1795 liberty -1 dollar coin

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Hi all

Pl advise .

Its 1795 liberty -1 dollar coin & offer price is $ 6000. Can I buy for this price?

Does not look genuine to me. Ask the seller for the weight and diameter of the coin.
blimey 8.
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Such a coin should only be purchased through a very reputable dealer or auction house.
this sounds more like I saw a guy in the back alley who has near unlimited stock of this coin.
from the pictures though I cannot judge but it seems to be placed over a touristical treasure map.
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Thank you all.
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​That is not helpful.
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Even if the coin is genuine, the price seems to be too high. The market on these is soft.

It needs to be encapsulated. Not only do they give you comfort that it is genuine, they may discover retooling and other issues that you might overlook.

I sold my silver dollar type set--1795 Flowing Hair, 1797, 1799 last year. It was not an enjoyable experience.

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