£2 H.G. Wells Coin

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Hello all,

The topic I am presenting today is that of a new coin introduced in an annual set commemorating the 95th birthday of the Queen of England. A coin within this set features the works of author H.G. Wells, and has garnered criticism for its errors in interpretation. As a result, it has caught my interest, yet its cost is rather high on both Ebay and the Royal Mint (Mint only sells sets). Does anyone know the mintage on this coin? Or if it has worth to a collector due to the errors present?
the critics can say what they like. I rather like the art, which was selected in a competition.

if you buy one, you can be the first to enter it in Numista catalogue
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I’ve got the 2021 proof set with the coin in it. I really like the design but by far the best new coin from the uk is the 50th anniversary of decimalisation 50p.
Have just submitted the coin to the catalogue, should appear in the next day or so...

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