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Adding Banknotes 2
Posted: 28-Apr-2020, 03:33PM in Banknotes

Thanks Ngdawa, • Thanks for the fast response. • I am glad I asked now before I put another 70 or so on the wrong spot. • I will try to repair them as I see them. • Best Regards, • Ben

New swap list
Posted: 26-Apr-2020, 05:16PM in Numista website

Hi Xavier, • What a shock to see the new swap list for the first time! It is change and we have to get used to it. It will take some time. But I like the feature to only see items that you do not have. That makes it a lot faster. • And now we also have banknotes! I added a lot of the missing ones but it will take a few weeks to get it all up to date. At least I can drop Colnect, a site I really never got used to. I like Numista a lot better! Time you start charging a little bit ($10.00?) for members? • Thanks for all your hard work. • Ben

China 5 Fen KM3
Posted: 21-Mar-2020, 02:13PM in Numismatic questions

Most of these coins have modern letters but 3 have Stylized letters, different font. • Would it be possible the show a picture of one of these so I can see how different it looks like. • Thanks for your response. • Ben

[solved] Improved Add a personal comment.
Posted: 23-Aug-2019, 10:06AM in Numista website

When someone selects a coin from my swap list and I fulfill the order I mark it off his request list and I mark it it off out of my inventory, so that the next collector can not select it. • However sometimes I notice that the physical coin has a different grade or needs a personal comment. • I add that to the coin, but because it was taken from my inventory it will not show. • Could you make any comment changes on an active swap be preserved? • I hope I explained this well and if you can take it under consideration. • Best Regards. • Ben

[solved] Would it be possible to show the last date of the members activity on the Profile page
Posted: 5-Aug-2019, 03:50PM in Numista website

Hi, • Next to the Member Since could we add Last Activity date. • I think that some members left us and all this information is still showing. • Maybe we could select for swap only members that were active in the last X years. • Thanks for considering this suggestion. • Ben

What was the reason for deleting the proof/unc sets from Numista? Can we revisit this issue?
Posted: 5-Aug-2019, 03:43PM in Numista website

I would rather that the proof sets are not included. • Most of the time when I see proof coins on the swap list it is selected by accident. • It also does not allow a double check showing that a series is complete. • In any case it is not a big issue for me, just a little more time consuming. • Best Regards, • Ben

Malaysia 2003 20Sen
Posted: 25-Nov-2018, 12:29PM in Numismatic questions

Or can I do this myself?

Excel download
Posted: 1-Nov-2018, 11:06AM in Numista website

Hi Numista, • It would be so much better, easier and logical if the downloaded Excel is in the exact same position as the swap proposal. For Instance a Macao coin shows 11th in my swap list but when I download it it shows on 34th position. This happens frequently and it might have to do because some countries got realligned (Macau got put together with China). • Your solution is much appreciated. • Ben

[solved] View with Excel does not work
Posted: 12-Oct-2018, 09:02AM in Numista website

Thanks for solving this issue!

View with Excel
Posted: 26-Jul-2018, 08:23PM in Numista website

This download is often out of sync with the swap list. Countries are showing out of sequence. Is it possible to realign that? • Thank you. • Ben

[solved] Why are my updated comments not shown on the swap page
Posted: 26-Jul-2018, 08:13PM in Numista website

If there is no choice but to leave comments private, is it possible to go back to the old layout and how do I do that?

[solved] Spain KM#788 50 Pesetas
Posted: 5-Jul-2018, 10:29AM in Numismatic questions

1957 1958 • What is the difference between Cal#17 and Cal#29? • Does one have edge lettering and the other not? • Thanks for your answer. • Ben

I don't wish to get this coin.
Posted: 1-Jul-2018, 06:14PM in Numista website

Would it be possible to make this a line item. • Too many times I look at a swap list and see coins I am missing only to find that they are proof coins or have an A or B side. Line item vetos would eliminate this problem. • Thanks for looking into that. • Ben

[solved] Hong Kong is missing on several swap list I checked. Even on my own site!
Posted: 21-Jun-2018, 11:56PM in Numista website


[solved] Missing country in swap list
Posted: 21-Jun-2018, 12:58PM in Numista website

Hi! • I am trying to get a Hong Kong dollar without a security edge. A few collectors show this coin. However so far they sent me coins with security edges. So this time I went into the account of lechadehor13 who shows that he has this coin. However Hong Kong does not even appear on his swap list. I have never encountered this before. Please solve this riddle. • Thanks. • Ben

Posted: 25-May-2018, 06:32PM in Numismatic questions

When will the new coins (5c, 10c, 20c, 50c and $1.00) from 2013 until now get a Krause number?

Edward VIII
Posted: 25-Dec-2017, 10:39PM in Numismatic questions

Is there any coin with Edward VIII head facing right?

Egypt 2 Qirsh Farouk KM 369 1363 - 1944
Posted: 13-Dec-2017, 01:46PM in Numismatic questions

This coin shows a mintage of 32,000 but 46 Numista members want to swap it. Please investigate if this mintage number is correct. Thanks.

[solved] France 1956 100 Francs
Posted: 25-Nov-2017, 05:42AM in Numismatic questions

Thanks Ole, • You taught me something new today.

Finland 50 Pennia KM 2.2
Posted: 12-Nov-2017, 05:31AM in Numista coin catalogue

You can remove the blanc 1891 line as it is duplicate. • For 1876 you give the mintage as 500. Krause at 600. • Please adjust. Thanks!

GDR 1968 1 CENT
Posted: 7-Nov-2017, 01:10AM in Numismatic questions

How do I id the mint if both coins have the A mint mark. (most were minted in the Leningrad mint, but some in Berlin? • Thanks for solving this riddle. • Ben

Really error coins ! Post pictures please !
Posted: 19-Oct-2017, 09:24AM in Free discussion

Quote: "nthn"​It should be pithecoPhaga not pithecoBhaha.​Thank you. Now it makes sense.

Philippine 1983 50 centavo, PITHECOBHAGA JEFFERYI
Posted: 19-Oct-2017, 01:37AM in Numismatic questions

What is the difference between KM 242.1 and KM 242.2. They say there is a misspelling but how was it misspelled?

[solved] Hong Kong 1 Cent
Posted: 6-Dec-2016, 10:23PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I am just rearranging my collection of Hong Kong coins and noticed that several years (1877, 1881 and 1899) are in coin alignment while all others are in medal alignment. Any information that would clarify this?

[solved] Philippine Piso 1989 KM 243.1 and KM 243.3
Posted: 17-Oct-2016, 08:35PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I do not think that this issue is resolved. • I recommend that Numista delete KM 343.3 for both 1989 and 1990 until a measurable difference is provided. • With Best Regards

Singapore Dollar KM 54b and KM 103
Posted: 5-Oct-2016, 01:30PM in Numista coin catalogue

KM 54b should read ribbon downward • KM 103 should read ribbon upward • also in the "see also" • please adjust • Best Regards • Ben

Australian 1951 Florin KM 47
Posted: 14-Sep-2016, 03:26AM in Numista coin catalogue

Thanks Andy, • Is it standard to mention the beginning year of an anniversary? I thought the year the coin is struck would be sufficient? Mostly a range is given if the same coins have been struck in that time range..

[solved] VG coins
Posted: 15-Aug-2016, 02:10PM in Numista website

This solved my problem. • Thank you very much Xavier.

[solved] Line Item detail
Posted: 7-Aug-2016, 03:35PM in Numista website

I wish to get this coin • I do not want to get this coin • Can this be shown on a line item rather then on the whole group? This way I can eliminate the proof coins etc. or specify the exact coin I want. • Thanks for your consideration. • Ben

Iran KM 1181 20 rial 2535 - 1976
Posted: 16-Jun-2016, 03:26AM in Numista coin catalogue

This year is missing on Numista. It is also missing in the Krause 41st edition but it does show on the NGC world Coin Price Guide. • Please add this year. • Thanks,

[solved] Unhide in swap monitor
Posted: 15-Jun-2016, 04:59PM in Swaps and trades

Much too late, but thanks a million! I found it in the old monitor list.

Straits Settlements 1872 1 cent KM 9
Posted: 29-May-2016, 08:52PM in Numismatic questions

Here are some pictures: •

German Democratic Republic 1968 1 Pfennig
Posted: 6-Apr-2016, 09:43PM in Numismatic questions

A question, • In Numista is says that this 1968 Pfennig is minted in Leningrad. How can that be if they have the mint mark A (Berlin)? Should those not have the Leningrad mint mark?

KM versus L and other index numbers
Posted: 11-Mar-2016, 09:03PM in Numista website

Please start all references to the index numbers of in the same way. Please take KM first and Y second as that are the most often used index numbers. By mixing up the order it also show incorrect in the "edit your collection" and I for one had to re index number my 2 by 2 cards which is messy. (see eg Luxembourg 1 franc (KM 55) shows as L 305.

[solved] No Excel download available?
Posted: 7-Mar-2016, 01:48PM in Numista website

Hi Xavier, • Thank you so much for putting this back. This layout is better than before with the country names on each line. • A possible improvement for a future revision might be to add the comments in the bubble, as that is where we write our grades and prices. The mint column is nice but not so important (at least for myself). • In any case thanks, thanks, thanks!

[solved] I wish to get this coin / I don't wish to get this coin
Posted: 5-Mar-2016, 10:50AM in Numista website

Can this be set on each line item? • When there is a number of coins listed for a specific KM #, I would like to only wish a specific year of that coin, not the whole range. • Also if I wanted to get an improved coin I could show that I have a VG coin but I still wish to get a better grade. Right now the exclamation mark would not show on other swap lists. • Conversely I would like to specify "I don't wish to get this coin" also on a specific line item so I can filter out the varieties, rare coins, proof coins, mint sets etc.

Old members / gone members
Posted: 29-Jan-2016, 05:46AM in Numista website

I am sure that nobody wants to remove anyone who is active on this site. Swaps or no swaps. However if one has not posted anything, has not added or subtracted any coins or does not respond to messages for over two years, we might consider placing their swap list on a separate server to be reactivated when they so request. You do not want to clog up this site with obsolete information. And to use the site only for your own collections is a very valid use. And so is any research, identification of coins or other ways of using this site.

Finland 5 Markkaa 1946
Posted: 20-Nov-2015, 03:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have investigated further. The missing S was on a coin that quite worn at places and I now believe that this S has been completly rubbed away.

Roman coin RIC 255?
Posted: 11-Nov-2015, 05:57AM in Coin identifications and valuations

This Roman coin, minted in Antioch, 1.35 gram, 14 mm. • Obv: Diademed head, cuirassed bust right with lettering _?V?O?AVG • RX "glori (a exer)citvs" Two soldiers standing either side on ONE standard • sman(t?) in exergue • The nearest I came was a RIC 255, 335-336 but it is not identical. • Is there a better identification for this coin? Thanks for any help. •

[solved] Philippine Piso 1989 KM 243.1 and KM 243.3
Posted: 13-Sep-2015, 04:10PM in Numismatic questions

In the Krause is says that the 243.3 has smaller legends and design elements. I have the 1990 Piso that should be a 243.3 (as 1990 is the only year of 243.3) however I do not see any differences with the 1988 and earlier Piso's. Any help to clarify this, so I can classify my 1989 Piso's, is appreciated. • I will move this request with pictures to the coin identification forum.

Mintage of the 1990 Hong Kong 50c coin
Posted: 16-Aug-2015, 01:42PM in Numismatic questions

The Krause also listed the Macau 20 Pesetas at 1000 and Numista clarified that it was actually 1000,000. • • So I lost a little trust in Krause's numbers being correct. (Although in general they are great coin calalogues),

How to distinguish a 3 Pence from a maundy 3 Pence?
Posted: 12-Aug-2015, 01:37AM in Numismatic questions

I listed a 1914 3 Pence and it shows 3 Pence - George V (Maundy Coinage) KM# 813 • 1914. • How can you tell the difference if it is a regular 3 Pence or Maundy coinage? • Any help is appreciated.

is this a real coin or temple money?
Posted: 7-Aug-2015, 04:17PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you for all your comments.  You are a real club. Lets move on. I still have some coins to be identified. This one I rate as a token.

Spain 25 Pesetas
Posted: 7-Aug-2015, 10:36AM in Free discussion

I do not know where to post this question but this 1957/1958 coin is half cleaved and has a stamp over Franco's head CRESP. • Was this something political? •

Local coin shops: the people's list
Posted: 7-Aug-2015, 10:27AM in Free discussion

I recently went to Plaza Mayor in Madrid and they have a coin fair each Sunday from 9 till 2 with about 60 dealers. There are also 5 stores there selling coins.  Great place and good variety. I ran out of time!

Help with identification
Posted: 7-Aug-2015, 04:52AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks for the information. • I put it in my collection of tokens.

another one
Posted: 6-Aug-2015, 02:24AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks! I could date one of them. the other one is too faded. • It is fantastic to get such fast responses. Some of the coins have had for over a year. I will ask for some more identifications tomorrow.

1/4 anna? from where?
Posted: 6-Aug-2015, 12:50AM in Coin identifications and valuations

• 25 mm. • Thanks.

identification 3
Posted: 5-Aug-2015, 06:40PM in Coin identifications and valuations

• This one should be easier however I was not able to identify it. • 23.5 mm • Thanks

identification 2
Posted: 5-Aug-2015, 06:37PM in Coin identifications and valuations

• Possibly silver, also 26 mm • Wish I knew arabic and all the other languages. • Thanks

Mintage of the 1974 Macau 20 Patacas, KM#8
Posted: 1-Aug-2015, 06:34AM in Numismatic questions

In the Krause book it says 1000. • In Numista cataloge it shows as 1,000,000 • What is the correct mintage?

Irish Coins
Posted: 30-Jul-2015, 03:07AM in Numismatic questions

Sorry to have added to the confusion. • I got this coin in a swap and it was listed as a  1 Flóirin / 2 Scilling KM# 15a • 1969. However it is the 10 Pingin. My last 2Scilling is from 1968.   • It does not seem that the 1969 2 Scilling exists. It would have been nice to have gotten it!

[solved] Mexican 25 Peso 1968 KM 479.1
Posted: 27-Jul-2015, 03:21AM in Numismatic questions

You are absolutly correct! It's a fake I bought on EBay Dec 20, 2006.  And it looks so good that it was in my duplicates all this time.  Another show and tell for our coin club. Thank you.

Adjust mint for Russia Empire Ruble 1901 Y59
Posted: 22-Jul-2015, 03:15PM in Numista coin catalogue

Maybe that line is duplicated and should be removed?

Please change Saar to Saarland.
Posted: 29-Jun-2015, 02:09AM in Numista coin catalogue

re: • Actually not. • • The Saar franc was still used after the creation of Saarland from 1957-1959, though • (not: Saarland franc) • I have no problem with the Saar - Franc but with the country name only. Even above you refer to the creation of Saarland.

Norway 1898 10 cent KM 350
Posted: 27-Jun-2015, 03:54AM in Numista coin catalogue

This year is listed twice. Please correct. • Thanks, Ben

[solved] Iraq error date
Posted: 15-Jun-2015, 07:05PM in Numista coin catalogue

The 2 Fils (KM 96) should read 1933. Not 1934.

[solved] Please help identify this coin: Cameroon 10 Francs 1969
Posted: 15-Jun-2015, 12:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It  reads: • Etats del'afrique equatoriale • Banque Centrale • 1969 • Cameroun • design by GB • I must be looking in the wrong place as there is no mention of this coin in the world coin book or under Numista's Cameroon. • Thanks for any help. Sorry no photo yet.

Pound sterling (1158-1971)
Posted: 15-Jun-2015, 11:58AM in Numista website

Has Australia added some centuries to it's history or does this refer to Great Britain's pounds?