Time stamp - where do you change your time zone?

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Suddenly, my time stamp for private messages is off by many hours. I feel like this happened once many months ago--I was able to reset my local time zone somewhere in the settings, but I cannot find that option at the moment.
It's most likely through your browser.
Don't think so... Numista says 0726 but my browser says 1726. (pardon the 3 minute difference in photos)
That's your system not your browser (depending in some settings not necessarily the same) but Xavier will be the only one who can say for sure what the issue is.
Ok, so not something I can fix, something that admin will need to fix it seems. I still am searching for a personal profile setting hidden somewhere…
Are you running a VPN?
Sometimes, when I am out of the country on my iPad I use a VPN, but currently no—don’t have a VPN even loaded on my home machine. I wonder if it grabbed the UTC+9 from when I was in Japan earlier this week, and now it just won’t update to my home (UTC-5)?
I made a change to accelerate the update of the time difference in case you change your timezone.
Could you please verify whether you can now see the correct time?
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Still stuck on UTC+9. Logged out/in twice. Using iPad with no VPN.
Could you please help by following these steps?
(Note: today I am not at home, I am in the UTC-4 zone)

update at 16:25 UTC—I noticed for a moment (approximately 30 minutes ago) the time at bottom left was UTC+1
Thank you for the test! It allowed me to find the issue and I fixed it.
Is it now showing the correct time for you ? Note that it will get updated only starting from the second page you visit.
Yes, thank you. It was correct today when I went to both the UTC-6 and UTC-5 zones. It takes a page refresh or two and then shows the correct time.
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Used time zone is UTC+2:00.
Current time is 09:49 pm.