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[solved] Updating lists of websites which have given permission to use pictures
Posted: 6-Feb-2020, 01:13PM in Numista website

Quote​​Copyright • ​All text, graphic representations, photographs and videos on this site remain the property of NZ Mint. • ​Text contained within this website may be reproduced, provided that: • ​· It is not sold. • ​· A copyright acknowledgement to NZ Mint is included. • ​· The content is not changed. • ​ • ​I understand only text may be reproduced! Should maybe not add it without expres permission.

1992 10p UK
Posted: 29-Jan-2020, 03:32PM in Numista catalogue

Were there indeed more 1992 large 10p coins minted than stated on this page: • • Or are those (as I suspect) all mistakes and should most of these be on the small 10p page? • • Most of those coins should be moved to the small 10p page and the values should be removed.

(CCIP) Co-operative catalogue improvement project - Image cropping
Posted: 29-Jan-2020, 01:37AM in Numista catalogue

some more • • • • • need cropping • • • • need rotating

[solved] Show personal comments on exchange page
Posted: 26-Jan-2020, 02:59PM in Numista website

Xavier, thanks! Looks very good. • Is it then also possible to add this link (» See details for each year/mintmark) to all coin pages (now only available if several yearlines available or when all swappers do'nt fit on three lines). Probably to be renamed too (» See details for all coins for swap) • merci bien!

[solved] Belgium 2€ - 2005
Posted: 22-Jan-2020, 08:41PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Our mint closed last year, since 2019 our coins are minted in the Netherlands. Though I don't check for that kind of errors to be able to say if the coins are of better quality since. • Bram

[solved] Mint Field
Posted: 19-Jan-2020, 10:45PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​I agree this is a limitation. Comments for each year line would still be needed in this case.​ok, thanks

"My coins" information vs. "profile" collection information
Posted: 13-Jan-2020, 05:35PM in Numista website

Quote: "manik100"​ • Quote: "BramVB"BramVB​​That's it. Thank you. • ​ • ​So the "Collection" on the profile page just shows what you have not for swap, correct? • You're welcome :) • ​Indeed, the idea is that your collection is not for swap. The numbers on the My coin page used to show the same info, until the options for different collections were added so there is more flexibility there now too filter the values (thanks again Xavier!).

échange en main à Paris (26/1 - 29/1)
Posted: 8-Jan-2020, 03:18PM in Échanges

Du 26 au 29 Janvier je vais visiter Paris avec la famille, je n'aurai pas trop de temps mais peut-être quelqu'un serait intéressé de faire un échange avec moi. • - Je cherche encore un tas de pièces Européenne (la plupart avant 1950 ou des commémoratives), regarde dans mon profil pour voir combien de pièces de votre liste d'échange m'intéressent. • - Pour les Eurocollectioneurs, je suis encore à la recherche de rouleaux originaux de €2 commémoratives (de la France j'ai seulement la de 2015 drapeau), j'ai beacoup de rouleaux des pays Baltiques pour offrir en échange. • - Je collectionne aussi des monnaies avec plantes et animaux, aussi des billets de tout le monde. • merci de regarder • (Et pour les Belges qui lisent cette invitation ... toujours possible de se rencontrer en Bruxelles, presque chaque semaine).

[solved] Number of people who own each year of the coins
Posted: 3-Jan-2020, 05:01PM in Numista website

Just "presence" or "presence in collections" would clearly define what is is.

Banknotes on Numista - questionnaire
Posted: 2-Jan-2020, 10:29PM in Banknotes

Jarcek • For the sake of discussion ... has anyone in the numista team made any New year resolutions regarding a banknote database? • a merry 2020 to all those collecting coins and/or banknotes.

Happy New Year's
Posted: 1-Jan-2020, 04:46PM in Free discussion

Happy new year from Estonia and in a few days again from Belgium.

[solved] wish list posting
Posted: 26-Dec-2019, 10:28PM in Swaps and trades

I think there is also the issue that until you have added 1 coin yourself to your swaplist, the number of coins of interest to both parties is not shown on your profile page ( So just add a (virtual) coin for swap in your collection ... a Lincoln cent for example ... then I can for example immediately see how many coins in my swaplist would interest you. • You can also open a swap with me, were you can mark the coins on your wishlist (with a heart) that you would want from me. Like that I (as a potential seller) can immediately see what coins (by type, year, mint) interest you. • good luck!

Coins shops in Singapore, Paris, Ypres, and London.
Posted: 26-Dec-2019, 05:58PM in Free discussion

If you happen to pass over Brussels on your way to Ypres, we might meet for a swap. Give me a shout when you have more details

Anyone found some 2019 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 24-Dec-2019, 11:13AM in Free discussion

Today I got at two shops the last 2 circulating 2019 coins from Estonia: regular 1c and commemorative €2 Tartu university. I also got the €2 song festival in July but apparently forgot to report it. •

Selling of crowns (and other big coins) from Gibraltar and Isle of Man
Posted: 20-Dec-2019, 03:12AM in Swaps and trades

All but 3 sets still available. Will be able to send out during the next two weeks if there is any more interest.

[solved] An extra French two franc listing...
Posted: 18-Dec-2019, 03:26PM in Numista catalogue

The point is that, but this info is missing on the english page!, the first coin was minted with a different edge (fine reeding) as production had started before the final agreement on coin specifications had been made. The whole production was then destroyed (waffled) but some were recovered before remelting. • So the issue is not the waffling, but a different reeding. Most of the recovered coins with this reeding have been wafled, but there also seem to be some that got out undamaged. • • The English page clearly needs an update with all this extra info. If nobody else does it, I'll give it a go one of these days. I'm quite sure this coin with different reeding deserves its own page.

[solved] Commemorative Event vs Coin Series
Posted: 17-Dec-2019, 10:53PM in Numista website

Quote: "ZacUK"​ In the Latest coins section, there are these three ... • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​yet when clicking on the Series link none of them are shown - • ​and what on earth is the Shēngxiào Collection in the name thereof? ​Seems to be an issue with the link, it uses double quotation marks that are not accepted in the search (single quotation or none do work). I guess a little bug that needs the attention of Xavier • Shēngxiào is Chinese to me , but does seem to mean Lunar •

Variable weight
Posted: 8-Dec-2019, 11:25PM in Numista website

Weight seems to be a discussion point quite often, as we most often do not know the variability of it. • I have noticed in some threads that people try to make a list of measured weights, to get an idea of the average and the variability. Maybe, just like with the buying values of coins, we could add weights to the coins in our collection. Like that an average weight + standard deviation could be derived for the coins (per year if necessary, as some cointypes have varying weights per year), also taking into account the grade of the coin. Just like with buying values it would be a totally voluntary thing to add these weights, but it could result in quite an interesting dataset. • Just an idea ...

Token with griffin - Livonian?
Posted: 8-Dec-2019, 09:22PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Found this strange (copper?) token at an auction, but cannot find anything about it, but it looks old and interesting. • On one side it has a shield with a griffin with sword, that reminds me of the coat of arms of Livonia. • The other side has a wreath and then some flowers with in between what looks like: "II", 2 I's in a cross, 2 I's making an upside down V (lambda?) and then tho bent I's forming a circle. The center is not visible as it seems to have been turned into a button or badge at some time. There also seems to be a seam of some kind between the wreath and the floral section of that side (or could be part of the design as well as it's only partially visible on both ends of the coin and nothing of the kind visible on the other side). • I am waiting for some info on weight and size, but I'm guessing about 12 to 15 mm. • Didn't find anything in the catalogue yet, nor did mr. google be of any help (he suggested it was a dime ) • Anyon[...]

Isle of Man: 2 pence, 1998, km901.1 versus km902.2
Posted: 17-Nov-2019, 12:21AM in Numista catalogue

Ole • great work as always, thanks • just noticed a small error in the title: 902.2 instead of 901.2

[solved] ¼ Yang Gwang Mu km1117 vs km1118 differences
Posted: 11-Nov-2019, 04:03PM in Numismatic questions

I don't collect these coins, but shouldn't we ignore the differentiation made by Krause and join both on one page (with a variety for 1898, which happens to have its own KM#)? To me they both belong to one type ... with a minute difference in design size (not even in design). • I know there are more coins like this that only differ by minute designsizes ... (eg. the Belgian 50c with big and small head and such). Is there a general rule to be applied for the future numista-numbering when to split a type?

[solved] Scambio
Posted: 8-Nov-2019, 04:59PM in Numista website

He can refuse your offer and then you can again change the coins in the swap before again confirming the swap.

Spain 1997 euro set
Posted: 25-Oct-2019, 12:54AM in Numista catalogue

3 in the catalogue, one still missing (please add it) • • these are no coins, just tokens

[solved] South Africa: 1 penny 1948, km34.1, diamond / no diamond
Posted: 14-Oct-2019, 08:24PM in Numista catalogue

On the coinpage the third yearline states "with or without diamond", I suppose it has to be one or the other as there is already a regular 1948 penny is already there on the first yearline. • Anyone know which one is the "common" one and which one the "variant"? (I'm guessing the one without a diamond)

[solved] How many times has a posting been opened (and maybe read)?
Posted: 11-Oct-2019, 11:01PM in Numista website

Quote: "Jarcek"​I read every one last of them! ​+1

[solved] 1954 Swiss 2 franc coin - aluminum
Posted: 10-Oct-2019, 07:18PM in Numismatic questions

Could be this Sigg token • • 1954 is not mentioned (yet) but it's very close to a swiss 2 francs in aluminium • Please add pictures to confirm!

1932 Tallinn, Estonia Medal
Posted: 27-Sep-2019, 04:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Seems to be for some kind of business fair (8th Estonian Show Fair) in Tallinn from 3-12 september 1932. Nothing too big by the looks of it ... • • No more info, except they recycled the medal design in 1934 (

Posted: 20-Sep-2019, 09:41AM in Numismatic questions

There is even a tag for "mustache" (should indeed be moustache), but it's far from complete. At least we now have a member who will use this weird tag • CarlosSilver, you now have the task to complete the list of coins with this tag

Latvia 2 Euro 2019 - The Rising Sun
Posted: 19-Sep-2019, 11:14AM in Swaps and trades

Interested, PM sent

[solved] Turkey KM# 989 2 year lines 1989
Posted: 18-Sep-2019, 09:20PM in Numista catalogue

Will • I spotted a similar comment on the 100 Lira coin • • There seems to be a (non-documented) difference there.

[solved] Advanced search - filters Leterring AND Coin type - did not give correct result...
Posted: 18-Sep-2019, 12:52PM in Numista website

it was "including euros" • (was answering on the top of my head, and it failed me with the exact wording) :)

Improve swap page to also select coins not in your swaplist yet and select collection
Posted: 3-Sep-2019, 10:59AM in Numista website

More and more often the people wanting to swap don't have any coins that interest me for my collection. Sometimes they want coins I have a lot of and we can do a swap for coins I don't yet have in my swaplist. Like that we still both profit. • Would it be possible to add a button on the exchange pages "I don't have this cointype in my swaplist" to make it easier to find them? • Additionally it might also be useful to select different collections on this page to check coins against, as one sometimes has overlapping collections and might need a coin in both collections. (eg. I already have a Greek Drachme in my Europe collection, but I'm still missing this owl it in my nature collection)

[solved] Crown coins Gibraltar
Posted: 2-Sep-2019, 09:11AM in Numista catalogue

Thanks all! • Another small step towards perfection

I need HELP with cleaning old silver pesetas.
Posted: 22-Aug-2019, 01:11PM in Numismatic questions

Welcome to Numista! • Posting some pictures would help to try to determine the exact issue.

Selling of eurocoins (sets, coincards and rolls)
Posted: 14-Aug-2019, 06:40PM in Swaps and trades

Getting rid of some stuff that I don't need anymore to free some cash for loose coins. • Estonian year set of 2018 containing all circulation coins (1c to €2 + 2 x €2 commemoratives) in BU condition (€90 /pc or €250 /3pc) • I still have 3 sets that I bought for a swap than never took place. Mintage only 5000pcs, so usually sells quite expensively. Just trying to recover the money I put into them. Will also consider a swap with the Lithuanian set from 2018. • Belgian €2 coins from 2014-2019 • Belgium got the bad habit of issuing €2 commemoratives inside pieces of plastic and paper. These coins are therefore much more expensive than facial value and therefore more difficult to swap. Who wants some? • 2014 150 Years of Red Cross in Belgium (coincard €13, loose coin UNC €8,5) • 2015 The European Year for Development (€8,5) • 2016 Olympic Games - Rio 2016 (€9) • 2017 Université de Liège (€9) • 2017 Universiteit Gent (€9) • [...]

[solved] Silver content not showing
Posted: 14-Aug-2019, 09:51AM in Numista website

Just checked two pages and the line with the silver value is not showing anymore. I guess a temporary bug? • Please bring back the bullion value

[solved] 5 Rand 2018
Posted: 5-Aug-2019, 04:04PM in Numista catalogue

Are both years the same type? The lettering is quite different ... • just a thought

"Unknown/unidentifiable coin" - never used and still have some, why is that?
Posted: 30-Jul-2019, 10:51PM in Numista catalogue

Probably not fully identiefied coins that were moved there on June 14th • see this topic for more info:

[solved] Tokens and Exonumia
Posted: 29-Jul-2019, 05:45PM in Numista website

You're welcome • Enjoy your trip on this site and when in doubt, just ask!

[solved] List pictures only of a country's coins
Posted: 25-Jul-2019, 05:42PM in Numista website

In the "display options" (under the blue search frame) you can hide the "fast input" (which is all those lines of years and mintmarks you want to avoid).

[solved] Bulgaria 10 euro Banknote?
Posted: 25-Jul-2019, 03:22PM in Banknotes

Apparently they use the printer as the first letter on the 2nd series banknotes: • • • F then refers to a Bulgarian printing facility, there is also one in Poland and in other non)Euro countries (like DeLaRue in UK).

50 Centavos Nicaragua
Posted: 23-Jul-2019, 08:39PM in Numismatic questions

On bank of Nicaragua website, they only mention "nickel plated steel" • • Might be a hint?

[solved] Swap workflow documentation ???
Posted: 23-Jul-2019, 05:10PM in Numista website

Quote: "pejounet"​Once confirmed, it cannot be undone; see here the point "Confirm your swap".​ If you confirmed by mistake, your partner can reject your offer and you can again edit the ongoing swap process.

[solved] Unidentified or Unknown Coin BUG
Posted: 19-Jul-2019, 10:29PM in Numista website

Yes, had the same happen at exactly the same time :) • These are (among others?) Spanish coins (Franco + Juan Carlos I) where the minting year could not be read in the star. On June 14th these lines were apparently moved from the coinpage of the original coin to this separate section of "unidentified coins" subsection "Spain or Spanish States"

Coin I want to change
Posted: 7-Jul-2019, 10:59PM in Numista website

You can mark those coins as "I want to get this coin". Then it will have bot the green mark (in my collection) as the heart (I want this coin), like that I know it's a coin that I have but in bad grade.

Those last few difficult common countries
Posted: 25-Jun-2019, 10:58PM in Free discussion

Being a Europe-collector it's indeed Liechtenstein and Montenegro that are still missing after having had hundreds of swaps here. I'm quite hopeful that one day they'll enter my collection to be my 58th and 59th country. For number 60 and further on, I'll need to start moving towards the middle ages ... (Moldavia & Wallachia, Livonia, Kievan Rus, Bohemia).

Duplicate Listings
Posted: 20-Jun-2019, 01:11AM in Numista catalogue • • second one is duplicate

Wrong images .. ??
Posted: 19-Jun-2019, 11:50PM in Numista catalogue

All seems fine, there are 3 different ones (also a commemorative KM#29 that you linked to). They indeed seem to be mixing obverses and reverses over the three types (2 aluminium and 1 silver) • Here are all three

Unknown coin type
Posted: 19-Jun-2019, 11:04PM in Numista website

Same here ... 4 coins for swap moved from 1 peseta Franco to unknown coin • Was the yearline with unreadable star-date removed maybe? • edit: looks like quite a few people were impacted by this move of coins: •

Swapping or selling
Posted: 19-Jun-2019, 03:50PM in Swaps and trades

If there is real interest, I could make a list of exactly what coins go for that price ... or you just start a swap and I'll check on the go.

[solved] Request to add 1986 to 1 Lebanon Lira (Livre)
Posted: 14-Jun-2019, 09:59PM in Numista catalogue

yes, new material gets a new page

[solved] Wrong value
Posted: 12-Jun-2019, 04:03PM in Numista catalogue

Something is very wrong with the value showing up for this token • • I know how vAlues appear, so I don't get it how three people got it in Good for that low price ... especially if it were gold.

[solved] Swapping question
Posted: 10-Jun-2019, 11:48PM in Numista website

Here you'll find a list with in the fifth column the number of coins out of your 150 swap-coins somebody is interested in: • • That is of course if the other users are taking care of their want-list. I've noticed that if someone is interested in all your swap-coins they tend to not be using this function of "wanted coins". You'll notice I need 1 of your list (though you can't see it's the 1909 Farthing ...).

[solved] What are the most common coins among Numista collectors???? NRI = 0
Posted: 8-Jun-2019, 01:09AM in Numista website • very recent post

underweight 3 Reis 1764 ?
Posted: 6-Jun-2019, 01:36AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I recently made another wonderfull swap, but one of the coins seems to be off. In the swap was included a Portuguese 3 Reis from 1764 . It is not a very rare coins and many are found online (for sale and sold). The coin I got though was very underweight (2.56g) compared to the numista coinpage (3.8g !). Online I have found weights between 3,0g and 3,94g, but none yet weighing as little as mine. Is there any source for the weight range for this kind of coins? The coin is also rather black than copper-coloured, but that doesn't seem to be unusual for this coin (sale of 3 coins with different colours), it also has some "nice" verdigris which I guess also points to copper. • Here are pictures, it is F/VF, so weight loss from wear is is unlikely to be the reason: • Is it just a normal underweight pre-standardisation coin? The swapper claims such differences are normal, and I have no reason to distrust him as we've already had several good swaps. Just looking for a se[...]

Currency valuation
Posted: 4-Jun-2019, 10:59PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "DUBIR"​​Here is a link to my collection: • ​ • ​ • ​​he already sent the link to pictures ...

[solved] General Information re: Catalog pages please?
Posted: 18-May-2019, 09:46AM in Numista website

Quote: "jrkcornell"​I've noticed a 'double check' on some of the coins I've added to my collection indicating 'i own both strikes of this coin', when I've only added 1 piece & there seems to be only 1 strike anyway. • ​concerning your first question. • A double check means you have all years or strikes available for that coin in your collection. With coins having just one year/variety/mintmatk/strike, having one coin means you immediately also get the double check.

Canada 25 cents 1912-1926
Posted: 13-May-2019, 12:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Shouldn't there be at least a small difference in dimensions (weight, thickness or diameter) if it's made of a different alloy? • On the coinpage on numista at least weight and diameter seem to be identical ... must be thickness then? Or error in weight?

Coin news - various topics
Posted: 9-May-2019, 10:31PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Giobruno"And I have a question about it: is that coin already catalogued (but not on Numista) or it's a brand new coin type? ​on the website they mention coins, but not sure if it's the same as on the picture: • "This date was refined by tiny gold coins from the coffin, called tremissi from Merovingian France. The coins bear the name of the mint where they were made and the moneyer who made them and were only produced after AD 580."

Nepalese coin
Posted: 8-May-2019, 01:43PM in Coin identifications and valuations • The date is on your first picture (upside down) २०६२, always a good start with Nepalese coins.

Anyone found some 2018 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 3-May-2019, 09:18AM in Free discussion

Got this one from the bakery, Andorra 2018 50c, suposedly only in sets (20.000 pcs.) As I just completed my Andorra type set with a 2014 50c, this one is up for a special swap. •

Top 10 countries you have banknotes from
Posted: 24-Apr-2019, 04:48PM in Banknotes

My collection by type (154 countries, 1117 types) • 1) Russia 49 • 2) Germanies 38 • 3) Argentina 35 • 3) Brazil 35 • 3) Yugoslavia 35 • 6) Egypt 26 • 7) PR China 23 • 7) Belarus 23 • 9) Cambodia 22 • 9) Indonesia 22 • @ lotus07 I also seem to have spent some time in Estonia ;-)

Online catalogue that explains differences between pick#
Posted: 17-Apr-2019, 03:00PM in Banknotes

Anybody knows a good resource to find the differences between pick numbers. Sometimes differences are quite obvious, but sometimes they are so subtle that I can't manage to figure them out. Colnect sometimes describes the differences, but mostly not ... • --------------- • We need notista !!! • ---------------

Trading silver for silver
Posted: 15-Apr-2019, 09:03PM in Swaps and trades

PM sent

April 1st country names
Posted: 5-Apr-2019, 08:49AM in Free discussion

Quote: "muzz0000"​29 usa- Trumpland---only nation in the world that is building a wall to stop its own tax-payers from running away​GDR did that first, "to keep fortune seekers from the west out"

1 durham 1990
Posted: 3-Apr-2019, 09:30PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Pretty common, as it's the Dirham from 1995 = ١٩٩٥ (not 1990, which would be ١٩٩٠). I have three for swap ... so nothing special • • Posting a picture of your coin is always the best option to get a prompt and correct reply, thanks.

[solved] Multiple collections feature not working
Posted: 2-Apr-2019, 09:57AM in Numista website

The new function only works in the new layout apparently, you are still using the old one.

1984 penny abnormally bigger and lighter
Posted: 1-Apr-2019, 09:21PM in Numismatic questions

I also saw one today. It was the size of a large pizza and so light it was floating around my back yard. • Do you think it's an invasion? •

Additions to your collection April 2019 edition
Posted: 1-Apr-2019, 07:09PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Cycnos"​- Australia : 2 euros 2002 (rare, I didn't know they were circulated in the European Union !). • ​ • ​Sorry for the bad picture, I broke my camera few days ago so I had to use my old phone.​Hi, save some money for a better camera (instead of buying pastries). If you want us to confirm the authenticity of your Australian €2 coin, please also provide weight, width and height of the coin ... also, did you do the kangaroo-test with a magnet? • Please also provide better pictures once you have a new camera, because I think you might have a coin with a very RARE portrait of Elizabeth II with veil.

difficult coin, please help
Posted: 1-Apr-2019, 02:20PM in Coin identifications and valuations

It looks real to me, the details look fine and I just put a neodymium magnet on my screen and it did not attract. I think it is even the 100% 24 karat nordic gold plated variety from Niue. • I saw a lot of them for sale on ebay. Apparently they are very very RARE!

Countries will gradually change names into what best describes them.
Posted: 1-Apr-2019, 12:45PM in Free discussion

Did Rocketman himself already react? Is he a numista-user? What's his account name!!!!????

[solved] Wrong name for Vatican
Posted: 1-Apr-2019, 11:56AM in Numista website

Just a temporary bug (April 1st) ... enjoy finding all the other "(un)appropriate" names in the country list

[solved] Managing separate collections on the same profile
Posted: 31-Mar-2019, 10:02PM in Numista website

Already enjoying the new feature. • I only already noticed that the wishlist does not yet distinguish between separate collections. Some coins I only want for my main collection, some only for my secondary one and some even for both. • Any possibility to attach a wishlist to a specific collection? • And did I already say thanks for the new feature?

UK 10 pence 2019 C
Posted: 30-Mar-2019, 04:53PM in Swaps and trades

We need to swap again then :-) • ​​​​swap opened

Is there a way to see duplicates?
Posted: 19-Mar-2019, 12:13PM in Numista website

Download your collection in excel. Easier to search there.

Numista Robot - Upgrade(s)
Posted: 17-Mar-2019, 03:46PM in Numista website

Quote: "mikimaus" why for instance if I put in querry "Slovenska vojska", this coin is not in search results? • ​​It is with me (tenth token out of 19 results), maybe tokens were not selected when searching?

Australia 2 Dollar Coins - highly suspect coin dated 1997 with obverse not used until 1998?
Posted: 16-Mar-2019, 12:46PM in Numismatic questions

Those tend to be made of different metals then.

New Brazilian coin app
Posted: 15-Mar-2019, 11:09PM in Numista website

Quote: "mikimaus"​Numista should feel flattered!​If there would at least be recognition for all the work being done here ... quod non! Just claiming everything as their own, which is not so nice

Euro Coin Shop
Posted: 13-Mar-2019, 12:51PM in Numismatic questions

Hi • I don't think prices will differ that much from country to country. I think the extra postage would be a much bigger difference if you start ordering from different countries. • On the other hand ... I do have a lot of €2 CC (most not on my swaplist) that I could swap for dozens of 50p/£2 coins I'm still missing, just at face value That might be your luck of living in the UK where they also produce massive amounts of circulating commemoratives with high nominal value!

Send first policy
Posted: 13-Mar-2019, 12:51AM in Swaps and trades

I think it is all about a bit of common sense and building up a reputation. If you've built up dozens of succesfull swaps, you'll most obviously not screw someone up for a few coins in a swap. While the new member will still have to build up his/her reputation little by little. • The only times that a swap didn't happen after asking the other side to send first was when I already had doubts about their intentions (very fast agreement on swap, agreement on very uneven value, even asking me to send first). So let's hope your swap partner can understand the reason for you to ask to send first, otherwise it might be a first red flag! • Happy swapping :)

British trade dollar 1911
Posted: 7-Mar-2019, 12:57AM in Numismatic questions


Birthday bank note
Posted: 4-Mar-2019, 12:23PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Idolenz"​please do social security next ​And then please also post banknotes with your bank-account number and pin-code

35th International Fair, Antwerp, 10.03.2019
Posted: 4-Mar-2019, 01:25AM in Free discussion

Always present in Antwerp, unless I'm out of town ;) • No plans yet (buying at fairs is not my cup of tea) ... but who knows, maybe I'll swing by for a change ...

[solved] Export bug?
Posted: 4-Mar-2019, 01:10AM in Numista website

I think it's because you get a line per grade. In this case one is VF the other one is ungraded, if they would both be marked as VF they'd end up in the same line.

Does your post office allow you to send coins?
Posted: 20-Feb-2019, 12:08PM in Numismatic questions

For letters or padded envelopes and if you don't want to lie/disguise the content when asked: just weigh the envelope yourself, get stamps and just drop it in the mailbox. Once it's in the system they don't seem to bother anymore to check if the content is allowed or not (and they definitely don't come to check it out at the sender's address ). • Experience from Estonia an Belgium, but I'm guessing it will work just as well anywhere else. • PS: And adding some cardboard helps to avoid detection as well.

Coin shops and fairs in Tallinn/Estonia
Posted: 17-Feb-2019, 09:12PM in Free discussion

And to those staying in Tallinn, there are some small temporary exhibitions going on in Eesti Pank: • • You might just have missed one on 19th century tokens ... (ended yesterday) • nägemist

New Feature explanation - coin prices linking from auctions
Posted: 16-Feb-2019, 11:47PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​I just fixed the "discard" functionality.I suggest that once you discard, you don't get the coin again yourself. Otherwise it might be wise not to discard completely until at least 3 people have clicked on "discard". As there is no confirmation needed, a wrong click is waiting around every corner. Already had it happen to me twice and no way to undo the "discard"

Thematic tag list
Posted: 13-Feb-2019, 01:22PM in Numista website

Quote: "Jarcek"​I would not consider these coins as something that should be tagged with Eagle tag, I would rather go for CoA. ​+1

[solved] Turkish 5 Lira 1982
Posted: 12-Feb-2019, 10:31AM in Numista catalogue

It is the normal 1982 coin. See comment in the yearline for 1983 is said to be smaller and bolder. • • Please add your pictures to the comments so that both fonts (1982 and 1983) can be seen on the coinpage.

Collecting Scandinavia coins, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Greenland
Posted: 4-Feb-2019, 11:17PM in Swaps and trades

I sure am :)

[solved] 50 Centimes - Balduin I
Posted: 12-Jan-2019, 01:58PM in Numista catalogue

Your coins are in the catalogue all right. • Type A is only till 1954, as from then they are all on the other page with B/C types. • If you think you found a new variety, please post pictures here.

Token Pelé
Posted: 8-Jan-2019, 10:48PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Love the copyright for the pictures though ;)

Help Please with 1879B Romania Coins 2 Bani
Posted: 8-Jan-2019, 10:46PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "SpuDy"​The gold was premium minted for some Europe Kings of the time, was offered as a gift to them.​the picture of the golden coin has been removed, the mintage of 500.000 still seems excessive for a premium coin that we don't seem to be able to find pictures off. • Any idea of real mintage?

Post office: "What does the shipment contain?"
Posted: 7-Jan-2019, 10:40PM in Numismatic questions

That's all true for shipments with custom forms. But when you want to send cheap, like me, you send as a letter (a normal envelope). Those are normally only allowed to contain paper, with maximum 5mm thickness. Even with well concealed coins, the clerks can notice there is something non-papery and as such should be sent as a parcel (much more expensive!). These last few months there seems to be an international crackdown on non-paper stuff in envelopes, judging from comments on the forum and personal experience in Belgium and Estonia. • So yes, a little lie might be necessary. If they insist, you can always say it's one of those cards with an annoying song inside. Or just buy stamps and drop it in the mailbox yourself. Never yet did I have a letter returned ... fingers crossed. • Bram

Chances of having a second profile?
Posted: 7-Jan-2019, 12:47PM in Free discussion

Yes, being able to have several sub-collections would be great. I have my main European collection, secondary fauna/flora collection, my swaplist ... and as mentioned, the proposal for implementing this has been accepted loooong time ago. • In the meantime I did message Xavier and since then I have a second profile (BramVB_bis). I do prefer to be open about it, as to avoid any possible discussions (swapping/rating with myself, double voting in MPCC, ...) ... • Probably no problem for a second collection, but would indeed be easier to have them all under one profile ...

[solved] Euro cents
Posted: 25-Dec-2018, 10:47PM in Numismatic questions

In Belgium at the central bank you can hand in for free 5kg of coins per month. In a shop you can pay for max €1 with 1 eurocent coins. • In Estonia at some banks if you have an account. • So first figure out where you want to go with your kg of coins. But it's likely to give you backpain before you get rich. Why else does someone give away coins below face value ...

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Posted: 25-Dec-2018, 10:30AM in Free discussion

To all, sending you white Christmas wishes from Estonia. •

[solved] Poland Fourth Złoty dates
Posted: 16-Dec-2018, 11:21PM in Numismatic questions

Hi • They were minted as from 1990, but only released in 1995 ... • • A bit like eurocoins from some countries with dates going back to 1999 (all released only in 2002) • B

[solved] Medieval and ancient giveaway again
Posted: 11-Dec-2018, 07:30PM in Free discussion

Yeah!!! Great, thanks a lot. For sure I'll post some pictures. Both before and after some careful cleaning ... and for sure to get some help for identification. • Very happy with my luck and even more with Cro321's kindness. Xmas comes early this year

Looking for 2017-2018 2 euro coins
Posted: 29-Nov-2018, 06:39PM in Swaps and trades

Probably 5 this time, PM sent

[solved] Pictures of Ukraine 2018 coins missing
Posted: 13-Nov-2018, 11:36PM in Numista catalogue

So many members already have these coins for swapping, but no one takes the trouble to add a picture? • 1 Hryvnia 2018 • • 2 Hryvni 2018 •

Comment change on rating
Posted: 23-Oct-2018, 12:17PM in Swaps and trades (sticky topic)

Estonia 2018 BU coinset
Posted: 14-Oct-2018, 11:25AM in Swaps and trades

One gone to France • Still 4 available

"Primitive money" ones not on numista
Posted: 11-Oct-2018, 11:42PM in Free discussion

If anyone still has one of those trade-cows or trade-camels in good condition (at least VF) for swap, I'm offering my complete swaplist in exchange. Please send registered because of high value (use "numismatic item" on custom form). • Please post pictures, if you have any of the above currencies available (I'm not interested in hyena's).

Collective Noun for Coin Collectors
Posted: 10-Oct-2018, 04:11PM in Numismatic questions

A collection of numismatists • a set of numismatists

Portugal commemorative coins
Posted: 20-Sep-2018, 01:15PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "CassTaylor"​ • Quote: "VladG84"​There is INCM82 on both coins​​Can I ask what "INCM" means? • ​ • ​It's the Portuguese mint : Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda • They're just having a B'day party this year: Happy 250th !!! • (Kind of sounds logical to be 1982 ... though the event was in 1981, so who knows )

Canadian quarters.
Posted: 13-Sep-2018, 07:28PM in Numismatic questions

With this search you'll find all 94 circulating 25 cents from Canada from between 1969 and 2018 • • In cointype you can specify if you're looking for circulating or non-circulating. • happy collecting!

[solved] New field/comment type; to clarify which date/variety is pictured on a coin's page
Posted: 13-Sep-2018, 04:56PM in Numista catalogue

If the year is clear, then there is little extra info to be gained. If there is a more difficult variety to be recognized, I'd prefer to see some good documentation in the comment section so I can easily see the differences. • I only see this suggestion as a partial and temporary solution for lacking documentation (and a possible cause for more confusion if ticked wrongly).

Any other millennials/college student collectors here?
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QuoteQuote Therefore, I buy writings on the sites, reviews of which you can read here - .​Sounds like another account to just promote these writing sites. The link already seems to have been removed, why not remove the full post and remove the account? • I've surely already reported half a dozen of these spam accounts that just posted some publicity once or twice. Shouldn't these accounts just be removed?

[solved] Coin and grade value averages.
Posted: 9-Sep-2018, 08:02PM in Numista website

As far as I know, the median is indeed used with ALL values. But I think your definition seems to be off, as the median is kind of the middle value, in your example 0,9. • • So the numerical values of the highest or lowest values are indeed not used in the calculation, but do help to decide what the middle value is. In my opinion an acceptable way to go.

[solved] delete coins from swaps
Posted: 4-Sep-2018, 01:04AM in Numista website

I already find it confusing that I cannot track the changes that are made in a swap, unless the partner sends me a message explaining what was selected/unselected. So the possibility of making coins disappear altogether is pretty scary ... Having the possibility to delete a coin that is selected by either party is definitely no-go! • The easiest option might be to add a button "hide unselected coins", like that you can just make the ones that neither of the partners have selected (and are thus of no interest anymore) can just be hidden out of view (but can return if necessary).

[solved] MPCC 2018 - FINAL
Posted: 1-Sep-2018, 08:02PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Need a generic Animal tag
Posted: 29-Aug-2018, 02:12PM in Numista catalogue

In my original idea there was a more hierarchical structure (multilevel), where we can tag something as animal (if no more specific tag is available), as a bird (if not recognisable or very specific) or as an eagle. Then when you search for bird you get both those with a bird tag and those with an eagle/penguin/owl/.... tag. Now you have to select all birds or mammals separately if you want to get them all.

[solved] "Veni Vidi Vici" token with "Ride a lucky wave"
Posted: 28-Aug-2018, 12:45AM in Coin identifications and valuations

No idea about the token, but the bird is definitelly a capercaillie (also found in Austria, so you might still be on the right track). Though I must admit I've seen nicer ones on coins, like this one. • Hope you find more info.

Swapping in person along the Baltic Sea
Posted: 26-Aug-2018, 12:53PM in Swaps and trades

Next week I'll be driving from Tallinn (EE) to Klaipeda (LT) and then from Kiel (D) to Antwerp (B). As I'll need regular breaks from diving on the way, maybe I can combine it with a swap or 2 in person. • Wednesday: Tallinn - Pärnu - Riga - Šiauliai - Klaipeda • Thursday-evening: Kiel to some place to sleep in NW-Germany (not known yet, but max 300km from Kiel) • Friday: from some place in NW-Germany to Antwerp (the route Hamburg-Bremen-Zwolle-Utrecht seems like the most direct one, but in Germany/N-Netherlands I could also drive closer to the coast through Bremerhaven). • If you're interested in a swap, send me a message. I also still have a load of coinrolls of Estonian an Latvian commemorative €2, also willing to swap those for some Lithuanian, German or Dutch ones on the way ... (don't have to worry about the weight then ). • Offers welcome! • For not-on-the-road swaps, give me at least another week to get settled again in Antwerp ...

Coin shopping list
Posted: 22-Aug-2018, 09:27AM in Free discussion

I'm also using the wishlist here on numista (easier for a type collector than a year collector I guess), but as I'm more of a cheap junk-bin addict (€0,50 maximum) with luck, whenever I do buy something I already have it's mostly good for swapping. • BTW I have 25 full pages and one half page on my wishlist, that means still 2550 coins that I still want for now (I marked most countries till end of 19th century, afterwards I can still move back in time). That's almost as much as I already have in my collection (about 3100), but getting harder everyday to swap (silver, older, commemoratives, low mintage, ... are the ones missing).

Added a bunch of scandinavian coins
Posted: 21-Aug-2018, 01:49PM in Swaps and trades

I still have way too many coins on my swaplist. If anyone is interested in a few dozen or even a few hundred, give me a call. • I preferably exchange for coins I still need (have a look at my profile page to see if you have any that interest me), it's all European, mainly before 1950's. • My common coins that I have loads of (3 on a yearline, or more than 5 of a type), I'm also prepared to swap for coins with animals and plants on them or even for coins that I don't have on my swaplist yet. • Of course I will also swap a bunch of my doubles for silver coinage or just sell them (most of what's on my swaplist I have been selling for 10 to 50 eurocent a piece, of course excluding the scarcer, very old or high nominal coins like €2's). • Still a couple of swaps to sort out and you can be next!

[solved] MPCC 2018 - SILVER - FINAL
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[solved] MPCC 2018 - GOLD - FINAL
Posted: 13-Aug-2018, 04:27PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Looking for 2 Zlote commemoratives
Posted: 13-Aug-2018, 12:38PM in Swaps and trades

I'm still looking for over 200 different types of these Polish commemoratives. If you have a few (or a lot) for swap and find interesting coins from my swaplist, please contact me. • If you don't have these coins, please check my profile page to see if you have any other coins that I'm still interested in. • Still hoping to get rid of a few hundred coins from my swaplist • looking forward for some new swaps • Bram

[solved] MPCC 2018 - SILVER - 1/4 FINAL - 1
Posted: 7-Aug-2018, 09:59PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Did you get your Big Mac coin(s) on Thursday?
Posted: 5-Aug-2018, 09:28AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Idolenz"​Probably because it was recieved in Brasil, you get them all over the world. • ​So get them in Venezuela and use them in Switzerland ​Kind of the first universal coinage then • We need a new issuer under tokens ... worldwide ...

[solved] edit coinsheet in 2 languages at once
Posted: 2-Aug-2018, 11:37AM in Numista website

Autotranslate works for this kind of basic fields, but with the coin description, comments or comments on yearlines you'll need to do manual translations for sure. • Yes, it might be confusing for some, but might encourage bilingual contributers to work on both languages. So maybe then make it standard monoligual and with the option of showing both language fields for those mastering both languages and willing to do the translation while adding/editing a coinsheet.

[solved] Removing Coin from Collection
Posted: 26-Jul-2018, 10:29AM in Numista website

Probably inserted coins in the new layout without giving a grade. When you return to the old layout they cannot be shown in that layout (but are still stored somewhere). • If that's it, only solution is to return to the new layout.

[solved] 30th Anniversary of the Two Dollar Coin 2018 Twelve Coin Collection
Posted: 10-Jul-2018, 11:35AM in Numista catalogue

As these are made as non-circulating, they deserve an own coin page (and in future hopefully a set-page). Moreover, adding them to existing coin pages would just mess up the date ranges for those coins ...

[solved] add country names for coins in a swap
Posted: 9-Jul-2018, 04:26PM in Numista website

When hovering over the flag you get the name of the country in case you don't recognise the flag. Just the flag gives a very clean layout, so please no extra text.

Privacy update
Posted: 8-Jul-2018, 07:05PM in Numista website

Would keep numismatic forum parts open as to show the strength of the site to non members: active fora and knowledgeable users. • Agree with the rest

[solved] World Cup FIFA 2018 - Russia
Posted: 8-Jul-2018, 12:54AM in Free discussion

Quote: "neilithicman"​I don't have a dog in the fight, but going on whose coins I like best I'm going to be cheering for Belgium • ​New way to pick a favourite team • Thanks for the support, we can use all the extra fans we can get, also from down under!

Well I thought I have seen everything. Well I think the US post office smells a bit fruity
Posted: 8-Jul-2018, 12:48AM in Free discussion

Estonia has had this kind of X'mas stamps with the smell of gingerbread and sprucetrees. I might have used them to send out surprise X'mas-coins ...

[solved] Wheat Penny stamped on one side only
Posted: 7-Jul-2018, 03:00AM in Coin identifications and valuations

look at this cent, the lettering looks very similar (also expanded): • brockage it is

Ottoman coin?
Posted: 4-Jul-2018, 04:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

People around here also have many years of experience identifying coins, and will always to best of their knowledge try to assist you to identify your metal disk. It's not my field of knowledge, so I rely on others ... • I do agree it could be a unique golden coin, that was minted a hundred years ago and (by mistake?) ended up in circulation (visible by the wear on the coin). Afterwards it was used to adorn a traditional wedding dress before ending up in the sea and washed up on your beach. • Or it could just be a fantasy medal/token/disk/coin (or whatever you want to call it) made for some belly dancing costume. • Not sure ... take your pick ...

2018 Real coins in Brazil
Posted: 4-Jul-2018, 01:11PM in Numismatic questions

​Spam is getting disguised better and better ... • But wouldn't hire you as you already made 2 mistakes in this short post: "knew" and "the advice" • edit: comment not relevant as spam was removed (thanks!)

swap offers
Posted: 30-Jun-2018, 08:57AM in Swaps and trades

You can deny the swap (I don't want to swap) and if you want you can also hide in swap monitor

[solved] Sweden Medal for Advancement of Horses
Posted: 30-Jun-2018, 08:52AM in Numismatic questions

found pictures of mine (all my silver coins are in my other house for the moment ), and that one is indeed facing left ... strange! That's two different similar medals ... • (for swap against some big and old European silver coin if anybody is interested)

[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - FINAL
Posted: 30-Jun-2018, 12:43AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Recent Spam Messages
Posted: 28-Jun-2018, 05:49PM in Numista website

will do • thanks for banning them to coin hell (where you can only pay with bank cards )

Collection Records on Home page
Posted: 28-Jun-2018, 01:40PM in Numista website

Record data is of course not always comparable, if someone collects up to 5000 coins of the same type ... yes of course they'll have a high number of coins in their collection • It's quite impressive to see how many different coins have been collected by some of the users here and to see the different ways some users collect (type, year, by countr, by continent, by theme, only 1 or more than one per year, ...), but as everyone collects in his own way I don't think comparing them is of any use. I recently started to collect original rolls of €2 commemoratives, but if I insert them in Numista there's really no point comparing this amount to someone just trying to complete the San Marino cointypes.

Geography motifs on coins
Posted: 28-Jun-2018, 11:45AM in Free discussion

That's not a map on a coin, but rather a coin on a map ;)

[solved] Missing country in swap list
Posted: 21-Jun-2018, 01:23PM in Numista website

Have a look under China/Hong Kong, that's where it's hiding! • Bram

[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - 1/2 FINAL - 2
Posted: 18-Jun-2018, 12:27AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - 1/2 FINAL - 1
Posted: 18-Jun-2018, 12:27AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Missing 20 Kopecks - Aleksandr II / III / Nikolai II - accident or intentional?
Posted: 7-Jun-2018, 08:33PM in Numista catalogue

Still here for me: • • How did you search for it?

[solved] Need to lighten my swaplist, please help me
Posted: 6-Jun-2018, 11:37AM in Swaps and trades

Thanks to all who reacted. For now I cannot accept any new swaps. • I'm still busy concluding some ongoing swaps and at the same time packing for the move, so apologies for my sometimes slow replies. I have been able to get rid of at least 700 coins .... still some kg to go ;) • New swaps offers welcome as from beginning of July. Thanks.

[solved] Swap history
Posted: 5-Jun-2018, 11:39AM in Numista website

As always, thanks for the quick repairs!

[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 2 - 8
Posted: 4-Jun-2018, 01:42PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 2 - 7
Posted: 4-Jun-2018, 01:41PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 2 - 6
Posted: 4-Jun-2018, 01:41PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 2 - 5
Posted: 4-Jun-2018, 01:40PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 2 - 4
Posted: 4-Jun-2018, 01:40PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 2 - 3
Posted: 4-Jun-2018, 01:39PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 2 - 2
Posted: 4-Jun-2018, 01:39PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 2 - 1
Posted: 4-Jun-2018, 01:38PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Advance Search
Posted: 1-Jun-2018, 08:45AM in Numista website

Go to "My wishes" and on the second paragraph there is a link to your wishlist

Sweden token - Sigtuna Gamla Stadsfana
Posted: 31-May-2018, 08:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks, corrected and updated the lettering • Minnesjetong is indeed correct • Now all we still is to figure out what the gathering in august 1979 in Sigtuna was about • And how common is it to make tokens out of lead? It's my first find.

[solved] Gibraltar question from newbie
Posted: 30-May-2018, 08:08AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "CassTaylor"for both coins and banknotes locals should accept British issues alongside ones issued for Gibraltar, from everything I've heard. • ​From experience: correct! :)

Looking for European coins
Posted: 28-May-2018, 01:03PM in Swaps and trades

Hello • I'm still looking for quite a lot of commemorative (pre-euro) coins (UK, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia) and European mini-nations (Gibraltar, Vatican, San Marino, Monaco, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man) and of course many pre-1950 coins. • Have a look if you have coins that interest me AND if you find interesting coins on my swaplist! Then send me a message or immediately start up a swap. • thanks for looking • Bram

[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 15
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:11AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 14
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:11AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 13
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:10AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 12
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:10AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 11
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:10AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 10
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:09AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 9
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:08AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 8
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:08AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 7
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:08AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 6
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:07AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 5
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:07AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 4
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:07AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 3
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:07AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 2
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:06AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - EUROPE - ROUND 1 - 1
Posted: 28-May-2018, 12:06AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Links page "Topics I posted in" incorrect
Posted: 27-May-2018, 04:10PM in Numista website

Getting better every day

1918 - 2018. Key date for many countries. How many ?
Posted: 26-May-2018, 11:07PM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​​​So have the Baltic states (in 2€ coins): • ​ • ​And Estonia also issued an individual €2 commemorative with the logo of the centenary: •

Edward Island 1/2 penny
Posted: 26-May-2018, 10:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

A Canadian token I am being offered (so no weight or diameter yet available). I've already narrowed it down to 4 types in our catalogue, but there seems to be an endless amount of varieties. Our Canadian tokens-lovers seem to be around for the moment so it's the right time to ask! • Can you identify the variety from these pictures (ampersand is very worn, but ship is still quite nice)? And if so, does this "common" token still have value in this state? • The obverse seems to go towards VF according to Coins and Canada and the reverse I guess is more like F • Is 30 CAD (€20) a correct estimate? • Thanks you all for your help, as always! •

[solved] "Topics that I have posted in" should have a link for each sub-forum
Posted: 26-May-2018, 10:16AM in Numista website

Thanks for this extra feature! Very handy. • Could a link for "Topics that I have posted in" be placed at the bottom of every sub-forum? • It took me a while to discover how to only get the messages of a specific sub-forum (dropdown menu at top of the page) as I was expecting it to appear on every sub-forum. So I guess I won't be the only one who will miss out on this feature.

Seniority x Rated Swaps
Posted: 26-May-2018, 09:07AM in Swaps and trades

You have to have the possibility to start swapping at some time. I don't think some specific cutoff numbers can prevent all problems. • As you said yourself be careful and start swapping with members who have proven themselves trustworthy over a longer period of time. • Good luck!

[solved] Morgan Dollar 1921 - please check if real or fake
Posted: 24-May-2018, 07:05AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Mr. Midnight and Aaron, thank you both for your (positive) opinion!

[solved] Bishopric of Courland
Posted: 23-May-2018, 10:38AM in Numista catalogue

Relatively to the coins it discusses indeed very new ("only" from 2010, it is the Haljak Catalogue, second part appeared in 2011). • Currently both volumes for "only" €160 at the authors site (incl. shipping in Europe) ... though not my era yet, I'm still working on 20th and starting 19th century Europe, but hope to get there someday. In the meantime just learning about the history back then :)

Where is this from?
Posted: 23-May-2018, 12:08AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hi, • You can easily search by typing in the words you can read into the searchbox: • • The results will confirm that it is indeed from Egypt. • Have fun cataloguing the rest of your collection!

Bulk corrections to database ... or how to search case-sensitive
Posted: 22-May-2018, 12:03PM in Numista catalogue

Sounds great! • A metal class with autocomplete/drop-down + customizable field for specifics would be perfect! • Looking forward to implementation • thanks!

Coins listed in 'other' in the metal listing
Posted: 21-May-2018, 07:38AM in Numista website

I should have said most common materials, as I think it would also show porcelain or plastic, if it is common enough (top 10). Therefore it's very important to have uniform names in the material field .... bimetallic and bi-metallic would be counted separately like mentioned by cncote10. • Being able to see a full overview of all materials could help to find those inconsistencies.

[solved] MPCC 2018 - AFRICA - FINAL
Posted: 19-May-2018, 10:35PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Map view
Posted: 19-May-2018, 12:38PM in Numista website

Kind of possible already. Maximizing the map and then in the addressbar change the length to for example 3000. Primitive but it does allow me to get a view with only Europe •

New value feature needs some editing control
Posted: 18-May-2018, 04:33PM in Numista website

IIRC there was already talk about also adding values from (local) catalogues or sales. These could indeed be added by the referee, but will then also be backed up by some real world value (not just made up).

[solved] Double Estonia
Posted: 18-May-2018, 04:09PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​This is fixed ​ thumbs up!

How many issuers do you have?
Posted: 18-May-2018, 08:27AM in Free discussion

70 issuers, 53 countries (only Europe!)

[solved] State/Region Sets
Posted: 17-May-2018, 02:07PM in Free discussion

Latvia • Now working on the €2 set of regions: Vidzeme (2016), Kurzeme (2017), Latgale (2017), Zemgale (upcoming at the end of 2018) • • Spain • Had a combination of 5/25/50 peseta coins from 1993 to 1999 with the different regions (maybe the see also on these pages should be changed to connect all these region-coins) • a 5 ptas: • a 25 ptas: • a 50 ptas: • UK • There are of course the pounds sets depicting the symbols of England, Scotland, Wales and N-Ireland

What are these?
Posted: 17-May-2018, 12:44AM in Coin identifications and valuations

1. some kind of medal of Montesquie (there are different ones online, like this one) • The reverse seems to have been erased on both of the medals ... "sacrilège"

[solved] Number of coins in collection vs for swap
Posted: 16-May-2018, 01:58PM in Numista website

It all depends a bit. The new layout is indeed a bit more work, but gives more flexibilty. Not only can you add coin values or state the grade of the coins you have for swap, you also have the posibilty to offer coins for swap in different conditions (eg. 2 VF, 1 XF, 2 UNC) and the swapper can choose the condition he prefers. Also the comments are separate for the coin in your collection and the coins you have for swap. • I guess just a matter of how much detail you want and if you are prepared to add that little extra time when inserting • Don't forget that (IIRC) you loose all the extra information when switching back to the old system!

[solved] MPCC 2018 - AFRICA - 1/2 FINAL - 2
Posted: 15-May-2018, 02:43PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AFRICA - 1/2 FINAL - 1
Posted: 15-May-2018, 02:42PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Parameter/field: Indication that "type" of coin needs attention
Posted: 15-May-2018, 08:19AM in Numista website

Quote: "Southern" The proposal is to add some sort of parameter/option/setting that will indicate that particular type of coin needs attention or replacement. • ​It already exists. When I have a coin that is in a bad state I tick the box "I want to get this coin" and so I will see both the green tick (I already have the coin) but also a heart (I still need it). Like that I know I have to find a better graded one.

[solved] Change of Reval's Flag + Narva, Danish Estonia, and Ösel–Wiek
Posted: 14-May-2018, 08:37AM in Numista catalogue

If Ösel-Wiek gets it own flag/CoA, then we should do the same for Reval and Narva I think. If we order them grouped by Swedish and Danish Estonia we could still get the best of both worlds, both the Swedish/Danish flag for the subcountry + the local flag for the issuers themselves ... • For Reval we could then use the three leopards CoA (as seen on most coins) and for Narva the CoA with the 2 fish and 2 swords (also on the coins). Then they get a bit more of local identitiy ;)

Baltics country list reorganization - discussion
Posted: 14-May-2018, 08:20AM in Free discussion

Vote for the second option

[solved] Total collection value
Posted: 11-May-2018, 11:34PM in Numista website

Love the extra statistics! Values will improve as more people insert them (I'm at 34% now). • But just wondering how "newest coin" is calculated, as it now shows the oldest of the (few) 2018 coins I have in my collection: the 2018 Russian coins minted in 2017 ... Not that I mind to much about this specific statistic, but was just wondering. Is it just the first 2018 coin (taking that 2018 is indeed the most recent year I have anything of) it finds?

[solved] New common types from Romania in 2018?
Posted: 10-May-2018, 08:01PM in Numista catalogue

Indeed. Thanks for finding clearer pictures and explaining the difference. • Now I still have to get them. :)

[solved] FIFA World Cup 2018 25 Ruble coins have wrong date
Posted: 9-May-2018, 11:21AM in Numista catalogue

The coins state 2018 as that is what people will be searching for, the issue dates are for both coins mentioned in the comments.

Things you find on coins that are funny looking
Posted: 9-May-2018, 10:11AM in Free discussion

Outside of Belgium/Netherlands these plastic discs that were hidden in bags of crisps seem to go by the name of Tazos, Pogs, ... A hype of children collecting colourful plastic discs • I can personally appreciate the creativity of this kind of PMD, though they indeed don't belong in a coin collection.

Reversal of a swap confirmation
Posted: 7-May-2018, 05:33PM in Swaps and trades

Even while using a mouse or with regular wiener-fingers that button has been too close in the past, been there done that! ;)

[solved] Georgia 50 tetri ND
Posted: 7-May-2018, 05:17PM in Numista catalogue

merci bien!

[solved] Estonia 20 senti - varieties
Posted: 7-May-2018, 03:53PM in Numista catalogue

Still no change here ...

[solved] MPCC 2018 - AFRICA - LAST 16 - 1
Posted: 4-May-2018, 02:43PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AFRICA - LAST 16 - 2
Posted: 4-May-2018, 02:41PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AFRICA - LAST 16 - 3
Posted: 4-May-2018, 12:24PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AFRICA - LAST 16 - 4
Posted: 4-May-2018, 12:23PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AFRICA - LAST 16 - 5
Posted: 4-May-2018, 12:23PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AFRICA - LAST 16 - 6
Posted: 4-May-2018, 12:22PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AFRICA - LAST 16 - 7
Posted: 4-May-2018, 12:22PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AFRICA - LAST 16 - 8
Posted: 4-May-2018, 12:21PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Swap page
Posted: 3-May-2018, 11:34PM in Numista website

Hi David, • Loud and clear question :) • If you use the "get more coins"-link on the swap page to select more coins, the coins you already have selected in that swap are marked with a blue background. And if you by mistake have chosen the same coin twice, you can always unselect it on the swap-page. • happy swapping!

National parks quarters game 2018
Posted: 3-May-2018, 11:28PM in Free discussion

I love mastermind! • 2 - 8 - 15 -23

[solved] 2 Centimes Algeria
Posted: 3-May-2018, 12:17AM in Numista catalogue

Just noticed the same (still not corrected?). The 20 centimes has an islamic date, while other Algerian coins seem to be sorted by the gregorian calender. What should it be when both are written on the coin? •

Colombi 20 cent 1941 silver
Posted: 26-Apr-2018, 08:41AM in Numista catalogue

No result was found because the face value is incorrectly spelled out as on the coin (already in field lettering) instead of being written in numbers. • Modification request sent

[solved] Collection history
Posted: 24-Apr-2018, 10:27PM in Numista website

perfect! Thanks a lot ... :)

[solved] Quantity of Coins to Swap
Posted: 24-Apr-2018, 09:36PM in Numista website

Pity ... 7144 sounded a lot more impressive, but I admit: I only have 1141 types to swap

[solved] "special trades"
Posted: 24-Apr-2018, 06:20PM in Swaps and trades

Welcome out here! • It normally means that those coins are considered more valuable by that member and will not be swapped for any coin. How "special" or how "valuable" of course depends on the swapper ...

When will we get coins with the portrait of King Charles?
Posted: 21-Apr-2018, 11:36AM in Numismatic questions

That's only as head of the commonwealth. She will still be head of state in UK, Canada, Australia, ... as I understand. So no new portraits for now ;)

In the market for a Big Purchase........!!!
Posted: 20-Apr-2018, 08:45PM in Swaps and trades

Please have a look at my list. I'm still busy with two swaps today and tomorrow, but then I can get to you. Mostly Europe. • BBram

Numista sister site for banknotes, a template
Posted: 19-Apr-2018, 03:57PM in Free discussion

Some specific fields to be added (probably not in the right box, as text could be too long): • - watermark • - security thread • Just wondering about "shape", I guess there might be some square notes (but that you can see from dimensions), but are there any other shapes around? Otherwise it could be left out. • And I would use "material" instead of "paper" to designate what it is made out of. • For layout, I would let the banknotes use up the whole width of the page and move the box below or put the two pictures underneath each other. Unlike coins they need a bit more space horizontally ... • PS I like the totally overvalued banknote prices on NumisCorner (shouldn't that also become NotisCorner ;)) • PPS Let's keep pushing and suggesting this, hope one day (in a future not too far away) Xavier will give in to scrap-paper collectors.

Russian Crimea War Medal 1853-1856
Posted: 19-Apr-2018, 09:37AM in Swaps and trades

I discovered war medals are not accepted in the catalogue, so I'll just post the one I have for swap here. • Swap value around €50. Also have a look at the rest of my swaplist please (I need 4 more coins to hit the 3000 coins barrier! Who helps?) • . • All required info (and more): •

Some Automatization of the swap procedure
Posted: 17-Apr-2018, 11:35AM in Numista website

It does sound like a nice idea and I've also been thinking about it. Only, you need to be able to disable it, as quite often during a swap you get the "I don't collect by date, just pick the nicest one" and unless you ask the partner to re-pick that new specific year/mint, you'll end up having the wrong coin automatically deducted. • It's probably useful if you also get the possibility to chance a swap-proposal more easily (eg. change year/mint) without having to go back to the swaplist.

[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - FINAL
Posted: 15-Apr-2018, 05:05PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Coins available for swap acting up
Posted: 13-Apr-2018, 09:18AM in Numista website

Hi, • Yes, this does sound logical to me. • My collection is safely kept and I do not intend to get rid of those coins. The swaplist on the other hand are the coins I want to get rid of in exchange for coins that are of more interest to me. • Therefore I am indeed not interested in how may coins I have in total, but rather in how many coins I have in my collection. • If you want the total amount of coins, just make a little sum on the "My coins" page: • I guess some extra statistics on "my swap list" would be fun, but I think there are more interesting suggestions to improve Numista.

[solved] Sorting swaplist by KM
Posted: 11-Apr-2018, 08:41PM in Numista website

Looks much better now :) • merci bien!

[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - 1/2 FINAL - 2
Posted: 10-Apr-2018, 06:47AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - 1/2 FINAL - 1
Posted: 10-Apr-2018, 06:46AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Official sets as separate sheets in catalog.
Posted: 4-Apr-2018, 10:22PM in Numista catalogue

Has been discussed before : • It would be interesting to add sets, but then a separate kind of page has to be implemented in the catalogue so as not to mess up the coin-counts. Plus, then we might be able to remove all those annoying lines "Only in Sets" on the coinpages ...

[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - 1/4 FINAL - 4
Posted: 2-Apr-2018, 09:37PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - 1/4 FINAL - 3
Posted: 2-Apr-2018, 09:37PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - 1/4 FINAL - 2
Posted: 2-Apr-2018, 09:36PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - 1/4 FINAL - 1
Posted: 2-Apr-2018, 09:35PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Fiji hotel cap coin
Posted: 30-Mar-2018, 12:01AM in Free discussion

I only want coins that have been on a real bottle ... they must have served their purpose ;) • Otherwise just some NCLT ... • I was imagining that you could find this coins under a real bottlecap if you were lucky, just another way to get people to collect. But $29.95 for a bottle cap • Here a video to meet the "coin", just can't imagine collecting this ... the box it comes in is bigger than all my coins piled up: •

[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - ROUND 1 - 7
Posted: 28-Mar-2018, 01:23PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - ROUND 1 - 6
Posted: 28-Mar-2018, 01:22PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - ROUND 1 - 5
Posted: 28-Mar-2018, 01:22PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - ROUND 1 - 4
Posted: 28-Mar-2018, 01:21PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - ROUND 1 - 3
Posted: 28-Mar-2018, 01:08PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - ROUND 1 - 8
Posted: 28-Mar-2018, 01:08PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - ROUND 1 - 2
Posted: 28-Mar-2018, 01:07PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - SOUTH AMERICA - ROUND 1 - 1
Posted: 28-Mar-2018, 01:07PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Russia, World Cup Fifa 2018 Football, cities colored 12 coins * album
Posted: 26-Mar-2018, 11:22PM in Numista catalogue

These are considered as damaged coins (PMD: post mint damage), so you won't find them in the catalogue.

[solved] Wrong count of countries in collection
Posted: 25-Mar-2018, 06:58PM in Numista website

Great! Now I have again more issuers than countries in my collection ;) • thanks Xavier for the very prompt repair

Game: where did my letter go?
Posted: 25-Mar-2018, 11:33AM in Free discussion

So let's just blame the German post here ... letters to Latvia via Thailand is also quite a feat! ;) • Thanks Yosufharun for your transcription and translation !!! • I guess we'll never know where my letter went, as "Airmail" is a more likely word than "Al-Jawf" in the middle of Saudi-Arabia. Pretty weird that that stamp has no name of (likely) city or country. So unless somebody still recognises the type of the stamp, we're at a dead end. • Your own stories of travelling letters still welcome here :-)

[solved] MPCC 2018 - NORTH AMERICA - FINAL
Posted: 20-Mar-2018, 07:36AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Splitting of Russian empire by mint?
Posted: 19-Mar-2018, 08:38PM in Numista catalogue

Hello, • Just to push this question back up, before it disappears into the depths of the forum. • Can these coinpages be joined again? Or why were they split up in the first place? • thanks • Bram

South Korea, 10 Won KM# 33
Posted: 19-Mar-2018, 08:20PM in Numismatic questions

a year a month and a few days ago ... •

Contest Number 4! Open to all members! Contest run dates: March 16, 2018 to April 15, 2018 ~~~ Heads or Tales...?
Posted: 16-Mar-2018, 04:54PM in Free discussion

It's going to be (bunny)tails of course !

200 pesetas exchange to euro
Posted: 13-Mar-2018, 08:26PM in Free discussion

I also remember reading that only the last circulating pesetas can still be exchanged, so only the more recent and bigger 200 ptas coins. The one you linked to was already taken out of circulation before the eve of the euro.

Trades and Swaps
Posted: 11-Mar-2018, 09:26PM in Swaps and trades

Matt • I'd love to have a look at your coins for exchange, but it seems to be empty ( • You seem to have only entered coins in your collection (which you selected as not visible to other users). You should also enter the number of coins you have for swap in the "swap"box on the coinpage (in the old system that you probably have been using). • Welcome to the community! • Bram

[solved] Non-circulating 25 Rouble Russia?
Posted: 11-Mar-2018, 07:38PM in Numista catalogue

This coin is marked as non-circulating : 25 Rubles 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - Mascot • • With a mintage of 20 million and in view of the previous 25R coins, I'm guessing this is a mistake and it should be marked as circulating commemorative. • Any confirmation from our Russian members?

[solved] Contest Number 2! - Open to all members! Contest run dates: January 14, 2018 to February 14, 2018! What Hemisphere will the coins be from?!
Posted: 11-Mar-2018, 11:47AM in Free discussion

Let's get this moving again • Italy has not been mentioned yet

[solved] MPCC 2018 - NORTH AMERICA - 1/2 FINAL - 2
Posted: 11-Mar-2018, 11:30AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - NORTH AMERICA - 1/2 FINAL - 1
Posted: 11-Mar-2018, 11:29AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Changes wish/not wish not saved on swappage
Posted: 10-Mar-2018, 10:59PM in Numista website

With the "edit my collection" of the swappage I was able to change the status of coins (wish or not wish) without having to open the coinpage. I just noticed that these changes are not saved anymore. After the page refresh the coins are all back to the original "wish", which means I'll be getting some coins twice now • Anyone I can sue for this? I mean, receiving the same coin twice ... it's unbearable • PS my dear swap partners, please no hard feeling when you see your carefully selected coins appearing in my swaplist ... just blame this bug

[solved] MPCC 2018 - NORTH AMERICA - 1/4 FINAL - 4
Posted: 5-Mar-2018, 04:52PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - NORTH AMERICA - 1/4 FINAL - 3
Posted: 5-Mar-2018, 04:52PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - NORTH AMERICA - 1/4 FINAL - 2
Posted: 5-Mar-2018, 04:51PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - NORTH AMERICA - 1/4 FINAL - 1
Posted: 5-Mar-2018, 04:50PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Public morality in societies (share about your country)
Posted: 20-Feb-2018, 11:11PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Monninen1"You have seen Trump, but what if some hollywood actor or actress becomes the US president for example? • ​Ronald Reagan?

Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 11:33PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 11:33PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 11:32PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 11:32PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 11:31PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 11:31PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 11:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 11:30PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 11:29PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 11:29PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 18-Feb-2018, 11:28PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] 1896 10 Rappen - Why only 16?
Posted: 17-Feb-2018, 09:35PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Monninen1"​We in Finland have our "that coin" too. Let me present you, the most worth Finnish coin that isn't a pattern: 1 markka copper 1949. About 25 minted?​ mentions 250 minted ... who is correct? • Let the battle begin :-D

Belgium commemorative 2 Euro question
Posted: 17-Feb-2018, 09:30PM in Numismatic questions

I've also seen dealers selling them without coincard. I suppose to get people who don't like to collect stuff from coincards to buy them anyway for their collection, as the price was the same ... • This price does seem kind of low though, as they were sold for €8 at the bank (wholesalers got them cheaper I've heard, but I doubt that cheap that a coin shop can sell them for €4 ...).

France 10 centimes Napoleon III bare head inconsistencies
Posted: 17-Feb-2018, 09:21PM in Numista catalogue

Ole • May I suggest a small correction? I'll do it anyway ;-) • You are using the word vine (not wine), as a translation from the French vigne. But the image I see is a leaf, as correctly put in the year comments. The vine is the whole plant, while here we only see the leaf. • Beter to use leaf or vine leaf • And thanks for the wonderful documentation you keep producing!

Contest # 3 ~ Contest Run Dates: Thursday, February 15, 2018 to Thursday, March 15, 2018!!! What the Heck Kind of Animal is on these Here Two Coins?!
Posted: 15-Feb-2018, 03:22PM in Free discussion

Elephant • I have to win this one ... I just started collecting animals and plants.

[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FINAL
Posted: 11-Feb-2018, 11:13PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Belgium Medal for 50th Anniversary of Independence
Posted: 11-Feb-2018, 11:22AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Seems to be a locally issued medal, at the occasion of a school party (fête scolaire) in Mons . Ring seems to be missing. • Complete one on delcampe: • • One like yours on ebay: •

Estonia and Lithuania 2 euro 100th Anniversary of the Baltic States coincards
Posted: 6-Feb-2018, 03:19PM in Swaps and trades

I have both and will be in Riga next Tuesday. I'll send a proposal tonight. • Bram

[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - 1/2 FINAL - 2
Posted: 5-Feb-2018, 10:36AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - 1/2 FINAL - 1
Posted: 5-Feb-2018, 10:35AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Coin shops in Tallinn
Posted: 4-Feb-2018, 11:06PM in Free discussion

Indeed, in the recently renovated Balti Jaama Turg (Baltic Station Marketplace) you'll find a bunch of fancy antique shops (most also selling coins) on the second floor. Closeby there's another antique shop with lots of coins and banknotes (Kopli 6). • Bienvenido a Tallinn :-)

Colored silver bullion coins/rounds/bars/etc
Posted: 31-Jan-2018, 10:13AM in Free discussion

Quote: "pnightingale" I do however know of several who have quit because their budget doesn't allow them to keep up with the sheer number of yearly issues. It's not just a Canadian thing, I know of some UK and even US collectors who are finding it hard to keep up. It's very much in line with how I remember the collapse of the stamp market. • ​I think the same is happening in the EU with the commemorative €2 coins and their collectors. Ever decreasing mintages, coins only available in coincards or other blisters and hardly any coins to be found in circulation anymore ...

Position A and B....
Posted: 30-Jan-2018, 04:55PM in Numista catalogue

I would only point out A/B option in the edge field or the comment field as it applies for all years ... This to prevent the year-comment-field from being overloaded.

[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - 1/4 FINAL - 4
Posted: 29-Jan-2018, 09:00PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - 1/4 FINAL - 3
Posted: 29-Jan-2018, 09:00PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - 1/4 FINAL - 2
Posted: 29-Jan-2018, 08:59PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - 1/4 FINAL - 1
Posted: 29-Jan-2018, 08:58PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


What is your oldest coin?
Posted: 29-Jan-2018, 03:26PM in Free discussion

Quote: "COINMAN1"​I have been told that it is a Shilling of around 1645, but not really sure. Swapped it many years ago for some football programs. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Weight-5.80gms • ​Diameter-30mm (at largest) • ​Looks a lot like this one ... • My oldest is a fine 1691 5 öre from Sweden ... • pictures to follow

5 Złotych 1975-1988, Y# 81 - why not splitted into two types
Posted: 29-Jan-2018, 01:43PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "gebikimame2017"here with 5 Zloty for me these are two different types, their eagle sides are too different, thank you! • ​+1

Seems first 2 Euro comm. not belonging to certain country
Posted: 28-Jan-2018, 07:18PM in Numismatic questions

The coin you posted will not exist. There will be 3 different coins with Eesti, Latvija and Lietuva instead of "Baltics". • So no problem at all.

Brazillian coin identification
Posted: 26-Jan-2018, 02:27PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Looks like a countermarked 600R •

P̶e̶a̶c̶e̶f̶u̶l̶ Pieceful Identification
Posted: 26-Jan-2018, 10:30AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "luca biondi"​​a nice peseta (Franco or Juan Carlos) • But who the h**l has been chewing on it :O

Ottoman coin help
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 08:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

First of all, I am no expert. But I noticed that your coin is much less detailed. The stars are not so sharp, the dots on the original are squared,...

[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 8
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 10:46AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 7
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 10:46AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 6
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 10:45AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 5
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 10:45AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 4
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 10:45AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 3
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 10:44AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 2
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 10:43AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - FIRST ROUND - 1
Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 10:43AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Posted: 22-Jan-2018, 10:41AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Additions to your collection - January, 2018
Posted: 21-Jan-2018, 10:56PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Essor Prof"​​​The Belgian Catalogue (Morin) provides the percentages of the coins that didn't return to the Mint after demonetisation for almost every type. • ​And there are big differences, for instance: • ​ • ​ only 5.52 % of the coins didn't return to the Mint after demonetisation, what makes this coin expensive of course. • ​ and 99.861 % of the coins didn't return to the Mint after demonetisation​Just wondering if anybody was sorting out the different types of every denomination before "destruction", as the 1 centime coin had 5 types (3 kings and 2 languages for the last 2 kings), or is it an overall return-rate for all types of a certain denomination?

Posted: 20-Jan-2018, 08:24PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


The 2017 Numista holiday gift exchange
Posted: 19-Jan-2018, 07:57AM in Free discussion

Quote: "JustforFun"​ • Quote: "BramVB"BramVB​​Did you get mine??? • ​ • I got it on the 10th day of X'mas :-) (see ten posts above). Thanks again!

new cointypes per year
Posted: 18-Jan-2018, 12:10PM in Free discussion

That part of my collection is still very incomplete, but I'm getting a lot of Germans then: (most common of the 1923-1924) Rentenpfennig + first year of Reichspfennig, also USSR had their new Kopecks. Then also a few new types in Estonia, Portugal and Romania.

How far back can YOU go?
Posted: 17-Jan-2018, 11:45PM in Free discussion

Nicely all the way from 2018 (I already got one of those Russian coins from the future last year!) till 1897 ... and then I start getting holes ... lots of them ... still works ongoing in the 19th century ...

[solved] How to cancel a swap confirmation?
Posted: 17-Jan-2018, 11:38PM in Swaps and trades

Sounds familiar :-) • Just ask the other to turn down your "swap proposal" and you can continue with the swap as nothing happened :-)

Seeking regular German coins
Posted: 17-Jan-2018, 11:16AM in Swaps and trades

Sandholm, we confirmed a swap on December 20th. Are you still around? • Has anybody had any contact with Sandholm since December 20th? We confirmed our swap and he was supposed to send first, but haven't heard from him since (also he does not read the messages I sent him since). Either he is very busy or ... beware! • Bram

[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 12
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:11PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 11
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:10PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 10
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:09PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 9
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:09PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 8
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:08PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 7
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:07PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 6
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:06PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 5
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:06PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 4
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:05PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 3
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:04PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 2
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:04PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - ASIA - PRELIMINARY ROUND - 1
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:03PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA - 1/2 FINAL - 2
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:02PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA - 1/2 FINAL - 1
Posted: 15-Jan-2018, 11:01PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Coin's (or medal) ID
Posted: 11-Jan-2018, 02:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Glad you found it, please mark as solved.

[solved] MPCC 2018 - AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA - 1/4 FINAL - 4
Posted: 8-Jan-2018, 11:12PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA - 1/4 FINAL - 3
Posted: 8-Jan-2018, 11:11PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA - 1/4 FINAL - 2
Posted: 8-Jan-2018, 11:10PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2018 - AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA - 1/4 FINAL - 1
Posted: 8-Jan-2018, 11:09PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] 3 Coin Give Away! Open to all Members!!! Contest Run Dates: December 01, 2017 to December 31, 2017!!! Open to all members!!!
Posted: 3-Jan-2018, 07:07AM in Free discussion

edit: I remove Belgium ... was already guessed on December 3rd • I now make a move for Finland (the country where I want to be ...)

1/2FR 1969 yearh
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Hello • Welcome to Numista • You can use search (top of the page) to find out more about your coin: • • More than 50 million minted, so yes a very common coin.

Application to manage your collection ...
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Hi, • I've heard Numista does quite a good job ... even on Macs • Have a great 2018!

2016D Theodore Roosevelt quarter
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looks like marks left by another coin falling on it (probably already in the mint), the shape is very similar to the reeded edge

What is your favorite bird? There are a lot of birds on coins, so I hope this is not too far off topic
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Never been able to spot a dodo myself ... so I can't be sure. Even specialists are not completely sure what they looked like exactly. Probably not as fat as they are normally depicted at least. • I'm sure a lot of birds appear on coins, but as there are so many (similar) species I doubt all of them are found on coins (some species can hardly be distinguished in hand, let alone on a coin). I'll let you know when my animal collection is completed :-)

Lithuanian 1991 issue of 1000 and 500 litas banknotes and a 100-litas banknote issued in 1994.
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Interesting banknotes ... should we catalogue these as tokens/exonumia? They seem to have no legal tender .... :-) •

[solved] Let's get tags for thematic coins!
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Quote: "Ecapoe"​ • ​Now we have descriptions. If key words are in the description, then you get the coins via the searches. • ​ • ​Hi • If you want to call the tags keywords, no problem. But for now we don't use keywords in the coinsheets, just descriptions. Maybe the easiest solution would indeed be to add a field for keywords, but if you can fill in any word you like ... how do you get any order in the list so you can search the keywords. If I'm looking for lifelike lions, I'd already be happy to be able to search for lions and only having to ignore the heraldic ones, it would surely save me days of searching through all coins. No system will be perfect for everyone, let's find one that's kind of useful for most. • Furthermore, we should try to find an easier way to "tag" certain coins to a "keyword" than having to edit every single page ... imagine having to do that for every sailboat-coin in the Numista database! &bu[...]

[solved] Netherlands Beatrix 1982-2001 Issues
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Quote: "SRV5490"​,,, and Krause all have her facing left. • ​ • ​I am not trying to be difficult, but by your reasoning, "...depending on what alignment you want it to be", does that go for any coin. Or are you saying that having the coin facing down is your choice. • ​ • Well, then all those site are not showing the coin like it is ... their bad (and numista's praise) • What I meant with "what alignment you want it to be" is that the face could be up or down depending if you choose coin or medal alignment (but of course never facing left or right), but the way it is in the catalogue is the logical choice with the text upright. Mark that the common coins are in medal alignment and the commemorative KM#231 is in coin alignment.

FAO Series Catalog - Project
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Of course if we could "tag" these coins, there would be no need to include the theme in the the coin name ... •

[solved] Common coin only in proof version
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Of course they are from Bulgaria ... my apologies • But what about marking a proof coin as a "common coin"?

Russia - Ruble 2014
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You mean the common coin • • The other one is a commemorative coin •

big guessing game from the hamster
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Quote: "nthn"​Good idea, but the best case would be to have variants and comments added in the Comment section.​I agree that important information should be summarized on the coinpage instead of having to read through topics and discussions. If too lengthy, I guess you can always put a link to the post in the comments.

Missing circulating and proof versions
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The question is if they ALL have both versions ? • • And as well to figure out what mintage.

[solved] Map with timeline
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If we're doing suggestions to improve the map, why not include a time-function? • Now the map just shows all aggregated currencies for certain areas. What about a function to select a certain year (1850) or period (1801-1900 or 3rd century BC) to see from what countries/territories/issuers you have coins. Especially nice for collectors who collect from certain periods, as to avoid issuers that did not exist at that specific time. It could also for example avoid the map-hierarchy problem mentioned by JustForFun and the Greenland-Denmark issue, as in 1990 Danish coins are indeed used in Greenland, but when you look at 1930 (or somewhere thereabout) it indeed had it's own currency (I think). • It's an idea connected to this post about creating currency-timelines: So it would need extending the map with periods in which the coins were in use in certain areas. There would also be some overlap of course during certain periods/areas,[...]

Denmark commemoratives
Posted: 30-Sep-2017, 11:30PM in Numista catalogue

Hello • Just noticed that quite a few of the Danish 20kr commemorative coins have been marked as proof in the comment line, as I have not noticed it before, it might be a recent change: • Furthermore the 2008 and 2009 coins have unrealistically small mintages (especially as I seem to have all 3 of them from circulation ). • Some of these commemoratives have two lines (normal + proof), and I do find some proofs: • • • • • Hopefully somebody here has more consistent information to update the catalog. The 2013 set for sure needs non-proof-coin-lines added (both exist) and so do all the others, but do t[...]

Belgium: 2 euro 2017 university of Liege, missing line
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Then someone paid at least €8 for a coincard, or even worse a proof, just to spend it for €2.

Sweden 5 Ore 1981 KM#849 vs KM#849a
Posted: 20-Sep-2017, 03:38PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Also struggling with a 1981 5 öre ... so let's revive this thread to see if any new knowledge has been gathered. • I have both 1979 and 1981 with the thin mark, neither of them seem to have 'umlauts'. So that indeed does not seem to be way to distinguish. I was wondering if they would also change the die in the middle of 1981 at the same time they change the alloy? So probably need help to distinguish brass from bronze. • And is the KM849a from 1981 supposed to be in copper like the comment on the sheet states? Is it an error or do we get three (!) alloys for one coin? • Help appreciated :-) • B

Unsubscribe from topic
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Well, if you stop reading the thread you also won't get any new notifications. So the system already works so that you only get messages if you are still interested in the thread. • B

moneda de suiza
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Aquí está la moneda: • Quando metas en la búscada "switzerland" y "1942" la encuentras de inmediato. • Bram

What about this coin?
Posted: 7-Aug-2017, 07:02PM in Numismatic questions

Pretty interesting coin, but probably a fake: • - the map does not have the fine dotted structure that is usual on the countries, so "crude" is a proper description • - also the islands (Sardinia, Sicily, ... even Ireland) hardly have any shape. They are just a blob of metal. • - also Bretagne (west coast of France) and the east coast of Spain have the wrong shape • wouldn't give much for this coin ... definitely not €2 ... but it reminds me to keep my eyes open

European coins
Posted: 27-Jul-2017, 12:56AM in Coin identifications and valuations

But only the last series of coins can be still exchanged ... so quite a lot of what you found (and is in your swap-list) already lost its monetary value long time ago: •

Russian 2 kopecks Nicolas I - strange initials?
Posted: 13-Jun-2017, 09:16PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hello • Got this coin last week ... and I have some doubts: • The coins is quite worn, but the initials are still quite readable and look more like KM (or a smudged HM?) than HM or AM. And the circles on both sides are not dentilated, but this could be due to wear. • Also the edge is assymetrical, with the obverse being rounded and the reverse having a sharp edge. Is this normal with these coins? • diameter: 29,4 to 29,7 mm, thickness 2.9 (weight not known), so slightly bigger and quite thicker than supposed to be • Any ideas on authenticity are welcome!

Holed coin or coin with hole?
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Quote: "Essor Prof"​- Who would struck a coin with a hole through the lettering in stead of in between the lettering, that's not logical at all. • ​That leaves this question unanswered ... I'd be very interested in the who/why. Was it already done at the "mint" (if such thing existed with Notgeld)? Or did the townmayor take out his drill for some PMD?

[solved] Search function
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Sounds like you have no coin type selected, see the messages above: •

Looking to buy Kenya 1 shilling 1981 to 1988
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And according to that same Krause, in 1978 only proof ( a circulation 1978 exists for KM#14 ) • My Schön also doesn't mention 1978 ... • Though some member seem to have this coin ... • Google also doesn't give any km#20 from 1978 ... This coin is FAKE NEWS :-)

What face values are out there?
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Quote: "nthn"​ • Quote: "BramVB"1/4 Farting​​LOL ​I'm guessing there are places where they pronounce it like that ... but since decimalization, payments in "fartings" are no longer allowed

Bad Ebay Sellers
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Nono, it has to be exactly 8 birds, otherwise the coin is not LUCKY anymore ... • and WOW!!! the seller hasn't yet discovered that if you take the position in the alphabet of every letter on this coin, multiply it with the position of that letter in the word and then add those values all up, divide that number by itself and finally add the number of days in an average week .... you get 8 ! UNBELIEVABLE !!!! This really is a LUCKY COIN. • Pity I don't have £8888.88 ... but if anybody feels like sending it to me for free, I promise to grant you three wishes and eternal happiness ... and that at the price of a 1953 half crown (also works with 1953 farthing, half-penny or penny)

[solved] GRAND FINAL!! (Closed)
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[solved] Semi-final 2 - CLOSED
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[solved] Semi-final 1 - CLOSED
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[solved] 1 Kreuzer - Leopold I
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Quote: "Coinman48"​I was puzzled by "truncation" in descriptions for some time and then found out it is the area below the head, so it's under the neck (like the full view of the person is truncated (cut off) with only the head showing). • ​ • ​Will​Thanks Will • My coin indeed has a small notch where this D is supposed to be (also slightly visible on the coin on the numista-page). • Some better coin for sale here with a clear D on the "truncation". • I'll add the info on both pages to clear up confusion ... but will not be able to provide any better pictures. I looked at a dozen website where we can use pictures from, but didn't find the coin. Anyone a better coin to add to (German states - Baden KM#197.2) • B

[solved] Categories A vs H (Australasia/Pacific vs Exonumia/Ancients) CLOSED
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[solved] Categories D vs E (South America vs Africa) CLOSED
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[solved] Categories C vs F (North America vs Middle East) CLOSED
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[solved] Categories B vs G (Asia vs Europe) CLOSED
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[solved] Hungary Mix - proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund
Posted: 21-May-2017, 02:47PM in Swaps and trades

Taken this time ☺

[solved] Searching for circulating coins in my collection
Posted: 19-May-2017, 10:28AM in Numista website

It shouldn't be too hard to add the "demonetized" field in Advanced search to get this list of coins that are still circulating. Maybe even with a date function to search for coins circulating on a certain moment in history, though at the moment that would give very incorrect results as very few demonetized dates have been inserted (sounds like a new CCIP project!) and then we should maybe also add emission dates (not always the same as the year a coin was first minted).

[solved] Turkey Mix - proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund
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For €4, add it to the rest!

[solved] Italy Mix - proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund
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This set I take for €3

[solved] Netherlands Mix - proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund
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€3 for the Netherlands, and to support Phil

[solved] Belgium Mix - proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund
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And another set for €3, I'll take it

[solved] Spain Mix - proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund
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Taken for €3

[solved] Yugoslavia and Serbia Mix - proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund
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€4 for this set

[solved] Czechoslovakia Mix - proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund
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I'll take these too for €2,5

[solved] Austria MIx - proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund
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€2 for these very special coins without reverse

[solved] Exonumia/Ancients - Final - CLOSED
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What is the world's last silver circulation coin?
Posted: 17-May-2017, 11:12AM in Numismatic questions

By searching the database I found these from 1979 • Mexico 100 pesos, though with lower mintage in 1979 • • France 50 francs, this high mintage in 1979 • • Anything more recent? Then it doesn't turn up with a database search ...

Finland euro cents
Posted: 17-May-2017, 01:20AM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "Sjoelund"​Hi, • ​ • ​here is a documentation I made years back..... the same goes for the 1 and 5 euro-cent coins. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Ole​In 2007 there is also a mintmark on the coin, only located to the left of the date. The "#99.3" continues to be used until today (2017 set).

[solved] Auctions for Abigail
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Lot #10 • $20 for a just cause ... and some free worn out paper as a bonus! • Be welcome to outbid me :-)

[solved] Europe - Final - CLOSED
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Russian commemorative coins - Crimea
Posted: 11-May-2017, 08:52AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Indeed, these are definitely not official issues ... if they were issued at all. The picture looks more like some images photoshop'ed onto some real 2014 bimetallic 10 roubles.

[solved] Europe - Round 3B - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 3A - CLOSED
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Pay the message forward!
Posted: 10-May-2017, 11:43AM in Free discussion

Sounds fun, count me in ... • Maybe you can also add more than 1 banknote if you feel like it, so the next person has some choice when picking a note ... or more if he/she adds at least the same amount of notes. Like this the selection of notes can increase a bit during the trip and you can decrease the possibility of receiving a note you yourself already have in abundance (especially if the trip is planned with sending on to local or neighbouring collectors). • And BTW ... I'd be more than happy to receive some Notgeld :-)

A Silver Victorian Rupee For Identification
Posted: 4-May-2017, 09:50PM in Coin identifications and valuations

And the seller seems to be selling 2 IDENTICAL coins ... something is definitely smelling fishy there

Additions to your collection - the May 2017 edition
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Quote: "ngdawa"​ • Quote: "Cricket"Minus whatever country that never used animals but I bet you'd be hard pressed to find somewhere modern that has never utilized a type of animal/fish/bug whatever on a coin!​That would be Sweden. I don't think Sweden ever had any anmals at all on its coins. Just the King's head or his monogram on the obverse, and the denomination on the reverse.​The most animal'ish coin from Sweden will be the silver 1 and 2 krona coins from Oscar II with two heraldic lions holding the shield ... that also contains 2 lions ... that's 4 in total (a group of random male lions seems to be called a "coalition") • this might be the easiest one to obtain:

[solved] Europe - Round 2D - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 2C - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 2B - CLOSED
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[solved] Europe - Round 2A - CLOSED
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Prussia - 1764A 1/12 Reichsthaler - Friedrich II -which one?
Posted: 16-Apr-2017, 09:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hello, • I got a 1764A 1/12 Reichsthaler from Prussia in a lot and as these German States coins are (still) out of my field of experience, I need some assistance. • This is the coin: • Diameter: 22,5 mm (should be 24 ... that's 1,5 mm off) • Thickness: 1,1 mm • Weight not known • Ice-test confirms silver • In Numista the only coin for 1764A is KM#298, but the portrait is different, the 12 has a bigger curl and the flowers next to the 12 differ as well (5 petals on my coin and 4 petals on Numista). • There is also KM#311 for the same period, but not for 1764A. The design of the 12 is the same as my coin though. Flower and portrait still different. • In Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1701-1800 I found a third coin, that also has 1764A: KM#297. There is a picture included with flower with 4 petals and a very curly 2. • Online I find different coins from 1764A: • for sale on ebay, looks like KM#297 • in t[...]

Varieties on Thailand 25 satang - Rama IX
Posted: 27-Feb-2017, 02:58PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Hi, • I have 11 coins of this type. Five of them seem to have a "fatter" font and they are all from 2009. I have "thin font"-types from 2008, 2009 and 2010. • As I can't find any info on varieties for this coin, I'm wondering if it might also just be an optical illusion due to the wearing off of the lustre, though that would be weird that they're all from this same year. • • Please have a look, can you find the difference? • Here the two (possible) varieties from 2009. • Thanks for looking • Bram