1853 Gold Dollar - probably genuine, but what do you think?

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I recently won this gold 1 dollar coin—from a reputable auction house—and was wondering if it was a genuine piece as dated. I mean, it looks good to me but I wanted some opinions for a few reasons.

diameter: 13mm, weight: 1.56g

Firstly, I’m not very keen on American coins and I don’t even know if restrikes of this coin have been common or not.

Secondly, it was part of a lot consisting of small gold coins, most of them “miniature gold coins” from the Franklin Mint (or so I believe), like these:

And while the lot’s description said it contained 8 coins, only 7 of them were pictured—the mysterious 8th item being the gold dollar in question.

Thirdly, I won the lot for 40 euros. If the gold dollar is a genuine piece, doesn’t that mean I got a lot more than I paid for, bullion value-wise?

As noted above, the diameter, weight and lustre seem to be okay (if a little bit light) and the edge is reeded as it should be, too. Do you think I got lucky or is it a restrike or such?
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It does not look real to me. But my knowledge on american coins is very small.
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Take a look at the real coin. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces6157.html
A little underweight, and Libby's nose and hair detail don't look right to me.

Franklin mint did make real coins for other countries but is in US, their miniatures usually are usually obvious - double eagles. I have a couple miniatures from them but none that match yours.

You may still have gotten a good deal. Jeweler's copies are sometimes 10-14 karat gold. You'll need a good test to be sure. There are a lot of other makers out there too https://www.google.com/search?q=Franklin+Mint+gold+coins&client=ms-android-verizon&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CVJwrNwh_1iJTIkA7dYQ2TW6ZUcy_1NZk-wsZUn1nkXo24m_1ehuHnO6ktOXLWgVnjhV8zF2RExakjhSWIxAfX-f5yc4s_1J6j-pxI56KhIJO3WENk1umVERuHcGypmh4y0qEgnMvzWZPsLGVBE5D8bTLAJS3yoSCZ9Z5F6NuJv3EbIm8d88tHCBKhIJobh5zupLTlwRVVXom-i7BV0qEgm1oFZ44VfMxRFE3-ugllKR_1SoSCdkRMWpI4UliEdw4Upo36r3AKhIJMQH1_1n-cnOIRPRHzneaOGwUqEgnPyeo_1qcSOehG7m8rQyvDWjWHeRIDZfMeuYA&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi6_tbsnontAhXcGFkFHcWwAJ0QuIIBegQIARA9&biw=360&bih=668#imgrc=VjaFT8ycrqCwRM&imgdii=bOxLqtpCQcG9xM
It is definitely not genuine. It looks off from the start as the portraits lips, cheeks, nose and hair are similar but not quite right.

QuoteDo you think I got lucky
sorry, no.
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That’s quite a pity but yeah...come to think of it, the rim looks a tad uneven and (for the lack of a better word) weird indeed. Oh well, then.

I still think I’m lucky, though! These miniature gold coins and replicas could often sell for about $50 each or more over here, low gold content or even plated. Plus, I bought two gold dollar coins—from Mr. Bob Reis—for like $200 just last week or so, incidentally, and I’m rather glad that that isn’t to be a waste. Thank you for the help!
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40 Quid for 8 gold coins - is it real


Can't resist it.
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Hello please taka a look at ( http://www.worldofcoins.eu/forum/index.php?topic=26994.0 ) this shows fake Type 1 1853 Gold $1 .
I have a genuine 1857 Type 3 that cost me £20 but that was 10 Years ago.
I have a picture of my 1856 1 dollar gold coin it has a crown/tiara what ever check the weight of it if its off weight its fake. kinda seams not rite to me.
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