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Curaçao or Suriname
Posted: 25-Jan-2019, 05:52PM in Numista catalogue

I don't think that it is a good thing when we leave duplicates be. 'Who cares...' ? Well, I think it is messy and confusing. It also messes up statistics of the site and of the collector. Besides, if it wouldn't matter to anyone the discussion wouldn't have been started. • A voting is fine with me. As long as the arguments are reflected carefully.

Suriname 100 cents edge variety
Posted: 19-May-2018, 02:10PM in Numismatic questions

Hi, • a user reported a edge variety for 1989 type. I cannot find any reference of this edge variety in the literature nor on the internet. • The variety would be that one type has a sharp (flat) edge reeding and the other is beveled (wired). I'm a bit worried that this might be contributed to wear, althoug he is claiming that the coins are in rather high quality. In my own coins I can find the beveled edges, but these might very well be due to wear. • Any insights on this matter? Maybe someone can check his/her collection to see whether they a differency in edge type. • Thanks in advance, • Chilian (referee of Suriname)

How should the ruler's name be written?
Posted: 7-Jan-2018, 11:08PM in Numista catalogue

Well then. Shouldn't the same rules apply with the ruler? I didn't follow this discussion that well, but browsing through the catalog I assume the endonyms are used right now (i.e. Gulden instead of Guilder). • Just thinking out loud. Maybe a mouseover option could apply for these names as well? Just like we use for the description of the designers. In this way (relevant) 'other' names can easily be seen as well.

Beautiful commemorative coins that cost less than €10
Posted: 5-Jan-2018, 06:17PM in Free discussion

A few times a year the Dutch National Mint (KNM) issues commemoratives with some great designs, if you ask me. Most of the times they include a 5 euro coin which are sold for 5 euro; Red Cross, Johan Cruyff, Stelling van Amsterdam, Jheronymus Bosch (you gotta love Bosch ) •

Referees please give your opinion: Status on unimportant lettering in catalogue
Posted: 5-Jan-2018, 06:10PM in Free discussion

I agree with Ecapoe. • I think it all contributes to the completeness of the catalog, helps traceability and it is fun information. • Plus, it took me a while... • • Don't let it be in vain... • Also, what is the harm? • Kind regards

Local Coin Shops: The People's List (Going on a trip? Want to visit some local dealers? Check out our list!)
Posted: 5-Jan-2018, 06:01PM in Free discussion

Netherlands • Postzegel en Munthandel Den Besterd, Besterdring 54, 5014 HL Tilburg • On the Nieuwezijdse Voorburgwal in Amsterdam there are some stands as well who sell coins. •

Quality of postal services for countries
Posted: 4-Jan-2018, 02:55AM in Swaps and trades

Netherlands: • Good quality postal system. Usually delivers the next day when posted nationally. The last few years it might take a day extra. Usually nothing gets lost, although once or twice it might, but I don't think it gets stolen. • Anyway, good, reliable and trustworthy postal system, if you ask me. No need for registred mail on this side. • Costs: reasonably, in my opinion.

Posted: 24-Dec-2017, 02:25PM in Numista catalogue

But, doesn't that create a new problem? Then the coin is listed twice on Numista. That would mess up statistics, as well as personal, as Numista's.

Paris, Madrid, Florence, Stockholm
Posted: 2-Dec-2017, 10:01PM in Numismatic questions

After my travels to Paris, Madrid and Florence I can confirm the coin shops around Rue de Vivienne in Paris and under the stoa of Plazza Mayor in Madrid. • I couldn't find any coins shops in Florence unfortunately... although I didn't spend my holiday just looking for shops of course. • Kind regards and thanks for the suggestions!

Netherlands last Gulden
Posted: 13-Nov-2017, 10:14PM in Numismatic questions

Mine is in coin alignment

Difficult to identify the mint in '1 Franc - Baudouin I Dutch text' Coin
Posted: 30-Oct-2017, 01:23AM in Numista catalogue

Hi Marcelo, • there are 4 kinds of this particular year of this particular coin. The key is in the orientation (coin or medal alignment) and in the signature of the designer Marcel Rau. • 1951: 'normal'; coin alignment; signature says: "RAU" • 1951: medal alignment • 1951: coin alignment; without signature (No "RAU") • 1951: coin alignment; signature says: "RAU." (with a dot afterwards) • I hope that helps. • Kind regards and good luck

Suriname 10 cents (again)
Posted: 13-Sep-2017, 03:39PM in Numista catalogue

Cyrillius: I agree

Change alarm
Posted: 6-Aug-2017, 10:35PM in Numista website

Hi, • I would like to know when a change/update has been made to one of the coins in my collection. I could make a mental picture of all the pages and check them regularly... oh wait, no, actually I cannot. • Is there a way that I can get a message when an item is changed? I tried RSSowl, but maybe I did something wrong. • The reason why I would want to be notified is because I want to make sure that I have the right variety, for instance. This goes especially for the coins in my swaplist. Sometimes a new variety is added, of which I didn't know. The wrong variety could be in my swaplist which makes it a bit awkward in the swapping process (or even when the swapper get the coin at home). • Thanks in advance.

Confirmation requested for Sinhala and Tamil
Posted: 18-Jul-2017, 11:51PM in Free discussion

Thanks GQ. Greatly appreciated. • So, that would mean that the singular and plural forms of rupee in Tamil are the same? • Kind regards, • Chilian

Looking for trade
Posted: 8-May-2017, 02:52PM in Swaps and trades

Hi, • I'm looking for a nice trade. I've got coins to trade from all over the world, but mostly Europe (and a load of Dutch coins). • I mainly collect types, but in the end also different years and varieties. Nothing special, no proofs, no precious metals. So, simple collector. • Let me know and good luck today on another Monday, • Chilian

Another mark: Swedish Krona, KM# 814
Posted: 3-May-2017, 11:39PM in Numismatic questions

Nice, thanks every body!

Identification of mark
Posted: 21-Apr-2017, 10:01PM in Numismatic questions

Thanks for the efforts. It is greatly appreciated! • Kind regards, • Chilian

Request better image
Posted: 5-Jan-2017, 05:40PM in Numista website

Yes, even better. There could also be a request for other information like lettering, translation of lettering, alignment, edge description etcetera.

India 5 rupees 2010 (Calcutta)
Posted: 9-Jun-2016, 02:31AM in Numista catalogue

That's a different year

Sending to India
Posted: 26-May-2016, 04:56PM in Swaps and trades

Thanks. • It says: • 5/5/2016 8:09:59 PM India REVDIBAZAR H.O. Receive item at delivery office (Inb) Air MUMBAI AIRPORT SORTING OFFICE • It seems stuck at some point for some reason...

(CCIP) Cooperative catalogue improvement project - Catalogue works
Posted: 30-Apr-2016, 06:51PM in Free discussion • • • • • • Lettering added and translated

Unknown coin catalogs
Posted: 2-Dec-2015, 01:08AM in Numismatic questions

As far as I can tell there is no way to add the numbers of these important catalogues: • Netherlands, Batavian Republic, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Netherlands West-Indies, Suriname, Netherlands East-Indies • --> Schulman-number (Handboek der Nederlandse Munten van 1795-1975 / Jacques Schulman, Amsterdam, 1975) • --> Scholten-number (De munten van de Nederlandsche Gebiedsdelen Overzee 1601-1948 / C. Scholten, Amsterdam, 1951) • Dutch Republic • --> Verkade-number (Muntboek, bevattende de namen en afbeeldingen van munten geslagen in de zeven voormalig vereenigde Nederlandsche Provincien / P. Verkade, Schiedam, 1848) • Belgium • --> Morin-number

[solved] More Catalogs?
Posted: 2-Dec-2015, 12:10AM in Numista website

I'm sorry, edited the post. I did not make my request clear enough...

[solved] Show alternative catalog numbers on coin page
Posted: 31-Oct-2015, 04:34PM in Numista website

As far as I can tell there is no way to add the numbers of these important catalogues: • Netherlands, Batavian Republic, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Netherlands West-Indies, Suriname, Netherlands East-Indies • --> Schulman-number (Handboek der Nederlandse Munten van 1795-1975 / Jacques Schulman, Amsterdam, 1975) • --> Scholten-number (De munten van de Nederlandsche Gebiedsdelen Overzee 1601-1948 / C. Scholten, Amsterdam, 1951) • Dutch Republic • --> Verkade-number (Muntboek, bevattende de namen en afbeeldingen van munten geslagen in de zeven voormalig vereenigde Nederlandsche Provincien / P. Verkade, Schiedam, 1848) • Belgium • --> Morin-number

Norway 1/2 skilling 1841
Posted: 1-May-2015, 12:05AM in Numista catalogue

Hi there, • I've got a Norwegian 1/2 skilling from 1841 without a star underneath the Kongsberg hammers. Numista does not list this coin, Krause does. • Could the ref add it, so I can add it to my collection? • Thanks!

French chambres de commerce coin
Posted: 23-Apr-2015, 01:14AM in Numismatic questions

Hi, • can anyone help me out with these coins from the chambers of commerce? Like this one: • I'm wondering what the mark underneath "CENTIMES" is supposed to be? Is it a cornucopia as well? Which would mean that the mint Vincennes would bear the same mark as Pessac/Paris later? • Also I would like to know what the "BR.AL." stands for. • Thanks in advance! • Kind regards

Double finches
Posted: 3-Apr-2015, 01:43AM in Numista website

Okay, I'll admit it: I have a double check mark fetish (a 'finch' translated to/from Dutch). • And I absolutely dislike the fact that I can't have a double check mark on a coin, simply because I don't own a proof quality or an error or anything else. I'm simply not interested in those coins. • Is it possible that an extra box after 'Exchange' (for instance) is added to check/finch, signifying that I'm not interested in these coins? • This could also help swapping, since those coins wouldn't have to appear on the swapping charts. • Kind regards.

Where is the S&M?
Posted: 29-Mar-2015, 01:58AM in Numismatic questions

Hi, • Okay, I'm sorry... A little enticement... • I'm having trouble to find the mint mark (sm) on this coin. Can someone point it out for me? • • Kind regards, • Chilian

Swapping 2 euro commemoratives
Posted: 27-Jan-2015, 12:46AM in Swaps and trades

Anyone into swapping 2 euro commemoratives?

Return of the King
Posted: 12-Jan-2015, 01:07AM in Numista website

Uhm... • nobody is going to react to Xavier's return? Or did I miss out on something? • What does it mean? What has it meant? What will it mean? So many questions... • Can someone enlighten me? If there is anybody left?

Cape Verde brass or bronze ring
Posted: 7-Dec-2014, 03:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Good to know. Thanks for your effort!

Engraver Belgian 1 franc? Elström or Keustermans?
Posted: 7-Dec-2014, 01:30AM in Numismatic questions

Why are the latest Belgian 1 franc coins called "Elström type" (KM# 187/188)? I get different information across the internet about who designed these coins. Some sites say Elström other say Keustermans/Tits. • The Belgian mint site is appalling unfortunately... not very helpful. • Anyone got a reliable source for this information? • Thanks

Error in menu?
Posted: 4-Dec-2014, 07:45PM in Numista website

What is this now? • - République néerlandais Gelderland • - REPUBLIQUE NEERLANDAISE GELDERLAND • why are they double, in french and one in capitals? • why are the not under Dutch Republic? • *edit* I see now that there are more in French

Posted: 7-Nov-2014, 01:51AM in Numista website

In addition • I checked it out on Catawiki. The users who posted these pictures on Catawiki are not the same person, so someone is copying copyrighted materials

Difference Canada KM# 496 and KM# 837
Posted: 13-Oct-2014, 11:57PM in Numismatic questions

Hmm, I see... apparently I did not compare them right. • BUT, KM# 496 does not seem to be the same here on Numista as on Krause (Numismaster)... What's the dealio?

Difference thickness Belgian 1 franc KM# 142-143
Posted: 9-Oct-2014, 06:57PM in Numismatic questions

Okay, I didn't expect that. Thanks for clearing that up.

MG on Mary Gillick coin
Posted: 1-Jun-2014, 06:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Ah, no wonder I couldn't find it... • Thanks a lot

Colombia leper colony
Posted: 27-Apr-2014, 02:03PM in Numismatic questions

Thanks for your input, I really apreciate it. • It still seems a bit off to me that coins with such small differences would have different designers... Or that only on one kind of coin the designer initials are mentioned. But, then again, it would be as good as an explanation as my mint mark theory. • Maybe there is someone with a Colombian coin catalogue at hand?

Difference privy, mintmaster, mint official, moneyer
Posted: 9-Jan-2014, 10:33PM in Numismatic questions

Can anyone explain to me the difference between a privy, mintmaster, mint official and moneyer? • Thanks.

Difference between liard and 1/2 liard Liège
Posted: 2-Jan-2014, 05:42PM in Numismatic questions

Can anyone tell me how to determine the difference between a Liège 1 liard and 1/2 liard coin? Is it by weight or diameter? And what should the weights or sizes be?

How to suggest changes to the Krause Catalogues
Posted: 6-Nov-2013, 11:55PM in Numismatic questions

I always wondered what the sources of Krause are. Do they get their information first hand from the mints? Do they rely on 'specialists' from each country? Do they use local catalogs? Do they do their own measurements?

Dutch Cent Identification
Posted: 5-Nov-2013, 06:43PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Coin of the Kingdom of the Netherlands issued in Suriname and Curaçao (note the palmtree for the overseas territories, instead of an acorn for the mainland territory) and minted in Philadelphia, US (note the "P"), during WWII. Minted in bronze and brass. •

92.5% complete
Posted: 3-Nov-2013, 06:24PM in Numista website

Quote: eminemthen I can move on to verifying those same pages, but in French  Wouldn't it be easier to do them at the same time?

1 pound 2005 UK
Posted: 3-Nov-2013, 06:17PM in Numismatic questions

Nickel-Brass is the same material the ring of the 1 euro coin and the center of 2 euro coin is made of, so the colo(u)r should be te same. • The pounds you're refferring to are mentioned in Spink and in Krause to be made of nickel-brass, silver or gold.

Help from Portugese collectors?
Posted: 2-Nov-2013, 09:44PM in Numismatic questions

Can anyone tell me anything about Joao Fragoso? • Is he a coin designer of the escudo, like the old 2,50 escudo? • Thanks!

KM# 1
Posted: 28-Oct-2013, 10:40PM in Numismatic questions

Of course, I get that. • But, I wasn't referring to Numista specifically, but to the numbering system of Krause. There is no mention of a coin with KM#1 for the Netherlands (for instance) in the catalog... what happened there?

Vote for the Numista token's design
Posted: 23-Oct-2013, 11:40PM in News

Please, in Mercury's name, check for grammar errors before sending your design to the engraver... • Or is "togeherness" a new English word I've never heard of...?

Posted: 23-Oct-2013, 10:16PM in Numismatic questions

It was a gimmick referring to the Dutch grammar-mistake website: ... • So it was a 'mistake' made intentionally...

Suriname 10 cent 1988
Posted: 21-Oct-2013, 12:25AM in Numista catalogue

According to my Dutch catalog (Suriname was a Dutch colony in our sinister history) and according to Krause, the alloy is cupro-nickel instead of steel-plated... which would make it non-magnetic.

Netherlands 10 euro cent 2012
Posted: 17-Oct-2013, 05:10PM in Numismatic questions

The Dutch mint (KNM) states that legal tender is used, so that it officially is. But, it does not guarantee that it will be accepted at all stores. Does that make it a token? At our website we sorted it as a token, but Numista would have to decide for it self. • Link in Dutch

Coin microscopic photography
Posted: 3-Oct-2013, 02:10PM in Free discussion

Hi, • I would like to make some pictures of details of coins. The problems I have so far with my scanner and a relatively cheap USB-microscope is that it just does not meet the resolution. Another problem I come across is the lighting. • I see a lot of high resolution, good quality images on the site here. Although I'm looking to blow them up even more. • Does anyone have an easy solution for these problems? Or a good advice which microscope to purchase for a reasonable price? • Thanks in advance.

Trouble searching coins
Posted: 17-Aug-2013, 04:42PM in Numista website

** Correction - This is right, of course... Stupid. Somehow the euro-box wasn't checked, this wasn't like that before, was it?** • Thanks, but I checked that... • But this just isn't right... •

Barre coins
Posted: 14-Aug-2013, 11:37PM in Numismatic questions

Hi, • thanks for your reply. But only if it was that simple. At least I think it's not that simple. I have serious doubts concerning the correctness of these designers. So, I was hoping someone could refer to a catalog. Maybe my suspicion is not founded, but I would like to be sure anyway. • Thanks again

Nepalese coins
Posted: 7-Jul-2013, 01:17AM in Numismatic questions

It took me a while, but with a little help from my friend 'google translate' I could identify my coin. Thanks!

Snap of your Dashboard :) [Closed - see new thread]
Posted: 27-Jun-2013, 12:49AM in Free discussion

I was missing a fiery red dot on the Netherlands, therefore this post. • Edit: 379 coins is red, by the way

Posted: 10-May-2012, 04:22PM in Numista website

I'm re-cataloging my collection and noticed a bug in the dashboard. Thus far I added 3 coins and the line above the map says: "Your online collection contains 3 coins: 6 different types from 4 countries. " • So there are 3 coins in my collection thus far (that's correct), I wonder how it is possible that they are of 6 different types and even from 4 countries, while they are all from Argentina... • Just reporting

Clean out collection
Posted: 9-May-2012, 11:19PM in Numista website

Quote: XavierHi! • If you are sure you want to reset all the data about your collection, send me a message and I'll do it for you.Thanks, but I cleaned it by hand. Thanks anyway and I'll remember your offer for a next time I mess up my database.