What do I have? [solved]

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It's clear they are not official banknotes, but what are they?
Right, no serial numbers, so probably not a banknote or a bond. Probably a “ration coupon” of some kind. You can try the Colnect image search function, but there are very few non-banknotes there that I know of.
Best to try “ration coupon china (year) (denomination)” searches in google.
One of yours https://en.numista.com/catalogue/exonumia228586.html. Check exonumia for ration cupon.
2 Shi Liang · Sichuan Food Stamp
500 Kè Zhejiang Food Stamp; Taizhou City

The 250 Kè Zhejiang Food Stamp, which you have, is listed under "See Also".
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