The Torah and Greek Coins (2)

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1 Genesis 30,14
" In the days of wheat harvest Reuben went and found mandrakes in the field and brought them to his mother Leah. Then Rachel said to Leah, “Please give me some of your son's mandrakes.” ...

Kyrene, 525 - 480 B.C.

In numismatics, the plant on the coin is called sylphium. In the biblical context, however, it is the mandrake.
On the first coin you can see below for mandrake typical roots
Very nice coin, and an interesting theme!
Health and happiness colleagues.
Even though I'm an unbeliever, I have faith in man and I have long been looking for an idea for my coin in symbolism -what is a person's faith and when all people just believe in something from the beginning of mankind.( Memory of "Jarček" and his "Pastafarians ..)-so they also knock on the faith and seek answers.

There is everything you want to see in the Torah and you can find it in the symbols of all time,, Kabbalah and Hasidism sometimes emphasize that the process of passing on the Torah never ends and can be repeated for each individual.,,

For the first five books, especially in the Christian environment, the name Pentateuch (from the Greek πεντάτευχος, "five books") or the Five Books of Moses is used.
Yes, artists, designers, coin design in antiquity are unknown but their symbolism was bound by place, time , and subject to the approval of the king's sovereign authority- and yes symbolism is born in the designer's head and only he can confirm or refute it, and at the same time pleasing the monarch.
( Let's remember Daddy, Alexan the Great - Philip II- Olympic winner in horseback riding -and his coins were a delight for the designer -present a noble rider and a wonderful animal)and it is also the faith of man, in his sporting ability and to this day we apply this symbol.

Yes, beautiful coins, so I pulled some out and compared them to the mythical Czech Princess who predicted the creation of Prague.

Numista ›Coins› Greece (ancient) some mine,,Hemiobol ,, just for size comparison ( and my bulls tend to wrestle with each other)

Yes Beautiful history and the search for symbols, everything has to do with everything.

Thank you! Now I understood the meaning of this medal

When travelling I make always a stop in Czech because of his rich culture. Praha is a jewel, last time I was for some days in Kuta Hora region.

The small city Joachimstal, where the term Taler, Dollar came from.

Also Libuse and Krok are worth to be deeper investigated.
Quote: "ostborn"​@MIMAEL

​Thank you! Now I understood the meaning of this medal

​ Thank you very much for the reminder ,, ostborn ,,
Yes this is it-this is all symbolism and this is our numismatics , although not on the coin the value belongs among the jewels of the "Czech state"
thank you and for those interested I will add a little historical mention of the excavation:
silver ducat medal, which together with its gold version was really the last of the gold coins and medals that were minted from Czech metal. They are often called St. Procopius ducats. These medals were minted by the Mint in Kremnica and issued in 1928 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic.
To mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic. Czech lion in a shield, above him Prince Wenceslas at the head of the Blanický Knights / Sv. Prokop plows with the devil.

Exactly symbolic:
Ahoj Ivan
Look at this:


Will be auctioned within a few days by Künker in Germany. A little expensiv.
Quote: "ostborn"​Look at this:


​Will be auctioned within a few days by Künker in Germany. A little expensiv.

​Yes, the price is really high. However, hand on heart — who wouldn't want to have this coin in their collection at home?
It is an investment matter and unfortunately there are few individuals among us here, unfortunately colleagues, rather, I have long followed the trend on our part to underestimate the price of all coins which we own.
We reduce the value of what we have collected, we are against ourselves and we do intentionally and thus reduce our own value.

We determine the market for me and it is up to us and our interest - the market determines the demand. It is a paradox, but here are coins that are of interest beyond the value of metal.
I wish health and reflection, good luck at the auction to all members.

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