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Search function problem
Posted: 28-Feb-2020, 01:52PM in Numista website

Yes, that is fixed. Here is another: • When searching Japanese Puppet States “japanese puppet”, I get 3 results (none of which are Japanese puppet states coins) • If searching “japanese puppet states” zero results. • There are 44 JPS coins on Numista. •

High Quality Images - not high quality on iPad/iPhone
Posted: 22-Feb-2020, 12:06AM in Numista website

This may not be a “bug” but a limitation of my devices. • I notice that the high quality coin scans I send/receive in private messages via my laptop are great, but when trying to view them on mobile devices (iPad/iPhone) they become very low quality. Does anyone else have this issue, and is there a way to improve the images? I am a relatively new apple user.

Bank of Canada to make new $5 note
Posted: 15-Jan-2020, 04:38AM in Banknotes

Quote: "Camerinvs"​Aaaah ─ I'm sure they'll get a lot of submissions for Neil Peart! • ​ • ​In the very unlikely event he were chosen, I imagine his face shown in ⅓ profile with the drum kit in the background on one side and a four-line quote from his lyrics on the other. What would be a good four line quote for this purpose?​if the dream is won • though everything is lost • we will pay the price • but we will not count the cost • Appropriate for a banknote! • I saw rush live in 97 and 07, but my vote would be for someone even more famous: Sir Timothy Horton

[solved] What is the difference between reshat and el ghazi on Ottoman Empire coins?
Posted: 9-Jan-2020, 04:54AM in Numismatic questions

Numbers are the only thing I know in Arabic! And I know there were major changes in 1915 in the Ottoman Empire...

[solved] Grading Finland Coin
Posted: 8-Jan-2020, 02:36AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Looks almost XF, too bad about the stains. I’m no Finland expert, but Ollisaarinen may be I would PM him a query.

Grading banknotes
Posted: 7-Jan-2020, 10:25PM in Banknotes

[solved] Number of people who own each year of the coins
Posted: 29-Dec-2019, 03:40AM in Numista website

Quote: "andrewdotcoza"​it feels like your idea is to try and guess the relative number of coins minted from the relative number of coins in NumistaThat ​is not my idea (if I understand you correctly). I simply want to know how hard it is to collect a year. • Total coin formula 3: • If 100 coins are entered in Numista, and 99 are from 2000 and 1 is from 2001, we can see 99% on 2000 and 1% on 2001. • Member formula 2: • But if one member has the 99 coins from 2000, and the other member has the 1 coin from 2001, the member formula shows 50%/50%. That would lead someone to believe each year is equally hard to find. But clearly it is not, because there are 99 times more 2000 coins found than 2001 coins found.

400+ Banknotes for Swap
Posted: 19-Dec-2019, 03:39AM in Banknotes • Many UNC (and other) banknotes for swap. I prefer to swap notes out for coins in return, but can also swap notes for notes. Will sell notes as a last resort if you don’t have anything I’m looking for.

[solved] Greece: 1 drachma 1973, km98, 3 types
Posted: 8-Dec-2019, 06:31PM in Numista catalogue

Ok, I thought there was a 3rd P. I understand now. • I love your finds! Ole for prime minister of Numista!!!

Vinyl banknote storage pages 30 cents - For Sale USA only
Posted: 5-Dec-2019, 01:27AM in Banknotes

I have for sale 51 used three-ring banknote pages as follows: • 10 Cowens 4-pocket • 16 Supersafe 4-pocket • 25 Lead Dog 4-pocket • (all 3-pockets sold) • None of these are the archival (as I would call them "crispy") pages. These are the more supple type that does not crack when bent. There will be some dust and dog hair on these, they are like magnets for that. • PM me any offer. (I don't see a way to ship these for less than $13 due to their dimensions, if you do, let's discuss.)

Banknote storage ideas...
Posted: 5-Dec-2019, 12:20AM in Banknotes

Quote: "dkallen78"​Am I the only one using a 3-ring binder and BCW 3-note pages?​I use them too. • I have some pages for sale if anyone is interested. • (Lead Dog 3-pocket and 4-pocket pages, probably 100 of each, will put up a post when I get them all consolidated)

Hacking Attempt or Numista Error?
Posted: 29-Nov-2019, 08:16PM in Numista website

When attempting to login this morning: • Did anyone else have this today? (Approximately 1905 UTC Nov 29)

be careful to swap Italy versus USA
Posted: 17-Nov-2019, 02:33AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "GiannaReggio"​Unfortunately, after some successful swaps with USA this time, the envelope was blocked by the Italian customs, and after various interactions I got it but I had to pay 17,5 Euro, and the envelope has been opened and then closed by the customs people. • ​The problem I assume was that this time the sender declared value of 25 dollars on the envelope, whereas in the other cases I received the coins in a plain envelope but using registered mail. • ​Has anyone some good suggestions to receive coins from USA? • ​ thanks​From the USA we are required to declare a value and the contents. Declaring a low value sometimes helps, and declaring something like “model train parts” can sometimes prevent theft. But if lost, only the declared value can be repaid, and even then the maximum refund value is approximately $42. But if caught lying about the contents, the letter can be confiscated. To receive payment for a lost letter, we must provide r[...]

Rare coin in circulation in the USA
Posted: 15-Nov-2019, 09:05PM in Free discussion

Here is one W mint quarter for sale on eBay, with free shipping •

Mexico by the pound for sale (US only) - SOLD
Posted: 4-Nov-2019, 05:23PM in Swaps and trades

I have about 11.5 pounds of Mexico for sale. Right now it's sorted out by material (ie bronze, brass, cu-ni, etc). It's probably 90% VF or worse, no key dates. • If you are interested in any of this mailed to you, make me an offer. You can take all of it, or parts. Private message if you need more details. • --SOLD--

International shipping news
Posted: 27-Oct-2019, 06:53AM in Free discussion

Crisis averted? • • Kayla Tausche, CNBC: • The Universal Postal Union agreed to a compromise Wednesday that would allow the United States to set its own inbound postage rates and remain within the organization the Trump administration had previously threatened to leave. • After rejecting a handful of earlier options, more than half the 192-country body voted in favor of “option V,” which will allow the US to raise prices for packages arriving from other countries, in exchange for a contribution into the Union’s “voluntary fund,” which covers security and pensions. Other countries can also adjust prices on US inbound packages next July and on packages from elsewhere by set amounts each year. • “By remaining in the UPU, the United States retains its important leadership role in the global postal system,” says Kate Muth, executive director of[...]

What is your pet name for doing something related to coins?
Posted: 2-Oct-2019, 05:39PM in Free discussion

My wife calls my office “the coin cave.” When I go to the office I often say “I shall retire to my nerdery.”

Posted: 30-Sep-2019, 12:01PM in Numismatic questions

Rhett & Link “How To Kill a Mustache” •!

Germany 1939 A 2 Reichsmark Flaws
Posted: 21-Sep-2019, 08:21PM in Numismatic questions

Look at this interesting flaw. I do not have many of this type, and I am wondering if it is a common flaw? I suspect it is. Is there a name for this kind of flaw? • It is not old tape--it is five raised metal areas on the planchet. •

[solved] Messages Time stamp? (UTC/Local)
Posted: 20-Aug-2019, 10:02PM in Numista website

Resolved. Now on local time.

[solved] Add "last log in" info in user's profile
Posted: 20-Aug-2019, 03:14AM in Numista website

If this idea is implemented, please allow the personal settings options of staying hidden. • When you have several/dozens of conversations/swaps in progress at once, some people get upset when you are not responding to them. I can only do so much at a time with my schedule, and sometimes want to login to read the forum for 5 minutes rather than answer a swap request. Or maybe I only have time to work on one swap today, and not the other 5 in progress. • This idea is somewhat of a privacy invasion, and some people will use it to nag you when you simply don't have the time to give them.

[solved] Constantly have to sign back in.
Posted: 20-Aug-2019, 02:54AM in Numista website

Same problem for the last several days.

Manila Philippines
Posted: 20-Apr-2019, 09:30AM in Free discussion

Unplanned stop here in Manila for Easter Sunday and Monday. Will any attractions (such as a water park) be open on Easter here? • I note that the website for the first Manila coin shop listed looks like maybe they no longer have a store? (Papercoinage) “You may visit shop at : (Temporary not available)” Can anyone confirm they still exist?

Can you spot the fake?
Posted: 8-Apr-2019, 08:03AM in Coin identifications and valuations

The “machine”: It’s about $600, somewhat bulky, and a little difficult to use. • • • Dealers need it to spot good fakes, for the rest of us it’s an opulent toy. IMO only for an advanced gold or silver collector. A few dealers have let me use one, but you really need to know your stuff to make it useful. It’s too large to put in your pocket, about the size of a medium hardcover book.

Okinawa Coin Shops?
Posted: 16-Feb-2019, 07:43AM in Free discussion

I did previously. So far no response from their 2 email addresses. Not sure if they’re still in business.

[solved] Panama 1 centésimo 1937 - signature?
Posted: 16-Jan-2019, 03:24AM in Numismatic questions

Under a 13x magnification eyepiece, I have a UNC 1935 that is very clearly "NOBLE". I will try to post a scan or a microscope photo, but I doubt that I will be successful due to the nature of the scanner's and microscope's lighting system on such a small mark. • Scanner: • Microscope: •

[solved] Bug report - Swaps for AU coins
Posted: 13-Jan-2019, 02:28AM in Numista website

In swaps, if an AU coin is selected, the grade "AU" does not appear on the swap page. The other grades do appear: UNC, XF, etc. • (It may be possible that coins graded "G" do not appear as well, because both AU and G are new grades in Numista.)

[solved] Private comment/price/multiple conditions for swap - removed?!
Posted: 29-Dec-2018, 10:55PM in Numista website

Thank goodness I have found it: • It is the option: • A. "One line per coin in my collection, with coin values" vs • B. "One line per coin year, without coin values" • Somehow mine was changed to B without my knowledge, but I use option A. Or maybe this is a new added option, that defaulted to B?

US Swappers/Sellers - Warning on International Registered Mail
Posted: 18-Nov-2018, 08:01AM in Swaps and trades

In March, I sent a Registered letter overseas. In April the package was verified lost in the post by both the USPS and the receiving country’s foreign post, after tracking terminated at Customs in the foreign country. • In August I filed a USPS claim (PS Form 2855) for repayment with original 2017 auction house receipts for $496.90 (“you must also include evidence of value for this article, such as a sales receipt”). Here is the response I received from USPS: • …In accordance with postal regulations in the International Mail Manual (IMM), under Special Services Registered Mail Section (333.2) Indemnity Limit, regardless of the declared value of a registered item the maximum amount of indemnity payable for loss, damage or rifling in 2018 is $42.27. Please accept our apology… You may also appeal the Insured registered mail provision or policy on which our decision is based by writing… • In a separate letter I received a check from the USPS for $56.27, which is the[...]

Grading pre-1948 German coins
Posted: 2-Nov-2018, 03:53AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Two year bump! Any new/good sites for pre-1948 grading standards?

Your thoughts on Registered letter “lost”
Posted: 2-Sep-2018, 12:24AM in Swaps and trades

I'm trying to keep it generic--any partner. Offer your opinion for both options.

Customs forms
Posted: 2-Sep-2018, 12:14AM in Swaps and trades

I have been exclusively using the "older" form CN22 (also called PS Form 2976 at bottom left), and it appears to accomplish our intent. What is the new form called? I will ask for it at my office.

Hey you coin collectors, have a question. On Mexico 5 centavos 1971 KM427
Posted: 12-Apr-2018, 05:01AM in Numismatic questions

Ole, • As always, I love your finds! This is one of many things that makes collecting interesting. Even on such a common coin, there is something special that can be found. Great work with your documentation/images. • Daryl—bravo as well!

[solved] Young collector
Posted: 1-Apr-2018, 05:16AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "pejounet"​ • Quote: "VintageCoin"​I bought old holed silver coins from a gambler who needed i started collecting that kind of coins...And i dont know why iam suspicious.​​I put the warning on your profile. • ​ • ​Reasons: • ​ • ​I recommend not telling the scammers what to do to avoid detection. Am I crazy?

This is new for me
Posted: 24-Mar-2018, 06:34AM in Free discussion

Yes, but on outbound US customs. So far not with coins but with banknotes. US Customs have damaged my banknotes because they are too well packed. But they are nice enough to leave the border patrol agent’s card inside to have the name of someone to be mad at.

1 peso cacahuatepec 1917
Posted: 20-Mar-2018, 07:18AM in Swaps and trades

I will pay you $12,000 US cash if you can meet me at this address: • 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW • Washington DC 20535 • USA

What's the story behind your Numista profile picture?
Posted: 12-Mar-2018, 03:35AM in Free discussion

Me departing Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan. I made friends with the Dutch ISAF photographer when we landed, and he emailed me all off the takeoff and landing shots later that day. We delivered several pieces of the heavy equipment used to pave the runway.

Posted: 8-Mar-2018, 03:05AM in Coin identifications and valuations

• Clearly it is the two with the arrows. The Type 1,2,3,4 is from NGC/Krause link in my original post, but the types are not described online at NGC: • Y23 and Y24 also list the same 4 types/combinations with no description. • This is currently Numista's type 1,2 explanation. Do you think it is correct? •

[solved] Please add China Republic Y#350.1 (20 Fen) 1936A
Posted: 8-Mar-2018, 01:53AM in Numista catalogue

Please add Y#350.1 Yr 25(1936)A to Numista Y#350: • • This is the same Vienna mint/year as in Numista Y#349.1: • • Reference: •

The super weird politicians of your country
Posted: 2-Mar-2018, 04:30AM in Free discussion

It is with great pomp and circumstance that I announce the newest mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska. I give you Denali the cat: • (photo taken today)

[solved] Numista update
Posted: 28-Feb-2018, 05:23AM in Numista website

Quote: "numinis"​As for grades in swaplist, why can't you use five columns for collection and five for swaps? Like this: • ​​I agree that this is the PERFECT solution for balance between the old and new sites!

Grading French Silver 1898-1934
Posted: 25-Feb-2018, 08:51AM in Coin identifications and valuations

It’s what I have in hand.

Numista Upgrade Sunday 6-7 GMT
Posted: 24-Feb-2018, 07:57PM in Numista website

"An upgrade of the website is planned on Sunday from 6 am to 7 am GMT. During this period, updates of your collection will be temporarily disabled." • I assume this is for values?: •

When did you start collecting?
Posted: 12-Feb-2018, 03:01AM in Free discussion

I guess I could say that I started collecting in 1999, when I first lived abroad (Japan). For work, I visited over 100 countries in the next 8 years, picking up coins all along the way. There was no intent to become a 'collector,' I was simply trying to accumulate mementos of my visits. • 4 years ago (Mar 2014 as my profile shows) I was cleaning up my office and found many envelopes full of coins and banknotes from my travels. Numista helped me identify where all the coins I had found came from. Since then, colleting is my indoor hobby, which is good for cold days in Alaska.

What pets do you have ?
Posted: 12-Feb-2018, 01:08AM in Free discussion

• Guess which animal takes the most time.

Does the "Type" verbiage have any correlation to the "Rarity Index"?
Posted: 3-Feb-2018, 06:21AM in Numista catalogue

The rarity index is nothing more than a formula that describes how “rare” that particular type is for the users that use this website, nothing external. • There are many threads here addressing NRI, it’s a red v blue, pro-choice v pro-life discussion. In other words it is difficult to find rational discourse regarding it... • Regarding “common coin” not sure.

Help grade this George VI penny KM845
Posted: 1-Feb-2018, 12:51AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Sunlight: (still looks better in hand than in the photos) •

Coin Authentication - China - Republic 3 Mace 6 Candareens, Yunnan
Posted: 31-Jan-2018, 06:25AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have purchased many fake silver coins in China, with the intention of learning how to identify fakes. I HIGHLY recommend you perform the density test: • • All of my fakes fail the density test, although they may pass other tests.

[solved] Rarity index for individual years
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 05:51PM in Numista website

I’m happy to see that you changed your one-sentence highly emotional response (that I replied “silly” to) with a valid useful argument. • Unfortunate that you chose to delete your initial response and eliminate the evidence. You won’t see the same trick from me. My lesson here is to always quote the silliness. But my memory is “strong like bull” and I remember almost precisely what was written: “The moment rarity is removed, it will instantly class up this site.” Emotional and silly. • Back to the real subject. Thanks again for a well-intentioned and valid response. I agree with a majority of what you said the second time around.

[solved] Don't know either what this one is
Posted: 21-Jan-2018, 06:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

2018 Tax Revision in U.S.
Posted: 6-Jan-2018, 04:49AM in Swaps and trades

I heard they will also tax breathing, due to CO2 emissions. If you breathe less in 2018 you will get a tax credit.

Kiwi assistance!
Posted: 25-Sep-2017, 03:14AM in Free discussion

I expect to be working at Ohakea for 3 weeks beginning approximately 14 Oct. Please contact me if you have ideas for things to do on my off days. I love fishing and will likely bring some gear. Also looking for unique attractions. • I suppose a coin shop might be worth some time, but will be lower priority since this is my first (and likely last) trip to NZ. If interested in a swap, let me know, but I will likely be tied to several other individuals who will have no interest in spending time on coins!

What do I need to know for my first ever swap?
Posted: 5-Sep-2017, 08:26AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "Platypus"​I'm looking forward to my first swap too, so I hope the OP wouldn't mind a mild thread hijack. :) • ​ • ​What if I want to exchange one in-demand coin for several identical common coins? I've played with the swap menu, but it doesn't let you select quantities. Either I'm doing something wrong, or the only way to request multiples of the same coin is by messaging the other person. Help? (I think) ​you should be able to add more of an identical coin by going to the "get more coins" option after you have started the swap. But if you want 10 more coins you have to do it 10 times. Or a note saying "I want 10" should work too.

Sydney, Au
Posted: 11-Aug-2017, 02:20AM in Free discussion

Any good coin shops in downtown Sydney (that are for collectors not tourists)?

Cost to ship from US (swaps)
Posted: 3-Aug-2017, 12:56AM in Swaps and trades

Never put "coins" on a customs form (if required). Put something like "old medals". • If it's a few coins, just put them in regular first class international post as part of a letter.

Looking to buy Kenya 1 shilling 1981 to 1988
Posted: 4-Jun-2017, 02:38AM in Swaps and trades

Let us know if you find any of these 1981-1988 1 shilling coins. •

Colombia KM#267 25c 1980?
Posted: 18-Apr-2017, 07:29PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Jarcek"​So we probably have coins minted in two years with just one date. • I received this response from Colombia's NUMISMÁTICA Y FILATELIA BOGOTÁ: • "You are right. They made this 25 Centavos coin only in 1979. It was issued in a hurry to facilitate payment of bus fare. The five-cent coins were out of circulation, and for this reason the buses were charging 30 cents instead of 25. We have reported three varieties of this coin: • 1) Normal coin • 2) Rotated reverse, almost always towards left • 3) Medal aligned. Very rare. • Hope this information is useful to you."

Nepal (coin #1)
Posted: 18-Apr-2017, 04:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Yes, I now agree that it is 1995. Numista #711 , NGC #711 • Those certainly look like 8s to me, but I guess they are 9s! It's all about the font! Nepal Numbers • Coin #2 later today, time permitting.

Open for swaps
Posted: 17-Apr-2017, 07:18PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "BSmith" swap rules. • ​More of a manifesto, really. • I KID!

NGC site - pricing anomalies
Posted: 18-Mar-2017, 04:42AM in Free discussion

I think this subject recently came up, but I was unable to find it when searching the forum--my apologies if so. • Today when researching the NGC world coin site, I found a strange anomaly where the VF prices are higher than the XF prices: • • I know I had looked up this coin last month, but don't remember seeing the anomaly then. Does anyone know why this is happening, and if it's a common discrepancy?

Posted: 4-Mar-2017, 07:51AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Mark240590"​... my wife was born in the lunar year of the monkey, She visited Gibraltar just a few months later. We were married in Gibraltar the next time the year of the monkey arrived... • ​ • ​So you married a 12-year old? What country are you two from? • (or maybe you left something out of your thought there so late at night)

Orlando 9-11 Mar ANA Show
Posted: 4-Mar-2017, 12:22AM in Free discussion

Quote: "gyoschak"​Anyone going to the ANA show in Orlando? I submitted the outing for it, but it hasn't made the list yet. • ​​Still not on the outings list. I guess nobody has been taking those inputs over the last month.

Swap with paveldedeman was unpleasant
Posted: 3-Mar-2017, 05:19PM in Free discussion

Quote: "pnightingale"...​ Sorry Rick, going to disagree on this one... ​​I'm not the smartest guy on the planet but I could solve 99% of the scamming problems in 24 hours. • ​100% agree!

Is there an issue with Canada?
Posted: 16-Feb-2017, 03:28AM in Swaps and trades

From the USA--All of my swaps with Canada have gone VERY slowly (as long as 6 weeks). I have at least 3, maybe as many as 6 with Canada (without going through my records of about 110-120 swaps of both coins and notes). • Side note: for the first time (to my knowledge) outgoing US customs opened my letter (of banknotes to Croatia). The customs agent left his ID card and badge number in the letter for the receiver. The receiver said the customs agent damaged 2 of the UNC notes I sent because I packed them too well.

Post ambitious online auctions so we can all have a laugh
Posted: 14-Feb-2017, 12:14AM in Free discussion

Quote: "neilithic"​I came across this one today and just about choked on my cup of tea • ​ • ​​That's a reasonable price for three coins minted upside down.

Shanghai - need translation help
Posted: 25-Dec-2016, 06:30AM in Free discussion

Hello, I am looking for more assistance with translation. While in Hong Kong, I was given 2 addresses for coin markets in Shanghai: • 大木桥路 88 号云洲古玩城 • and • 局门路 600 号卢工邮币卡市场 • I am trying to translate them enough to load into my phone's GPS so that I can walk or take the train there rather than a taxi. • Thank you for any assistance!

Hong Kong Coin Shop?
Posted: 18-Nov-2016, 03:11AM in Free discussion

Impeccable timing--I should be there on Sat or Sun that week. Thanks so much for pointing it out. It looks like a Heritage Auction event at first look, so I probably can't afford a thing! But that won't keep me away...

What is something people wouldn't think you did in your life or would be surprised that you did in your life. We are all more than just coin collectors.
Posted: 16-Nov-2016, 07:43PM in Free discussion

I've been to over 100 countries. I stopped counting at 100, but I do keep a logbook so that I can accurately figure that out someday. • I "collected" coins and notes from all of them at the time just for proof that I had been there--things I figured I'd look back on many years in the future. • Much sooner than "many years later" I found some of the coins in my office. I couldn't figure out where some of them were from, and that's what brought me to Numista.

New US Customs Forms
Posted: 10-Nov-2016, 08:33AM in Free discussion

Quote: "pnightingale"I'll provide proof of mailing in the form of a photo of the PO counter receipt and a stamped customs form showing the mailing address. I can therefore prove it was mailed • ​HA! Wrong Phil. • The last time I provided that, the bugger said "that proves nothing--it just proves you paid for something to take a picture of--for all I know you never dropped it in the slot"!!! • Ya, he was and is a particularly slimy type of scumbag. (there's proportionally many more of them over at colnect)

US Members: Sending registered post from USA to anywhere
Posted: 4-Nov-2016, 11:58PM in Swaps and trades

Has anyone noticed in the past few months that our top-notch USPS no longer lets you track outbound international registered mail? • When you enter your RR number, it says "USPS Tracking® is unavailable for this product for (Country)". I suppose I should be happy that it is destined for the correct country, but it used to give actual tracking info all the way from post office acceptance through transfer to international post. Now the only actual tracking available is in the destination country after it arrives there and is handled by a more competent agency (not USPS website). Is this just another symptom of our money-hemorrhaging failed USPS? My swap partners are PO'd, and so am I.

WWII US Army Lt. Colonel's Oak Leaf Cluster Pin
Posted: 4-Nov-2016, 11:06PM in Swaps and trades

It is Lt Col (I am one--was trying to be discreet/polite). • Re Patton pistols: I think they're on display at the museum in Fort Knox, but negotiating the purchase may be problematic.

Try not to LOL when you read these ratings
Posted: 4-Nov-2016, 10:24PM in Free discussion

Quote: "neilithic"​Yes it's amusing, but it also looks like one person posting feedback, I'd be dubious that they're setting themselves up for a scam.​these are ratings GIVEN by one sender - nothing suspicious

The banknotes of the world to sell
Posted: 4-Nov-2016, 10:03PM in Swaps and trades

Have you looked at a colnect account? You can put them all up for swap with conditions there. •

Can anyone help me complete Panama?
Posted: 4-Nov-2016, 09:54PM in Swaps and trades

I have #6 and #8 for swap. I may also have some upgrades for your Panama - I found a large collection recently.

200 countries banknotes club
Posted: 12-Sep-2016, 07:58PM in Banknotes

I have a large number of UNC notes from current nations for swap on colnect (same username gyoschak). Contact me if interested. I use current catalog values (unless otherwise noted), and prefer to swap for XF or better notes I don't have. I can sell for cash if you don't have notes for swap.

Seattle Coin Shops?
Posted: 11-Sep-2016, 08:53PM in Free discussion

Any good shops near the airport in Seattle?

[solved] "New" South Korea coin
Posted: 30-Aug-2016, 01:58AM in Numista website

Something just doesn't look right here... •

Anyone want to trade their coins for uncirculated world currency?
Posted: 17-Aug-2016, 05:55AM in Swaps and trades

Legal tender on overseas bases. Like AAFES money for the US mil.

WPM Catalog - online or digital?
Posted: 12-Jul-2016, 08:58AM in Free discussion

It sure would be nice to access the WPM catalog digitally or online. Carrying the books around is back-breaking. Does anyone know of a website or where to purchase a digital copy for download to a tablet? • If anyone uses the CD-ROM version of the catalog, I would like to know if it must always be used with a CD drive, or if it can be used on a tablet. • I also see a new edition is to be released Sep 16th. (Amazon)

Incheon, South Korea
Posted: 8-Jul-2016, 08:22PM in Free discussion

Good information! Thank you

Shipping: a swappers worst enemy
Posted: 8-Jul-2016, 08:18PM in Free discussion

You can also ask swappers to pay (in coins) all or a portion of your excess cost if registered mail is needed. The answer for me has been yes almost all of the time, and the cost of registered mail is noted on my profile so they know what they are getting in to if they really need registered. • I'm amazed that Canadian post is even higher than US! The ladies at my post office are used to me now, and unfortunately (for me) they do their jobs well and I can't get anything through registered without paying the full painful cost.

32Andre = gold ruble
Posted: 23-Jun-2016, 06:38AM in Swaps and trades

The good news is he ONLY robbed a handful of people before he was caught this time: • (gold ruble) • (32Andre) • The bad news is that he robbed a handful of people because we didn't ever shut him down, even though we knew he was the same person.

Finland 10 markka thin 1 UNC
Posted: 1-Jun-2016, 06:26PM in Swaps and trades

I have found 15 (fifteen) 1958 markka (thin 1). All UNC/BUNC. Normally I like to buy doubles for swaps, but this is an expensive coin. ($35 Krause) would anyone like me to pick one up? It is fairly rare. • km#38: •

Colnect swap warning
Posted: 30-May-2016, 06:21PM in Swaps and trades

Yes, I'm aware that he passed away. I'm sure this is part of the mediation problem.

Swaps on the road! New website tool
Posted: 16-Apr-2016, 09:32PM in Numista website

Best idea in a very long time. Well done!

[solved] ID Verification
Posted: 16-Apr-2016, 09:21PM in Numista website

After reading this entire thread (twice!) I honestly do not understand how this will prevent scammers. But there are some people involved in this thread that are much smarter than me--and I have to say that something is better than nothing. • • As a victim of "gold ruble" aka "32Andre" I can see how a scammer after expending his scamming capital in one user name (32Andre) then becomes a new name (gold ruble) and goes on undetected. To my small uneducated mind, address verification appears to be the only way to prevent this. In this case, the moderating party (and thus the potential victims) would know "32Andre" and "gold ruble" share the exact same name and address. • If an alternate ID could be used, such as a passport at one username, and driver license at the other--there does not appear to be a way to cross check, except perhaps the member's first and last name. Variations [...]

Buenos Aires?
Posted: 14-Mar-2016, 11:05PM in Free discussion

Where to buy coins/banknotes in Buenos Aires?

Lima, Peru?
Posted: 11-Mar-2016, 04:12AM in Free discussion

Can anyone recommend any coin shops in Lima, Peru?

[solved] Swaps & trades
Posted: 10-Mar-2016, 07:26PM in Numista website

Two forums needed: • 1 Swaps • 2 Sales

Stamp out scammers via a compulsory address requirement
Posted: 10-Mar-2016, 07:25PM in Numista website

This idea COULD stop serial thieves like Dmitri's "32Andre"/"gold ruble", but only if addresses within the system are cross-checked for double accounts. Generally, I'm all for it, as a victim of Dmitri's theft.

Guidance needed on coins missing in swap
Posted: 3-Feb-2016, 11:57PM in Swaps and trades

This is EXACTLY what just happened to me with another swapper. Unfortunately, because we are "spoiled rich Americans," we bear the burden for all losses without exception. I hope you fair better than I did. Here is a sanitized version of what I just did in this situation: • You are absolutely maddening. I did not ask for registered letter, but you chose to send to me that way. The cost of registered letter from USA to X is unreasonable, the purpose I asked if normal letter is acceptable. YOU said YES. • I am very sorry your notes have not arrived. Now in return, you are requesting three times the original value of the notes, and with registered letter. You can imagine why I am not happy about this. • With 100% positive ratings on over 50 swaps at Numista, why would I try to steal from you? Letters have been lost and suffered VERY long delays to and from the USA. Do you know why I still have 100% positive? Because other people I have swapped with in the[...]

Zimbabwe banknotes for swap
Posted: 3-Feb-2016, 11:31PM in Swaps and trades

This person is expecting face value of all coins for catalog value of the Zim notes. We all know the face value of Zim notes is zero. Can't have it both ways.

Köln Germany?
Posted: 4-Jan-2016, 08:38AM in Free discussion

Thank you! That one appears to be appointment only on Mondays. I also see this one online: •

China Replica ID
Posted: 23-Dec-2015, 07:18PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It is not silver, and is magnetic, so I assume it is a replica. I have picked up many "silver" Mongolian and Chinese coins in Mongolia, all of them are magnetic.

[solved] Have some questions about 3 coins
Posted: 8-Dec-2015, 03:35AM in Coin identifications and valuations

"The 2006 and 2007 Turkish coins seem to have extra metal all around the reverse" • If you mean around the very outside edge of the reverse, my 2005 has the same around approx 60% of the circumference.

2001 USA quarters - UNC rolls KY, VT, NC
Posted: 31-Oct-2015, 03:53AM in Swaps and trades

Today at my bank I found 3 UNC $10 quarter rolls: • 2001P Kentucky • 2001P Vermont • 2001D North Carolina • I would prefer they got to a collector who would want them rather than end up in circulation. • PM me if interested. I would prefer to swap for notes or coins, but I suppose I could just sell them if you don't have anything I'm looking for. •

Las Vegas Casino chips
Posted: 15-Oct-2015, 08:18PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "eyoly"​Hello Numista • ​ • ​Here is a moment that I am not come to the site, the head a bit and also as a desire for something else :) • ​ • ​I want to get into a new collection that will focus on casino chips but only for those LAS VEGAS (I love this city!) • ​ • ​If there has members among us who would know give me some sites or references to document me on quotes, get them from FRANCE ... • ​ • ​Thank you in advance of little help :) • ​ • ​Eyoly​Sounds like we will not be completing our swap that you started on 23 Aug? I haven't received a reply from you since 20 Sep, but have sent you 4 messages since then.

International shipping advice?
Posted: 27-Sep-2015, 07:39PM in Swaps and trades

Rather than including a generalized statement that "postal service appears quite dubious," I will instead provide factual data/statements from a swapper (who is a fellow countrymen to you) that you may instead discount as stupid: • "10 of 200 posts were lost/stolen" (5%), "not so bad." • I leave it to the masses to determine what is good/bad.

Swap please!
Posted: 27-Sep-2015, 07:13AM in Swaps and trades

Anywhere in the US--the shipping cost should be the same!

[solved] PM Problems?
Posted: 22-Sep-2015, 10:35PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​in your sentbox: light blue for read messages and plain blue for messages not read yet. • ​Thank you--I did not know this before! I apologize for my ignorance. • Now I know they are choosing to ignore me.

Modifications, which might be useful for members
Posted: 17-Sep-2015, 08:08PM in Numista website

Outstanding contribution! Thank you. • Part of what makes collecting interesting is finding these kinds of variations.

Hungary 1970 5 Filler - catalog price error?
Posted: 9-May-2015, 08:34AM in Numismatic questions

Can anyone explain why the 1970 Hungary 5 Filler KM#549 holds such a high catalog value (5-10x other years), but does not have a lower mintage or other obvious unique feature? • • •

Saving time through efficient database management
Posted: 24-Apr-2015, 02:07PM in Numista website


[solved] Another irritating bug - emails
Posted: 13-Mar-2015, 07:03PM in Numista website

Working again.  Disregard.

Trouble loading images
Posted: 13-Mar-2015, 02:29AM in Numista website

Having this same problem right now for both png and jpg images from the USA.  Happens in PMs and on the Forum.  This is what is displayed:

Is the Numista ship heading to the rocks on autopilot?
Posted: 13-Mar-2015, 02:24AM in Numista website

Quote: EurekaI can't add image files to messages :(Same problem here still in the USA.  I see what looks like a url when I try to PM my coin scans, and also when I try to uplaod an image to the forum (just as you see below).  I'm told Xavier is the only one that can help.  I will try to PM him.

Non-reeded 20 francs of New Caledonia 1983 year
Posted: 22-Feb-2015, 11:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

My 1977 20f looks the same.  Not reeded, same KM#.  Thanks for pointing this out.

United Arab Republic v Egypt
Posted: 13-Feb-2015, 10:37PM in Numista website

How do I find the UAR or Egypt or Syria referee?

[solved] Thai Token?
Posted: 13-Feb-2015, 10:31PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Agree.  Solved.  Change request submitted.

NRI Theory
Posted: 23-Jan-2015, 03:54AM in Numista website

Let's stay away from the discussion of why you don't like the Numista Rarity Index (NRI).  I do, and yes, it could be better.  Enough said. • Theory: • Some coins, and more specifically, some countries have high NRIs because they are difficult to identify and catalog. • For example, Thailand.  IMO, a very difficult language to read, therefore not as many people put the effort into cataloging those pieces.  Too much time for the ROI.  Much like common coins that appear to have high NRIs--people just don't bother to catalog them. • Validation?

What coin is this?
Posted: 20-Jan-2015, 06:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Requesting verification on what I've heard regarding fakes of this type: • If the coin has the sandpaper texture in the background it is a copy?

Reading a Tibet coin
Posted: 6-Jan-2015, 06:42AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Outstanding!  Thanks to inscriptor!

I don't think this is an error coin
Posted: 20-Dec-2014, 11:48PM in Numismatic questions

British Honduras 1 "CFNT" 1965 KM#30 • I don't think this is classified as an "error" coin, is it?  Is this just a die problem?  I'm sure there's a term for some missing details not caused by wear. • I have two, one is a normal "CENT". •

Copper ID
Posted: 15-Dec-2014, 09:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Great site.  Where else can I go from completely clueless to 100% ID in 30 min or less?  Thanks! • And thanks to Numista as well.

Rarity Index
Posted: 13-Nov-2014, 10:36PM in Free discussion

I. Like. How. You. Make. Little. Pauses. In. Your. Head. As. You. Read. This.

How many members have this coin?
Posted: 13-Nov-2014, 08:41PM in Numista website

I love the rarity index!

China Quianlong 1 Cash type?
Posted: 11-Jun-2014, 03:27AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I think this is a FD#2297 • • Can you help me identify which type? •

Colombia 2½ Centavos 1881 KM# 180 smooth edge
Posted: 11-Jun-2014, 01:00AM in Coin identifications and valuations

OMG!  He touching it with his bare hands!  GASP!

"Folds" on aluminum coins
Posted: 1-May-2014, 07:37AM in Numismatic questions

Is there a numismatic term for the parallel folds/wrinkles I sometimes see on aluminum coins?

1 Cash - Guangxu
Posted: 31-Mar-2014, 03:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations


Change at McDonalds
Posted: 31-Mar-2014, 03:36PM in Free discussion

This AM at Denver Airport • 1945 nickel, well beyond its useful life in circulation, time to go home with me to retire.

Numismaster subscription
Posted: 27-Mar-2014, 06:47AM in Coin identifications and valuations

New Guy. • What does paying a subscription do for me at numismaster?  Does is give trade values for my collection?  If so, how subjective are those valuations and how are they obtained? • This site (and fairly infrequent google searches) seems to have everything I need except valuations.  It would be even better if banknotes were here.  (Is there such a site?) • My regards to the people that maintain this site.

wanted Half dollar kennedy
Posted: 26-Mar-2014, 10:49PM in Swaps and trades

I have a 1964D silver that I would give a grade of AU55.  It's not on my swap list since it is the only 1964D that I have, but I am not particularly attached to it.  I have many other silver Kennedys. • NOTE: I am brand new to the site and have not shipped outside the USA before! • If you cannot get a more efficient swap for all the the coins you are looking for, let me know if you would like this one.

Mongolia Counterfeit?
Posted: 7-Mar-2014, 12:25AM in Coin identifications and valuations • 3rd verse same as the first.  1 Tugrik, steel color, magnetic, 13.5 grams, 2.3mm thick.