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What made you decide to start collecting coins?
Posted: 15-Mar-2014, 03:21PM in Free discussion

  •  I still remember the day of my very first collection 18 years ago. My dad came home from his business trip and gave me a plastic bag full of coins from Singapore. As a kid, I was  growing  up in a country where coins were not minted for a long period of time until recently when they decided to mint them again. Therefore, I would spent hours just sorting them and look at them without boring and admire all the details minted on each coin everyday. Those coins are very precious to me because I found nowhere else but only from my dad business trips as a souvenir from the countries where he went. And year by year, I got more coins and this made a small collection. •    I left my collection back home and moved to Canada to pursuit my education. Very sad to say good bye to my childhood collection. Busy school schedule and work keep me completely to forget about collecting them again. Well, my second collection start with a set of 12 month[...]

How old are you ? What's your job ? And other hobbies ?
Posted: 13-Mar-2014, 09:52PM in Free discussion

Quote: Mark240590Just to get to know people better I thought this could be nice Don't put any fields in you're not comfortable with but ... • I'm 22, work as a plumbing and heating engineer and my other hobbies include modifying cars, rural walks with the girlfriend and mutt, and just doing things with friends. • I am 29, working as lab technician. My hobby, besides  coins collecting, is Japanese sword fencing (kendo), and playing video games with my girl friend