pnightingaleQuote: radrick007Quote: pnightingaleFor many years I've had a longing to collect coins from the Roman period but never had the time until now.You clearly have too much time on your hands now Mr Nightingale Retirement is bliss my friend, this is my 2nd attempt having got bored and returned to work for a couple of years. • Funny thing is though, I don't seem to have any more time now than when I was working. Nightingale's Law states that the amount of dumb s*** you do expands to fill all available time. • Perhaps if I stopped calling the White House in foreign accents and give up building my Death Star I might get my coin collection in order.       Phil- I'm glad you finally named that "law"! It's been buggin' me for years.

Falling Silver prices?
Posted: 23-Jan-2014, 06:54PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: neilithicI don't think the ratio is going to close.  Apparently gold is extremely popular amongst the growing middle class in China •        That's because it's legal for them to own gold now. Pandas are going crazy.

[solved] ID another euro
Posted: 23-Jan-2014, 05:57PM in Coin identifications and valuations

 Need help with another euro 2008 20 cent with a boat on it  Thanks!    • :O FOUND IT!  Thanks anyway!

Problem with server?
Posted: 23-Jan-2014, 04:24AM in Numista website

Quote: crruisercharlie  I've noticed it's running way slow also, but I'm also having other problems. I posted about the "checks" not working on my "coins they get" list for swaps and I also don't seem to be able to delete coins from my catalog after swaps. I've suspended swapping for now because two of the three coins chosen from my list in the last swap were already gone.    Don't know what happened but it's working perfect today!  

Elder tokens
Posted: 23-Jan-2014, 04:17AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Do you need info on the quarter or was it just for comparison?

Find This
Posted: 23-Jan-2014, 04:09AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Couldn't find this in the catalog.  Sochi olympics. Help me out?   

US $1 banknotes
Posted: 22-Jan-2014, 12:49AM in Swaps and trades

Anyone wanting to trade coins for shiny new 2003 series consecutively numbered $1 bills please PM me. I have sets of 2-3 and 4 consecutively numbered bills. I also have new $2 unc bills.

Expanding Numista?
Posted: 21-Jan-2014, 04:46PM in Numista website

Quote: kommodoreWhat if I want some banknotes and the other person wants some coins? Two of my last three trades have been coins for bills.  One person just selects the coins wanted and then messages what bills are available.

[solved] *CLOSED* Bargain finds (with pictures) **Please see the new 2014 thread**
Posted: 21-Jan-2014, 01:02AM in Free discussion

Found this on ebay. Silver coin-perfect condition $14.95 and free shipping.

Some ideas for the Numista website
Posted: 20-Jan-2014, 05:47PM in Numista website

Quote: PajaSkotThis happened to me few months ago.. A person I've never seen before knocked on my door and I opened and he asked for my name... He said that we arranged a swap on Numista and he was passing through my town, so he decided to personally bring me coins, without notice or previous agreement. • It turned out that he was a friendly and nice person, but situations like this can also be creepy. Creepy?? I think I would enjoy the fact that someone I had made as a friend but had never met would bother to look me up because we shared a hobby. I believe that 99% of life is atttitude. If you go through life thinking only negative things about people then that's all you'll see in your everyday relationships. Your life will be so much better if you're not always looking for someone to mess you up. I'm not saying you shouldn't take some precautions because there are always those who live just to "get one over" on other people. Just enjoy the g[...]

Idea for swap List. Show only coins addition
Posted: 20-Jan-2014, 05:28AM in Numista website

Quote: Diego KnyteHow about being able to filter the Coins to Exchange list by metal type like silver.  It'd be cool to browse someone's silver list for something sassy to swap. • Just a thought. Thanks in advance.    I personally don't like this idea. I generally don't list my silver because on my very first swap here someone tried to rip me off. If my silver coins need to be involved I message a list to the other party. Saves me a lot of hassle.

Posted: 19-Jan-2014, 11:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: ArnoVHere's some more to learn for crruisercharlie: • The Netherlands do not have a personification of the nation, like Marianne or Britannia. We do have some national symbols: windmills, tulips, wooden shoes and cheese. When I come to think of it, awfully little of this is used on coins. • Windmills: Never depicted on a Dutch coin. • Tulips: Twice! • On a 2012 5 Euro to celebrate the 400 year relationship with Turkey: • And strangely enough on the WWII occupation dime. (If I would ever occupy a country, I would be reluctant to use national symbols on the new coins.) • Wooden shoes: Never depicted on a Dutch coin. • Cheese: Never depicted on a Dutch coin but to judge from the shape, I suppose that the Wisconsin state quarter depicts a Gouda type of cheese. Wisconsin cheese making was founded by European settlers, among them many Dutch. Wisconsonians even share the same derogatory name with the Dutch: cheeseheads, kaaskoppen! &[...]

Open letter to Xavier
Posted: 17-Jan-2014, 06:23PM in Numista website

Quote: torontokubaQuote: GB_numismateincredible open letter !   Rubbish !!Love it!     x2  

"Checks" don't work
Posted: 16-Jan-2014, 12:28AM in Numista website

Quote: bam777Clear cache...log out of the site...log back in. Thanks  Any other ideas?  I tried logging out and logging in again and no change.  I logged back out and got on my other computer and still had the same problem  Everything else works normally.

Coin holders 2x2 self-adhesive vs. for stapling
Posted: 13-Jan-2014, 07:49PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: JomiboI use the self adhesive ones as I think they look neater. They look horrible with loads of staples through them!     I use the non-adhesive and just put scotch tape on the edges instead of stapling. You can reuse them if needed and they're not full of holes  Lately I've been using airtite holders instead of 2x2's.

UK shield design
Posted: 13-Jan-2014, 07:39PM in Numismatic questions

US Barber series or maybe Seated Liberty coins.

The eccentricities of the English language
Posted: 7-Jan-2014, 08:22PM in Free discussion

Quote: ZuluRaptorSpaceBut it's wrong, because England no longer exists.So if England no longer exists, are all the English-speaking countries speaking a dead language? What about the language spoken in the US?

Nazi coins revisited
Posted: 6-Jan-2014, 02:37AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: jbreynoldsQuote: crruisercharlieQuote: jbreynoldsMint marks A through J, skipping only I, were assigned after German unification in 1871. The missing letters (plus B, which was assigned to Vienna after the Anschluss) belonged to mints that closed in the 19th century.  Thanks for the info.  Do you know where they were located? A - Berlin (1871-present) • B - Hanover (1872-1878) / Vienna (1938-1945) • C - Frankfurt (1872-1879) • D - Munich (1872-present) • E - Dresden (1872-1887) / Muldenhütten (1887-1953) • F - Stuttgart (1872-present) • G - Karlsruhe (1872-present) • H - Darmstadt (1872-1882) • I - not assigned • J - Hamburg (1875-present) •    Awesome!  Again, Thank you.

Happy Christmas!
Posted: 25-Dec-2013, 02:26AM in Free discussion

Joyeux Noel!     Happy 2014!     Just got my first 2014 coin!   •

Nazi Occupation coins
Posted: 24-Dec-2013, 11:17PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: redsmithstudiosThis kind of information for each individual coin needs to be linked to its coin page, like Wikipedia style. This would make Numista very prominent piece of literature and learning   I  totally agree! I really like this site, but this is the one real lack on the page when I look up a coin - some kind of background history of the coin.

ID this coin
Posted: 19-Dec-2013, 12:00AM in Coin identifications and valuations


Posted: 18-Dec-2013, 09:41PM in Free discussion

Quote: elvis123Happy Holidays to everyone and to you madhunaga • Quote: neilithicYes, Have a great one everyone.  Hopefully our forecast is wrong.  We're supposed to go camping but the forecast is for rain  Better then us, we are supposed to get hit by two winter storms in a row. To bring lots of snow, rain, freezing rain and ice. I have already shoveled the driveway everyday for the last week.   Dreaming of a White Christmas...   I'll probably go to the beach as usual on Christmas day. I heard surf might be up this year.    

How long have you been collecting?
Posted: 18-Dec-2013, 05:40PM in Free discussion

Quote: apukingFor more than 15 years but With Numista I really got engaged in older quality coins and so I started to get insane with coin collecting for about 2 years+   Pretty easy to do-- the "get insane" thing. As I stated in the post above, I've been collecting since 1955 - the passion (read insanity) has ebbed and flowed - but never leaves.  

coin identification
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Quote: ArnoVQuote: crruisercharliePS Are these coins listed in the catalog?Of course they are! Here's your coin: There's a little army of collectors who confine themselves to euros exclusively. But the one you have will not make their hearts beat faster, I'm afraid   • Since 2007, euro issuing countries are obliged to have some textual indication of the country on their coins, either the full name of the country (Eire, ...der Nederlanden) or some abreviation (BE=Belgium, RF=République Française). Only Germany continues to ignore this european decree to this day.   Enlightning...   Thanks for the info.  

Post pics of coins with ships
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   My new ones too. •

Mexico cents bound to disappear
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Quote: elvis123Thats interesting thanks for sharing. When I visit Mexico in a couple months I will have to stock up on some.  So do you think these will be hoarded now? Has anyone noticed if the Canadian cents are being hoarded since they were discontinued?

Which flips ?
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Quote: Mark240590I have been using card 2x2 flips but if I want the coin it's a chew on getting it out and may even be the death of it (more so the self adhesive). I'm considering plastic wallets now, but what's your opinion. Either the 2 sided type to write notes or just singles ? • What's the long term effectiveness of these ? I presume no damage as I've found some bloody old ones in my time too !  I usually use the staple type cardboard flips. Some times instead of staples I use scotch tape. Also I use Loctite plastic holders - the 2 halves snap together - and have a little notch in the corner so you can reopen them. I also have a few Capital holder that the halves screw together.

White patch on 1995 D Quarter
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Quote: kpr007Anyone know what it is (should I clean it?) ? I don't think it's ghosting because the patch isn't on the obverse of the coin. • Why do I have the funniest feeling people think I'm being disgusting? • Thanks though. :)  Could be the planchet wasn't rinsed very well before it was struck. The soap residue leaves white patches. Look at some of the Ikes and Kennedys from the 70s and 80s when quality control was almost nonexistant.  

year question
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Quote: kommodore • • For this coin why is there a 1882/1 (82) MS-M entry, and a 1882 (82) MS-M entry? • ThanksWell... not really being familiar with the coin I would suggest this: Wrong (old 1881) dies were used at the beginning of the 1882 run, were restruck with new 1882 dies and then the run was finished with the new 1882 dies. This gives you both varieties.

Susan B Anthony Dollar
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Quote: ALLRED1950That ok about a year ago i used some 2 dollar bills and the casher call her manger to see they could still take them.  LOL          There is currently legislation in the US Congress to do away with the paper dollar currency and replace it with a dollar coin. There are several different reasons behind this. One is that it is cheaper to make dollar coins in the long run because they last longer than paper bills. The "life expectancy" of a dollar bill is 2 years - whereas a coin will generally last at least 10 years. Another is that because the dollar coin has been "less than popular" - there are millions of them sitting in Federal reserve vaults. SBAs would be resigned to collector status and all circulation dollar coins after them would still be legal tender. The dollar bill would be fazed out in 4 years.

Do you budget yourself buying coins ?
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Quote: lysdexic1It makes a lot of sense too, but I really need to excersise more self control I think. I don't tend to buy on a weekly basis, especially of late but when I do... I'm like an alcoholic that's hasn't had a drop for a week. • I forsee an AA appointment in the near future I reckon.    I'm there with you man. I'm retired on a fixed income. After my monthly bills and food everything goes for coins. I occasionally find myself (more lately) dipping into next months income.

My latest acquisition
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Quote: glorkarAn excerpt from Wiki: • "Coins: • In 1965, coins (dated 1964) were introduced for South Arabia in denominations of 1, 5, 25 and 50 fils. The 1 fils was struck in aluminium, the 5 fils in bronze and the higher two denominations in cupro-nickel. In 1971, coins were issued in the name of "Democratic Yemen", changing to the "People's democratic Republic of Yemen" in 1973. That year, aluminium 2½ fils were introduced, followed by aluminium 10 fils and cupro-nickel 100 and 250 fils in 1981. The 10 fils was scalloped shaped whilst the 100 fils was octagonal. • Banknotes: • On 1 April 1965, the South Arabian Currency Authority introduced notes in denominations of 250 and 500 fils, as well as 1 and 5 dinars. A 10-dinar note was issued on 1 July 1967.[1] In 1984, the Bank of Yemen introduced 500 fils as well as 1, 5 and 10 dinar notes that are like the preceding issues of South Arabia, except the English text and printer’s im[...]

What else do you collect?
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Quote: crruisercharlieQuote: gsl91Just curious. • And another question, why coins? I've noticed a lot of coin collectors have no interest in notes, why is that do you think? • I have started collecting notes (only UNC) as well as my coins. I think they are equally as interestingOld landcruisers.  1964 FJ45 shortbed pickup, 2-1969 FJ40's, 1968 FJ 55 wagon, 1980 FJ 60 wagon.   I started collecting lincoln cents when I was 8 years old in a little blue whitman folder. I would get $1.00 a week for allowance for doing my chores. This would be changed into pennies and what wouldn't fit in my album went into comics and baseball cards ( still have quite a few). When I was around 10 my mom gave me a 1900 Liberty Head nickel. This "broadened my horizons" and a little later my grandma gave me a 1915 quarter eagle, a silver 3 cent piece and several other old coins.  ...Forgot to add collections of baseball cards, cast metal cars, cats and ex[...]

Ship coins
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Have you seen these? •   1964 South Arabia

starting personal catalog/collection on this site
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Quote: JedsadaHello and Welcome to Numista, • Here some Numisdoc articles to help you list your collection and swap: • How to enter your coins to your Numista Collection • How to start a swap • Swapping step-by-step • Numista also have an English Forum where members will answer all your questions in English. • Enjoy Numista, • J.                                  Thank you my friend.  

What's the appeal with ERROR coins?
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Quote: what3verJust interested, is it the rarity of them? • I see them going for big money on eBay and such, but personally never seen the appeal of collecting them. I have a few, such as an undated 20 p, but it doesn't hold much value with me. I'm with you. I bought a  Geurge Washington Presidential dollar with the edge lettering missing for an  ngc dollar type set and then couldn't use it because it was considered an error coin.

Which coin got you started ?
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Quote: Lotus07So I actually collect coins for 13 years, as I'm turning 16 in a few months. • That means I have spend 81.25% of my life on coin collecting!  Awesome!!

Coin sets
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Quote: ALLRED1950The way around that is to list on the forum under swaps. I am thinking about put together a set of African coins all VF from 35 countrys with about 40 to 50 coins and see what I can get for them. After the new year. •             yours daryl  Excellent idea!  Thanks!

Travel with collection
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Quote: SpookieHas anyone traveled internationally with their collection? What kind of hassles can I expect? • I am planning on moving from Europe to the US next year and I do not want to put my collection in a shipment. Any advice would be appreciated. I realize this isn't international, but I traveled with a goodly portion of my registry set from Calif. to Florida. I carried the coins in NGC storage boxes in my backpack. The security people at LAX asked about them and I told them they were valuable and I didn't want to put them in my luggage. They tested my pack for any kind of explosive residue and passed them on.

Numismatics and History
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Quote: bam777This is a good topic. I love history too. None of the information anybody has learnt so far is useless. I love finding out about certain countries' history. • I love heraldry and understanding different houses of power. I like it too. It makes me laugh.  

What is a country that is unappreciated by collectors?
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Quote: pnightingaleI agree with Daryl, Mexico is very much out of favour which is a shame as it does have everything a collector could want. Interesting history, beautiful coins and enough mint marks and variety to fill a lifetime of collecting. • Islamic coins are also undervalued. Maybe it's because of the dating system. I find them very appealing and the excellent Numisdoc calendar makes dating them easy. Having lived in Washington state and Calif. I find I have quite a few Mexican and Canadian coins I've picked up in my change. I have to admit I'm not very partial to the Mexican coins.

Anyone hope that certain people will win their auctions?
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Quote: neilithicOne guy won a couple of my auctions and he said he was watching some more coins I had listed because he was using the coins to show his grandkids that the world is a big place, and to try and encourage them to get an education and travel the world when they grow up. • I thought that was pretty cool, I hope he wins some of them.  I may even send him a bunch of coins I've got lying around to help out. I buy and sell a lot on eBay and have noticed in my bidding that there are about 5 people who are always bidding on the same coins I am. As far as selling goes I don''t really care - the more the better.

Oh dear!
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Quote: ZuluRaptorSpaceQuote: pnightingaleAmerican** • ** Use of the term "American" has been approved as non racist by INTERPOL, ICANN and the Marvel Avengers.And now by an American.  x2

Why are Danish coins so valuable?
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Quote: neilithicMy values were taken off the NGC website, I'm not sure if they get their figures of Krause or not.  All those prices are for certified coins. They are always more expensive because of grading fees.

Anyone interested in a collector software program that I am creating......
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Quote: rdnck645What would yall like to see in this program?  I want to make it as easy to use but have all the features that you want.   Places for cert coins with cert # as well as raw coins

The most
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Quote: FrenchloverLet see what I can buy today with this little note   •               THE WAY THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS POPPING OUT CURRENCY PROBABLY NOT MUCH...

And I thought the Royal Mint was a rip off ...
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Quote: radrick007My mother and brother are currently in Australia and are due to visit New Zealand after the Ashes series so I thought they could bring me back a couple of uncirculated sets as a Christmas present. So I just had a look on the Royal Australian Mint website and get this - for a 2013 Uncirculated Year Set the face value of the coins comes to $3.85 and because it's in a fancy bit of packaging they want to charge you ... $32.50 !!!  Check out I just bought a PD roll set of Sacagawea dollars and with shipping it was over $70-and the quality was lousy.

User's last activity on Numista
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Quote: redsmithstudiosQuote: pileborgThis has been brought up every now and then for the last year. It is in my opinion the single most important issue with this website. It is actually the ONLY issue I have with this website. Yes this would be a big improvement for Numista   •   Yes, I have emailed Xavier before but I guess he does not get enough $ from this website to do too much work. Perhaps we should keep this post at the top of the forum to get our need across.bump

German "Grimm Brothers" series
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Quote: CeruleanI have two of them.  The series started in 2012.  The coins are minted in copper-nickel or silver, with a face value of ten euros.Thanks for the information.  

Sacagawea Dollar Proofs
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Quote: bam777I am afraid you are not eligible to make sales yet. Please read forum guidelines on this....Although I will take a trade...

Plan to mint Bitcoin moves a step closer
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Quote: pnightingaleAm I the only one who doesn't grasp the bitcoin concept? • I read their wiki some years ago and remain just as clueless. I even have a fraction of one, worth about $80 now it seems. Couldn't tell you how I earned it or even where it is. • Am I thick or something?You're not alone. This thread is the first time I ever heard of it.        PS So would this be more of a token than a coin ?

Talking about the cashless society ...
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Quote: antonpieterI'm curious what the thoughts on Numista are about the future of using coins, with the coming technology of 3D printing. Seems to me that with these techniques modern coins could to easily be forged, or I'm being a pessimist?  There's legislation in the US Congress right now to do away with the dollar paper currency and use dollar coins. The average use expectancy of a dollar bill is 2 years. A dollar coin is 10 years plus. It costs just a little more to mint a coin but over time is much more cost effective. The govt. saves billions of dollars. There is some talk of also doing away with pennies and nickels - there's more than a penny's worth of copper in each penny - not cost effective at all. Both coins are also used less in commerce. Usually they end up in somebody's jar-or here on Numista being traded.

First trade
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I'm new to this site--was attracted by the fact that people are willing to trade coins--and I think I've figured out how to make these transactions. My point is: Does everyone on this site expect some kind of lengthy negotiation or are there a lot of people who are trying to 'get over" on you? I'm pretty fair and expected to be treated that way also. My first trade offer was so ridiculous that I immediately turned it down. I wanted about $16 worth of coins and he expected me to give him $100 worth of silver  coins in exchange. I messaged him and he said I need to learn to negotiate if I want to be on this site. All I can say is that I wasn't born yesterday and I'm a little disappointed in the trade offers so far. All I've asked for is equivalent value in exchange. I have managed to make 1 trade-it seemed equitable to me-and have a couple more in the works. I'll wait and see. Maybe I'll just keep selling on ebay.

What is your most ugly/boring coin you own..
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Quote: Mark240590They celebrate their heritage is what they are doing unlike America who ended thing bitterly and other countries. They still belong to the commonwealth and who's the head ? :)  Yeah I guess the US was the first to have sense enough to get out.