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Since there is a my coins and my banknotes heading under my collection in the menu could we also add my tokens?
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I think this request has actually been floated before but has kind of died out. However, I would support this - it feels weird going into a coins section to go to a list of collectibles most coin collectors don't have an interest in.

If I remember correctly, I believe this was a temporary solution until a new category could be made - but I would feel it would be a welcome addition since the site is getting an slight overhaul in terms of design.
I believe this to be a great idea! Separating the Tokens and Exonumia from the Coins sections would certainly bring a much cleaner user experience! If it has been done with the Banknotes it should be doable with Tokens & Exonumia.
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As I don't believe Tokens/Medals should be in the coin catalogue, I would like to see them moved out to a dedicated Exonumia section, Tokens/Medals/Bullion would all fit better; and yes , it should have its own link in My Collections for the people who love to collect these items.
Hello, "My exonumia" has been implemented :)
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 30-Mar-2021, 22:32)

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