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Need help on this one.
Posted: 30-Mar-2019, 02:12AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Camerinvs"​At 8.4 g, it's probably a ½ penny of George II. Here is what they look like in the period 1729-1739. It could also be the older head (1740-1754) but the picture is too blurry to tell. • ​ • ​If you can't make better pictures from your device, try using a magnifier together with your device.​Thank you. Looking at the ribbons in the hair, and the distance from the shoulder, I think it is an "older bust". • I really appreciate the help. Now I can at least know I am in the right ballpark. • Thanks again, and take care. • DixieKen

Looking for Euros
Posted: 11-Sep-2018, 10:08PM in Swaps and trades

Hello, • I am trying to build a collection of Euro coins from all of the countries that issue them. I already have Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, and Italy; but would like to get some others. I mainly just want circulation coins, either Euro or Euro cent. Denomination isn't important. • If you have Euros, and would like to swap them, please take a look at my swap list and we can work out a trade. • Take care, • Ken

A few banknotes to swap for coins
Posted: 7-Sep-2018, 12:04AM in Banknotes

Quote: "MS2007"​Hi all, • ​ • ​I have the following banknotes that I would like to exchange for coins. • ​Just shoot me a message what you have to offer. • ​ • ​Best • ​MS2007 • ​ • ​ ​I am interested in all 4 of them. Please look at my coins and maybe we can do a swap. • Take care, • Ken

[solved] Banknotes for swap ... this group gone
Posted: 19-Jun-2018, 11:20PM in Banknotes

Hello, • I am interested in the Iceland and Kyrgyzstan notes. I have some Yugoslavian notes I could swap, or check out my coins. • -Ken

How do I swap with people
Posted: 13-Jun-2018, 03:47AM in Swaps and trades

Lisa2009, • Welcome to Numista. Any help you need, Nathaniel should be able to guide you. He's a great collector. Also, anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask. • Take care, • DixieKen

[solved] Inventory issues
Posted: 13-Jun-2018, 03:29AM in Numista website

Hello, • Has anyone had any issues with coins not being removed from their "swap list" after editing a listing? • I had a swap that wanted certain coins that I no longer had in my inventory, so I removed them from my swap list yesterday. However, today, another person wanted to swap and selected some of the same coins I removed from my list yesterday. • If anyone has had a similar situation happen, do the admins know and can they fix it? • Thanks, • DixieKen

Banknote Swapping
Posted: 5-Jun-2018, 08:19PM in Banknotes

Hello • I have 15 of Yugoslavian bank notes to swap, Various denominations. All are early 1990s. • Just let me know if you are interested and I can send you pics of what I have. • Take care, • Ken

Looking to swap some Mercury Dimes for dates I need..Silver for Silver.
Posted: 18-Jan-2017, 07:53PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "Steve27"​From your list, I have the following: • ​1917-D • ​1918-D • ​1919-D • ​1921 • ​1921-D • ​1923-S • ​ • ​ • ​1926-S • ​1927 • ​1927-S • ​1928-D • ​ • ​1930 • ​ • ​1931 • ​1931-D • ​1931-S • ​1936-S • ​1938-S • ​ • ​However they're going to be 2-3 of yours for 1 of my common dates, and a huge number for a semi-key date.​Thanks, but thats not what I was looking for. I was more looking for a "1 for 1" swap, based on condition of coins. • Thanks for looking and take care, • -Ken

The 2 Rupee that became a "bad penny"!!
Posted: 6-Oct-2016, 01:10AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Fluke"​pick 6 numbers between 1-50 • ​ • ​Thanks ​6, 13, 48, 27, 19, 36 •

Need some help identifying a coin.
Posted: 27-Aug-2016, 08:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you both for your information. I really have no idea where I acquired it, but since I collect tokens also, this will be a neat addition to my collection. I really appreciate the help. Take care, • Ken

Posted: 25-Aug-2016, 04:11PM in Free discussion

Beautiful. I love trade tokens. Great score.

To all my friends in Canada....
Posted: 21-Aug-2016, 06:00AM in Free discussion

I just finished watching The Tragically Hip's last show and it was a moving experience. Glad I was able to enjoy their music. • -Ken

2 pounds of world coins for sale $21 shipped
Posted: 4-Aug-2016, 06:22AM in Swaps and trades

Eli, • I love the coins Daryl bought for me. I could take another off your hands. Just let me know when you are ready and I'll send the money to your Paypal. • -Ken

The fine Beers/ Ciders, Wines & Spirits thread
Posted: 28-Jun-2016, 01:47AM in Free discussion

Hmmm.... • Beers/Cider: Mostly Stouts and Ales. I do like to try new stuff, plus my buddy runs a brewery(Swamp Cabbage) here in Columbia, SC, so he has me try new stuff alot. If I am out at a club watching live music or something, I usually have PBR if the sell it. I make my own "Hard Cider"; but will occasionally have a Strongbow while out!!! • Wine:I tend to like German wines mostly; but do like reds(Cab Sav or Merlot). My father-in-law's homemade plum wine is hard to beat though. • Spirits: I tend to like(sometimes too much) whisky/bourbon. Single Malt Scotch(Speyburn 10yr is a favourite), along with Irish(Power's or Bushmill's). Wild Turkey 101 is my go to bourbon, that or Evan Williams. I do like Brandy(Paul Masson Grande Amber VS), but not much white liquor, except moonshine. Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon is the best "storebought" brand, but NOTHING beats homemade when it comes to "corn likker", Lol!!!

Music to collect by.....
Posted: 27-Jun-2016, 09:15PM in Free discussion

Hey everyone, • I was just putting some bulk coins I got into some flips to go into albums, entering them here on Numista, and was watching a recent music dvd I purchased, Neil Young and Crazy Horse-Rust Never Sleeps, and was wondering what other members might listen to while messing around with their collections. • So if you have any favourite songs or albums to collect by, let us know. Its just another thing we can all share

Looking for a 2016 Canadian Loonie...Regular one.
Posted: 25-Apr-2016, 07:15PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "elvis123"​Hello, • ​ • ​I don't know if you are still looking. However I can end your search. Canada will not be issuing a regular loon this year. They are making two commemorative loons instead. The Right to Vote dollar that has already been released and they will be making a Lucky Loonie in the summer for the Olympics in Brazil. But all other denomination will be made this year. • ​ • ​Regards​Thank you. I appreciate the information. • I love your nations coins. I finally got to visit Toronto and Niagra On The Lake and the Falls. My wife and I cannot wait to go back for a longer trip, maybe a week next time. We only spent the night in Toronto because we had tickets to see the Tragically Hip in Buffalo, and since we were right on the border, and I have wanted to visit Canada since I was a child, my wife gave me the trip as an anniversary present. It was beutiful. • -Take care • Ken

I found silver in circulation!
Posted: 20-Apr-2016, 05:14PM in Free discussion

Quote: "ashlobo"​I got a 1944 Jefferson nickel as change from the coffee shop; and I'm in Toronto! ​Hey, I think I spent that when I visited Toronto last year, lol!!! Beautiful city.

Looking for common, circulated, undesired, unwanted Canadian Coins to fill my coin books - Just for fun / Something to do...
Posted: 16-Apr-2016, 05:20PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "xblamecanadax"​Thanks for everybody's comments! • ​I'm still searching hahaha!!! • ​I am going to start an additional post to about wheat pennies and other common American coins! • ​Take Care! • ​​Cool. I have alot of wheat pennies too. I could probably help you out with some of those. • -Ken

Exchange Any coins of Your country
Posted: 11-Apr-2016, 05:24AM in Swaps and trades

I have alot of United States state quarters, some territory quarters, and some National park quarters. If you are interested in these, or looking for other US coins(especially wheat pennies) let me know and perhaps we can make a trade. Take Care, • Ken

A few Canadian tokens I need help with.
Posted: 6-Jan-2016, 10:28PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks Guys. • Petreus, that Listia listing is where I won it, lol. Thanks for the help though. Couldn't find info on Google or • Thanks for the pic of the whole set bbybugs. Something for me to work towards. • take care and thank for the help. • DixieKen

[solved] Northwest Territories Centennial 1970 token.
Posted: 17-Nov-2015, 06:06PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank You so much Easy!!! I couldn't find it on here earlier. Guess I wasn't holding my mouth right when I was looking, LOL!!! Thank you for your help. Take Care, • Ken

Coins for swap totals bug, possible site issue
Posted: 13-Sep-2015, 08:18PM in Numista website

Hello, • I hope I am addressing this to the proper forum, but a fellow trader on here asked me to look at his "coins for swap" totals, so I went to his profile page and it had one number, then I clicked the "(view)" button beside to see what he had for exchange and it had a different number of coins to swap. • I asked him to do the same for me just to check and he said my profile and exchange page had two different totals also. • I thought this should be brought to the admins attention, as it seems there may be a bug in the system somewhere. I'm not an IT guy or anything, so that's beyond my field of knowledge, but it seems like something is wrong somewhere. • Just letting you guys know. Take care. • -DixieKen

Trying to fill a few Littleton folders for my grandkids..need some help.
Posted: 22-Aug-2015, 10:18PM in Swaps and trades

Hi folks, • I have a few Littleton folders that have some holes that need filling. I am doing these for my future grandchildren that are on the way. I already have the Jefferson Nickels up to date, but need the Roosevelt dimes and Washington Quarters. Now, the ones I am looking for are the NON SILVER ones. I have a limited income/trade offerings, so I will just pick those up when I can, but I was hoping, by posting what I needed on here, I might be able to find someone who has all I need, and can do it all in one trade. Here is what I need by coin and mintmark: • Roosevelt Dimes: • 1969 • 1972 • 1993-D • 1999-D • 2009-P • 2009-D • 2010-D • 2013-D • 2015-D • Washington Quarter: • 1968-D • 1969 • 1971-D • 1973-D • 1991-D • 1992-D • I have all of the State and Territory and State Park quarters up to date, with extras to swap, so if you need any of those, che[...]

Coin Identification!!!
Posted: 6-Aug-2015, 04:48AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you very much, Easy!!! Take Care!!! • DixieKen

Canadian 2011 Mythical Creatures coins.
Posted: 21-Jul-2014, 03:03AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: elvis123Hello, • I can get them, how much do you want to pay? • RegardsWell, I'm not really sure. Throw a price at me and I'll see what I can do. Thanks, • Ken

selling my swaplist
Posted: 28-May-2014, 06:47AM in Swaps and trades

Hello, • Selected some coins. Please let me know your price. Thanks, and take care. • -Ken

1993 United Kingdom one penny coin question!!
Posted: 27-May-2014, 07:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks everyone!!! I'll have to check all my coins closer!!! Take care, everyone, and thanks again!!! • -Ken

Full set of Transnistria (UNC) only for 1.5$ !!!
Posted: 24-May-2014, 08:21PM in Swaps and trades

Hello, • I may be interested in these. Please let me know where you are located, and we can work it out. Thanks and take care, • -Ken