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The new fifty pence coin to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of United Kingdom decimal currency is to be released into circulation, but with the fifth portrait on the obverse
Agreed, yes - the circulating coin will have the more recent portrait.

I guess a second page will need to be created, for that 5th portrait coin.
That is for the individual coin.

Your link is for the set coin, which has the 2nd portrait in use in 1971 but is dated 2021.
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also 13750057 also 15924495 also 15995337
I put in a request to Radrick007 (Referee for UK) to update the 2nd portrait to non-circulating. The 5th portrait which was released today was announced as also not being for circulation...
now added to the catalogue. 5th portrait -
I didn’t realise this coin was going into circulation (most don’t ) do you know when ?
The mint have said its not going into circulation sadly. If any coins are going into circulation it's normally the ones in the sets that do.
I’m not alone I’m sure but it makes me ....🤬 angry. It completely undermines the nature of coin collecting when the Royal Mint rips us all of by making us buy the coins. One day they will kill the Golden Goose when we alljust refuse to buy them .

I have even suggested a compromise that coins are minted on a 2:1 ratio in favour of circulation coins.

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