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when I'm adding a new coin or edition new coin, I type in text for coin series (or pasting texts), the best match almost always does not show on top of the pop-up menu, sometimes I even have to scroll down to find the correct series. even if I type in the full and correct name, the best match is still a wrong series, and the wrong match is automatically highlighted, so I cannot simply press ENTER button after typing in full series name.

I suggest some of the following options to improve:
  • remove series names that's never used in the website anymore. they can be misleading, making coins from same series having multiple series names in the catalog
  • restrict candidates to the series names used under same issuer / country / currency
  • improve the text relevance of search result, or restrict only to prefix match
  • sort candidate results alphabetically and do not highlight best candidate, unless it's a complete match or the user hit ↑↓ button to navigate the candidate drop-down area

I improved the search for series so that:
1. Only series matching all the words are proposed (in your example, Chinese Personality would not show up for example)
2. Proposed series are sorted alphabetically.

The matching is already a "prefix match" and series that are never used are already not proposed.

I don't want to restrict by issuer, country or currency, since some series span across multiple issuers.
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 13-Jan-2022, 10:00 pm)

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