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How old are you ? What's your job ? And other hobbies ?
Posted: 5-Mar-2020, 03:10AM in Free discussion

I am 33, and spend most of my time mountain biking. Also love off roading, kayaking, Nordic skiing. I collect books and Lego as well. Love watching the NBA, the Simpsons, and Futurama

Buying - Portuguese monarchy coins
Posted: 5-Feb-2020, 03:11AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "Choucas"​Hello, • ​ • ​First of all, I don't want to take a position on this 'drama'. I don't know what happened, and actually I don't care who's right or not. That's not my business. • ​ • ​Whatever, the angry people are often the ones who are speaking louder, they said, so maybe happy people should express their opinions as well. I'm posting this message to say that I've already dealt with Marcos, and it was a real pleasure. He kept his word, communication was friendly and I cannot point a single problem. • ​ • ​That's all, folks, have a nice day. ​I have dealt with Grinya, he is great as well! I had had no problems with any of my communications with him. Yay for positivity!

Russian coins. Color. New 2019.
Posted: 11-Jan-2020, 03:32AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "pasha1980"​ • Quote: "Stupendousman35"​Please see forum rules and stop posting coins for sale until you meet the requirements. ​​Thanks, i am don't know about rules. How deleted post??​forum policy post in the permanent posts at the top of the forum lists.

So.... I'm back, at least partially.
Posted: 8-Jan-2020, 05:29AM in Free discussion

Quote: "JustforFun"​expecting to see you Phil on your customized scooter during the event? • ​ • ​​That is amazing1

Posted: 31-Dec-2019, 11:03PM in Swaps and trades

Hey everyone • Happy New Years! Anyone up for some swaps? US swaps preferred due to shipping costs

American Swap partners wanted
Posted: 21-Dec-2019, 04:43PM in Swaps and trades

I’m up for a swap if you see anything on my list of interest!

Posted: 15-Dec-2019, 10:44AM in Swaps and trades

I actually really enjoy the sales posts and have bought some coins that I have enjoyed quite a bit. I think that moderation of the sales is key, I didn’t have a problem with Andy289 selling but agree that rules should be enforced equally across all members. I also support the recent sales rules changes.

Suggestion for change to sales policy
Posted: 25-Nov-2019, 01:51AM in Swaps and trades

Great idea!

2019 Holiday Exchange?
Posted: 21-Nov-2019, 02:01AM in Free discussion

Having not done the exchange in previous years I would be excited to participate this year!

Newest issuer added to your collection (3rd edit)
Posted: 19-Nov-2019, 05:43AM in Free discussion

Issuer 324: German States: County of Wied-Runkel • Issuer 325: German States: Free Hanseatic City of Lubeck • Issuer 326: Faroe Islands • Issuer 327: Palau • Issuer 328: Equatorial Guinea

Who's in for a swap ? :-)
Posted: 14-Nov-2019, 12:27AM in Swaps and trades

It’s not there anymore

US swaps
Posted: 11-Nov-2019, 05:00AM in Swaps and trades

open for more swaps if anyone wants!

Posted: 19-Sep-2019, 06:22AM in Free discussion

I began collecting mostly US coins, then expanded to any world coin I didn't have by KM#. I have scaled back on that a bit, although I still buy the occasional US coin and will trade for world coins I don't have, but most of my purchasing has progressed to medieval coinage, some Roman coins, and coins from countries/issuers that I do not have yet (which happens to be mostly medieval and older coins). The medieval coins are absolutely fascinating to me. Collect what you like!

[solved] Baktira?
Posted: 6-Aug-2019, 11:07PM in Coin identifications and valuations


Ebay sales, Afghanistan, India and a few others
Posted: 16-May-2019, 08:22PM in Swaps and trades

Hmmm looks interesting. Do you combine shipping?

Anyone want to swap?
Posted: 12-May-2019, 07:50PM in Swaps and trades

Still open for swaps if anyone is interested!

1979 lincoln cent mint error
Posted: 2-May-2019, 06:47AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "KLiao"​ • Quote: "Johnnybravgrow"​If u hate error coins dont reply ​​I don’t hate error coins it’s just I don’t think this is an error​Agreed. Although I would be disappointed if I got it in my change.

[solved] Small 350+ Coin List for Sale $50
Posted: 1-Apr-2019, 06:16PM in Swaps and trades

I’ll buy it

[solved] values listed on the site
Posted: 22-Mar-2019, 06:36AM in Numista website

Quote: "cro321"​ • Quote: "derf"​ • ​ • Quote: "cro321"​As far as I know the system uses the median value, not the average. • ​​ • ​​ • ​​ ​​​​​Interesting. I had no idea in English mode, median and mean are all together grouped as average. Seems a bit confusing to me but it's probably just a language barrier. But I guess I'm not the only one since I remember the discussion on the subject when values were first introduced and I remember other members also making a difference between average and median. Thanks for clearing that up. The mean is the average, the median is the number in the middle when the numbers are arranged from smallest to largest, not the average. ​Mean, median, and mode are not the same in the English language.

Swapping security
Posted: 16-Mar-2019, 02:26AM in Swaps and trades

Thanks everyone. I have had swaps with my home address as well, I just have moved and am considering the PO Box for extra security, but the cost may not be worth it. I appreciate the viewpoints from you all as I consider. Although I think my wife would prefer a PO Box so that’s probably what I’ll end up doing haha

[solved] Uncleaned ancient Roman coin lot for sale
Posted: 27-Feb-2019, 10:43PM in Swaps and trades

Yes please! Should have added this one into the last lot haha

[solved] Small lot of medieval silver coins for sale
Posted: 5-Feb-2019, 05:31PM in Swaps and trades


Russian medieval coins different kings for exchange
Posted: 17-Jul-2018, 07:41PM in Swaps and trades

Would you want to sell or just exchange? If sell what price?

Where have you visited in the world?
Posted: 3-Jun-2018, 09:43PM in Free discussion

I live in Utah currently and love it! You are right, there are few reasons to leave the mountain west! Your rig you take to Moab (from the other thread) looks awesome! I plan to go there with my mountain bike this summer and hit some of the epic trails in the area. We go to Idaho and Wyoming frequently and have some trips planned there for the summer. • Not sure how close you are to Texas but I did live in Texas for a while and I do miss some Texas BBQ and blue bell ice cream mmmmmmmmm

Any one grilling this weekend? And what do you like to grill.
Posted: 3-Jun-2018, 08:18PM in Free discussion

I have been doing a lot of grilling lately, chicken drumsticks, bratwurst, pork kebabs, smoking some homemade jerky, chicken breast, ribs, flank steak,etc. today some chicken I think. • I love fish and tried catfish a few times but never could get the recipe just right.

Respecting others despite their political beliefs
Posted: 3-Jun-2018, 08:14PM in Free discussion

Quote: "CassTaylor"​ • Quote: "CassTaylor"​ • ​ • Quote ​​Guys, try doing what I do when the forum boils over; I take a break from it and spend a day or two building the Numista catalogue. It's constructive, and appreciated by community members whatever their creed far more than typing five-paragraph lectures on your grievances and grandstanding on whom you'd like to have banned. That's why I've done minimal commenting on threads like this one in the past few days. • ​​ • ​​Report the offending post(s), roll your eyes and move on. Otherwise you're being no less of a "moral police". Maybe even consider it a form of occupational therapy; the point is if one's contributing to the catalogue, they'll post less which in turn ruffles less feathers. • ​​ • ​​ ​​I think it's worth resurrecting this thread and the first post as a little reminder, since some posters seem to have forgotten the message it was supposed [...]

What happened to Free discussion part of the Forum.....????
Posted: 1-Jun-2018, 11:43PM in Free discussion

Quote: "auctionking65"​Free discussion......Chitchat about anything..!!!!!!! NOT just damn Coins  !!!! • ​ • ​Most of the topics in this section of the forum belong into other parts of the Forum. • ​ • ​Do any of you have anything to say about other things than coins ? Used to, back in the day, this was a pretty lively part of the forum...…'s kind of a drag now, dominated by a few and pretty much always about the same stuff..... • ​ • ​You coin nerds (me included) ever talk about stuff like Movies, Cars, Motorcycles, Pets, Sports, Food from around the world, Beer, Whiskey, Guns, Vacations, Kids, Work, Countries, History, Tools etc etc • ​Well, I love to talk about politics and how the world regime sucks for the most part, but I understand to stay away from that..... • ​ • ​Maybe all of you are afraid of the mighty moderators or being so damn PC all the time that it hurts. Maybe you talk on other forums about[...]

[solved] Contest Number 2! - Open to all members! Contest run dates: January 14, 2018 to February 14, 2018! What Hemisphere will the coins be from?!
Posted: 16-Jan-2018, 07:01PM in Free discussion


Anybody here into collecting other items, like instruments?
Posted: 21-Dec-2017, 08:00PM in Free discussion

I also collect books, and Lego, but have multiple collections I started but then lost interest including various antiques, stamps, and a few collectible card games. Plus all those baseball cards I bought in grade school, some with the extra surprise of a rock hard stick of gum!

Which coin is better?
Posted: 21-Dec-2017, 07:56PM in Free discussion

First coin!

Before and after I viewed some of my post I made
Posted: 21-Dec-2017, 05:28PM in Free discussion

I think memes are great, and would love to see more.

big guessing game from the hamster
Posted: 2-Nov-2017, 08:29PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Muenzenhamster"​ • ​coconut for scale • ​ • ​i emptied it now and it contained 1 and 2 cent coins • ​ • ​ • ​ ​if you emptied it out the current answer would be zero :)

Any other millennials/college student collectors here?
Posted: 2-Nov-2017, 03:30PM in Free discussion

Fun to see young collectors on here. I just finished my education recently as well.

Swaps wanted
Posted: 29-Oct-2017, 08:57PM in Swaps and trades

I typically only swap low-ish value coins so paying more for shipping overseas does not typically make sense

Golden horde copper puls XIV ct for swap or sale
Posted: 29-Sep-2017, 01:35AM in Swaps and trades

How much do you want for the average coin in these lots?

[solved] How far back can we go? The Sequel (currently at 1595) [GO TO THE CONTINUATION THREAD]
Posted: 30-Aug-2017, 05:13AM in Free discussion

Some cool coins on this thread, following and hopefully I will get around to posting soon.

[solved] Swindler detected again
Posted: 23-Aug-2017, 01:29AM in Free discussion

Got a swap request from him and turned it down. I have not been around long enough to see the same person come back as a different profile, thanks for the heads up!

It begins - apology beforehand/ Country list reorganization
Posted: 12-Aug-2017, 05:53PM in Free discussion

Hmm I had been using 300 countries as one of my goals. Now I am not sure...a certain number of sections and countries? What will other people do?

Justice for Abigail - Your Help is Urgently Needed
Posted: 12-Jul-2017, 04:58AM in Free discussion

So sorry to hear this Phil, you and your family continue to have our prayers.

Collection organization
Posted: 5-Jul-2017, 10:05PM in Numismatic questions

Thanks for the help!

Additions to your collection - July 2017
Posted: 3-Jul-2017, 06:06PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Quant.Geek"​An ode to Julius for July, i.e., the Roman Empire: • ​ • ​Roman Imperial: Constantine II, As Caesar (316-337 CE) Æ Follis, Antioch (RIC VII 54; LRBC 1325) • ​ • ​Obv: Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust left • ​Rev: CONSTAN / TINVS / CAESAR / SMANTA; Legend in four lines; star above • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Roman Imperial: Leo I (457-474 CE) Æ Nummus, Uncertain mint (RIC 698-711) • ​ • ​Obv: D N LEO; Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right • ​Rev: Leo standing facing, head right, holding long cross and dragging captive from behind • ​ • ​ • ​ ​you always post very interesting coins, where do you get them if I may ask?

Most unpopular country?
Posted: 18-Jun-2017, 10:52PM in Free discussion

Japan, Philippines, Spain

If you could only collect from 1 country?
Posted: 18-Jun-2017, 07:42PM in Free discussion

My first love is US coins. I would love to delve more into the early commemoratives and gold coins

Bad Ebay Sellers
Posted: 3-Jun-2017, 06:25PM in Free discussion

who knew so many 8s was so lucky! That guy's description of the coin was hilarious

[solved] Auctions for Abigail
Posted: 3-Jun-2017, 04:02PM in Swaps and trades

Union flour token $15

[solved] Stamps for sale or swap for coins
Posted: 2-Jun-2017, 04:28PM in Swaps and trades

Another member has expressed interest if he passes I'll let you know! • Thanks

[solved] GRAND FINAL!! (Closed)
Posted: 30-May-2017, 10:56PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Rarity Index
Posted: 27-May-2017, 06:56AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "neilithic"​It's not a very useful tool, the only thing it's really useful for is to see what coins are likely to be popular to put in your swap list. I think a while ago Phil suggested that we switch to the universal rarity scale, which sounded quite good to me • ​ • ​​that scale would be interesting to see implemented!

[solved] Coins & banknotes mix - proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund
Posted: 20-May-2017, 06:56PM in Swaps and trades


[solved] Raffle for Abby - Gold & Silver
Posted: 19-May-2017, 04:10AM in Free discussion

2 for me please. Any numbers will do. Money being sent now

[solved] [SALE FOR ABBY] Canada The War of 1812 Commemorative Gift Set
Posted: 16-May-2017, 03:39AM in Swaps and trades

I'll take it. PM me if still available to arrange! Thanks!

[solved] German mix ...proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund SOLD
Posted: 15-May-2017, 05:43PM in Swaps and trades

for $3 you can add it to my total • Reece

[solved] Greece lot...proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund SOLD
Posted: 14-May-2017, 05:54PM in Swaps and trades

I'll buy this one.

[solved] Turkey Lot for sell SOLD
Posted: 14-May-2017, 05:52PM in Swaps and trades

I'll take this one too. PM me if the ones I have selected are still available. I can pay via pay pal.

[solved] Belgium lot...proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund SOLD
Posted: 14-May-2017, 05:49PM in Swaps and trades

I'll buy it

[solved] Romania Lot...proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund SOLD
Posted: 14-May-2017, 05:47PM in Swaps and trades

I'll buy it.

[solved] Africa - Round 1H - CLOSED
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 01:44PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1A - CLOSED
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 01:43PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1B - CLOSED
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 01:43PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1C - CLOSED
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 01:43PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1D - CLOSED
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 01:42PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1E - CLOSED
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 01:41PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1F - CLOSED
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 01:41PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1H - CLOSED
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 01:40PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] Middle East - Round 1G - CLOSED
Posted: 28-Mar-2017, 01:40PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] South America - FINAL CLOSED
Posted: 21-Mar-2017, 03:51PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] North America - FINAL CLOSED
Posted: 21-Mar-2017, 03:50PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Finland coin set for swap/sale
Posted: 8-Mar-2017, 03:30PM in Swaps and trades

How much are you selling it for?

50 Different Coin Lots for SALE US Members Only ****NO DUPLICATE COINS*** (Shipping costs)
Posted: 5-Mar-2017, 04:10AM in Swaps and trades

I bought 4 lots and am enjoying sorting through them today, thanks!

Some coins on Sale on Ebay
Posted: 20-Feb-2017, 01:27AM in Free discussion

Bid on a few and lost! Post if you are going to sell more!

Share your PDFs
Posted: 8-Nov-2016, 11:21PM in Free discussion

Anyone have a good resource on Romanian coins?

How did you start collecting coins?
Posted: 1-Nov-2016, 05:11AM in Free discussion

Hey • I am new to the site, but started coin collecting when I was in Boy Scouts maybe around 12 years old when my grandfather gave me some for the merit badge. I stopped for a while during my late teens and early twenties but am back at it now and loving it!