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Austrian Thief!!!!
Posted: 15-Oct-2014, 06:57PM in Swaps and trades

Like to respond in the event. This unfortunate incident I was also uncomfortable because I feel like I cheated. About 1 year ago en en start the collection I do not have much experience, but a lot of time and energy to Translators. I bought a really nice coins to a more market Wien, but as it turns out, they are all false. This regrettable and unpleasant things we talked about the data subject shall have the error corrected and progress! I feel like a fair man, that's why I can not afford to such accusations. • Furthermore, the duty in respect of whom the word is harmed me, but since it does not live far from me, personally went to visit her and sent the pieces back to my garden, because he did not want a personal meeting before the exchange! It claimed that it wants to remain incognito in order to safeguard! We would like not to remember all those who attempts to identify this man, guilty of libel comply with them!