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WHAT to do during Virus time
Posted: 26-Mar-2020, 09:17PM in Free discussion

• First day out with my horse. Let's season begins! Coins on pause for a while. ;)

Trading during COVID19 crisis
Posted: 19-Mar-2020, 10:48AM in Swaps and trades

||| LATVIA ||| • All air connection from today is closed, outside EU borders closed and inside ones- with mega checkings on them. • So, I am still doing and agreeing on swaps, but sending I suggest to postpone until better times, not to lose coins in postal warehouses somewhere.

[solved] Am I being scammed?
Posted: 10-Mar-2020, 02:31PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "COINMAN1"​But, I am the only 'coinman' of this forum question. • ​As he is a moderator for the Numista website, he should have more respect for members, before making that outlandish statement, and should therefore apologize on this forum. • ​I am not holding my breath waiting. • ​ ​Do not spend energy on stupidities all around! Let's better spend energy on one, nice swap. I will open one. ;)

Post NL changed the rules
Posted: 13-Feb-2020, 03:41PM in Swaps and trades

Sad- but seems slowly our nice exchanging channel is shutting down.

Does nobody read what a potential trading partner is looking for?
Posted: 28-Jan-2020, 09:03PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "MK Ultra"​Newb. But why do I often get offers to trade, usually expensive coins, and the offeree has nothing that I've listed as interests, doesn't really have anything of value, and sends little if no sort of introduction? I know it's not the case, but it comes across as scammy. • ​ • ​Rant over, thanks for reading.​In case You expect tolerance for Your wishes, please be more specific. I have doubts, that mentioned "cool stuff" besides two types of coins You are looking for in Your profile tells much...

Non compliant
Posted: 11-Jan-2020, 11:07PM in Swaps and trades

Yes, very rare. And You will send it me first...

Posted: 3-Jan-2020, 09:13AM in Swaps and trades

At least ONE positive thing thiese cheaters are doing: • -You can discover and introduce Yourself with nice, very rare coins they are "offering for swap" • Thanks guys, just keep upgrading Your swap lists with more and more rare coins! • :)

Posted: 22-Nov-2019, 12:14PM in Free discussion

And without google, all from the head. :)

Posted: 15-Nov-2019, 08:17AM in Swaps and trades

It calls- CARMA. • Taking into account some of Your evaluations...

2€ CC Latvia 2019 Rising sun
Posted: 4-Oct-2019, 09:37AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "HerveMonaco"​Hello • ​There is one thing I dont understand ... sorry • ​When I buy at the bank a roll of 2 euros Monaco 2019 it sells me 50 euros ... when you buy a roll of 2 euros "rising sun" at the bank of Latvia you sell it at what price ? • ​ • ​Best regards from Monaco • ​Hervé​Herve, • These guys are not interested in collection. Only MONEY drives them. Of course, in the Bank of Latvia You can buy roll for 50 euros. In this case, ALL coins were bought untill 12:00 (during 4 hours all coins were sold). Huge amounts were bought by reselling speculants and this is the result. 2 eur commemorative You will never get for nominal price, now it will be at least two times higher. Same story with Monaco, San Marino, Andorra and Vatican commemorative coins. Nothing personal, just their business...

[solved] Looking for Bohemia and Moravia KM#3
Posted: 8-Sep-2019, 12:36AM in Swaps and trades

I have this coin in my swap list. UNC • Matt, do not be laizy and check time by time Your partners ' doubles... ;)

Malta 2019 UNC 2 euro coin
Posted: 12-Aug-2019, 07:20AM in Swaps and trades

Would be nice, if You will add them to Your swap list...

Time to swap!
Posted: 12-Jul-2019, 10:39AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "ventugenova90"​ • QuotejimpopCiao, dopo 6 anni di iscrizione, ho deciso di provare a scambiare. In precedenza ho fatto solo lo scambio di Natale e un paio di scambi non ufficiali. Sono residente nel Regno Unito, i costi di spedizione possono rendere proibitivo lo scambio di singole monete. • ​Si prega di dare un'occhiata alla mia lista di scambio se si desidera scambiare. • ​Raccolgo monete pre 1945, argento e qualcosa di interessante! • ​Non vedo l'ora di sentirti! • ​Giacomo​​Hi James • ​I open swap please write me. • ​ • ​ • ​Regards Giacomo ​I opened swap 5 days ago, no replay... I am allways wondering about these people, who invite others to swap and then do not show any reaction.

Prices lowered - Tibet Coin & Greece Silver Coins For Sale
Posted: 4-Feb-2019, 10:34AM in Swaps and trades

My offer: 20 eur for Tibet coin • Please PM me in case of interest, we will agree on details. Payment via PayPal.

Open for swapping - some exceptional coins listed
Posted: 23-Dec-2018, 08:06PM in Swaps and trades

Will You act as usually, meaning- no reaction on swap offer...

[solved] 2018 Numista holiday exchange - SILVER EXCHANGE LIST
Posted: 7-Dec-2018, 03:08PM in Free discussion

No show, no call from my Santa! • It would be not nice to be proactive and ask for present, so hopefully he knows my address as Santa should do....

Coins for sale 25% discount
Posted: 29-Nov-2018, 09:18AM in Swaps and trades

PM sent

some kind of scam??
Posted: 26-Nov-2018, 05:00PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "Mask"​Ooooops ! • ​Did I went too far ? • ​ • ​​I like it! Somehow they are thinking, that we all are naive idiots here.

2018 Numista holiday exchange - LAST CALL
Posted: 6-Nov-2018, 08:52PM in Free discussion

Me for both. • Thanks!

[solved] Nice Asian country lots for sale - some with silver
Posted: 2-Nov-2018, 07:08AM in Swaps and trades

I would like to take: • Pakistan, Malaysia and Vietnam

What is the famous...
Posted: 24-Oct-2018, 03:01AM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​@Frenchlover • ​Indeed, it was going to be my guess too: • ​ • ​​Yes, true. One of the symbol of Bratislava (capital of Slovakia): SNP bridge or UFO bridge as it is called also. Movie: Transformers, episode in one of parts.

[solved] Old silver coins from Bulgaria for swap.
Posted: 10-Oct-2018, 06:21PM in Swaps and trades

Hi! • I have interest to swap 1 lev coins. Please check my list, I have some Czech and Slovak silvers for that period.

Looney with ♥
Posted: 21-Aug-2018, 08:35AM in Free discussion

Bar girl sent You a signal! Catch the moment, man!

Your thoughts on Registered letter “lost”
Posted: 19-Aug-2018, 03:29PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "gyoschak"​If a registered letter is verified lost by the postal service, (the post office admits they are at fault) who is responsible for the loss? The sender? The receiver? Nobody? • ​ • ​How would you resolve the situation to satisfy both swap partners?​First of all- nobody of partners are guilty, because of unprofessional post services done by sometimes even criminal employees. The question is about, how polite You can be. During my swap history I always did something to my swap partner, who did not receive my coins. In case I receive his ones, and He does not, depending on swap values I: • - sent the same coins again, • - sent partially some of coins from the swap, • - was just sorry, • - send some compensation via PayPal.

[solved] MPCC 2018 - SILVER - 1/4 FINAL - 1
Posted: 7-Aug-2018, 09:19PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Does anyone have Brass Abkhazia Aspars for sale?
Posted: 6-Aug-2018, 01:38PM in Swaps and trades

Maybe You are looking for purchase and asking somebody for sale? :) • (I do not have)

[solved] Slovakia village Široké coins (Sokol) for trade
Posted: 25-Jul-2018, 03:03PM in Swaps and trades

By the way, link to official home page of Siroke village, to description of coins: •

Posted: 12-Jul-2018, 01:29PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "muzz0000"​hi David52 and KasparsLV- were your trades with same person MurrayI opened two swaps, but both were closed by me, because of just talks, talks and no replays at the end...​

Cleaning up swap list to save up for main collection areas
Posted: 7-Jul-2018, 08:13AM in Swaps and trades

I am always wondering for these people, who invite for swaps and deals here in public forum and then days without any reaction on swap offers (at least shut down the swap, if you are not interesting)... • Not serious!

Decent silver coins for sale, half catalogue value
Posted: 2-Jul-2018, 01:26PM in Swaps and trades

I'd like to buy Italian 1lira.

Newest coin of Latvia (but I am still old-school collector: not for me...)
Posted: 21-May-2018, 09:35PM in Free discussion

Hi, guys! • Newest 5 eur collection coin issued by the Bank of Latvia (22.05.2018)- silver with gold coverage. • Topic in latvian, but good picture to get understanding. • Link to check: • • Good luck in hunting it!

Content of envelope was changed in India
Posted: 19-Apr-2018, 07:17AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "alexx_353"​it was registered?​yes, I am always using registered mail

Ethiopia 1 Ghersh 1891
Posted: 12-Apr-2018, 10:19PM in Swaps and trades

i'd like to buy one.

Member from Spain - nst15
Posted: 1-Mar-2018, 12:46PM in Swaps and trades

all my swaps went very good with this collector. as far as I know, he is travelling a lot and always during any communication it takes time to get replay from him. • this is all, what I can say. i didn't faced any negative issues in our cooperation.

Personal comments to coins diasappeared
Posted: 27-Feb-2018, 10:54AM in Numista website

it was very comfortable to see my personal comments, i marked reserved coins to avoid mistakes in swaps. now this option is gone and will create mess in swaps. • main question- why things, that are working well, should be "upgraded" and damaged in the same time?

[solved] member from New Zealand: Kiwi
Posted: 7-Feb-2018, 11:29AM in Swaps and trades

hi, guys! • Any info about our colleague from New Zealand: Kiwi. • No replays on messages, no swap evaluation almost 2 months. • is all ok with him? Does somebody know? • thanks!

[solved] Contest Number 2! - Open to all members! Contest run dates: January 14, 2018 to February 14, 2018! What Hemisphere will the coins be from?!
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 01:39PM in Free discussion


Republic of South Africa 1 penny from 1898 for swap or sale.
Posted: 8-Jan-2018, 07:53PM in Swaps and trades

Beautiful coin I would like to get. Please check my swap list, I have some silvers and other stuff, probably You can find something. And Happy New year, by the way! • K

Young 3 days old Slovakian beauties are waiting to be swapped
Posted: 6-Jan-2018, 12:55PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "SpuDy"​I’m interrested. • ​also a price? • ​//check my Swap list​No price. • I like to collect and to swap coins, not to make business. • I will check Your swap list

The 2017 Numista holiday gift exchange
Posted: 12-Dec-2017, 06:41PM in Free discussion

Hi, folks! • Seems I missed greatest event of the year. :(

Canadian Mint keeps pushing it way too far
Posted: 27-Oct-2017, 06:27PM in Free discussion

They just want to be different, so let's not judge them hard. Remember, that one man was burned for theory, that actually Earth is rotating around the Sun and not vice versus... • But coin is ugly..... :)

[solved] World Cup USA 1994 for swap or sale
Posted: 19-Oct-2017, 02:14PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "Bitteswell"​Was wondering if anyone would like to swap or buy a proof UNC USA 1 dollar:- • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Still in its presentation case. Has to be a collector in UK or Europe because of postage costs.​please check my list. I have some Czechoslovakian silver for swap. Thanks!

Registered mail
Posted: 13-Sep-2017, 12:43PM in Free discussion

For me registered mail means- trust and sure, that letter is sent at all and is sent to correct address. Because of several scams and dishonest people, you should have some tools to ensure yourself from thiefs.

What do I need to know for my first ever swap?
Posted: 5-Sep-2017, 04:36PM in Swaps and trades

I already made my swap proposal. Please take a look. Note, until some trustful number of swaps (30-50) you will be asked to send coins first! Be careful and don't let to cheat You! Good luck in hunting of coins and wish You excellent time with Numista community!

Some Czechkoslovakian silver
Posted: 18-Aug-2017, 05:21PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "lebryant"​would you be interested in selling it?​Would like better to swap.

Quality of postal services for countries
Posted: 3-Aug-2017, 07:27AM in Swaps and trades

Latvia- fast, cheap and secure. Also sending abroad performs good.

Looking for 1 Euro Coins list in message
Posted: 19-Jul-2017, 07:08AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "GiannaReggio"​Morocco is not using the Euro, but dinrhan​I suppose, he ment: Monaco

World currencies in coins for sale (10% go to PNightingale's fund)
Posted: 6-Jul-2017, 11:37AM in Swaps and trades

Any announcement of winners, order of payment and posting? • Thanks!

Your favorite bird design on any coin, or what is your favorite bird from your country?
Posted: 5-Jun-2017, 11:11PM in Free discussion

The same picture of STORK on coins from Latvia: 1 lats and 2 euro •

Azerbaijan, Katanga, Belarus, Georgia, Russia set for swap
Posted: 4-Jun-2017, 04:52PM in Swaps and trades

Hi! • I am interested in Katanga set. Also buying is possible. • K

[solved] Tuvalu [proceeds go to PNightingale's fund]
Posted: 30-May-2017, 10:09AM in Swaps and trades


The alphabet game
Posted: 29-May-2017, 09:34PM in Free discussion

B- Benin • 100 Francs CFA Cannabis Sativa, 2011 (still in my swap list...) • (Picture from: • P.S. • I propose additional rule- Countries can not repeat also.

[solved] Saint Pierre and Miquelon [proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund]
Posted: 28-May-2017, 09:38AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "ALLRED1950"​How about this Pott you send the coin to my friend KasparsL V And I will send one to Koin 72. Then we can make 30 dollars for Phil​Idea is good. • Just give me PayPal addresses and I am ready to pay 20$ to Koin72 and my promised bet 10 EUR to Phill + postage for Pott. • And once again- sorry for rising up this mistake!

Offer of Gibraltar, San Marino, Vatican, Latvia
Posted: 17-May-2017, 08:58PM in Swaps and trades

Hi, guys! • Looking for circulation Gibraltar; UNC SanMarino and Vatican; different Latvia? • You are welcome to check my doubles and open new swaps! • My pleasure to serve! • K

Coin shop or flea market in Riga
Posted: 16-May-2017, 07:25AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Ollisaarinen"​Which market is a good coin market, the Central market, Spikeri or some other? • ​And yes, coffee break on Sunday is a very good idea.​All you mentioned, are regular markets. You can buy food and chinese clothes there. I recommend this collectors' meeting, what was mentioned by at the beginning of this forum. You will be not disappointed. This event physically is organized as a flea market with hundreds of sellers and buyers of coins.

DO NOT SWAP WITH EngFan From Russia
Posted: 11-May-2017, 10:56AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "aaronmgd"​Phil, reading through some of those threads makes me want to change my profile image.... seems like "Gabriel" is a cuss word around here. • ​ • ​Aaron​Change it to: LUCIFER • ;)

Vote for 2 euro design (Baltics 2018)
Posted: 22-Mar-2017, 09:44PM in Free discussion

Quote: "apuking"​I voted for number 5 just liked the overal appearance and design of the coin.​Probably You noticed, but tops of trees in this coin are in shapes of 3 countries.

Anybody has some info about member: nst15
Posted: 20-Feb-2017, 11:25AM in Free discussion

Guys, really- no one knows this collector?

Swaps Welcome
Posted: 17-Feb-2017, 10:26AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "KasparsLV"​Any reaction on my swap offer, please! ​Still no answer for swap offer. Why to call for swaps, if it is so hard to answer. Very bad starting as a newcommer here...

Post a coin with most of lettering lines
Posted: 17-Jan-2017, 08:40PM in Free discussion

In case we can count also lines with music notes, then this coin has 18. • Luxembourg 2013; 2 euro commemorative. • Who more? •

Christmas gift contest, the draw
Posted: 23-Dec-2016, 10:01AM in Free discussion

Gift from Jimpop received! Instead of one, there are a bunch of coins in the parcel and several of them will directly go to my collection. Thank You, James, very much!

Unique new coin released today by the Bank of Latvia
Posted: 22-Dec-2016, 08:25AM in Free discussion

Quote: "muzz0000"​wow that is ugly !!!!!​Thanks, Murray: you are very kind! ;)

2 euro coins
Posted: 20-Dec-2016, 07:31PM in Free discussion

Quote: "kommodore"​San marino euro coins didn't circulate?????​San Marino regular coins are in circulation. I got 2 eur in Italy. We are talking mainly about commemorative coins.

A new crook
Posted: 1-Dec-2016, 11:59PM in Free discussion

My swap with him was on February 2016. • He promised UNC coins. I received the package and not a single was UNC. • Small swap, but should be accepted as cheating anyway.

[solved] Cuban coins for swap
Posted: 29-Nov-2016, 12:47PM in Swaps and trades

Hi! • I am interested. Please check my list of doubles. • K

Christmas gift contest 2015 - 36 nominees
Posted: 25-Oct-2016, 08:10AM in Free discussion

You can count me also! • Would be great to open new topic for this year, because 2015 with 200 replays can be hard to read and get by new commers. • French- I know you can!

Selling Way Below Book Values
Posted: 15-Oct-2016, 07:08PM in Free discussion

Auctions, my friends,- in general, actions with artificial rising of the price. • How? • Easy! • Seller offer an auction with Item, starting price X. • Seller got several attendants in his auction, some attendant is really interested in buying the Item. He overbids other ones. • Seller's friend starts to rise up the price by bidding to get bigger cash for seller. • Auction ends: 2 options- • 1) interested attendant wins and pays artificially created higher price; • 2) sellers friend wins- purchase will be made and money returned back to the friend after. Seller will open new auction with the Item. • I never took part in auctions! • K

Registered post
Posted: 10-Oct-2016, 10:04PM in Free discussion

Sorry to say, but probably You were just cheated by sender... Time by time it happens. Hope not, of course!

Overseas Shipping Advice
Posted: 25-Sep-2016, 03:54PM in Swaps and trades

Latvia- safe to send. So, You are wellcome! • Fix coins, that they are not shaking and creating any noise. That's all. • K

Gibraltar Coins
Posted: 17-Sep-2016, 05:29PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "KasparsLV"​My friend, • ​deal (as swap) opened, payment done a week ago, but no further reaction or feedback from you. • ​Should I start to worry ?​Coins received! All as promised! Thanks for the deal!

[solved] Milan, Italy
Posted: 4-Aug-2016, 10:08PM in Swaps and trades

Visit this Coin and collectors market: every sunday morning I mentioned in out goings. • Prices are less than in shops and huge offer, starting from old italian ones till modern 2 euros. • K

Swap Italy 2016 UNC Donatello - Plauto
Posted: 21-Jul-2016, 06:57PM in Swaps and trades

I am interested. Please open a new swap with me and choose coins you want for 6 donatello_plauto coins. I can offer 6 Latvia new 2 euro COW.

Free UK Commemorative crowns
Posted: 21-Jul-2016, 09:12AM in Swaps and trades

PM sent. No answer...

Latvia 2 euro 2016 "Cow"
Posted: 11-Jul-2016, 09:43PM in Swaps and trades

First announcement was dated 12.07.2016 • Is this new date more real and trustful?

Shipping: a swappers worst enemy
Posted: 5-Jul-2016, 08:17AM in Free discussion

From the post expense point of view- I love my country very much. • Registered letter to almost every country costs not more than 2,50 eur. • % of lost parcels is close to 0.

[solved] Iceland v.s. France today
Posted: 4-Jul-2016, 12:31PM in Free discussion

Thanks for Your passion! • Sad, 2:5... • All hopes on next year.

My last set of Bank Notes for coins
Posted: 4-Jul-2016, 08:52AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "muzz0000"​Hi I may be interested check my trade list Murray ​Thanks, Murray, for Your interest! • I will check Your doubles this evening and we will agree on something for sure.

1 ruble-dollar disarmament 1988
Posted: 28-Jun-2016, 04:09PM in Swaps and trades

Please open new swap in my list. Choose all You think is worth Your coin. • Hope- coin is not radioactive, because of missile metal it is made from... ;)

[solved] Surprised by Post
Posted: 10-Jun-2016, 04:08PM in Swaps and trades

Thanks folks, for Your wish to help! You all are great! I already made a deal with one of us from Poland. • So- topic is closed.

Why do members not reply to swap requests?
Posted: 6-Jun-2016, 04:09PM in Swaps and trades

1 week is reasonable time. I do the same. • No reaction, no swap!

[solved] Visual Problem (Bug) on Numista
Posted: 24-Apr-2016, 06:30PM in Numista website

The same issue started today. Impossible to use site nor from the pc or phone. • Guys - problem is in the site not in users devices, because I did not do anything with my devices and site Friday didn't work, yesterday worked normal periodically and today again without images.

55 years of first space flight
Posted: 7-Apr-2016, 09:57PM in Swaps and trades

In case this is 1 ruble coin (not mentioned in Your post) I am interested. Please choose something from my list and we will agree on the swap details and quantity.

Schtroumpf49's profile SWINDLER
Posted: 1-Apr-2016, 09:17PM in Swaps and trades

Bastard got my coins- info from post tracking system! • Actions of returning the parcel was started too late...

Members who do not send selected swap
Posted: 30-Mar-2016, 04:39PM in Swaps and trades

||||| Dato Mikeladze's feedback on 12-Aug-2015 • ***** Very trustful and honest person. Pleasure to have a deal with him. Recommended !!! ||||| • Dato- You lucky one... ;) • Your luck was- to be in first lines of swapping with this criminal, in the stage of collecting trust of the community.

Posted: 14-Mar-2016, 07:24AM in Free discussion

Neil, • You can send them directly to Famous search engine 2nd house.

Anyone want to swap gold with me
Posted: 9-Mar-2016, 01:47PM in Swaps and trades

On behalf of my cousine's friend from Zimbabwe, I would like to organise excellent mutual exchanges between You and my close and very trustfull friend. • All his coins are in bank deposits in Gambia and unfortunatelly he lost his passport and therefore are not able to travel. • Lawyers at the moment are preparing all the necessary documents to free him away from police in Eritrea, where he was because of numismatic exhibition in the October, 2015. He spent all the money and mortgaged 24 very extremely rare African coins from the Faraoh times in Egypt, Faraoh Nefreon the VI, if I am correct. Coins are made from afrodium- matherial from the meteorite, that fall in the 3 b.Ch. somewhere in the surroundings of Sudan. To get these coins my trustfull friend are ready to give you 7 coins for 439 eur (this is exact amount to free the coins). • Please PM and we will agree about everything. Do not become angry if I am not answering within 3 weeks, because I need to come back[...]

Why Collect 2 Euros?
Posted: 7-Mar-2016, 07:46AM in Free discussion

In case collecting gives more satisfaction if some result is achieved not just a process, than 2 euro collecting is the thing. It is realistic to get them all. • Regarding history I'd like to argue, because 2 euro cc is all about a historical events. • coins are pretty cheap and easy to get.

New Turkish 1 kurus (16 empire)
Posted: 24-Feb-2016, 07:03PM in Swaps and trades

Got coins today! All perfect, shiny UNC coins in very safe and accurate packaging. • Thank You very much, volkan!

By economic problems I must sell my coins
Posted: 23-Feb-2016, 06:48PM in Swaps and trades

I choose coins from Your doubles and asked for a price in February 13. • Still no answer...

What else (to do with coins)
Posted: 21-Feb-2016, 09:09AM in Free discussion

Time is money! (on the wall in my office) •

[solved] Shipping Europe-Brazil - safe or not
Posted: 18-Feb-2016, 12:15PM in Free discussion

Two swaps done with guys from Brasil- no problems. • At the moment third swap is in the process: I got the package, but my one is stopped in Brasil post as "item for checking" (info from mail tracking system). • Post speed Latvia-Brasil approx. 1 month. For such a long distances I allways use registered mail.

Cheating with quality- "period of full moon or what"?
Posted: 10-Feb-2016, 08:35PM in Free discussion

Quote: "neilithic"​Once again, if you're going to be swapping with someone you don't know...always ask for scans or pictures of the coins.​This is my 2nd and 3rd swap with these gentlemen. No problems before... • And I am tended to believe to guys with more than 100 swaps with all the 5 stars in rating.

[solved] Greetings
Posted: 7-Feb-2016, 07:43PM in Swaps and trades

Just tried to be the cleverest one and ruin your theories. Offered to swap. • Only simultaneus coin sending is acceptable. • I closed down swap and with a great shame I am on my knees in front of the Numista lords of deduction...

[solved] Mail tracking link
Posted: 1-Feb-2016, 06:30PM in Numista website

Quote: "Messiah2012"​I noticed that also. • ​ • ​ • ​This site is better • ​ • ​ • ​Copy the code into the box and select track with options. Don't know if that can be used here though. ​Yes- Your site works. • First- it shows all the way of letter in senders country and after You can choose destination country and get info from there. • And it works from the beginning untill the receiver with the status "delivered". Nice!

New American coinage (what would you want to see?)
Posted: 24-Jan-2016, 08:10AM in Free discussion

Try Presidental 1$ serie. You will find many other faces on them. ;) • K

Newest issuer added to your collection (2nd edit)
Posted: 22-Jan-2016, 02:53PM in Free discussion

Danish West Indies 1860, 1 cent

Posted: 22-Jan-2016, 09:12AM in Swaps and trades

Irish 2 euro cc 2016 will be issued in 4.500.000 ex. • Normal price for coins issued 1.000.000 ex is 3,50 eur not more. • So, dear collegue, price 6 eur is 2 times to high, in case Your coin is not in card or blister. • So UNC coin from roll, issued in 4.500.000 ex, just simple can not cost 6 euros.

What do I lose if...
Posted: 21-Jan-2016, 08:25AM in Free discussion

I have similar thoughts. • Vatican is easy to get out coins (from sets and 2 euro cards) without damaging the card. • San Marino is harder, but still possible. • There are guys selling empty coin boxes from Vat and SanM time by time in e- bay. :) • K

Unusual shaped coins
Posted: 15-Jan-2016, 12:53PM in Free discussion

Do not forget Transnistrie rubels 2014. • Composite coins 3, 5 and 10 rubles.

300 countries club
Posted: 7-Jan-2016, 11:27PM in Free discussion

Hello, Lords of Numismatic! • I am also trying to reach this peak! So some ideas as questions about new country positions: • - EU (Europe Union) as itself; I got the form for 1 euro coin, just form. So, practically- token from EU. • - Virtual Currency; bought in e-bay physical Bitcoin. Not a state itself, but as separate position probably fits. Let's be up-to-day, guys! ;) • - Bouvet Island (part of Norway). I have a probe coin mentioned as from Bouvet Island- no name about Norway. • - Micronesia (Federated states of Micronesia); possible to buy coins-tokens with fishes and animals mentioned as from Micronesia. • Just an offer to help to somebody reach 300 sooner... • Decision up to You- to count it or not. • Happy New Year, anyway!

Dedicated to all numismatic partners, talismans and supervisors
Posted: 2-Jan-2016, 09:29PM in Free discussion

Let's show our professional assistants in numismatics! • This is my one! • So guys, please be informed- all the swaps, envelopes are under strong supervising of this one. No cheating and mistakes are possible at all! •

Merry Christmas - in as many languages as possible
Posted: 25-Dec-2015, 09:07AM in Free discussion

Quote: "chomp-master"​As maudry not reading us: • ​ • ​Schéine Chrëschtdag​Where is Maudry, by the way, he is not answering about receiving my Christmas gift.

Happy Christmas
Posted: 24-Dec-2015, 02:59PM in Free discussion

Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus!

Italian 30 years EU Flag UNC for Swap
Posted: 19-Dec-2015, 04:23PM in Swaps and trades

Swap offer sent. • K

New two 2 euro Greece 2015 for swap
Posted: 15-Dec-2015, 08:36PM in Swaps and trades

Swap offer opened! • Thanks!

Small but important upgrade
Posted: 13-Dec-2015, 07:35PM in Numista website

Dear Numista organizers, is it possible to replace two neighboring lines in opened swap: • - view [user] profile • - confirm the swap ? • Usually I am working with phone, lines are so close to each other and several times I confirm the swap instead of checking possible partner. • Yes , probably problem is in my fingers, but still... • Thank you for co-operation!

New 2€ Coin - Portugal
Posted: 4-Dec-2015, 08:12PM in Swaps and trades

PM as swap offer sent. • Thank You!

Trades with Russia
Posted: 18-Nov-2015, 08:12PM in Free discussion

hi folks! • More than 10 swaps with Russian collectors. I used registered letters allways, received standard ones. and- no loses at all! • Just my experience! No guaranties! :)

Workdays postal service. As packets go?
Posted: 25-Sep-2015, 05:32PM in Swaps and trades

I did not saw Latvia in Your list! • So the time to check it. I ment- let's make a swap! ;) • kaspars

Looking for North Korea 5 chon 1974 (no stars)
Posted: 11-Sep-2015, 07:14PM in Swaps and trades

I have the same coin for swap, but year 1959. The same coin was issued in 2 years.

Updated swap list
Posted: 4-Sep-2015, 08:38PM in Swaps and trades

Swap created, agreed and confirmed in 3-5 minutes! Thanks, Colin! • Anybody can do it faster? Topic for Guinness Book, probably... • K

2€ CC to swap
Posted: 31-Aug-2015, 10:11PM in Swaps and trades

COIN By 25 anniversary of the PMR (Transnistria) for swap
Posted: 28-Aug-2015, 09:07PM in Swaps and trades

I'd like to have one.

US Quarters and Dollars 2014
Posted: 19-Aug-2015, 07:43PM in Swaps and trades

Received new, shiny, UNC presidental $. All as promised! • Thanks, Marvin! • K

Chess coins
Posted: 14-Aug-2015, 09:49PM in Swaps and trades • UAE 1 dirham commemorative 1986; "27th chess olympiad in Dubai" • Coin cost approx. 25 eur in my country numismatic shop. In case You are interesting in- we can agree on something.

Invitation to swap
Posted: 8-Aug-2015, 10:24PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: GB_numismateHi Kaspars, • Have a look please in my swaplist. Let me know if something can interest you.  :D • REgards • GuillaumeThanks for Your reply. I will check Your doubles and will send PM.

New coin of Transnistria
Posted: 8-Aug-2015, 10:23PM in Swaps and trades

I'd like to get this coin. But it is not cheap to make a deal just for one coin. • Can You reserve one and also some from next issues. • We can collect 5 and than swap.

New Ukrainian coin for sale or swap !
Posted: 7-Jul-2015, 10:10PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: Andrey78New price : $29 for 1 roll (50 coins) !!! • Available : 2 rolls.I would like to swap some coins

Wanted: International Swap Partners
Posted: 22-Jun-2015, 11:19AM in Swaps and trades

Too many requirements probably? ;) • Check mines, we can swap finally, despite Your 3 rejections.

UNC Malta Euros for swap for UNC Latvian Euros
Posted: 14-Jun-2015, 08:38PM in Swaps and trades

Hi, Eddie! • Pls check my doubles! I am sure, You will find something for You. • Thanks!

Luxembourg 2 euro comm for swap
Posted: 14-Jun-2015, 02:50PM in Swaps and trades

Luxembourg  2 euro commemorative 2015 is available for swap. • I am swapping coins, no- roll deals. • In case of interest, please open new swap. Coin is not in the catalog yet. •

What coins or tokens do you have that are made from odd material?
Posted: 10-Jun-2015, 08:08AM in Free discussion

Guys- do not forgot one set of not rare coins: Transnistrie rubels (1,3,5 and 10) from composite matherials- some kind of plastic. •

Beware fake accounts
Posted: 9-Jun-2015, 03:23PM in Free discussion

Quote: kolikko99Quote: KasparsLVI am ready to do swaps with them, just some rules: • 1) we agree on swap • 2) I accept the swap after I'll receive Your coins (because You have very negative profile) • 3) Coins ok- I accept swap • 4) I send mines • 5) You receive coins and rate the swap • 6) I rate the swap • Guess what? • Nobody of them agreed... • ;)Oh no we europeans have to send first because we are such racists towards indians and black people and to clear the reputation of europeans I'm going to send my glitter surprise firstYes- and do not forget to overfill Your package with free bonus coins. You will clear Your carma with it definitelly...

Extremely idiotic experience
Posted: 7-Jun-2015, 11:03AM in Free discussion

Envelope, by the words of swap prtner, was in 100% good condition. • So- it makes situation more interesting... • But ok, we can add just another one experience to our activities. • Wish You never meet this kind of situation!

1 lats
Posted: 1-Jun-2015, 03:02PM in Free discussion

Hi,again! • We still have a discussion about "silver/non silver". Here, my friends, are some adds from sellers with prices for exact coins. • Full silver, in boxes and with certificates. • As I said- throw away Your book! ;) • • • Good luck and full walletwith money for fullfiling Your dreams! ;) • kaspars

Visiting Latvia this summer
Posted: 22-May-2015, 06:08PM in Free discussion

Nice to hear it. • Yes- the main collectors' event in Latvia took place in the premises of  Middle school #6, Riga, A.Caka street 102. • Every 2nd Sunday of each month from 09:00-13:00. • This event also is visited by Lithuanian and Estonian collectors.

We can vote for new EU commemorative coin 2015
Posted: 27-Apr-2015, 05:12PM in Free discussion

Hi! • There are link You can vote for Your favorite 2015 comm 2 euro coin. • • Let's be part of numismatic history!

I am declaring me, as the king of the very slow swap
Posted: 13-Apr-2015, 04:46PM in Free discussion

Hobby should make soul singing. • Some soul like slow walses, some- fast hard rock. It is the way how it is. • So, absolutelly nothing against speed of swap from my side. • Just funny topic and 5* for ALLRED1950 for his balls to iniciate such one! • kasparsLV

Show what you buy (or presented)
Posted: 12-Apr-2015, 08:09PM in Free discussion

Today got this gem. • Duchy of Livonia, 1572. 1 schilling in great condition. • (picture from net; I do not have tools to make detailed picture of my one) •

Newest country added to your collection
Posted: 7-Apr-2015, 09:46PM in Free discussion

NIUE and PALAU with 2 commemorative coins

Lost letter
Posted: 28-Mar-2015, 09:21PM in Swaps and trades

I had similar 2 situations before. • You just need to agree about some way out. If You can prove You send the letter (photo, postal receipt or smt.)- it is not Your foult definitelly. • To keep good relations, in 1st one I repeated by sending 2nd letter- fortunatelly I had the same coins. • In 2nd one we agreed about other solution. To keep good relations and reputation- I send second letter with other coins. • So, the answer here is- talk and agree about suitable solution. • kasparsLV

[solved] Great-Britain Farthing 1858 (Queen Victoria) for swap.
Posted: 24-Mar-2015, 07:13PM in Swaps and trades

For me it seems that Athena (or who it is) is sitting in handicapped wheelchair. :) • It is first impression always when I look on these coins, also pennies. • Nothing personal against coin, GB, Victoria and other involved ones... :)

Record number of days for mail
Posted: 24-Mar-2015, 06:59PM in Free discussion

India ---> Latvia 90 days as minimum. • They have very strict legal regulation regarding posting coins. Custom procedure are abnormally hard. • So, my suggestion- be patient in swaps with India people. They are not guilty for laws created by their government... • Now I should send back... • Hope letter will reach its destination without being stolen or arrested by custom.

New Transnistrian set(UNC)
Posted: 20-Mar-2015, 12:09PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: kundikSorry, but but you have no coins that interested me :(OK, i see. This is an answer also. Thanks!

New Transnistrian plastic set.
Posted: 15-Mar-2015, 06:40PM in Swaps and trades

You, body- do not answer on my swap proposal almost 10 days... • Also, refuse and turning down the swap offer is an answer, but it should be made. • Yes, no?

Kampuchea not as country in Numista
Posted: 15-Mar-2015, 12:34PM in Numista catalogue

Ok, it seems under Cambodia.

Would you buy an ISIS gold, silver or copper coin?
Posted: 12-Mar-2015, 09:09PM in Free discussion

Seems to me, that this will be not the easiest exercise to get one of them... But armed with hope and unstoppable wish- all is possible. :)

New to Numista
Posted: 11-Mar-2015, 09:51PM in Free discussion

Somehow I have a feeling- this guy will be tough one here! My coins are ready to fly to USA, to met him! ;) • Welcome!

[solved] Stamps
Posted: 5-Mar-2015, 12:58PM in Free discussion

I also have a lot of stamps from Soviet times. I collected them when I was child- 25-30 y ago. • So, in case of any interest, please PM me. • I am ready to swap them for coins. • kasparsLV

Local coin shops: the people's list
Posted: 24-Feb-2015, 10:30PM in Free discussion

I would like to add to this: • MILANO (Italy) coin market every Sunday- the 3rd biggest in Europe. • Located in several streets: Via Armorari, Via Cantu and others. • Very good place, my Sundays always started there...

Anyone collect primitive currencies?
Posted: 22-Feb-2015, 07:58PM in Free discussion

Quote: neilithicWhen the first white settlers came to New Zealand they traded with anything metal.  The Maori hadn't seen metal before and it was harder than anything they had been using so they used to happily accept nails, axes, spades, etc as payment for goods.Regarding this last statement of @neilithic and specific hobby of @Quant.Geek I am ready to give away all my metal things from garage (nails, screws, old tools and even disks from tires) to get Your gold, silver coins and other nice things in exchange. ;)

Collector looking for swaps
Posted: 15-Feb-2015, 10:18PM in Swaps and trades

Recommended collector! Our swap was agreed very fast and realized also in short term. Good guy! • Keep doing in this way and You will reach the peaks! :) • kasparsLV

Collecting stamps
Posted: 13-Feb-2015, 09:11PM in Free discussion

I did not get @spatared- do You need stamps or You want to give them away for coins? • I have a  number of stamps, mostly from USSR and soviet countries. • In case of any interest, I gladly swap them to coins.

Collecting by Type
Posted: 5-Feb-2015, 05:44PM in Free discussion

I collect by type of the coin. • If I somehow or accidently got a coin with some small detail (mintage letter, dot, symbol, etc.) I keep it, but I do not specially look for that type of coin.

Swappers with the sense of responsibility
Posted: 5-Feb-2015, 05:39PM in Swaps and trades

I would like to say very big THANK YOU to member Inthenite. • He do not received my coins because of lost letter and despite this he rated the swap very positively. • Thank You, Inthenite very much. And sorry for post mistakes. • kasparsLV

French Indochina 1 cent 1939 UNC from rolls.
Posted: 5-Feb-2015, 05:21PM in Swaps and trades

Please check my doubles, I would like to swap some cents

Swapper not responding to my messages
Posted: 2-Feb-2015, 09:57PM in Swaps and trades

My oppinion is- that there should be some kind of black list to avoid others to become cheated. Of course criterias for inserting in the list should be clearified. Then anybody will have clear rules for behaviour here and no talks later: why, it's not my foult etc. • We can all create criterias and confirm them with the bosses here. Seems easy for me. • kasparsLV

Fair swapping
Posted: 23-Jan-2015, 07:38PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: DutchgalegoQuote: KasparsLVWith me it is very easy! • I always lose in swaps by the value of coins... • It is easier to get coins you really need. • And the postage. Dear friends, registered post from Italy --> 7.80 eur minimum. • So- I am total swap loser. But nobody can blame me after about coins, not-delivered etc. • Cheers!Much the same in Holland, we pay 11 euro for Europe, 19 euro for the rest of the world. • Ok, now I know, why Dutchgalego you refused my swap offer! ;)

Posted: 14-Jan-2015, 08:27PM in Free discussion

All is good! Now You went through the psychological test of young collectors. ;) • Good luck in Your hobby! Wish success and get soon all the coins You dream about!

Goals for 2015
Posted: 11-Jan-2015, 12:39PM in Free discussion

Quote: KasparsLVHi! • 2015 • - 1 RUS commemorative rouble (1991, Barcelona, running). And collection full. • - 6 coins for 2 eur commemorative (Grace Kelly, 1 SAN MAR and 4 VAT). And collection full. • - 100 countries (~90 at the moment). OK- 150 countries. • And many swaps, swaps, swaps...And my country #100 was reached today! :) • Barbados 1 dollar 2000

Collectors are not milk cows!
Posted: 7-Jan-2015, 12:38PM in Free discussion

Even more, my brothers of coins! • Andorra has plans to issued its first 2 euro commemorative next year and in number of ~105.000 pieces. • It means price: ~40 eur per coin as minimum. • Another milking factory... • Sad, so sad! • I will not support this country's business, definitely!

Nice gift
Posted: 5-Jan-2015, 08:42PM in Free discussion

Hey man, it is very good story, but presenting things what is Your obsession, for me it sounds a bit selfish. • I totally agree with guys here- this hobby and super love do not match at all. • So please- present her something connected with horses. Ride on white one in the moonlight or smt. • And believe- she will present some coin for You later. :P

Swap in person, Milan, Paris, London.
Posted: 2-Jan-2015, 07:35PM in Swaps and trades

Ok, agreed. Please accept our swap, by pressing "shaking hands".  :) • And You should meet collector "christianjaztyn"- he is good guy, we already made one swap in Milano. • Salute christianjaztyn! ;) • KasparsLV

Marking of inactive users
Posted: 12-Dec-2014, 08:48PM in Numista website

Quote: smoked_caramelSame or similar ideas were brought up before. Ain't gonna happen.  Then we need to scream louder and again, and again! And our voices will become heard above... :P • KasparsLV

Small gold coin suggestions
Posted: 12-Dec-2014, 08:39PM in Free discussion

Quote: MartelHello all, •     I am interested in buying a gold coin for my collection but don't want to buy anything big, and don't know many small coins. So my question is if any of you know of coins I can buy that cost less then One-hundred dollars, and has a mintage of less then one million total minted. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. •       ThanksHi! • There are 2 very small collectable gold coins emitted by the Bank of Latvia: named "Zelta abele" (Golden Apple Tree) and "Ak, Sveta Lestene!" (Oh, holly Lestene! (name of the village)). • These ones 100% fits your needs. :) • KasparsLV

Tried to look for German 2007 2 euro commemorative "A" and "J" (Closed)
Posted: 12-Dec-2014, 06:47PM in Swaps and trades

Thanks David52, for Your interest, but topic is closed, because I already get all the commemorative coins. • But let's stay in contact, because next year there will be new emission of 2x5 commemorative 2 euros in Germany.

AIDS French 2014 Available against 2014 & 2015 CC!!!
Posted: 6-Dec-2014, 11:59AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: tonyno1992Good and reasonable upgrade of the topic. ;) • KasparsLV

Latvia 2015; 2 euro commemoratives
Posted: 6-Dec-2014, 11:23AM in Swaps and trades

• These two coins will be issued in Latvia next year: • * LV the Presidence of EU (Ferbuary 2015) • * Stork (2nd half of 2015) • I will have number of them definitely, so, everyone interested are welcome to exchange these coins with the newest 2 euro commemorative of Your country. • Happy New Year! • KasparsLV

[solved] Please help to understand what coins these are
Posted: 24-Nov-2014, 12:12AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: PetrusAscanusleft coin: • • right coin (I think); •, PetrusAscanus! • My Japan coin is 1961 (compared hereoglifs). • Second also is correct: Thailand. • Added to my swap list. • Question closed! • Kaspars

Added coins from my childness collection, please check for swap
Posted: 23-Nov-2014, 11:41PM in Swaps and trades

Hi, coin hunters! • I opened the chest of my collection, when I was 20 years younger. :) • Added all the coins to my swap list, please check and, probably, some of You can become happy. • You can also check my post about 2 coins I do not recognized. • Good luck! • Kaspars

Am I super lucky...
Posted: 23-Nov-2014, 10:52PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Started to sort my collection from childness times and discovered one coin. • Can it really be CIVIT RIGEN dated approx. 1580. • Please give any comment also about the market price of this coin. • Thanks! •

Hello from new member! (-->2 eur commemoratives)
Posted: 4-Nov-2014, 07:05PM in Swaps and trades

Hi, folks! • I am already 1 month here. I am interesting in 2 Eur commemorative. • Please check my offer and maybe we can swap something. • Special thanks to guys, who already made swap with me- new and unknown member of this site! I hope- nobody is disappointed. • Thank You! And good luck in Your searching!

Need 2007 Monaco 2 eur (Grace Kelly); ready to swap with 100 Latu 1998 (Au 999, LV). Any interest?
Posted: 19-Oct-2014, 12:53PM in Swaps and trades

I am collecting 2 eur commemoratives. My collection stops at the Monaco 2007 (Grace Kelly). • I am ready to swap this to Latvian 1998 year Gold (Au 999) coin: 100 Latu. • Rarity evaluated by Numista: MON (70), LAT (95). • Value in the market approx. the same. • Would be great to find someone with interest of this. • Thanks!