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Have a nice day.
I had a medical examination in the capital, I rarely have more time, but now I've used it, and I visited the main store of the Czech Mint in the city center in the passage of the National Bank.
This was about how we were robbed in another thread here of these coin houses.
My conclusion is this circus coin theater is like that for investors unfortunately the investor does not know that his investment is a fairy tale and a loss,
It is not my collection, rather it amazes me how much money I would have to invest.
In the end, I bought a set of circulation coins for 590 CZK - overpriced , and in that set there is still 10 CZK damaged edge ( only now did I notice it )and the saleswoman returned me a small 10 CZK UNC in better condition than in the set .
so take a look:

purchased set: 2021

damaged edge 10 CZK:

the coin she issued is probably undamaged: ( so they usually have a higher quality in the cash registerz|)

So the prices are huge beyond my comprehension and so I took at least promotional books and posters:

So if she visits the mother of all Cities, see for yourself:

Ahoj Ivan
I was in Prague few years ago and I didn't knew about this place. Interesting story and great info but you really need to practice a little bit more with camera focus. :O

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