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Help in coin identification
Posted: 3-Aug-2017, 09:21AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you friends for your attitude to my request. • Best regards • Igor

Incorrect data output display in the swap list
Posted: 1-Aug-2017, 10:38AM in Numista website

Hello Amer. • I completely agree with you... • It looks weird, because for 10 Agorot (Hanukkah), which is also visible on the attached scan (above), we see already the correct output date... • Double standards also in Numista.....

Addition new date for Numista coins catalogue for 10 Rubles Government Bank Issue Soviet Union 1991 year issue
Posted: 4-Apr-2016, 09:12PM in Numista catalog

Hello Alex. • According to information from the numismatic literature of Russia, this is not an error coin. • This coin is a small part of the edition with planning to circulation in 1992 year, accidentally got into circulation in 1991. • But in the end of 1991 year the Soviet Union officially dissolved! Exist coins of 10 rubles Bank of Russia 1992 year issue. • Congratulations with this rarity! • Igor

[solved] Layering of coin - what is the reason?
Posted: 14-May-2015, 07:53PM in Numismatic questions

Thank you, David, you are a true gentleman. • Of course it is a pity , but post and research were is not bad. • Igor

Please help in identification of Constantine coin (Rome ancient)
Posted: 14-Mar-2015, 11:55AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you,  Andrey.

Unknown Arabian coin
Posted: 6-Mar-2015, 08:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I understand, the coin was not cleaned, you can see the natural patina of the desert.

Non-reeded 20 francs of New Caledonia 1983 year
Posted: 20-Feb-2015, 05:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you all for your comments. • Submitted as error coin without reeding. • Best regards • Igor