Help to please id if this is the rarer type II - Swiss 1931 b - 5 Franc coin.

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I have taken pictures around the sides of the obverse and reverse
and it weighs exactly 15 grams too.
I would be very happy if a member could please help me define what variant this one is.
Thank you Mark.
Type 1.
With the obverse facing you, look at the 6 o'clock position at the bottom of the portrait on the edge and you will see the "dividing line" and go clockwise from there.
Dividing line - 3 stars DOMINUS PROVIDEBIT 10 stars and you are back to the dividing line at 6 o'clock.
Jep, like Harryg says, the most common variety type 1 starting at six o'clock.

Look at your picture: there are no stars between DOMINUS and PROVIDEBIT, so type I:

And look at your picture where the lettering starts, so starting at 6 o'clock:
Thank you very much !
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Coin variants in English:
In French on Cobra's site (not the same)
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The last comment has to be corrected, so it will be possible to publish it. Among the main corrections are

1. In all catalogs and in Numista as well the orientation of the edge is counted with respect to Obv (see That is why some coins, which are considered as variety in the post, from the Obv. position are not varieties. This will reduce the quantity of combinations and make attribution easier.

2. The incuse inscriptions can not be mixed with inscription in relief. They need separate number(s).
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