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[solved] Need to be added 20 and 50 dinara Yugoslavia 1968 KM-49 and KM-50 with mintmark NI
Posted: 27-Sep-2019, 04:09PM in Numista catalogue

I'll take a look as soon as possible! I've been busy lately. • Edit: Done

Suggestion for new API
Posted: 28-Jun-2019, 06:31PM in Numista website

Quote: "starnutoditopo"​​1) ​Though the APIs at are really very nice, as far as I understand, are "unofficial". I'd rather prefer something supposed to be maintained, supported, and guaranteed to mirror the data by Numista. Is there any plan to mark the APIs at as "Official"? • ​Xavier created an official Numista API ( Megas' API is great and covers a lot of operations. I doubt Xavier will integrate Megas' API into the official because the API does not have a huge demand.

April 1st country names
Posted: 2-Apr-2019, 08:23PM in Free discussion

Quote: "mikimaus"​ • Quote: "MihajloNesic"​You should've changed Slovakia and Slovenia ​​Please don't insult Slovakia with this s&%$#hole.​Didn't know it was an insult Respect for both

[solved] Numista Hacked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 1-Apr-2019, 01:03PM in Numista website

Here's the full list

[solved] Unexpected dropdowns
Posted: 4-Jan-2019, 01:48AM in Numista website

After searching for Serbia in country list ("ser" actually), I noticed some weird dropdowns that function unexpectedly. • Here's the image, but it's better to try it yourself. • Edit: Looks like, by searching the word "ser", the output spits Seriphos as it contains the word "ser". Seriphos is under Cyclades which is under Greece (ancient). There were never any unexpected dropdowns. They are just a bit buggy when dealing with queries.

Coin photography
Posted: 26-Dec-2018, 11:18AM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​Thanks for sharing, I think someone brought up one of those lights on my enquiry about taking coin photos. • ​ • ​After attempting to take good coin photos in this mood lighting-lit hotel room I think I can appreciate your ring light's usefulness. ​I tried many methods. This is the best one so far

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Posted: 25-Dec-2018, 09:15PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Jarcek"​ • Quote: "Salaction"​You know when Christmas has started when Home Alone has started xD just started here on tv :P​​Damn, same goes in our country. ​Haha same in Serbia • Merry Christmas all!

[solved] Let's see if we can post coins by the catalog country list. For the countries J-M (Currently at: Myanmar)
Posted: 15-Dec-2018, 11:47PM in Free discussion

Liechtenstein - 2 Kronen - Johann II - 1912 - Y# 3 •

(VIDEO) The Queen's Life Told Through Banknotes & Coins
Posted: 11-Dec-2018, 02:23PM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​Subscribed to the guy, so I saw the video when it first came out- but thanks for sharing anyway! He does some great vids with banknotes, I share his frustration at the 1935 Canadian $20 being out of my price range. • ​ • ​Pretty sad what happened with his cat, though. ​I've been a subscriber for a while now. I loved his 'The World's Coolest Banknotes' video. • That is a really cool banknote indeed! • Rest in piece Reggie

[solved] Macedonia 2 denari 2018 new composition
Posted: 18-Nov-2018, 08:25PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Adzi"​Also please erase 2018 year line in KM#3 • ​I cannot do that as a regular referee. I contacted a master referee to do that. Waiting for a response.

[solved] Mobile version element too wide (iOS)
Posted: 8-Sep-2018, 01:56PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​Hello, • ​This should be solved.​Yes, thank you!

How many of the Numista header coins do you own?
Posted: 31-Aug-2018, 11:14PM in Free discussion

I have 7! • I honestly expected less

Why do you or what made you decide to collect coins?
Posted: 31-Aug-2018, 11:08PM in Free discussion

As a kid from Serbia, I had a ton of old Yugoslavian inflation coins and banknotes. They were useless but I just couldn't throw them away. • Another thing I did, before officially starting to collect coins, is that I kept all of the foreign coins and notes that I did not spend on my trips (mostly Euros, some BGN, CZK and DEM) in a little ceramic dish. I noticed that I had a lot of them, so I started to get some interest in them and well..look where I ended up

Posted: 27-Aug-2018, 12:23PM in Free discussion

Hello. • I discovered this software a couple of months ago. I have (somewhat) successfully imported my collection from Numista (as Excel) to the OpenNumismat. • My questions are: • 1. Is there a way to merge/add only coins I added to my collection since I imported it to the software • 2. Is there a better way of adding coin photos? • Software website

Book for euro coins
Posted: 21-Aug-2018, 10:58PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Frenchlover"​I put my coins and notes in large binders A4 • ​​ • ​ ​ ​ • ​ • ​and I make explicative leaflets • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ ​This is the most beautiful thing I saw ever

Photobox ?
Posted: 18-Aug-2018, 08:52PM in Numismatic questions

Have a look at this article.

[solved] Year list for Serbia km24-26
Posted: 31-Jul-2018, 09:19PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Houseofham"​I don't think the Edit was there when I read it. In any case, thank you (and the main admins) for taking care of that. • ​ • ​Edit: Oh, one more question. How are you planning to deal with mintage numbers for 1915? Move the numbers from medal alignment to coin alignment or just leave the latter blank?​I would leave it blank. What do you suggest?

[solved] World Cup FIFA 2018 - Russia
Posted: 18-Jun-2018, 01:32AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Grinya"​ • Quote: "MihajloNesic"​Go Serbia! • ​​I wish.. ​​Congratulations. Good result, but weak match... • ​ • ​Will support Serbia on stadium against Brazil:)​Thank you! • Next match is going to be tough and very important for us. As Switzerland and Brazil tied, they each have a point now, which means, if we loose to Switzerland, they will be first in group, and I doubt we gonna beat Brazil.

World coins chat: Macedonia
Posted: 17-Jun-2018, 12:18PM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​Recently the Kingdom of Swaziland also officially changed it's name to "eSwatini", and back in 2016 "Czechia" became official shorthand for the Czech Republic, but we here at Numista seem to be somewhat lethargic to adjusting to proper/new names. • ​ • ​I suppose it'll eventually happen; kinda like when Siam became Thailand in 1949, or Persia became Iran in 1935, or Ceylon became Sri Lanka in 1972; it took a lot of the less worldly folks decades to adjust and start using the "new" names regularly. It's a phenomenon that seems unique to an already independent country changing it's name (you don't see it with Bechuanaland/Botswana or Nyasaland/Malawi as much, for example). • ​ • ​Change comes slow, but steadily, and history has shown swimming against that current only makes you in the end a tired loser. ​I 'love' changes in political geography. I requested a couple of flag changes in Numista in the p[...]

[solved] Export to Excel
Posted: 16-Jun-2018, 11:31AM in Numista website

I would like to see an option of exporting your collection to excel with ONLY Gregorian dates.

API for Numista
Posted: 5-Jun-2018, 10:26AM in Numista website

Quote: "elier.am85"​Hi Megas! • ​ • ​Could you give me an example or two on how to use your API? It may be a simple question but it would be very helpful to me. Thank you​Megas already gave a couple of examples. See the examples above.

Montenegro restrikes
Posted: 31-May-2018, 05:48PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "radrick007"these pieces were produced and issued by the Central Bank of Montenegro but they had no legal tender status and were just commemorative collectors' items?​Yes, they were never used as currency nor they were in circulation.

Random coin search update!
Posted: 25-May-2018, 01:27PM in Free discussion

Quote: "sarahthomas"​Useful links, thank you so much, keep updating!​Thank you!

Fiji hotel cap coin
Posted: 25-Apr-2018, 02:35PM in Free discussion

I would buy this, It looks cool

Serbian Post and their problems with coins
Posted: 25-Apr-2018, 02:33PM in Free discussion

Oh..... Don't get me started with Serbian customs.... • Every time I want to send coins, they send me to a customs office to 'check' coins and then HE (or she) estimates the value of my coins. Usually the value of coins I send does not go over 10 euros in circulating value or numismatic value. But, according to those smart arses, it is always enormous value and they think that I dug out some 'old' coins. • There is a law in Serbia that you cannot send SERBIAN coins and notes that are cultural diversion, This means coins/notes older than 1939 (from Kingdom of Serbia/Yugoslavia). If you want to, you need a licence from the National Bank of Serbia. If they decline your licence proposal, the coins can (and will) be confiscated and put in the museum. • Even now, after about 30 swaps (even outside Numista) the customs 'torture' me and my beautiful packaged coins.

errors in Serbian coins
Posted: 20-Apr-2018, 07:23PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "polimerko"​ • Quote: "CassTaylor"​Not sure what you mean; after you request the change the referee has to approve it, which usually takes about 24 hours or less (if they're active anyway). Try messaging him directly if something else went wrong for you.​​It is not possible to remove the years. That is the change I couldn't do.​Correct. It is not possible to request year removal. Master referees are the only people with permission to do this. • Edit: Jarcek removed the year

My Euro coins
Posted: 25-Mar-2018, 05:17PM in Free discussion

Is there a way to get a shareable link of my euro coins? • Like, for eg, here is a shareable link for my Chinese coins • • I can do a private search filtering only euro coins, but the link is private (only I can see it) and it is relative to the log on user.

World Coins Chat: Niue
Posted: 3-Mar-2018, 12:51PM in Free discussion

Niue has always been an amazing "country" to me. • I always imagined it as a paradise island in the pacific which in fact it is. • They are associated state of New Zealand so they use New Zealand dollar but it is very funny to see them minting Mickey Mouse, Pokemon and Disney silver dollars almost every year. • I, personally, would like to own some of these coins because they are really unique. • However, this set of coins really presents the island well, because of the sea motifs. •

Your countries in collection
Posted: 3-Mar-2018, 12:43PM in Free discussion

You can check mine on my web page! • Edit: 185 Countries, 202 Issuers

[solved] Old Numista layout
Posted: 27-Feb-2018, 09:50AM in Numista website

Yes, it is a matter of time untill we are all used to it. I bet a couple of weeks from now we would look back at the old layout and not be nostalgic

[solved] Total collection value
Posted: 25-Feb-2018, 05:50PM in Numista website

Quote: "Numismatist uk"​Similar to the total silver value?​Exactly!

[solved] Links to Numista website
Posted: 25-Feb-2018, 02:36PM in Numista website

Try exporting the collection again

Any other millennials/college student collectors here?
Posted: 16-Feb-2018, 01:15AM in Free discussion

Another millennial here :)

Has anyone seen little sets like this before?
Posted: 14-Feb-2018, 04:54PM in Free discussion

Here are some more photos of these sets • (Photos are not mine)

Random coin search
Posted: 14-Feb-2018, 03:25PM in Free discussion

I've just updated my website. The random coins search is better than ever check it out --->

[solved] Numista iOS/Android App
Posted: 13-Feb-2018, 11:34PM in Numista website

Why do you need an app when the website is responsive and perfectly designed for mobile use. • But, there is an unofficial Numista app for Android that is in alpha phase. Read more here

Coin Photography
Posted: 30-Jan-2018, 09:29AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Max_505"​how do you crop the photos?​When I photograph a coin, I try to fit the coin in the frame as big as possible.

Polymer £5 Note Can Play Vinyl Records
Posted: 11-Jan-2018, 10:12PM in Banknotes

Have a look at this video I found

Additions to your collection - January, 2018
Posted: 9-Jan-2018, 10:18AM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​ • Quote: "druzhynets"​ • ​ • Quote: "MihajloNesic"​Spain - 5 Pesetas - 1897 - KM# 707 • ​​​​​ • ​​I like Spanish 5 pesetas very much. They are not too expensive, there are few nice types and collection looks uniform.​​​I'm trying to get a type set of all Spanish silver and bronze types from between 1869 and 1937; and I can say the Spanish type collection isn't very consistent (for example there is no 2 peseta coin for the 3rd head of Alfonso XIII, and there is only a 50 Centimos coin for the 5th head of Alfonso XIII (1910)). Very confusing and frustrating when you learn you spent all day asking for a coin that doesn't exist. ​I don't really mind that.

Đ and Ð
Posted: 9-Jan-2018, 08:11AM in Free discussion

It’s the same letter I think. In Serbian we also have the letter Đ

[solved] 3 Coin Give Away! Open to all Members!!! Contest Run Dates: December 01, 2017 to December 31, 2017!!! Open to all members!!!
Posted: 7-Jan-2018, 06:50PM in Free discussion

San Marino?

Do you think this is OK?
Posted: 20-Dec-2017, 08:56PM in Free discussion

I support this. • The fact that the Numista is one of the biggest coin catalog on the Internet and it is completely free to use and modify is fascinating. The referees modify and improve the catalog for free and only by the power of will and love toward numismatics.

Additions to your collection - December 2017
Posted: 3-Dec-2017, 03:42PM in Free discussion

Liechtenstein - 2 Kronen - Johann II - 1912 • Photo on Instagram

Coin Shrinking?
Posted: 24-Nov-2017, 12:23PM in Free discussion

Quote: "BryanJ"​ • ​ they should be prosecuted for doing this to Morgans and Walking liberties ​I agree!

[solved] Flag of Lesotho
Posted: 14-Nov-2017, 06:24PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​Hello • ​Both flags have been updated. You may need to refresh your cache or wait up to a week. • ​ ​Thank you

½ Dollar - Confederate States of America sold for 960,000 USD last week
Posted: 12-Nov-2017, 10:29PM in Numismatic questions

An 1861 Confederate Half Dollar certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®) led the way in Heritage Auctions’ sale of Part IX of the Eric P. Newman Collection on Wednesday, Nov. 1. It realized a record $960,000. • The Confederate Half Dollar was one of only four struck at the New Orleans Mint in the short time it was operated by Confederate forces. The obverse reused an 1861-O Seated Liberty die, while the reverse features a shield surrounded by the words CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA. • It is graded NGC PF 40 and was previously owned by collectors Waldo Newcomer and “Col.” E.H.R. Green. • Two other Confederate Half Dollars have been sold recently: one graded NGC PF 30 and pedigreed to the Partrick Collection was sold by Heritage for $881,250 in January 2015. Another, graded NGC PF 40, was sold by Stack’s Bowers in March 2015 for $646,250. • The remaining specimen is in the collection of the American Numismatic Society. • The coin • Re[...]

[solved] Montenegro 20 para inconsistency
Posted: 10-Nov-2017, 01:27PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Houseofham"​Looks like the 10 para listing has wrong pics, too. • ​ • ​​Old photos have replaced the incorrect images. Thank you

Let's see if we can post bank notes by the catalog country list. For the countries A -C
Posted: 30-Oct-2017, 10:57PM in Banknotes

Belarus • I have plenty of Belarusian banknotes. You can see my collection of Belarusian banknotes here •

I can comfortably say that I started collecting banknotes
Posted: 26-Oct-2017, 09:42PM in Banknotes

Quote: "zimpeto"​Welcome to the fascinating world of colors and history.​Thank you very much

Post your latest banknotes!
Posted: 25-Oct-2017, 12:00AM in Banknotes

Well these •

Search a coin by image
Posted: 24-Oct-2017, 09:08PM in Free discussion

Unfortunately, there is not (yet, I hope so). But, like Leitwolf said, upload photos here, and someone will probably identify it.

20 US Dollars with 'unique serial number'?
Posted: 6-Oct-2017, 08:01PM in Banknotes

So I saw this auction today, and the guy is selling a 20 US dollars with a 'unique serial number' with starting bid of 12.500 Serbian dinars (about 100 euros) • Here's the photo • What is so unique about this number? • Here's the auction link •

How to get started?
Posted: 6-Oct-2017, 12:23AM in Banknotes

Quote: "Jesse11"​OK, so... I've thus far drawn a line and kept my collection to just coins and not allowed myself to get into banknotes or stamps, etc. I have a few notes from countries that I've traveled to, and I have the previous design series of US bills tucked away, but it's not something I've pursued. But this forum and seeing people's photos of beautiful banknotes is tempting me. And it is true that when you look at one's collection of, say, WWII-era French coins, you're only seeing half the picture of what money was like at that point in history. So, I'm thinking of getting my feet wet with some banknotes from my favorite countries and historical time points. • ​We have the same 'problem' • I might get into banknotes soon, idk

How to remove tape from old banknotes?
Posted: 5-Oct-2017, 12:09AM in Banknotes

Maybe apply heat to the tape part? Like with a hair dryer. I did this method to remove stamps on letters. The heat 'melts' the glue.

Call to volunteer to build coin search by image
Posted: 4-Oct-2017, 11:39PM in Numista website

This would be an amazing implementation. • A new page where a person would upload the photo of the coins, then he/she would select these 'layers' and position them over the text/symbols. Then the system will try to read the text and image and search though database. • Here's what I'm talking about •

Additions to your collection - October 2017
Posted: 4-Oct-2017, 11:14PM in Free discussion

I got China - Empire - 1 Cash - Kangxi - 1680-1690 from a swap •

Guess what Xavier just added?!
Posted: 4-Oct-2017, 08:30PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Frenchlover"​I might leave colnect • ​but there is still a long way to go ​Oh..can it be? • edit: Wow, I see it now

Coin shops in Belgrade
Posted: 2-Oct-2017, 07:26PM in Free discussion

I'm glad you managed to buy some coins in Belgrade. Hope you had a good time there

[solved] How far back can we go? The Sequel (currently at 1595) [GO TO THE CONTINUATION THREAD]
Posted: 29-Sep-2017, 08:57AM in Free discussion

1745 -- Bohemia - 15 Kreuzer - Maria Theresia - Prague • • (I know, it hurts me too)

[solved] Tibetan calendar
Posted: 27-Sep-2017, 12:09AM in Numista website

Hmm, this is odd. I thought it was the wrong calendar, but everything is fine..

[solved] "Serbian Empire" issuer flag
Posted: 25-Sep-2017, 07:49PM in Numista website

Quote: "Jarcek"​I meant sending Personal message, but whatever. He rarely responses to my messages, but he responses to my forum posts.

1 and 2 dinara 1890 pattern coins replica
Posted: 25-Sep-2017, 01:37AM in Free discussion

Quote: "loruca"​I'd prefer to have an empty hole than a replica • ​I agree. • I got these two very cheap, and it was interesting to see that some minting company recreated the designs and material

Prince Charles coin portrait
Posted: 24-Sep-2017, 12:42PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Frenchlover"​While keeping our favorite queen, one might find some opportunities to get variety of portraits for commonwealth coins. • ​​The original Lady Gaga • no offence everybody

Bargain Finds (2017 Edition)
Posted: 22-Sep-2017, 05:27PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Frenchlover" • ​I like the 5 Francs World Fisheries Conference coin in the bottom left

Additions to your collection - September 2017
Posted: 21-Sep-2017, 05:41PM in Free discussion

As a birthday gift, I got 2 coins • First one is 20 Réis - Empire of Brazil - 1826 • The second one is ½ Duit - Netherlands East Indies - 1808 •

100 000 Euro Vienna Philharmonic
Posted: 21-Sep-2017, 12:16PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Jarcek"​I personally hate this monstrosities. Some overly rich people obviously do not know what to do with their money. ​And there are 15 of these... • That's about 19.5 million US dollars in gold value

Favourite designs
Posted: 21-Sep-2017, 10:32AM in Free discussion

Quote: "Frenchlover"​My prefered design is from the "magic capital of Europe", the "city with hundred bell towers" and material colors enhance its charm. • ​​ • Probably one of my favorite coins

Got the 2 Rupees UNC Set
Posted: 21-Sep-2017, 10:20AM in Free discussion

Quote: "AmerSalmeh"​It would be nice to add these to the comments section on the coin page. You can add your name below them too. Thanks and congratulations! ​Yes, similar what I did with Mozart Token. • Nice set btw, I really like it

Registered mail
Posted: 13-Sep-2017, 04:59PM in Free discussion

In Serbia, if you DO NOT send by registered, your package will probably be stolen/lost and there is nothing you can do about it. • On the other hand if it is registered, you will receive the package 100% • So that is why I ONLY trade with registered letters.

[solved] Isn't this a bit ridiculous? :D
Posted: 12-Sep-2017, 10:35PM in Free discussion

Yes I saw much better now

Post a coin and a story
Posted: 12-Sep-2017, 09:17PM in Free discussion

When my granddad bought a land in 1960s, where he would build the house afterwards, and started digging and creating the base for the house, he found an old pot with a lid. • Similar to this one • He found inside a couple of Roman coins. • One of those is this one, the only one he preserved. • • He keep it a secret and never told anyone untill a couple of years ago because of the Serbian (Yugoslavian then) laws where if you dig out something it belongs to the Country and you must report it.

What's your oldest coin in collection? (non-Roman Empire)
Posted: 11-Sep-2017, 03:12PM in Free discussion

Quote: "ngdawa"​ • Quote: "MihajloNesic"​ • ​ • Quote: "ngdawa"​Ottoman Empire, 1 Akce, 1481 AD (886 AH) • ​​​​​​I love it! I have 1 Akce - Suleiman I from 1520 AD, but not as good quality as yours ​​cheers, mate! i'm glad my small diamond is being appreciated • ​maybe you could help me out if it's kastamonu or novo brdo mint? i think i just chose the first coin i saw with "886" in the year list when i added it but now i saw there were more.. ​I had some help identifying it. • You can try too!

[solved] Type-o in the 'Outings' page
Posted: 11-Sep-2017, 12:16AM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​Thanks for reporting that • ​It's fixed.​No problem

Guess my newest coin!
Posted: 9-Sep-2017, 10:42AM in Free discussion

Is the country in Africa?

Any micronations enthusiast here?
Posted: 3-Sep-2017, 12:30PM in Free discussion

I love micronations, everything about them. I have my own frictional micronation, the Principality of Amarino

Posted: 1-Sep-2017, 12:28PM in Free discussion

Why is there a need for second account? If you add the same coin in collection twice on two accounts, you are messing up the Numista rarity index.

[solved] This web site have an app?
Posted: 31-Aug-2017, 02:02PM in Free discussion

edit: posted the reply twice by mistake, just ignore

World coins chat: Serbia
Posted: 29-Aug-2017, 12:10PM in Free discussion

Yes, Serbia has a rich history dating back from the 8th century and even earlier. In all our history, we never betrayed our allies, we were always on a victorious side of wars and we kept our Pride (Serbian, Orthodox, Slavic), unlike other countries in the Balkans.

Additions to your collection - August 2017
Posted: 28-Aug-2017, 11:33PM in Free discussion

Among other coins, in August I got 'Crete 1900 20 Lepta' from a swap. •

[solved] Numista, are we ready for values?
Posted: 23-Aug-2017, 11:35AM in Numista website

Yes! • I would like to see calculated value of all circulating coins you have in collection

New catalogue admin
Posted: 9-Aug-2017, 05:06PM in News

Farewell chomp-master and congratulations to Jarcek and pejounet!

[solved] New Mauritanian flag
Posted: 7-Aug-2017, 08:05PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​Hi MihajloNesic, thanks for notifying. I added the red stripes.​Amazing! Thank you.

Got a beautiful present today
Posted: 7-Aug-2017, 06:23PM in Free discussion

Very nice

Which image you find better?
Posted: 7-Aug-2017, 06:13PM in Numista catalogue

Thank you

ALPHA Android app for Numista
Posted: 31-Jul-2017, 05:38PM in Numista website

Wow, I'm excited! I'll definitely try it out. • Edit: Everything is working perfectly. I'll branch yout git and try to make it a bit more pleasing to eyes. Good job!

A new milestone: 100,000
Posted: 20-Jun-2017, 08:15PM in News


Numista 2017 Tokens just arrived
Posted: 11-Apr-2017, 11:54AM in News

The tokens arrived. They are wonderful!

Results of the Numista 2017 token contest
Posted: 8-Feb-2017, 11:19PM in News

Shame, I voted for cheis's design. But congratulations to Croft89coffey! Looking forward to see them tokens minted

New 1 denar 2016 Macedonia
Posted: 2-Sep-2016, 09:04PM in Free discussion

Here's the coin.

World coins chat: Montenegro
Posted: 21-Aug-2016, 09:57AM in Free discussion

Very informative post. I like it

2 questions - Canada and Macedonia
Posted: 13-Aug-2016, 09:44AM in Numismatic questions

Macedonian 10 and 50 denari are in circulation and they were minted in 2008 only

Serbian 5 para 1879 photo replacement
Posted: 4-Apr-2016, 09:51PM in Numista catalogue

The user requested a new photo for 5 para 1879. It's not a bad photo but I think the old one is better,smoother and more clear and the requested one has some greenish colours. However, the user disagrees. So, we wanted to see how many of you Numista users like the new requested photo. • 1) Old photo • 2) Requested photo • What do you think?

Help me identify these coins
Posted: 11-Mar-2016, 02:53PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "loruca"​the third coin looks like a papal grosso, the date reads 1?80...​I see the person (probably angel) standing • Is this the date? I see 1180 but it can't be 12th century •

[solved] Help me identify this coin
Posted: 12-Feb-2016, 08:09PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Yes, you are right. Italy also (because of Latin) has REPVBBLICA ITALIANA on their coins. Again, V instead of U. • Thank you for your work :)

[solved] Silver coin identification help
Posted: 12-Feb-2016, 09:27AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Yeah, I noticed the lion on the shield. Thank you very much for the help :-) • And thank all of you for helping.

Trading Serbian and Macedonian coins
Posted: 9-Nov-2015, 06:56PM in Swaps and trades

Hello. • If any of you are looking for Serbian and Macedonian coins, I am willing to trade them for coins that interest me. Since I'm from Serbia and my dad works in Macedonia, I can get any of their "new" coins (1,2,5,10,20 Serbian dinars and 1,2,5,10,50 Macedonian denars). Feel free to see my coins for swapping. • I'm interested in getting: • - Old Yugoslavian and Serbian coins • - Arabic coins (coins from Islamic countries like Qatar, Oman, Yemen...) • - Coins from exotic places (e.g. Fiji, Tuvalu, Niue, Maldives...) • - African coins (I have only 21 African coins from 13 countries) • - Coins from country I don't have • - Pre-Euro European coins. I'm missing these countries: • Vatican City, Belarus, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, Isle of Man and Faroe Islands • ..also Europe/Asia countries: • Armenia, Azerbaijan • Feel free to send me request!

[solved] Ottoman Empire coin identification.
Posted: 26-Oct-2015, 12:13PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "PetrusAscanus"​Then you should mail to the webmaster, he will help surely • ​ • ​You also can send the pictures to Haseeb, nice guy with a lot of experience: • ​(scroll down for contact information) • ​​They identified it. • •

Which contributor are you?
Posted: 25-Sep-2015, 08:09PM in News

Xavier • I liked the copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond classification. Can we get it back? Not the ranking, but just a medal on profile?

Montenegro Token (Znamenite Licnosti Crne Gore)
Posted: 18-Sep-2015, 06:53PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Jawad170"​You're absolutely right, it IS a token, even mentioned that in my original post. I just never added coins to the catalog before so please excuse my mistake. I have corrected it now. • ​No problem :)

[solved] Help me identify 5 coins | 1 to go
Posted: 17-Sep-2015, 09:31AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "neilithic"​Yes, Deandemos seems to have it right • ​Yep. I added it in my collection

Sub-unit of the Ruble - is it Kopek or Kopeck?
Posted: 12-Sep-2015, 08:07PM in Numista catalogue

It's Kopek

[solved] New currency for Montenegro - Perun (1851)
Posted: 8-Sep-2015, 09:47PM in Numista catalogue

Oh, i dodn't knew that. Thank you. • Yes it is •

[solved] Iran 10 Rial - Mohammad Rezā Pahlavī new date request
Posted: 29-Aug-2015, 01:18PM in Numista catalogue

Scratch everything, it's this coin that I have

Catalog referee for Serbia?
Posted: 27-Aug-2015, 09:59PM in Numista website

Ok :-)

[solved] Help me identify coin | SOLVED. Thank you kolikko99
Posted: 22-Aug-2015, 01:47PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "kolikko99"​It's either this one: • ​ • ​ • ​or this one: • ​​It's this one (I recohnized the lettering on the front). • Thank you very much for help

Beograd BAS Transportation Token Image Replacement
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Quote: "nalaberong"Numista is designed so that any member can directly request a change to any page without having to go to the forum: • I have also cropped your images for you. Always good to see someone else improving the token listings • ​I requested the change, this post is just to see if other people would agree. Thank you

green stuff
Posted: 8-Aug-2015, 12:47PM in Numismatic questions

The best cleaning is not to clean. If you want to, here's a good way to remove 'green stuff' (copper oxide) from copper coins. • 1. Put some vinegar on your coin (where the oxide is) • 2. Put table salt over the vinegar • 3. Get a napkin and start gently rubbing the green oxide • 4. After the oxide is gone, wash a coin with only warm water and dry it of with a napkin. • Again, I don't clean coins because you are decreasing the value

MPCC V: Presenting the Fifth Edition of the Web's Best Coin Contest!!
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Don't have 30 forum posts, but trying to achieve that by 15th December. Sounds like interesting contest

Coins from your home country
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Quote: GeisonAre crap phone quality pictures allowed? • Modern coins, missing 1 date. • A bit of my older coins: • I have 576 coins from Brazil, as I collect them by year.Nice collection and well sorted :)