Sorting Exonumia in "Latest additions" [solved]

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I would like to draw attention to the way of sorting Exonumia in "Latest additions".

Now all new pages within a country are mixed there. And I would suggest sorting new pages within the country by type and face value.

Thank you.
I would prefer to have it by category and then by type and face value, right now paper exanumia is mix with the rest only as an example.
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I agree we need a sort by type for exonumia, for the latest additions and other searches in the exonumia catalogue (and maybe also for coins and banknotes).
Status changed to Accepted (Xavier, 13-Apr-2021, 16:42)

I added a new sort option to sort by type.
This is now the default order for exonumia. Your preference for the order of the exonumia section is saved independently of your preferred order for coins and banknotes.

On the page for exonumia of a given country, it will show an index of the exonumia types for this country (similarly to the index of currencies and rulers for the other sort options):
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 19-Apr-2021, 14:50)
It's night and day, thanks !
Always look on the bright side of life!

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