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[solved] "Coin available for a swap" icon
Posted: 3-Feb-2020, 11:32AM in Numista website

Quote: "AnSeTu017"​ • Quote: "Xavier"​Hello, • ​​This has been implemented, together with the search for coins available for swap. • ​​​​Greetings! Would it be possible to separate swap icon and green tick ? As a suggestion, tick is on top right , swap icon top left or bottom. When they displayed together, it's too crowded and hard to determine, if a coin in my collection or not. • ​Regards, • ​Andre​Hello, • Im agree with Andre, is confused all icons together, before was easy see my coins, now I have to see coin to coin, is TOO crowded. • Please separate symbol for swap to the left. • Thanks. • Manu,

Zodiac Tag
Posted: 1-Feb-2020, 10:32PM in Numista catalogue

Hi Collectors. • I would like to create a new tag how is very common in lot of countries, "Zodiac" here we can add coins from Occidental zodiac and Chinese zodiac. • -Somaliland, Transnistria, Somalia, etc. • Vote me please! • Thanks. • Manu,

[solved] Modification year
Posted: 10-Jun-2019, 10:29PM in Numista catalogue

Hello, • I want to modification the year of this coin: • • I have the Set of 8 coins and my set is from 2004. • Thanks. • Letocapo

New tipe? 1 Franc (light type) KM# 885a
Posted: 26-May-2018, 07:49PM in Numista catalogue

Hello, • I found a diferent mint mark for the year 1958, "cornucopia; wing mark" I want to add this new coin to the catalogue but it is not possible. • • Please confirm if Im wrong or not. • Thanks. • Manu. •

Values and new collection management
Posted: 25-Feb-2018, 10:56PM in Numista website

Quote: "andrewdotcoza"​Someone needs to be honest here, and not tiptoe around with a long opening paragraph about how grateful we are for everyone's work. Of course we are grateful, and that goes without saying, but we should be able to deliver honest feedback without pitchforks and burning torches coming out like they usually do. • ​ • ​I feel that this change is horrible, and my initial reaction is that it makes Numista unusable for my purposes. Consider these two screenshots: • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​From a software design perspective, it is impossible to consider the second one an improvement on the first one. In terms of both readability and editability, it is a large step backwards. Here is why: • ​ • It is much more difficult to see, at a glance, what grade of coin you have for a particular year because you actually have to read the grade text rather than just being able to see what you have from the grid display of input b[...]

hello to everyone what do you think of the new version?
Posted: 25-Feb-2018, 10:43PM in Numista website

I dont like it. • I cant add a coment if i dont have the coins in my collection, some times when I have several swaps opened I need to put information in some coins who will be send to me in a swap confirmed, this info is very Useful in the swaps how are opened. • the only upgrade i like it is the "Private" and "Public" comments. • (Sorry for my english) • Manu.