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Adding my collection to Numista, the journey
Posted: 23-Jul-2019, 05:08AM in Free discussion

I loved listing my collection on numista. It gave me the chance to look at each coin as I listed. Every year when the new Krause comes out, I take several relaxing evenings of marking up my new catalogs with my collection. It isnt as sterile as it sounds...all of my coins have notes on them...where I got them, who owned the coin before me, what collection it's from, which family or friend gave it to me. And for me, whether it is a plate coin or not.

[solved] Franklin Mint coins
Posted: 17-Jul-2019, 09:31PM in Numismatic questions

Belize, Cook Islands, Barbados, Panama

Crown coins Gibraltar
Posted: 12-Jul-2019, 05:44PM in Numista catalogue

1) incorrect images • 2)The pages were not listed at the same time. As the listings are cleaned up and verbiage made consistent, the discrepancies will go away • 3) These listings are not complete. They will be indexed by year and then by catalog number I believe.

Tyins 1993 - Kazakhstan
Posted: 12-Jul-2019, 05:38PM in Numismatic questions

NGC gets their information from the Krause Publications. NGC is not automatically correct.

help to identify currency
Posted: 9-Jul-2019, 04:06PM in Numismatic questions

True. And honestly, as a child of a landlocked state, who never saw an ocean until my 20s...I am not surprised when someone has a more nautical knowledge of English than I do!

Help to identify the following gold coins?
Posted: 8-Jul-2019, 05:23PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Not coins.

All things Algeria banknotes...
Posted: 7-Jul-2019, 10:02PM in Banknotes

• 50 dinars. 1.11.77. Pick 130a. Among the stylistic designs that make up the face of the note, is a tent, a bedoin(?), livestock. On the back appears to be farmers on a tractor, wheat, grapes.

All things Afghanistan banknotes...
Posted: 7-Jul-2019, 01:48AM in Banknotes

The above note is Pick 38.

Seinfeld is 30 today !
Posted: 5-Jul-2019, 11:55PM in Free discussion

My favorite episode is the ugly baby episode.

[solved] Pieces to be moved to Exonumia
Posted: 4-Jul-2019, 12:47AM in Numista catalogue

The coins are staying put. At best they are coins. At worst they are patterns.

All things Botswana banknotes...
Posted: 3-Jul-2019, 01:20PM in Banknotes

• 100 pula, Pick 33b, 2010. From the studios of De La Rue. The face of this note bears the portraits of early leaders who travelled to England and with a meeting and appeal to Queen Victoria, secured concessions that spared Botswana a lot of the problems of colonialism. • The back of the note is incredible. To the right is a vignette of the world's largest diamond open pit mine. If you look closely, you might see two tiny vehicles. Which are actually huge. A single tire on one of these vehicles cost 50,000 US dollars to replace. A woman with a jeweler's loupe is inspecting a tray of diamonds. Her hairstyle, cornrows, historically allowed people to know her tribal affiliations. I particularly liked her manicured nails. • This is a favorite note of mine.

All things Bahamas banknotes...
Posted: 2-Jul-2019, 10:45PM in Banknotes

Very good! I really like this portrait of the Queen. She is wearing the George IV diadem.

All things Polish Banknotes...
Posted: 2-Jul-2019, 09:09PM in Banknotes

I have the 5000 mark as well. It is huge.

All things Thailand banknotes...
Posted: 2-Jul-2019, 03:58PM in Banknotes

• Pick 93a. This is one of my few square banknotes. It is definately the largest. The 60 baht was issued to celebrate the auspicious occasion on Rama IX's completion of his 5th 12 year cycle. The King, enthroned, appears on the face of this note. The King's family, minus the eldest daughter, appears with a bowing crowd on the back of the note. A pleasing and meaningful note.

All things Vanuatu banknotes...
Posted: 2-Jul-2019, 03:15AM in Banknotes

Very nice!

All things Zaire banknotes...
Posted: 30-Jun-2019, 07:21PM in Banknotes

Vignettes are the engraved scenes on banknotes. Yeah it's a neat vignette. I enjoy fishing on banknotes.

Post your latest banknotes!
Posted: 29-Jun-2019, 01:35AM in Banknotes

Here is my new treasures: • I have always collected Marie Curie...and I have wanted the vignette of gol, or earth diving for a long time. Gol is the inspiration for bungee jumping. I was especially surprised at how much more I had to pay than Catalog for the Polish note. But the note from Vanuatu was almost exactly catalog.

140€ for a few indonesia SEN coins, whats going on?
Posted: 24-Jun-2019, 07:06AM in Numismatic questions

I thought your handle was familiar. then I remembered an old thread about countries folks have visited. I think you said you had taught English in Korea, I have as well! Where? I loved it. 1997-1998. • I had intended to follow up with you and never did.

How do you store your doubles?
Posted: 22-Jun-2019, 09:08AM in Numismatic questions

Ole! Impressive. I must take a gander at your list sometime...

Jersey Coin query
Posted: 21-Jun-2019, 12:00AM in Numismatic questions

The coin has the dates 1066 and 1966 indicating a commemorative event of 900 years. At the time of the creation of this page it was considered dateless because it only had commemoration dates. • they may have changed policy. at the bottom of the page you are allowed to submit a change to the page. Submit yours and it may get changed from ND to 1966. • I have that coin. I love it.

Discord App for Numista
Posted: 20-Jun-2019, 08:15AM in Free discussion

I joined discord. What next?

Posted: 20-Jun-2019, 08:00AM in Numista catalogue

It is interesting how Madeira is referenced on both the obverse and reverse of these coins...unlike other regional commemorative coins of Portugal. Actually, the regional commemoratives of Azores issues of 1980 celebrating autonomy, refer to the Azores on the obverse and reverse. Among the dozens of Portuguese coins the 1980 and 1981 issues are the only one that dont follow the Portuguese pattern. Mysterious...I agree with Krause.

Penguin Random House Buys F+W Media’s Books at Auction
Posted: 20-Jun-2019, 07:55AM in Numismatic questions

It will be interesting to see.

First Coin in Numista Database?
Posted: 18-Jun-2019, 12:19PM in Numista website

How appropriate!

New banknotes for The Gambia!
Posted: 3-Jun-2019, 06:41PM in Banknotes

They are very nice!

Colored 50 pence 2011 teakwando
Posted: 3-Jun-2019, 06:40PM in Coin identifications and valuations

This wasnt issued in color. The coloring was added to the coin. Considered post mint damage.

Posted: 17-May-2019, 06:50PM in Numismatic questions

Not errors. Altered after minting.

Egypt 10 Miliemes 1973 fake?
Posted: 6-May-2019, 11:07PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Can you please show the other side?

[solved] Isle of Man crown value
Posted: 6-May-2019, 05:43PM in Numismatic questions

The crown value was 25 pence. I believe it only changed value in 2018.

1977D lincoln cent
Posted: 6-May-2019, 02:29PM in Numismatic questions

Hard to tell.

2018 lincoln shield penny
Posted: 6-May-2019, 02:28PM in Numismatic questions

Dont see the notching.

[solved] 1982D lincoln cent
Posted: 6-May-2019, 02:27PM in Numismatic questions

It is not rude when someone answers a question that you have asked. The only rude "hatter" I guess you meant hater, has been you. You come here, ask your question, receive expert feedback, and then attack.

1979 lincoln cent mint error
Posted: 6-May-2019, 02:24PM in Numismatic questions

Post mint damage.

2009 virgin island state quarter
Posted: 6-May-2019, 02:23PM in Numismatic questions

This is clearly a post mint damaged coin.

Coins theme: trees
Posted: 1-May-2019, 07:45PM in Numismatic questions

It's a wood nymph...

Not necessary Mule coins (Republic India)
Posted: 30-Apr-2019, 04:53PM in Numista catalogue

Most mules have their own Krause number and their own page.

Falkland Islands £2 2003
Posted: 12-Apr-2019, 06:52PM in Numismatic questions

Yes. But you claim yours is the first bimetallic. Or bimetal circulating. Not sure that's true. The 1999 is bimetal. It is in the mint set that year. And it has the radiant sun design you said first appeared on a 2000 silver. So I responded to your points.

Oaklahoman, Gibraltar referee still active ?
Posted: 9-Apr-2019, 04:49PM in Numista catalogue

I am active. I have a bit on my plate. I am trying to get at the update list. A couple of weeks ago I got them down to zero from the 40s and then overnight they grew to more than 40 requests again. Some of them are paused because of the issue of color vs noncolor in the same listing. As soon as those are addressed by admin I will approve those. I will check out the referendum listings you created thanks.

[solved] Please can you add this commemorative coin
Posted: 8-Apr-2019, 05:59PM in Numista catalogue

I found radricks submission with your photographs. It looks great. It was accepted. You should find your new listing.

Isle of Man 1 crown 1980
Posted: 4-Apr-2019, 11:01PM in Numista catalogue

You can create the new page. You will get the credit for creating it.

[solved] Numista Hacked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 2-Apr-2019, 12:45AM in Numista website

Lol! Loved this!

Image of Andre De Clermont
Posted: 31-Mar-2019, 12:58AM in Free discussion

Would anyone have this gentleman's image? He is a numismatist who has authored some catalogs on British commonwealth coins. He also had a part in the sale of King Farouk's 1933 30 dollar gold piece. • An Egyptian friend is hoping to source an image to become part of his research on the King as a coin collector. • Any help is appreciated.

[solved] Which countries were the last to use Silver in their GENERAL coinage issues
Posted: 31-Mar-2019, 12:39AM in Numismatic questions

Gibraltar issued silver and gold coins dually denominated in pounds and ecus in 1993. They sold at face and quantities made were based on demand. You can still buy Canadian silver coins for face value. So technically they could circulate.

A banknote with Yasser Arafat?
Posted: 25-Mar-2019, 01:06AM in Banknotes

Can you please start a new thread? This thread was specifically about a Yasser Arafat note.

[solved] Request to rename Singapore coins as per according to series
Posted: 17-Mar-2019, 05:06PM in Numista catalogue

That's information you see in the information and notes of a page, not the title of a page.

Find the banknote game
Posted: 17-Mar-2019, 07:08AM in Banknotes

I love how everyone can be named on this note! I had also read that this was originally for the 100 dollar bill.

I'm thinking of a specific banknote that shows a vignette of a Maidens Tower...
Posted: 16-Mar-2019, 07:42AM in Banknotes

Maybe create a new thread for your puzzle? It will boost our number of bank threads and it could interest new readers with it's new thread title. I like the idea of puzzles.

Free appraisers
Posted: 16-Mar-2019, 07:40AM in Free discussion

Hope you like the advice here.

[solved] Isle of Man crown 2018 - Merge of date lines
Posted: 16-Mar-2019, 07:35AM in Numista catalogue

Good catch.

Australia 2 Dollar Coins - highly suspect coin dated 1997 with obverse not used until 1998?
Posted: 15-Mar-2019, 12:32AM in Numismatic questions

Here in the USA that coin would not be considered off enough to warrant an additional cost.

Who else wants a Numista for banknotes - Notista?
Posted: 14-Mar-2019, 06:57PM in Banknotes

Also...just as Quickly as Numista allowed, you would see an exodus. Because the status quo is never a reason to not do something better.

[solved] Isle of Man, 1 Pound, 2014PM BA die letters
Posted: 13-Mar-2019, 07:10PM in Numista catalogue

If you added it yourself you would get the credit in your numista stats. I went ahead and did it.

[solved] Gibraltar 2 Pence new line request
Posted: 11-Mar-2019, 08:23PM in Numista catalogue

I was confused. Maybe still am.

Triple die (?) 2016 D Kentucky state quarter
Posted: 8-Mar-2019, 12:38AM in Numismatic questions

I dont see the notching on the corners of the letters/numbers that would indicate a doubled die.

Ghana banknote is so hard to find...why?
Posted: 7-Mar-2019, 07:08PM in Banknotes

Any of this type is hard to find.

Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, & Isle of Man Crown denominated coins should be listed separately.
Posted: 6-Mar-2019, 07:07AM in Numista catalogue

The 1/5 crowns will appear where they are supposed to when they are indexed to the face value. All crowns, regardless of denomination, will be placed in a bullion category if their metal is .999 fine or higher. • You dont have a say in whether a coin should be excluded because you cant find a link to the issuing nation. I cant either. That is the job of the government of Isle of Man or of Gibraltar. • The link with George Washington is thru his wife, Martha Custis, who had familial links to the island. The placements will remain unless a piece is found to be bullion.

[solved] US Presidential Dollar. Jimmy Carter-Where is it?
Posted: 4-Mar-2019, 11:03PM in Numismatic questions

Not true unless a new law is passed. The terms of the law that authorized the Presidential dollar series has expired. Any new presidential dollars must be authorized by a new law.

Birthday bank note
Posted: 3-Mar-2019, 07:09PM in Free discussion

I have an Irish pound with my birthday on it.

Banknotes Catalog??
Posted: 3-Mar-2019, 07:03PM in Banknotes

If you have a paper catalog of the Krause catalog, then you can highlight the notes you have. Will work as an inventory for insurance purposes.

Why not use the documentations from either side, if none are there?
Posted: 25-Feb-2019, 05:57PM in Numista website

Now that is more funny than scary!

[solved] Gibraltar 2003 £2 Cannon also issued in 2002
Posted: 24-Feb-2019, 11:55PM in Numista catalogue

Apology for tone. I was hoping you would be able to take credit for the update in your stats. At the bottom of the coin page where it asks if you have something to add, when you click it you then need to scroll down forever it seems. There is a place at the bottom for new dates, mintmarks etc. This should work unless a page has been locked. I rarely lock since IOM and Gibraltar live to reissue...hope that helps. Always grateful for updates. And would love for the folks to get the credit instead of the ref getting the credit.

Denomination of Panamá coins
Posted: 22-Feb-2019, 05:07PM in Numista catalogue

If the value is expressed in digits then the listings will be indexed properly. Go with what the coins say. Can you imagine a newbie wondering why the hell they cant find a coin because some numista snobs want to call a coin something that is expressed as something else on the coin?

Falkland Islands 2 pounds 2003
Posted: 18-Feb-2019, 12:58AM in Numista catalogue

I think it says the subject is different, but the design seems to be the same. I have the same coin from 1999-2000 same design. But different busts of the Queen. I think the 2003 and 2004 have the same design...and I agree that the note needs to go.

Problems about the mintage of 100 drachmes coin of Greece
Posted: 17-Feb-2019, 08:52PM in Numista catalogue

With all due respect why is the number of people who want to exchange a coin a reason to think a mintage is wrong? What else would you do with this coin now that Greece adopted the euro? • It might be wrong, but the USA had a similar issue in the Jefferson nickle series. The 1950 D is the series key. When it came out, it was horded. And so now there are an unbelievably number of them available and in very hi grade. I would leave it alone unless reliable sources indicate a larger mintage.

Recycling banknote designs
Posted: 16-Feb-2019, 10:39AM in Banknotes

The face of Sucre appears on the banknotes of two, perhaps more countries of South America.

1949 Chinese 10000 Yuan
Posted: 16-Feb-2019, 10:37AM in Banknotes

A grading company usually carry a guarantee of authenticity. They probably have more experience than a non collecting family member.

Elongated Pennies
Posted: 16-Feb-2019, 10:33AM in Numismatic questions

If a collector wants to list damaged pieces of this type in Numista they already can. If your coin was a Lincoln cent then go to the Lincoln cent page. Choose any damn date or mint Mark. Select any grade and then put a comment that only you have to see. " I made this stretched penny of a donkey on this Lincoln cent at the OKC zoo," as an example. • I have hundreds of these in my collection. I have chosen to only collect ones I have personally rolled. They are neat, but they are not Numista worthy. Coins are rightly the priority...hopefully followed by banknotes soon...since they are money..,

[solved] Dollar coins from Jamaica
Posted: 16-Feb-2019, 06:43AM in Numista catalogue

I agree with the intelligence behind not adding information to a coin when it doesnt need to be. It is ridiculous to name the Queen when her own country didnt put her or her legend on its coins. I am sure that I am one of the Queen's most studious collectors here in Oklahoma. But when I am preparing an exhibit or talk on world coins of the Queen it is weird when all these coins that do not allude to her at all pop up. Makes Numista not very user friendly to newbies as well.

Remove "Rare" tag from catalogue
Posted: 16-Feb-2019, 06:37AM in Numista catalogue

Please delete the ultra rare as well.

Where to buy bulk lots of banknotes
Posted: 16-Feb-2019, 06:26AM in Banknotes

You dont have to buy as lots on ebay. You can go to the ebay stores and buy lots or individual notes for very little. Noteshobby is my favorite ebay store. I'm sure there are others. Also try educational coin company.

70 centavos - fake or error?
Posted: 14-Feb-2019, 05:03AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Lol Moneytane. I was responding to thecoincabinet.

5000 kronur of Iceland
Posted: 12-Feb-2019, 05:54AM in Banknotes

Ms. G. Herbertsdottir from the Central Bank of Ireland confirmed the vignette as being of Irafossstod. Thanks for help.

[solved] Will Krause assign KM#s to new coins?
Posted: 9-Feb-2019, 08:12AM in Free discussion

As a regular contributor to Krause for coins and banknote issues, when you send in information for an update, focus each email to a single item. In the subject use the country, the denomination, the year. In the body be as detailed as you can and include an image if you can. • understand that the catalog updating for the next year usually ends the previous year by September. • so if it is September of 2019, then there will be no more updates for the 2021 catalog issued in April of 2020. Also, if you send in an update for an A country and they are already in the C and D section, it may be even longer before you see your information appear.

Next US quarter series
Posted: 7-Feb-2019, 04:45PM in Numismatic questions

I imagine the government could make a killing if they would have commemorative banknotes. More room for majestic or highly detailed vignettes...

[solved] China 10 Yuan, Macau
Posted: 29-Jan-2019, 06:35AM in Numista catalogue

Lol. I understand. I was confused. Thanks for making it clear.

Biggest and smallest coin
Posted: 27-Jan-2019, 05:00PM in Numismatic questions

The coin stolen in Germany that was Canadian issue was only 100 KG or 220 pounds. There may be a ton coin but that was not it. • The vanity pieces from Africa are not selling for bullion. They sell for a lot more. When they can be found. • Gabonnaise is African mayonnaise? Huh?

higher mintage, higher value?!
Posted: 27-Jan-2019, 02:59AM in Free discussion

What is the survivor rate for each date?

[solved] Gibraltar 1988 50p Candytuft new AC Die Mark
Posted: 26-Jan-2019, 06:37PM in Numista catalogue


Banknote Serial Numbers
Posted: 26-Jan-2019, 06:36PM in Banknotes

I have an all 8s from Thailand..

Sao Tome and Principe 2017 coins vs 1967-1974 Philippine coins
Posted: 26-Jan-2019, 06:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Do you mean the denomination of sentimos vs centimos?

Isle of Man: 5 pence 1997AA, km590, positions of AA
Posted: 22-Jan-2019, 09:51PM in Numista catalogue

Folks from the Isle of Man have identified more than 30 different die varieties for one of the 50p. I need to find and forward that info to you.

[solved] What kind of error is this?
Posted: 22-Jan-2019, 09:46PM in Numismatic questions

Agree with retained cud.

The Labours of Hercules
Posted: 22-Jan-2019, 09:45PM in Numismatic questions

I paid 6 dollars each for my 12 as they came out...wish I had bought 2 of each.

Czechoslovakia 100 korun 1989
Posted: 19-Jan-2019, 11:06PM in Banknotes

Thank you! Over here so many neat EU websites never appear in my the names of the buildings too...

Numista Banknotes
Posted: 18-Jan-2019, 06:14AM in Banknotes

I agree. And then algorithms that might help advise people of fancy serials...etc. • but I think we should purposely keep this thread going...a drop of water can wear a hole in rock...

[solved] South Korea: 10 won 1989, km33.1, versus 2002, km33.2, they are the same?
Posted: 18-Jan-2019, 03:09AM in Numista catalogue

Here is this for starters. The types were never because of the date. They were because of the differences in the 10. Perhaps I just need to remove references to the date as the reason for the varieties..

[solved] Monarch name in coin page titles
Posted: 18-Jan-2019, 02:40AM in Numista catalogue

So you are saying that the allusion to the British monarch has been removed from Pakistani listings? That is good.

Coins that had very short issue times
Posted: 17-Jan-2019, 06:31AM in Free discussion

Those Yugoslavian 1993 500s were the dickens to find. Even my friend in Yugoslavia at the time couldnt find me any.

Help needed in valuation of Turkish 1000 Lira Jalaladdin Rumi
Posted: 17-Jan-2019, 02:38AM in Coin identifications and valuations

If the coin is real then it isnt proof.

[solved] Isle of Man £1 1988 New Die mark
Posted: 17-Jan-2019, 01:56AM in Numista catalogue

Listing updated. Thanks for the add.

Indian cent 1895
Posted: 17-Jan-2019, 12:48AM in Numismatic questions

Lol...I see the gold now...

[solved] What condition is this German 5 Mark
Posted: 14-Jan-2019, 03:42AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I was so happy to find a Kia Chau coin in a dealers 25cent box! Love it.

Macedonia name change
Posted: 13-Jan-2019, 04:26AM in Banknotes

In fact, Thailand is a huge source of banknotes. You can get polymer Macadonian notes very cheaply. Not sure your experience is country wide. Thank you. Ebay. Name Noteshobby. In Thailand. He can get you anything you need.

U.S. 1943 Copper penny
Posted: 12-Jan-2019, 08:12PM in Free discussion

Only brought $208,000. At auction.

[solved] Fake coins as a new coin category
Posted: 12-Jan-2019, 08:10PM in Numista website

Numista. Please do not do this. The public will say that their coin is authentic and that it was listed on Numista.

[solved] Taiwan: Denominations????
Posted: 12-Jan-2019, 08:09PM in Numista catalogue

I'm with Ole on this. Accuracy is vital especially when so many coin pages refer to Numista.

How to repair a tear on banknote???
Posted: 7-Jan-2019, 03:37AM in Banknotes

Have you asked museums? I know of no numismatists who do this. Sure unethical dealers do for resale. Why not put it in a nice archival mylar holder? Glue and cigarette paper will just look shoddy...and will perhaps reduce the v as lue of your note further.

1989 1/10 Angel Privy Mark
Posted: 5-Jan-2019, 06:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I guess the mint has no idea either? Can you provide an image that illustrates things better?

"Nordic Gold" Vs "German Silver"
Posted: 3-Jan-2019, 05:52AM in Free discussion

Dont even get started on virenium...Pobjoy's man made precious metal.

[solved] Could these three items been used as currency?
Posted: 3-Jan-2019, 05:41AM in Coin identifications and valuations

It looks bone to me.

Isle of Man 1 crown
Posted: 1-Jan-2019, 07:38AM in Coin identifications and valuations first I thought you were talking to me...I am also Ben. This piece is not official. But as far as colorizing is concerned, enamel is a more classy way to go. Korea did it for circulating coins ages ago. And circulating recently. Cuba has as well. The stickers and such on recent issues are crass.

Sweden 25 Ore 1936
Posted: 28-Dec-2018, 08:28PM in Numismatic questions

Are those different than the G differentiations that have already been listed in the comments?

[solved] One Yen from Meiji era? Real or Fake? Year not found
Posted: 26-Dec-2018, 06:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It says meiji year 11 .

[solved] American nickles
Posted: 25-Dec-2018, 06:38PM in Numista catalogue

Have you tried 5 cents?

A or B
Posted: 25-Dec-2018, 06:31PM in Numismatic questions

Whether the edge lettering is facing up or down in relation to the obverse or reverse of the coin.

Fake Morgan
Posted: 23-Dec-2018, 04:26PM in Numista website

You could enter them as a regular coin and then make a note that you have a counterfeit in the notes.

My pictures stolen and used on Colnect
Posted: 20-Dec-2018, 05:58PM in Numista website

I dont even go to their website. It is so offensive.

How many polygons can you do?
Posted: 20-Dec-2018, 12:53AM in Free discussion

Guadeloupe has 20 sided coins.

[solved] Isle of Man War Centenary 50 Pence
Posted: 15-Dec-2018, 05:53AM in Numista catalogue

Even better.

DDR quarter ?
Posted: 14-Dec-2018, 07:50PM in Numismatic questions

If you see a notch in the corner of a letter that you suspect is a double die, then that is a great indication that it is legit. Google some known images of a DD coin.

Has the story about the dog that attacked all the school children made it around the world?
Posted: 4-Dec-2018, 06:35PM in Free discussion

This could result in a breed being made illegal...and this story is a great object lesson as to truth in news.

[solved] Banknote review if you please.
Posted: 3-Dec-2018, 07:12PM in Banknotes

He did post pictures.

is He a myth?
Posted: 2-Dec-2018, 11:04PM in Free discussion

I'm lucky to have met him in person.

Banknote storage ideas...
Posted: 2-Dec-2018, 09:11PM in Banknotes

I'm researching and integrating some new purchases. I think I had mentioned that Canadian Mint monster boxes are an amazing way to store notes. They are rigid, sturdy, and stackable. They also fit a small size holder and a large size holder exactly.

[solved] Were US half cents ever called halfpennies? (Answer: No, they weren't)
Posted: 1-Dec-2018, 03:38AM in Numismatic questions

I've only ever heard half cent.

South Korea, 10 Won KM# 33
Posted: 30-Nov-2018, 09:45PM in Numismatic questions

I'll see what I can photgraph... or show you in person in a few weeks?

[solved] Let's see if we can post coins by the catalog country list. For the countries G-I (Currently at: Ivory Coast)
Posted: 19-Nov-2018, 06:40AM in Free discussion

What's hilarious?

The Queen has crabs!
Posted: 17-Nov-2018, 07:29AM in Banknotes

You can find hand held uv lights at most electronic or hardware stores here in the USA. 5 to 7 dollars...

Brazil 5 Cruzeiros
Posted: 2-Nov-2018, 05:38PM in Banknotes

This autograph note iv as the signature handwritten across the face of the note. These kind if notes are some of my favorite types...

Inconsistency-Liberia Presidential Series
Posted: 28-Oct-2018, 04:49AM in Numista catalogue

Liberian coins with out the official national arms are not legit coins of Liberia. They were struck without government authority during the time if the Liberian wars. The presidential series does not bear the arms of Liberia, and that is why they are in the Krause catalog of unusual coins.

How to remove solder?
Posted: 27-Oct-2018, 06:38AM in Numismatic questions

I'd just sell it as the damaged coin it is and use the money to get an undamaged coin.

Which coin is nicer/would you keep?
Posted: 21-Oct-2018, 06:48PM in Free discussion

I'd keep the one with adjustment Mark's. They at least tell a story and aren't pmd.

Free discussion thread apology
Posted: 17-Oct-2018, 08:49PM in Free discussion

I agree...thank you google.

Vieillepile needs to stop erasing posts...
Posted: 17-Oct-2018, 06:16PM in Free discussion

By the way VP I received your incredibly rude, biased, and cursing rant. I will post it for all as soon as I figure out how too. You are the one who no one here should have time for.

Can we please get objective moderators?
Posted: 17-Oct-2018, 03:07PM in Numista website

I removed my posts. I am concerned that I am not being objective...which is my complaint in the first place. Anyone can read locked and edited posts and decide for themselves.

A week in Mexico and Honduras
Posted: 17-Oct-2018, 08:29AM in Free discussion

We left port and sailed on the edge of tropic storm michael..,which became the hurricane. The cruise was better after that. Mom is better...but has still had to visit the ER a couple of times.

Identify this coin Please
Posted: 16-Oct-2018, 05:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

| edit VP: useless negative comment ]

Is the Peace dollar really a "commemorative coin"?
Posted: 16-Oct-2018, 05:25PM in Numismatic questions

The 1932 Washington quarter was a circulating commemorative. None were struck in 1933. They decided to use that design in 1934 instead of going back to the Standing Liberty design. The 1932 was a circulating commemorative. 1934 to 1998 should not be considered as such. I think it has been discussed in other threads.

Haiti 1986 5 centimes coin
Posted: 5-Oct-2018, 05:40AM in Numismatic questions

I will always go with Krause and its hundreds of contributors, (Schon included) and relationships with dozens of government mints and experts. I certainly hope Numista does not change listings based on is still hard to get Numista to do things based on fact in some cases.

The latest from Canada mint - a Superman sculpture-coin
Posted: 3-Oct-2018, 01:21AM in Free discussion

Concave coins have been around for centuries. Cyphates. Not sure if the spelling is correct. Member of my coin club has dozens of them.. • mostly byzantine, but includes the modern ones...

[solved] need your opinion"1 new penny 1982"
Posted: 29-Sep-2018, 01:58AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Pnightingale it is the Seychelles that issued the sex note.

Post your ugliest coin(s)!
Posted: 25-Sep-2018, 10:32PM in Free discussion

I'll post my Susan B or my special Olympics silver later.

What books have you been reading recently?
Posted: 25-Sep-2018, 06:54AM in Free discussion

Tom Clancy. Jean M. Auel. Umberto Eco. Number the Stars. Sarah, Plain and Tall. Sadako. Laura Joh Rowland. Culpepper's Herbal...for starters.

[solved] Gibraltar 1 Pound 1988 AC
Posted: 23-Sep-2018, 09:37PM in Numista catalogue

You can request it now.

To Grade or not to Grade! #3 10 Lire 1942
Posted: 23-Sep-2018, 07:01PM in Numismatic questions

It in no way diminishes the beauty or desirability of this coin. Italian coinage of the 20th century is breathtaking in its beauty.

Posted: 23-Sep-2018, 05:28PM in Numista catalogue

The Egyptian mules are not a mule of more than one country. The Egyptian mules are pairs of designs that were not intended to be together. For some time there were so so many commems issued that it was an easy mistake to not pair the dies accurately. They are listed in Krause and I had thought they would be listed here.

Turkey 1000000 lira token 1139.1/1139.2
Posted: 14-Sep-2018, 10:21PM in Numista catalogue

Thank you. The referee is incorrect in this case. I appreciate that this is being corrected.

Numista sister site for banknotes, a template
Posted: 2-Sep-2018, 01:16AM in Free discussion

Sadly, all that would have to be done would be to create a new money system for each country and call it currency. It would automatically index all notes so that they would show up at the bottom of a countries listings. And then we could use the existing template for coins. Granted it would not be perfect...but instantly it would be better than every other program out there. And it would have the ability to be swapped because of this sight. I am sure the folks here could make a pape money template and listers could toggle between it and the coin template to list items. I really dont tho k it would take long at all. We could even just start with current managers managing these paper listings as well...or even have paper only countries...then the table of contents could be written in black for coins of Poland for example. And a blue table listing of Poland written in blue for banknotes of Poland. • I really think this would help this webaited, not hurt it. We already push[...]

[solved] Azores coins
Posted: 29-Aug-2018, 03:03AM in Numismatic questions

I agree with the crowd on this. However. If you look at the coins commemorating Azores and Madeira that Portugal listed they treat them differently than any other regional commemorative. The legends on the commemoration side and the national side refer and honor Madeira and Azores. No other issues of Portugal do this. The national side only honors Portugal.

State quarters
Posted: 25-Aug-2018, 06:16AM in Numista catalogue

I am not able to follow you?

Best backlights for UV effects?
Posted: 29-Jul-2018, 03:29AM in Banknotes

That looks amazing!

The sad story of the Congo Democratic Republic 1 franc of 1.11 1997 P#85
Posted: 28-Jul-2018, 11:04PM in Banknotes

Get over yourself. Only Lumumba was identified. Some research gave the names of the other gentlemen tied up on the note. A very unusual vignette by most peoples definition. And the story behind the vignette is interesting. As is who is at fault. It was a story I had not been aware of. And it's true. And it is depicted on the damn note!

President Dollar Coins - Can we add Position A and Position B?
Posted: 25-Jul-2018, 07:47AM in Numista catalogue

This has been discussed before and thankfully it will not happen.

Barbados $2. 2.5.2013 P#73
Posted: 19-Jul-2018, 04:45AM in Banknotes

Not completely unique after all. Colombia 2000 pesos P#458 2016. A single fiber is red and yellow. Whereas the Barbados fibers are a color at both ends with a different color in the middle. • Super cool.

UK Alphabet 10pence coins. Anyone have any spare?
Posted: 15-Jul-2018, 08:58AM in Swaps and trades

I broke down and bought the set.

FIJI $7.00 UV Effects
Posted: 14-Jul-2018, 04:51PM in Banknotes

I just got my 2019 Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, (I am a listed contributor finally). I do a lot of descriptions as well as UV effects. One of the neatest notes with UV effects is this one. On the face of the note, the team captain is wearing a medal on a ribbon that appears under UV light. On the back, every medal depicted lights up in yellow under UV. Anyone else have any interesting UV effects on any notes they are aware of?

New database on South Korean coins
Posted: 11-Jul-2018, 11:44AM in Numista catalogue

Rather enjoyable articles.

Newest issuer added to your collection (2nd edit)
Posted: 9-Jul-2018, 01:48AM in Free discussion

Hawaii dime 1883 • Essequibo and Demarary stivers 1813

When to Send Coins For Grading?
Posted: 9-Jul-2018, 01:32AM in Numismatic questions

I would only want to buy a coin in a tier 1 slab if I wanted a guarantee of authenticity.

Guidelines as to when it's appropriate to split/combine coin pages?
Posted: 4-Jul-2018, 09:57AM in Numista catalogue

Because essais and patterns often have additional wording. Piedforts have different weights and measures. You will completely screw up the data for weights and measures on your coin collection data page.

Harriet Tubman and others?
Posted: 30-Jun-2018, 09:09AM in Banknotes

Well...its kind of a game. Morelos is correct by the way. He is on a number of notes of Mexico. And yes. I have a specific note and nation in mind. I have discovered that a number of folks on here find other notes I had never thought of. Guess away.

Displaying coins from your collection
Posted: 29-Jun-2018, 04:15PM in Free discussion

If you bought a really nice wooden coin cabinet, it would look nice on a desk or table, and then when you pulled out a drawer your coins or medals would be there for perusal.

Thematic tag list
Posted: 28-Jun-2018, 03:36PM in Numista website

Phrygian slave cap • eyeglasses • mechanical • trains • planes • automobiles • flowers • horse & rider • statues • depictions of water • by name of designer, for example, Stuart Devlin • nude • hats • mustaches • race cars • nautical • children • monarchs • royalty • gods • goddesses • world leaders • UN • barbed wire • war • battle • banknote • flag • monument • memorial • jewelry • cartoon • wreaths • religious imagery • books • games • jugate busts • Rose's • patterns • probas/pro as • essay • piedfort • matte • balloons • blimps • dirigible • airship • space craft • space shuttle • trees • mythology • basketball &bul[...]

minting mistake?? or deformation?
Posted: 28-Jun-2018, 03:15PM in Numismatic questions

Clogged die...maybe grease on the die.

dubious about values
Posted: 25-Jun-2018, 06:59PM in Free discussion

By the time a Krause catalog is published the pricing data is expired. And by the time the date on the cover matches the date on the calendar the prices are well over a year old. The least valuable aspect of Krause is the values. Last time I was at the Berlin show I witnessed dealers setting prices for their coins by looking at the dollar prices and then just calling them euro prices...

[solved] 1/2 Crown - Victoria - 1885 - Silver
Posted: 25-Jun-2018, 06:34PM in Numista catalogue

I hope the admin get involved. Your forum behavior is bizarre. Why are you editing your comments to nothing or the word solved?

[solved] Sierra Leone km#103
Posted: 23-Jun-2018, 01:21AM in Numista catalogue

Looks like a completely different coin.

[solved] 5 Francs weight difference
Posted: 23-Jun-2018, 01:18AM in Numista catalogue

Apuking the normal piedfort is twice the thickness of an issued coin.

[solved] Cabinda: Province of Angola
Posted: 17-Jun-2018, 01:18PM in Numismatic questions

The status remains unchanged.

Common planchets
Posted: 14-Jun-2018, 07:53AM in Free discussion

Don't think so. I think most of Canada's circulating silver were .800 fine and possibly .500 fine. USA was .900 or the lower fineness of the Kennedy halves. Base metal coinage is not the same content either. But dimensions are close enough that you can find quarters dimes nickels and cents circulating between both countries.

Who on Numista comes from the smallest populated town?
Posted: 11-Jun-2018, 01:02AM in Free discussion

We had an old time grocery and gas station. A church. 3 houses. But it was a destination. As many as 40 or 50 folk some days...

Where have you visited in the world?
Posted: 10-Jun-2018, 08:24AM in Free discussion

There are maps you can purchase with the south oriented at the top. I've been to more than 40 of the US states...Canada...Mexico...Belize...Honduras...Jamaica...Cayman Islands...South Korea...Taiwan...France...Germany...Italy...the Vatican...Egypt...Israel... I love travel and hope to keep travelling.

Chess set with coins!
Posted: 9-Jun-2018, 08:37AM in Free discussion

I never said coins from Iran that depict chess. I said coins that depict chess. Or coins from Iran. Hungary, Cuba have coins that depict actual chess. Probably a couple of others. Iran coins are less random than coins from Romania...might check out polish coins. They have castles, nights, bishops...

[solved] Post your defaced banknotes
Posted: 7-Jun-2018, 04:00PM in Banknotes

Aside from the mutual distaste we share for the aggressive behavior of the gentleman from Cyprus, and a love for the website, and beautiful coins of the world, we have very little in common. Well, I live in a former French possession. So there is that French connection... It is sometimes hard to see your viewpoint from the shadow cast by your own speech. I know that I can be part of the problem. I try to limit my responses and though I fail, I am successful a majority of the time. I don't know how it happened that you have cast yourself in opposition to some of my Numista friends. But if you claim it to be political speech than you should not use political speech either. I hope to meet lots of Numista friends. I have met several personally. Should you ever find yourself in this former French possession I would enjoy meeting you as well.

Belize, 1 cent 1978 "set issue" in circulation
Posted: 5-Jun-2018, 04:12PM in Numismatic questions

I agree. Belizean friends have verified to me of encounters of the Franklin Mint bird series in circulation.

Respecting others despite their political beliefs
Posted: 3-Jun-2018, 06:44PM in Free discussion

Why weren't all these folks takuing their own advice when I was finding out horse names for my program I wonder...

Any one grilling this weekend? And what do you like to grill.
Posted: 3-Jun-2018, 05:04AM in Free discussion

Rib eyes....mmmmmmmmmmm

[solved] United States 1972 Eisenhower 1 Dollar type 1, 2, and 3
Posted: 28-May-2018, 09:20PM in Numista catalogue

I am with allred.

[solved] Is there a way to find Numista pages with your picture credits?
Posted: 23-May-2018, 01:20AM in Numista catalogue

You might be able to find your pictures over at colnect...

[solved] Grade my 1927 Italy 20 Lire please
Posted: 22-May-2018, 05:20AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Definately vf.

Unknown Charles and Diana Crown
Posted: 18-May-2018, 06:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Not a coin.

Obverse on the Italian 1000 Lire
Posted: 16-May-2018, 05:03PM in Numismatic questions

I think San Marino has headresses that resemble city walls. I am not clear, but my thought was that they represented an ideal of a city, and that is why city walls were used as the crown.

Isle of Men
Posted: 14-May-2018, 06:29PM in Numismatic questions

The 1972 wedding anniversary crown was struck in Canada.

[solved] Isle of Man (Onchan Internment Camp) coins
Posted: 11-May-2018, 01:11AM in Numismatic questions


catalog of North Korean banknotes
Posted: 7-May-2018, 01:57PM in Banknotes

Good catch. I have those dates blurred at times.

Cherry Picking the world...
Posted: 7-May-2018, 06:17AM in Free discussion

I thought it might be interesting to share our cherrypicking stories...the Oklahoma Numismatic Association with the sponsorship of the Oklahoma City Coin Club just finished the annual show in Oklahoma City. Lots of world coinage and notes. One dealer had an album of Danish coins. I looked and found a 10 ore of 1941 with no heart! I don't know if so gotta bargain or not...but I now have Faroe Islands represented in my collection... I also got a silver New Zealand dollar of 1990 not in the catalog yet...great cherry picking.

Fake descriptions in Malaysia and Singapore coinage
Posted: 3-May-2018, 05:04PM in Numista catalogue

Very well said Cass.

ANA Summer Class
Posted: 1-May-2018, 02:52AM in Free discussion

Lol. American Numismatic Association.

Thai 1 baht's
Posted: 28-Apr-2018, 03:13AM in Coin identifications and valuations

It could be a way to identify mints. I know that South Korea produced Thai coinage. Perhaps others did as well.

19xx 5 Sen Japanese coin
Posted: 28-Apr-2018, 03:11AM in Coin identifications and valuations

It is a year 5 pattern. Why us that so hard to believe?

Which information do you write on coin holders?
Posted: 27-Apr-2018, 03:56PM in Numismatic questions

Have you considered the little paper envelope 2by2s? They are cheaper and safer for storage til you can get rigids. Might even impart some beautiful toning...

Value for Isle of Man 2001 - Harry Potter
Posted: 26-Apr-2018, 11:02PM in Numismatic questions

It's considered a bullion issue... related to gold value plus a premium.

Mysterious Grading Company
Posted: 20-Apr-2018, 05:21PM in Numismatic questions

The coin was probably a donation to the ANA, which is not an association of just young people. It is a world premier organization of collectors. It has been around forever, and was chartered by Congress back in the 1800s. They do lots of great things for the youth members though. Even I benefitted as a teen. Scholarships to Summer Seminar classes. I recieved ancient coins in the Roman Coin Project. It is a great group. I will be teaching one of the classes at the Summer Seminar this June. It is the class on modern world coin and paper. A nice little survey. • I will be sharing Numista with the class...

Numista banknotes
Posted: 19-Apr-2018, 03:26AM in Banknotes

Numismatics is a science and study that includes coins and banknotes...i just think other names for a banknote site are silly. Numisnote....or numispaper.... even those sound silly.

SIlver Coins that Get Proportionally Larger With an Increase in Face Value
Posted: 18-Apr-2018, 09:55AM in Free discussion

Dominican Republic

Thailand 20 Baht Y#462 (Wording & translation request)
Posted: 15-Apr-2018, 07:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Is that the cloud seeding issue?

[solved] Isle of Man 10 Pence 1989 AB Die Mark
Posted: 14-Apr-2018, 11:28AM in Numista catalogue


[solved] Isle of Man 1988 1 Crown Silver Proof page addition
Posted: 10-Apr-2018, 01:11AM in Numista catalogue

I got it. Sorry it got overlooked.

Polite demand to substitute a referee
Posted: 8-Apr-2018, 09:01PM in Numista catalogue

Ridiculous. I wish I could be more like you Jarcek.

Uganda 5 Shillings 1972 KM#18
Posted: 8-Apr-2018, 08:58PM in Numismatic questions

This is the thread that started it all..

How many fakes are in Numista catalog?
Posted: 8-Apr-2018, 08:55PM in Numista catalogue

No words...

Hidden part of the catalog
Posted: 8-Apr-2018, 08:52PM in Numista catalogue


Could not find the subject of the description
Posted: 8-Apr-2018, 08:46PM in Numista catalogue


Requests to delete extra line in Isle of Man 2 pence Cyclists
Posted: 8-Apr-2018, 08:42PM in Numista catalogue


[solved] Lettering in Korean coins
Posted: 8-Apr-2018, 08:39PM in Numista catalogue

I look forward to the guidelines.

[solved] Fake coins in Isle of Man. Is it a bug?
Posted: 8-Apr-2018, 08:36PM in Numista website

Any word on the guidelines?

Who do I have to appeal to?
Posted: 8-Apr-2018, 08:10PM in Free discussion

In terms of harrassment it probably isn't. Unless there is such a thing as slow motion harrassment. He at least goes away for weeks. Maybe this is when he is so ugly to everyone else. Hard to far as providing examples of his bullying ways I do not even have the energy. But I am sure if we had a thread where people could tell their Cyprus stories there would be ample evidence. He is right up there with some of Numista's worst... but they are gone or have calmed down. Wish he was. I have vented. I will try harder to ignore him. Apologies to the forum.

[solved] The problem with adding data to the coin
Posted: 8-Apr-2018, 01:00PM in Numista catalogue

He is who can solve this problem.

Brazil: 5 centavos km587.1 / km587.2 / km587.3?
Posted: 7-Apr-2018, 10:21AM in Numismatic questions


Brazil 5 centavos wavy lines KM#587.2 is just a garden variety die clash...shouldn't we get rid of the designation? I will be advising Krause. What is Numista's thoughts?
Posted: 7-Apr-2018, 09:48AM in Numista catalogue

Ole...this is the earlier thread...

Include KM# 587.3 - Brazil 5 centavos 1975 - FAO
Posted: 7-Apr-2018, 09:35AM in Numista catalogue


Actual real trees on coins
Posted: 5-Apr-2018, 11:09PM in Free discussion

An early US commem had the Charter Oak on it, if my recollection is correct.

Official sets as separate sheets in catalog.
Posted: 5-Apr-2018, 11:06PM in Numista catalogue

I hope this will be corrected in the future. Sets, both unc and proof, have their own catalog number in Krause.

Banknote with the Pope John Paul II
Posted: 1-Apr-2018, 07:28PM in Banknotes

They are attractive though...I wish they were official.

[solved] Could this coin be real?
Posted: 31-Mar-2018, 04:33PM in Numismatic questions

That this is not a real coin is not an opinion.

Odd Asian spiral pattern coin
Posted: 31-Mar-2018, 02:59AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Maybe a satang or a denomination of satang.

Please help in identifying
Posted: 29-Mar-2018, 06:47PM in Coin identifications and valuations

You will find them in the listings of Iran. 10 rials maybe?

[solved] Banknotes and STAMPS
Posted: 18-Mar-2018, 04:24PM in Numista website

Why not just do it in the swap forum? It is for swapping. I think that philately folks should handle their business on a philately site.

[solved] Misprinted two Euro coin valuation needed
Posted: 17-Mar-2018, 09:17AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Coins are not printed. They are struck. A better description might be mis-struck?

Coins that depict mountains
Posted: 16-Mar-2018, 04:18AM in Numismatic questions

My. Rushmore on numerous US coins...Fuji on Japanese coins...Nepal has the himalayas...

How to know the actual price of old coins?
Posted: 15-Mar-2018, 03:35PM in Numismatic questions

I use ebay sold prices as a guide. ScWC are outdated prior to publishing.

Any comments on Thailand's new banknotes?
Posted: 14-Mar-2018, 06:33PM in Banknotes is interesting that only two of Rama IX's 4 children are on banknotes that commemorate their 5th year cycle. Why? One was the crown Prince, the other Princess has an unusual title that made lots of folks think the King wanted her to be his successor...Neither the oldest sister nor the youngest sister have been honored with such a note. The Princess is one of the most popular Thai royals after her father.

Looking for some royal portraits
Posted: 14-Mar-2018, 06:25PM in Swaps and trades

All the Ramas of Thailand have been on various coins struck during the reign of Rama IX. Also, Gibraltar, as part of their series of Kings and Queens issued a half crown and a crown depicting Edward VIII. All are readily available. Are you looking for coins from their individual reigns, or just coins that depict them? Maybe consider banknotes as well.

New member
Posted: 14-Mar-2018, 05:44AM in Numismatic questions

Literally hundreds of millions of these were issued. Never be worth a great deal.

International Women's Day
Posted: 12-Mar-2018, 09:39PM in Free discussion

How have you determined that some coins are or are not FAO? Every coin that you said was not an FAO or you weren't sure if it was has the initials for FAO, the legend for the year of woman, or the logo.

[solved] Sudan AH 1392 Double Die?
Posted: 12-Mar-2018, 09:32PM in Numismatic questions

I see it very clearly.

Didn’t see that coming - Alphabetic 10p Coins
Posted: 2-Mar-2018, 09:55PM in Numismatic questions

Those designs are anything but dull. They are imaginative, and any collector by theme will need at least one of these coins in their collection. UK is not the first country to do this, Australia has that honor. I for one, hope that Canada or the USA might consider something as interesting as this, I suspect that more might show up to the already crowded coinclub meeting we have in Oklahoma City.

Colored American Eagle 1 dollar coin
Posted: 2-Mar-2018, 04:50PM in Numista website


United Kingdom - half penny
Posted: 1-Mar-2018, 11:10PM in Coin identifications and valuations

All red! You made me spit my drink! Lol

are there any circulating coins from Turks and Caicos Islands?
Posted: 28-Feb-2018, 01:49PM in Numismatic questions

I wondered about that also. That was the phrase they used and I would guess it is a synonym of arms.

Which looks best?
Posted: 28-Feb-2018, 12:25AM in Banknotes

I like the darker background.

New Update...
Posted: 26-Feb-2018, 07:07AM in Free discussion

Wouldn't that be 35,000 minutes?

Values and new collection management
Posted: 25-Feb-2018, 10:10PM in Numista website

Folks have been asking for this for a long time. I'm going to give it a chance. Every time we updated the website at APMEX or everytime my school district does it now there is a period of adjustment....I don't understand all the changes but I bet it gets better folks.

hello to everyone what do you think of the new version?
Posted: 25-Feb-2018, 03:28PM in Numista website

I use Numista daily, so I will get used to the improvements.

British Heart Foundation Charity DECHOX event - Give up Chocolate for March to raise money and fund vital heart research!
Posted: 25-Feb-2018, 06:58AM in Free discussion

I'm sorry about the loss of your grandfather...

Is it real (1 Rupee 1958)
Posted: 25-Feb-2018, 04:12AM in Numismatic questions

The two coins seem to be a proof issue and a circulation issue. Neither make the other fake.

Native American Dollars Treaty with the Delawares edge positions
Posted: 24-Feb-2018, 03:10PM in Numista catalogue

You might find the post Position A and B to be of interest.

Position A and B....
Posted: 24-Feb-2018, 03:09PM in Numista catalogue

Sooo...what are we going to do?

What is the most expensive coin listed on this site?
Posted: 24-Feb-2018, 04:15AM in Free discussion

The million dollar Canadian is real. I took a picture with it at the Berlin Show at the RCM booth.

Is coin collecting really a dying hobby? (No, it isn't!)
Posted: 23-Feb-2018, 06:22PM in Free discussion

Visit an ANA show. The number of dealers, educational exhibits, talks, programs, and youth would inspire you.

Lime in the coconut...
Posted: 22-Feb-2018, 07:02PM in Banknotes

I love the Maldives notes...that is a good coconote...but not the one I was thinking of...

[solved] Does an official 1 million American dollar note exist?
Posted: 22-Feb-2018, 07:00PM in Banknotes

No it does not exist.

Scrap the bronze?
Posted: 20-Feb-2018, 07:44AM in Free discussion

When we actually circulate a dollar, a 2 dollar, and perhaps a 5 dollar than I can handle no longer minting a cent and nickel for circulation.

Vikings on banknotes...
Posted: 19-Feb-2018, 07:23AM in Banknotes

It's been a rough week. But I caught myself laughing all over again about this thread. Thank you SpongeBob Square Viking!

2006 penny struck on clad dime?
Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 04:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Your coin is the cent struck on the standard planchet for that date. Since 1982 the cent has been struck on copper plated zinc planchets. This one may have been left in a clothes mint damage.

Contest # 3 ~ Contest Run Dates: Thursday, February 15, 2018 to Thursday, March 15, 2018!!! What the Heck Kind of Animal is on these Here Two Coins?!
Posted: 16-Feb-2018, 03:08AM in Free discussion


Stamps forum
Posted: 15-Feb-2018, 03:20AM in Free discussion

Thank God. It would be garbage to do stamps on a numismatic site. Except for stamps that were used as currency, there should be no place here. I do not go to a vegetarian restaurant to eat steak! I actually wish that someone would clean up the banknote listings and remove all the stamps. I volunteered more than a year ago to moderate the banknote forum. But was told that it needs to be people who can do all the forums. So many stamp places exist elsewhere. They are not numismatics and I think their inclusion would cheapen and damage the Numista brand. Why can't the stamps just go away to the Free topic forum? I hope a moderator would lock or remove any stamp threads to the Free forum that are wrongfully in the banknote forum.

Has anyone seen little sets like this before?
Posted: 15-Feb-2018, 03:04AM in Free discussion

We have a company in the US called Littleton that used to sell world couns cheap in little sulphur envelopes. Gorgeous toning by the way. Seems like almost everyone has a couple tucked away.

[solved] Gibraltar: 10 pence 2000 AA, in the catalog with no marks
Posted: 15-Feb-2018, 03:00AM in Numista catalogue

Hi Ole, this coin is in the catalog with AA letters. Your image shows AA letters. Is there a coin with this date that has no letters?

How to tell the difference: South Korea KM#6 vs KM#6a
Posted: 15-Feb-2018, 02:53AM in Coin identifications and valuations

It is the same with 5 and 5a. I think if you have a circulated date prior to 1970 and a circulated 1971 or later and then compare your 1970 to each then you can be reasonably successful in your determination.

Apollo 11 coin identification
Posted: 15-Feb-2018, 02:46AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Not a coin.

Rare 1982 US penny?
Posted: 15-Feb-2018, 02:44AM in Numismatic questions

I am discovering that UK and islands rare aren't really rare either... I feel like there is a massive bubble because of the Kew gardens half. All the islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Man, St Helena etc look at their relative lower mintages and thunk they should be as pricey...just surprised. I have been collecting for decades and my norm has been 3000 is scarce but 1500 is tough and mintages in the hundreds are rare. That has held until recently...

Coin flips. Glue or staple?
Posted: 11-Feb-2018, 04:05PM in Numismatic questions

If a flip is gunky than it is not mylar. Mylar does not do damage. Flips that contain pvc do damage. Even mylar over time does not damage a coin. Mylar flips and flips that cause damage are two separate things. And it is the same with banknote holders. Mylar is inert and will cause no damage, while holders with pvc will end up damaging your notes. Mylar holders are more inflexible, but they do not have the "swimming pool" smell of pvc holders.

How do you organize your banknotes?
Posted: 9-Feb-2018, 09:40AM in Banknotes

By country and then by Pick number. Then it is super easy to find them and to add in New numbers.

[solved] What's this?
Posted: 9-Feb-2018, 09:32AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I stopped in Paris for a day on my way to the coin show in Berlin. I had a steak. If someone had spit on it, it would have been an improvement.

Angelot Coin with St George?
Posted: 9-Feb-2018, 08:40AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Michael the arch angel slays a dragon on some Isle of Man bullion coins. He has wings. George doesnt.

[solved] Looking for this German WWII coin
Posted: 9-Feb-2018, 08:37AM in Numismatic questions

It would be nice if the ref removed all the very rare and ultra rare designations from this listing.

Incuse vs Recessed Relief
Posted: 3-Feb-2018, 08:24AM in Free discussion

A fellow American brought up the classic and beautiful gold coinage of Bela Lyon Pratt. The $2.50 and the $5.00 gold are beautiful examples of a combination of designs in recessed relief with legends incuse. What are some other designs from the US and around the world that feature these beautiful design styles?

Additions to your collection - February 2018
Posted: 3-Feb-2018, 07:45AM in Free discussion

I'm glad you used recessed image instead of incuse like most would. However, the entire America the Beautiful series is also recessed image as well, for their designs are all struck in relief on a recessed field as well. The reverse legends are incuse as well. This was a very popular discussion at Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs in the gold class, and the counterfeit detection class. Fun discussions. I agree that the BLP gold is in a class of its own with the totality of design features being recessed and legends being incuse. But incuse and recessed relief have become common features in many modern American coins. Creative arguments. Matthew Boltons 1797 1 and 2 pence are also recessed images, as are a great number of Isle of Man crowns and 20 pences. However, I am glad to have gotten a Princess Grace of Monaco 10 franc essai as my February purchase. (Not a recessed image)

[solved] Which is the best Bullion coin?
Posted: 1-Feb-2018, 06:07AM in Free discussion


Somaliland - 10 Shillings - 2012 - Zodiac Serie
Posted: 1-Feb-2018, 03:42AM in Numista catalogue

Are you able to correct the listings?

Desert Storm 5 dollars U.S. Jeep valuation 1991
Posted: 30-Jan-2018, 11:30PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Not a US coin. A coin of Hutt River Province.

ANA National Money Show, March 8-10, 2018
Posted: 30-Jan-2018, 11:29PM in Numismatic questions

If I go I will stop and say Hi.

Coinstar finds
Posted: 29-Jan-2018, 02:20PM in Free discussion

I got a US large cent in the middle of a roll of US half dollars.

[solved] Bullion round coin class
Posted: 28-Jan-2018, 07:42PM in Numista website

They might be listed in exonumia.

[solved] Forum for stamps
Posted: 28-Jan-2018, 07:39PM in Numista website

Philately and numismatics are very different things. Except for a narrow range of stamps which circulated as currency. For example, some European and some US encased which circulated. I am not clear how stamps in general belong on a currency website. Especially one that does not yet even list currency.

Confederate States
Posted: 28-Jan-2018, 07:32PM in Banknotes

They were not emergency money. They were the currency of the Confederacy. How do you think they were notgeld?

1 dollar 2010 - Fiji - James I
Posted: 27-Jan-2018, 01:37AM in Numista catalogue

I have always wanted to visit Poland.

[solved] Katanga 2017
Posted: 26-Jan-2018, 11:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

They are not real.

5 Złotych 1975-1988, Y# 81 - why not splitted into two types
Posted: 25-Jan-2018, 10:53PM in Numista catalogue

I think the consistency has to be by nation. If the nation is consistent that has to be enough.

[solved] 1 Angel 2015 - Isle of Man
Posted: 25-Jan-2018, 12:07AM in Numista catalogue

Hi. I am correcting that. This listing will eventually be combined. Currently focusing on crowns. I added the date to your second listing. I liked the existing wording better.

Care of silver Coins
Posted: 24-Jan-2018, 11:58PM in Numismatic questions

Toning can be so beautiful... I love my silver after some time in those 2x2 manilla envelopes... absolutely gorgeous. But I love the chocolate tone of specifically the Swedish animal coppers... just lovely. But don't clean your coins.

Cyprus: currencies
Posted: 24-Jan-2018, 11:51PM in Numista catalogue

!!! It is even more complex than I imagined!!! But I think you must do what the fine folks of Cyprus would do...but such I love the money from there though. I was pleased to get some handfuls of coins when I visited Israel as a university student. We travelled in the footsteps of Saul who became Paul. I found them for sale at a monastery gift shop. The priest who worked there laughed at the small tussle between me and an aggressive German lady. And I remember I was struck by his smile because the orthodox priests I have seen are so serious! And then of course the most beautiful coin in the world is from Cyprus. The wood nymph who was turned into the tree...sigh...I must visit your dear island someday. I promise to avoid the dangerous fuzzy caterpillars.

What is the meaning of PM?
Posted: 24-Jan-2018, 02:09PM in Numismatic questions

I remember that thread! That was a good thread.

Oggy's grading and Valuation game - (based on MPCC)
Posted: 24-Jan-2018, 02:39AM in Free discussion

So could an admin lock a thread when no more posts are accepted?

[solved] 3 Coin Give Away! Open to all Members!!! Contest Run Dates: December 01, 2017 to December 31, 2017!!! Open to all members!!!
Posted: 23-Jan-2018, 02:16PM in Free discussion

Neat that you did this.

[solved] Rarity index for individual years
Posted: 23-Jan-2018, 08:54AM in Numista website

Lol...that is so funny!

[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 6
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 01:41AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 7
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 01:40AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 8
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 01:39AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 01:37AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 1
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 01:37AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 2
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 01:35AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 3
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 01:35AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 4
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 01:34AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 5
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 01:33AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


How do you store your bank notes ?
Posted: 21-Jan-2018, 04:47PM in Banknotes

IDOLENZ it is a 500 count monster box. But you can buy them empty by going to and searching for empty monster boxes. In yellow they sell for 11.99.

Looking for my missing United States $½ coins
Posted: 20-Jan-2018, 06:32PM in Swaps and trades

None of those circulated. But I like them as they are copper nickel. I especially like the eaglets and eggs one.

[solved] Modified JFK Coin
Posted: 20-Jan-2018, 08:11AM in Free discussion

The phrase "joshing" or "just joshing you" comes from that gold plated nickel.

Adding new diemark variations for the Isle of Man
Posted: 18-Jan-2018, 07:51PM in Numista catalogue

I wonder if there isn't a systems glitch though. Even when I look up the listings that were spoken of, they don't reflect being locked and verified.

Isle of Man discovery coins
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 02:00AM in Free discussion

Greetings! Some exciting times in Manx addition to the crowns and pounds with the added DMIHE and the DMIHEN that can be found added to pound coins is the 1 and 5 pounds coin with IIHE added. Additionally, we knew that a CB die letter was available on a Tynwald millenium crown. However there has been very little noise over the years about this coin. No one took it seriously. But a conversation with a Manx collector changed things. A fire got lit, and the die letters CA and CE have been discovered. Great news for cherry pickers and Manx collectors! And for you purists, the Tynwald crowns were a circulation issue with a combined mintage of 500,000 to back up that claim. Look away and see what you find!

In all the counties in the world. In my opinion the US has the most coins cirulating that should not be there.
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 01:47AM in Free discussion

Lots of Mexican circulates for the similar sized US denominations. I worked at a bank and was always surprised at the bimetal coins here. I even got and old US large cent.

World coins chat : Bohemia and Moravia
Posted: 11-Jan-2018, 10:48PM in Free discussion

I love all the Churchill and Lady Astor exchanges.

Why are British Indian silver rupees so expensive?
Posted: 11-Jan-2018, 12:25AM in Numismatic questions

Hi Nucleus, I do not know if this is necessarily true. But it is a logical explanation. When a nation has a booming economy than you will find patriotism's fire lit by those with money to spend. Here in Oklahoma at shops so have worked in, national shows I have visited, and collectors I have talked to we try to guess the next boom. The first I ever really heard of was predictions about Scandinavian numismatics. I never really saw it come to fruition. But I remember intimately the predicted Russian boom. And that boom happened. Prices were sick. We would load things on APMEX websites that would sell in minutes to collectors in Russia and eastern Europe. At seemingly ever increasing prices! Same thing when Poland boomed. And China. I think India is booming. Scads of folks are here to research and identify Indian have pages and pages of Indian collectors interacting and educating themselves. I just think we are in the middle of the Indian boom. Wh[...]

[solved] Is this coin proof?
Posted: 11-Jan-2018, 12:13AM in Coin identifications and valuations

If you can hold a coin by the edges and see your other finger six or more inches away than at the least your coin is prooflike.

UK 5 shillings 1953 edge inscription doubled
Posted: 9-Jan-2018, 07:15PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Sorry about the spelling.

Offering a grading certification class
Posted: 8-Jan-2018, 11:32PM in Numista website

50 questions would be a start out of the gate. I have taken level I and level II classes at the ANA. Gold verification, counterfeit detection classes... Then you have to get specific for series and for types. No way is 50 going to be adequate. What might be cool would be like a grading forum, where Numista folks could post clear images of treasured coins that have been graded or have not been graded. Then interested folks could chime in. We cuss and discuss...and we learn by practice. We used to have programs like that in our coin club meetings. It was fun. slabs would be passed with the grade covered, we would cuss and discuss, the grade would be revealed. Door prize for the member with the most dead on guesses. • I hate grading, that being said, but I spend time on facebook pages out of Europe where folks call their coins "nice" an "extra special." I have even seen them call unc and bunc coins as circulated because of contact marks. • [...]

Double die Germany KM213
Posted: 8-Jan-2018, 02:36AM in Numismatic questions

I'm feeling more of a machine double than an actual die double.

Royal Canadian Mint silver miscalculations
Posted: 7-Jan-2018, 10:34PM in Free discussion

The Isle of Man numbers are correct as to their recording. But the copper nickel crowns that were not proof were issued for circulation purposes on the island. Not in great numbers, but then mintages were also extremely low. As time permits they will be corrected to circulating commemoratives. Tower Mint has made no Isle of Man crowns. So I can't speak to their circulation status.

Coins with Bunny Rabbits on them! Post your pictures and descriptions here! Help me find them all!!!
Posted: 7-Jan-2018, 06:37AM in Free discussion

Gibraltar has some coins with rabbits. I know of at least one Isle of Man crown as well.

ANA Summer Seminar coin classes
Posted: 7-Jan-2018, 04:36AM in Free discussion

ANA members and nonmembers. If you visit the website at you can get more information on these fantastic classes. I will be teaching an introductory class on World Coins and banknotes.

Mint marks
Posted: 5-Jan-2018, 06:32AM in Numismatic questions

Die letters AA or Die letters AB are so much easier to say than method of distribution letters on a die AA or method of distribution letters on a die AB. You are right. But we collectors have been calling the letters that appear on a die, die letters for nearly 40 years now. They obviously are not the mintmark. And die letters are more shorthand than anything. We also use the term privy mark for all the little marks that appear on Manx coins. The die letters appear in various different locations on the reverse of the coin. Depends on denomination and design. What do you got?

Messed up Denver Mint Medal photos
Posted: 3-Jan-2018, 04:57AM in Free discussion

I had told the story of how this was made to order at the Denver Mint. Here are the images.

Your preferred moderation style
Posted: 2-Jan-2018, 06:43PM in Free discussion

Good point Pnightingale. Hamster is quite the balance. I just don't always trust the moderators here. The application of censoring is so unbalanced. I agree that if it gets to the point of wanting it deleted then it should just be frozen. We have folks that wander the forums reprimanding users left and right. That is as obnoxious to me as deletions that pretty much render a thread unreadable. Your comments about anti American bias hit home as well. Who moderates the moderators? I can handle the attacks. But when one's defence towards an attack is censored, but the original attack stands uncensored, well...that is problematic.

UNC from China
Posted: 2-Jan-2018, 05:37PM in Numismatic questions

Decades ago when I first started collecting these were available. They still are. I doubt seriously that any of these are counterfeit. They are typically put together by groups like educational coin company out of New York. They literally have ton bins of these coins.

Imperial Chinese banknotes, where to buy them?
Posted: 31-Dec-2017, 08:53PM in Banknotes

I am sure someone in China still manufactures these to this day...but I am with you. I would like to know where to buy them as well.

Odd denomination coins of your country
Posted: 30-Dec-2017, 04:32AM in Free discussion

3cent, 2 cent, 20 cent, 2.50 dollar, 3 dollar, 4 dollar, 50 dollar. USA

Kiau Chau
Posted: 29-Dec-2017, 12:21PM in Free discussion

Flying Eagle Coins in OKC. 5 for a dollar bucket. The owner gifted the coin to me since I did not have one from this country.

Wrong proof foto on circulation finish 50 Cents - Elizabeth II Canada 150 Logo
Posted: 28-Dec-2017, 01:32AM in Numista catalogue

While you are right, he still cannot approve the images you provided. Maybe better to have no images?

[solved] Unknown coin 2
Posted: 26-Dec-2017, 10:13PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Year 43

Merry Christmas. / Extra Present Giveaway.
Posted: 26-Dec-2017, 07:56AM in Free discussion

You are a good guy.

Edward VIII
Posted: 26-Dec-2017, 07:51AM in Numismatic questions

Gibraltar has a crown showing Edward VIII. I believe he is facing left tho... also...rumors only, but it has been suggested that some of George VI's colonial coinage is actually modified Edward VIII designs.

How many different kinds of metals for coins?
Posted: 25-Dec-2017, 03:25PM in Numismatic questions

My, but you should see how big the coin purses are!

Canadian coin Discussion
Posted: 24-Dec-2017, 08:08PM in Numismatic questions

I can't tell...

List of most silver coins from 1800-1917 that do not cost over 100€
Posted: 24-Dec-2017, 06:13PM in Free discussion

Lol Red.

1989 IOM 5 Pence, AB Die mark
Posted: 24-Dec-2017, 06:01PM in Numista catalogue

Updated the 1989. Will wait on the 1990 until a better pic verifies the difference. Also need to know if it is the large or small size 5 pence.

Do you think this is OK?
Posted: 24-Dec-2017, 05:19AM in Free discussion

Free discussion is the title of this forum. It is described thus: Chitchat about any topic.

Fake Mexico Mint Set?
Posted: 24-Dec-2017, 12:17AM in Free discussion

The $ sign is for the dollar. It is also used for sign of the Mexican peso. The OP wasnt sharing pricing. He was letting us know the date of the denominations.

Dateless Buffalo Nickel?
Posted: 22-Dec-2017, 09:24PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Speaking of the buffalo nickel...the Cowboy Hall of Fame here in Oklahoma has the studio and papers of James Fraser and his equally talented wife, Laura Gardin Fraser. Amazing. Come to OKC and we can go explore it.

Before and after I viewed some of my post I made
Posted: 22-Dec-2017, 04:10PM in Free discussion

You and Phil may very well be right...

2017 dime
Posted: 22-Dec-2017, 04:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

If you look at the bottom bar of the E, I think a notch can be seen. This may be a double die after all Red.

Anyone know songs/shows featuring coins?
Posted: 22-Dec-2017, 10:21AM in Free discussion

The "golden chalice" on the mystery show Hard to Hart. The gold plated silver dollar pretending to be a 20 gold piece on the tv show the Waltons. The chest of confederate notes on Little House on the Prairie. Pippi Longstocking bag of gold from her father...

Are there triple die coins?
Posted: 22-Dec-2017, 02:21AM in Free discussion

Double strikes and double dies are two seperate things. A double die exhibits the doubling on the die itself. You will see a clear seperation of serif on such a coin.

Posted: 20-Dec-2017, 11:52PM in Free discussion

Not a d's. I cannot see the seperation of serifs.

Wrong Chinese transliteration
Posted: 20-Dec-2017, 11:51PM in Numista catalogue

Submit the change. At the bottom of each listing is an option to modify the listing.

Unknown coin
Posted: 20-Dec-2017, 11:47PM in Coin identifications and valuations

YEAR 65. So 1976.

Authentic 3 Gulden Netherlands West Indies
Posted: 20-Dec-2017, 08:06AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Trust your gut instinct. The best is amazing price. The worst is that for a relatively low price you have an excellent fake...some people actually collect fakes...i spend 40 on coins I need...sometimes i don't see those coins again for decades.

Is there silvered coinage?
Posted: 18-Dec-2017, 12:58PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Old copper nose (Henry VIII) so messed with the fitness of coins and debased them to such an extent that the silver would wear off his coins.

Anybody here into collecting other items, like instruments?
Posted: 18-Dec-2017, 12:52AM in Free discussion

I collect stone pots to put plants in. And railroad spikes from different railroads.

[solved] Where to place this coin, under 5 countries ?
Posted: 17-Dec-2017, 07:19PM in Numista catalogue

And an orphan finds a home...

Counterfeit French West Africa Coin
Posted: 16-Dec-2017, 03:46PM in Numismatic questions

That is cool though.

Dominion of Pakistan
Posted: 16-Dec-2017, 05:44AM in Numista catalogue

Good to know. I knew that each toughra was different. But I had also heard that the toughra was an ottoman device and served the same function as an Asian seal. Is this not the case?

World coins chat: Spain
Posted: 15-Dec-2017, 08:42PM in Free discussion

Good to know.

Noah's Ark 500 Dram of Armenia
Posted: 15-Dec-2017, 04:02AM in Banknotes

I'm referring to a banknote that was just issued..

Tristan da Cunha 5 Pounds 2007 Diana
Posted: 15-Dec-2017, 04:00AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Not necessarily. Not the first coin with gemstones...

Is there any extinct coins?
Posted: 15-Dec-2017, 03:57AM in Numismatic questions

Would withdrawn coinage be considered extinct?

Interesting shaped coins
Posted: 14-Dec-2017, 09:55PM in Free discussion

Try a mortar and pestle...or one of those kaava bowls. Not a table.

Best series for new collectors
Posted: 14-Dec-2017, 09:28PM in Numismatic questions

I have that series! I remember when I found the first one in a junkbox...I sent you a message.

That is not Queen Jadwiga
Posted: 14-Dec-2017, 09:02PM in Numista catalogue

The comments on these coins even say it isn't Jadwiga. Queen ( or King) Jadwiga appears on a 100 zloty of 1988. They are nothing alike.

Niue- token or not?
Posted: 14-Dec-2017, 05:48PM in Numismatic questions

The trade dollar was remonetized.

Finland: 1 pennia 1903, km13, large / small 3’s
Posted: 14-Dec-2017, 03:28PM in Numista catalogue

Hope you have as much fun in your travels as you are having in Finland!

Stamp statistics?
Posted: 14-Dec-2017, 03:26PM in Numista catalogue

Oh I get it. It isn't a specific coin. Just a listing of the countermark. Well... I will never get that 5 minutes back..

Minting error?
Posted: 14-Dec-2017, 03:12PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Is it a clash of some sort?

Austria 5 Groschen 1950
Posted: 14-Dec-2017, 03:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

What a wonderful coin! It is sometimes rare to be able to see the donor coin so clearly. But actually this happens quite often. Italy did this a lot. Especially with the 20 centesimi. I have seen several with the donor coin clearly visible. South American countries and Central American countries overstrike...I have Costa Rican coin that was overstruck with a new date and denomination. But the overstrike was so small in relation to the host coin. You could see the design all around the edge.

Egypt 2 Qirsh Farouk KM 369 1363 - 1944
Posted: 13-Dec-2017, 03:40PM in Numismatic questions

I have this coin. I chose the best of the two available at my local coin shop. Doesn't seem to be all that scarce. But then I seek out low mintages. 2000 or less is scarce in my area. Rare is in the hundreds or less. Love Egyptian coins.

Isle of Man £1 pound coins 1978 - 1982 KM#44
Posted: 13-Dec-2017, 06:25AM in Numista catalogue

Can you tell me one more time what the IIHE stands for?

1964D Lincoln cent wavy steps
Posted: 13-Dec-2017, 06:20AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I'd go with grease. At first I thought it might be the "orange peel" effect. But the expected pattern of deterioration wasnt there. Cool coin.

1864/54 Peru silver sol coin: What does 54 indicate?
Posted: 12-Dec-2017, 02:22PM in Numismatic questions

Probably, like I said, because Peru also has, at times, issued coins with the date spelled out. I can assure you that the phrase Arabic numbers refers to 0123456789.

Which one of these US gold coins should I get?
Posted: 12-Dec-2017, 09:08AM in Free discussion

The 1909 is a great design. It is also a relief coin in a lowered field. Not incuse in the pure sense, but commonly called incuse. Absolutely a classic design. By the way, what are your thoughts on APMEX?

Where did Azores coins go?
Posted: 12-Dec-2017, 09:02AM in Numista website

No. Threads here have clearly established that this coin and those of Madeira belong in the Portuguese listings. Krause is wrong in this. It kills me to say it. I argued about this for a long time. But I was persuaded. These coins are properly catalogued on Numista.

Why did the 1968 Canadian 10 cents have a Philadelphia mint mark?
Posted: 12-Dec-2017, 05:42AM in Numismatic questions

That's what I thought.

Adding Nobel Prize Medals
Posted: 9-Dec-2017, 11:30PM in Numista catalogue

You are right about exonumia. Plumb forgot about that. Probably all the Olympics should be included then.

1981 Isle of Man 10 pence with die AC needs to be added please
Posted: 9-Dec-2017, 07:24PM in Numista catalogue

Hi Wallmax. Do you know how to submit a modification? If you do that it pops up on a special list I can access as the referee for Man. This also gives you a mark for your Numista stats. This way we both benefit.

How old coinage do you prefer?
Posted: 9-Dec-2017, 08:43AM in Free discussion

Love 20th century to date. Especially copper nickel.

20 lei 1868
Posted: 9-Dec-2017, 08:37AM in Numismatic questions

Some of us really have rare coins like that. I have some extremely rare pieces that are low mintage and some that are just rarely encountered. That listing says that around 200 exist. Wht couldnt someone here have it?

Vietnamese Coin - real or not for 0.27 USD?
Posted: 9-Dec-2017, 08:34AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Go to your coin show and ask. I would guess someone there could discuss why a late date cheap Viet coin would be counterfeited. Are there Viet dealers that come to that show?

FAO banknotes?
Posted: 4-Dec-2017, 11:42PM in Banknotes

I knew there had to be at least one.

**Canadian Coin Discussion**
Posted: 4-Dec-2017, 08:13AM in Free discussion

I like the provincial coppers...Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island...

Zimbabwe Notes
Posted: 3-Dec-2017, 10:08PM in Banknotes


Searching for Medicine related coins
Posted: 3-Dec-2017, 06:56PM in Free discussion

Egypt has some great coins in this category. Many many banknotes would also fit in this category.

This just unhinged me. This just show how dumb American's are about coins. Edit should be people who don't collect, not American's
Posted: 3-Dec-2017, 06:53PM in Free discussion

I think it happens everywhere. I met people in Korea who argued over who was on the banknotes. (It says right on the note who it is.)

Coin's price guide
Posted: 3-Dec-2017, 03:02AM in Numismatic questions

Dealers use greysheet. Numismatic News, Coin World come to mind.

Brazil: 10 centavos 2012, km649.2, rim variants
Posted: 30-Nov-2017, 06:55AM in Numista catalogue

Personal message sent.

Looking for banknotes from Belarus
Posted: 30-Nov-2017, 06:49AM in Banknotes

I really like my Belarus notes. None for trade though. The graphic designs are outstanding. Love the ski jump.

I believe there is someone who collecting banknotes
Posted: 28-Nov-2017, 05:37PM in Banknotes

Are you asking about the corner issue with what appears to be a wrinkle through the 50 000?

[solved] Suggestion: change the "Common coin" type to "Regular coin" or "Normal coin"
Posted: 28-Nov-2017, 01:00AM in Numista website

Good thoughts. I hadn't thought of ordinary either.

How rare is a 50 groszy without mint mark?
Posted: 26-Nov-2017, 07:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations

If you google R1-R9 rarity scale you can have an idea of a coin rarity scale.

Selling a A Polish Telegraphic Token B Warsaw mint!
Posted: 26-Nov-2017, 06:01PM in Swaps and trades

Patience Ddaw...even I cannot buy or sell. It is easily enough to qualify. Just give it time.

Are there North Korean coins in Dandong?
Posted: 26-Nov-2017, 05:56PM in Numismatic questions

My first NK coins were a gift from a Chinese friend who lived near the border of China and North Korea. I'd look out for them. You might be able to find them easily.

A stupid thing I did
Posted: 26-Nov-2017, 08:25AM in Free discussion

A stupid thing I did was to use metal cleaner on my set of cents. I had to start completely and learn.

The Gambia will have new banknotes from February 2018!
Posted: 25-Nov-2017, 08:14PM in Banknotes

I love Gambias currency and coins as well. I buy every hippo coin I come across. And I have most of the modern notes as well. Love the themes.

Isle of Man 2 Pound Dirigible
Posted: 25-Nov-2017, 05:16AM in Numismatic questions

Does anyone here have this coin, or know someone who does? I am hoping to get a population idea...

A Swedish 5 crown from 1998
Posted: 25-Nov-2017, 02:49AM in Coin identifications and valuations

That's not really rare. But is it the series key?

[solved] Whole collection for sale
Posted: 25-Nov-2017, 02:44AM in Swaps and trades

That's cool. They just opened a kayak course here in okc.

Posted: 23-Nov-2017, 07:07PM in Numismatic questions

Well...they are not coins. But several coins do exist with space shuttles...Isle of Man and USA for example...

Back briefly
Posted: 23-Nov-2017, 05:00PM in Free discussion

That Tuvalu octopus is a good one.

Coin Shrinking?
Posted: 23-Nov-2017, 03:57AM in Free discussion

What a novelty. I know that here in the USA you can get shrunken banknotes. I have thought of getting some cheap polymers to see if you can shrink a polymer note. (Shrinky dink)

Native American Dollar Wampanoag
Posted: 22-Nov-2017, 04:47PM in Numista catalogue

I did a bit of research. The unc dollars should have the A and B position. But the proofs should not. The proofs have the edges applied at the moment of striking. So they only have a single position.

Half Dollars
Posted: 21-Nov-2017, 04:19AM in Free discussion

I will get them out of the bank vault. I will photograph them and need to take them to a show and tell at the coin club in January.

Coin Show tips?
Posted: 20-Nov-2017, 04:46AM in Numismatic questions

you dont need a catalog. just bring on your phone.

[solved] North Korean coins
Posted: 19-Nov-2017, 09:45PM in Numismatic questions

Any North Korean coin that has Chinese or English was never intended for circulation. They probably served the function of sales for hard currency.

Mule Banknotes?
Posted: 19-Nov-2017, 09:43PM in Banknotes

That is good to know. I do not collect US notes. I would have never guessed.

FAO Series Catalog - Project
Posted: 18-Nov-2017, 10:08PM in Numista catalogue

they can all be linked by url.

New coin type: error
Posted: 18-Nov-2017, 03:51PM in Numista website

How should I list my New Zealand/ Bahamas mule? By the country written on the coin? By the denomination? Or both countries? I have mules of a single countries designs. And others that are of more than one country. Just curious about your thoughts.

Off Target... too easy
Posted: 15-Nov-2017, 08:16PM in Numismatic questions

if its a bigger target then it will be easier to hit with what you aim at it.

1989 Russia 50 Kopecks Proof?
Posted: 15-Nov-2017, 07:24AM in Coin identifications and valuations

i think they are unc. I have seen hard and soft mint packaging that has these coins in them.

Identification and value - $5 Hong Kong 1982
Posted: 14-Nov-2017, 02:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

your coin is a hong kong 5 dollar. it can be purchased for 25 cents or maybe 5 coins for a dollar here in the USA.

Identification and value - $1 Hong Kong 1980
Posted: 14-Nov-2017, 04:48AM in Coin identifications and valuations

25 cents

Tokens Exonumia
Posted: 12-Nov-2017, 07:20PM in Numista website

Your Australian 10 cent coin is a silver bullion issue and is not exonumic or medallic. It is a bullion coin. How is this difficult?

Common banknotes?
Posted: 11-Nov-2017, 07:22PM in Banknotes

the thing is with modern notes that a common note can have value in uncirculated condition. the Yugoslavian note with the woman might be more or less value depending on the year.

Posted: 11-Nov-2017, 07:18PM in Coin identifications and valuations

looks kinda thai... but not coin.

Numismatic jokes ô_Ô
Posted: 11-Nov-2017, 04:31AM in Free discussion

For Fukian sake...has someone won yet? (won)

Disposing of stamp collection
Posted: 9-Nov-2017, 09:10PM in Swaps and trades

Hi Blue-M, • I am discouraged for you that there seems to be no interest in your stamp collection...i hate that, because I have a stamp collection as well. I put lots of time, hours, and effort into mine. I would be discouraged if no one was interested in it. If no one wants to trade for your collection, I would hope that you would look at it topically, and then find US and world coins that would supplement your topic. Do you meet with a coin club? What about Give talks or write articles? Stamps dovetail nicely with coins and banknotes. And a lot of the stamps are designed by the same folks as have designed or engraved the banknotes. • Good luck.

Are bank issued coin flips safe (PVC)?
Posted: 8-Nov-2017, 07:30AM in Numismatic questions

you should use mylar flips they are inert. but they can be brittle. the soft and pliable flips usually have pvc. can you smell your flips? do they smell like a blow up swimming toy? probably pvc...

Is this an error. Edge writting weak and extra 4 line above the surface
Posted: 6-Nov-2017, 04:17AM in Numismatic questions

i think the lines are from a segmented edge die.

Coins inteded to be non-circulating but released into circulation are supposed to be "circulating" or "non-circulating" coins?
Posted: 6-Nov-2017, 02:50AM in Numismatic questions

Hi Daryl. The raised lines on the edge of your dollar coin could be from the segmented die used to apply the edge lettering. Historically, a Caisting machine would be used to apply the edge before or after the striking of a coin. More recently has the edge applied in segments that close around the planchet and the edge can be applied when the planchet is struck.

[solved] Request for Australian 1998 Bass and Flinders Uncirculated Set entry
Posted: 6-Nov-2017, 02:39AM in Numista catalogue


Isle of Man and Gibraltar Listings for Pobjoy Mint
Posted: 5-Nov-2017, 03:31PM in Numista catalogue

they also gold plated. they also had their huge multiple ounce golds as plated lesser metals. they also used a diamond finish, library finish...they also would strike coins to demand beyond the date of issue. I have no doubt that folks will be fixing the Manx and Gibraltar listings for decades. and as I see COAs I will be most happy to update listings.

Posted: 1-Nov-2017, 02:32AM in Swaps and trades

I have a fig and a grape vine and a passion fruit vine. Stone fruits and other fruit have a short life in Oklahoma because of borers.

Canadian Mint keeps pushing it way too far
Posted: 1-Nov-2017, 12:00AM in Free discussion

Several countries have issued Star Trek coins. But this the first Enterprise-shaped coin I have seen. No doubt this is just the first. If you are a student of the coining process this is really a fantastic issue.

Commemorative UK 50 pence
Posted: 31-Oct-2017, 12:01AM in Numismatic questions

I like the way you stated it.

Searching for Martin Luther
Posted: 29-Oct-2017, 05:30PM in Numista website

I think you can search both the west and east German listings. I have at least one Martin Luther coin in my collection..

Your largest and smallest banknote in size
Posted: 29-Oct-2017, 05:25PM in Banknotes


New Zealand sixpence
Posted: 29-Oct-2017, 05:24PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I dont think a double stack error occured. A "brockage" would have a struck side. And even if it was stacked with another blank coin that side would be distorted. I would suggest that maybe someone was going to make a love token. A single side of a silver coin is planed smooth and initials and a design could then be engraved. Quite common enough that there is a love token society.

Thai baht identification
Posted: 29-Oct-2017, 05:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The Krause catalog is pretty good about the subject matter on the Thai issues. I set with a Thai couple for hours. They helped me translate the subject matter which was then sent to Krause.

1986 France 100 Francs "Statue of Liberty'
Posted: 26-Oct-2017, 06:51PM in Numismatic questions

First of all, the link you posted is to a coin that even though it says is proof, is very clearly not a proof coin, but uncirculated. You have a coin with a COA that states it is a proof. Which would have a mirrored background and a frosted design for this 1986 issue. It is reasonable to have two different finesses. I think that France and maybe some other countries have done this both before and since. To further make this matter interesting is that piedforts for this issue also exist.

I can comfortably say that I started collecting banknotes
Posted: 24-Oct-2017, 09:22AM in Banknotes

Congratulations! I had resisted for years. Now I am a proud ragpicker.

UK Overseas Territories are they better "countries" then others dependent territories ?
Posted: 23-Oct-2017, 01:23AM in Numista catalogue

Yeah the Creek nation KM numbers is...yeesh..

How much it costs to grade a note?
Posted: 15-Oct-2017, 07:04PM in Banknotes


5 pence Isle of Man
Posted: 15-Oct-2017, 03:19PM in Numista catalogue

For both?

[solved] The State of Alabama 50 Cents dated January 1st 1863. Real or fake
Posted: 14-Oct-2017, 10:21AM in Banknotes

$15-30 based on low to mid condition...

The top 10 countrys you have coins from (2)
Posted: 14-Oct-2017, 04:13AM in Free discussion

1. USA 937 • 2. Isle of Man 675 • 3. Thailand 526 • 4. Germany 475 • 5. Poland 449 • 6. Canada 427 • 7. UK 423 • 8. Mexico 352 • 9. Australia 318 • 10. Russia 297

Afghanistan thread
Posted: 12-Oct-2017, 12:37AM in Banknotes

Some of the earlier notes of Afghanistan have designs that are just beautiful. And peaceful as well.

Let's see if we can post bank notes by the catalog country list. For the countries A -C
Posted: 12-Oct-2017, 12:31AM in Banknotes

But the purpose of this forum is to guage interest.

London Mint coinage
Posted: 11-Oct-2017, 11:08PM in Free discussion

I am not sure that the London Mint is more than just a distributor. While the Tower Mint is definately a minter. In that regard how is it not the same as Heaton, or Soho, or Franklin? Shoddy product and lack of public support would shut it down soon enough. But the issues are beautiful...and affordable. Not necessarily true of the BRM...this may be their moment. But eventually it will be another's moment.

How to organize my coins?
Posted: 10-Oct-2017, 09:27AM in Numismatic questions

2x2 flips also fit conveniently in row boxes.

New to hobby. What US Pennies should I look for?
Posted: 9-Oct-2017, 09:40AM in Numismatic questions

Get many books before you worry about the coin or banknote to get.

Sorry? Why are the swaps and trades not on the swaps and trades again?
Posted: 8-Oct-2017, 02:50PM in Banknotes

Lets hope they apply some logic...

How to remove tape from old banknotes?
Posted: 6-Oct-2017, 04:52PM in Banknotes

Not in my experience.

Uncut sheets of bills
Posted: 6-Oct-2017, 03:57AM in Banknotes

I have uncut pairs of notes from some South Korean issues.

Show me your British Colonial Notes
Posted: 6-Oct-2017, 03:55AM in Banknotes

I have one of those Burma notes.

I am so excited to see that we have this new tool!!
Posted: 5-Oct-2017, 08:58PM in Banknotes


Confederate Currency?
Posted: 5-Oct-2017, 05:28AM in Banknotes

It depends on condition. Probably 20 and up.

French Banknote type collecting
Posted: 4-Oct-2017, 11:25PM in Banknotes

I have several of the higher denominations. I have most of the lower ones also. I am amazed at what is available here in Oklahoma.

I'm thinking of notes with sharks...
Posted: 4-Oct-2017, 11:23PM in Banknotes

Hint: Central America

Catalog for banknotes?
Posted: 4-Oct-2017, 09:03PM in Banknotes

I would imagine before there is banknotes on this site, there would be a different template. But with a name like Numista, it eventually has to include banknotes.

Will she or won't she?
Posted: 4-Oct-2017, 08:56PM in Banknotes

She took crap from no one. She was never caught any of the times she acted as a spy for the North or as a leader of run away slaves to the free states or to Canada. Mainly because if you were going to give away the position you were dead. Couldnt keep your kids quiet. Dead. Cause problems for the group. Dead. You did not mess with Harriet. Also, she suffered from horrible head pain. That is why she is always depicted with a rag tied around her head. Much like Morelos is depicted on Mexican coins and banknotes. He wore a rag tied around his head for much the same reason. • I think there could be a great exhibit/talk/article about folks wearing rags tied around their head on banknotes. I am particularly interested in this pair because it helps to show a medical or health issue on the person depicted.

Coins, horses and riders
Posted: 4-Oct-2017, 05:44AM in Free discussion

I want to thank each of you for sharing a bit of you with me. The program was a big success. Lots of laughs. Great questions. And a great story from a Brit who was there for the iconing picture of the soldier who passed out face flat in front of the Queen at the trooping of the color.

Let me be the first!
Posted: 3-Oct-2017, 10:49PM in Banknotes

Christmas in October!!

[solved] Challenge Coins
Posted: 3-Oct-2017, 06:02AM in Numista website

Do what ever you want. You asked a question. You recieved two responses. Months ago. Nothing was said in malice. Nothing was incorrect or invalid. Do whatever you want. We refs try to approve every listing request we can. If any challenge coins have been listed before i wouldnt have known. I work with coins, not medals that have never been a coin or token. Like the team member who responded suggested, find a challenge coin listing and create a page. Im sure who is ever responsible for fantasy and medals will approve it.

Do good leaders rule with an iron fist, or do they listen to the will of the people?
Posted: 25-Sep-2017, 03:55AM in Free discussion

I think what you have done is genius. I also think it would work with banknotes and an adjusted template. Folks who dont like sets dont have to look at em.

[solved] Who is this?
Posted: 23-Sep-2017, 06:44PM in Numismatic questions

I realized something. I went to and searched egyptian pattern. The pattern is of Queen Nertiti not Queen Nefertari. I know I have confused the two. I still feel pretty good about it being Cleopatra as that is what I was told in Egypt. I double checked the Bank of Egypts website. They only seem to address banknotes. And all other sites seem to refer back to Krause or Numista...making the proof rather circular..Might someone who speaks arabic contact the Bank of Egypt and ask?

What do you think about collecting consecutive banknotes?
Posted: 22-Sep-2017, 11:15PM in Banknotes

Many collectors of world banknotes try to have at least two of a note. This facilitates exhibiting, and allows notes to be appreciated with the back and the face being able to be seen at the same time. But just as many folks collect single notes, so that they can have a wider variety of notes in their collection. Really it is how you like it to be. I have doubles of most of my notes.

Coin club talk on Riders and Their Horses
Posted: 18-Sep-2017, 07:27AM in Free discussion

I think I will focus this talk on the Queen, Commonwealth, and former colonies. I have some US, an Australian coin, and a bunch of the Queen on horseback. It's only an hour.

Complete set US Pennies 1857 - 1909 Flying Eagle and Indian Head
Posted: 16-Sep-2017, 10:35PM in Swaps and trades

If someone legitimately has a set for sale than it needs to be more than "helping a friend out" or "up to any interested party inquire directly." He isn't offering directly. Everything you're doing is second hand. You haven't given us any contact info. No web site. No ebay listing. If this is legit give us the contact info.

How has your collection changed ?
Posted: 16-Sep-2017, 07:29PM in Free discussion

I collect a lot like you do Mark. In Oklahoma it has been a challenge, but my British and Commonwealth Queens stand up well to anyone's collection. So do my Polish and Russian moderns. I am also very proud of my Thais... all hard to get but the challenge has been part of the fun.

Byebye Burma?
Posted: 8-Sep-2017, 07:42PM in Numista catalogue

Problem is unsolved. BURMA is not on the list of nations or coim issuers...

Colonial & Commonwealth Crown appreciation
Posted: 3-Sep-2017, 08:32PM in Free discussion

I have almost all of these crowns...I too wait and hope for a Waitangi crown..

Australia 1943 Shilling - print through?
Posted: 3-Sep-2017, 08:25PM in Numismatic questions

Colombia has some amazing die clashes. Very sharp. A ghost might just be not enough metal to strike up fully...where a clash is where the dies actually impact one another...interestingly...Brazil has a couple of clashes that are soo splended that even Krause gave them a variety KM number...

[solved] Cog or Carrack?
Posted: 1-Sep-2017, 06:39AM in Numismatic questions

Great observation! I will get this taken care of.

[solved] What do you think about this banknotes?
Posted: 29-Aug-2017, 08:04AM in Banknotes

By all means if you like the artistry. But I don't collect these. There are thousands of banknotes out there with similar artistry that are actually banknotes.

North Korea currencies
Posted: 27-Aug-2017, 06:31AM in Numista catalogue

Any North Korean coin with english or chinese were not issued for use. But to market to the world. Those coins would be a mystery to a citizen.

10 Milliemes 1972 - Sudan, Variation & error?
Posted: 27-Aug-2017, 06:28AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Paul Baker discussed varieties that dealt with the design and notches. I would hope our variety experts will chime in.

50p Kew Gardens
Posted: 24-Aug-2017, 10:43PM in Numismatic questions

What is a recent Krause restructuring? I am aware of China...i think some eastern european...but that was close to a decade ago...

Vote to open a new currency and note lovers community on the stackexchange.
Posted: 24-Aug-2017, 06:50AM in Banknotes

I will wait for it here.

Die letters have switched sides on 2003 Isle of Man 10p
Posted: 23-Aug-2017, 11:22PM in Numismatic questions

It has also happened with some issues of Gibraltar that were issued by the Pobjoy Mint. Now that I know of these identified situations I will create additional lines, so that an accurate collection record can be had. Please continue to advise me of discoveries like this.

Sudan Coins
Posted: 23-Aug-2017, 06:41AM in Numismatic questions

You would be amazed about the availability at regional and national shows...

To help create interest in numismatics, what is an interesting coin you put BACK into circulation?
Posted: 21-Aug-2017, 01:48PM in Free discussion

Every year one of my Christmas presents to my 4th graders is an Ike dollar. They love them...and most spend instantly. Just like I did.

A question to the US members
Posted: 17-Aug-2017, 03:24AM in Free discussion

No doubt the most famous monuments to slavery, the pyramids, will be next.

Banknote forum
Posted: 15-Aug-2017, 01:03AM in Numista website

You're right about stamps...hadn't even thought...right her in the USA we had those encased stamps...I have notes from Europe that had stamps...

Hello, I am here. Right here. Jarek
Posted: 13-Aug-2017, 05:30PM in Free discussion

I agree. It is like the ugly behaving child who goes to another parent when he or she doesn't like the answer they received from the first parent.

Unknown coin
Posted: 12-Aug-2017, 05:51PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Check the various Yemens for your upper coins. I am not near my catalogs...but I suspect you will find them there.

300 Countries club - the 2017 blog
Posted: 11-Aug-2017, 04:10AM in Free discussion

Thank you Jarek. You are awesome! I am excited for the tier 3 countries!

U.S. Denver Mint Tour
Posted: 5-Aug-2017, 09:12AM in Free discussion

I'm sure all the people who give the tours are manning the booth at the show.

My Time as a Referee is Over
Posted: 5-Aug-2017, 09:10AM in Free discussion

Mark...I had looked forward to working with you in modern Gibraltar coins since they are so similar to Isle of Man. I still hope we can someday. I am very impressed with your ability to focus on the important things of life. Bless you and your family.

Golden coloured USA 1999-2008 state quarters
Posted: 3-Aug-2017, 12:22AM in Coin identifications and valuations

The set may be pretty and packaged nice, but it is not official mint issue. In the US, for valuation purposes, this would be considered after mint damage.

1st Anniversary as a Referee & 3rd Anniversary on Numista
Posted: 2-Aug-2017, 06:54AM in Free discussion

Congratulations are in order!

Well, I did it finally.
Posted: 2-Aug-2017, 06:52AM in Free discussion

My congratulations, sir.

New Zealand KM#134
Posted: 30-Jul-2017, 01:04PM in Numista catalogue

Yeah. That's why I edited my wrong post.

spot wc on America the Beautiful coins
Posted: 30-Jul-2017, 11:59AM in Numista catalogue

I would have thought that the designer and engravers initials would both appear on the obverse. Is there a new type with just one set of initials?

Venice - engagement!
Posted: 27-Jul-2017, 06:46AM in Free discussion

Blessings to you both.

Are ALL the US presidential dollars circulating?
Posted: 25-Jul-2017, 04:19AM in Numismatic questions

186 million total for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 dated presidential dollars. Each year has 4 types. Each type has 2 varieties. So 8 per year, times 5 years. This is 40 total varieties. I use the gentleman's numbers and assume that I should not count an additional 20 varieties for the proof types. So we have 186 million divided by 40... around 4.5 ish million of each type. Deduct however many for the full mint sets and we are in the 3 millions or high 2 millions for each type. This leaves a number that after selling rolls, bags, and boxes at a premium is NOT a number that is struck for circulation. Compare these mini mintages with the mintages of earlier years that were struck for circulation. Not even close.

Old Coal Token, Indian Territory (IT)
Posted: 23-Jul-2017, 06:29PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory issues are highly collectible. Both territories were combined and became the state of Oklahoma. Tokens and paper are very collectible from these territories.

Ag or Cu-Ni? Isle of Man 1974 Winston Churchill crown
Posted: 20-Jul-2017, 02:41PM in Numismatic questions

There is no difference in design for the silver vs the copper nickel. In early years sometimes you would find that the reeding on the edge was finer and smaller on the silver versions. Also, for some of Isle of Man's early crowns, the copper nickel version would be in unc condition, while a silver version was unc or proof. In this situation, the image is of a proof, so the image is for the silver version proof. I hope this helps you to attribute your coin.

[solved] Germany makes arrests over theft of giant solid-gold coin
Posted: 16-Jul-2017, 07:47PM in Free discussion

Yup. Even the Isle of Man has become a bit player, compared to Australia and Canada.

Ever take a Mint tour?
Posted: 15-Jul-2017, 04:24AM in Free discussion

I have been on several floor tours of the mint. Amazing. Some neat tales...

Banknotes with peacocks...
Posted: 14-Jul-2017, 02:11AM in Banknotes

Does anyone have something that we could search for?

[solved] Will West Irian have its catalog?
Posted: 13-Jul-2017, 02:13PM in Numista catalogue

Jarcek, please read my response to your question on the other related thread.

Irian Barat and Riau listings seem wrong
Posted: 13-Jul-2017, 02:22AM in Numista catalogue

Soo i did research. It is consistent with everything in this thread. I also discovered that Indonesia and the netherlands consider Indonesias independence to date from 1945 and not the expected 1949. RIAU had a close affiliation with Malaya and Singapore. And a currency where their rupiah was much stronger than the Indonesian rupiah. They joined Indonesia in a loose way in 1950 and maintained a rupiah much stronger than Indonesia's rupiah. The Netherlands maintained that West Irian was never part of Indonesia and West Irian felt the same way about it...they kvetched for about a decade. The UN got involved and gave the territory to Indonesia in the early 1960s. At this time Indonesia created a rupiah that was linked to the dutch guilder so it was waaaaay more powerful than Indonesiahs rupiah. It was this coinage for West Irian that was edge lettered for Riau and there rupiah linked to the Malay and Borneo dollar. Soo...they were territories with currency unique to the territor[...]

New Swedish banknotes
Posted: 11-Jul-2017, 06:27AM in Banknotes

I absolutely loved the Pippi Longstocking books growing up...

Numista for Bank note collectors
Posted: 10-Jul-2017, 08:15AM in Banknotes

You track your collection on that site?

Proud of the Lions
Posted: 8-Jul-2017, 11:46PM in Free discussion

Oklahoma City Thunder love our Kiwi player, Steven Adams!

Portugal 100 escudos 1986. Mundial de futebol Mexico
Posted: 7-Jul-2017, 01:03AM in Numismatic questions

The tissue test does work. The silver will appear brilliant white. The copper nickel grey. But only on unc issues. If you post a picture of both coins side by side, we could probably tell you.

Olympic 50p set + Completer Medallion all BU in mint packets.
Posted: 5-Jul-2017, 06:06PM in Swaps and trades

Im going to have to check ebay...

Rant for other referees
Posted: 5-Jul-2017, 04:46PM in Free discussion

If we did that it would totally screw up the statistics Numista keeps on metal content and value. I would not support this. It would interfere with searches. We would not be taken seriously as a website by anyone not a novice.

Isle of Man template
Posted: 5-Jul-2017, 09:19AM in Numista catalogue

I like how those two are listed.

[solved] Search Tokens
Posted: 1-Jul-2017, 01:20AM in Numista website

Agree. Patterns should have their own page.

[solved] Saint Helena & Ascension 5 pence 1991
Posted: 29-Jun-2017, 06:29PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I agree that this coin should be the large size. In 1998 the design of the 5 and 10 was changed and reduced. The large size is correct.

France, 10 centimes 1976 with convex edge?
Posted: 29-Jun-2017, 05:50PM in Numismatic questions

Back in the day, here in the USA, you would take a spoon and a copper or silver coin. You would beat down the edge and then drill out the middle to make a ring.

Mexican banknotes
Posted: 29-Jun-2017, 03:25AM in Banknotes

The Krause catalog might have a signature table for you. The does. But you have to puchase a level of access to either a single country or the whole thing. I like both the Krause and the site.

How many coins with the images of a coin(s) do you know?
Posted: 27-Jun-2017, 05:59PM in Numismatic questions

France has some. Liberia had one that commemorates the Krause catalog. I believe the entire prefecture bimetal series of Japan depicts a coin on one side. Coins of China before the socialist Revolution have coins with earlier spade shaped coins. The United States Ben Franklin commem has a coin on it. Thailand has coins that depict early bullet money. Argentina and Peru depict coins from their early history. I am sure there are others.. banknotes have a bunch with coins too.

Isle of Man
Posted: 25-Jun-2017, 07:05PM in Numista catalogue

Please create a listing and submit it.

Isle of man 2 Pence 1991 - a mint mark variety to be added to the catalogue
Posted: 25-Jun-2017, 07:03PM in Numista catalogue

Updated. Thanks for sharing this! If you have any suggestions or additions please feel free to submit a modification or contact me directly as well.

[solved] Duvalier on a 1997 coin of Haiti?
Posted: 25-Jun-2017, 06:46PM in Numismatic questions

Does an image or coin of Haiti dating 1997 exist with the dictator that Haiti banished in 1986 exist? The date has shown up in the 10 centime listing...I cannot believe it exists...

Tongan Commemoratives
Posted: 23-Jun-2017, 04:39AM in Numismatic questions

I support Muzz in this matter.

If you could only collect from 1 country?
Posted: 16-Jun-2017, 07:32AM in Free discussion

Isle of Man

I am thinking of a banknote with the depiction of a person wearing an eyepatch...
Posted: 3-Jun-2017, 12:22AM in Banknotes

Lol...i was hoping to get folks to look in their collections or in a banknote catalog...

[solved] Hey when did the US stop hand puching the mint mark on 1 cent
Posted: 30-May-2017, 08:29AM in Numismatic questions

The dies were hand punched with the d. Not the coins. Right?

Bird eating snake image on coins
Posted: 24-May-2017, 06:13PM in Numismatic questions

I have also read and heard that it was an eagle talking while seated on a cactus. The snake came in because the glyph that represents talking is a ribbon coming from the mouth. The Spaniards saw the pictures in the codex and interpreted the ribbon as a snake.

Posted: 19-May-2017, 07:17PM in Free discussion

Will you accept banknote topics?

What do you know about these banknotes?
Posted: 18-May-2017, 06:47PM in Banknotes

7 euros for the whole lot? maybe...if you can live with the price. I have seen some in junk boxes, and some I have not seen for sale. But if you like them I would get them. I have discovered that if I do not purchase when I have the opportunity then I do not easily have the opportunity to purchase again.

Error penny value? 1992 scallop shaped copper-nickel penny! Wrong planchet comes with letter from the Royal Mint
Posted: 18-May-2017, 03:43PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I wonder if the planchet is for an Indian coin?

What is the world's last silver circulation coin?
Posted: 17-May-2017, 08:31PM in Numismatic questions

This may be controversial...and the specific coins have not been uploaded to our site yet, but the Pobjoy Mint, in the name of Gibraltar released a series of Gold and Silver coins at face value with the intent of circulating them in the country of Gibraltar. I am not near my Krause, but I clearly remember the hulabula created in the numismatic press when these items were issued. It was pretty impressive that one could find, in theory, a circulating gold and silver coin.

Morocco Set, BU or Proof?
Posted: 15-May-2017, 10:07PM in Numismatic questions

Specimen would be an acceptable designation. Except for the word proof on the set, this is a proof set. BU were in completely different holders. I have world proofs that compare to these Moroccan coins. But for the word proof this could be a proof set. I do not think we can use the same reasoning and call these coins BU when they are packaged in a way that BU coins are not packaged.

A couple more newbie questions about coin collecting
Posted: 15-May-2017, 04:28AM in Numismatic questions

I love Cuban commemorative coins! They are so distinctive. I have some east asian commemoratives that I could tell were cuban mint coins because they are so distinctive. I think some west asian and some african coins are cuban mint products as well. I love them.

What do you know about this banknotes?
Posted: 14-May-2017, 06:06PM in Banknotes

Gorgeous vignettes! I would spend what could be afforded. Many times in my collecting life I have only had the opportunity to purchase a type once...

[solved] Commemorative gold coin - North Korea
Posted: 12-May-2017, 01:38AM in Numismatic questions

If either of you create the page I will approve it...

Edit: "Thailand 20 Baht - Rama IX (Prince Héritier)" Y# 398
Posted: 11-May-2017, 02:34AM in Numista catalogue

Still looking...

Is the country list really consistent?
Posted: 10-May-2017, 04:59PM in Numista catalogue

In a previous thread about the coin from St. Kitts, Nevis, and Anguilla, I had brought this up and was told that just prior to the issuance of the coin that Anguilla was no longer a part of the group, but no time to change the coin. That is why the coin is listed under St. Kitts and Nevis. • Its annoying though...almost like all the weird Irish names we use in the Irish listings that the Irish themselves do not even use on their national banks homepage.

[solved] Is this normal on 5 kroner Swedish coins?
Posted: 9-May-2017, 09:55PM in Numismatic questions

Perhaps the result of an automatic rolling machine? When you see that on a US coin it is because of the automatic coin rollers.

Some absence from Numista
Posted: 4-May-2017, 05:50PM in Free discussion

Precious child...

Korea, 5 Mun
Posted: 3-May-2017, 02:25AM in Coin identifications and valuations

However you used "to" which is the korean pronunciation for the chinese character for earth or dirt. So maybe that bottom character is earth...i will check my korean coin catalog when i get home.

Hello! Introduction story and fun question!
Posted: 26-Apr-2017, 06:39PM in Free discussion

Pnightingale, I had to laugh about your description of "farce" for modern Liberian coins. I agree to a degree. But have you ever taken a second to look at the issues to commemorate the US Civil War? Some of them are quite artistic and tell a great story.

Same reverse but different countries
Posted: 26-Apr-2017, 06:16PM in Numismatic questions

Actually it is the Asian Games. Same logo and motto. I think that is cool.

2017 Standard Catalogue of World Coins, help?
Posted: 11-Apr-2017, 06:32AM in Numismatic questions

An excellent reason why the valuations should be taken with a grain of salt.

What are your other hobbies besides coin collecting?
Posted: 10-Apr-2017, 03:55AM in Free discussion

Travel, gardening.

Favorite musician
Posted: 9-Apr-2017, 02:24AM in Free discussion

Cinderella, Enya, Roxette, Europe, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Stryper...

I won't be online as much anymore
Posted: 2-Apr-2017, 05:26AM in Free discussion

How wonderful for you!

Grading- Mercury Dime 1945
Posted: 1-Apr-2017, 07:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Ooooh....i was way off.

Do collectors here value their coins pedigree?
Posted: 30-Mar-2017, 08:00AM in Free discussion

Ive been going through my collection. I am lucky in having every coin ive ever collected...i like that i can look at a coin and see that I wrote down who gifted me the coin from their travels or their own collections...other coins are from collections of famous collectors...or famous firms... • I know all this because I keep the original envelopes or flips even if i have placed the coin or banknote in an archival holder. This works well because I keep my collection in row boxes. • Do folks here similarly document their collections? It makes it more interesting and if you are an exhibitor these little tidbits make it richer.

Grading- 1/2 Mark 1917 A
Posted: 29-Mar-2017, 08:07AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Feather and leaf rub. Xf?

Grading- 6 Kreuzer 1849 A
Posted: 29-Mar-2017, 08:06AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I would say xf, but so much smuck in the letters...vf plus?

Grading- 50 Centimes 1912
Posted: 29-Mar-2017, 08:04AM in Coin identifications and valuations


Grading- 6 pence 1936
Posted: 29-Mar-2017, 08:04AM in Coin identifications and valuations


Grading- 6 pence 1888
Posted: 29-Mar-2017, 08:02AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Lots of luster in the wreath...xf plus

Grading- 25 cents 1964
Posted: 29-Mar-2017, 08:00AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I see a little rub...63?

Just a suggestion
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 08:43PM in Numista website

Are refs inputing value or do collectors put in the value?

British Museum Numismatics Summer School
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 02:33PM in Free discussion

At least the ANA classes are open to all.

[solved] Please Help Identify Korean Coin/Token
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 11:53PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thats right. Students paid a much cheaper price..

Largest ever gold "coin" stolen in Berlin
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 11:47PM in Free discussion

Oops...i meant 10 years ago. That aussie coin is amazing!

This new different variations is not add in Numista
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 05:41PM in Numista catalogue

Ramiamin, • How wonderful! I looked at your coin, it seems to be similar in variety to all the different banner lengths of the KM#54a 5 milliemes... but the date is of the KM#54 type. I am so excited that you have discovered a variety! Have you tried to contact Dato? He is the ref for Sudan, if you go to the Sudanese listings, you will find his name at the bottom of the listings. I am sure he will be pleased as well. • Thanks for sharing with us!

When did clipping die out?
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 05:16PM in Numismatic questions

Could what you see as clipping in your milled coin be an adjustment mark? Lots of early US coinage shows adjustment marks to the planchet and sometimes to the struck coin to bring a coin within the lawful specifications.

[solved] Should all proof versions of circulated coins be placed on their own page?
Posted: 27-Mar-2017, 08:56AM in Numista website

Another pro could be ease of finding your circ vs uncirc...but i never thought it was a problem either...

Uploading coin information
Posted: 26-Mar-2017, 10:24PM in Numista catalogue

Many here have entered far more than you have. I always looked at it as part of the fun...

Replica coins. How to list?
Posted: 26-Mar-2017, 10:22PM in Numista catalogue

If you want to track it in your collection why not track it on that listing and then in the comments you can write about it being differently dated and a replica.

New Paraguay Mule coin found
Posted: 24-Mar-2017, 08:50PM in Numismatic questions

What a great mule! Do you have an idea of how many were made? Is this the sort of mule that might be cherry picked from a dealer's junk box?

Additions to your collection - March 2017
Posted: 24-Mar-2017, 08:47PM in Free discussion

I got a handful of Isle of Man crowns, half are not in the catalog. It will be fun getting them listed!

Australian $5 Coins
Posted: 24-Mar-2017, 08:37PM in Numista catalogue

Thank you so much! I have a large number of those coins, and I like being able to find them on the website.

Is it a proof coin?
Posted: 24-Mar-2017, 06:41AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Does not look proof to me.

How many countries have coins that bear the Portuguese coat of arms?
Posted: 24-Mar-2017, 05:49AM in Numismatic questions

That is a beautiful series. And while not in this series, wouldn't some of the early coinage of Brazil fit the title of this thread, like KM#306, 255, 231, 237,256, and 313? Also, KM#621 is an Ibero-American commem that has the Brazilian and Portuguese arms on the same side. • Regardless of the inclusion of Brazil in this collection or not this is a beautiful collection...I personally would stretch to include Brazil since for a time its capitol city was also the seat of Portuguese government.

What kind of TV shows are you into?
Posted: 23-Mar-2017, 01:04AM in Free discussion

Vicar of Dibley...Grace and Favour...Are you being served?...Last of the Summer Wine...One foot in the grave...

Identifying counterfeits
Posted: 22-Mar-2017, 10:41PM in Numista catalogue

What a piece of work! He may have knowledge. He for sure has arrogance. Blesses us with his presence and flies off when we dont kiss his backside. You tell him Jarcek!

Madeira and Azores... I finally believe...
Posted: 22-Mar-2017, 02:20AM in Numista catalogue

I have been extremely reluctant to believe that these two countries didn't have coins... and that the coins I had were of Portugal. Folks have claimed evidence in law and references. But since these efforts were Portuguese never was satisfied. But I am now. Some months ago I wrote the Portuguese mint. This week I received an email from museo casa da moneda. The issues of autonomy issues of Madeira and Azores escudos are commemorative issues of Portugal. • I fully support Numista's organization in this matter.

What's your oldest commemorative coin?
Posted: 21-Mar-2017, 01:21AM in Free discussion

No quarters were issued in 1933. When quarter coinage resumed it was 1934. NGC on their website and the Redbook have called the 1932 a commemorative. The event was the bicentennial of washingtons birth...some neat history though...originally it was requested to be a half dollar. Wikipedia says its not a commem. But hobbyists common and unknown call it a commem. It was not struck the year after and only became the standard in 1934... • is the 1937 Australian crown no longer a commem of KGVI coronation because they struck the design in 1938? • lots of FAO designs were used again and the designs are not necessarily considered FAO..even though the first of its type might have been. SKorean 50 won... • While you are not wrong, I am not wrong either.

[solved] Search by rarity
Posted: 19-Mar-2017, 03:42PM in Numista website

In theory a Numista Rarity is fluid. Can you search by mintage? That can be a much better way of determining rarity if you link it to a scale.

Are referees allowed to reject the addition of a new coin only because it have no pictures?
Posted: 19-Mar-2017, 03:26AM in Numista catalogue

I was told it was up to us. I accept without photos because if I reject it somewhere is a collector who wonders why their coin cant be they know you are a fellow ref?

Need help for extra coin info !
Posted: 17-Mar-2017, 09:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I suspect it is a reproduction based on the packaging, which doesn't go with a coin that is gold. However, I have no doubt it is a reproduction of a type that Spain may have minted in the 1500's. Go to the Spain listings and go to advanced search and type in 1588 and see what pops up.

Since we're about to split all the countries, what about UAR?
Posted: 14-Mar-2017, 11:46PM in Numista catalogue

Maybe a Numisdoc could be created to show the difference between the birds and shields of UAR Syria and UAR Egypt?

Funny coin descriptions!
Posted: 14-Mar-2017, 05:16AM in Free discussion

I remember reading a description of a Jamaican coin depicting Bob Marley as "Medusa head. ." I almost choked then and there.

A new country listing...
Posted: 13-Mar-2017, 08:46AM in Numista catalogue

With all due respect that is what a table of contents, or in the case of Numista, a country list should be used for. Why have a country list and then expect a noob to come and use a search function? Well...maybe they can use a search function when they cant find their country on the country list...

What is a privy mark ???
Posted: 12-Mar-2017, 07:52PM in Free discussion

The markings of designs and logos on Isle of Man coins are also considered privy marks.

Two coins that commemorate the same thing!
Posted: 12-Mar-2017, 07:02PM in Free discussion

The United States issued a 50 cent coin in 1936 to commemorate the Tercentenary of Delaware in 1938. Sweden issued a 2 kronur in 1938 commemorating the Tercentenery of the settling of New Sweden. Both commemorate the same thing, and depict the same ship, "Kalmyr Nyckel".

USA dollar
Posted: 12-Mar-2017, 05:27PM in Numista catalogue

Cant you just put in your notes that you have coins that are A or B? No one in the USA or in a lot of the world collect this way. If the lines are added than many many collectors will have incomplete collections as far as Numista tracking is concerned. Also, it is my understanding that while the circulated conditions are random, the proofs are not. I hope the ref does not change the way it is.

The Iron Lady dies..
Posted: 11-Mar-2017, 04:50PM in Free discussion

When I lived in Korea, it was Baroness Thatcher reading her awesome book, THE DOWNING STREET YEARS, that helped me survive the difficulty of enduring poorly spoken English. Loved her stories. I remember her turns of phrase like "home truths". I would have loved to have met her.

Do you prioritise your collections?
Posted: 11-Mar-2017, 04:39PM in Free discussion

I keep my coins in 2x2 holders in rowboxes as a single collection. I pull them out as I need to for exhibits and what not. I have my likes but I rarely say no to a coin I don't have if it's a reasonable acquisition.

Tristan da Cunha is screwed up...
Posted: 8-Mar-2017, 05:01AM in Numista catalogue

Any thoughts from the new board, or is it still aways down the list?

[solved] Irian Jaya/ Riau islands
Posted: 8-Mar-2017, 04:19AM in Numista catalogue

I'm excited about their hopefully soon change of status!

Krause 2013 world coin book
Posted: 5-Mar-2017, 10:45PM in Numismatic questions

Interesting thread.

The country St. Kitts Nevis and Anguilla isn't listed as a country
Posted: 4-Mar-2017, 08:25AM in Numista catalogue

It wasnt just St. Kitts and Nevis that did not recognize Anguilla's departure. UK didn't either. And since it was not officialed and codified into law until the 1980s...i wonder why we dont have a country listing for St. Kitts, Nevis, and Anguilla? It is supported to be a triple named nation by the law that dismantled the relationship in the 1980s. Please create a new listing for St. Kitts, Nevis, and Anguilla. The only numismatic issue should be listed appropriately.

American members
Posted: 4-Mar-2017, 03:17AM in Free discussion

Are saflips made by Mehgrig? They are a great flip. Do they have that brand in Europe?

I.O.M. 50p info?
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 05:22PM in Numismatic questions are right!

[solved] Tonga token maybe
Posted: 26-Feb-2017, 08:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Google "Tonga metal postage stamps" your stamps should be shown in images.

Jersey 1/4 shilling listing is missing the proof
Posted: 26-Feb-2017, 06:32PM in Numista catalogue

Yes. I have this proof coin.

Vatican City 200 lire KM#138 listing wrong maybe?
Posted: 26-Feb-2017, 04:41AM in Numista catalogue

I was listing my new coin in my 2017 Krause and on Numista. They are not in agreement: • Numista says: • 1978 335,000 and does not say condition • 1978 120,000 and does not say condition but says in sets only • Krause says: • 1978 355,000 unc • KM#MS83 180,000 unc sets • so...usually mint and proof listings in sets are not separated from mint and proof listings as individual pieces. • The way this listing is written you must own 2 coins of the same date and condition to have Numista show that you own the complete date set and conditions of this type. • Shouldn't the line that has the set description be removed? Isn't consistent with other listings of Vatican City. • I'd have messaged the refs but this is a closed listing because it's verified. I was told to bring it up in the forums.

[solved] 0.925 Silver Proof Coin Issues
Posted: 24-Feb-2017, 06:36PM in Numismatic questions

If you must curate your proof coin, and it's a MUST...then sudsy ammonia or ammonia dip with a rinse of hot water is all you really need. This is what the grading companies do when they must curate. If it requires more than this, you could be damaging your coin unnecessarily.

[solved] Commemorative coins that are not really coins issued by THE country
Posted: 22-Feb-2017, 04:55AM in Numismatic questions

Bullion coins are listed in the 2017 20th and 21st century catalogs. The silver ones start on page 348 of the 20th century catalog. Followed by the gold and platinum. The bullion issues start on page 313 I think, in the 21st century catalogs... • Bullion coins are sorted by metal near to the end of the Canadian listings. They are not mixed in with the circ or commem regular coins. • You may have just stopped looking too soon.

North Korea coins
Posted: 20-Feb-2017, 10:32PM in Numismatic questions

Im sure the people of the north have no clue about these coins. But i suspect that some have been struck by Cuba.

News and information from administration
Posted: 18-Feb-2017, 08:31PM in Free discussion

I am very pleased.

I got the New Banknotes launched in India Woohoooo
Posted: 18-Feb-2017, 08:28PM in Banknotes

Can you share why 786 is considered a holy number?

[solved] Rare numismatic product coin from Bosnia and Herzegovina for swap.
Posted: 18-Feb-2017, 08:25PM in Swaps and trades

There have been threads on rarity scales here before. Phil has made some excellent points about problems and potential solutions. I really hope when Numisdocs has leadership that this could be explored more thoroughly. • For example, I live in the USA. According to accepted rarity scales most coins issued, if not all, would not appear on a rarity scale. But some miniature economies issue coins that would all appear on rarity scales. • I am unusual here in the midwest in that I collect world coins from these tiny economies. I have coins R5,R6,R7,R8, and maybe even an R9. So I asked because a mintage of 1,250 is a common mintage, moreso 3,000 or higher. And if it is unknown, then to call it rare seems hyperbolic at best. I hope Numista can try and develope a scale that we all can relate to. But i dont know if it is possible. Some folks complain if their ice cream is cold...

Turkey #1139
Posted: 16-Feb-2017, 11:58PM in Numista catalogue

I am interested. But what do I have that would even interest you?

[solved] I.O.M. km#1044 Add year request
Posted: 16-Feb-2017, 11:56PM in Numista catalogue


Australian RAM Coins without KM#
Posted: 16-Feb-2017, 05:34PM in Numista catalogue

Mike, I love the great information! I have the Olympic set of 5 dollar coins. I wonder if there is a marking to differentiate? Or was a specific mint responsible for a specific issue? • unrelated question... • Do you know anything at all about "bones", the Australian navy version of mah jongg?

Looking for some countries :)
Posted: 15-Feb-2017, 03:41PM in Swaps and trades

As you list your coins, it is my understanding that you have the chance to choose an option that says you want a coin. This creates your want list, and collectors with those coins will probably be seeking you out.

East Caribbean Piedfort series (weight not as shown on the certificates)
Posted: 15-Feb-2017, 10:07AM in Numista catalogue

I would put in the actual weight. And then perhaps the ref can get a member to check their coins.. • I have several crowns that i was surprised by...they are so thin that at first i thougjt they were struck from wrong strip. But i noticed that if they were stacked they would be similar to a standard crown... • its definately unusual...

Liberia $5 U.S. Presidents series of 2000 with KM #'s
Posted: 15-Feb-2017, 10:03AM in Numista catalogue

The turkish 1000000 bimetal lire is also in the 2017 catalog.

India 2 rupees KM# 296
Posted: 15-Feb-2017, 09:26AM in Numista catalogue

Lord have mercy! I love Indian coins...but I only have the intelligence to collect by type. I only attribute them in a grneral way. My head hurts otherwise...I sure do like them though...

Request to add date for Iran 100 Rials KM 1261 1381 (2002)
Posted: 15-Feb-2017, 09:15AM in Numista catalogue

Cool. Have you let the referee know?

Krause Catalogues
Posted: 14-Feb-2017, 06:25PM in Numismatic questions

Me either. Everything I have is legit and not pirated. I think that is terrible that there are those who would cheat. I have seen old catalogs for sale or even given away. It is not hard to get one. Here in the US anyway.

Numista Referee Recruiting
Posted: 12-Feb-2017, 12:39AM in Free discussion

Finishing your degree was a priority.

FAO coins
Posted: 12-Feb-2017, 12:32AM in Swaps and trades

I love the fisheries design FAO coins of India.

What coins from the Pacific region are the most sought after?
Posted: 11-Feb-2017, 08:20AM in Swaps and trades

I loved my searches for Tuvalu, Tokelau, and all those huge and counterstamped and rectangular Tongan coins...

1975 Senegal 50 francs
Posted: 8-Feb-2017, 03:23AM in Numismatic questions

Could just be the calibration of your scales?

Question for those Album Lovers
Posted: 8-Feb-2017, 03:22AM in Numismatic questions

I gave up on albums and went to 14 inch double row boxes...

Tired of all these dam banknote threads...give em their own forum...
Posted: 7-Feb-2017, 11:57PM in Free discussion

Just got a beautiful new Vietnamese note with a dam...lovely...

A beautifully engraved banknote with a parachute...
Posted: 7-Feb-2017, 11:56PM in Banknotes

Hmmm... no one bit. It is an extremely well designed and engraved note. Eastern European...

Posted: 7-Feb-2017, 11:54PM in Free discussion

Well done Sir!

Bank Notes
Posted: 7-Feb-2017, 11:53PM in Banknotes

I hope someday.

Question for Numismatic Omnivores
Posted: 7-Feb-2017, 11:50PM in Free discussion

Excellent topic! I absolutely love interesting regardless of the condition. And I get nostalgic at the imagined history of pieces in my collection... • Unlike some of you all though, I look at all my coins at least once a year. Mainly because, I keep them in row boxes, and I have to integrate my new purchases. One reason I do this though, is because I love exhibiting at coin shows. And I also love writing articles about my coins. So when I write, or am developing an exhibit, I will pull all my related coins out to seek inspiration and connections. • For example, one of my favorite coins is the 1953 crown of Queen Elizabeth II. I love these coins with her astride her horses. In fact, she is on so many coins on horseback that it would be a several case exhibit were I to mount it. I have found out that the horses she appears with on coins actually are named! When I actually take a look at those coins the history comes alive. • Or how about the magic image of [...]

Looking for new countries
Posted: 2-Feb-2017, 03:37AM in Swaps and trades


Does Numista have a site for banknotes?
Posted: 1-Feb-2017, 04:18AM in Banknotes

I understand...but do you remember the survey questions Xavier asked at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016? One was getting feedback about banknotes...

My suggestion about Numista :D
Posted: 29-Jan-2017, 07:19PM in Numista website

One shouldn't assume that there is no one to help. Just as one would be remiss to think that the folks in place for coin management would have to do the same for banknotes. Numis is as much banknote as it is coin. Both are money. And if marble man and cnote guy have actually looked at banknote sites they would see that they all suck. I would settle for a forum spot for now. Seems easy to placate us rag pickers... I mean favorite coin on Numista has its own forum. • Give us a forum please!

Bulgarian 1951 200 leva banknote question...
Posted: 29-Jan-2017, 04:42AM in Banknotes

Does anyone have this banknote in your collection? I have two. One is on white paper while the other is on blue paper. Would anyone have information on this? What color is your note? Sorry you have to dig through coins to find these banknote concerns...

Special Australian Banknote For trade
Posted: 27-Jan-2017, 09:43PM in Banknotes

A first Australian polymer. but not the first polymer.

2 leva bulgaria 1960's and 70's
Posted: 27-Jan-2017, 09:25PM in Numismatic questions

I have the whole set, and I think they did not circulate. Although they had large mintages in prooflike, it is possible that some entered into circulation. If you find or collect evidence that they circulated even though they are in proof condition that would be great to find out.

Country list rework
Posted: 27-Jan-2017, 06:27PM in Free discussion

The coinage of American Samoa is a legal coinage. The issue of BES are token.

Favorite depiction of water on a banknote...
Posted: 26-Jan-2017, 06:13PM in Banknotes

Beautiful note...

1997 Coin set - Bailiwick of Jersey
Posted: 25-Jan-2017, 09:45PM in Swaps and trades

maybe they do not want to pay the high euro price for a set that isnt 100% or a set that they will end up breaking up?

[solved] Struck error?
Posted: 23-Jan-2017, 10:38PM in Numismatic questions

Looks like a D mint to me.

Coins of Australia are really huge
Posted: 22-Jan-2017, 09:39PM in Numismatic questions

The circulating 2 pa'anga of Tonga is 3.5 mm larger than Gambia's 8 shilling.

What are the plainest coins you've seen?
Posted: 21-Jan-2017, 07:56AM in Free discussion

Do you mean the 1944 Belgian 2 franc? I dont think a 1943 was issued.

What was the first polymer banknote?
Posted: 19-Jan-2017, 09:57PM in Banknotes

This is a great hobby. Try and get yourself one of those notes and exhibit it with a pair of those tyvek overalls. That would probably fascinate a lot of the public.

1987 50 korun Czechoslovakian banknote...
Posted: 18-Jan-2017, 08:32PM in Banknotes

The Guillache lines around the 5 on the back mimic the dance the bees use.

Numista Survey 2017
Posted: 18-Jan-2017, 04:58PM in Numista website

United States of America is not listed as a country choice. I pretended I was Australian...

Help: List of coins with Arabic lettering issued by non-Arab countries
Posted: 17-Jan-2017, 11:36AM in Numismatic questions

Israel has arabic writing on more than a few of their coins.

Coins of your country (1950-2015)
Posted: 17-Jan-2017, 11:32AM in Free discussion

Couldn't help but notice that your assortment of coins has a couple of commemoratives...

[solved] World Banknotes
Posted: 17-Jan-2017, 11:19AM in Banknotes

Fingers crossed that someday you can go to numista to find your numismatic banknotes.

Russian 1991 Leningrad set in yellow paper
Posted: 17-Jan-2017, 11:17AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you very much Andrey..

Forum organization?
Posted: 16-Jan-2017, 01:11AM in Numista website

I prefer the status quo over this.

What's the Date (Iran 50 Rials) overdate???
Posted: 12-Jan-2017, 01:41AM in Coin identifications and valuations

1321. Maybe re engraved? I think that some early daye US coinage would make a master die with the decade and then the mints would add the final date digits as needed.

Collecting goals for 2017
Posted: 11-Jan-2017, 07:54AM in Free discussion

Complete my base metal polish commems. • complete Russian base metal commems. • complete my Thai base metal commems. • complete my Manx base metal commems. • complete my Gibraltar base metal commems. • complete my Indian base metal commems. • complete my Japanese base metal commems. • USA base metals...Canada...Australia too...sooo close...

Classification of one Azores coin
Posted: 10-Jan-2017, 10:29PM in Numista catalogue

Your effort has been an education to us all.

PIX NEEDED! Kuwait: Listing is COMPLETE now
Posted: 9-Jan-2017, 01:59AM in Numista catalogue


Do other countries have garden seed catalogs?
Posted: 4-Jan-2017, 01:38AM in Free discussion

Ive won some great awards for exhibiting at shows here in the USA. I think a great exhibit would be coins or banknotes with a seed packet of the same thing...

When is F.A.O. not F.A.O.?
Posted: 1-Jan-2017, 04:19AM in Numismatic questions

I wouldn't worry too much about it. There is world food day. International women's year. World fisheries. They are all great. If you want a focus, include only coins that say FAO. I seem to recall that you could Google FAO to get official lists from the FAO as to what is an FAO coin...

Krause catalog - real prices of coins?
Posted: 29-Dec-2016, 08:09AM in Numismatic questions

6 years ago when i was at the show the euro was a great deal higher.

Paul Baker's website crushed ( ? )
Posted: 29-Dec-2016, 07:07AM in Numismatic questions

I love that website!

Drop down box for selecting metal
Posted: 26-Dec-2016, 11:44PM in Numista website

Nthn...i love your thoughts on this...i have gold, platinum and silver that is not trackable because they are in the same coin. Id like my precious metal totals to be somewhat trackable...

How can we get Numista to count both precious metal contents in the same coin
Posted: 26-Dec-2016, 11:38PM in Numista website

I like that. We would have to be able to somehow track or input for tracking the asw, agw, apw...

[solved] Varieties: modern Sudan coins
Posted: 24-Dec-2016, 01:01AM in Numista catalogue

I will have to check mine. I love this family of coins. Here in Oklahoma i get all i one seems to care around here. But i love them...

Champion of NUMISTA 300 country club
Posted: 23-Dec-2016, 08:21AM in Numista website

Congratulations sir! I like that you set a goal and you have made it.

How to clean ???
Posted: 23-Dec-2016, 08:09AM in Numismatic questions

Another suggestion is to soak it in olive oil and periodically use a soft toothbrush on the coin. It could be interesting to be able to eventually get an id. This could take some time. This technique is used on ancient coins all the time.

2005 Leaf on the penny is not what you thought?
Posted: 15-Dec-2016, 05:52PM in Numismatic questions

I saw a similar article with the maple leaf being a different kind of maple leaf than the official maple leaf. It hurt my head...

Coin values and the death of a monarch
Posted: 14-Dec-2016, 02:01AM in Free discussion

Ill be sad. I think she is something else...working in conditions i cant imagine...and always having to be on. her portrait by Raphael Maklouf is gorgeous. She will be missed. • Does anyone have that Canadian banknote she appeared on as a child?

The referees blog
Posted: 9-Dec-2016, 10:42PM in Numista website


Canadian "specimen" coins - should we list them?
Posted: 7-Dec-2016, 09:32PM in Numista catalogue

I think so, I have so many coins, and nowhere to list them in Canada.

Any Error Collectors in Here? (Sell or Trade)
Posted: 7-Dec-2016, 03:49PM in Swaps and trades

I have some great double dies from around the world. India is easy to get double dies from...some as amazing as the US 1955 double die cent.

[solved] Current Iraq currency to sell
Posted: 6-Dec-2016, 12:37AM in Swaps and trades

I am not sure what you think is reasonable. are these notes now available on the international market? they had only been negotiable within fact BBB cautions against currency speculation in regards to the Iraqi dinar because it does not have negotiable status outside Iraq. • they are pretty notes though.

[solved] Open protest to Numista on actions of the referee Oklahoman!
Posted: 2-Dec-2016, 11:15PM in Numista catalogue

A coin with the addition of several triskeles is different enough from the coin without the triskeles. This is not a variety, it is a completely different master die. It will have a completely different listing. • And while I am sorry that Victor has hurt feelings, part of the reason I was brief in response to him, is the tiny space to write back reasons for rejection. • Absolutely nothing wrong with my use and understanding of english. • Heads up, I have also corrected penny listings, 5 pence, 10, possibly 20, and 50 pence to correct for the two types of coins, one with and one without triskeles. • Jarcek has explained the process to me (had to tell me twice because of my english) so that I can ask to move a collection item. • This is not an issue with a slight design variation, or of a font, or a die letter or mm that have travelled. This is a coin that has additional design elements. I am guessing that it should have had its own listing way p[...]

I am going to start documenting US 50 cent mint mark location differences
Posted: 27-Nov-2016, 07:14PM in Numista catalogue

Not really errors. Definately varieties. the mm was punched into the die later on the process. Now the mintmark is part of the master, and so you will not find a variety in mm placement.

Fake UK one pound coins
Posted: 27-Nov-2016, 07:08PM in Numismatic questions

The new bimetal pound with iSIS technology should stop the counterfeiting for a minute.

[solved] Korean or what? Coin or token?
Posted: 23-Nov-2016, 05:14AM in Coin identifications and valuations

It says it is from Pusan. It is a bus token. It says the word bus on the same side as it says Pusan.

7.3 Morning Shake
Posted: 22-Nov-2016, 05:17AM in Free discussion

Oklahoma too...more geologically active than California lately.

Numista Mentoring Program
Posted: 21-Nov-2016, 05:58PM in Free discussion

Let me know how I can help.

10 Bin lira turkey 2001
Posted: 21-Nov-2016, 08:43AM in Numista catalogue

Is your catalog a 20th century or 21st century catalog ? maybe just need to have the date added. can you contact the ref?

Country introduction/New feature
Posted: 17-Nov-2016, 04:59AM in Free discussion

Please read Jokinen's article about Iryan Jaya and Riau. it contains all the facts needed to justify thier own national status.

Specific nicks on American coins
Posted: 13-Nov-2016, 04:23PM in Numismatic questions

Maybe bag marks where the reeded edge of a coin damages the field of another...

[solved] Suggestion: Allow political discussion on Numista
Posted: 9-Nov-2016, 07:27PM in Numista website

no from me as well.

New country list structure - 1st Phase
Posted: 7-Nov-2016, 10:09PM in Free discussion


[solved] Incomplete Canada listings...
Posted: 7-Nov-2016, 03:57AM in Numista website

Maybe proof is not the right term...but they are double struck...regular issue coins arent done that way...

Ruler removal Pakistani coins
Posted: 4-Nov-2016, 11:23PM in Numista catalogue

Sooo...i still am not clear why the coin listing refers a monarch who is not on the coin...i mean here in the USA we now have this pre federal business... we have all these colonials... should we include King Charles...or the various Georges?

What do you consider a low mintage coin?
Posted: 4-Nov-2016, 04:41PM in Free discussion

10,000 or less

[solved] Provide a separate section within UK catalogue for Pattern Strikes
Posted: 4-Nov-2016, 04:40PM in Numista catalogue

Excellent idea!

Is there a way in this community to report a member?
Posted: 2-Nov-2016, 11:43PM in Free discussion

I agree about a real book. but I love how I can carry all of Tom Clancy's books with me when travelling.

National Park Quarters?
Posted: 2-Nov-2016, 09:46PM in Swaps and trades

I think that the National Parks Quarter Series contain some of the most attractive coin designs in recent memory. I also love that those beautiful designs come in a 5 ounce silver format.

BVI fakes
Posted: 31-Oct-2016, 04:51PM in Numista catalogue

With all due respect Chomp-Master, the goal is to improve the catalog. When someone brings new information here, it is not a new thing to want to see the original source for ourselves. When someone can only link to their post on another website that is what makes things suspicious. • We have a member who posts with no supporting details, and we are supposed to just accept it? It wasn't wrong to ask for more information. He was defensive and rude, and has called all of us trolls on other listings. Why are you surprised that we are defensive? • I find it suspicious that an english language article on an english language website about an english language country would be so english language suspicious. • I do not seem to be the only one.

Disaster and pure sadness resolved
Posted: 31-Oct-2016, 12:40PM in Free discussion

I have it and have lost it.

Let us hear your stories of people who should not be selling coins
Posted: 31-Oct-2016, 06:39AM in Free discussion

Every gothic florin in my collection was sold to me in Tulsa, Oklahoma from a coin dealers junk box as dateless...also...this story was going around so it may be apocryphal but when the state quarters started coming out an antique dealer had a goldfish bowl full of the Susan B Anthony dollars...labelled as the new Susan B Anthony quarter...selling for 50 cents...insisted they were part of the 50 state quarter program...

Near miss Edward VIII :)
Posted: 31-Oct-2016, 06:30AM in Free discussion

If you can find it, Gibraltar issued a copper nickel crown with Edward VIII on it. it was part of a set of crowns from George I on I think. just a couple of bucks... yes nclt.... but legal tender.

Anyone Attending the World Money fair, Berlin 2017 ?
Posted: 31-Oct-2016, 06:27AM in Free discussion

I love that show! Went several years ago. met my first North Koreans there.

Bi - Metallic Targets
Posted: 31-Oct-2016, 06:24AM in Free discussion

Congrats! Did i ever get you that address? i fear i didnt...

The "penny" is gone ─ next the "nickel"?
Posted: 31-Oct-2016, 06:23AM in Free discussion

Camerinus, the 12 1/2 cent goes a looong way back. Here in the USA we have tokens of that value. it goes back to the days of the 8 reales and its function as the main coin of use in America. a real equaled 12 1/2 cents, or a bit. so 2 bits was a quarter, 4 bits was a half... the old rhyme 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar, all for ______ stand up and holler comes from this as well. in some places here in Oklahoma you still hear 2 bits used for a quarter... an old west insult was to be called a 2 bit whore...

interesting item for ID
Posted: 31-Oct-2016, 06:02AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Some college and high school classes used notes such as this in accounting and finance classes..

BAM777 - No longer In the Numista Team.
Posted: 28-Oct-2016, 03:25AM in Numista website

I will think on ya everytime i look at a Swiss coin Ben.

[solved] South Korea 20,000 Won (Korean character request)
Posted: 26-Oct-2016, 07:08PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Interestingly enough, on the reverse in the jumble of han-gul, there is at least one early letter of the alphabet no longer in use.

Isle of Man 2015 TT 50 Pence additional information needs added
Posted: 14-Oct-2016, 07:40AM in Numista catalogue


[NEWS] King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand died, aged 88
Posted: 14-Oct-2016, 05:36AM in Free discussion

The legend is that the Chakri Dynasty will end after 9 kings. Many people talked of the unmarried princess becoming sovereign...

Anyone need help getting to the 300 club or just want to increase your countries?
Posted: 11-Oct-2016, 06:01AM in Free discussion

Can you just tell me the dates, denominations, and die letters of the isle of man coins?

Metal composition of your collection
Posted: 11-Oct-2016, 05:59AM in Free discussion

I wish the problem of two previous metals good be corrected...i have several platinum and gold and gold and silver bimetals that dont figure in my precious metal counts. My understanding is these issues would be in other metals?

Help Needed
Posted: 11-Oct-2016, 05:49AM in Numismatic questions

Toilet paper or kleenex test

The mixed up world of the 1979 Susan B. Anthony, US dollar coin KM 207 {long post } Should we add to our catalog?
Posted: 7-Oct-2016, 11:32PM in Numista catalogue

It is a horrid coin. But the size is just an excuse. The US quarter is comparable in size to the nickel, as the SBA dollar is comparable in size to the quarter. • No one wanted this design. The original design for this harkened back to the day of early US designs...a flowing hair dollar. This was just a political design. • I still wish we would have a dollar coin over a paper dollar. When I think how much the value of a dollar has fallen, I am really shocked that we still make a paper dollar, two dollar, or 5 dollar bill.

Redesign the dime
Posted: 7-Oct-2016, 12:05AM in Free discussion

Fdr needs to go...

[solved] 300 countries club, the blog (outdated)
Posted: 5-Oct-2016, 11:37PM in Free discussion


[solved] cook isle $50
Posted: 4-Oct-2016, 07:35AM in Numista catalogue

I have the Ben Franklin coin in copper nickel and in this finish. I bought it as an unc.

[solved] Isle of Man 2016
Posted: 28-Sep-2016, 07:58PM in Numista catalogue

And that is why people trust Jarcek and think your a bit of a donkey. If you dont care why respond? Your comment about how you wish you could fix an issue completely disregards my roll as the referee. Even Jarcek has the basic courtesy of submitting changes to me for my area of responsibility. • So yeah...glad you cant just tromp thru the listings like a donkey...

The Queen's portraits designations...
Posted: 28-Sep-2016, 02:01AM in Numista catalogue

Thanks for your support. I think it allows for members to still use the search feature. Im surprised that there isnt more debate on this.

Weak strike or variety? 10 Cent Eritrea
Posted: 25-Sep-2016, 02:29AM in Numismatic questions

The die was altered at the mint, by the mint. Resulting in struck up differences. Great illustration of a variety.

Fantasy Coins
Posted: 16-Sep-2016, 02:13AM in Numismatic questions

Jadejackal...can you please share more about this counterfeit Korean coin that was legitimized?

Don't you just love old collectors labels ?
Posted: 15-Sep-2016, 07:31PM in Free discussion

I am like Pietr. I do the same thing. I think it enhances the collection. I certainly hope that someday all the time I put into labels is seen as meaningful enough to save. I was able to buy quite a bit of the Krause Publications world coin holdings so I have coins with amazing descriptions, and from famous dealers and collectors. One of the neatest envelopes I have contains 3 BU Australian 6 pences that Chet Krause himself collected when he was in Australia. • I love the nostalgia...

Add a coin or not?
Posted: 11-Sep-2016, 05:08PM in Numismatic questions

How beautiful! I hope for them to be included. Inclusion of govt patterns are definately fine in my book.

Real Confederate $20 bill??
Posted: 9-Sep-2016, 07:01AM in Numismatic questions

Im sorry about your note not being genuine...another way to check your confederate notes is to look at the signature. It should be a different color than the note die to hand signing. Sometimes thr acid in the signature ink will have eaten through the note...this is a sign of authenticity...

Looking for some additional referees
Posted: 8-Sep-2016, 01:48PM in Free discussion

Where will you live in Korea? I lived in South Chung Chang Province. Absolutely loved my time there.

Coins from Madagascar, factory error?
Posted: 5-Sep-2016, 03:09PM in Numismatic questions

I would think a variety would be more of a font difference. This is a completely different placement of wording. You can email Tom Micheal at Krause and get a new KM number. But if Krause sticks to its pattern, then they might just call it KM#XX.1 and KM#XX.2 thats what they fid for all the Isle of Man coins that had triskelion in the legends and a type that had no triskelion.

Best way to store porcelain notgelds
Posted: 4-Sep-2016, 06:21PM in Numismatic questions

Allred1950 that is brilliant! I remember some coin club members had done that, but i had forgotten...

[solved] Does anyone have the KM#s for the US Kennedy Half Dollar 50th Anniversary Silver coins?
Posted: 31-Aug-2016, 07:21AM in Numismatic questions

KM#A202b.1 2014 P,D unc in anniversary sets only copper nickel • KM#A202c.1 2014 D silver unc • KM#A202c.2 2014 S silver enhanced unc • KM#A202c.3 2014 P silver • KM#A202c.4 2014 W silver reverse proof • From the 2017 2001 date 11th edition Krause.

2 Pence - George III 1800 Australian Proclamation Coin?
Posted: 31-Aug-2016, 01:33AM in Numista catalogue

I agree... they should be removed. The coins were not changed in a substantial way to warrant a double listing.

Museum Curators = Gangsters
Posted: 28-Aug-2016, 06:18PM in Free discussion

I actually heard a museum curator tell a collector that they would love his coins and banknotes for the museum, but only if they were donated to the rather cultivate a new collector...that seemed sooo tacky.

For your viewing pleasure
Posted: 28-Aug-2016, 06:11PM in Free discussion

Breathtakingly beautiful...

[solved] "Clone and save as" option or something like this.
Posted: 28-Aug-2016, 06:06PM in Numista website

I have discovered in the isle of man, that when i have for example a KM#5 coin, and i am creating a silver version but also need to create a gold and platinum or palladium version that when i create the new silver version that i can hit the create new listing multiple times and then i have 3 or 4 KM#5s...all i have to do is then change the KM, the metal...most other details are the same.

Update: List of members who wish to become referee
Posted: 28-Aug-2016, 06:01PM in Numista website

AngHol...did you check the list to see if another french language nation needs a referee?

Isle of Man 1 penny 1979 extra lines
Posted: 15-Aug-2016, 04:49PM in Numista catalogue

Not yet sir. I dont say how high when you say jump.

India 2 rupee coin error?
Posted: 8-Aug-2016, 06:29AM in Numismatic questions

Welcome to the notoriously shoddy products of the Indian Mint. It is almost more rare to find a nice problem free specimen.

Interesting Penny! Lincoln pipe Smoking
Posted: 8-Aug-2016, 06:23AM in Numismatic questions

Very common in the USA. Also many cents have had the different states added.

The last circulating gold coins?
Posted: 4-Aug-2016, 11:59PM in Numismatic questions

Gibraltar had gold coins issued at face value in the 1990s. They were intended for circulation.

Share your favorite banknotes here! :)
Posted: 3-Aug-2016, 10:03AM in Free discussion

Ahhhh... now i understand. I used to live in the South Korean state and did not get it. I think the banknotes of the 1950s and 1960s are very attractive.

[solved] 555555
Posted: 29-Jul-2016, 08:06AM in Coin identifications and valuations

A missing digit on a well struck coin is usually because of grease on the die.

Hello everyone again
Posted: 26-Jul-2016, 06:26AM in Free discussion

Welcome back. Your sauce is delicious.

Here's a new one. What countries are using old portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on their current coins ?
Posted: 21-Jul-2016, 12:49AM in Free discussion

Just maybe because those types were initially used by a colony. That particular bust was only colonial I think. But the the dollar type isnt a colonial issue. Maybe they wanted a continuity of coin design?

Personal target reached
Posted: 21-Jul-2016, 12:46AM in Free discussion

Congratulations sir!

Soviet Union 15 Kopeck 1962 proof?
Posted: 21-Jul-2016, 12:25AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I hope our russian brethren can educaye us...tons of the unc listings have pf looking coins to me. I have a bunch frosting...but clearly proofesque..

The German States have just reached the 3000 different coin type mark!
Posted: 9-Jul-2016, 12:02PM in Free discussion

How about listing them by the entity that issued them?

Year for Egyptian banknotes
Posted: 9-Jul-2016, 11:56AM in Banknotes

YDDMMY is the pattern. I was right. Egypt used to date their notes in this manner. My dating is correct.

Incheon, South Korea
Posted: 8-Jul-2016, 07:00PM in Free discussion

I lived in Korea, and a good many of the department stores had a coin counter. Some subways had shops but it seemed random. I frequented dealers that had mats they would just roll out with their wares at any sort of market. You might have luck at Insa-dong in Seoul. But you would have to travel the subway from Incheon to Seoul... I hope you are lucky.

Recommendation for new United States subcategory "Territorial"
Posted: 8-Jul-2016, 06:39PM in Numista catalogue

If they can have a category called pre federal which I have not completely reconciled myself with, then they should be able to have the very logical category of territorial. But they might consider territorial as pre federal...but i hope not. Your point is valid.

Italian 1 Lira - Vittorio Emanuele III magnetic of 1941 XIX without "R" mint mark
Posted: 8-Jul-2016, 06:34PM in Numismatic questions

Perhaps a filled die, or counterfeit?

Isle of Man 2000 Silver Proof Decimal Coin Set
Posted: 8-Jul-2016, 06:30PM in Numismatic questions

Hi. I love that you have this great set. Would you please scan or type out the information that came with your set about mintage limits, composition,etc. So that the coins can be cataloged here on the site? Or perhaps you could create or adjust the listings so that I might approve them? I love Isle of Man coinage...

Funniest verification messages
Posted: 8-Jul-2016, 08:04AM in Free discussion


Italian 500 lire 1991 large and small head
Posted: 5-Jul-2016, 02:35AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks for that link. I clearly see the large and small head. No mention of the large and small date and whether there is a correspondance to the small and large head...

Help with verdigris
Posted: 5-Jul-2016, 02:05AM in Numismatic questions

I dont know anyone who wants a shiny ancient unless its gold.

[solved] Platinum values on the stats page
Posted: 4-Jul-2016, 06:41PM in Numista website

I assume that the reason i dont see the values are because my platinum coins are bimetal. Thanks again.

What are the biggest Numista problems?
Posted: 3-Jul-2016, 06:00AM in Free discussion

I agree with you. Too many of the listings are inserted into nations that post date the authority that issued the coin.

Sydney, Ohio is a country?
Posted: 3-Jul-2016, 05:59AM in Numista catalogue

Thank you, no. Sidney, OH is in the country list, but it is being corrected.

Dirty Old Coin
Posted: 3-Jul-2016, 03:25AM in Numismatic questions

The coin is nice just the way it is...if you clean it you have just ruined it. Just a cull coin. Leave it with its character intact.

2013 pound coin - mint error?
Posted: 3-Jul-2016, 03:22AM in Numismatic questions

If anyone here in the USA collects coins based on the a or b of edge lettering they are as rare as an honest politician. • However, some countries have the legend up and down on the same coin so there is no a and b. Some countries use segmented collars to apply the legend to the edge at the time of striking. Interesting but i agree should not clutter up Numista, will all due respect to the Belgians.

Will Brexit affect numismatists?
Posted: 2-Jul-2016, 05:57PM in Free discussion

I am right there with you.

New catalog administrators
Posted: 22-Jun-2016, 05:43AM in Numista website


[solved] Poarch Creek Nation ?? What is this ?
Posted: 18-Jun-2016, 04:15AM in Numista website

Thank you Jarcek. This north american indian tribe and several others actually have the idea that their tribal sovereignty allows them the authority to coin bullion. Its a mess, and as a native american in part it is ridiculous. If it passes muster expect about a gazillion new nations.

Thailand: 20 baht 1996/BE2539, km321.1 / km321.2, differences
Posted: 16-Jun-2016, 08:54AM in Numista catalogue

Hi Ole, i have checked my 321.1 and my 321.2. My first has the unalom, my 321.2 has absolutely no trace of the unalom. I dont know if it matters, but my two coins are from the Krause collection. I think the .1 and .2 need to be catalogued.

Seeding the Future
Posted: 15-Jun-2016, 08:38PM in Free discussion

He has been doing this for decades, however, it is mostly on the beaches of Galveston, near to Houston, Texas. Another member of our club likes to take the US Mint medal restrikes of the presidents and of the Bicentennial celebrations, and every time he passes a playground or a sandbox, he chunks at least one towards it. Its cool. The kids,(some adults too), are crazy with delight.

World banknotes
Posted: 7-Jun-2016, 04:35AM in Swaps and trades

Do you mean that these are normal banknotes and not rare?

USA Silver coin
Posted: 25-May-2016, 07:39AM in Numismatic questions

Not a coin.

Gothic Florin appreciation
Posted: 22-May-2016, 06:59AM in Free discussion

I was an ecstatic teen when I got my gothic florins as "dateless" from a coin dealers "dateless" silver box in Tulsa.

Thailand 1 Baht Y#82.1 (Cu-Ni-Ag-Zn) Listed in Numista but 1 Baht Y#82.2 (Cu-Ni) missing
Posted: 22-May-2016, 06:54AM in Numista catalogue

If you hold a piece of toilet paper over a silver coin it will show up a bright white. Copper nickel will not. A paper towel works also.

1981 Washington Quarter Proof
Posted: 20-May-2016, 06:46AM in Coin identifications and valuations

No silver proofs in 1981.

Numista catalog at wide variance over mintage of Spanish 5 pesetas (1980, '81, '82) (soccer world cup issue)
Posted: 17-May-2016, 06:33PM in Numista catalogue

I do that too.  

Egypt coin
Posted: 15-May-2016, 06:50AM in Numista catalogue

Vokalzeichen is a vowel mark or diacritical mark of sorts...maybe they left a dot or dash out of misr.

CABO VERDE 1994 BNC (Série Aves-Bird-Oiseaux) + (Série Navios-Ship-Bateaux)+(Série Plantas-Plant-Plantes)
Posted: 13-May-2016, 02:07AM in Numista catalogue

I think it already is.

[solved] Please help grade 1927 Palestine 50 Mils
Posted: 13-May-2016, 02:02AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Nicer than vg for sure

[solved] North Korean coins- Wording and translation request
Posted: 11-May-2016, 08:15PM in Coin identifications and valuations

the lettering on the KM 226 is the same, but the words "Ju Che" in front of 89 indicate the alternate dating that the North Koreans use that date from the start of their struggle against the Japanese in 1911. The year 2000 is recorded as Ju Che 89, if you subtract 89 from 2000 you get 1911, when Korea was officially annexed and became a prefecture of the Japanese Empire. Ju Che is the name of the NK policy of self reliance, struggle, and probably any other socialist/communist ideal you can think of that relates to the struggle.

[solved] Krause - how many?
Posted: 10-May-2016, 03:59AM in Numismatic questions

Hi Jarcek. I have volunteered and sent several emails. He seems busy..

Bad news/ Good news/ sad news? - don't know...
Posted: 9-May-2016, 01:34AM in Free discussion

Save your african coins. Let them age like a fine wine or cheese...

[solved] Double Countries in Countries List
Posted: 7-May-2016, 03:46AM in Numista website

No one coming to numista with a coin that says on itself British Honduras is going to think that it is found under a country of a completely different name, Belize. All of this talk will exclude a lot of participation by newer collectors. The country list should be a table of contents. The cross references should remain in the back of the book so to speak.

Should the Northern Mariana Islands coins count as tokens?
Posted: 2-May-2016, 09:42PM in Numista website

Wrong ngdawa. Those are United States of America quarters. They commemorate. But they circulate in all states. I dont have you figured out. You seem reasonable sometimes...and then you go all weird.

Isle of Man 2002 pound coin
Posted: 2-May-2016, 06:16PM in Numista catalogue

This is not an Isle of Man coin. It is a Gibraltar coin.

Does the USA have enough artisans to replace the dead presidents on banknotes?
Posted: 29-Apr-2016, 05:49AM in Free discussion

Why am i not surprised that i find myself on the opposite side of opinion with Ngdawa...I quite like Astrid on the new note. Love her books. Any one can put a damn animal on a note. Not every country has Astrid. The USA has had some amazingly beautiful banknotes. The ABNCo Is responsible for some of the most beautiful notes in the world. I wish they would leave the face of the notes alone and toss up the designs on the back...

[solved] Taiwan 5 jiao
Posted: 29-Apr-2016, 05:31AM in Numista catalogue

The coin in the picture is a year 43 coin. Add 1911 and you have the 1954 5 jiao coin as described. The chinese characters in the back say 5 jiao.

[solved] Can you please help identify this coin ?
Posted: 25-Apr-2016, 06:32PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Tunisia. 100 milliemes.

If it has a KM#, is it a coin?
Posted: 24-Apr-2016, 07:47AM in Numismatic questions

More information please.

Is the 10,000 coin club good for Numista?
Posted: 19-Apr-2016, 02:10PM in Free discussion

I like the idea.

Is the 300 club good for Numista?
Posted: 14-Apr-2016, 06:59AM in Free discussion

You know, Krause is just one catalog that has already made this easy. The table of contents. Use the Alphabet as the landing page for countries. Click on the letter of interest, there is your country! With a flag maybe! Then there is no grotesque mile long list, but every country can have its place. I think there is always room for debate, I cannot easily wrap my head around spanish philippines, US philippines, and Republic of philippines being one country...but it should have its day and I might be able to deal with it. It is odd that Russia and the USSR are in the same country. But it should be allowed a discussion. It is strange that micro nations have more respect than much larger nations with hundreds of year histories that languish unknown in wash basket catch all categories...I wish it could be discussed. The 400+ list is too clunky. A 26 item list would instantly be more manageable.

German states split
Posted: 14-Apr-2016, 06:42AM in Numista catalogue

How exciting! You know ehat I like about Krause? They have a table of contents. Every little and big country has its own entry. I would love the idea of clicking on german states or indian states and finding a list of all the states. Thats more user friendly for novice visitors. I also like that I would be closer to the 400 country club than I am at present. As for splitting up the US into 50 listings because of the 50 state quarters...hogwash. Only the US Mint has legal power to issue coins in the name of the USA. Those coins are legal tender and were released in all 50 states and the various territories. On the otherhand...Azores and Maderia have unique obverse and reverse descriptions but still have to be found within Portugal. I think you must consider the national side of the 50 state quarters is the USA. The commemorative side is a states name. They are all USA coins. I agree with every country having its own listing. Maybe the Numista country page could just be the[...]

20 Fillér 1916 - grading advice?
Posted: 14-Apr-2016, 06:18AM in Coin identifications and valuations


Thailand 20 baht KM#321
Posted: 11-Apr-2016, 02:01PM in Numista catalogue

Thank you sir.

The numismatic McGyver
Posted: 8-Apr-2016, 06:22AM in Free discussion

When I worked at APMEX we used those cutlery trays when working up coins...very convenient.

Private mint files for bankruptcy taking customers cash with it
Posted: 8-Apr-2016, 06:20AM in Free discussion

Sad. I try to buy locally when I can for this reason. Terrible.

Do you also collect world paper money?
Posted: 8-Apr-2016, 06:17AM in Banknotes

Love banknotes.

[solved] Sweden 1913 5 Ore
Posted: 8-Apr-2016, 06:09AM in Numismatic questions


[solved] Sweden 1948 5 Ore IRON
Posted: 8-Apr-2016, 06:08AM in Numismatic questions

Looks like some rust and fingerprint...might grade au details.

Your Top Tip For Avoiding Scammers
Posted: 3-Apr-2016, 07:10AM in Free discussion


Sample Slabs
Posted: 3-Apr-2016, 03:22AM in Free discussion

I miss him a great deal. I first met him as a yn at an . ANA summer seminar. I took his grading class a couple of years later.

French coin minting error or false
Posted: 3-Apr-2016, 02:58AM in Numismatic questions


List of members who wish to become referee
Posted: 2-Apr-2016, 06:37AM in Numista website

I would love to be a referee for the Isle of Man. It is a bit of a collecting passion of mine. One of my top three countries.

[solved] Where are all the coins minted?
Posted: 1-Apr-2016, 07:39AM in Free discussion

When Krause knows it is included. When they dont know that is when you get contributors who can find data in native languages and who then share that data. I think it is amazing they have the data they do. What countries are you talking about anyway?

[solved] Grade of 50 sen year 31 (1898)
Posted: 1-Apr-2016, 07:32AM in Coin identifications and valuations

It's pretty. But I could live with an au grade. Looks a bit speckled from environmental issues maybe..

Isle of Man 1995 £5 coin
Posted: 1-Apr-2016, 07:20AM in Coin identifications and valuations

All the virenium issues are yellow. POBJOY MINT calls this metal a man made precious metal. Every virenium coin in my collection is yellow. Some lighter some darker...maybe toning, but yellow.

Another one to grade - 1844 Crown
Posted: 1-Apr-2016, 07:17AM in Coin identifications and valuations


[solved] No photos of coins
Posted: 1-Apr-2016, 02:29AM in Numista website

I agree with Ngdawa surprisingly. I am right there with superagentman. Apparantly Jarcek used to feel this way as well?

Any collectors who garden as well?
Posted: 1-Apr-2016, 02:09AM in Free discussion

What a wonderful picture of your farm I have created from your description...just lovely...

[solved] There are no legal tender coins of the Northern Marianna Islands...
Posted: 31-Mar-2016, 02:18PM in Numista catalogue

The government of the United States and the US Mint are the only issuers of legal tender for its states and territories. American Samoa and Northern Marianna "coins" are fantasy at best. What does not seem to be understood is that these two territories do not have legal authority to cause to be issued coins in the name of the Territory. No entity within the US has this authority. Wikipedia is a supporting source in this matter? Ridiculous.

Posted: 31-Mar-2016, 04:39AM in Numista catalogue

Krause will call this a .1 and a .2 , only Numista will have two listings with the same KM number. Krause has been advised and we can expect a change in the 2018 catalog.

Ceylon versus Sri Lanka
Posted: 30-Mar-2016, 07:53AM in Numista catalogue

I agree. I dont disagree with Ceylon and Sri Lanka, or any of these other twinned states. All states deserve a line in the table of contents. And they all get a line in the Krause table of contents.

Finally got my collection loaded
Posted: 30-Mar-2016, 07:36AM in Free discussion

Crud...I found another box..never mind..

Best holders/containers for unslabbed coins?
Posted: 30-Mar-2016, 07:32AM in Numismatic questions

The pvc ones are very soft, can be greasy, and smell like plastic blow up swimming pool toys. •

Grade please - 1881 Half Crown
Posted: 30-Mar-2016, 06:38AM in Coin identifications and valuations


[solved] Belgium 1905 2 centimes (Dutch Text) Over date?
Posted: 30-Mar-2016, 06:36AM in Numismatic questions

Perhaps repunched? Im not feeling the cracked die. At the ends of the 5 you can see seperation that looks like a potential misaligned punch. What does the variety guy here say?

1912 Danish 5 ore fine or vf?
Posted: 27-Mar-2016, 08:18AM in Coin identifications and valuations


Canada 25 cent 1967 KM68a
Posted: 26-Mar-2016, 07:48AM in Numista catalogue

Hey all, the advent of the dashboard and metal tallies makes entries of this type obsolete. I was logging my Canadian coins and I discovered that this coin combined the .800 fine issue and the .500 fine issue. I think the need for a separate listing to accommodate differences in fineness is warranted. Krause catalogs a KM#68 that is .800 fine silver, and a KM#68a that is .500 fine silver. I hope my friends in charge of Canadian listings can fix this please.

[solved] Dirham/Darahim/Dirhams/Dirhamā/Darāham
Posted: 25-Mar-2016, 11:02AM in Numismatic questions

Jarcek, I am grateful to see your threads and questions. Please do something similar for Ireland. Their coinage should be searchable by english names as well, as it stands no search for pounds, shillings, or pence include the post independence coins of Ireland. And these searches should include them since the Irish Republic law, as referred to by the Central Bank of Ireland, called for issues that were the same in size and name as the british/UK/imperial coinage that was then in circulation in Ireland. I asked the Central Bank for clarification and I was referred to their own website where these coins were referred to as pounds, shillings, pence. I think that punt/pound would assuage concerns that any individual would have, and would also restore consistency to a nation that used pounds, shillings, and pence for 300 or more years, and maintained that standard after independence. Thanks for considering this.

Posted: 25-Mar-2016, 10:44AM in Free discussion

When this terrible thing happened, I flashed back to 1994...this will always be a fresh pain...I am so sorry that Belgium has this horror to feel..

My first US dollar and other goodies
Posted: 25-Mar-2016, 10:37AM in Free discussion

Very nice!

Cook Islands 2010 $1, KM#762
Posted: 25-Mar-2016, 10:33AM in Numista catalogue

Agree with Essor Prof. A lot of willful ignorance on this site wearing badges of referee/ team member. But some good ones as well.

400 silver coins club
Posted: 20-Mar-2016, 08:57PM in Free discussion

415. Worldwide. Probably some doubles.

[solved] 20 centavos 1935
Posted: 18-Mar-2016, 06:59PM in Coin identifications and valuations

A beautiful coin. Your new pictures show why I think it to be unc. No wear, sharp lettering, great fields. The high parts of the eagle may appear rubbed to some, but they were just not fully struck up.

British Honduras 10 cents KM32 1970 uncatalogued condition
Posted: 18-Mar-2016, 04:04AM in Numista catalogue

Hi. I tried to submit a request but it is locked and I was advised to post it here and see if someone with power will fix it. I have a 1970 dated 10 cent. It is not a proof. It is unc. The listing only has a proof line, so a line for unc needs added. In fact, the Krause catalog lists a 1970, but not a 1970 in proof. I also own the specimen from the Krause collection, it is clearly not a proof. Can this be corrected?

Do you find your coin collection is running you. Or you running your coin collection.
Posted: 17-Mar-2016, 05:31PM in Free discussion

Every know and then when I feed it, I have to remind it who the boss is.

Categories for tokens: a temporary solution to a permanent problem
Posted: 15-Mar-2016, 04:59PM in Numista catalogue

Nice old thread. Lots of opinion about pressed pennies, rolled pennies, or whatever they are called this decade. But should they be excluded? They are actually struck on coins after all. Ive seen them at shows where the host coin is italian, french, portuguese. I dont know. I always think it's cute seeing little kids make them at the museums and fairs I visit. But I also understand their exclusion from Numista...but then I trip over listings for Sealand...or Hutt I really dont know...standards can be nice.

The earliest selfie ever
Posted: 14-Mar-2016, 05:25PM in Free discussion

Love that!

Superficial Grading - You do it, yes you do!
Posted: 14-Mar-2016, 05:21PM in Free discussion

Happy birthday Pnightingale. I very much enjoyed your article on grading. I couldnt help but notice your comment on Sickert. I recall you writing about your interest in Jack the Ripper as well. That is an article that if you ever wrote I would love to read. I read some years ago a book that named Sickert as the Ripper. I bet your thoughts on this would make for interesting reading. Again, happy birthday, and thanks for making Numista that much better.

Did anyone acquire this 16 Turkish States in History Commemorative Coin set?
Posted: 14-Mar-2016, 03:27PM in Numista catalogue

The denomination of my set is 1 kurus. Did they also make a set in lira?

U.S. Liberty Head nickel Xf I believe
Posted: 11-Mar-2016, 03:19AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I should have been clearer, here meant where I live, not this website.

[solved] MPCC V: C1
Posted: 11-Mar-2016, 01:20AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC V: B1
Posted: 11-Mar-2016, 01:19AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC V: A1
Posted: 11-Mar-2016, 01:19AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC V: G1
Posted: 11-Mar-2016, 01:18AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


1916 French 10 centimes is it vf?
Posted: 11-Mar-2016, 01:09AM in Coin identifications and valuations

At least a vf.

World coins chat: Liberia
Posted: 8-Mar-2016, 05:47AM in Free discussion

George Cuhaj gave me that SCWC coin Dato. Very interesting..

British Sumatra in the catalogue
Posted: 7-Mar-2016, 11:44PM in Numista catalogue

Its like a table of contents. The more specific the better. Make a new country. Please make 50 or 200 more.

[solved] Help grading a 1927 D Standing Liberty. I'm thinking fine or VG
Posted: 7-Mar-2016, 11:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations


Cardboard push in albums
Posted: 7-Mar-2016, 03:32AM in Numismatic questions

If tou are collecting from circulation then this is probably three best way to track your collection. Circulation coins are probably not going to be harmed by this type of holder. But I would never put any uncirculated coins in this holder type. Flips or two by twos for me.

Why did James II produce his infamous Gunmoney in June 1689 - the only coinage to feature year + month as the date?
Posted: 5-Mar-2016, 01:43AM in Free discussion

Not sure you would find it in small change. It is the old lire and was denominated 1 million lira (0.60 cents)

1969 S Lincoln cent, help?:)
Posted: 4-Mar-2016, 04:07AM in Coin identifications and valuations

If it is a real double die, then you can see a notch between the doubled design. Machine doubling is where a planchette has been struck more than once, and while one design may be rounded, there is an earlier strike that appears flattened.

I just want to say Thank you to all of coin collectors here on Numista
Posted: 3-Mar-2016, 05:18AM in Free discussion

I always enjoy your posts sir.

5 Beatrix Potter 2016 50p coins?
Posted: 2-Mar-2016, 04:38PM in Numismatic questions

Agree. I am not comfortable yet with this whole colorized thing. Although I make exceptions for cloissone( dont know if I spelled that right). Hundreds of year old coins of korea have cloissone...

Entire Gibraltar series duplicated...
Posted: 2-Mar-2016, 08:30AM in Numista catalogue

Hi. The entire olympic series of 1991,1992 is duplicated. There are double listings for KM#73,72,71,69,68,66,67, There are three listings for KM#70. The correct image is the one with the big head. But before these listings get might want to change the duplicate listings to the silver type of the copper nickel types. The catalog numbers the silver types as 66a, 67a, 68a, 69a, 70a, 71a, 72a, 73a. So if the metal was changed to .925 silver 0.8536 ASW then we could save all the work that went into the duplicate listings.

GIBRALTAR 50 pence Christmas KM336
Posted: 2-Mar-2016, 07:26AM in Numista catalogue

I tried to submit a modify request. The date is locked and they direct you to make a post in the forum. The listing has a photo of a 1995 date of this type with no die letters. However, there needs to be another 1995 line added that also includes the die letters that appear to the feet of the left penguin. Please amend this.

How old are you ? What's your job ? And other hobbies ?
Posted: 28-Feb-2016, 09:57PM in Free discussion

Another great thread. Im 43. And am presently an inner city elementary school teacher. I was a bank teller during the Murrah bombing and am trying to put together a story of how that event almost collapsed the banking and currency system in Oklahoma and may have contributed to the rapid expansion of online banking among the institutions and the federal reserve. I worked for a dutch multinational in a us textbook firm. Worked in the world coin department at APMEX for a time. Love teaching the most tho. My other hobbies besides coins are banknotes, travel, and master gardening. This is a great website and I have felt rewarded and welcome more than I havent.

Oh baby, it's a wide world. What countries did you visit ?
Posted: 28-Feb-2016, 09:27PM in Free discussion

I liked this old thread. Within the US I have been to 42 states. I will be adding Alaska this summer. I have also been to Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Caymans, Belize, Honduras (4 times), lived in South Korea, Taiwan, France, Germany, Italy, the Vatican, Egypt, Israel...hope to never stop. But too many places I dont feel safe travelling to..

The oddest thing you have from another country, what not for export
Posted: 28-Feb-2016, 09:18PM in Free discussion

I also loved my short visit to Aswan. I had similar impressions of the dam. Had I even known about the Maj arab villages I would have even tried to go on my own. Wow.

North Korean coins 1959 with characters instead stars. Help to identify.
Posted: 28-Feb-2016, 06:12PM in Coin identifications and valuations

견 본 had the pronunciation "kyun bone" or "gyun bone" depending on your dialect. It means specimen. The South has put these words on all of their coins and notes and it is used to indicate a sample that has no legal tender. When the various central banks receive notes and coins back and forth that say "specimen" or similar wording, this is what South Korea sends out. I guess the North does as well.

[solved] 1,000,000 Lira, Turkey, date 2004 Haziran/June
Posted: 28-Feb-2016, 06:04PM in Numista catalogue

Juliocoins how can we fix this? I have sent a second request to you for assistance. I thought to try creating it myself but am unclear how to go about the big job of years and months and days.

Egypt is looking fix Ireland?
Posted: 28-Feb-2016, 04:33AM in Numista catalogue

A fascinating article by John Kelley on the coinage and banknotes of the Irish Freestate to the EMU. I navigated the site by clicking on banknote then historic banknote. Then this article shows up detailing Ireland's intent to denominate their coins with the same british denominations that were already in circulation...I guess thats why 1d, 3d, 6d, ,1s, 2s,6d appear on the coins. Because according to the article on the Central Bank of Ireland these were coins of the pence, shilling, what wasnt found anywhere in this article by John Kelley, a central bank official? In all of the coinage and banknote law of the Irish Free State was not found reference to pingin, scilling, or any other gaelic term for the british coin denominated equivalents. Leave the gaelic on. But add the english. The Irish Free State did.

An extremely big THANK YOU to Ninebobnote!!!
Posted: 27-Feb-2016, 05:08AM in Free discussion

Very touching. Inspiring..

Reputable dealers in Russia
Posted: 27-Feb-2016, 04:40AM in Numismatic questions

Im a little embarrassed for Russia! I heard there was a Saturday coin market in Moscow...wouldnt even know where though..hope you will report back...

Many Isle of Man coins are listed as non-circulated?
Posted: 27-Feb-2016, 03:44AM in Numista catalogue

Coinman1. Are you ever in the US? I hope we can meet sometime. I would love time with someone who loves IOM as much as I do. Also.. maybe meet when I visit the UK... you and I are def in the minority on this site. I hope they make you ref for IOM...

Isle of Man crown silver KM#41a double listed
Posted: 26-Feb-2016, 06:17PM in Numista catalogue

I found the double listing as I was adding my coins to the website. When you scroll thru the lists, two KM#41a's are shown right in a row. Perhaps it is a glitch? Nevertheless, two are there.

Numista's finest collection contest?
Posted: 25-Feb-2016, 08:20AM in Free discussion

That really is too bad. This would have been very interesting.

I just created a new listing
Posted: 25-Feb-2016, 08:14AM in Free discussion

Hi Coinman1. I just got a bunch more of my coins of isle of man listed. Just love there stuff. I doubt I will ever have everything but that is fine. The search is part of the fun. Never forget how I got the DMIHE and DMIHEN at a little show here in oklahoma...or my crossed oar pounds. I will always be looking for the die lettered crowns... Do you have the two pound dirigible?

What happened here?
Posted: 25-Feb-2016, 06:08AM in Numismatic questions

Impurity in the strip perhaps..

February 2016 Additions to Your Collection
Posted: 23-Feb-2016, 07:39AM in Free discussion

Ngdawa, do you have the companion piece to your coin? The US issued a 50 cent for the same occasion and with the same ship, Kalmer Nyckel. Yiur coin is very pretty.

USA Quarter 25 Cents 1928 Standing Liberty
Posted: 23-Feb-2016, 05:07AM in Coin identifications and valuations

This is a coin I would buy in person. I think that date is not so key. But this is the rare design that is still beautiful even in lower grades. Do you ever go to the international show in Berlin? Maybe you could get one there.

[solved] Why Numista doesn't want to add bank notes in the catalogue?
Posted: 23-Feb-2016, 03:37AM in Numista website

Even just a banknote section on the forum would be an awesome sop...

Circulating euro coins in the single states
Posted: 23-Feb-2016, 03:34AM in Numismatic questions

The odd denominated Portuguese do circulate at times. They are even available from the mint for face value.

[solved] 1971 Turkish 50 Kurus
Posted: 22-Feb-2016, 06:09AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Coins are struck with either coin alignment such as yours, or in medal alignment where the obverse and reverse are both upright or downright depending on how you hold your coin. Your coin may be normally struck. Can you look in the Numista listings and find your coin? It should tell you what the alignment is in the listing.

Farm and garden motifs on coins...
Posted: 22-Feb-2016, 01:18AM in Free discussion

Is the lady on the pre euro coins also sowing grain? The USA has a beautiful design of a sower reminiscent of that beautiful motif..

Panic onset: my quarters!
Posted: 22-Feb-2016, 12:40AM in Free discussion

Of what? The coin edges that show layers of the coin?

Coin museums?
Posted: 21-Feb-2016, 04:39PM in Free discussion

The American Numismatic Association museum has a fantastic museum in Colorado Springs.

Florence Nightingale £2 coin
Posted: 21-Feb-2016, 04:35PM in Free discussion

An old thread. But an interesting one. Regarding Custer...a complete ass hat for what he did in Oklahoma. He got exactly what he had coming in Montana. Hadnt heard those tales of Ms. Florrie before...

Counterfeit Coins = Profit?
Posted: 21-Feb-2016, 03:59PM in Free discussion

I think the standard catalog is just one of many resources used by authenticators. They also use resources in the native languages as well as mint data to determine authenticity. There have been mistakes in the catalog before but thats to be expected when humanity is involved in a process.

US quater 2000 New Hampshire P . What do you think. Variety or mint issues
Posted: 21-Feb-2016, 05:03AM in Numismatic questions

The philadelphia mint has horrible quality control. Since they use a master hub I still would think that any varities are from die wear and tear. Im looking forward to hearing what others have to say.

World coins chat: Saudi Arabia
Posted: 21-Feb-2016, 01:47AM in Free discussion

The gods of logic and common sense no longer grace this website with their presence. Therefore there will not be a country listing for Hejaz or Nejd. But Hutt River has some Gulf war coins. They show sandy scenes of desert warfare. And they get a listing on this website. But not Nejd.or Hejaz. Its a conspiracy I tell ya.

[solved] sudan 2 qirsh to identify
Posted: 21-Feb-2016, 01:36AM in Coin identifications and valuations

They appear to be the same 3 equal section coin. But it is Saturday and I dont see well on Saturdays...

sudan 5 qirsh to identify
Posted: 21-Feb-2016, 01:29AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I have the longer ribbon variety and it is a great deal longer in the mid section. I think your second coin is just a nicer state of wear than your first coin.

Just added 13 "Indian states"
Posted: 20-Feb-2016, 10:13PM in Free discussion

True...a thought to ponder...

[solved] Czechoslovakia - 2 koruny - missing ornament on edge
Posted: 20-Feb-2016, 07:38PM in Numismatic questions

Fantastic response Jarcek! It made my morning!

Morocco 1 falus without any main data
Posted: 20-Feb-2016, 06:05AM in Numista catalogue

You make a good point.

Placement of proof coins on catalog page
Posted: 19-Feb-2016, 07:52AM in Numista catalogue

I agree. It would look better.

Old 1923 - 1948 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Albert 25 Years Marriage pin
Posted: 18-Feb-2016, 04:30AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Why would she be Queen and he just Prince? I think it says GR and ER...

Identify Thai Coin
Posted: 18-Feb-2016, 04:23AM in Coin identifications and valuations

All my modern thais have a denomination...agree that it seems more like a medal.

Saint Helena & Ascension - 1986 - Royal Wedding - 50p
Posted: 18-Feb-2016, 04:20AM in Numismatic questions

For practice? I am sure it is a chinese fake. Either practicing portraiture or strike technique is my guess.

Free coins from unexpected source!
Posted: 18-Feb-2016, 03:38AM in Free discussion

A surprise more from context. We dont circulate bimetals so when you find them in bags of nickels and quarters it was cool. Probably the neatest thing I found was a US large cent that someone snuck into a roll of half dollars.

Vatican Coins and Papa's nome
Posted: 17-Feb-2016, 09:51AM in Numista catalogue

Just limits Numista as a resource.

Mule 1999 [Canada]
Posted: 17-Feb-2016, 08:34AM in Numista catalogue

Im so jealous! How wonderful to have those! Did you just find yours in a set? Or did you purchase them as mules?

[solved] OK I know I have drop out for a few months. But is the UK getting rid of the round pound coin?
Posted: 17-Feb-2016, 07:45AM in Numismatic questions

Long live the Queen!

"Free" large silver coin
Posted: 15-Feb-2016, 07:25AM in Free discussion

I like that coin. But every time I see it I am saddened that Mexico melted so many train pesos to make it...

How to store a banknote collection?
Posted: 12-Feb-2016, 03:53AM in Free discussion

Canadian monster boxes. Notes in standard size archival holders fit perfectly in them.

Why does the States not have the facial value on their coins?
Posted: 11-Feb-2016, 06:24AM in Numismatic questions

The first coins to be called nickels in the US were the flying eagle and early indian head small cents. The were a copper nickel issue and were referred to as nickels...this is a story ive often heard from coin club old timers...

British Kings and Queens of Pakistan
Posted: 11-Feb-2016, 06:20AM in Numista catalogue

It cheapens the brand...

[solved] Egyptian coin names
Posted: 10-Feb-2016, 03:22AM in Numista website

Boy howdy...i just found a forum poster on talking about his new egyptian gunyah...guess that will be haunting the webs for awhile...

Amalgamation of South Africa
Posted: 10-Feb-2016, 03:02AM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Sjoelund"​Numista is NOT an official catalog used by hundred of thousands of collectors! (numista claims 70.000)! • ​ • ​SCWC is an official catalog used worldwide by hundred of thousands of collectors, the total number is not known, since the catalogs are also available in public libraries all over the world!!! • ​ • ​I can NOT agree to numista making their own rules or country separations NOT used in SCWC. If SCWC changes then numista MUST change as well. If numista changes, then SCWC will just ignore it. The same will happen if numista decides to make the KM# more logical (which might be a good idea on the paper), but SCWC will NOT follow that either. • ​ • ​Do NOT forget that numista is fed by the Numismaster database (SCWC) and when it changes, then the numista catalog ALSO changes! • ​ • ​SCWC is the father and numista is only a step son, and numista should learn to live with that. • ​ • ​Thi[...]

Two different Russia 10 roubles...same Y number
Posted: 9-Feb-2016, 05:52AM in Numista catalogue

2011 10 roubles. One is bimetal. Other isnt. Both have the same Y number. I dont even know which is really which. Can this be fixed?

Please consider new collectors...
Posted: 8-Feb-2016, 11:51PM in Numista catalogue


[solved] Dividing up of country list
Posted: 8-Feb-2016, 01:44PM in Numista website

This would be a solution.

Modifications, which might be useful for members
Posted: 8-Feb-2016, 01:41PM in Numista website

Thanks for these great updates!

Florida Culture Explained. Define YOUR state too.
Posted: 7-Feb-2016, 10:53PM in Free discussion

Im loving this thread. I grew up in the tip end of the panhandle of Oklahoma. A stark landscape you almost had to be born too to appreciate. You wore boots everywhere because of the snakes. Kids got for their first guns as 10 year olds. You went to the mall in Amarillo, TX about once a year. Did your grocery shopping in Stratford, Tx or in Guymon, OK once a month. You might wait a week or two to leave your house after the annual blizzards. And dinosaur bones everywhere. Not even turned to stone yet...loved the life..goats, sheep, watermelons, rodeos... • Then I moved to Moore, Oklahoma. F5 tornado magnet...

[solved] Restrict number of active swaps permitted
Posted: 7-Feb-2016, 10:31PM in Numista website

Thoughtful as always.

[solved] Would this count as a coin from Crimea?
Posted: 7-Feb-2016, 10:25PM in Numismatic questions

If it said privately issued id say no. At best a placement in tokens. But Numista seems to be a law unto itself.

Swiss shooting thalers
Posted: 5-Feb-2016, 08:34PM in Numista catalogue

They are pretty.

Turkish 1,000,000,000 lira listing needs split
Posted: 5-Feb-2016, 08:15PM in Numista catalogue

I need to learn to post links I guess. Since I dont know how I gave as explicit information as I knew how to give. •

Australia half penny 1942I
Posted: 4-Feb-2016, 10:09AM in Numista catalogue

I love your discovery of the denticle diagnostic! At first blush I thought the dates look identical but dont you see some serif and digit tip differences? For example the serif on the 1 looks straight on the one date but seems curved in the other. The 4s look very different. I see where the downstroke can be seen overlapping on one but not the other... Are these coins in similar condition? Love the denticles tho...

Proof or Business Strike?
Posted: 4-Feb-2016, 09:57AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I think that as Bolivia is not a fount of talent in coin design or striking that a railroad rim on an issue from the fifties might not be a diagnostic of looks extremely well struck and "proofy" to me from the pic you posted. Have you considered that maybe it is an early die strike or set up piece? Definately worth sending off...very cool find! Local shop or flea market?

Mexico pattern or?
Posted: 4-Feb-2016, 08:20AM in Numista catalogue

My 1991 1000 pesos that I purchased years ago has morphed into something unusual. According to Numista the 1991 bronze is a pattern, Pn249. Numista also says that a 1991 of the same design and year but al-bronze is an unissued type, KM# 643. However Krause does not acknowledge that there is an al-bronze. In fact, Krause says that KM# 643 belongs to a silver unissued type depicting Zapata, in proof only condition. Do I need to do anymore than email the referee? Ive done so...

Posted: 4-Feb-2016, 06:34AM in Numista catalogue


Why is Northern Marianna Islands considered a country?
Posted: 2-Feb-2016, 05:50AM in Numista catalogue

Awesome! Especially since none are recognized as legal tender by US law or federal government. Thank you sir!

[solved] Jamaican 1 cent coinage Ackee tree
Posted: 1-Feb-2016, 07:55PM in Numista catalogue

Thank you.

[solved] Banknotes forum
Posted: 1-Feb-2016, 07:53PM in Numista website

Congratulations on this milestone! I love it when I complete a coin goal...

[solved] 1973 Cook Island $2 coin
Posted: 31-Jan-2016, 06:33PM in Numismatic questions

Proofs are specially struck on specially prepared planchets with specially prepared dies. While some proofs appear with fields and devices mirrored, most modern proofs are struck with a mirror field and frosted devices...sometimes vice versa...

[solved] 1 Crown Gibraltar
Posted: 31-Jan-2016, 05:31AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Your image is definately a copper nickel coin.

World coins chat: Bermuda
Posted: 31-Jan-2016, 05:26AM in Free discussion

Maybe 8 shillings 4 pence.

Posted: 30-Jan-2016, 04:24PM in Numista catalogue

Im not bothered either way. I used to collect Malaysian coins by edge orientation. Lots of older European coins were organised by edge varieties. It was just very late. I had been reading the "onion" and I had recalled reading on other threads about AB edges. What provoked the whole thing was listing my Spanish coins and finding listings that had a single date and said types A and B exist..and then the very next listing would have a date and say type A and then a second line of the same date would say type B . Inconsistency like that is annoying and I hope the powers that be here at Numista will fix this to make it standard.

Is there/ should there be a committee to determine which authorities qualify as countries for dashboard purposes?
Posted: 25-Jan-2016, 03:49AM in Numista catalogue

Could the country list stay with the same umbrella categories but the countries represented counter be adjusted to show that a member has that country represented in his dashboard?

If only they were better quality!
Posted: 25-Jan-2016, 02:59AM in Free discussion

Great stories..

Posted: 25-Jan-2016, 02:19AM in Numismatic questions

Carlos, I have not been here long. But when things get done it is usually when a team member or ref have a passion for it. Look at the moderators of the countries you have medals from. They might have better information and reasoning for you. Dont give up the fight. The Hutt River mafia got their drivel listed after all...

Latvia 5 Lati
Posted: 25-Jan-2016, 02:14AM in Numismatic questions

Krause has a policy to treat the listings of a nation as that nation does. I dont think anyone in the US gives a fig about orientation of edge lettering. Whereas Belgium seems to love it and you could find position a and b for most of their older issues at one time. I remember years ago when Malaysia had ab types for their ringgits in the catalog.

Enthusiasm restored
Posted: 25-Jan-2016, 02:04AM in Free discussion

I just love this website and forum. I cant express how much more fun I have had with my hobby since dicovering this site.

New American coinage (what would you want to see?)
Posted: 23-Jan-2016, 06:28PM in Free discussion

Ghawk97 I think you are mistaken about half dollars from the 1940s. There was no such series.

New countries
Posted: 23-Jan-2016, 06:03PM in Numista catalogue

I agree that if colonial India warrants its own listings that all other colonials deserve their own listings. Portuguese colonials come immediately to mind...

Micronesia tokens - official??
Posted: 23-Jan-2016, 05:42PM in Numismatic questions

I agree that the tokens of the Northern Marianna islands, a US possession with out the right of issuance of coinage, do not make a good argument for Numista to grant them nation status. It should be removed.

St.Helena & Ascension iffy info...
Posted: 23-Jan-2016, 06:18AM in Numista catalogue

Thank you sir.

Saudi KM49 has an incorrect date
Posted: 22-Jan-2016, 04:41AM in Numista catalogue

The krause catalog and the coin itself has as a date in arabic digits: 1392-1973. Should this listing then also be accurate?

Isle of Man 1 crown listing
Posted: 21-Jan-2016, 06:34PM in Numista catalogue

I'm still surprised that Numista would have a team member that seems to have the Midas touch of havoc. Shouldn't verifiers of information at least have some knowledge in the area they are verifying?

What world coin forums do you like best?
Posted: 21-Jan-2016, 05:19AM in Free discussion

I follow the Numista forums daily, and have since I discovered the existence of Numista. I also enjoy the scholarship on I wonder if anyone would share forums they frequent and for what topic or reason they like that forum. I am just curious. Thanks.

Polish commemorative coins
Posted: 21-Jan-2016, 03:40AM in Numismatic questions

I have a lot of those early commy commems in both circ and uncirc condition..

Spain, Portugal & latinoamerican part
Posted: 20-Jan-2016, 02:19PM in Free discussion

I grew up in the Panhandle of Oklahoma. It is almost the opposite of surface water availability. This is one reason I absolutely love the coins of Portugal and Brazil. I would enjoy seeing and participating in more threads about these countries.

[solved] Polish/Russian currency?
Posted: 18-Jan-2016, 03:13AM in Numista catalogue

Jarcek you continue to provoke laughter with your posts! Love your humor! civil wars in albums...hahaha

[solved] 5 reichmark 1935, with Adolf Hitler face
Posted: 16-Jan-2016, 02:50PM in Numismatic questions

This is a fantasy issue.

Iraq listing for KM# 130
Posted: 15-Jan-2016, 07:25AM in Numista catalogue

If the proof coin was struck with a segmented collar that could explain what people think is the 1 before the 250.

What is your lowest coin mintage?
Posted: 13-Jan-2016, 12:24AM in Free discussion

Im new to the site and I have been loading my Thai. I have most of my 21st century loaded. And now im getting my 20th century loaded little by little. I'll get that isle of man up next I see it.

Duplicated entry? Belize 5 cents
Posted: 12-Jan-2016, 12:24AM in Numista catalogue

Do you know how this all started? When they issued a new dollar coin it was with a different bust of the Queen. So they thought that all the smaller denominations had the different bust also. My father had just returned with a pocket full of current dated coins that still had the original bust. Took a while to convince them to correct what they have done. I will submit the change to Krause again.

Separation of Xinjiang
Posted: 12-Jan-2016, 12:18AM in Numista catalogue

I think it's nicethat you are seeking input before you make drastic changes.

[solved] roman empire
Posted: 10-Jan-2016, 10:39PM in Numista catalogue

JARCEK!!! That was so funny! You had me chocking. Love it.

Does anyone know the names of the horses that Queen Elizabeth II is riding in various commemorative issues?
Posted: 10-Jan-2016, 11:34AM in Free discussion

I followed your link and then also checked parade horses. I discovered that from 1947 until 1956 she rode a chestnut named Winston. When he retired, she rode Imperial. Thanks again Bam777.

Currencies names
Posted: 10-Jan-2016, 04:01AM in Numista catalogue

I know this is an old thread. I like more on this site than I dont. What I dont like is a pretty big dont though. How on earth are people supposed to find their coins when they have no name anyone recognizes? After reading this thread im guessing the status quo will be maintained...shame it wasnt maintained pre-butcher....can we maybe make a numisdocs page so that newbies can figure this nightmare out? Other than this horror it seems to be a great page.

Why are the modern coins of Madeira in the Portuguese listings and not in the Madeira listings?
Posted: 5-Jan-2016, 05:57AM in Numista catalogue

Stands to reason as they have a Portuguese side as well. Thank you.

World coins chat: Korea (including North & South)
Posted: 4-Jan-2016, 01:00AM in Free discussion

Chomp-master, I have those and I agree with you. I think I misunderstood you to say that North Korea didnt have any circ coinage. Please forgive me. I speak english but not very well according to my grades in school.

Unattractive female effigies on coins
Posted: 2-Jan-2016, 06:22AM in Free discussion

Actually President Coolidge appeared on the 1926 Sesquicentennial half while very much alive. Senator Robinson was on the Arkansas Centennial half of 1936 while living. Nancy Reagan is alive and will appear on a coin this year. Senator Carter Glass may have been living when he was on the Lynchburg, Virginia half...

What is best magnifier you have found for use with coins?
Posted: 2-Jan-2016, 06:06AM in Numismatic questions

I love my Eschenbach loupe.

What did you use before Numista?
Posted: 1-Jan-2016, 10:49PM in Free discussion

I circle the KM number in my Krause and underline the date and condition. Since I am always looking something up at a coinshow it seemed smart to combine the two. (Edited for spelling)

Don't you love it when sellers don't know/care what they have?
Posted: 1-Jan-2016, 09:42PM in Free discussion

A dealer at a coin show here in Oklahoma had a junk box he would toss everything in. I found "dateless" gothic florins of Victoria. Bought all three for a dollar. Of course they were dated in roman numerals...that was some time ago...but I have never forgotten..

Cricket themed coins?
Posted: 1-Jan-2016, 09:31PM in Numismatic questions

Ukraine has a coin with an insect in the same family as the cricket. :)

Andorra 2 Euro CC 2014 - 20 Yrs Accession of Andorra to the Council of Europe
Posted: 1-Jan-2016, 09:29PM in Numismatic questions

Oops. That may just be the regular set. Not the commem. My bad.

Favorite monarch design
Posted: 31-Dec-2015, 04:22AM in Free discussion

I think we should consider that the woman on the Polish coins of the 1930s is not Queen or King Jadwiga. Early numismatic literature calls the image that of Polonia...really no different than Marienne on french coinage, Britanna on UK coinage, Liberty on US coinage. I read a description of radiant headed Queen Jadwiga and had to laugh. Those are not rays, but grain heads of wheat. The contributors of the catalog really got that one wrong.

What's your lowest mintage coin?
Posted: 29-Dec-2015, 12:39PM in Free discussion

Mintage unreported in current SCWC for the Isle of Man 2 pound dirigible of 1989. I have the coin used for the photgraph.

Your oldest non demonetised coin?
Posted: 29-Dec-2015, 10:30AM in Free discussion

The bill Nixon signed to allow for private gold ownership also remonetized the trade dollar. You did not have to turn in your gold jewelry when gold ownership was made illegal. Just no more gold jewelry. Also. Gold with significant numismatic value was exempted.

What is the oldest commemorative coin of GB ?
Posted: 29-Dec-2015, 09:38AM in Numismatic questions

Plumes roses ssc and eic tell where metal was sourced. But lima and vigo tell of battle and commemorate who won...I think...any way it is interesting.

A visit to the New Orleans Mint museum
Posted: 29-Dec-2015, 06:33AM in Free discussion

Sorry your visit to the Denver mint was disappointing. Every time I have been it was amazing. My first fime as a kid in the 1980s I watched them striking congress silver dollars...the most amazing capped die...then we created medals struck thru carpet fibers and my long hair...then in the early 2000s we were on the floor and run our hands and arms thru enormous containers of struck state quarters...another year the waffling machine...truly amazing place...

US Collectors - which price guide?
Posted: 28-Dec-2015, 12:40AM in Numismatic questions

I use greysheet as a place to start.

Mintmarks Isle of Man and Gibraltar and other overseas territories
Posted: 25-Dec-2015, 10:55AM in Numismatic questions

It is more correct to call these marks on IOM and Gibraltar coins as die letters. The PM is the mintmark representing the Pobjoy Mint. Another acceptable term introduced by Schon is batch letters.

Do Examples of 'ALL' US Minted Coins Exist?
Posted: 25-Dec-2015, 10:30AM in Numismatic questions

Supposedly a peace dollar was struck in the 1960s...but no one has ever seen it...1964 I think...

Portuguese 100 escudos
Posted: 25-Dec-2015, 09:09AM in Numismatic questions

By going to the Portuguese mint website you can get many many many different commemorative coins in many different denominations for face value. They are commemorative in nature, but can circulate in function.

Collection Parameters
Posted: 25-Dec-2015, 09:02AM in Numismatic questions

I collect and when what I collect is I move on to something else. I also collect IOM and when my base metal was complete I then moved to Thai. When it was complete I moved to Portugal. It is complete I will move on to Poland...and as new stuff comes out I will try to keep everything updated. It's fun. I use my pieces to exhibit at coin shows...

No, New Zealand! How could you?
Posted: 25-Dec-2015, 08:01AM in Numismatic questions

I don't care for colorized coins either. But I must say that all of the different circulating quarters and dollars issued here sure make looking thru change fun. Very historic topics are featured as well. Also...they come with mint marks...great fun.

U.K. Protectorate coins - size matters
Posted: 25-Dec-2015, 07:38AM in Numismatic questions

I enjoy this thread. I have tons of these coins. Since I exhibit at coin shows I keep them in flips which I store by country and then denomination. My favorite is my two pound dirigible.

What to do?
Posted: 25-Dec-2015, 07:31AM in Numismatic questions

Unless there is a sentimental aspect to this piece, cant it be replaced from a coin dealers junk box? Nothing you do will make this coin look unaltered...

[solved] Some Asian coin
Posted: 22-Dec-2015, 08:50AM in Coin identifications and valuations

The bottom image shows the date as year 61. Add 11 and you have 72. Your coin is from 1972.

Will Numista ever do for banknotes what it has done for coins?
Posted: 21-Dec-2015, 02:55AM in Numismatic questions

I wonder if there exists a plan to do for banknotes what Numista has done for coins?