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Big swap of "surplus of coins"
Posted: 4-Apr-2018, 02:33PM in Swaps and trades

Hi everybody, • Here's something lots of you will recognise: • Being from Belgium, if I tell people I collect coins, and they give me some they still have at home, those are often Belgian coins of e.g. 5 frank, 1 frank, 25 cents, ... Or when I buy coins by kilo, a lot of the "world coins" are Belgian. If I buy it in a coin shop, it's not that much, but when I buy it from other collectors, who are "getting rid of their doubles", let's say, it's sometimes half of the coins that is Belgian. That results in being half of my double coins Belgian, up to 300 times the same coin (okay, different years, but still). Then, if I'm exchanging here in Belgium, people often have the same "problem" so I hardly ever exchange those common Belgian coins. • If you just adapt "Belgium" and "Belgian" to the country you live in or come from, you certainly will know what I mean. • And that's what could be positive: if you have for e[...]

[solved] Réplique ou non ?
Posted: 28-Mar-2018, 09:20PM in Identifications et évaluations

Merci pour cette aide rapide ! • Comme je n'ai pas de balance minutieuse, la peser n'aurait pas apporté grand chose ... • C'est en effet cette réplique, jeton publicitaire. Je le vois déjà en jugeant sur les différences entre l'originelle et la réplique. J'avais en effet introduit ces mots dans la case de "Inscriptions" mais il en résultait seule cette pièce que j'avais citée en post initial.

Currency timeline
Posted: 24-Sep-2017, 09:52PM in Numismatic questions

That's awesome!

Ligne du temps pour les différentes monnaies
Posted: 21-Sep-2017, 10:47PM in Informations numismatiques

C'est ça, en effet, mais j'aimerais alors les avoir dans un document, donc toutes les infos ensemble, de sorte qu'on puisse facilement comparer entre plusieurs pays et voir en un clin d'œuil quels pays utilisent la même monnaie.

Egyptian pound: one currency or several currencies?
Posted: 11-Sep-2017, 04:40PM in Numismatic questions

I think it's rather six different periods. • The official name of the state changed (due to a change of "composition": kingdom, sultanate, republic, ...). Apparently, Numista can't let continue a currency over a change of issuer. • That's what I think, at least.

Egypt 1 pound president Nasser (1970)
Posted: 11-Sep-2017, 12:05PM in Numismatic questions

Apparently... Maybe I should just sell it for the little silver that's in it... • I actually did not buy it myself, but exchanged it for a 1980 Belgium 500 frank.