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Does anyone know a good site to which I can upload photos of Asian coins to find out what they are? I don’t understand the languages so can’t decipher on my own very easily, although I have better luck when I already own the coin and can take a pic of it than when I am considering buying it from online and it isn’t labeled properly or at all. One example is this coin.

While using an automatic site to identify lettering might work, they generally aren't too accurate. I'd recommend using the handwriting feature in Google Translate if the resolution is good enough that you can make out the characters.

That said, even without doing any of that, I can tell that this coin is from year 18 (of the Chinese Republic, and I'm 99% sure it says 年八十國民華中) and has a portrait of Sun Yat-sen on it. I doubt the authenticity of this coin because the only coin on Numista with Sun Yat-sen on it with the year 18 is this:

I may be wrong about this as I do not know how complete the Numista catalogue is, and what knowledge I do have is only general, but I'd be skeptical on this. Hope this helps!
Thank you so much for such a helpful and rapid reply! I’d never thought of using Google Translate, but that should do the trick and also be good practice in learning some alphabets. I, too, was skeptical about that coin. The obverse’s design seems a bit poor. I’ll do some searching to see if maybe it’s a token, instead. Thanks again!
FYI coin looks fake, sorry

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It's a product of the Chinese Republic period and most likely depicts Sun Yat Sen. His image is common for the time but no two facing portraits look completely like the same person, war lords, etc., can also be found. Assuming Year 18 (1929) there is a rare pattern 20 Cent that looks very similar, but not close enough. It was minted in Vienna in silver and nickel. You should always show both sides for ID purposes. My guess is that this is a token. If it's authentic a token like this would have high collector interest and perhaps value. Can you post again with a photo of the other side?

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