US Trade Dollar 1879

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Do you think this is real? It's pretty beat up and I need your opinion too:) Have a good day
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I see a major inconsistency, which leads me to believe it's a fake. The stars, which are usually not very well struck, and tend to show wear quickly, are beautiful on your coin. Meanwhile the central devices on the obverse and reverse are very worn down. This doesn't make sense, unless it's a fake.

This is also a year when only proofs were made, and even an impaired proof, would have some luster in the fields.
is it even silver .youtube
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The word 'LIBERTY' on the obverse is a good indicator that it's not real.

Quote: "steffner"​Why?
​Just compare with an authentic one, on your coin the LI is almost a rounded U:

Looking at the 1878 One I have that is a Genuine one and Comparing I'm afraid I also think its a forgery the wear seems very uneven and the Lettering very obscure.

Quote: "Ian P"
​The denticles on the fake are awful
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Quote: "AgIsSilver"
Quote: "Ian P"
​​The denticles on the fake are awful
​Yes they look very clean and unworn the one below is a Copy and clearly it can be seen that it is no where near correct it has a Weight of 28.25g.

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