1992 Lincoln cent Close AM ?

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I need help identifying my penny
Tress Shults
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Can you also please post a photo of the obverse of this coin?
An in focus, well lit picture of your coin would help too. If there is any space between the A and M then it's a normal one.
I think I have a clear one
Tress Shults
And one of the reverse?
To be able to see detail your photos need to be cropped so that they are larger and don't have so much background showing.

Also, with the reverse, it would help if you good zoom in on the 'AM' area to give a clearer shot.
I think the OP lost interest. I have to wonder why the picture of the two sides were taken 6 days apart and the reverse is corroded while the obverse looks very good. I suspect they're not the same coin.

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