Part of this US 1cent 1986 P seams to have two rims [solved]

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Starts at bottom of lincoln ran to trust. and some on in

Your throughts Thank you daryl
other side show nothing odd
It is, what it is.
The US Mint was having some collar problems that day? Just a guess.
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Hi Peter
I figured it was a collar problem , but which one. Thank you for your throughts. Hope you are staying warm.
It is, what it is.
Quote: "ALLRED1950"​ Starts at bottom of lincoln ran to trust. and some on in

​Your throughts Thank you daryl
​other side show nothing odd
​What about the edge of the coin ... are there any irregularities?
no the edge is fine.
It is, what it is.
Mint error


Ridge Ring: One of the many manifestations of die deterioration, a ridge ring is a circular area of distortion that goes around the perimeter of a coin near the rim and is the result of cold-metal flow toward the rim from the striking process. These are most commonly seen in the 1980s.
Quote: "ALLRED1950"​no the edge is fine.
​As the edge looks normal, and you previously said "other side show nothing odd," then maybe it is a misaligned die error?
thank you, guys, iam trying to get everything in order an ID Iam lucky to find errors but iam still learning..
It is, what it is.
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