Broader view of countries drop down menu to select from [solved]

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I've been lately off the grid (sorry to some of you) but here is one. Is it possible for PC users to see more options to select from within the drop down menu for countries? Currently only seven lines are visible for selection, I would not mind seeing like 13 or 15 lines.
Thanks, best regards to all of you and all good in 2022 (before the world goes ku-ku)!

Yes, something like this I made would be better ...

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This is especially inconvenient when I'm looking for notgeld issuers, because they spend 3-4 lines just on the classification, so often only two or (in some cases) even only one actual issuer name actually fits on the dropdown without scrolling.

In particular, if there's a similarly named city both in Germany and in Austria, I need to scroll just to see both city names, because country - notgeld - province - city already takes up four lines, so the second city actually doesn't fit into the 7-line selection.
I doubled the height of the issuer dropdown list.
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 6-Jan-2022, 05:59 pm)
Yes, just seen it. Thanks. :)
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also 13750057 also 15924495 also 15995337
mmm, thanks!

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