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Posted: 20-Sep-2019, 09:44PM in Numismatic questions

Sun Yat Sen on Chinese coins and notes has a moustache.

Is the Hobby of Numismatics losing interest in the younger generations your opinion?
Posted: 8-Sep-2019, 06:06PM in Free discussion

I went to our local biannual show in Calgary this weekend. It was mostly the grey haired set but there were a few kids (6-8) there. I saw one boy who had a large denomination bill from his father and was looking around to see what was available for him. He wasn't just grabbing anything but was thinking about what he wanted. We all survived our youth and I am sure the next generation will be good. The hobby will diminish when all our transactions are by electronic exchange and coins and bills no longer fill our pockets. As long as we have the memory of money in our pockets the hobby will prosper.

United Kingdom coins
Posted: 29-Aug-2019, 08:16PM in Numismatic questions

A proof coin is made from selected blanks and dies are carefully polished. Coins are removed from the dies and packed. They do not interact with other coins so they should be free of marks. They should have a mirror finish and quite often have a frosted image. • The Proof-like designation are usually from early strikes on new dies for circulating coins. • Specimen are struck for sets and are struck twice to get sharp edges, high luster. They have reduced handling so are generally free of marks.

[solved] MPCC 2019 - GOLD - FINAL
Posted: 26-Aug-2019, 05:42AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Which would you buy from the three items on offer
Posted: 26-Aug-2019, 05:35AM in Free discussion

There is no object in the world that would cause me this much consternation. • If faced with this dilemma I would choose whatever my heart told me was the most beautiful object on that day. I would purchase that and have no regret. • The Waitangi crown sounds pretty good to me too.

Silver coin tarnish cleaning?
Posted: 9-Aug-2019, 09:40PM in Numismatic questions

Try a pink eraser on the end of a pencil. • Acid and base mixed will give a neutral or weak solution.

140€ for a few indonesia SEN coins, whats going on?
Posted: 23-Jun-2019, 04:45AM in Numismatic questions

The coins shown are also a province of Indonesia , the Riau Islands which makes them a little more distinct and unique.

squared coins and tokens
Posted: 16-Jun-2019, 04:13AM in Free discussion

Just do an advanced search on numista for square shape. They come from all over the world and all time periods. Not uncommon. Try triangular coins, I only know of one circulating coin from Cook Islands. I had one to swap and it went in my first swap. Canada issued one, a milk token commemorative. It was not circulating.

[solved] Which coin is the most common in all collections?
Posted: 3-Jun-2019, 05:45AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "CassTaylor"​ • Quote: "phamanhtuan1000"​This coin is more common: • ​​​​Ooooh, a 2 NRI! • ​ • ​Wonder if there'll ever be a 1? Or a 0? ​If you want to try to get the NRI lower I have 6 to give away. Send me a PM with your address and I will send one to you. Wonder what it takes to get the NRI down to one. Zero probably means everyone has the coin. I am surprised it is a French coin and it is the 1 Franc. American pennies have been minted in the billions for years.

Id needed!
Posted: 9-May-2019, 10:05PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I bought 12 similar to this in Dali, Yunnan. They spanned centuries but they all had the same wear and the same dirt. They were all the Yun mint so it sort of fit. I didn't pay big money for them, 100 yuan for all. They are well made fakes. The dirt on them is a giveaway. I saw some certified ones there but they were 400 yuan for 3 coins. Which was the biggest scam?

How to clean a burned coin?
Posted: 9-May-2019, 09:31PM in Numismatic questions

Cobrapel: Start with something less harsh than acid and base. Try olive oil or rubbing alcohol. Even water to start with would be better. I soak them over night and use a cotton swab to wipe of the detritus. If you use an acid only soak for a couple of hours at most. • Good luck.

Coin Nicknames
Posted: 6-Apr-2019, 07:39AM in Free discussion

The 25 cent paper money in Canada is called a "shin plaster".

[solved] 1927 "S" Lincoln Cent
Posted: 3-Apr-2019, 04:14AM in Coin identifications and valuations

There are no varities for a 1927 cent. If you can get an authority to recognize you will have a unique coin.

[solved] Post your defaced banknotes
Posted: 30-Mar-2019, 12:20AM in Banknotes

Quote: "aaronmgd"​Does this count? • ​ • ​ • ​Aaron​It would be more appropriate if it was a three dollar bill...

What is the shape of your collection?
Posted: 25-Mar-2019, 11:32PM in Free discussion

I think we might be called plebeian collectors. • One of my local dealers has started to sell bulk lots of foreign coins. I have bought only one and out of 15 coins I only had 3 already in my collection albeit I have but 2300 coins in my collection. I love getting bag lots from friends whose parents have died. They always think there could be a real rarity in there that will finance their future. They are surprised when I tell them there are only a handful of valuable (dollar wise) Canadian coins in existence. There is a 1969 dime with a large date that will go for $12,000 in well worn condition. • If it hasn't gone through someone's pocket, it doesn't have much history.

Little musical game: find a title
Posted: 23-Mar-2019, 05:36AM in Free discussion

Feist- 1 2 3 4 • for the UK crowd next 1952

Find the banknote game
Posted: 17-Mar-2019, 06:20AM in Banknotes

Yes. • The full story from CPM newsletter 2000 vol. 8 no. 4. The picture was taken in 1951. It was engraved by Gordon Yorke and issued in 1974. The photo was taken near Aulatseevik about 70 miles from Pond Inlet on Baffin Island in the Canadian arctic. Peter was 14 in 1951. The hunting party are loading their kayaks. The Inuit hunters left to right are Qitsualik, Peter Paniloo, Herodier Kadlu, Paul Idlout, Joseph Idlout and Elijah Erkloo. Sorry about the picture not too good with my tablet. My note is a Lawson Bouey Bc47a Charlton designation. Serial number UM5889128 •

I'm thinking of a specific banknote that shows a vignette of a Maidens Tower...
Posted: 15-Mar-2019, 04:59AM in Banknotes

Ok, I will start the banknote guessing game. • It was 1951 and Peter Paniloo said he remembered that they ate well that day. He is the young man second from the left. • Hint is a Canadian banknote.

[solved] MPCC 2019 - AUSTRALIA - ROUND 2 - 2
Posted: 7-Mar-2019, 05:14AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2019 - AUSTRALIA - ROUND 2 - 3
Posted: 7-Mar-2019, 05:13AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2019 - AUSTRALIA - ROUND 2 - 1
Posted: 7-Mar-2019, 05:12AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] MPCC 2019 - AUSTRALIA - ROUND 2 - 4
Posted: 7-Mar-2019, 05:10AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Small/Tiny Banknotes
Posted: 7-Mar-2019, 04:54AM in Banknotes

Quote: "techwriter"​Just for fun, how about 5 small Chinese notes all with radar numbers in Roman numerals: • ​​They are Fen notes from China. Smaller than a jiao. Truck is 1 fen, ship is 5 fen. There is a date on the back mine say 1953 on them.

Does your post office allow you to send coins?
Posted: 20-Feb-2019, 06:32PM in Numismatic questions

The economics of currency is a very interesting topic. The laws are in place to prevent the large movement of money by criminal organizations. As swappers we do not really fit into that category. It is one of those circumstances where the side effect does not make logical sense. Technically we are breaking the law but in reality we are just enjoying our hobby. • If we all took our collections and our penny jars and returned it to the circulating currency we could affect the economy in a negative way. In the US there are billions of dollars in penny jars around the nation. Introducing that money to the circulating currency would devalue the dollar. This is the side effect of India removing their 500 and 1000 rupee notes from circulation. People took their loose coins and put them back in circulation. The India mint has reduced its production of coins.

One pound 2004
Posted: 16-Feb-2019, 02:58AM in Numismatic questions

Lookup 2004 1 pound Forth Railway Bridge and get all the details

[solved] Panama 1 centésimo 1937 - signature?
Posted: 15-Jan-2019, 06:08AM in Numismatic questions

Found a reference to the image of Urraca, was a Ngabe chief. Could it be Ngabe?

fake 5 roubles gold
Posted: 4-Jan-2019, 05:49AM in Numismatic questions

Thought it was the hair oil that the czar was using...

Discover the object
Posted: 20-Dec-2018, 06:12AM in Free discussion

Is it a crystal radio and you amplify the output?

[solved] Were US half cents ever called halfpennies? (Answer: No, they weren't)
Posted: 1-Dec-2018, 06:14PM in Numismatic questions

I would guess that it has always been cents and not pence. When the Americans won independence in 1776 they wanted to distance themselves from England. Webster is their dictionary not Oxford. They changed the spelling of words like colour to color. Zed became Zee. • The decimal system was much easier to use than pound/shillings.

Proof or not.
Posted: 11-Nov-2018, 10:33PM in Numismatic questions

If Canadian coin standards are used the hair on the King is worn so are the jewels on the crown. The dots going up to the orb are almost worn together. There are six dots visible but almost worn together. So might make fine but not much better.

What attracts you to a coin?
Posted: 7-Nov-2018, 11:10PM in Numismatic questions

I like the shapes. The triangular coin from Cook Islands is a favourite. The square Malaya coins are neat too. I saw thousands of Qing dynasty coins while in Dali, Yunnan all tied together through the hole in the center. The British East Africa coins with the center hole have elephant tusks around them. I have a square Indian two Annas 1923. I got it in change while travelling there. It is completely beat up but I wonder what kind of life it had. Did Ghandi ever touch it?

A new coloured Canadian 2 dollars coin just released
Posted: 7-Nov-2018, 10:54PM in Numismatic questions

You can get a roll of them from the mint and they pay the shipping. The coloured version is a beauty. Like many Canadian colorized coins it will have a value. The mint gives the red colour some gradation in it that I find amazing.

RUM Coin- first Gold Coin enclosed with the oldest RUM
Posted: 29-Oct-2018, 08:00PM in Numismatic questions

I hate mint products like this. The coin is brilliant but it is only worth the bullion value of gold on the day it is sold. If you pay more you are being taken, unless you collect on the theme of ships or a liquor theme.

Collective Noun for Coin Collectors
Posted: 11-Oct-2018, 06:06PM in Numismatic questions

An issue of numistatists....were walking on a spring day.

Oldest coin of every country in the world (+ islands)
Posted: 1-Oct-2018, 08:27PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "halfdisme"​Canada: • ​ • ​The first coins officially exported from France for use in French North America, per Walter Breen, were the billon older coins that were called in and counterstamped with a fleur-de-lis in a beaded oval in 1640. • ​ • ​Additional coinages in 1641 and 1658 had a full obverse design, with the fleur-de-lis counterstamp and oval included in the design. • ​ • ​These were in circulation long before the 1670 issues. • ​ • ​Bermuda: • ​ • ​The first coinage for the British North American colonies was the Sommer Islands (Bermuda) issues of circa 1616. • ​ • ​United States: • ​ • ​The oldest coinage struck in the United States is the New England (NE) coinage of 1652. All the other issues of Massachusetts silver dated 1652 (Willow Tree, Oak Tree and Pine Tree) were struck later and backdated to 1652. • ​ ​Haxby does not mention the billion coins u[...]

50th Anniversary of moon landings. Any coins being minted?
Posted: 30-Sep-2018, 07:44AM in Numismatic questions

Cook Islands is always good for exotic anniversary coins too. • The RCM (Royal Canadian Mint) did a coloured coin for a UFO sighting. They sold it with a small black light flashlight as it would glow in the dark. It was a bit much for me but I know people that bought it. It sold out quickly.

Coin Shows - Rant warning
Posted: 29-Sep-2018, 05:59AM in Free discussion

If you ever come to Calgary go to Calgary Coin and Antique. Meet Robert K. the most knowledgeable, friendly and honest dealer you will ever meet in Canada. The Calgary coin show runs twice a year and all the dealers I have talked to there have been friendly, and free with advice. They will spend the time to educate you. I love going to the show and always buy an ms 1943,44 or 45 nickel, my favourite coins. • One year they set up a manual press and they would hammer (literally) a coin for you.

What books have you been reading recently?
Posted: 28-Sep-2018, 06:02AM in Free discussion

Read the Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See. A novel about the changes to ethnic groups in Yunnan province in China in the last twenty years with a story around the rise and fall of puer tea. Also touches on the adopted Chinese babies by American parents. • The DamBusters by Ted Barris about the British bombing of three dams in the Ruhr valley during WWII using a bouncing bomb.

[solved] Weigh scale for beginners?
Posted: 9-Aug-2018, 07:24PM in Numismatic questions

I bought a food weigh scale at Walmart mart for about $30. It works well. Got a caliper at home depot to measure circumference. It was more expensive than the scale.

Best Canadian Auction Houses, or any Auction House
Posted: 4-Aug-2018, 08:54PM in Numismatic questions

Pick up a copy of Canadian Coin News. The June edition talks about the Torex Auction. It is hosted by The Canadian Numismatic Auction Company. Not sure how you get coins into the show as you might have to go through a registered dealer. Everyone will want a cut of the price. So I would recommend you go to a local dealer and see if they can do it for you. They may have a customer who is looking for such a coin and you could bypass the auction altogether. Know the value of the coin before making a deal and understand what you want to get for it.

Looking for animal banknotes (UNC only)
Posted: 24-Jul-2018, 07:09AM in Banknotes

There is a full series of Bank of Canada notes from 2 dollars to 1 thousand. Each denomination has a common Canadian bird on it. 2$ American Robin, 5$ Kingfisher, 10$ Osprey, 20$ Loon, 50$ Snowy Owl 100$ Canada Goose . I never had a 1000 and they will be withdrawn soon. • Best animals I have seen are on the Tanzanian bills. An elephant on 10,000 shilingi, rhinoceros on the 5000 shillingi. I have a 25 billion dollar Zimbabwe note with two giraffes on it. • I have a 5$ New Zealand note, paper and plastic with Hillary and Mount Everest on the front and a Hoiho (penquin) on the back.

The first find
Posted: 11-Jul-2018, 08:09PM in Numismatic questions

My father tacked a Whitman folder to our basement wall. He died early in 1972 and I maintained the collection. In 1981 I moved west to Edmonton and took it with me. I now have complete penny collection from 1858 to 2012. Still working on the nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars. They are much more expensive. I inherited some old coins from my grandfather when he passed away. One was 1912 5$ gold coin and his medals from the first world war. This really got me going.